April, 2017

April 1st, 2017, 1:12 p.m. - "Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board! Murder board!"

Trial and Error – "Right-Hand Man"/"Secrets and Lies": This show keeps hitting so many right notes. I look forward to it every week. Stephen Boyer remains the champ of the series. Rating: 4 arms

Modern Family – "Five Minutes": This was a similar structure to an episode the show did years ago, but with the added piece of being in real time. It worked, and I thought it was a strong episode regardless of the gimmick. I don't get the Alex/Ben thing, though. What's his appeal? Rating: 4 cats that I doubt are allowed in dorms

Supernatural – "Ladies Drink Free": I'm sick of the British Men of Letters and I'm not a huge Claire fan, but I actually liked a lot of this episode. Between this and Big Little Lies, Kathryn Newton's having a good year, huh? Rating: 4 werewolf-killing shots

April 8th, 2017, 1:22 p.m. - I see you, unnecessary romantic subplot and ridiculous ending. You can't hide from me

10. Perfect Little World (Kevin Wilson)
I really wish the book had included anything at all from the kids' perspective. It was like reading the results of an experiment with a bunch of data missing. A for effort, but...not for the rest.

Up next: The Fall of Lisa Bellow (Susan Perabo)

April 9th, 2017, 3:17 p.m. - "Jimmy, you're going to have to become a gigolo." "I'm worried that'd be almost too lucrative"

Trial and Error – "The Case Gets Bigger"/"A Change in Defense": A little slow this week, and not as strong as previous episodes. I like that we got to know a little more about Summer, though; she's been underwritten up until now. P.S. I need someone to confirm that Carol Anne Keane is a reference to Nancy Drew author Carolyn Keene. Rating: 3 unrepaired cable systems

Speechless – "C-H-Cheater!": I hope for the rest of the season there's a running joke where we see a bunch of Dylan's classmates wearing the same thing, or someone asking her what to wear the next day. I feel like this is the kind of show that would do that without mentioning it. Rating: 4 ugly pieces of jewelry

Modern Family – "Frank's Wedding": That '20s styling really works for Julie Bowen, especially the hair. Poor Ariel Winter in that granny outfit, though. Rating: 4 paint guns

Supernatural – "The British Invasion": I just rewatched "Into the Mystic" a few weeks ago and was thinking about how I wanted to see Eileen again, so I was really happy they brought her back. Things have taken an interesting turn, especially since the season's big enemy is a group of humans. Next we just need Mary to reteam with her sons. Any time now, guys. Rating: 3 ultrasounds that I guess didn't show the baby's horns

April 14th, 2017, 6:17 p.m. - I'm reminded once again that I'm glad I never have to be in middle school again

11. The Fall of Lisa Bellow (Susan Perabo)
Great writing here, and the right amount of dread and anxiety, especially at the climax. I knew nothing bad was going to happen, but I felt tense anyway.

Up next: The Hearts of Men (Nickolas Butler)

April 15th, 2017, 1:18 p.m. - "There's nothing gendered about a sexy cat"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "The Audit": THANK GOD this show is back. I missed it so much. Never leave me for that long again! Ever! Rating: 4 Japanese printers

Trial and Error – "Opening Statements"/"A Hostile Jury"/"Unusual Suspect": So...Alphonse did it, right? I don't know who else it could have been. When this show is over, I need Stephen Boyer to show up in, like, five other things I watch so I don't go into withdrawal. Rating: 4 hidden cell phones

Supernatural – "The Memory Remains": SO BORING. MAKE THE BORING STOP. Find Kelly and do something with that baby already, please. Rating: 3 pictures of Dean and Mary that make this Ketch guy seem reallllllly creepy

April 22nd, 2017, 2:04 p.m. - "While I'm on the subject of...things"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Serve & Protect": I love the Jake/Rosa dynamic. I like seeing a man and a woman being friends on a show without anyone being jealous, and without any kind of hints of romantic attraction. More of their partnership, please. Rating: 5 stolen computers

Trial and Error – "The Defense Rests"/"The Verdict": So after all that, there...was no murder? Oy. I still want a second season, though. Rating: 4 stuffed manslaughter owls

April 23rd, 2017, 4:24 p.m. - Men, you have GOT to stop writing this kind of crap

12. The Hearts of Men (Nickolas Butler)
Part 1: Fine.
Part 2: Okay.
Part 3: No. Just no.
Part 4: So unnecessary.

Up next: If We Were Villains (M.L. Rio)

April 29th, 2017, 2:25 p.m. - "Thanks for the heroin, hunky Jesus!"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "The Last Ride": This show is such a treasure. I could have used a full additional five minutes of Amy and Holt together. Rating: 4 trick Jake can't perform on a bike

Speechless – "R-U-N-Runaway": Also a treasure. I liked the balance of comedy and seriousness in this episode. J.J. will do great in the future. Rating: 4 robes

Supernatural – "The Future": I really like Courtney Ford in this role. That's about the only thing I like about this plot. Can we PLEASE get Mary back into the fold? Otherwise, why have her back at all? Rating: 3 mix tapes Cas tried to give back to Dean, because apparently he thought they were breaking up

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