"Dear Boy"
Written and directed by David Greenwalt

Cordelia and Wesley are in the lobby of the Hyperion, doing research, when Angel enters. Cordelia comments that Angel has slept the majority of the past three days and is still tired. Wesley and Cordelia banter about their financial situation until Angel assures them that something will happen to help them out. Cordelia has a vision of guys in robes fighting and a demon coming out of a wall. Wesley tries to find a picture of the demon, but Cordelia says that it’s more important to find the location, since the people worshipping the demon are killing each other. Suddenly Darla seems to appear in the room, unseen by Cordelia and Wesley, and Angel quickly wakes up. The MoG figure out that the demon will appear at a convent called St. Bridget’s, and Angel tells Wesley to call Gunn for help. At St. Bridget’s, the four head into a chamber, thinking that if they kill the demon, the humans will stop trying to kill each other. However, the demon spots them and the fighting begins. Gunn kills the demon and the other MoG have to tell Angel to stop beating up the guy he’s fighting. Cordelia and Wesley tell Gunn that Angel has been sleeping strangely and has been off recently. Angel heads to a promenade, where he spots Darla in a crowd. It’s flashback time! Angelus and Darla are in London in 1860, about to go after Drusilla (see “Becoming, Part 1”). In the present, Angel tries to go after Darla but loses her in the crowd. At the Hyperion, a client names Harold Jeakins is there to meet with Angel about his wife, Claire, who apparently keeps getting abducted by aliens. He found a hotel receipt from when she was supposed to be in outer space and wonders if she’s cheating on him. Angel returns but shows little interest in the case.

his office, he starts messing with Cordelia’s hair while she tries to blast him for being rude to their client. Angel tells her and Wesley that he saw Darla and has been dreaming about her, despite the fact that he killed her three years earlier (see “Angel”). Wesley thinks that he’s just feeling guilty about killing Darla, since she was his sire, and he just thinks she’s alive because he’s been dreaming about her so much. In Lindsey’s office, Darla mentions that Angel is falling apart, something that Lindsey is happy to hear. He wants Angel to return to his dark side, and he thinks that Darla can push him there. Darla is sickened by the fact that Angel has a soul now, but she thinks that Lindsey is “fun, for a human.” At the police station, Kate criticizes a fellow officer for avoiding her; he says that she’s gotten too interested in the supernatural. He gives her a photo of the Hyperion, one of Angel’s new business cards, and a note that says, “He’s moved.” Cordelia goes to a nice hotel, wearing a bizarre waitress uniform, and spies on Claire, who’s meeting with a guy. She points a microphone at them and Angel listens nearby while Wesley takes photos with a spy camera. Before the couple can go upstairs, Angel stops Claire and tells her that her husband is on to her and that she needs to go home and talk to him. Cordelia blasts Angel for screwing up a case with a paying client, but Angel spots Darla and approaches her. He accuses her of trying to pass as a human and she claims that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She says that her name is DeEtta Kramer and she’s there with her husband, Stephen. Angel tries to get her to admit that she’s lying, but “DeEtta” heads into the sun to meet up with Stephen.

Back at the Hyperion, Cordelia is embarrassed by the day’s events, but Wesley points out that they at least learned that “DeEtta” can’t be a vampire, since she went into the sun. Angel still thinks that “DeEtta” is Darla; he recognized her scent. Wesley doesn’t think that this is accurate, but Angel is able to determine through scent that Wesley had sex with a bleached blond the previous night. Angel learns that “DeEtta” isn’t in the phone book and asks Wesley and Cordelia to search for a deed to her and Stephen’s house. Angel heads to Caritas, where he sings “Everybody Have Fun Tonight,” then apologizes. He quickly asks Lorne for information on Darla, but Lorne thinks that he should let her go and move on. He says that Darla is off of Angel’s path and that focusing on her will get him into trouble. Angel calls the hotel and Cordelia gives him Stephen and “DeEtta”’s address. Wesley criticizes Cordelia for not standing up to Angel and refusing to give him the address. He grabs a tranquilizer gun, in case Angel’s going crazy, then decides to call Gunn. Somewhere in a suburb, Angel spies on “DeEtta” and Stephen, watching them kiss inside a house. In the dining room, Stephen, obviously an actor, tries to keep up the charade of being Darla’s husband. Angel can’t see a security guard nearby. Stephen wonders why Darla’s trying to fool Angel, but Darla threatens to kill him if he doesn’t stop talking about it. She talks to Lindsey on a hidden microphone and tells him that she can sense that Angel’s nearby. He tells her that they’re getting ready to set things in motion and Stephen asks Darla who she’s talking to. At the Hyperion, Gunn learns for the first time that Angel sometimes turns evil (see “Innocence”) and that things get worse when he’s with Darla. Gunn wonders how bad things could get if they were reunited.

Back in 1860, Darla finds Angelus with Drusilla, whose family he’s just finished killing. Angelus tells Darla that instead of killing Drusilla, he’s going to sire her. Back in the present, Lindsey tells Darla that it’s go time. She calls 911 and reports that a man outside the house is breaking in to kill her. After she hangs up, she tells the security guard, “Do it. And make it look real.” Stephen tells Darla that she just did something illegal. The guard vamps out and hits Darla as Stephen freaks out. Outside, Angel hears the fake assault and runs into the house. He finds Stephen dead and Darla begging him not to hurt her. Over the microphone, Lindsey hears Darla ask Angel why he killed her husband. Two cops arrive at the house and aim guns at Angel. Angel tells Darla that she’ll pay for her trick, then takes off for the attic. The cops fire up there and spot Angel on the roof. Later, Kate arrives at the house and tells Darla that Angel got away. She says that Angel called her Darla and was acting crazy when he saw her at the hotel. Kate promises her that they’ll find Angel and may him pay for killing Stephen. While Kate is requesting a security tape from the hotel to see what happened during Angel’s encounter with Darla, someone grabs Darla from above and pulls her into a tree. At the Hyperion, Gunn is still trying to grasp the fact that Angel sometimes turns evil; he says that if Angel reverts to Angelus, he’ll kill him instantly. Kate arrives with a SWAT team, looking for Angel, and they start searching the hotel. Kate tells the MoG that Angel killed Stephen and kidnapped “DeEtta,” which Cordelia argues he wouldn’t do. Kate means Gunn for the first time, then asks the MoG who Darla is.

Angel takes Darla to St. Bridget’s, noting that he knows that Wolfram & Hart resurrected her (see “To Shanshu in L.A.”). He thinks that they brought her back as a human because they don’t believe that he’d kill her, but he’s not sure he’s going to stick to those convictions. He vamps out and they do some kissing, Darla commenting, “There’s my boy.” Kate discovers Gunn’s rap sheet and Cordelia tries to defend him, despite the fact that he’s committed some crimes in just the past couple of weeks. Cordelia tells Kate that they want to find Angel as much as she does, but Kate says that they want to protect him, even though he might have gone crazy. Gunn points out that Angel is a vampire and couldn’t have gotten into “DeEtta”’s house without an invitation. Cordelia notes that he only could have gotten in if the house’s owners were dead, which means that DeEtta really was Darla. Wesley shows Kate a daguerreotype of Darla and asks her if she looks like “DeEtta.” At St. Bridget’s, Darla wants to keep making out with Angel, who would rather know what kind of game she’s trying to play with him. He suspects that Wolfram & Hart wants her to mess with him until he goes bad again. She says that she remembers everything they did in the past and wants to create more mayhem. He reminds her that she has a soul now and that her memories are going to haunt her. She’s hurt that she never made him truly happy when Buffy did. She tells him that the old Angel is still inside him and wants out. At the Hyperion, Kate thanks Cordelia for the MoG’s cooperation; Cordelia shoots back that they solved the case for her. Kate says that while the MoG are fighting evil, innocent people are getting hurt, and she blames Angel for that. In the morning, Angel and Darla are still talking about how her soul will affect her. Angel tells her that he’ll kill her if she hurts anyone else and she replies that he’ll miss dreaming about her. She leaves, heading up to the sun where he can’t follow her. That night, Cordelia and Wesley to go see Angel at the Hyperion, where Wesley tells him to be careful. Angel says that he knows Wolfram & Hart are going to cause him some trouble, but he’s ready for it.

MORAL, or CRAMMING COMPLEX ISSUES INTO A NUTSHELL: Sometimes that friend of yours who you think is crazy isn’t crazy after all.

GRADE: B Shut it, Darla.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Cordelia: “According to my figures, if we are frugal and garner some paying clientele soon, we’re financially sound through last Wednesday.”
Wesley: “What? Where’s it all going?”
Cordelia: “Well, there’s the fixed costs - the mortgage on the giant hotel, my salary; there’s lots of other….”
Wesley: “What about my salary? That’s fixed, too.”
Cordelia: “What if every time you identified the demon in one of your big old books, we gave you ten bucks? Or a chicken pot pie.”
Wesley: “Oh, wait, I have another idea. No! Get a vision.”
Cordelia: “It’s not like you just hit me in the head and WHAM, it happens.”
Wesley: “What if we test that theory with one of my big old books?”

Gunn: “My uncle Theo always said never buy a dull plow and never get in the middle of a religious war.”
Cordelia: “You really have an Uncle Theo?”
Gunn: “No, but it’s still good advice.”

Wesley: “Vampires don’t come back from the dead.”
Angel: “I did. And I saw her. I’m not crazy!”
Wesley: “Where?”
Angel: “Right between the clowns and the big talking hot dog.”

Wesley: “Angel, you can’t just sniff a person and know….”
Angel: “You had sex last night, with a bleached blond.”
Wesley: “Good Lord, how’d you…?”
Cordelia: “That’s unbelievable. I didn’t think you ever had sex.”

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