October, 2019

October 5th, 2019, 8:34 p.m. - "When they're mad, I'm mad. You guys are mad, right?"

Modern Family – "Snapped": "Mitchell singing with a fridge is hilarious" is a thing I actually thought during this episode. This show can be really weird. Rating: 4 fast-food wrappers used as diapers

Perfect Harmony – "Fork Fest": SO much better than the pilot. Rizwan Manji is really showing why he keeps getting cast in funny roles. And Will Greenberg is giving shades of Steven Boyer in Trial and Error, which is awesome. Rating: 4 chased pigs

The Good Place – "A Girl from Arizona, Part 2": Needed more Janet. And Jason. And Tahani. Rating: 3 tiger-striped suits

Sunnyside – "The Ethiopian Executioner": I repeat, Joel Kim Booster and Poppy Liu are going to be the breakouts. All of their scenes are gold. Rating: 3 discarded Rolexes

October 11th, 2019, 7:58 p.m. - Awww, Avester

41. The Institute (Stephen King)
Starts out strong, and then just...doesn't keep up the momentum. Also, King doesn't know how kids talk or what people name them nowadays.

Up next: Trick Mirror (Jia Tolentino)

October 12th, 2019, 1:25 p.m. - "I'm sorry your actual motorcycle blew up." "That's okay, homie. That's just what motorcycles do"

Modern Family – "Perfect Pairs": Clever concept, but kind of forgettable. I wouldn't leave Luke alone in charge of babies, by the way. Rating: 3 mirrors used to cheat at bridge

Supernatural – "Back and to the Future": Is it bad that I like this version of Jack better? I don't care. I do. Rating: 4 pairs of sunglasses

Perfect Harmony – "No Time for Losers": Time to develop the secondary characters more. We get Ginny. It's pretty obvious the kind of person she is. Show us more of the others. Rating: 3 snakes

The Good Place – "Chillaxing": See, here we're developing minor characters. Even when they're annoying. Rating: 3 names dropped by Tahani in ten seconds

Sunnyside – "Dr. Potato": I think Mal might be my favorite character. She just needs more to do. So, again, character development is needed on NBC's Thursday-night shows. Rating: 3 lines to stand in

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