May, 2018

May 5th, 2018, 2:18 p.m. - I'm not sure how a baby could remember all that stuff, but okay

18. The Last Day of Emily Lindsey (Nic Joseph)
There's a lot going on here, and the ending was just kind of...there, but I liked most of it. Joseph moved the plot along well, and kept me guessing about the connection between the two stories. Her protagonist, Steve Paul, was great, too.

Up next: The Vanishing Season (Joanna Schaffhausen)

May 6th, 2018, 3:56 p.m. - "Are you running or are you crying?" "Running and crying"

Killing Eve – "Sorry Baby": Eve, don't be an idiot! You may be tough, but you're no match for Villanelle, and you know it. Go tuck Frank into bed and then get some backup. Rating: 4 hot fruitcakes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Bachelor/ette Party": No way did Amy date that guy Come on. Rating: 4 unclaimed gold coins

Westworld – "Reunion": I guess we're done with the part where Jimmi Simpson doesn't play a jerk. I'm disappointed. Not disappointing: They actually got ANTM alum Claire Unabia, who unexpectedly ended up having her stock photo used in the first season, to play Juliet. Rating: 3 cheers for the return of Lawrence

Modern Family – "Mother!": That suit Mitchell wore was more amusing than it was probably supposed to be. Rating: 4 portraits of Claire

Supernatural – "Beat the Devil": The Gabriel/Rowena stuff was dumb, unless she winds up pregnant, which could be interesting. The sequence going through the tunnel was practically lifted straight from a Stephen King novel. But the rest was entertaining. Rating: 4 glow sticks (smart idea)

May 11th, 2018, 6:04 p.m. - Last known witnesses

19. The Vanishing Season (Joanna Schaffhausen)
Pretty strong for a debut, but there's a big strike here: The killer's motive. Good red herrings here, though. I had my eye on a different suspect.

Up next: The Female Persuasion (Meg Wolitzer)

May 12th, 2018, 2:08 p.m. - "I never should have even used a metaphor. I'm better than that"

Killing Eve – "I Have a Thing About Bathrooms": "I'll just let this hitwoman in my house! What could possibly go wrong?" Get it together, Eve. Rating: 4 servings of shepherds pie

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "Show Me Going": Me: "This episode is going to involve a serious topic and may lead to some emotional reactions." Also me: "RYAN PAEVEY! HE'S SO PRETTY!" Ahem. I liked it. And THANK GOD we'll get more episodes in NBC next season. Rating: 4 broken toilets

Westworld – "Virtu e Fortuna": Parts of this episode felt like Game of Thrones, with Dorothy's strategic planning and the big battle. And I like that they're expanding the world of the show, like by showing the other parks. Those elephants must be a pain to build, though. Rating: 4 awesome weapons Armistice got to use

Modern Family – "The Escape": Haley should be with Andy. Don't argue with me; you know I'm right. Rating: 3 toxic stickers

Supernatural – "Exodus": Oh, just wrap up the season already. Rating: 3 buses driven by Lucifer, something I never thought I'd type

May 19th, 2018, 2:18 p.m. - "I thought I heard your voice cutting through the joyless silence of this...I want to say party, but I'm afraid it will sound sarcastic"

Killing Eve – "Take Me to the Hole!": Oh, Konstantin, you double-crosser! That was an interesting twist. I'm waiting for the revelation that either he or the other Russian guy is Kenny's father. Rating: 4 shivs

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – "White Whale": I liked Jake's groom gut. It had good taste. I just hope Amy agrees. Rating: 4 gift bags

Westworld – "The Riddle of the Sphinx": Like most people, I have no idea what's going on here, but I'm enjoying reading various theories online and trying to put the pieces together. The show is starting to feel like Lost. Rating: 4 creative uses of nitro

Modern Family – "Clash of Swords": Criminal underuse of Jane Krakowski and Harry Groener, but excellent use of Ben Schwartz. Unlike Jean-Ralphio, he's the beeeeeeeeeeest.Rating: 3 foolmakers

Supernatural – "Let the Good Times Roll": Someone figured out a while ago that Dean would let Michael use him as a vessel this season, so I guessed that was coming. The rest, though, was a nice surprise. I loved the callbacks both to the Michael/Lucifer battle plan and to Castiel's first appearance, in Michael's arrival at the gas station. My one wish is that we get to see Charlie and Rowena on a road trip. Rating: 4 recent history lessons for the alternate-world people

May 21st, 2018, 10:16 p.m. - Never meet your heroes

20. The Female Persuasion (Meg Wolitzer)
I liked it, was lacking. I didn't care about Greer. I didn't find Faith genuine. Zee was interesting, but didn't get enough of a spotlight. Strangely, in a book about feminists, the most interesting character was the guy.

Up next: This Could Hurt (Jillian Medoff)

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