General Hospital blog - April, 2011

April 1st, 2011

Brandon pays Abby a visit and roughs her up, earning the wrath of Michael. Lulu asks Luke to stop drinking for a while out of respect for Lucky. He says no, but later puts forth an effort, which goes unrewarded. Jason begins to regret his decision to give Jake up. Brenda agrees to let Sonny hire someone to investigate what really happened to her son. Maxie comforts Lucky. Spinelli gives Maxie a copy of his book.

Maybe Abby should be the person carrying a gun around.

Oh, Lucky. You look good in almost everything, but not bitter.

If Jason and Sam do wind up having a kid, the names are pretty much predetermined: Lila (or Emily) if it's a girl, Daniel (her brother's name) for a boy.

Sonny's going to hire Spinelli to look for the kid, right? Otherwise it's kind of a slap in the face.

April 2nd, 2011

Next week: Another death, but this time no one's going to be sad.

April 4th, 2011

Abby tells Jason that Michael's going after Brandon with a gun, so Jason runs off and stops him from doing anything stupid. He begs Michael to make good decisions, but Michael vows to make sure Brandon never threatens Abby again. Jason decides it's up to him to fix the problem, which may mean killing Brandon, since - yup - he's dead. Lucky doesn't want to deal with Luke if he won't admit he has a problem. Lulu is in just as much denial as Luke, who quickly drops his plan to try to stop drinking. Robin and Patrick decide to try marriage counseling. Johnny and Lisa should be so much more interesting than they are.

I would be interested in finding out who killed Brandon if I hadn't accidentally read a spoiler about it.

I can't believe that after all these years of Luke drinking in almost every single scene he's in, only ONE PERSON thinks he's an alcoholic. I mean, come on, Lulu. You're not that dumb, are you?

Be careful, Robin and Patrick - if you guys go back to being happy, you're going to get boring, too.

I had to laugh when Dante told Abby and Michael there was a problem, then followed that with the news that Brandon's dead. Abby and Michael's brains: "And the problem is...?"

April 5th, 2011

Dante investigates Brandon's murder, alternately suspecting Michael, Jason, and Johnny. Michael wonders if Abby hasn't asked him if he did it because she's already made up her mind. Johnny offers to help Michael cover up whatever needs to be covered up. Suzanne has a surprise birthday present for Brenda: a three-year-old. Sonny and Brenda refuse to sign releases allowing their names to be mentioned in Spinelli's book, at least until Diane actually tells them it's Spinelli's book. Robin and Patrick happily start therapy, then celebrate with dinner while Kristina babysits. Lisa not-at-all creepily pays a visit while she's there. Maxie gets Spinelli and Diane a book signing.

If Jason is the police's main suspect, why didn't Dante go to him before Johnny? Also, did Sam seriously ask why the cops always suspect Jason first? Um, why do you think?

"Happy birthday, Brenda! I didn't get a receipt for this present, so I hope you like it!"

I don't need to mention how stupid it is of Diane to try to get releases signed after the book has already been published, right? That's what I thought.

Also, yes, I bought the book, but it's currently in the office of my apartment building, so I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. I'm sure it's delightfully cheesy, though.

April 6th, 2011

Suzanne tells Sonny and Brenda that she killed Theo and only went along with his plans out of self-preservation. She also admits to drugging Brenda and getting a doctor to induce labor so she could take the baby. Sonny doubts her story and isn't even sure Lucian is Brenda's son. Brenda, however, immediately takes to motherhood, and tells Suzanne she won't be a part of Lucian's life. Michael and Jason each think the other killed Brandon. When Jason learns they're both innocent, he realizes that he'll have to find out who the real killer is before one of them gets blamed. Abby confirms that Michael is innocent, assuring him that if he'd killed Brandon, she would have covered for him. She tells Dante that Michael didn't kill him, mentioning Johnny, which puts Dante on a new path. Kristina keeps Lisa's visit from Patrick and Robin, but Patrick finds an earring Lisa dropped. Kristina returns for a book and pretends the earring is hers. Johnny tells Zacchara he has leverage that could help them bring down Sonny.

Lucian? Is he secretly a Cassadine?

Kristina, don't cover for the crazy lady. You're just enabling her.

Wait, now Johnny's all pro-Zacchara? I can't keep up.

I would just like to state for the record that Sean Blakemore has been placed on contract, which makes the likelihood of him hooking up with Carly go waaaaaay up.

April 7th, 2011

Brenda quickly realizes that raising a child in the mob world won't be fun. Carly is a horrible, horrible person, but you can't say she's not entertaining. At least Luke has one son who supports him. Ethan probably won't appreciate the fact that Luke's smashing all their bottles of booze, though. Lucky asks Sonny to keep an eye on Sonny. Jason makes protecting Lucian his pet project since he couldn't protect Jake.

I can't wait for the continuation of the Brenda/Carly scene. Carly commenting that she thought Lucian was Sonny's kid cracked me up.

Also, Lucian is totally giving Emma a run for her money in the cuteness department. So freaking adorable.

Ahh, I was waiting for Ethan to weigh in on the Luke situation. I'm not at all surprised that he's on Team Not-Drunk.

One of these days Sam's just going to yell, "Why does everyone get to have a kid but me?"

April 8th, 2011

Nikolas presses Luke to pull himself together to be there for Lucky. Luke interprets that as "set the yacht on fire." Brenda calls Carly a bad mother, then tries to get Sonny to ban her from the house. Sonny puts his foot down, arguing that if Carly isn't welcome, Michael and Morgan will feel uncomfortable. Brenda defers to his judgment since he seems to know what he's doing. Shawn advises Carly to stop trying to help Jason. Instead, she tells Sam that they should have a baby. Lucky wants to marry Siobhan, though she thinks he's just trying to avoid dealing with his grief. In another avoidance maneuver, Lucky tries to question Jason about Brandon's murder, but Jason isn't in the right state of mind to cooperate.

Now would be a very good time for Tracy to check in on her husband...

Okay, Brenda, saying Carly's a bad mother was a step too far. But you get points for backing down when Sonny said he won't keep Carly from coming over.

Shawn, you will soon learn that trying to get Carly to do anything is a fool's errand.

People should really stop talking to Sam about having a baby, considering she...can't. (At least not right now.)

April 9th, 2011

Next week: Oh, Luke. Oh, Maxie. Oh, Johnny.

April 11th, 2011

Lucky stops Luke from torching the yacht, but it's Lulu who gets him to actually put away his lighter. Ronnie brings in Abby for questioning, and Jason guesses that it's to get a rise out of Michael, which will in turn get to him. Dante tells Jason that someone paid for Brandon's high-powered attorney before he died. Lucky apologizes to Jason for not keeping Luke on a better leash. Carly thinks Michael and Abby should stay away from each other until the Brandon situation is sorted out. Johnny wants to do business with Luke. Carly offers to be a surrogate for Sam and Jason, which Sam declines. Nikolas tells Brook that things have changed too much for them to be together. She's been offered the chance to tour with a band, so it all works out. Johnny might be getting sick of Lisa.

I like the way Lulu handled the Luke situation. If she would only realize that, yes, he's an alcoholic, she and Lucky could team up and actually do something.

Yay for Johnny having something to do! I really don't even care what it is, honestly.

Once again I'm reminded that no one on this show can pronounce "surrogate."

Might as well face it now, Kristina: you're going to PCU.

April 12th, 2011

Jax, Diane, and Alexis all learn about Lucian and worry about his safety. Kristina's just jealous. Diane tells Dante that the Zaccharas recently retained Brandon's lawyer. Abby sees merit in Carly's suggestion that she and Michael stay apart until the investigation is over. Michael's worried that he'll go back to the person he was before he met her. Lisa offers Kristina an "herbal" stress remedy, planning to give her hydrocodone. Patrick worries that Johnny's going to enable Lisa, but Robin thinks he might actually pull her back from the edge.

I can't express how much I love Johnny/Dante scenes. Eh, really I just like Johnny/anyone scenes.

If Kristina says "Yale" one more time...

What's with this show and hydrocodone?

So...we don't get to know what Johnny proposed to Luke? Bummer.

April 13th, 2011

On Olivia's urging, Dante tells Sonny that about Johnny's recent communication with Michael. Sonny thinks Johnny killed Brandon and is trying to frame Michael. Lulu considers encouraging Lucky and Elizabeth to support each other through their grief, but Maxie doesn't want them to get any ideas. She turns to Matt for advice and ends up confessing some of her past sins to him. She decides to try to make peace with Elizabeth by bringing her some flowers, but winds up snooping in the empty house and finds the DNA test results, which state that Lucky is Aiden's father. Diane wonders how much involvement Sonny wants in Lucian's life. Sonny tells her he's just supporting Brenda right now, then admits to Dante that he doesn't want any more kids. Elizabeth chickens out of telling Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity. Steven tries to ban her from returning to work, encouraging her to go visit Sarah again.

If Johnny did kill Brandon (which is pretty likely), why would he leave his body in the parking lot of a club he owns? Or did he hire an incredibly incompetent hitman?

Maxie Jones! You will never learn.

Hi, Olivia! Please stop going away for so long.

I'm guessing that they were originally just going to have Elizabeth go see Sarah and never come back. I wonder where in the airing episodes she was unfired?

April 14th, 2011

Everyone shifts from thinking Johnny's framing Michael to thinking he's going to offer Michael a job. Michael's the only person who sees that as a good thing. Maxie steals the test results to keep Lucky and Nikolas from seeing them, then returns them to Elizabeth and encourages her to share them. Tracy basically calls Luke a drunk without actually saying the word. Steven asks Lucky to assure Elizabeth that he doesn't blame her for Jake's death, then tells Luke to get it together so Lucky will stop worrying about him and start focusing on Elizabeth. Sam tells Jason that Carly wants them to have a baby, but she doesn't want to discuss it until Jason's grief subsides.

Finding out that All My Children and One Life to Live were cancelled but General Hospital wasn't was like finding out that every department in your company was fired except yours.

Michael realizes that if he joins up with Johnny, he'll be working for someone who wants to kill his father, right? I ask because I'm starting to think Michael isn't all that bright.

I don't always think Kirsten Storms is a terrific actress, but I love it when she gets funny little lines like today's about understanding how Elizabeth could think Maxie was blackmailing her.

Hey, Steven, instead of going around town, telling everyone what to do, how about YOU take care of Elizabeth? And, um, Olivia.

April 15th, 2011

Maxie convinces Elizabeth to tell Lucky and Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity, but she'll probably chicken out again. Jason gives Michael a long lecture about why he shouldn't join the mob, and there's no way Michael was listening. Sonny is still skeptical about Suzanne's claims about Lucian, but Brenda believes her and is totally fine with her hanging around. Suzanne offers to take Lucian off the Corinthoses' hands if they can't handle him. Tracy and Steven want Luke and Lucky to help each other out. Sam and Elizabeth finally make peace over their rivalry, and Elizabeth gives Sam the motorcycle for Jason to keep. Brenda wants to pick Michael's brain about growing up around the mob.

Remember when Friday episodes were interesting? The only part I liked was Elizabeth giving Sam the motorcycle.

April 16th, 2011

Next week: Um, who invited Zacchara?

April 18th, 2011

Brenda wants to know how invested Sonny plans to get in Lucian, since she apparently expects him to already be best buds with the kid. Sonny still doesn't trust Suzanne or her motives, which is smart, because it sounds like Brenda's son is alive, but he's not Lucian. Elizabeth keeps the paternity secret to herself, afraid that she'll cause a rift between Lucky and Nikolas right when Lucky needs his brother. Maxie almost ruins it for her but covers well. Too bad Elizabeth leaves the results lying around and Nikolas finds the envelope from the testing center. Sam and Jason might actually have the baby discussion. Apparently Siobhan is good for Lucky. Matt urges Maxie to keep her mouth shut.

I really am waiting for the Feds to bust into Sonny's house and arrest Brenda for kidnapping. Has Lucian not asked where his parents are? Actually, has he said anything at all? He's pretty quiet.

Elizabeth, you would have so many fewer problems if you wouldn't leave your secrets lying all over the place.

Heh, I love how proud Maxie is of herself for showing "admirable restraint."

So Siobhan's still in the country. Good for her.

April 19th, 2011

Sam and Jason decide to have a baby. Apparently Zacchara has orchestrated the whole Brandon thing, though it's still not clear where he's going with it. Jason tells Carly that Johnny seems to be recruiting Michael, so she offers to do whatever's necessary to change Johnny's mind. Robin worries that Patrick is fighting too hard for their marriage, which means that she's not enough for him. Nikolas thinks the results are the original ones, and Elizabeth chickens out again, so the information is still a secret. Kristina asks Ethan to prom, but he's smart enough to tell her it's a bad idea. Lisa gives Kristina the hydrocodone. Siobhan plans to go back to Ireland, but Lucky convinces her to stay.

I'm telling you, that baby will be named either Daniel, Emily, or Lila.

If Carly sleeps with Johnny to keep him away from Michael, I will laugh my head off.

Thank you, Ethan, for finally using your brain.

Here's a random question: Why isn't there a postmark on the envelope the test results came in? I mean other than because it would mean Nikolas couldn't mistake them for the originals.

April 20th, 2011

Sonny asks Abby to work at the restaurant, keep Michael away from Johnny, and feed him information about Michael. He and Carly each want the other to stay out of the situation. Carly asks Jax to take Michael on a month-long yacht trip, but he thinks she just wants him out of the country so he can't fight for custody of Josslyn. Zacchara offers Shawn a job, then tells Johnny to get leverage they can use against Sonny. Molly organizes a surprise birthday party for Sonny. Robin and Patrick hire Kristina to sit for Emma, because she's so reliable and responsible and totally not on drugs. Molly wants to interview Shawn about the war, but he doesn't want to talk about it.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've heard that Zacchara's serving a life sentence (for what, by the way?), and it was mentioned three times. Which means he'll probably get parole.

The continuity department was awake today - Sonny's birthday has been April 20th in the past. Also, did no one think to invite Brenda or Jason?

I thought Johnny already had leverage against Sonny. I'm so confused.

Kristina must have a super-high tolerance for hydrocodone. I took one once after I had a wisdom tooth removed, and I could barely keep my eyes open.

April 21st, 2011

A witness comes forward with footage of Michael holding a gun on Brandon, and Ronnie's practically gleeful that it could ensure a return to prison for Michael. He tells Michael he should go ahead and confess because Dante's probably facing an internal affairs investigation for not recusing himself from the case despite an obvious conflict of interest. Jason tells Dante that he and Michael are both innocent, but Dante thinks Michael's covering for Abby. Carly lays into Brenda, thinking she doesn't want Sonny's kids coming to the house. Jax is all for it and tells Brenda she shouldn't want her own kid there either. Sam is less than optimistic about the reconstruction working, and Carly actually feels bad for pushing her. Johnny tells Ethan that Michael could soon be working for them. Lulu calls Johnny a hypocrite, reminding him that he once railed against the mob for putting Michael in danger. She warns him not to take Michael down with him. Ethan tells Johnny that Maya went back to Philadelphia to deal with some family issues, and he's not sure if she'll come back. He also admits that Luke's problems have made him wary about drinking.

This is the most boring murder mystery ever. No one cares!

If they're going to keep insisting on using Ronnie on the show, can we at least get some backstory? Then I can pretend to be interested.

I love how Carly and Sam are kind of friends all of a sudden.

I figured they would go the "Maya went back to her hometown" route. I guess that's it for Annie Ilonzeh? That's what they get for underusing her.

April 22nd, 2011

Diane argues that the police have no proof that Michael killed Brandon, but the damage is done and everyone goes into panic mode. Dante urges Abby to either confess or take the fall (it's not clear) since a jury would most likely go easy on her. Jason suspects Abby of killing Brandon, but Michael defends her. Ultimately, Ronnie gets an arrest warrant with Michael's name on it. Sonny warns Zacchara that he'll take him and Johnny down if they keep dealing with Michael. Zacchara really, really doesn't care, especially since he's now - surprise! - out of prison. Lulu tries to appeal to Johnny's good side with regard to Michael. Ironically, Carly approaches her to do what she's already tried to do. Jax tells Brenda to take Lucian and run, then starts insulting Sonny, which just gets him kicked out of the house. Sam is a candidate for the surgery, but now's probably not a good time. Brenda gets pouty when Diane won't tell her what's going on with Michael. Ethan confides in Kristina.

Oh, Abby, stop asking Dante to do his job.

I wish they hadn't telegraphed Zacchara's release so much, because that was a nice development.

If Brenda only knew the things Sonny hasn't told her about Michael...

Not to be all old-fashioned, but shouldn't Sam and Jason get married before they have a baby?

April 23rd, 2011

Next week: If there's going to be an intervention, I better get to see Candy Finnigan.

April 25th, 2011

Ronnie arrests Abby, not Michael, and enjoys poking at Michael to try to get him to lose his temper, even though he wishes Jason were the one in custody. Jason tries to counteract Ronnie's taunting, but what really sets Michael off is Dante saying that he thinks Abby's guilty. Michael then makes things worse by "confessing" that he killed Brandon. Sonny tells Dante to destroy the cell phone footage so Michael doesn't go to prison, but Dante refuses to compromise his morals. He adds that he'll need to keep his badge if he wants to look for evidence to nab the real killer. Luke goes to Jason's penthouse itching for a confrontation and ends up telling Sam that Jason has no right to grieve because he was never Jake's parent. Sam shares the news with Sonny and Lucky, with everyone agreeing that Luke's trying to push Jason to kill him. Sonny finds Luke with an unloaded gun, waiting for Jason, and guesses that he plans to pull it on Jason so Jason will have to defend himself. Maxie tries to get Elizabeth to tell Lucky about Aiden, but she chickens out again when he tells her he's probably going to marry Siobhan. Elizabeth tells Maxie that she doesn't want Lucky to lose Siobhan, and she thinks he'll want to come back to her if he finds out he's Aiden's father. Nikolas overhears them talking about the situation. Siobhan blasts Luke for his behavior, then asks Nikolas to help sort things out. She also wants Lucky to let go of her since she's probably heading back to Ireland. Jason isn't sure why Sam would want to have a baby with him, since Michael didn't really turn out that great. Sonny tries to reassure Kristina that his relationship with his kids won't change now that he's remarried.

I used to like Michael. Now he's just more Mini-Sonny than ever.

How many times are we going to do a variation on the someone-tries-to-talk-sense-into-Luke-but-he-won't-listen routine?

Maxie, keep your mouth shut. Listen to your friend Matt Hunter, he's a cool dude.

Kristina seems to have forgotten that Sonny has remarried before since she was born. I mean, I know it was Claudia, but still.

April 26th, 2011

No one believes Michael's confession, and Jason won't admit to anything, so Abby's still under arrest. Dante presses her to confess and take a plea bargain, since she would likely get away almost clean, but she won't go that far even for Michael. Jason, Sam, Michael, and Dante all start to think that someone's framing Abby, but they're not sure who would benefit from her going to prison. Sonny tries to talk Luke out of death by Jason, but he's convinced he has no reason to live. Lucky and Sonny also don't see eye to eye on the situation. Elizabeth still won't tell Nikolas about Aiden because she doesn't want to interrupt Lucky and Siobhan's plans, whatever they may be. Maxie thinks she's trying to punish herself for Jake's death. Lucky and Sam agree to keep Luke and Jason apart, but she doesn't want to lie to Jason about what's going on. Lucky wants to stage an intervention, but he'd better hurry, since Luke is about to skip town. Zacchara makes himself at home at Johnny's place and says he has a plan to wreak havoc.

Thank you, Abby, for telling Dante to shut up. I used to like him, but lately he's become really annoying.

Hey, Lucky, maybe you should ask Lulu or Ethan or Tracy to help you out with this Luke situation. Not Nikolas, who is, you know, not even related to him.

If Luke was happiest when it was just him, Laura, and Lucky, then I think it's clear what the solution is. Too bad the solution just went over to The Young and the Restless.

Maxie, dear. Be quiet.

April 27th, 2011

Lucky asks Lulu and Ethan to help with the intervention, but Lulu refuses since she thinks it'll mean they're giving up on Luke. Tracy points out that if they don't do something, they could lose him. Lulu thinks that admitting Luke has an addiction means they're admitting that his negligence led to Jake's death. Luke ends up at Elizabeth's and she assures him that she knows Jake's death was an accident. He then goes to Jake's, where Siobhan gives him a drink, talks to him about traveling around the world, and calls Lucky. Ethan shows up first and Siobhan helps him drug Luke so they can get him to the intervention. Brenda's worried about Sonny's lack of connection to Lucian, so Robin encourages her to get a DNA test already. Ethan confides in Kristina again. Later, she pops some hydrocodone and agrees to sit for Emma in May.

After all this build-up, tomorrow better be good.

Also, how ironic that Luke was drinking at...Jake's?

Is it just me, or did Lulu look particularly Cat Deeley-ish today?

So yeah, Lucian isn't Brenda's kid, but we'll get to see her real son next month. I've seen pictures, and he is unbelievably adorable.

April 28th, 2011

Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, Tracy, Sonny, Carly, and Nikolas read Luke letters about what he means to them and how much he needs to get help. He has flashbacks about various memorable times in their lives and seems to actually listen. However, he refuses to go to treatment and is subsequently cut off from everyone.

Dear Emmy voters: I don't care who else's name is on the ballot. If Jonathan Jackson does not win an Emmy for today's episode, I'm sending Sonny after you.

April 29th, 2011

Brenda tells Sonny and Suzanne that she's going to have the DNA test, and Suzanne decides it's time to skip town. Probably with Lucian, who promptly disappears. Jason pays Abby's bail, then sets out to find out who's framing her. He learns that the eyewitness to Brandon's murder was a regular at the strip club, and starts thinking that Johnny hired a blonde assassin who looks enough like Abby to fool the regular. Sonny and Dante finally agree on something: Michael and Abby should break up until she's cleared. Kristina calls Lisa for more pills, and when she starts to nod off, Lisa tells her to take a nap, then heads in Emma's direction. She doesn't realize that Patrick is on his way home. Lisa meets Zacchara, who thinks she's a delightful Claudia clone. Maxie thinks Sam and Jason are rushing into having a baby.

Well, someone's going to be fired for not doing his job. Goodbye, unseen silent guard named Frankie.

I can't ignore the grossness of Zacchara saying that Lisa reminds him of Claudia, then saying if Johnny hadn't gotten to her first, he'd like to have a go at her.

Here's the thing, Maxie: It takes nine months to have a baby. Plus, I'm guessing there will be some time in there after the surgery before Sam and Jason can even start trying to have one. So they're not exactly rushing into anything. I'm sure it'll take a year, at the least, before they actually have a baby.

Speaking of which, I don't like how passive Jason is about the situation. He's all, "I'll do whatever you want." Dude, it's your baby, too. And I presume you'll have some part in raising him or her.

April 30th, 2011

Next week: Luke looks for an ally, Elizabeth probably chickens out a few more times, and Jason is once again the only person who can get anything done.

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