General Hospital blog - April, 2008

April 1st, 2008

Everyone wants to keep Monica out of jail (including Alexis), but the judge isn’t as accommodating. Robin gets a taste of taking care of children (for, like, three seconds), then agrees to go on a date with Patrick. Johnny wants to fix up the Haunted Star, but Luke suspects that his underlying motive is getting closer to Lulu. Lulu ditches Maxie while she’s trying to organize Kate’s launch party (which Carly wants to bar from taking place at the Metro Court), so she calls Spinelli to help her with her “geography emergency.” Jax is still being annoying about Sonny and Carly is still being annoying about Kate. She’s also not happy to discover that Claudia slept with Sonny.

Happy 45th anniversary, GH! (Sheesh, I was, like, negative 19 when it started.) I liked the little montage at the end of the show, though I wish they’d done more. Also, I love how the most memorable scenes from the history are apparently Luke and Laura (of course), Stone dying, the cannery explosion from, like, two weeks ago, Jax and Carly’s wedding (which is so unmemorable to me that I can’t tell you when it actually occurred), the Metro Court blowing up, the Port Charles Hotel fire (complete with Nikolas/Emily angst), Robin having sex with Patrick, Sonny and Brenda going at it From Here to Eternity-style, Maxie getting B.J.’s heart, and two seconds of Steve, Audrey, Ruby, Lila, and Alan. Thanks, guys. You couldn’t have given Audrey one scene today? Freaking Nadine had two scenes! And dialogue! (Not that I dislike Nadine. In fact, I like her a lot. I just don’t have any idea why she was on today, let alone why she went to the courthouse.)

Claudia, why the heck did you have to go and tell Carly that you slept with Sonny? You just made everything worse! I know Jason is supposed to be back later in the week, and I’m guessing part of the reason is because Carly calls him and whines him back to town. (Yes, her whining does have transportational properties.)

Hey, Kate? Hands to yourself. Sonny doesn’t go to your office and move your sketches around. Keep your paws off his coffee beans.

Maxie, that’s not a geography emergency. Didn’t you see the last challenge in the 12th-season finale of The Amazing Race?

April 2nd, 2008

Robin and Patrick are adorable and have a good date and then she falls asleep on the couch with him and they’re adorable some more. Claudia is so upset with Carly that she wants to buy the Metro Court, but Johnny tells her he’s already going to be investing in the Haunted Star. And it’s totally not because of Lulu. Okay, maybe it is. But she totally doesn’t want to be with him. At least not until Carly encourages her to get back together with him. Shut up, Carly. Spinelli agrees to help Maxie as long as she’s nice to Lulu, which she agrees to while crossing her fingers, because she’s eight years old. Monica catches a break and heads off to rehab.

I swear, if Robin and Patrick get any cuter, I’m going to start squealing whenever they have nice scenes together, and that won’t be good for anyone.

If Claudia wants to be a businesswoman, she should probably learn the difference between investing and buying.

Why does Carly want Lulu to be with Johnny? Maybe so she’ll just shut up about it already? Because actually, I could get behind that.

Awww, Sam’s transition from annoying shrew to actual human being is coming along so nicely.

April 3rd, 2008

As Ian prepares to be a sniper, Kate suggests that she, Michael, and Sonny hang out in the warehouse together. Kate also bails on a meeting in Texas, leaving Jax to take Carly to it instead. Jason returns to town (again) and considers claiming Jake, assuming the truce holds. Claudia and Johnny are really bad at finding alibis for Sonny’s possible future murder, but really good about discussing Lulu and again mistaking investing for buying. Just shut up, Carly.

I think I might actually be more upset if Michael ISN’T shot tomorrow than if he is, because after all this set-up, it would be an extreme letdown if they didn’t follow through. Also, because I hate him and want him to suffer. Except, unfortunately, it will technically be Kate’s fault (more Sonny’s, but it was Kate’s idea).

I hate that they brought Robin on for two minutes and made her say stupid things. Go back to being cute!

If Claudia and Johnny were really smart, they’d find a way to frame Trevor for Sonny’s murder and kill two birds with one stone (only slightly literally).

It’s kind of sad that Jason confides more in Spinelli than he does in his so-called best friend. Though if Sonny were my best friend, I’d probably do the same.

April 4th, 2008

Sonny freaks Alexis out by telling her that Michael shot Kate, then tries to assure her that things will be less violent from now on. As he, Michael, and Kate hang out in the warehouse, Jerry goes to Carly and Jax’s house looking for an alibi. Mercedes tells him that Jax is in Houston, Carly is out, and Michael is at the warehouse, causing Jerry to try to get a hold of Ian and abort the hit. His plan fails when he gets into a car accident with Alexis. Sonny sees the reflection of Ian’s gun and shields Kate, but Michael isn’t as lucky and is shot in the head. Claudia goes to the Metro Court to rent the penthouse, but it’s booked, so she throws a fit and demands to talk to Carly. Carly, already ticked that Michael is with Kate and Sonny, decides to take her anger out on Claudia instead. Elizabeth decides that she wants to let Jason claim Jake. Johnny heads to the Haunted Star to get an alibi and winds up fighting and then making out with Lulu.

Dear baby Jesus, thank you for giving me what I wanted. Now make him go away forever.

Carly is really an insult to all women. Not all of us are petty and jealous over who our exes date! Especially when we’ve already moved on ourselves. Also, some of us actually ask our best friends how they are after surgery instead of just yelling about other stuff.

Ian is a suck shot. Though that makes sense, since he was probably too busy being a doctor to practice shooting people.

Was Lulu’s shirt today made out of crepe paper?

Back in town: Jason Morgan
Injured: Michael Corinthos
Rehabbing it: Monica Quartermaine

April 5th, 2008

Next week: Jason and Elizabeth take one step forward and two steps back, everyone blames everyone else for what happened to Michael, and Claudia makes the rounds. (Ew, not like that. Actually, considering the way she dresses, maybe like that, too.) Also, I’m guessing Jax says “I told you so” a lot.

April 7th, 2008

Word of Michael’s shooting quickly spreads, and the blame game begins: Carly blames Sonny, Alexis blames everyone in general, and Sonny inexplicably blames Jason. Jerry and Claudia are furious with Ian, Jerry to the extent that he wants to kill Ian to avoid a Sonny rampage. Jason and Elizabeth get engaged but don’t have much time to celebrate before they get the news about Michael. Jax has trouble getting back from Texas. Robin wants to be in the OR with Patrick when he operates on Michael, but Patrick refuses since she has a history with Michael. Lulu accuses Johnny of being involved in the shooting and blasts him for being involved in such a dangerous business.

Drink every time someone says “he’s a little boy.” I’m already drunk.

I’m not sure how Jerry killing Ian stops Sonny from going on a rampage. Sooner or later he’ll find out that Ian was the shooter, and eventually he’ll find out that Claudia and Jerry were involved and go after them then. So maybe Jerry’s just trying to shield himself a little longer.

Awww, I like Jason/Robin scenes. Especially because they’re actually mature about their breakup, unlike most ex-couples on this show.

Wow, I think Leyla had more screentime than Spinelli did today.

April 8th, 2008

Michael makes it through his operation, but Patrick and Robin have yet to tell anyone that he’s never going to regain consciousness. Carly continues to blame Sonny, as well as Kate, for Michael’s shooting. Claudia and Johnny try to get Alexis to believe that Trevor is responsible, but she’s skeptical. Johnny tells Claudia to fix things or he’ll confess to Sonny himself. Claudia actually takes some responsibility, though apparently she feels bad about the shooting because she saw Zacchara try to shoot Johnny when they were younger. Jerry lets Ian live, and for his trouble Ian gets yelled at by Nikolas, whose medication is no longer working. Nadine overhears the discussion and tells Nikolas he’s being an idiot for wanting to prolong his illness and die instead of being with Spencer. Nikolas and Elizabeth are both affected by the sight of Michael in the hospital.

If I were Sonny, I would have shoved Jason out of the way and gone in to see Michael with Carly at the end there. Carly takes Jason in there when only two people are supposed to go in? Yeah, she’s being a jerk, but we knew she would be, so it’s up to Sonny to tell her to cut it out.

Kate? Shhh. You would be best to stay shhh for a while.

I find it hard to believe that Claudia has any sympathy for Michael’s situation. I also find it hard to feel sorry for Johnny (as I suspect we’re supposed to) when he accepted the truce with Sonny knowing that he wasn’t going to keep it.

“Is your business lying?” This just in: I love Nadine again. I’ll even overlook the hiding-under-the-desk thing, which was just stupid (though at least educational).

After that scene with Robin and Jason, we’d better see Jason reading a travel book to Michael.

April 9th, 2008

Carly tries to stay optimistic, but Jason and Bobbie seem to have already figured out what Patrick and Robin eventually tell them - that Michael will never wake up. Lulu asks Carly to tell Jason and Sonny that Johnny had nothing to do with Michael’s shooting. Carly is appropriately incredulous that she would bring it up. Lulu tells Kate that she’s spent the day trying to stop a mob war, and Kate lays into her about being spoiled. Tracy tries to buy Claudia out of the Haunted Star so Luke won’t be in the middle of a mob war. Nikolas and Nadine hang out with Spencer and talk horses. Ric tells Alexis that if she wants to take the girls and leave town (which she asks Jerry to help her do), he’ll support her.

I figured Jason would catch on to what was going on. He’s smart, and Robin and Patrick weren’t exactly subtle.

Thank you a million times, Kate, for yelling at Lulu. I can’t believe she tried to get Carly to make an appeal on Johnny’s behalf while her son is dying. Idiot.

Yay, a Bobbie/Luke scene! That was nice.

See what I mean about Sam being on the path to redemption?

April 10th, 2008

Carly continues her descent into denial, trying to tell everyone that Michael will wake up. Sonny wants to stay away so she won’t get upset, but Mike convinces him to stay close to Michael. Carly is furious to learn that when the shooting happened, Sonny shielded Kate, not Michael. Luke tells Lulu that she can date whoever she wants, but she’s an idiot if she gets in the middle of a mob war. Alexis drinks to deal with the shooting and her and Diane’s poor taste in men. Diane admits that she has the hots for Coleman. Patrick also drinks, then drunk-dials Robin. Claudia tells him that she thinks Robin got pregnant on purpose to trap him. Jason gets some comfort from Monica after he tells her about the shooting. Nikolas and Nadine hang out some more, but he kicks her out when Emily reappears.

Yes, Claudia, Robin had Georgie killed just so she could have sex with Patrick, make sure the condom broke, and get pregnant. This just in - Robin was the real text-message killer!

For some reason, I loved that Monica’s first question after hearing about Michael’s shooting was about who his doctor is. That’s such an in-character thing. Nice job, writers. Also, more Jason/Monica scenes, please!

I also loved Luke putting the smackdown on Lulu. Awesome.

Looks like they have hair dye in Heaven.

April 11th, 2008

Carly tells Sonny that he’s no longer Michael’s father, then admits to Jason that she blames herself for the shooting. He blames himself and Sonny. Later, Carly is furious to find Claudia in Michael’s room, where she’s been apologizing for the shooting and for bringing violence into another child’s life. Sonny asks Kate to go away because every time he looks at her, he’s reminded of protecting her over Michael. Diane comforts Max, who blames himself for the shooting, with sex, and poor Alexis walks in on them. Nikolas hangs out with Emily, but just as she disappears again, Nadine returns and starts throwing things in hopes of hitting her. She tries to remind Nikolas that he’s chosen Emily over Spencer, then somehow hurts herself as she’s leaving, which for some reason forces her to spend the night at Wyndemere. Jason decides that he probably shouldn’t be around Elizabeth and Jake after all. Patrick and Robin…I don’t know, he’s still kind of annoying about the baby, but at least they’re not fighting as much.

Poor Kate. If I had a dollar for every time my boyfriend told me he couldn’t look at me because every time he did, he remembered that his son was dying....

Heh, Alexis and I had the same reaction to seeing Max and Diane together. That was definitely more than I needed to see.

Wait, since when does Claudia have a conscience?

I want to throw trains at Emily with Nadine! Oh, not toy ones, though.

Engaged (for now, at least): Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber
Hitting that: Diane Miller and Max Giambetti
Screwed in a completely different way: Michael Corinthos

April 12th, 2008

Next week: Spinelli and Jason use their cyber-skills/Spidey Sense for good, Claudia ticks me off some more, and the Haunted Star reopens. Expect people to wear nice clothes.

April 14th, 2008

Jax finally returns to town, and Carly declines to tell him the extent of Michael’s condition, worrying Jason. Jax realizes that something is off and asks Elizabeth to fill him in. Sonny contemplates suicide but is interrupted by Robin, who tries to convince him that he’s a good father, then convinces him to go back to the hospital despite Carly’s wishes. Jason agrees that he and Elizabeth can keep sneaking around, but he won’t call her or go near the kids. Lulu and Johnny fight more (honestly, I ran it all up), and then Claudia and Johnny…something, and then Lulu goes to Kelly’s where Logan is waiting for her with romance or something. Alexis tries to convince Diane that she’s an idiot to get involved with anyone in Sonny’s organization, but Diane doesn’t seem to care.

I’m so proud of Jax - he hasn’t said “I told you so” once. Yet.

Am I the only person who gets grossed out when Claudia and Johnny have scenes together? She has her hands ALL OVER HIM. It’s honestly like someone forgot to tell Sarah Brown that they’re supposed to be brother and sister.

I hope Robin’s listening to herself when she says stuff about how fathers shouldn’t be kept from their children...

Oh, shut up, Lulu. You didn’t do anything other than annoy people.

Hey, Johnny learned how to play something else!

April 15th, 2008

Jason and Jax convince Carly to let Sonny see Michael. Robin and Patrick are adorable again, and then adorable while naked, and then they say they love each other and want to try to make things work. Lulu tells Logan that she doesn’t like him like that anymore. He guesses it’s because of Johnny. Elizabeth tells Jax that Michael isn’t going to get better, and encourages him to let Carly stay in denial awhile longer, even though she’s not a shrink and that’s a horrible idea. Where’s Lainey when you need her? Claudia tells Jason that people in their line of work shouldn’t have children. Kate and Sonny make up, I guess.

In honor of tax day, everyone taxed my patience today, except Robin and Patrick, who were awesome. As usual.

April 16th, 2008

Jason and Spinelli get to work finding out who shot Michael, and get a big clue from some security footage - a doctor from GH was driving by the waterfront around the time of the shooting. Johnny wants to plead innocence to Sonny, but Claudia doesn’t want him to. She runs to Jason and asks him to make sure that if Johnny meets with Sonny, he doesn’t get hurt. Jason warns her that they’ll eventually find out who shot Michael, and that person will pay. Nadine (who’s totally in love with Nikolas) tells him she’s going to the reopening of the Haunted Star and that she loves to gamble. She doesn’t, of course, but doesn’t expect him to show up. He does, though, because Lulu made him come so she won’t seem like she’s just there to see Johnny (despite the fact that her father owns the place and no one really cares what she thinks). Lulu gets ditched by her own brother and meets up with both Johnny and Logan on the docks. Lucky takes Elizabeth to the reopening but tells Sam that he wants to be with her. Zacchara is totally faking.

I love how when Jason says to Spinelli, “We need to get to work,” he really means, “You need to get to work.” Because his idea of work is playing pool. (Which is my idea of work, too, and which is why we’re meant for each other.)

Dear Alexis and Lulu: if you don’t want Jerry and Johnny to flirt with you, DON’T FLIRT WITH THEM.

Still loving Nadine. She can do better than Nikolas, though.

Looks like the rumored Leyla/Ric pairing is going to happen. I...honestly couldn’t care less, at least at this point.

April 17th, 2008

Everyone is shocked to see Sonny at the Haunted Star. Johnny takes advantage of the situation to plead innocence, and Sonny tells him that the real shooter will pay. Kate tries to get him to leave the party, and when he finally does, he tells Michael that he’s going to try to make people think he’s unprotected so that the shooter will come after him again and Sonny can bust him. Jason and Spinelli trace the car in the surveillance footage to Ian. Jax gets Carly to go home and see Morgan, but she gets mad at him for calling her away from Michael. Robin and Patrick are still completely adorable. Maxie flirts with Johnny, so he reciprocates, and if he meant to make Lulu jealous, he’s successful. (Claudia also seems to be jealous, which is really creepy.) Diane is happy to spend some time with Max again, despite Alexis’ protestations. Max spots Alexis and Jerry making out under a table.

Anyone else hitting fast-forward anytime Carly’s onscreen? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Uh, according to this very blog, Robin and Patrick’s baby was conceived on December 21st, so if she’s due October 21st...Kelly’s a bad doctor and Robin’s an idiot.

Ian (who, by the way, should always wear a tux because he looks like James Bond) would be really smart to have some sort of contingency plan in the works so that if Jerry kills him, somehow the police find out that, say, Jerry shot Michael. Then Jerry would have a vested interest in keeping him alive. Also, if Jerry is supposed to be a criminal mastermind, he should probably stop exchanging glances with Ian while they’re surrounded by a bunch of people, because it just looks suspicious and makes them look like idiots.

I hate it when the writers write girls-get-jealous-because-of-a-boy storylines on this show. Girls are so silly! They also like ponies and butterflies and the color pink! You’ve come a long way, baby.

April 18th, 2008

Michael opens his eyes. Spinelli looks into Ian’s financial records and discovers the $10 million Nikolas gave him. Ian shows up at the Zaccharas’ house with thinly veiled threats, causing Johnny to realize that he shot Michael. Claudia tells Jerry to get rid of Ian, so Jerry ambushes Ian in a hospital shower. Jason, Kate, and Max question Sonny’s unprotection plan. Ric has Zacchara declared a ward of the court and gets him moved from the jail hospital to Shadybrook. Zacchara repays him by letting him know he’s not so paralyzed anymore. He also tells Vaughn to follow Claudia around.

They pulled that comatose-patient-opens-his-or-her-eyes thing when Carly was in a coma (after being shot in the head, which has been mentioned a couple of times recently - though people have failed to mention that Sonny did the shooting, and that she was in labor with Morgan at the time), and it was called an involuntary reflex or something, so I’m going to guess that that’s what’s going on here.

I love the contrast of Alexis and Diane’s friendship with Lulu and Maxie’s non-friendship. Lulu and Maxie hate each other so much that they can’t even have a civilized conversation for two seconds. On the other hand, Alexis and Diane could spend all day screaming at each other in court (or in a department store, it appears), then go out for a drink, because they don’t take it personally. THAT is a good female relationship, which this show is seriously lacking. (Actually, I think the only other close female friendship was between Emily and Elizabeth, and...yeah.)

Aww, Jerry, at least let Ian show us his chest before whatever you’re planning to do to him.

Hee, Spinelli has turned “Jackal” into a verb. Like Google!

April 19th, 2008

Next week: no more truce, Spinelli and Maxie keep amusing me, Sonny tries to forbid Diane and Max from continuing their affair (which shows that he’s never parented a teen, because that will just make them want to be together even more), and Anna!

April 21st, 2008

As expected, Michael opening his eyes is just an involuntary reflex, and Patrick won’t agree with Carly that he’s getting better. She orders him off of Michael’s case, but he’s replaced with an equally realistic Robin. Nikolas tells Jason all about Ian’s drug. Jason later asks Sam if Ian has done or said anything suspicious. Maxie helps Spinelli break into Ian’s hotel room, and when Ian catches Maxie, she pretends she’s there for sex. He calls her bluff and is all for it. Kate threatens to ruin Claudia’s reputation if she hurts Sonny while he’s vulnerable. Sonny arrives, kicks Kate out of the Zaccharas’ house, and asks Claudia to dinner. Jax asks Jason to tell Carly the truth about Michael’s condition. Ric enlists Logan to be Zacchara’s bodyguard and tell him all about Zacchara’s less-than-legal activities. Sonny forbids Max and Diane from seeing each other.

Ironically, Carly is exchanging a doctor she almost slept with once for one she hates.

Wouldn’t someone like Ian be living in a penthouse at the Metro Court? I also don’t think someone who seems like that much of a control freak would have such a messy place. Either way - Maxie, make sure he uses a condom!

Hey, Kate? Yeah, you can threaten to ruin Claudia’s reputation all you want, but her retaliation is going to be to SHOOT YOU. Or maybe she’ll just continue to taunt that she slept with Sonny, as that seems to be her response to everything.

Ever since he first came on the show, Ric has constantly gone back and forth between good and bad. You can tell from today...we’re about to see Bad Ric resurface.

April 22nd, 2008

Spinelli calls on Jason to extract him from Ian’s hotel room as Maxie tells a story about wanting to do an article on hot non-famous men. In order to get her to leave them alone, Spinelli has to promise to help her get access to Couture’s spreads. Jax calls in specialists to examine Michael, continuing to play Carly’s denial game. Johnny tries to convince Claudia to leave town, and when she refuses, they try to talk Ian into leaving instead. He warns that if Jason comes to kill him, Ian will tell him that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Alexis and Sonny hate the idea of Ric working for Zacchara, and Sonny warns that things will get ugly if Zacchara is released. After her conversation with Jason, Sam admits that she isn’t so sure Ian is trustworthy and stops by to see him (but doesn’t learn anything new). Robin freaks out about becoming a mother. Diane asks Alexis to help her convince Sonny to back off of her and Max.

I’m really, really sick of all this Carly-in-denial junk. Can we PLEASE move on?

Ian, why would you tell Claudia you’re going to rat her out to Jason? That’ll just make her want to kill you now!

Just as I was wondering why Alexis, Diane, and Ric were all hanging out in Sonny’s office, he brings the funny by asking, “Did I call a meeting?” Heh.

Since when does Logan have medical training? Eh, in the next couple of years they’ll probably just parlay that into medical school, and then he’ll be a world-renowned surgeon by 2013.

April 24th, 2008

Claudia tells Zacchara that she and Johnny hired Ric. She and Ric argue over who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, and Logan defends Ric. Carly calls Jason and asks him to meet her near Shadybrook because she has information on who shot Michael. As she’s approaching, her brakes fail (thanks to Vaughn) and a Zacchara-hired shooter starts shooting at her and Jason. Sam tries to get information on Ian’s background but he’s not very forthcoming, and also thinks Jason put her up to it. Jax’s specialists say the same thing as Robin and Patrick, and of course, Carly still doesn’t believe them. Robin has pregnancy brain. Nadine tries again to convince Nikolas to move on and stop letting himself die. When Ian drops by to offer him more medicine (in exchange for another $10 million, of course), Nikolas says no.

Where’s Jason Thompson? And why is Percy here in his place? And why the heck did the get an actor who looks exactly like Seamus Dever?

Robin, sweetie, no one thinks you’re a helpless woman if you call the super to open your door. It’s not like you’re the first person to lock herself out of her apartment.

Apparently Emily’s last day is May 1st. Let’s start the countdown now, shall we? Ahem. Six days!

Jeez, stop eavesdropping on everyone, Elizabeth. If you and Robin are going to suddenly become BFFs, you’re going to have to become a lot more tolerable, okay?

April 24th, 2008

For some reason Jason decides to save Claudia from the shooter, and they hide out in a cabin together. Sonny offers Ric…well, himself, apparently, if Ric agrees not to get Zacchara released. Anna calls Robin but they get cut off before Anna can let her know she’s on her way to town. Robin freaks out about having to tell Anna she’s pregnant, then accidentally tells her when she shows up unannounced. Diane encourages Spinelli to seize the day where Maxie is concerned, but he winds up seizing her breast instead. Sonny probably thinks Kate shouldn’t be with him, but I ran it up, so I’m just guessing. Nikolas finally decides to let go of Emily and have the surgery. Nadine stands up to Ian, who warns her not to cross him. Lulu and Johnny something blah.

No Carly today! Hurray!

Yeah, why is Jason saving Claudia? (Who should know that the best weapon with which to defend yourself from assassins in a cabin is a spatula.) Also, keep your hands to yourself, girlie.

Uh, Spinelli, you should keep your hands to yourself, too.

Hey, Anna! Nice to see you! Try knocking sometime!

April 25th, 2008

Johnny (who has just rejected Lulu once again) learns of Claudia’s disappearance and goes straight to Sonny’s house to find out where she is. Lulu arrives on an errand from Kate just as Johnny shoots Sonny. Spinelli discovers that Ian is leaving town, and Maxie (who is so clueless she thought Spinelli was wiping at a spot on her dress) tells him to get all his evidence against Ian and bring it to the docks, where she’ll convince Mac to meet her. Mac and Ian are in the right place at the right time, but Spinelli has no evidence and has to fake an injury to try to keep Ian from getting on a boat. Claudia tries unsuccessfully to convince Jason that Zacchara was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Anna freaks out about Robin’s pregnancy, and Patrick freaks out in a completely different way, admitting to Coleman that he thinks Anna is hot. (Robin overhears, of course.) Ric rejects Sonny’s deal, and Zacchara repays him by bringing Trevor on as co-counsel. Alexis encourages Ric to throw Zacchara’s case.

Jeez, can’t we go one week without someone getting shot around here?

I’ve had two Buffy references this week - let’s see if I can get a hat trick. Um...oh, I know. Pretty soon Patrick is going to start dreaming about Anna inviting him to bed without moving her lips.

If I were Ian, I would think I was in the middle of some bad audience-participation dinner theater performance. I would also be incredibly confused about why I was leaving town by boat. And also about whether I was Patrick or not. Seriously, when Patrick showed up at Robin’s apartment and Anna greeted him, I thought, “How does she know Ian? Oh, wait.” Also, how did Patrick - who I believe was in the bedroom when Anna arrived - get out of the apartment without a) us seeing him or b) Anna seeing him? Or maybe he was never there and Robin was talking to herself yesterday. And I’ve officially thought about this way too much.

If Claudia’s going to lie to save herself, wouldn’t she try to lie better?

It’s a very bad sign (for Sonny, at least) that Kristina would rather see her ex-stepfather than her biological father. But yay, Kristina!

Back in town: Anna Devane
Injured (apparently): Sonny Corinthos
Injured (faking): Damian Spinelli

April 26th, 2008

Next week: lots of mob stuff (of course), Zacchara gets his day in court, Jason and Spinelli keep trailing Ian, and Emily finally, finally, FINALLY goes away. I think.

April 28th, 2008

Ironically, Sonny is saved from Johnny’s bullet by his own gun. Jason ditches Claudia, then comes back in time to try to save her from the shooter. Spinelli and Maxie’s plan to keep Ian off the boat works, thanks to some help from Jerry. At the hospital, Ian wants to sedate Spinelli, but Maxie sedates him instead, and she and Spinelli stash him in the morgue, where they’re caught by Epiphany. They also have to save him from an autopsy. Robin, Kelly, and Lainey enjoy teasing Patrick about his crush on Anna, though Lainey thinks it means he loves Robin. Jax asks Alexis to draw up papers to get Sonny to give up rights to Michael and Morgan so Jax can adopt them. Unsurprisingly, Diane and Max sneak around.

I’m just waiting for Jason to tell the shooter to go ahead and kill Claudia. The shooter isn’t exactly pushing his buttons right now.

I think the Maxie/Spinelli/Ian thing was something that looked good on paper, but it didn’t quite turn out that great. Oh, well.

Yeah, Jax, good luck getting Sonny to give up the boys. Also, shut up.

Hi, Kelly and Lainey! I was just wondering where you were!

April 29th, 2008

Spinelli and Maxie lose track of Ian, who goes to Sonny’s house, tells Kate he shot Michael, and demands a million dollars so he can disappear. Claudia kills the shooter before Jason can question him, and for some reason Jason decides to take her home instead of just leaving her alone in the woods. Just as Luke and Johnny begin their first cycle of money laundering, Alexis, Mac, and Harper shut down the Haunted Star so they can investigate possible mob activity. Luke tells Sonny that he is, in fact, laundering money for Johnny, and Sonny tells him that there could be a mob war and Lulu could get in the middle of it. Lulu dumps Johnny (again), then goes to see Spinelli, who’s with Maxie. The latter delights in taunting that Lulu is jealous of her. Johnny beats up Logan and tells him to warn Ric that if anything happens to Claudia, Johnny will take it out on Ric. Nikolas and Nadine gamble together and almost go back to Wyndemere, but Nadine wants Nikolas to be alone in case Emily makes one last appearance before his operation.

I think they’re writing Ian out, which is disappointing, because they could have done a lot with his character. Unless he’s going to be murdered and we get a murder mystery! Oooh, I could definitely go for that.

I think Maxie’s right about Lulu being jealous of her - she’s not part of their special little club, she doesn’t get to go on fun missions with them, and she currently has no friends. Who wouldn’t be jealous?

Why did Luke feel the need to tell Sonny that he’s laundering money for Johnny? I mean, obviously Sonny had already figured it out, but that didn’t make any sense. What’s to stop Sonny from robbing the place and taking Johnny’s money?

I have no idea why Sam and Lucky were on today, but if it was just to show off Sam’s possibly adorable new haircut (I think it was a cut; it was hard to tell if it was shorter because it was cut or if it was pinned up), I’m fine with it, amazingly enough.

April 30th, 2008

Alexis allows Diane to assist her in Zacchara’s hearing, while Ric reluctantly brings Trevor on as co-counsel. Maxie deletes an important e-mail to sabotage Lulu, but it backfires when Kate tells them that they’re both fired if they can’t retrieve the e-mail. Maxie calls Spinelli to do the job, and when Lulu accuses her of using Spinelli, Maxie kisses him. Luke hires Sam to play cards for him, then tells Tracy he loves her. Ford yells at Elizabeth for not administering a patient’s medicine (though she’s sure she did) as Sam tells Epiphany that her pain medication isn’t working. Nikolas, Nadine, Emily, blah.

Shouldn’t Ric be a little suspicious right now? Actually, make that a lot suspicious. His whole plan was to get Zacchara freed so that they can destroy Trevor together. Does he think Zacchara’s hiring Trevor them go through with that so they can turn around and destroy him? If I were Ric, I would be very worried that Zacchara is plannig to stab me in the back. (Which is fitting, since this started with Zacchara stabbing Ric in the front.)

Oh, Maxie. Now you’re playing with fire. Though I did appreciate the look on Lulu’s face.

Kate is remarkably calm for a woman who’s pretty much the only person keeping a mob war at bay.

Is someone messing with the medication at GH? Or are Elizabeth and Sam forgetful and addicted, respectively? Also, dang, Sam didn’t get a cute haircut after all!

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