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Season 1

1. Truth Be Told - Sydney Bristow is a grad student who happens to also be a spy. Her boss Sloane retaliates when he learns that she spilled her secret to her fiancé. Daddy Jack isn't much more help, since Sydney doesn't like him very much. Upon learning that she's not actually working for the good guys, Sydney joins up with the CIA and becomes a double agent.
2. So it Begins - Sydney inadvertently gives SD-6 access to a nuclear weapon. Will investigates Danny's death. Sydney discovers that Jack was involved in carrying out Sloane's orders.
3. Parity - Sydney faces off with Anna Espinosa. Will uncovers something suspicious about Danny's death. Vaughn is removed as Sydney's handler, but she gets him promoted.
4. A Broken Heart - Vaughn and Sydney disagree about how much information to give SD-6, but she still turns to him when she needs someone. Francie thinks Charlie is cheating on her. Jack is hiding something from Sydney.
5. Doppelganger - Vaughn suspects that Jack is hiding another allegiance. Will meets a woman who may have information about Danny. Dixon inadvertently jeapordizes the lives of CIA agents.
6. Reckoning - Sydney goes undercover in a psychiatric institution to get closer to an assassin. Francie learns the real reason Charlie has been sneaking around. Will finds out who Kate really is. Marshall catches on to the CIA. Sydney thinks Jack was responsible for Laura's death.
7. Color Blind - Sydney discovers Shepard's connection to her. Sloane is tipped off that there may be at least one mole at SD-6. Jack comes clean about what really happened to Laura.
8. Time Will Tell - Sloane literally puts Sydney to the test to prove that she's not a double agent. Will's investigating takes him deeper. Anna is back. Sydney has more doubts about Jack's past affiliations.
9. Mea Culpa - Sloane suspects Sydney of being the mole. Dixon's life is in danger. Will investigates Eloise's bug and gets a tape that may tell him what happened the night she was killed.
10. Spirit - Jack attempts to save Sydney from torture and murder for being a mole. Will's interest is piqued when he hears about SD-6. Vaughn totally likes Sydney.
11. The Confession - Just as Sydney starts to actually like Jack, Vaughn uncovers evidence that he might not be such a good guy and wants to report him. Hassan is finally captured. Jack reveals that there's more to Laura than Sydney thought.
12. The Box, Part 1 - A former SD-6 employee takes the agents hostage in an effort to get revenge on Sloane. Sydney and Jack are left to save the day. Will worries that he's in too deep in his investigation.
13. The Box, Part 2 - Despite orders from his superiors, Vaughn decides to help Sydney and Jack. McNeil's daughter wants Will's help. Sloane gives Marshall the finger.
14. The Coup - A mission in Las Vegas puts Sydney's identity in jeopardy. Will is still on the trail of SD-6. Sydney discovers that Charlie isn't as great as Francie thinks he is.
15. Page 47 - Vaughn asks Sydney to use Emily to get something from Sloane. A kidnapped Will is ordered to drop his investigation. Rambaldi has a frightening connection to Sydney.
16. The Prophecy - The DSR tests Sydney to see exactly how she's linked to the prophecy. Sloane thinks someone he trusts is working with the enemy. He also thinks he knows who the Man is.
17. Q&A - Jack and Vaughn work together to save Sydney from the FBI. Sydney discovers that Rambaldi's work may provide information about a weapon of mass destruction. She also realizes that Irina might not be so dead after all.
18. Masquerade - Sydney encounters an ex and has to confront the harsh way their relationship ended. Jack visits Dr. Barnett to deal with his feelings about Irina. Francie and Will are suspicious about Sydney's life.
19. Snowman - Sloane isn't so sure he can trust Noah. Jack is uncomfortable when Sydney uncovers more information on Irina. Francie and Will confront Sydney. Khasinau is in danger.
20. The Solution - Vaughn and Sydney use Francie's extermination suggestion to draw Khasinau out. Will realizes that Jack was behind his kidnapping and gets his help to figure out what's going on. Emily knows about SD-6, which leaves Sloane in a pickle.
21. Rendezvous - SD-6 captures Sark, getting Sloane closer to Khasinau. Dixon becomes suspicious of Sydney. Will gets himself in trouble.
22. Almost Thirty Years - The Alliance decides Emily's fate. Jack finally takes matters into his own hands regarding Haladki. Sydney comes face-to-face with a familiar device. She also comes face-to-face with her mother.

Season 2

23. The Enemy Walks In - Sydney and Irina's reunion isn't so sweet. Syd also has no idea where Vaughn is. Dixon tries to decide what to do about Sydney. Will's life takes a drastic turn thanks to his digging.
24. Trust Me - Sydney isn't sure how to read Irina. Sloane joins the Alliance. Vaughn isn't happy about Irina's return.
25. Cipher - Sydney goes up against Sark. Jack has his first conversation with Irina in almost 20 years. Sloane is either crazy or being haunted.
26. Dead Drop - Jack takes a major risk in an effort to show Sydney that she can't trust Irina. A woman suggests that Will write about SD-6 again. Sark and Sydney face off again.
27. The Indicator - A mission to track down weapons leads Sydney to recover disturbing memories from her childhood. Vaughn is suspicious of Jack. Sloane comes clean to Jack about Emily.
28. Salvation - The Mueller device may have left Sydney and Vaughn with lasting effects. Sloane gets a little crazier. Vaughn gets some help from Will. Sydney fights for Jack and Irina.
29. The Counteragent - In order to help save Vaughn, Sydney has to make a deal with Sark that involves offing Sloane. She also has to rely on information from Irina. Will's research turns up some interesting information.
30. Passage, Part 1 - The Bristows head off on a mission together. Sloane brings Sark into the SD-6 fold. Emily may be alive.
31. Passage, Part 2 - Jack and Sydney question Irina's loyalties in the midst of danger. Sloane admits to the Alliance that he may not have successfully carried out their orders. Sydney, Will, and Francie play mini golf.
32. The Abduction - Marshall gets to go on his first mission. Jack clashes with an Alliance counterintelligence agent. Francie is suspicious of Sydney and Will. Alice just won't go away.
33. A Higher Echelon - Even though his life is in danger, Marshall tries to use his skills to stay ahead. Ariana suspects that Jack has something to do with what happened to Emily. Sydney finally admits that she likes Vaughn.
34. The Getaway - Vaughn and Sydney attempt romance on a mission. Jack goes to Irina for help with finding out who's blackmailing Sloane. Not that it matters, since Emily is alive.
35. Phase One - A missing Sloane is replaced by a new director who targets Jack and Sydney as double agents. The CIA finally takes down SD-6 with some help from Dixon. Sydney and Vaughn share a long-awaited kiss. Francie is killed by someone who looks remarkably like her.
36. Double Agent - Sydney isn't sure how much she can trust an agent who has been doubled. Vaughn and Sydney are happy that they can have a relationship and Sydney doesn't have to hide her secret agent status anymore. Allison has no problems ingratiated herself in Francie's life.
37. A Free Agent - Sydney debates leaving spying behind. Sloane resurfaces with a renewed zeal for Rambaldi. Dixon comes clean to his wife about what he really does.
38. Firebomb - When Sydney's life is once again placed in danger, Vaughn asks Dixon for help in rescuing her. Sloane holds the secrets to a dangerous Rambaldi device. Allison's bugs are discovered.
39. A Dark Turn - Jack and Irina work together to nab Sloane, but Irina may not be as loyal as she appears to be. Sydney questions Vaughn's loyalty as well when he's suspected of conspiring with a KGB agent. Allison hypnotizes Will to get information from him.
40. Truth Takes Time - Sloane and Irina go after a database together. Emily isn't sure what to do when presented with the option of betraying Sloane. Irina and Sydney face off, but it's Emily who winds up dead, thanks to Dixon.
41. Endgame - Sydney attempts to rescue a kidnapped scientist. The scientist's personal life parallels Jack's more than he cares to think about. Allison is still using Will. Sloane gets the ultimate revenge on Dixon.
42. Countdown - Dixon's grief clouds his judgment as the CIA tries to stop an apocalyptic event. Sloane visits a monk. Marshall finally has a love interest.
43. Second Double - Sydney grows suspicious of Will, who is arrested and accused of being a double. Sark and Irina go after the Rambaldi heart. Sloane wants to work with Jack.
44. The Telling - Sydney finally hears the truth from Irina. Sloane puts his big plans into motion, much to a captured Jack's chagrin. Sydney has a huge showdown with Allison, then wakes up in Hong Kong...two years later.

Season 3

45. The Two - Sydney is shocked to learn that Vaughn is married, Jack is in prison, Marshall and Carrie are expecting, and Sloane has reinvented himself. She embarks on a mission to help her figure out what happened to her over the past two years. Dixon is in charge of the CIA. Sydney has a mysterious scar.
46. Succession - Sydney attempts to get help from Sark. Jack also needs help from an unlikely source. Sark becomes ransom for CIA agents.
47. Reunion - Vaughn and Sydney wind up working together again. Jack tries to keep Marshall from finding out about the murder Sydney committed. Sydney, Vaughn, and Lauren approach Sloane for a favor.
48. A Missing Link - The head of a virus-stealing team might be able to help Sydney uncover her missing two years. Jack tells Dixon that Sydney killed Lazarey in an attempt to keep the NSC from finding out. Lauren and Vaughn's marriage is showing signs of strain. Vaughn's life is placed in danger again.
49. Repercussions - Lauren isn't happy to learn that Sydney is responsible for Vaughn's condition. Sloane is kidnapped by a Covenant operative. Jack goes undercover to get information out of Simon. Marshall gets to go on another mission.
50. The Nemesis - Allison isn't dead after all, and she happens to be affiliated with the Covenant. Lauren gets closer to finding out who killed Lazarey. Sydney is assigned to be Sloane's handler.
51. Prelude - Jack tries to keep the NSC from learning that Sydney killed Lazarey. Sloane and Sydney go on a mission together. Sydney heads to Rome and deciphers part of her nightmares.
52. Breaking Point - Vaughn, Jack, and Sloane try to rescue Sydney from the NSC before they can force her into surgery to recover her memories. Lauren has to decide whether to side with the NSC or Vaughn. A supposed fellow prisoner double-crosses Sydney.
53. Conscious - Sydney undergoes a procedure to recover her memories and winds up having strange dreams instead. Lauren lies to Lindsey to cover for Sydney's escape. Sloane is cornered and told to kill Sydney.
54. Remnants - Sydney pulls Will out of Witness Protection to go after something she hid. Along the way, they encounter Allison and Lazarey, who isn't so dead after all. Lindsey arrests Vaughn and Jack. Sloane turns the tables on Lindsey. Lazarey is Sark's father.
55. Full Disclosure - Kendall finally fills Sydney in on her missing two years. The Covenant wants to make a Sydney/Rambaldi baby. Lazarey tells Sydney about something called the Passenger but can't elaborate before Lauren kills him.
56. Crossings - Vaughn and Sydney confront their feelings for each other after being captured in North Korea. Jack seeks help from Irina's sister Katya, who wants Sloane dead. Lauren is definitely evil.
57. After Six - Sark and Lauren team up to take down the Covenant from the inside. Sydney and Weiss approach a rogue security system designer for help in getting their hands on something that will give them an advantage over the Covenant. Sloane has a secret but he won't tell Dr. Barnett what it is.
58. Blowback - Lauren and Sark ambush Sydney and Vaughn on a mission to retrieve a bomb. They're also a little more than coworkers. Sloane tells Dr. Barnett that he believes he's Sydney's real father.
59. Façade - The CIA spins a complex web to get help from a bomb maker. Too bad the bomber knows that Sydney killed his brother. Sark provides help but is arrested anyway. Sloane and Dr. Barnett engage in behavior that could cause her to lose her license.
60. Taken - Dixon's children are kidnapped by the Covenant. Lauren frames Sloane as the CIA mole, then helps Vaughn save Dixon. Jack is on to Lauren.
61. The Frame - Vaughn finally decides to end things with Lauren. Sark encourages her to kill her father in an attempt to get him back. Vaughn and Sydney try to find keys that will open the Rambaldi box.
62. Unveiled - Sydney and Jack warn Vaughn about Lauren, but it takes him a while to believe them. Jack learns Sloane's secret. Bomani isn't sure Lauren is as capable as he thought. The Passenger is a woman.
63. Hourglass - The CIA uses what they've learned about Lauren's loyalties to mess with the Covenant. Sydney learns that the Passenger is her sister. Vaughn puts on a front for Lauren. Sloane dies but is resurrected by Jack.
64. Blood Ties - Sydney, Jack, Sark, and Lauren are all after Nadia. Sloane just wants to make her channel Rambaldi. Vaughn learns a secret about his father, then gets kidnapped by his own wife.
65. Legacy - The CIA goes after Nadia and Sloane with some help from Katya and Toni. Lauren and Sark are after Nadia as well, wanting Rambaldi sercrets. Vaughn is obsessed with taking down his wife. Suit and Glasses is in a lot of trouble.
66. Resurrection - Lauren goes after classified CIA materials, shooting Marshall along the way. Vaughn gives her a taste of her own medicine, and then some. Nadia debates going off with Sloane to find a Rambaldi artifact. Sydney learns something shocking that Jack never wanted her to know.

Season 4

67. Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1 - Sydney, Vaughn, Jack, Dixon, and Sloane join a black-ops division of the CIA. Vaughn and Sydney rekindle their romance. After a lot of hesitation, she finally tells him what she learned in Wittenberg - Jack killed Irina.
68. Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2 - APO asks Nadia for help in finding Tamazaki. He tells Sydney that Irina had a hit out on her. Nadia vows to kill whoever killed Irina.
69. The Awful Truth - Sydney gets herself invited into the home of an arms dealer in order to find a code-breaker. Weiss accidentally stumbles upon APO. Nadia thinks the arms dealer killed Irina and acts accordingly.
70. Ice - Sydney and Vaughn try to track down a bio-weapon. Vaughn goes undercover as a priest and deals with issues involving Lauren. Nadia tries to find out more about a photo of Irina holding a baby.
71. Welcome to Liberty Village - Vaughn and Sydney pose as a married couple to infiltrate a bizarre neighborhood of Russians posing as Americans. Jack and Marshall uncover something mysterious in one of Irina's books. Sydney and Vaughn worry that they're not spontaneous enough. Weiss and Nadia go bowling for 12 years.
72. Nocturne - Sydney is infected with a drug that makes her hallucinate. Jack, Vaughn, and Dixon worry (appropriately) that she's a danger to herself and others. Weiss and Nadia, sittin' in a tree. Dixon lets loose on Sloane.
73. Détenté - Nadia and Sydney partner up and go after a chemical. Sydney is very unhappy to have to work with Sloane. Weiss is incredibly smitten with Nadia. Marshall proposes to Jack.
74. Echoes - Anna is back and after a putty; she kidnaps Nadia in order to get Sydney to do what she wants. Vaughn approaches Sark for help in catching Anna. Nadia worries that a hallucination she had will come true.
75. A Man of His Word - Sark agrees to help APO in exchange for getting to see Lauren's body. Nadia may have helpful information, but she's in a coma. Jack's actions lead Sloane to worry that he's not sticking to their pact.
76. The Index - Dixon thinks that Sloane is double-crossing APO and tries to get Sydney to help him prove it. Sydney uses Nadia to get into Sloane's house to do some snooping. Vaughn uncovers something strange about his father.
77. The Road Home - Sydney puts a civilian in danger and has to protect him. Vaughn digs deeper into his father's secrets. Jack meets up with an old friend but doesn't treat him very nicely. The world's dumbest weapon is introduced.
78. The Orphan - Pieces of Nadia's past are revealed after she fails to disclose her connection to a criminal. Vaughn finds a connection between his father and Nadia. Marshall wants to have lunch with Vaughn.
79. Tuesday - After a mission goes wrong, Sydney is buried alive. Too bad the other APO agents are all trapped in a lockdown and can't help her - with the exception of Marshall. Jack learns about sporks.
80. Nightingale - Sydney and Vaughn keep looking for information on Vaughn's father. Jack and Sloane already know something but aren't talking. Sydney goes after a coil and inadvertently puts Jack's life in danger.
81. Pandora - Vaughn and Sydney go for broke in their attempt to learn more about Vaughn's father. Katya tells Sydney that Irina was framed and never wanted to kill her. Sydney discovers that "A. Sloane" is behind everything.
82. Another Mr. Sloane - APO tries to set a trap for Arvin Clone. The real Sloane is back in the Rambaldi fold. The Mueller device is back and worse than ever.
83. A Clean Conscience - Sophia is really Elena, and she's been watching Sydney and Nadia for ten years. Jack's condition worsens. Dixon goes undercover with an old acquaintance.
84. Mirage - APO takes advantage of Jack's hallucinations to find the location of a doctor who might be able to help him. Sydney helps by pretending to be Irina. Elena uses Nadia.
85. In Dreams... - APO uses a painful memory of Sloane's to get Arvin Clone to realize who he really is. Arvin Clone possesses an orchid that can control the world's water supply. Sloane tries to convince Jack that he wants to make things right.
86. The Descent - Elena nabs a bunch of Rambaldi artifacts in order to bring about the apocalypse. Sloane wants to make a deal with her, since he seems to think he's the only one who can make things better for Nadia. Vaughn wants to marry Sydney. Dixon tells Sydney and Nadia that Irina is alive.
87. Search and Rescue - Sydney and Nadia rescue Irina. Vaughn proposes to Sydney. APO attempts to save the world.
88. Before the Flood - Elena infects Nadia, leading to a Bristow sister showdown. Weiss and Marshall do some manipulating magic. Sloane has to stop Nadia from killing Sydney. Vaughn isn't actually Vaughn.

Season 5

89. Prophet Five - Vaughn admits to Sydney that he's not who he claims to be. Sydney is pregnant. Vaughn might be dead.
90. ...1... - Sydney teams up with Renee to find Dean. Jack hires a new agent who seems to have a secret. Renee steals a body.
91. The Shed - Rachel discovers that she works for an SD-6-like organization. Sydney reluctantly partners up with Tom. Sloane goes after a cure for Nadia.
92. Mockingbird - Dean isn't happy to learn that Rachel has turned on him. Sloane awaits news of his fate. Rachel isn't sure she's qualified to do what APO wants her to do.
93. Out of the Box - Sydney and Tom discover that the man in the box is Renee's father. Except he isn't - he's actually the man who killed her father. Sloane uses his best skill (manipulation) to get himself freed.
94. Solo - Rachel embarks on her first solo mission, discovering that she's better prepared than she thought. Peyton isn't happy with Rachel for turning on her and Dean. Sydney is sad that her baby won't have a father.
95. Fait Accompli - APO finally captures Dean, who is merely a puppet. Sloane is manipulated by someone claiming to have a cure for Nadia. Jack and Sydney have difficulty building a crib.
96. Bob - Rachel has a fling with Sark, though she doesn't know who he is. When the other members of APO find out he's working against them, they hire him to help them rescue Jack and an old friend. Jack plays the piano and says "thong."
97. The Horizon - Sydney is kidnapped by Prophet Five and given hallucinogens in an attempt to extricate a memory of something Vaughn told her. In the process, she remembers happier and not-so-much-happier times with Vaughn, who encourages her to let him go. Renee captures Desantis and teams up with Jack to try to track down Sydney. Irina is back and somehow tied up with Peyton, Desantis, Prophet Five, and something having to do with SD-6.
98. S.O.S. - The APO agents break into CIA headquarters in order to figure out where Sydney is. Sydney gets the upper hand on Peyton, but not on the doctors who claim to want to help the baby. Tom (whose name isn't really Tom) goes after a man who may have killed his wife.
99. Maternal Instinct - Irina shows up claiming to want to support Sydney, but she's really taking advantage of the fact that Sydney and Jack are on their way to get the Horizon. Jack and Irina deliver Sydney's baby in a bank after playing cat and mouse with Peyton. The APO agents try to keep investigating Prophet Five even after Devlin tries to shut them down. Vaughn is alive.
100. There's Only One Sydney Bristow - Peyton and Anna kidnap Will in order to get page 47 from APO. Sydney brings herself out of maternity leave to rescue him. Sloane gets Nadia's cure. Anna becomes a Sydney clone.
101. 30 Seconds - Sloane revives Nadia but makes everyone else suspicious about where he got her cure. Renee uses an old friend to track down Anna. Anna's page 47 is a fake. Nadia and Renee both take it in the neck.
102. I See Dead People - After discovering that Vaughn is alive, Anna impersonates Sydney in order to get information on a chip found in Renee's body. Sloane sees Nadia, even though she's dead. Sydney kills Anna and takes her place. Sloane gets in touch with Sark.
103. No Hard Feelings - Sydney and Sark get themselves thrown in prison so Sydney can find something called the Rose. Sloane wants to kill "Anna" for killing "Sydney." Rachel joins Tom in his pursuit of the Cardinal.
104. Reprisal - Sloane, Sark, and Peyton kidnap Marshall and Rachel to force them to find a cavern. APO gets photos of the members of Prophet Five so they know who they're fighting. Carrie pitches in at APO, which Sark tries to blow up. Tom sacrifices himself to save the rest of APO.
105. All the Time in the World - Sydney flashes back to various points in her life as Sloane moves toward his final goal and APO goes after him. Irina and Sydney battle it out in the grand tradition of Alias fights. Sark proves helpful once again. Irina and Jack kick it, while Sloane is sentenced to life underground. The rest live happily ever after, and Isabelle may one day be a super spy herself.

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