November, 2019

November 2nd, 2019, 2:02 p.m. - "Almost everything I did on Earth I did without thinking or worrying about what would happen. That's how I got my nickname, the Defendant"

Modern Family – "The Last Halloween": I love when someone subverts expectations, like Phil pulling one over on Claire here. I also loved that she was excited to create a new tradition. They have a fun relationship. Rating: 4 awesome Judge Judy Garland costumes

Perfect Harmony – "Halle-Boo-Yah": This just in: Bradley Whitford's children have disinherited themselves and changed their last names after seeing him dance. No one blames them. Rating: 3 fake knives

The Good Place – "A Chip Driver Mystery": Yay, Simone! She's become a really great character. And while Brent is, obviously a horrible person, the actor playing him is doing a terrific job. Rating: 3 Hottest of the Week awards

November 6th, 2019, 8:06 p.m. - Playing fire

45. Miracle Creek (Angie Kim)
This was pretty predictable. I figured out a couple of major plot points really early on. Also, everyone in this book is awful. You should all go to jail for obstruction of justice!

Up next: Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo)

November 9th, 2019, 1:27 p.m. - "You don't need to buy their love. Buy mine and I'll talk you up"

Modern Family – "A Game of Chicken": Somehow, the two dimmest characters had the two brightest moments this week. First, Luke's app idea was brilliant. Second, I loved that Haley said she felt close to something bigger than herself in Yosemite, so they should take the kids on a trip there and say thank you. Phil and Claire, the kids are all right. Rating: 3 chicken suits

Supernatural – "Atomic Monsters": I would have rather watched a whole episode's worth of the first scene than what we actually got. Also, if they're just going to bring back past characters all season, can I make some requests? Rating: 3 Dean and Sam bobbleheads

Perfect Harmony – "Rivalry Week": "Bad noise bears" was the funniest thing I heard all week. This show just keeps getting better. Rating: 4 pink wigs

The Good Place – "Help Is Other People": How is Simone not wondering either how she wound up in the Good Place or why she would land in the Bad Place? And why has Jason been sidelined so much this season? The next few episodes better make up for all this. Rating: 3 things you can blow up more than once

November 16th, 2019, 11:47 a.m. - You know how sometimes I demand a sequel? This is actually set up for one

46. Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo)
I wish this had undergone a little more cutting (did we need so much stuff about New Haven?), but as a whole, I really enjoyed it. It's very much what I look for in a fantasy book.

Up next: The Oracle Year (Charles Soule)

November 17th, 2019, 4:06 p.m. - "Step 1: Get a plan. Step 2: Do the plan"

Supernatural – "Proverbs 17:3": Part of the reason this episode was good was because the actress playing Ashley/Lilith was so fantastic. She's welcome back any time. Rating: 4 sets of antlers

Perfect Harmony – "Any Given Monday": One of the best episodes of the season so far. I giggled a lot, especially at Ginny calling the baby Steve because she didn't know his name, learning it really was Steve, and going, "I'm psychic!" Rating: 4 fire-starting pots of soup

The Good Place – "The Funeral to End All Funerals": Also one of the best episodes of the season. How can you go wrong with Maya Rudolph and a whole army of Janets? Rating: 4 "ya dead" banners, which I want at my own funeral

November 23rd, 2019, 2:25 p.m. - "Sometimes you just gotta huck a Molotov cocktail at a drone and see what happens"

Modern Family – "The Last Thanksgiving": Remember that Thanksgiving when Phil and Luke cooked, and Claire wanted to have backup food in case they screwed up? She should have done that this year. I mean, Haley? Cooking? No. Rating: 3 supportive texts not sent to Mitchell

Supernatural – "Golden Time": Yay, Eileen's back! That was great. By the way, was that Keegan Connor Tracy's THIRD role on Supernatural? Still more screentime than she ever got on The Magicians, I believe. Rating: 3 death loopholes Billie is NOT going to be happy about

Perfect Harmony – "Thanks-taking": I like this twist on typical TV friendsgivings, with the progressive dinner. I especially liked Cash the hustler, Wayne's horse jokes, and Ginny being awkward. This is the funniest Anna Camp has been all season. Rating: 4 missing laptops

The Good Place – "The Answer": I have no idea what's going to happen next, but yay, Chidi's back on Team Cockroach! Rating: 4 notes reminding Chidi what (well, who) the answer is

November 24th, 2019, 4:02 p.m. - Is the Will/free will thing on purpose?

47. The Oracle Year (Charles Soule)
This drags a bit in places, but when it's on, it's on. It just could have used some better character development.

Up next: The Witches Are Coming (Lindy West)

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