January, 2019

January 5th, 2019, 2:05 p.m. - "Am I failing as a father?" "What? No! Well, which child?"

Speechless – "J-A-JAVIER'S P-A-PANTS": Lots of good stuff here. I really hope the ratings on the series are good, because I don't know a lot of people who watch it, and I would be sad if it went away. Rating: 4 purple suits

January 6th, 2018, 9:28 p.m. - Good writing, meh story

1. The Incendiaries (R.O. Kwon)
The summary on the book jacket wasn't completely accurate, and by the end I despised Will, so...who/what was I rooting for here?

Up next: Three Little Lies (Laura Marshall)

January 12th, 2019, 2:03 p.m. - "Name one couples activity that wouldn't be more fun with your boss there"

Modern Family – "A Moving Day": Twins? Sigh. Rating: 3 pineapples

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Honeymoon": I'm so happy my favorite show is back and just as good as it's always been. The Jake/Amy/Holt stuff was so good. I can imagine there was a lot of giggling on set when Andre Braugher had to wear all those shirts. Rating: 4 missing handbooks

The Good Place – "The Book of Dougs": All I could think about this episode was "holding pattern." Not even Nicole Byer could save it. Rating: 3 "death did us part" certificates

Speechless – "R-O-ROLL M-O-MODEL": I kept waiting for the giant TV to fall and break, but the end result was basically the same. This is why Jimmy can't have nice things. Rating: 4 names, not numbers, Ray got

January 13th, 2018, 11:52 a.m. - Uh, they were pretty big lies, actually

2. Three Little Lies (Laura Marshall)
You know it's fiction because a white guy goes to prison for rape.

Up next: The Chalk Man (C.J. Tudor)

January 17th, 2018, 8:01 p.m. - That ending, though

3. The Chalk Man (C.J. Tudor)
I liked this a lot more than I expected. There was a tiny bit too much going on, but that just deepened the mystery. I definitely didn't guess who the killer was.

Up next: How Long 'Til Black Future Month? (N.K. Jemisin)

January 19th, 2019, 1:29 p.m. - "No takeaway?" "Not really, no. Guess I'm just an idiot"

Modern Family – "Blasts from the Past": The David Duchovny stuff had me cackling. I mean, who wasn't attracted to him in the '90s? Rating: 4 spot-on music video parodies

Supernatural – "Nihilism": How is Jensen Ackles even hotter as a bad guy? I don't get it. Rating: 4 times I said, "But why Pamela?"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Hitchcock & Scully": My only complaint is that they waited until season 6 to give us Hitchcock and Scully's background. Rating: 4 tubs of slut sauce

The Good Place – "Chidi Sees the Time-Knife": I like the direction this is going. And I love that they keep bringing back the judge, Derek, and Mindy. Michael Schur really has an excellent troupe he keeps working with. Rating: 4 little Chidis zooming around the room

Speechless – "H-HEY, YOU": Speaking of returning characters, I love that Melanie keeps coming back. Sarah Chalke should be more famous and more successful than she is. Putting Melanie with Kenneth is kind of brilliant. Rating: 4 songs Jimmy allegedly wrote

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