April, 2019

April 3rd, 8:11 p.m. - Jennifer Traig, please write more books

15. Act Natural (Jennifer Traig)
This was very Mary Roach-ish. It was extremely informative, but in an entertaining way. I love Traig's writing style so much.

Up next: The Hiding Place (C.J. Tudor)

April 6th, 2019, 1:27 p.m. - "Amy, why would you want to be president?" "So I could nuke America"

Barry – "The Show Must Go On, Probably?": My weekly dose of Noho Hank is back! I miss Janice, though. But the new female cop seems entertaining. Rating: 4 pairs of green shorts

Veep – "Iowa": And my weekly dose of Richard Splett is back, too! Actually, a lot of great characters are back. I can't wait for another round of the Selina/Tom James battle. Rating: 4 beards Mike really needs to shave off

Modern Family – "Yes-Woman": I was skeptical at the beginning of the episode, but it turned out okay. Amy Pietz needs to be in more things. I wish they hadn't killed her off of The Magicians. Rating: 3 trivia competition trophies

The Magicians – "The 4-1-1": This dragged a little, but I appreciate two things: 1) another bear mention and 2) the return of Mayakovsky. Who doesn't love Mayakovsky? (Answer: Emily.) Rating: 3 unnecessary knots

Jane the Virgin – "Chapter 83": But, like...what if Michael's faking amnesia for some reason? Wouldn't that be a great twist? Just throwing that out there. Rating: 4 divorce papers not actually eaten by a dog

Supernatural – "Game Night": I was bored by the first half (I just...don't care about Donatello), but I liked the second half. Can we please be done with Lucifer for good now? Yeah, probably not. Rating: 3 necklaces that may or may not indicate God's presence

Abby's – "Rule Change": Exactly what I wanted – more info on the rules. I really like this cast. They do great at making you feel like they've known each other for years. Rating: 4 badly thrown bocce balls

Speechless – "THE S-T-A-STAIRCASE": I always forget about Joyce when she's not on, but she's pretty fun. Also, yay for Logan! We need more Logan! Rating: 4 loft beds

April 8th, 8:13 p.m. - Remember how much I liked C.J. Tudor's first book? That's how much I disliked this one

16. The Hiding Place (C.J. Tudor)
It's slow, and there are too many mysteries, and then it suddenly veers into the supernatural and just completely rips off Stephen King. Next!

Up next: Sounds Like Titanic (Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman)

April 13th, 11:50 a.m. - Fakin' it

17. Sounds Like Titanic (Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman)
This story is bonkers. How did a musical ensemble get away with not actually playing music...for years? Did they not make the members sign non-disclosures to reveal the secret? I guess not, since Hindman blows the (penny)whistle. I can't imagine getting paid to be a professional musician while not performing any music. BONKERS!

Up next: Good Talk (Mira Jacob)

April 14th, 2019, 3:43 p.m. - "Do your parents have any money? Are they coming to visit you today?" "They did in the accident." "That isn't very helpful to me, Gabriel"

Killing Eve – "Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?": I should have seen Gabriel's death coming. I just figured that Villanelle would convince him to kill himself. Silly me! Here's hoping for a great season. Rating: 4 pairs of too-short pajamas

Barry – "The Power of No": Ooh, Fuches turning on Barry is a great development. Except...it'll probably lead to Barry killing him, which will deprive us all of the wonder that is Stephen Root. So I can't get behind this. Rating: 4 organic fruit stands

Veep – "Discovery Weekend": I really can't decide if Tom declared his love for Selina because it's real or because he wanted to screw with her. All I know for sure is that his affair with "his Amy" is completely unsurprising. Rating: 4 #NotMe "confessions" from women who went out with Jonah

Modern Family – "Can't Elope": Haley should be with Andy, and I'll never change my mind about that. Ever. Rating: 4 credit cards I'd really like to know how Lily got

The Magicians – "The Secret Sea": I find the Julia monster much less annoying than the Eliot monster. Hey, so is Fen going to get to do anything else this season? Why has she been sidelined? Rating: 4 Josh fish

Jane the Virgin – "Chapter 84": Most of this was...we'll say underwhelming, but I may have made excited dolphin noises when Michael started remembering stuff. Rating: 3 fishing poles

Supernatural – "Absence": Of course Mary's dead. The show had gone, like, three weeks without killing a woman. Whatever, she lived a season and a half longer than I expected. Rating: 3 pointless black-and-white flashbacks

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Casecation": There's absolutely no way – NO WAY – that Amy didn't make Jake discuss having children for at least three hours before they got married. NO WAY. In other news, yay for the return of Kevin, and Julia Sweeney was perfectly cast. Rating: 4 debate-related dings

Abby's – "Free Alcohol Day": How is everyone so enjoyable? Just...how is that possible? I don't know, but I'll keep appreciating it. Rating: 4 secret cats

Speechless – "U-N-R-UNREALISTIC": J.J. going to school in New York is never going to work for the show, so I'm guessing he'll end up back in California within the first three episodes of the next season. If there is a next season. Oh, I don't want to think about that. Rating: 4 drafting pencils

April 17th, 6:16 p.m. - Good book

18. Good Talk (Mira Jacob)
Every parent of a non-white child should read this book. Heck, every parent should read it. And every non-parent. Okay, just...everyone read this book.

Up next: All You Can Ever Know (Nicole Chung)

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