General Hospital blog - April, 2010

April 1st, 2010

Lucky and Dante find out that Kiefer was at the lake house around the time of Kristina's attack, so they go good cop/bad cop on him (Lucky's the bad cop). Johnny retakes the stand and testifies about some of what happened at Claudia's birthday party, but Claire cuts him off before he can say too much. Robin is then called to the stand and reluctantly testifies that Sonny wanted to shut Claudia up in some way. Skye won't reveal why she's in town, for some reason, but she's very interested in the fact that Luke has another son. As Luke gets Ethan to work things so they have some time alone, Tracy enlists Jax to get Skye away from Luke, as well as use her to make Carly jealous. Thanks to more meddling from Helena, the paternity test from the outside lab also says that Nikolas is the baby's father. Kate wonders whose side Olivia's on in Sonny's case. Carly tells her that Sonny will be mad when he figures out that she knew Dante was his son all along. Lucky and Maya talk about Spencer and Ward history. The judge catches Coleman and Kate the morning after she paid him a visit in his sequestered room.

Lucky as the bad cop is just...weird.

Since when does Robin have a "near-photographic memory"?

If Jax does end up using Skye to make Carly jealous, I just want to say that I called it.

I think Helena's mellowed with age. The old Helena would have already killed that lab tech for knowing too much.

April 2nd, 2010

Dante and Lucky's good-cop/bad-cop routine almost makes Kiefer crack, but he leaves before he can incriminate himself. He tells his father what's going on, and Warren gets him to agree to go back to Kristina and ask her to reinstate the charges against Ethan. She refuses, so Kiefer assaults her again, but this time, Alexis catches him as he's leaving. Robin is forced to give more details about the happenings at Claudia's party, though she also gets in some nice comments about Sonny and a denial that he would ever hurt a woman. Maxie is subpoenaed again and fails to convince the judge that she's too sick to testify. Skye and Jax catch up while Luke and Tracy let each other know that everything's okay between them. Kristina tells Michael that even though Sonny didn't kill Claudia, he would have eventually, so he's as good as guilty.

Yay, Kiefer's stupidity is going to be his downfall!

Carly, Robin's on your side, so shut up.

I'm with Maxie – it makes no sense for them to subpoena her if she's already given her testimony. Also, I'm pretty sure they can't serve her ten minutes before she's supposed to testify.

Why does no one care a) why Skye's in town, b) how long she's staying, or c) where Lila is?

April 3rd, 2010

Next week: confessions! Crime! Revenge! Death! And that's just in one storyline!

April 5th, 2010

On the way to the hospital, Alexis runs down Kiefer and apparently doesn't stop to check on him. Dante and Lucky arrive at the lake house and find blood. They've already called in CSIs to look over the place when they learn that Kristina was, in fact, attacked again. Sonny hears the news and tells Jason that Ethan's out of time – it's time for Jason to take him out. As Jason tells Lucky that he's going to need to provide some sort of evidence for Sonny to believe that Ethan's innocent, Kristina tells Dante and Alexis (and an eavesdropping Sonny) that Kiefer was her real attacker. Maxie covers for Michael, to Sonny, Jason, and Carly's relief, then tells Spinelli that she's figured out that Michael killed Claudia. Skye confronts Ethan for allegedly being an abuser, though she's a little gentler when she hears his side of the story. Later, Maya, who was at the hospital when Kristina was brought back in, confronts Ethan for the same thing, telling him that Kristina's been assaulted again. Edward wants Steven to look out for Maya, but she doesn't want special treatment.

Sonny, that's your cue to pick up the phone and tell Jason to abort the hit. Um, quickly, please.

If Kiefer dies (let's be honest, it's probably not an "if"), he'll be the second person Alexis has inadvertently killed. I wonder if she gets a special prize if it happens a third time. I mean besides jail.

So is Maya a med student or an intern? I'm not sure there's been consistency in that regard.

I didn't realize Skye thought so little of Alexis. I thought she was, at best, neutral on Alexis. Maybe it's because of Ric?

April 6th, 2010

As word spreads that Kiefer has been injured, as well as named as Kristina's attacker, Kristina worries that Sonny will send Jason on a killing mission. Sam and Molly come across an injured Kiefer, who passes out before he's able to tell them that Alexis hit him. At the hospital, Steven tries his best but is unable to save Kiefer. A horrified Alexis looks on as Kiefer dies, realizing what she did. Luke tries again to convince Ethan not to leave town. Lucky finally informs them that Ethan is off the hook for Kristina's assaults, but Kiefer was run off the road...and thanks to his fender-bender with Maya, Ethan's car has a smashed bumper. Dante blames Sonny for Kristina's lies, since she wouldn't have protected Kiefer from him if she didn't think Sonny would kill him. Sonny again rails against Olivia for her lies and for making Dante hate him. The result is Dante hitting him and no one getting anywhere.

Nancy Lee Grahn should get all the Emmys in the world!

There was actually some good storytelling today, with Ethan and Maya's fender-bender coming into play. Nice one, writers!

Dante, don't hit the guy who was abused as a kid. Not cool.

I love how Skye excuses her accusation of Ethan by saying that Jax told her he beat up Kristina. Well, of course, everyone knows that everything Jax says is gospel.

April 7th, 2010

Alexis comes close to telling Mac that she ran Kiefer down but keeps her mouth shut. Ethan can't tell Lucky he has an alibi for the time of Kristina's second assault, since he was with a fence, and as a result he's arrested again. Kristina's feelings are still messed up, but Molly tells her that no matter what she feels for Kiefer, he should be punished for assaulting her. Kristina's devastated when she learns of Kiefer's death and asks Jason straight out if he or Sonny had anything to do with it. Dante tells Olivia that despite his anger with her for lying about his father, he appreciates the fact that she protected him his whole life and gave him a better childhood than his brothers or sister have had. He tells Lulu that he's grateful his mother didn't have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with him, which rattles her. Johnny wants to live with Olivia.

Someone get Kristina to therapy, stat!

Oh, Dante, you have much to learn about Lulu. Wait till you find out the father of that baby she aborted was her stepbrother....

Also, I doubt Olivia would have had an abortion since she's Catholic and all.

When an 11-year-old is the most level-headed person on the show, you have a problem.

April 8th, 2010

Olivia testifies for the prosecution, telling only the truth, and since she doesn't know anything anyway, it doesn't make a difference. Claire gets Ronnie to try to get Johnny to help them figure out where Michael is, but Johnny won't participate. Claire decides to go after a different Corinthos kid and sends Ronnie to get Morgan. Alexis tells Diane that she killed Kiefer, and Diane tells her to either confess immediately or keep quiet forever. Alexis decides to tell Kristina and Sam first. Jason thinks Alexis knows more about Kiefer's hit-and-run than she's letting on, so he has Spinelli investigate. They wind up with footage proving Alexis was responsible, but who knows what they'll do with it. Steven still thinks Elizabeth's out of Shadybrook too soon. Nikolas tells Robin he's happy to get a second chance at parenting. Jax still doesn't know when to keep his freaking mouth shut.

"He knocked me up when I was 15." I love you, Olivia.

I'm, like, 99.9 percent sure a cop can't just grab a court order and a social worker and take a kid to court without talking to one of his parents.

Why is Jason looking into the hit-and-run? What does he care?

Josslyn's shirt with a whale on it was TOO CUTE.

Hey, it's Bobbie! And now she's gone.

April 9th, 2010

Ronnie tells Morgan to agree with everything Dante's already said when he's on the stand. The judge allows him to testify, and Morgan proceeds to not say anything to harm anyone. Carly wants to bust into the courtroom and pull him out, but Dante does the honors instead. Alexis gets Kristina an appointment with Lainey, tells Sam she killed Kiefer, and prepares to turn herself in. Ethan is beaten up in jail, and Luke thinks Dante purposely put him in a cell with one of Sonny's guys so Ethan would be attacked. He tells Lulu as much, then demands that she choose between her family and Dante. She finds that ironic and obviously chooses sanity over insanity. Ethan runs into Kristina at the hospital and she asks him straight out if he killed Kiefer. Ethan trashes her late boyfriend and Maya has to break up their fight. Elizabeth makes a mistake at work and Steven accuses Patrick of trying to cover for her.

Actually, Dante, let Morgan answer that last question, whether Michael told him that Sonny killed Claudia. He'll answer that one honestly.

Awww, I don't think Alexis can date Mac if she's in jail.

Steven, I'm pretty sure noticing someone's mistake, alerting the mistake-maker to that mistake, and letting the mistake-maker fix it isn't covering for someone. Now hush.

Great, Maya's already getting on my nerves.

Arrested (and released): Ethan Lovett
Dead: Kiefer Bauer
Hospitalized: Kristina Davis

April 10th, 2010

Next week: Jason has a plan that apparently isn't good, Lucky and Maxie should probably not go anywhere near each other, and there's a lot more court stuff, including Carly's turn on the stand (awesome).

April 12th, 2010

Alexis confesses her crime to Mac, who calmly comes up with a plan: he'll arrest and formally charge Alexis, then release her so she can get a lawyer and they can work out a plea. Alexis tells Kristina that she killed Kiefer, and Kristina recognizes that it was an accident and doesn't blame her. Melinda, however, does. Dante gets himself thrown in jail for contempt of court, though he does manage to convince the judge that Claire was out of line in subpoenaing Morgan without his parents' knowledge. Sonny visits Dante in lock-up and encourages him to quit the force now that he's seen the way those who claim to be working for justice can be corrupt. Lucky stops Ethan from yelling at Kristina too much, which leads the brothers to fight over the whole situation. Luke sides with Lucky, saying that he's been trying to help Ethan. Claire has a deal lined up for Sonny. Jax blasts Claire for her stunt with Morgan and threatens to have her removed from the case. Carly believes that Jax was in on it with her.

More Emmys for Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth! More Emmys, I say!

Could Lulu and Dante be any cuter together? I'm thinking no.

Yes, Sonny, I'm sure that if Dante weren't a cop, he would suddenly start liking you.

Way to work things out with Carly, Jax.

April 13th, 2010

Alexis gets rid of Melinda, then asks Jax to get the Bauers to back off of Kristina. While she's gone, Warren shows up and bullies Kristina, probably traumatizing her all over again. Claire's deal gets the murder charges against Sonny reduced to involuntary manslaughter, but he has to go to prison for ten years on RICO violations. Sonny's willing to take the deal because it means Michael will be free and Claire won't make Morgan testify any more. Jason's even more willing to take the deal in Sonny's place. Carly's furious with Jax, and also worried that she won't be able to sell her lie to the jury. She admits to Jason that unlike when Michael was in a coma, she doesn't have a gut feeling that things will be okay. Dante's unhappy with the deal Claire offered since he wants Sonny in prison forever, not just a few years. Lulu worries that Dante will see her differently once she tells him she had an abortion. Ethan apologizes to Kristina for yelling at her, and Maya may now be warming to him.

I love how Jason and Sonny think they need to run everything by Carly. How cute.

I'm guessing that when Dante finds out Lulu had an abortion, he'll say something along the lines of, "I'm sorry that you had to go through that, but I'm glad you felt like you should tell me. If you ever want to talk, I'm here, but I'll understand if you don't. Now let's get some ice cream."

Wow, Warren's creepy. I wouldn't want to be in a room alone with him and I haven't done anything to any of his family members.

If I'm ever in jail, I want Olivia to bring me sandwiches and clean socks, too.

April 14th, 2010

Spinelli suspects that Jason's planning something and tells Carly that he seems to be getting ready to go somewhere. Jason tells Sam about his plans and she doesn't react well. Carly tries to talk Jason out of confessing and taking Claire's deal, but it doesn't work. Steven assigns Elizabeth to work with a terminally ill patient named Shirley, who she bonds with over being artistic. Lucky and Maxie spend the entire episode talking about a lamp. Yes, a lamp. And then Elizabeth finds them together. Nikolas tries to cheer Kristina up by asking for her help with Spencer. Meanwhile, Alexis and Helena engage in some good old-fashioned banter.

More Alexis/Helena scenes! Especially ones where Helena corrects Alexis' grammar!

Carly's powers of persuasion are failing! How sad.

I don't remember Patrick's old apartment having brick walls, but whatever. And I hate to admit it, but Lucky and Maxie actually have some chemistry.

Thanks, writers, for telling us exactly how long we can expect to see Michael Learned on the show. We'll try not to get too attached.

April 15th, 2010

Carly yells at Sonny for letting Jason go to jail for him, though Sonny keeps insisting that he told Jason not to. He's mad that Carly's been trying to help him stay out of prison for months and now thinks he should take the deal and go if it means Jason can be free. It's a moot point anyway, since Claire won't take Jason's offer. Dante urges Sonny to take Claire's deal to help his kids, but Sonny won't take the fall for something he didn't do. Dante notes that Sonny almost sounds like he really is innocent. Jax goes to the island and bugs Michael, who thinks he's trying to get Michael to be okay with him sending Sonny to prison. Maxie and Elizabeth snipe at each other, and Maxie tells Lucky that Elizabeth's trying to win him back. He assures her that he won't fall for it. Robin seems a little jealous after Patrick chats with Olivia.

I kind of love how Carly gets all worked up over everyone working to help Sonny, when the guy's on trial for a murder his own son committed. Maybe go a little easy, Carly?

Why would anyone take relationship/romantic advice from a chick who slept with a serial killer while she was engaged to someone else?

Why does Jax insist on continually having this stupid one-sided conversation with people? Jax, you're not going to change anyone's mind.

Really, Robin? You're jealous of Olivia? Who has never seemed at all interested in anyone like Patrick? Yeah, okay.

April 16th, 2010

Carly worries that her testimony won't be able to help Sonny, so she brings a secret weapon with her to court: Josslyn. Mac finds out where Michael is by having Jax's location tracked, then sends Ronnie to retrieve him. He tries to keep Dante distracted, but after calling someone for information, Dante goes to Jason and accuses him of taking Michael off the island to keep him from Ronnie. Warren brings Kristina Kiefer's journal and asks her to come to his memorial. He actually has an ulterior motive, in that he wants Kristina to stop claiming that Kiefer was her abuser and let Ethan take the fall. Later, Kristina watches a video Warren made for Kiefer's website claiming that Kiefer was on his way to help Kristina when he was killed. Michael tells Jax that he'll always be on Sonny's side, which finally makes Jax back off. Dante worries that the work he's done on Sonny's case will actually have a negative effect on his siblings. Jason gives Sam the good news that he's not going to prison and learns that she was going to try to bust him out anyway.

Carly bringing Josslyn to court is easily the highlight of the week.

I don't get what Dante's saying to Jason. Did he find out that's where Ronnie is and he's trying to warn Jason? I'm confused.

I'm so sure Kiefer beat up his girlfriend and then wrote about it in his journal. Speaking of Kiefer, hey, Warren, if he was on his way to help Kristina, he wouldn't have been driving away from her house, genius.

What's with the Corinthos kids blaming themselves for stuff? That whole family needs therapy.

April 17th, 2010

Next week: Dante proves that he really is a detective, Jax does something useful, and Skye gets a plot.

April 19th, 2010

Carly gives a convincing testimony, telling the jury that if Sonny hadn't come to the cabin, she and Josslyn would probably both be dead. Sonny and Diane decide that no other witnesses are needed and end the day feeling good about how things are going. Warren accuses Mac of protecting Alexis, who tries but fails to appeal to him. Sam arrives at the police station just in time to hear Warren call Kristina a whore, so she responds in typical Sam fashion, by hitting him. Molly and Morgan see Warren's video and ask Dante to get him to back off. Dante tells them there's nothing he can do, pointing out that there's a conflict of interest. Molly next turns to Jason, asking him to "take care of" Warren. Jax covers for Michael, telling Ronnie that he came to the island because he wants to buy it after Sonny's in prison. Jason accuses Dante of hurting his brothers in order to put his father in prison, then moves Michael to another location.

Carly's testimony was about 75 percent truthful – that's pretty good for her.

Molly, you like big words, so here's a new one: that's called a disproportionate response.

By the way, if you thought the trial would be ending soon, Steve Burton just indicated on Twitter that it's still going on in three weeks. Or at least Claire is still on the show. (Oddly, even in real life, people just have to call her by her full name.)

Let's see how many of Kristina's relatives we can get in jail in one month. Molly's next, for trying to hire a hit man.

April 20th, 2010

Claire gets a 24-hour extension and sends Dante off to find Michael. Dante stops by to see Morgan, who tells him without any prompting where Michael is. Dante easily finds Michael and serves him with a subpoena, but Michael warns that Dante won't like what comes next. Jason talks Molly down, telling her she's too good for the mob and would never be able to live with herself for causing someone's death. Warren accuses Lucky and Dante of corruption in Kiefer's case. Lucky warns Ethan that Warren wants a second investigation, and all of the evidence points to Ethan. Skye helps Kristina and Ethan make up, and they even end up bonding over an experience Ethan had as a teenager where he was rejected by an older woman. Morgan overhears Claire telling Jax that Dante will find Michael and serve him.

Poor, naive little Morgan. And Dante didn't even have to do anything!

It is kind of ironic that, after all this work, it's entirely possible that Dante will bring Michael back to Port Charles only to have him tell the truth and get Sonny acquitted. Talk about a plan backfiring.

Geez, Kristina, Skye's only been gone two years. You've already forgotten who she is? Speaking of forgetting, I totally forgot that Skye helped take care of Kristina when she was a baby. That was when Alexis was faking multiple personalities and cross-dressing, right?

I loved Luke saying that Warren needs to come to terms with having a piece of crap for a son. It would've been even funnier if he'd added, "I have."

April 21st, 2010

Michael tells Dante that he killed Claudia, but Dante doesn't believe him. Michael points out that he wants to remain in denial because he wants to be right about Sonny. Johnny wants to move into either Sonny's old penthouse or an apartment with a view of Jason's penthouse. Maxie confides in Jason that after her near-death experience, she wants a bad boy. Skye asks Jax if it was worth trashing his marriage to send Sonny to prison, especially when it looks like it might not work out. Patrick tells Claire that he's on her side in Sonny's case. Maya asks Luke for info on Edward and he warns her not to trust him.

Dante, Michael doesn't care what happens to you. By asking what happens next, he means whether he goes to jail or not.

As interesting as it would be if Johnny moved into the other penthouse, him living across the hall from Maxie would be a BAD idea.

After a near-death experience, wouldn't you want to avoid death?

Remind me again why Maya's on this show?

April 22nd, 2010

Dante takes Michael to his place while they wait for the DNA results on the blood on Michael's shirt. Lulu shows up and Dante tells her he's not sure what he'll do if it turns out Michael's telling the truth. The DNA results come back indicating that Michael did kill Claudia, and Lulu suggests that Dante not do anything with the information. Jason and Sam head to the island and try to piece together what happened with info from Max and Milo. After they learn that Michael left with someone matching Dante's description, Jason heads back to town and over to Dante's, which is empty – Michael's at Lulu's and Dante's at Sonny's, ready to reveal that he knows what really happened to Claudia. Claire calls Ronnie to the stand, which makes Coleman complain about her dragging things out, which makes him get removed from the jury and thrown in jail for contempt. Ronnie produces pictures of Michael on the island, and Diane tries to convince the jury that they're doctored. The case goes to the jury, and Alice is determined to make sure everything goes by the book. Lucky meets Shirley and they talk about nothing interesting. Helena tries again to get Luke to see that they're on the same side, but it just makes him wonder how Elizabeth's baby figures into her plans. Helena annoys Elizabeth at the hospital and Lucky chases her off.

Does EVERYONE need to keep calling Claire by her full name? There's only one Claire on the show! You don't have to keep using her last name!

Can we drag out the fact that Skye has no plot any longer?

Did Jax know before today that Carly brought Josslyn to court? Because that's something he could legitimately complain about.

Why do I get the feeling that Shirley's going to interact with everyone on the show?

April 23rd, 2010

Dante backs Sonny into a corner and Sonny is forced to tell him what really happened the night of Claudia's death. He presses Dante not to say anything and send him to prison for Claudia's murder, and convinces himself that that's what will happen. Maxie shows up at her and Lulu's apartment and immediately wants to let Jason know where Michael is, but Lulu gets her to keep the news to herself. Dante also considers keeping the news to himself and plans to move Michael to another location until he decides what to do. Too bad he and Lulu were dumb enough to trust Michael to stay put while they were gone, and they come back to Lulu's place to find it empty. Skye finally reveals why she came back to Port Charles: she spent Lila's inheritance from Alcazar and wants to go after his hidden cash. She has breasts, so Luke can't deny her help. Olivia urges Carly to forgive Jax. Michael's surprised to learn that Lulu is anti-Sonny.

Holy crap, Dante and Lulu are stupid.

So is Sonny, just for different reasons. Hasn't he figured out by now that Dante will most likely do the exact opposite of what he tells him to do?

I want to know exactly how much money Skye spent in two years. I find it really hard to believe that she's dumb enough not to know what's going on in the world around her. Also, is the reason Lila isn't around because Skye had to sell her for food?

Olivia, if you think Jax is so great, you go be with him. But when he lies to you, I'm going to be right there to say I told you so.

April 24th, 2010

Next week: Maya continues to fail to win me over, Claire isn't someone to face in a dark alley, and there's more drama in the neverending cops-vs.-mobsters story. Here's hoping there's also set-up for some good sweeps plots.

April 26th, 2010

Michael meets up with Kristina, who promises to keep his whereabouts a secret. He then heads to the Quartermaines' boathouse, where Maya finds him. Maxie fears that she'll blurt out that she knows where Michael is, so she decides to go to Milan and avoid having to lie to anyone. It doesn't work, as she spills the beans before she can get out of town. Carly and Jax try to have some family time with Morgan and Josslyn, but they're interrupted when Sonny calls to tell Carly that Dante brought Michael back to town. The majority of the jurors think Sonny's guilty, but Lisa refuses to change her mind. Alexis wants to figure out what should happen to Kristina if she and Sonny both go to jail; he'd rather just kill Warren and avoid the whole issue. Skye has some fun at Tracy's expense.

Ah, Michael's hiding in the Boathouse o' Love. Don't conceive any kids there, please.

If Lisa keeps going all 12 Angry Men in the jury room, this trial will go on forever.

Speaking of going on forever, at this rate Skye and Luke won't actually do anything to look for Alcazar's money until July.

Dear Jax, don't quit your day job.

April 27th, 2010

Carly thinks Dante will turn Michael in, even though Sonny is sure he won't. She finds out that Lulu knew where Michael was and confronts her, accusing her of choosing Dante over her family. Michael calls Carly to tell her he's okay, revealing that if Sonny is convicted, he'll confess. Alexis is unable to hold back some of her frustration at Kristina for staying with Kiefer after he started hitting her. She thinks part of the reason Kristina stayed is because of her daddy issues. Kristina visits Sonny and they connect a little over their experiences with abuse. She assures him that as much as she might blame him for various things, she doesn't blame him for what happened with Kiefer. Maya decides to keep quiet about Michael's whereabouts, though Ethan seems suspicious of her behavior. Lisa remains the one juror who thinks Sonny's innocent. Patrick and Nikolas talk about fatherhood. Elizabeth, Shirley, blah blah blah.

I so want to feel sorry for Lulu, but dang, girl, if you go up against Carly, you know exactly what you're getting into.

I like that they're giving Lisa something to do that makes her a little more likable. I fully expect to go back to hating her once the trial is over, but I don't mind the break.

Once again, great work by Lexi Ainsworth. She's kind of getting a crash course in all sorts of different kinds of acting, which will really serve her well in the future.

If Josslyn had been on today instead of yesterday, I think we would have seen all the kids on the show under the age of six. Except Lila, who's still MIA.

April 28th, 2010

Claire "encourages" Johnny to get Lisa to change her mind, so Johnny pays her a visit and tells her that Claudia wasn't as horrible as everyone makes her out to be. Dante has to tell Claire that he lost Michael, but she thinks he's obstructing justice and threatens to have him fired if Sonny's acquitted. Carly asks Olivia to get Dante to tell her where Michael is. Ethan finds out that Maya's harboring Michael and teases that if she wants a bad boy, he's available. (Also, apparently she's done this before.) Helena spends the day like most grandmothers – telling Spencer stories of Cassadine murders, giving him a dagger, and having the lab tech killed. Robin and Patrick spot Michael in the park on his way to the lake house and have another fight about Sonny. More blah with Elizabeth and Shirley. Someone sends Claire a picture of a baby, and we're probably supposed to care about it.

Michael, don't walk through the park in broad daylight, you idiot.

I don't care how awesome you thought Claudia was, Johnny – she tried to steal a freaking baby.

Why in the world is Nikolas letting Helena live at Wyndemere? Also, I'm not at all surprised she had the tech killed; I'm only surprised she waited so long.

Was Ethan implying that he thinks Maya has the hots for Michael? Because EW. They're related, dude.

The only problem with having a cute child (namely, Emma) in a scene is that it distracts the audience from listening to the people talking. Fortunately, Robin and Patrick haven't had an interesting conversation in months, so it doesn't matter.

April 29th, 2010

Dante tells Ronnie that Michael killed Claudia, and Ronnie encourages him to just keep quiet and let things happen however they happen. Dante's still torn and reminisces about Mr. Poletti being proud of him for playing baseball well, yet disappointed in him for making a bad decision that got him kicked out of a game. Johnny has managed to change Lisa's mind, but just before the jury can declare Sonny guilty, Dante announces that Michael killed Claudia. Alexis catches Michael at the lake house and calls Mac to let him know, but Michael just heads back to the boathouse. Olivia refuses to pressure Dante, saying that he'll do what he thinks is right. Later, Johnny tells her that Michael killed Claudia. Carly still blames Jax for everything that's happened.

I guess it didn't occur to anyone in the courtroom to pretend that Dante's wrong or lying? Nice poker faces, everyone.

So now is there anyone left who doesn't know that Michael killed Claudia? Because someone might as well just take out an ad in the paper and let everyone know at once.

I love Alexis, as you all know, but man, she was dumb today. Did she think Michael would just hang out there until the police showed up?

Ew, Johnny took the ugly apartment. Which makes sense – why else would they have decorated that set? I'm pretty sure it's Sonny's old penthouse rearranged; the stairs look the same.

April 30th, 2010

Dante tells Michael's story on the stand, so the judge issues a warrant for Michael's arrest. He points out that Carly's testimony clashes with Dante's and allows her to retract her statement, which she does, only to perjure herself again by saying that Michael was at the cabin but didn't kill Claudia. Lucky finds Michael and gets him to tell the full story of what happened the night Claudia died. Lucky understands the cover-up because he knows Luke would have done the same for him. Just as Lucky is about to take Michael in, Jason arrives, having been sent their way by Kristina, and tells them that Dante already sold Michael out. He attempts to take Michael and run, but Lucky's willing to shoot him to stop him. Carly confronts Lulu and Sonny confronts Dante for their actions. Claire's not happy with Jax for pursuing Sonny when he knew he was innocent. Johnny's furious with the turn of events and tells Olivia what Dante did to his brother.

So now Dante and Lulu are pariahs? This town is so weird.

I like how, again and again, Lucky is the one truly moral person around, and even when he's conflicted or takes a while to figure things out, he does what he thinks is right. Dante's on that path, but he's not quite there yet.

Sheesh, between the obstruction of justice, the perjury, and the aiding and abetting, everyone in the Michael plotline should be in jail.

Can the judge stay forever? I love him.

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