Written by David H. Goodman; directed by Fred Keller

The MoG plus one (see “Lullaby”) return to the Hyperion, talking about childproofing the hotel and cleaning up after Holtz’s battle with the commandos. Wesley notes that someone blew a hole in the elevator and Angel fesses up. Lorne arrives, announcing that he’s moving in, since the MoG are the reason his club was destroyed yet again. He tries to hold the baby, but Angel becomes overprotective and the other MoG reveal that he’s the only one who’s held the baby so far. A demon appears and the MoG fight it off, realizing that thanks to the prophecy about the baby, they’re going to have to keep protecting him. Later, the MoG make a list of possible threats to the baby. Angel is a little distracted with caring for the baby himself, but when Gunn offers to help, Angel says that he’s fine. In the underground chamber, Sahjhan blasts Holtz for not killing Angel when he had the chance. Holtz says that Sahjhan should have told him that Darla was pregnant, but Sahjhan argues that it doesn’t matter. Holtz announces that he doesn’t want the demon minions’ help; he needs “more than mere fighters.” Sahjhan is shocked to realize that Holtz has poisoned the minions. Holtz decides that step two is using the Internet; Sahjhan directs him to the Demons, Demons, Demons database and Holtz says that he wants to look at obituaries. At the Hyperion, Cordelia is searching the same database; she discovers that three websites are offering money for the baby. Angel tends to the baby some more, trying to get him to take his bottle. Lorne has the Furies perform a spell at the Hyperion so that no one or thing can enter or leave without a password (the Pylean word for hedgehog). Cordelia announces that they need to take the baby to see a doctor, but Angel doesn’t like that idea. Lorne notes that he hears a humming noise, but no one else seems to hear it. (That will be important later). Angel asks Gunn to get his hands on some extra weapons, reminding the MoG that he promised Darla that no one would hurt the baby.

At Wolfram & Hart, Linwood watches Angel with the baby and points out that, according to prophecies, the baby wasn’t supposed to have been born. Gavin and Lilah remark that, since Darla dusted herself while giving birth, the baby wasn’t technically born. Linwood asks for more information on Holtz, wanting to find him again before he finds them. Angel tries to quiet the baby with a teddy bear, then resorts to singing him a lullaby. Lorne enters and tries singing as well, but the baby still cries. Angel worries that he’s a horrible father, but Lorne tells him that he’s tense and the baby is probably picking up on that. As Lorne leaves, Angel tries making face to calm the baby. Finally he morphs into his vamp face and the baby stops crying and falls asleep. Lilah heads to Wolfram & Hart’s Files and Records department and asks the woman in charge for all of the firm’s information on Angel. Unfortunately for Lilah, there’s a lot of it. Holtz waits outside a bar, holding the obituary of a woman named Julia Cooper. A girl who looks just like Julia (Laurel Holloman) exits the bar and Holtz follows her, earning her wrath. Holtz confirms that he knows her name, Justine, and that her twin sister was murdered six months earlier (by vampires). He says that he wants to help her, but she tells him to stay away from her. At the Hyperion, Cordelia offers to take care of the baby while Angel gets some sleep; Angel says that he’ll sleep when the baby’s safe. Fed up, Cordelia takes Angel outside and reminds him that he’s not like other parents because he can’t go out in the sun. He puts a hand out in the sunlight, letting himself singe a little, and tells Cordelia that if he ever has to go out in the sun to help the baby, he will. As they go back inside, Lorne comments on Angel’s singeing and remarks that in a place like the Hyperion, the janitor’s closet is probably the only safe place for him. (That will be important later, too.) Gunn returns with weapons and tells the other MoG that a bunch of people (both demons and humans) are outside the hotel, hoping to get to the baby. Wesley worries that when the moon comes out, the Lilliad demons, which get their power from the moon, might be able to get past the Furies’ spell. Gunn thinks that they won’t be able to fight all of the baby’s enemies, but Wesley says that they might not have a choice.

Back in Files and Records, the woman in charge tells Lilah about Holtz and the fact that Angelus and Darla killed his whole family. Lilah is happy to hear that Holtz wants revenge on Angel. In a cemetery that night, Holtz watches Justine play Slayer and saves her from a vampire. He tells her that she’s a good fighter but doesn’t have a good strategy. He says that in exchange for training, he wants her to help him kill Angel. At the Hyperion, the Lilliad demons start chanting to try to bring down the force field. Angel announces that Wesley’s plan to fight back won’t work; he wants to take the baby and run while the other MoG fight. The MoG are disappointed that Angel is going to just run away again, but he says that he needs them to stall while he gets away with the baby. Distraught, the MoG watch Angel leave. Gavin and Linwood watch Angel leave on their surveillance monitors; they tell commandos that he’s heading for the sewers. Linwood worries that the baby will survive and hunt them all down. Lilah announces that she wants the baby to be brought to Wolfram & Hart alive so that they can figure out…well, why he’s alive. As Angel heads through the sewers, Wolfram & Hart’s commandos arrive and the Lilliad demons bring down the barrier around the hotel. The Lilliad demons rush the hotel but are intercepted by other baby-seekers; they all start fighting each other. Angel makes it up to the street from the sewers but is spotted by a commando. A couple of Lilliads and humans back it inside and the MoG start fighting them. Outside, a vampire spots Angel getting away and the remaining baby-seekers head after him. Wesley hopes that they stalled them long enough, but Gunn points out that it was Angel’s choice to leave. The baby-seekers drive after Angel’s car as Angel remarks that this is the easy part of parenting. He stops the car near a mine and heads into the shaft, where he gets trapped by the baby-seekers. Angel tosses the so-called baby at them and skedaddles before they can realize that the baby is actually a bomb. ‘Bye-bye, baby-seekers.

The real baby is at a hospital with Cordelia, Fred, and Wesley. Linwood re-watches the surveillance of Lorne talking to Angel that morning and notes that when Lorne was talking about the janitor’s closet, he slipped something into Angel’s pocket. They realize that Lorne discovered Wolfram & Hart’s surveillance, wrote a note about it, and told him to read it in the closet, where there was no surveillance. Therefore, Angel’s fight with the MoG and his running away were all an act. Linwood wonders if Holtz was among the baby-seekers blown up in the mineshaft. He wants more information on Holtz, since he’s proving to be such a major player. Angel enters, cuts Linwood’s cheek, and announces that if anything else happens to the baby, he’ll hold Linwood responsible. He also wants Linwood to pay the baby’s college tuition. At the hospital, the baby gets a clean bill of health. A doctor asks what the baby’s name is and Angel, who’s just arriving, announces that it’s Connor. After the doctor leaves, Angel learns that Fred told him his name is Geraldo Angel (making the baby Connor Angel), he’s a pet psychiatrist, and he fights crime. (She’s kidding.) Gunn arrives with a stroller and, confirming that the baby is safe, at least for now, Angel eases up on his overprotectiveness.


GRADE: B- Why was Angel talking to the bomb like it was a baby?

WELCOME TO L.A.: Justine

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Wesley: “Angel, we could use your help when you’re finished…changing the baby…who is being changed on my desk.”
Angel: “Sorry. I needed the space.”
Wesley: “Of course. And seeing as you once nearly had sex on my desk, I shouldn’t be surprised that now there is a baby on it.”

“That’s a cute little baby. Yes, you are. And your daddy is a vampire with a soul. And sometimes he reverts to a creature of pure, malevolent evil who could rip your tiny throat out. Yes, he does.” - Linwood

Gunn: “What are you doing?”
Wesley: “Trying to imagine myself as John Wayne in Rio Bravo. You?”
Gunn: “Austin Stoker, Assault on Precinct 13.”
Cordelia: “If we live through this, trade in your DVD players and get a life.”

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