General Hospital blog - April, 2007

April 2nd, 2007

Nikolas tries to get rid of Alexis but accidentally makes her head off with Craig. Sonny is worried that Samís show will cause trouble for his organization, so he calls in Amelia and Diane to do damage control. Scott brags that he destroyed any evidence linking him to Rickís death. Lulu learns of the blackmail plot and blasts Logan and Maxie. Lainey tries to counsel Patrick. Jax and CarlyÖsomething I ran up.

HANDS OFF KRISTINA, CRAIG. Really not kidding.

Hey, Sonny? This is the 21st century. Women are allowed to have jobs now. Yeah! Really! If I were Amelia, the last thing I said to him would have been, ďIím not your sweetheart.Ē

Hit Logan again, Lulu! Heís just that annoying!

Jax and Carly make me sleepy.

April 3rd, 2007

Lainey is unable to convince Sonny that itís a good idea to use a labor dispute at the Metro Court to stay with Carly. Dillon realizes that Tracy has cracked but promises to keep quiet if she looks the other way while he dates Lulu. Maxie is sad because itís the anniversary of Jesseís death. Lucky spots Elizabeth letting Jason feel the baby kick. Sam is all traumatized and stuff.

Why is everyone SO BORING?

April 4th, 2007

Carly complains to Jason about being unable to choose between Sonny and Jax. Jason would rather just look at a copy of Elizabethís ultrasound. Robin is forced to tell Emily about her and Nikolasí ďrelationshipĒ after Emily hears her and Patrick fighting about it. Emily goes to Wyndemere to find out whatís really going on and finds them making out. Spinelli, Dillon, and Milo come up with a scheme to get Loganís fingerprints and get info on him that they can use to blackmail him to stay away from Lulu. Dillon also gets his turn at a date with Lulu, but she thinks they have too much history. Maxie and Coop seal the deal, and Maxie is amused when Logan finds them together and gets into a fight with Coop. Carly is upset when Jax defends Skye over her.

Shut up, Carly, for the following reasons: 1) A person who goes into her so-called best friendís house and starts snooping through his things, not to mention right in front of him, isnít a very good best friend. 2) I donít know who you think you used to be, but I donít remember you changing at all in the past 11 years. 3) Who cares if Skyeís a mother? So are you, and Skye at least spends more than five minutes a week with her child. 4) Just because.

I want Luluís ďrocker chickĒ shirt!

Miloís kind of dumb, isnít he?

Yeah, Maxie and Jesse were soulmates, werenít they? I mean, they went out for about two weeks, and then after he died, she didnít talk about him for a year! Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me.

April 5th, 2007

Carly chooses Jax, but Michael tries to help Sonny get back together with her. Emily doesnít believe Nikolasí lies about being in love with Robin. Maxie and Lulu have a snark-off. (Winner: undecided.) Ameliaís lackeys turn up evidence that Sam married and swindled three guys.

Be gone, Michael. You annoy me.

Hey, Lulu? Feel free to hit Maxie again.

Trying to muster up interest in Samís storyline. Failing.

You know, I have to admit, I think I want Carly and Sonny back together. And yet...why would she give up Jax? Seriously.

April 6th, 2007

Michael schemes to lock Carly and Sonny in the basement together. Lulu sends Spinelli to talk Jason into claiming the baby, then changes her mind when she realizes how happy Lucky is. Alexis wants to have, like, 10,000 of Craigís babies. Jax refuses to help Skye contest Alanís will.

Itís nice to know that Michael is exactly as smart as...a ten-year-old.

Uh oh. Itís getting to the point where not only do I automatically want to run up scenes with Elizabeth and Jason, but also scenes with any of them and Lucky, Spinelli, and/or Lulu. (Does anyone else find Lucky kind of annoying now?)

No wonder Ted King is leaving - Ron Hale is getting more screentime than him, and he doesnít even have a plot!

Awww, Jax. Now Skye is going to say, ďI told you so.Ē

April 7th, 2007

Next week: Dillon and Sonny try to woo their respective loves, a couple gets re-engaged (probably Carly and Jax, unfortunately), Sam and Lucky get stuck in an elevator together (hey, if it ainít broke...), and lots of Sonny/Jason/Alcazar/Skye stuff.

April 9th, 2007

Michaelís scheme works, but after Sonny and Carly are released, Carly calls Jax. Sheís not thrilled when Amelia answers and pretends she and Jax areÖwell, in the middle of something. Lulu talks Jason into keeping quiet. Dillon and Milo think Spinelli is trying to move in on Lulu and go after him. Craig eavesdrops on Ric and Alexis, then agrees to take her to the hospital when she realizes that somethingís wrong. Sam and Lucky get stuck in an elevator together at the Metro Court. (No, I donít know why.)

Alexis and I share a brain. I mentioned Ricís mommy issues before she did. Take that, Ric!

So...why did Michael go to all that trouble and then release Carly and Sonny? Oh, wait, thatís right - I donít care.

I donít get the point of trapping Sam and Lucky in an elevator together. It would make sense if Sam knew Jason was the babyís father, but she doesnít, so...point, please?

Amelia? Go away. Quickly.

April 10th, 2007

Patrick meets Craig, who pretends to be southern (while teaching Kristina Baccarat). As Alcazar learns that Sonny and Jason are using the Cellar, Jason tells Sonny that Alcazar is faking his brain damage. Edward gets proof that Tracy forged Alanís will but promises to keep quiet if she gives him a percentage of Alanís ELQ share. Carly still wants to be with Jax. Lulu tries to hold on to her friendships with Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo.

Dear Sonny: thank you for sending Michael to therapy. Not only does he definitely need it, but Lainey deserves to become a millionaire.

I think Jax would be proud of Craig for teaching Kristina Baccarat. Also, is she some sort of math genius?

The Alcazar/Skye scene was kind of funny. Too bad heís leaving.

Also funny? Craigís horrible southern accent. Hee.

April 11th, 2007

Spinelli tries to be more like Jason, which involves crashing his bike and interrupting Lulu and Dillonís date. Reporters bug Sam and Carly, but Sam isnít sure if she should sign a restraining order to keep them away. Maxie steals the police exam for Coop. I so donít care about Jax and Carly. I donít care about Amelia and Watch Guy either.

I found out why Mike is getting so much screen time. Letís just say theyíre going to have to find someone else to run Kellyís.

Maxie knows what the word sensitive means? Iím surprised.

So...Sam didnít even ask why Amelia called her Angela? Idiot.

I was right! Jason does have a closet full of leather jackets!

April 12th, 2007

Ric tells Skye that Alcazar is faking his brain damage. Sheís skeptical, but when she arrives home, she catches Alcazar on the phone, ordering his men to ambush Sonny and Jason in the Cellar. Carly and Jax get re-engaged. Maxie asks Jason to give Logan a job, offering to give him inside information on the PCPD, but Lulu interrupts and warns Jason not to listen to Maxie. Elizabeth goes into labor. Logan thinks Sonny is his next ticket to fortune.

I guess Mikeís last line is going to be to Coop and Logan about putting money on a horse. That sucks.

Did anyone else notice that somewhere between Sonnyís office and Kellyís, Morgan...disappeared? I guess the writers care about him as little as I do.

Elizabeth, you canít go into labor! Itís not May sweeps yet!

That little scene of Logan and Coop pulling out guns and nodding at each other was ridiculously dorky.

Is anyone actually watching the Carly/Jax scenes? Yeah, thatís what I suspected.

April 13th, 2007

Alcazar comes clean to Skye, who then tells Ric sheíll do whateverís necessary to protect Lila from Alcazar. Jason sends Spinelli to the hospital with an injured Sonny, telling him to make sure Sonny doesnít say anything incriminating. Elizabeth agrees to take medication to stop her contractions. Coop saves Maxie when sheís held hostage by one of Alcazarís men. Logan asks Coop to call his father but never gives him a name. I didnít listen to a word Jax and Carly had to say.

Those gunmen were really incompetent. They outnumbered Sonny and Jason and had automatic weapons, but they still only shot one person. And that was in the leg!

Hey, a man fell down the stairs for once!

Iím going to guess theyíre putting Amelia and Stan together, since thereís no other reason for them to have a scene together.

I guess Logan really isnít Patrickís brother, as is the story now, since Patrick looked right at him and didnít say anything. Iím going to stick with my suspicion that Scott has another long-lost child he never knew about. (Karen who?)

Funny how Robin told Spinelli she and Jason are friends. Maybe she just didnít want to make Patrick any madder than he already is.

Injured/hospitalized: Sonny Corinthos, Logan Hayes, Elizabeth Spencer
(Re)engaged: Carly Corinthos and Jax Jacks

April 14th, 2007

Next week: boring!

April 16th, 2007

Sonny keeps refusing to divorce Carly. Monica asks Tracy for some sort of proof that sheís really seeing Alan. Even when she gets it, sheís still skeptical. Scott is named a special prosecutor and files papers to become Lauraís guardian. Elizabethís labor stops. Spinelli is a dork.

I didnít see it. So...yeah.

April 17th, 2007

Sonny decides to sign the divorce papers to make Carly happy. Patrick thinks Robin is lying to him about her relationship with Nikolas. Scott warns Nikolas that heíll take him to court to get guardianship of Laura. Amelia learns more about Samís past. Nikolas offers Craig money to leave the country.

I donít think Jasonís plea for Sonny to sign the divorce papers was so much ďthis is kind of my faultĒ as itís ďplease make your wife leave me alone.Ē

How much do I love it that people still call Scott Scotty? Including Alexis? Also, why does he think a judge would give him guardianship of Laura over Nikolas, Lucky, Lulu, Lesley, and even Luke?

So...does Amelia not know anything about Samís past? Iím so confused about what she knows and what sheís doing and, you know, why weíre supposed to care.

Wow, Patrick really is unprofessional. Also, really immature. Not the best look for him.

April 18th, 2007

Patrick gets Maxie to lift Robinís file on Nikolas, which is inconclusive as to what poisons he was given. Later, Patrick stops by Patrickís apartment and hears Craig talking to Robin and Nikolas. Alexis asks Sonny to sign the divorce papers so Jax can be happy, not realizing that Sonny already has. Tracy seemingly makes a deal with Scott to get him custody of Laura. Craig threatens to kill Luke if Nikolas doesnít give him custody of Laura. Sonny offers to pay Loganís medical bills but not give him a job. Ric may be interested in making Coop his Leonardo DiCaprio.

Why does Craig care what happens to Laura? Mind your own business, psycho.

Okay, Sonny and Alexis have 20 times more chemistry than Jax and Carly. Thatís really not right.

I canít wait for Ric to inevitably try to get Coop to infiltrate Sonny and Jasonís organization, then ultimately find out that theyíre the reason heís in the PCPD. Hee hee hee.

My mom and I just had this conversation about Carly, and I think itís pretty accurate:

Me: ďIf you took her to a deli and gave her the choice of having a turkey sandwich or a ham sandwich, she would take two hours to decide.Ē
My mom: ďAnd then she would call Jason.Ē

April 19th, 2007

Patrick puts two and two together, then follows and attacks Craig on the cliff. Craig gets the better of him and starts to throw him over the cliff when Robin arrives. Carly finally signs the papers. Tracy wants to blackmail Scott and is sick of Luke still loving Laura. Amelia is Bill Monroeís daughter and may or may not want Sam dead. Jason and ElizabethÖoh, you know I donít care.

If Helena can survive a fall off that cliff, Patrick will be fine. (But did Craig have to go after his pretty, pretty face?)

Wait, why am I supposed to care about Amelia? I forget.

So uncalled for, Tracy. No wonder I donít like her very much.

Looks like Carly chose the turkey sandwich!


April 20th, 2007

Nikolas saves Patrick, who agrees to keep quiet about Craig and what heís doing to Nikolas. Alcazar sends goons after Sam, but Jason shows up to save her. Carly forgets about her wedding plans long enough to remember Sonnyís birthday. Lucky contemplates asking Jason to be the babyís godfather. Elizabeth loves Jason, or something.

Yay! Now Patrick is in on everything! I love the twist.

Hee. Spinelli called Lila ďBaby Evil.Ē

Yeah, Lucky. Ask a guy you donít even really like to be your babyís godfather. Sorry, Nikolas - youíre just the uncle.

Sonny is so going to kiss Carly. Heís just that predictable.

Divorced: Sonny and Carly Corinthos
Reunited: Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake

April 22nd, 2007

This week: speak now or forever hold your...hey, who invited Sonny?

April 23rd, 2007

Craig agrees to let Patrick live as long as Robin can keep him from telling anyone whatís going on. Robin and Patrick promptly start screwing things up when Emily catches them kissing at the hospital. When Jax calls him to ask him to come to his wedding, Craigís true identity is revealed - heís Jerry. Carly and Sonny make out, of course. Sam kills one of the shooters as Jason wounds the other one. Amelia convinces Floyd to keep the shooting quiet. After remembering how violent Jasonís life is, Lucky changes his mind about making him the babyís godfather.

Um...holy crap. I know he doesnít have an Australian accent, and he was never sadistic like this, and...okay, it pretty much makes no sense whatsoever, but I love that Craig is really Jerry. (I also love that Nikolas asked if the names James Brosnan was ďtoo 007Ē for him. Thanks, Nik!)

Wow, for doctors, Robin and Patrick are kind of dumb.

I didnít know Emily knew Elizabeth and Jason had slept together. To be fair, I donít pay much attention to Emily, but I figured there would have been a bigger deal made out of it.

Apparently Sam only kills people in self-defense. Sheís so noble!

April 24th, 2007

Jax and Jane REALLY want Jerry at Jaxís wedding. Carly freaks out that Jason wonít be at the wedding. Emily confronts Robin about her kiss with Patrick. Robin tells her she and Nikolas are still together, then asks her to keep quiet. Nikolas overhears Craig on the phone with Jane and realizes that he might actually be a little human. Spinelli thinks Lulu should tell Carly about the baby so she can convince Jason to be a part of his or her life. Dillon gets mad when he learns that Milo and Lulu are supposedly going to the wedding together, so Lulu says sheíll take all three guys. Blah, blah, Logan, Maxie, Coop, blah. I ran up every scene with Tracy, Luke, Sam, and Amelia. People say ďweddingĒ and ďJerryĒ a lot.

They had a rare scene with Bobbie the day after the big Jerry reveal, and she and Carly donít say anything about him? Thatís dumb. Also, why is everyone so stunned that Jerry wouldnít come to the wedding? First of all, heís not supposed to be in the States because of his problems with the Feds. And second of all, he didnít come to Jaxís wedding to Skye. Or Courtney. Or his other two attempts to marry Carly. Itís Jerry! Heís not reliable! We know this!

I think Iím going to keep calling Jerry Craig. It just makes more sense to me. Craig and Jerry seem like such different people that I think I should differentiate between their names. Or Iím giving this way too much thought. Yeah, thatís probably it.

People who need to shut up: Amelia, Ford, Noah, Logan, Carly (of course), and pretty much anyone who uses the word ďwedding.Ē

Boo hoo, poor Lulu. She has four men in love with her. How horrible it must be to be her!

April 25th, 2007

With Jason MIA, Spinelli takes his place at the wedding rehearsal. Nikolas finally tells Emily what Craig is up to. Alexis wants Craig to escort her to the wedding. She also admits her skepticism that Carly is over Sonny. Maxie wonders why Coop is so interested in Sonny.

Can the wedding (which Iím about 99 percent sure isnít going to happen) be over yet?

Some things need no words. Spinelli impersonating Jason is one of those things.

Awwww, Nikolas finally cracked.

I donít know why, but Iím starting to like Coop more. Maybe because heís dark and broody, and girls love that. (Why do you think Angel stayed on the air five years?)

April 26th, 2007

The stars pretty much align to make sure Carly and Jax wonít be getting married. Sonny shows up just as Carly is about to walk down the aisle. Craig lurks outside. Luke asks Sonny to leave Skye out of whatever he has planned as revenge against Alcazar.

NEDLY! Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: come back. Please. Also, I love that he offered to be Alexisí date to the wedding. So awesome.

I always love seeing the random groupings of people the director puts in the background of group scenes. Like, what are Sam, Max, and Milo talking about? How annoyed is Alexis that she has to talk to Edward?

So Sonny took a drink. So? Heís not an alcoholic. Who cares?

Luke love with Skye again? Still? Huh?

April 27th, 2007

Jax and Carly get married with no setbacks. Craig calls Jax after the ceremony, pretending to still be elsewhere, but Jax figures out that heís nearby. Sonny gets drunk and receives a surprise visit from Amelia. Lulu walks into a shootout starring Logan. Sam may be catching on to Elizabethís babyís paternity. Robin and Patrick, then Emily and Nikolas sneak a few minutes alone.

I...canít believe they actually got married. I was so sure they wouldnít! Shows what I know.

The big cliffhanger is Jax possibly seeing Craig, not, say, someone else seeing Craig, or Craig seeing Nikolas and Emily making out? Weird.

Tell me again why I care about Amelia?

Best moments of the wedding: Spinelliís dance fantasy (especially Max and Miloís hats), Jasonís reaction to (sort of) catching the garter, Samís reaction to Spinelliís reaction to getting the garter from Jason, Ned collecting bets from the Quartermaines as to whether or not Sonny was going to ruin the ceremony, that sweet Sam/Alexis scene, Michael telling Monica she looked pretty, Ned calling Alexis ďsomeone in charge,Ē Stan echoing my questions about why he was invited (not that I donít like him, of course), and Robin reminding Emily to pretend to hate her.

Married: Carly and Jax Jacks
Reunited: Emily Quartermaine and Nikolas Cassadine

April 28th, 2007

Next week: Sam shouldnít drink, Amelia better be on the pill, Iím really sick of Jason and Elizabeth scenes, and Emily teams up with Robin and Patrick.

April 30th, 2007

Jane spots Jerry, who makes her promise not to tell Jax he was at the wedding. Sonny and Amelia get extremely friendly. A drunken Sam almost lets slip to Jason that she was married before. Lulu teaches Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo about sharing.

If Craig is now ďunrecognizable,Ē did Jane recognize him?

Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: Sam is hilarious (and bearable) when sheís drunk.

Awww, now Spinelli, Milo, and Dillon can graduate from kindergarten to first grade.

Someone get Amelia a sandwich, stat!

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