General Hospital blog - April, 2006

April 3rd, 2006

Emily and Sonny have to explain why they were alone in a hotel together. Manny tells Luke about the chart-switching. Jesse's liver isn't viable, so Patrick announces that he'll donate part of his to Noah. Lucky accuses Patrick of killing Jesse and Sonny of being behind the shooting.

Anyone feel sorry for Emily? Anyone? Didn't think so. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Ha! Sonny wishes he were Brad Pitt.

Darn it! Now I won't be able to make "Jesse's liver" jokes anymore!

Manny may be sick, twisted, and evil, but he's also very smart.

Lulu, please stop dressing like Brook.

Huh. I'd completely forgotten Durant existed. That was nice.

April 4th, 2006

Robin forges Lainey's signature on Patrick's psychiatric evaluation so he can have surgery. Lucky quits the force. Skye stops Luke from killing Alcazar. Nikolas admits that he still loves Emily. Jax doesn't want to put up with Carly anymore. Sam sends Justus away so that Jason will have to stay in jail overnight and won't be able to go after Sonny.

Frickin' FINALLY! Finola Hughes will be back for a week or two in May. Now Robin will have two parents to be mad at.

Wow, Nikolas, announcing that you still love Emily really isn't helping.

More Quartermaines! Please, more Quartermaines! Especially that guy in the red. What's his name? Ed? Ted? Oh, yeah, Ned.

Amazing that the one time Lainey is actually needed, she's nowhere to be found.

Today is Unhelpful People Day. Hi, Sam!

April 5th, 2006

Alexis tells Sam about her "dead" daughter. Jason doesn't want Emily to see Sonny. Luke tells Lulu about the chart-switching and they bond over poker. Skye worries that her child won't be safe with Alcazar as a father.

Hey, at least they didn't have Alexis and Sam get stuck in an elevator or on the hospital roof.

Will someone tell me if Jason or Emily said anything interesting today? Thanks.

More fun Luke/Lulu, please!

I bet Robin Christopher, Greg Vaughan, and Becky Herbst all thought they'd be getting plots. Poor actors.

April 6th, 2006

The Quartermaines forbid Sonny from seeing Emily, but he doesn't care. Jax takes Michael and Morgan to Disney World to keep them away from the press. Luke throws Tracy a birthday party. Alexis thinks that Sam is being emotionally abused.

Way to meddle, Alexis. Jason is going to be so mad.

Blah, blah, Sonny and Emily, blah, blah, blah. So boring.

Ask for more Quartermaines and ye shall receive.

Nice product placement for Disney World. No way would Jax take two kids who aren't even his to Florida. Also, when Sonny finds out, he's going to be madder than Sam.

April 7th, 2006

Manny takes Elizabeth hostage at the hospital after she ruins his plans to hurt Skye. Carly tries to help defuse the situation between Sonny and Jason by taking Emily out to the middle of nowhere. Father Coates encourages Sam to tell Alexis that she's her daughter. Nikolas tries to give Maxie advice on dealing with her grief.

Ingo Rademacher is leaving. Everyone have a good cry. At least they're recasting.

I'm sorry. Sonny was in this episode, right? And you're telling me he wasn't the final shot of the episode? Okay, then who was? No, really. No, really. It couldn't be Lucky and Elizabeth. That's just not possible.

Sam's going to tell Alexis she's her daughter before May sweeps? I doubt it.

You guys, I got it! Sonny is Tom Cruise and Emily is Katie Holmes!

April 10th, 2006

Manny kidnaps Elizabeth and takes her to a pier. Lucky goes after them and gets thrown against a brick wall for his troubles. Robin is suspended for forging Noah's paperwork. Emily is upset at Carly for taking her to see Nikolas. She then decides to defuse the entire situation by breaking up with Sonny. Nikolas finds Sam's file on Alexis.

Awww, poor Lucky. He just needs to keep telling himself, "At least you're getting a plot out of this."

Um, Epiphany rocks. That is all.

Was I supposed to find the Emily/Carly catfight funny? Because I did.

Robin's probably lucky that all she's getting is suspended.

April 11th, 2006

Jason takes a shot at Manny after Elizabeth gets away from him. He winds up blowing up Manny's boat but believes he's still alive. Lucky undergoes surgery on his back. Patrick gets Robin to make Noah back off so she can operate on him. Alexis and Carly fight over Michael. Nikolas encourages Emily to follow her heart, so she goes back to Sonny. Sonny and Jason decide that they can't trust each other and their situation needs to be handled. Lulu sees Georgie and Diego together again.

For the love of God. Lucky's in surgery, but let's not worry - let's all focus on Emily and Sonny's relationship instead. I mean, come on, people! These writers are ridiculous. Also, Emily waits half an hour to actually go see Elizabeth and make sure she's okay? Worst best friend ever, five years running.

Robin should have stitched "jerk" into Patrick.

Should Epiphany be getting more screen time than Bobbie?

How many times has Manny been presumed dead and come back? Yeah, Jason's smart not to believe he's really gone.

April 12th, 2006

Lucky goes to Jesse's funeral against Elizabeth's wishes. Emily asks Sonny to go away to the island to keep the peace between him and Jason, who's plotting something big. Carly meddles in Jason and Sonny's issues. Luke catches Skye and Alcazar kissing and tells Tracy he wants to renew their vows.

Robert is, in typical Robert fashion, saying, "To heck with May sweeps" and is coming back tomorrow. Holly will return May 1st and Anna will be back (FINALLY!) on May 12th. Fun fun fun!

I'm sorry, but Lucky's an idiot. Also, that gun will come in handy when he inevitably ends up paralyzed and wants to kill himself. So, thanks, Mac.

So is Carly. Did she think Jason wouldn't catch on to her schemes?

Hey, Emily and Sonny, stay away as long as you want. We aren't going to miss you, so don't worry about it.

'Bye, Haunted Star's liquor license!

April 13th, 2006

Robert returns to take Luke to the Maarkam Islands so he can get a "modest reward." Luke and Tracy stall by preparing to renew their vows, but they're interrupted when Luke gets a call from Holly. Jason hijacks the business to force Sonny to choose between Emily and his work. Elizabeth tells Lucky she's going to ask Nikolas to pay his medical bills again. Carly offers to double date with Lainey and Justus to put a spark in their relationship, but she goes overboard. Nikolas tries to help Maxie through her grief.

Hi, Robert! Don't let Luke make fun of your accent. I like it.

Lucky is still an idiot.

Jason's pretty smart. Of course, Sonny will choose Emily, but still - Jason's kind of doing him a favor, in a way.

And what have we learned, Lainey? Never talk to Carly.

April 14th, 2006

Carly discovers that Nikolas is John's father. Luke tries to bail on his vow-renewal ceremony. Sonny invites Jason over for a last supper. Elizabeth invokes Nikolas' name to get the hospital's billing department to allow Lucky to stay put.

Elizabeth, you rock. Don't apologize for it.


Jax, Jax, Jax. Don't you know better than to leave incriminating documents lying around when Carly might be dropping by?

I was wondering why Luke didn't just go out the window earlier. But why is he so hung up on Holly?

April 17th, 2006

Jason refuses to give the business back to Sonny, even after Sonny initiates some physical violence. Luke makes a clean getaway. Noah drops his lawsuit. Carly tries to convince Jax to let Nikolas see John. Alcazar proposes to Skye, who says she's not ready for marriage yet.

Tie for best facial expressions: Robert being chased out of the Quartermaines' by Alice, and Elizabeth and Emily trying not to laugh while Nikolas was chastising what's-her-face.

So Robin is upset when Robert is gone and she's also upset when he's around. Can she please make up her mind?

FINALLY, someone mentioned what I've been saying about Jason not wanting Sonny to date his sister after Sonny didn't want Jason to date his sister. Of course, Sonny was the one who said it, and when Sonny is the voice of reason, you know something's wrong.

Speaking of when you know something's wrong, they've ruined Jax so much that I actually feel sorry for Carly. Not much, but a tiny bit.

April 18th, 2006

Sam is shocked to hear that Jason has taken over the business. They fight and Jason goes to see Carly, who tells him she's on his side. Emily tells Sonny she'll stay with him. The heads of the other families start paying tribute to Jason and Sam with flowers. Nikolas and Robin bond over daddy issues. Georgie tells Dillon about her letters to Diego, and after Dillon blows up at her, she tells him they might as well get an annulment.

EDWARD! I'm so glad John Ingle is back, I can't even describe it. Yay for the good old-fashioned Quartermaines!

Thank you, writers, for remembering that Robin and Nikolas used to be friends. That's called continuity!

Dang, if I were Jason, I'd be itching to cut Emily out of my life.

If Georgie and Dillon don't get back together, can he be with Lulu now? They're more fun.

April 19th, 2006

Emily tells Lucky to be nicer to Elizabeth, so he surprises her with dinner. Emily asks Carly to get Jason to work things out with Sonny. Sam and Jason make up, as do Georgie and Dillon. Ric thinks that Alexis wants to be the ADA. Tracy thinks Luke has gone to the Maarkam Islands, but Robert disagrees.

So they're setting Kristina up to be an obsessive-compulsive genius. It's not like she didn't already need therapy.

Oh, Lucky. Just go for the inevitable addiction storyline already.

Dear Georgie - you think maybe you should apologize, too? You know, just for the heck of it? No? Okay, fine. Don't listen to me. I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

Can Lulu have a boyfriend? Or...I don't know, a plot?

April 20th, 2006

Sam gets annoyed at the mobsters setting up shop in the penthouse. Someone takes photos of Sam, Elizabeth, Skye, Alcazar, and Carly. Michael organizes a surprise birthday party for Sonny. Elizabeth gets irritated with Lucky's mood swings and he gets irritated with her talking to Patrick. Patrick and Noah try to one-up each other.

Three most randomly adorable things on today's episode: 1) Alexis playing with the teddy bear while talking to Jax. 2) The mouse balloon at the birthday party. 3) Max.

During Noah and Patrick's scenes, I just want to quote Kate from Lost and say, "Shall I get a ruler?"

Pssst, Mike! Kristina's your granddaughter, not your niece!

Lucky's addiction storyline seems to be coming along nicely.

April 21st, 2006

A guy named Escobar tells Jason to kill Sonny, as Sonny expects. Manny is alive. After being encouraged by Robert and Patrick to be more adventurous and go after what she wants, Robin goes after Patrick. Jax realizes that Carly knows the truth about John's paternity. Robert tries to get Luke's location out of Lulu, who knocks him out to try to keep him from heading to the Maarkam Islands. Lucky accuses Elizabeth of sneaking around with Patrick. Alexis accepts the job of ADA.

Hey, Robin? When Patrick told you to go after what you want? I'm pretty sure that really meant, "Just hop in the sack with me already." So...good interpreting!

Aaaaaand they've officially ruined Lucky. Good job.

Manny's the mystery photographer? And he isn't dead after all? What a shock!

Dang, Lulu really is a Spencer.

Yay, Jason! Kill Sonny! And aim a couple of bullets at Emily while you're at it!

April 24th, 2006

Jason prepares to take a shot at at least one person at a mob boss summit attended by Sonny. Robin thinks Patrick can't make an emotional connection. She gets turned off when she learns that he's been awaiting another date. Ric encourages Sonny to kill Jason. Lulu, Dillon, and Alice hold Robert hostage. Carly wonders what her and Jax's future will be like if she keeps quiet about John's paternity.

Wow, Ric is really a master manipulator.

Dear Robin and Patrick, please work out your daddy issues. Quickly.

If I were having a mob boss meeting with a bunch of other mob bosses, I probably wouldn't do it IN FRONT OF A BUNCH OF WINDOWS. Sheesh.

Lulu and Dillon apparently don't watch Alias because it was obvious that Robert had untied himself.

April 25th, 2006

Having killed Escobar, Jason sends a message to Sonny that he'll protect him only if he stays out of the business. Alexis cautions Sam not to say anything to Durant about Escobar's shooting. Monica helps Lulu, Dillon, and Alice keep Tracy from letting Robert go after Luke. Bobbie interrupts an intimate moment between Carly and Jax to ask for help with a fundraiser. Skye warns Georgie not to get too involved with Diego.

I keep forgetting that Carly and Jax are together (or whatever). Maybe because they have no chemistry and only ever have sex and fight.

Hmmm. This must have been Steve Burton's day off.

Alexis and Ric are definitely better when they're opposing each other.

Monica + Lulu + Dillon + Alice = comedy gold.

April 26th, 2006

Ric convinces Sonny to turn Jason in for Escobar's murder so he'll go to jail. Robert and Tracy free themselves. Carly rounds up participants for a bachelor auction. Lucky grows suspicious of Elizabeth and Patrick.

Nikolas, please hit Lucky over the head and take him to drug rehab.

Poor traumatized Dillon. Hee.

I thought Ric wanted Sonny to kill Jason. I'm so confused.

Interesting that Jax was the one who spotted Manny, since he's never had anything to do with him. Good eye, Jax!

April 27th, 2006

Durant makes Sonny confirm to Jason's face that he's the one who shot Escobar. Luke drugs Robert and has him arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Tracy heads to the Maarkams. Lucky shares his paranoia about Elizabeth and Patrick with Robin. Emily moves out of Sonny's house. Carly wants to cut herself off from Sonny.

Holy flashbacks! Nice hair, Steve Burton. (You, too, Tristan Rogers.)

I get it - Epiphany says what we're all thinking!

Perhaps Alcazar would be smart to put a guard on his pregnant girlfriend, especially when he's not around.

Oh, shut up already, Lucky.

April 28th, 2006

Sam and Ric, Emily and Patrick, Jax and Robin, Carly and Max, Dillon and Lulu, Georgie and Noah, Bobbie and Nikolas, Maxie and Diego, and Elizabeth and Alcazar are paired up at the bachelor auction. Eventually Ric and Emily (then Elizabeth), Patrick and Robin, Nikolas and Emily, Dillon and Georgie, Noah and Bobbie, and Lulu and Jax wind up together. Sonny places a hit on Jason, then retracts it. Jason is released from jail and heads for the auction as the shooter is taking his aim. Sam gets in the way and is shot instead. With help from an ex, Robert is freed from custody and tracks down Luke. Manny stalks Skye. Robin is shocked to hear that Jax thinks Carly will propose.

You guys! They shot Sam, and next week they're killing Durant! The writers love me! Great way to start off May sweeps - with a literal bang.

Dang, Diego is cold. Maybe he should be nicer to the girl whose boyfriend just died.

Hee hee hee, Max is awesome. But why the heck is he in love with Carly?

Skye! Go back in the house! I think Alcazar disappeared from the auction, so maybe he's on his way over there and can save her from Manny.

Holly is supposed to be back on Monday, so that's probably who Luke is with. Tracy is going to be TICKED....

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