General Hospital blog - April, 2018

April 2nd, 2018

Griffin has written an anonymous letter informing Jordan that Peter is Heinrich. Before he delivers it, he talks to Anna, questioning her decision to work with Jason to find Heinrich. After Nina complains to him that Peter's getting close to Maxie, Griffin goes to confront him, revealing that he knows Peter's real name. Lulu, like Anna, thinks The Severed Branch will help her unmask Heinrich. Peter loans her his copy, though he thinks Maxie will be upset if she finds out Lulu's conducting another search. Jason sees Lulu with the book and reads part of the ending, including the epilogue, which reveals that Peter took Faison's lighter when he visited him just before he died. Maxie asks Nina for some space, since seeing her makes Maxie think of Nathan. Nina's not thrilled to be pushed away, and even less thrilled about the idea of Peter taking her place. She calls Curtis and asks for his help looking into who Peter is. While Jason talks over the latest love-triangle developments with Spinelli, Sam tells Drew about her plans to take the kids on a trip so she can get some distance. He clearly doesn't expect them to get back together, and even suspects that Jason is going along on the trip. Spinelli thinks that finding Heinrich and restoring Drew's memory will help Sam make her decision between the brothers. Alexis wants to call off her and Finn's relationship, but Finn wants to make it real. Alexis will have to check her calendar first. She asks Anna if she wants first dibs, but Anna gives her blessing for them to date. Not even a bunch of parking tickets can force Finn to spend any time with Chase.

So Ava's a hero for helping Jason escape the Russian clinic, but Anna's wrong for working with him? Stop talking, Griffin.

I think it would be really interesting if Nina found out who Peter is. That would be a fun development. Also, she needs a plot, or at least a hobby.

The fact that Drew doesn't appear to want Sam back should influence her decision, yes?

What kind of soap character asks her potential love interest's other potential love interest if she's okay with them dating?

I'm going to be mad if we don't see Sam and Spinelli run into each other at the airport.

April 3rd, 2018

Peter has excuses for all of his behavior, but Griffin won't buy any of them, since he kept Jason away from his family and was complicit in all of Faison's actions. He urges Peter to turn himself in, but Peter thinks that will mean Faison wins. He insists that he's trying to be a good person, though Griffin notes that it doesn't really count if no one sees it. Nathan is given a Medal of Valor, so Maxie has to go to the police station for the first time since his death. She meets Chase and tells him to be kind and generous if he wants to fill Nathan's shoes. She finds the encounter difficult but also a sign of progress. Franco hasn't made any progress uncovering his past, knowing that his repressed memory must be bad if he's forgotten it but not the horrible stuff he's done since. Kevin suggests hypnosis. Andre wonders what Anna will do if she finds out that Peter's just as evil as Faison. Jason turns to Finn and Elizabeth for help finding out what happened to Faison's things the night of his death. Elizabeth, of course, has to turn the conversation into a pro-Franco speech, but at least she's helpful when she finds out that Faison's things were signed over to Anna. Curtis agrees to investigate Peter, though he guesses that Nina's main problem with him is that he's not Nathan. Andre tries to point Anna toward Finn again, but now that Alexis has kind of staked her claim, Anna thinks there's nothing there for her.

I take back telling Griffin to be quiet yesterday. He said a lot of stuff today that needed to be said.

I guess Nina wasn't invited to the ceremony honoring her brother?

Can we just get to the part where Franco was molested or whatever already?

Elizabeth, shut up. You're never going to change Jason's mind about Franco, and I'm sick of you trying to.

April 4th, 2018

While Kevin hypnotizes Franco, Jim sneaks into the hospital, most likely to make sure Betsy never tells anyone what he did. Jason asks Anna if she's hiding anything about the night Faison died. She tells him she offered Faison's belongings to Obrecht to give to Britt, but when they declined, she turned them over to the WSB. Jason has her read the ending of The Severed Branch, and she agrees that Heinrich must have taken Faison's lighter, though possibly before he even got to the hospital. She decides to talk to Peter about the details of the shootout at Crimson. The two also read the book's epigraph, which Anna recognizes as a mission statement, and a message that Heinrich is next coming after his mother. Mike's been reminiscing about his past, so Michael sets him up with a recorder that will allow him to take down his memories and stories for the kids in the family who won't remember him. Mike gets confused and thinks he's a child again and needs to go home to his parents. This leads to a horrible moment when Sonny yells that his parents are dead. Michael calms him down, using common sense and things he's learned about Alzheimer's. Mike has one more memory to share, telling Sonny that he knows something about a field in Croton. Sonny tells Michael that he doesn't know what that means, but I, for one, don't believe him. Griffin tells Peter he won't tell anyone about his paternity, but if Peter wants to be shown any mercy, he needs to come clean on his own. Peter has no plans to do that. Ava's a little annoyed that Griffin won't open up to her about the test results, and the first chance she gets, she reads them herself. Carly tells Bobbie what's been going on with Nelle's schemes as Ava encourages Nelle again to drop everything. Nelle's just gotten her hands on a bottle of Morgan's cologne, so there's no way she's backing down now.

Ah, that's why they didn't have Franco talk to Betsy again: Jim's probably going to kill her before she can reveal anything.

We need more Anna/Peter scenes. I mean, when they were getting ready to reveal that Alexis was Sam's mother, they had scenes together all the time.

It's now an insult to both Anna and Jason's characters that they don't suspect that Peter might be Heinrich.

Okay, Sonny's not allowed to talk to Mike anymore. And I know it's not realistic for Michael to be with him 24 hours a day, but it's a good idea.

Hey, Ava, I hope it was worth betraying Griffin's trust to find out information about characters you have nothing to do with.

April 5th, 2018

Franco remembers being abused by Jim in some way, but he's in so much distress that Kevin ends the session before he can recover any details. A brief visit with Elizabeth and Jake makes Franco determined to finish so he can get back to his family. Drew has also run into Elizabeth and Jake, and told them that his animosity toward Franco has softened a little because of his past trauma. He visits Betsy and gets her to admit that she sent him away because he was in danger. Before she can tell him if the danger came from Jim or Franco, she sees Jim lurking around her room and gets so agitated that Kevin has to sedate her. As Jim flees to avoid getting arrested, he comes across Jake and Elizabeth, and pulls a gun on the latter. Julian wonders if Drew and Sam's separation means that Kim will want her old boyfriend back. Oscar, who's just told Josslyn that he'd like his parents to get back together, hears Kim admitting to Julian that she never really got over Drew. (She still wants to make out with Julian, though.) Kiki confronts David (in a public place, fortunately) over his behavior and tells him she's turning down the shadow position he helped her secure. He gives her a textbook "I'm sorry if I misinterpreted things between us; I'll totally reevaluate my actions; I'm not really a bad guy" non-apology and convinces her to keep the position.

Once again, hospital security leaves a lot to be desired.

Way to disguise yourself, guy who's wanted by the police.

Jake won't spend time with Jason but now calls Drew his uncle instead of his dad? Sure.

I'm not at all surprised that Julian only cares what Drew and Sam's breakup means for him and Kim, and not how Sam might be handling it. I mean, this is the guy who never asked how she was after she passed out in front of him.

I love that one of Josslyn's first reactions to Sam and Drew's split was, "I wonder if my mom knows."

If I were Kiki, I'd wonder if I'd gotten that shadow position fairly, or if David manipulated the decision.

April 6th, 2018

Jim wants to kidnap Elizabeth and Jake because the police won't expect him to be traveling with a woman and a child. Elizabeth tells Jake to run and tries to fight Jim, but she's pretty tiny and he has a weapon, so it's not like they're evenly matched. Franco comes across them and attacks Jim when he sees him putting a hand on Jake's shoulder. Betsy finally tells Drew what happened with Jim, and though we don't get to hear the conversation, she most definitely says that Franco tried to protect Drew, not hurt him. Drew is shaken by whatever she tells him and is about to share it with Kevin when Jake and Elizabeth find him and alert him to Franco and Jim's fight. Elizabeth and Drew head to the parking lot, but both men are gone. Knowing that Carly will be alone in her old house (now Bobbie's house), Nelle "haunts" it by messing with the lights and making her hear noises upstairs. Carly is a little spooked, then confused when she finds a broken picture of Morgan. Sonny did, in fact, lie about the field in Croton, and he tells Jason that he once buried a body there for Joe Scully. He insists that Mike couldn't know about it, but he admits that he also thought one of Mike's supposed memories about something else was false. Jason doesn't see the harm in just letting Mike believe whatever he thinks he's remembered. Oscar addresses Kim's feelings for Drew, calling her bluff when she says they're not getting back together by challenging her to throw out the mix CD. She pretends it's not important to her, but later listens to it.

I thought Franco was going to kill Jim, and Jake was going to see, but noooooo, we have to drag this out some more.

We all agree that Nelle can never be redeemed, right? Good.

Who cares if Mike knows something that Sonny did 25+ years ago? I sure don't.

Sonny has finally found the perfect way to respond to anything Carly does: "Do I want to know?"

April 9th, 2018

Franco, not Jim, has gotten the upper hand, and takes Jim to his studio in the trunk of Elizabeth's car. He reveals that he's recovered his childhood memories and knows that Jim molested him. Jim first argues that he's not a bad guy, then tries to beg for his life by telling Franco that his loved ones will see him as a killer and Jim as a victim if Franco kills him. Franco makes him write out a confession, including the names of other children he harmed. Scott sees Franco driving away from the hospital and tells Jordan he was heading out of town. Then he tells Elizabeth that Franco was actually going in the opposite direction, but Scott didn't want to tell Jordan, since it looks like he took Jim hostage. Elizabeth has trouble thinking of where they might have gone, but when she mentions the two-boys painting, Drew helps her realize that Franco must be at the studio. Jim and Franco fight each other, and Jim manages to strangle Franco into unconsciousness. He's about to finish him off when Drew shows up and shoots him. Carly starts to think Morgan's in the house with her, but it's Sonny who shows up. She tells him everything she's been keeping from him, and he's annoyed that she's talked to Jason and Dante about it, like, that's really not the point here, my man. Nelle's suddenly BFFs with Brad, and defends him when Michael tells her he's not the kind of person she should be hanging out with. Josslyn thinks Michael should get back together with Nelle, even after he patiently tries to remind her why that would be a stupid idea.

So I guess we're supposed to feel sorry for Franco. I can feel sorry for child Franco, but not adult Franco. Child Franco was innocent; adult Franco is still responsible for his actions. An awful person with an awful backstory is still an awful person.

"I promised that I wouldn't hurt you, and I am going to keep that promise, but I am going to kill you." Eh?

Nice try, Jim, but Elizabeth would totally forgive Franco if he killed the man who molested him as a child.

It's a good thing Brad has been rehabilitated, because a Nelle/Brad combo would be a horrible thing. I really don't need Brad and Britt 2.0.

Joss, hush.

April 10th, 2018

Franco's okay, Elizabeth now knows everything, Jim's dead, and Drew has no regrets. Anna interrupts Alexis and Finn's date (or, as they're calling it, Mildred) to ask Finn if he remembers seeing Faison's lighter the night of his death. Finn does, but Jason thinks he's just telling Anna what she wants to hear, since he's so intent on helping and protecting her. He also thinks that the hints in the book are for Heinrich's mother. Sonny suggests that the police come check out Bobbie's house, but, of course, Chase doesn't find any signs of a break-in. Sonny next suggests that Carly make an appointment with Griffin. Maxie learns about The Severed Branch and blasts Lulu for again being opportunistic. Peter thinks Maxie should read the book, and she wonders if she's painted Heinrich as a villain when he's really a victim. Lulu wants to work with Valentin, though Nina isn't sure why he's game to look for Heinrich.

Between Sonny willingly calling the police, Lulu teaming with Valentin, and Drew thanking Franco, today was a weird day.

I like that Drew didn't tell Elizabeth what happened to Franco as a child. He would have been justified if he had, but he knew it wasn't his place to say anything.

Uh, did Jordan give Elizabeth a ride to the studio? Huh?

Lulu, did you learn ANYTHING from your Nathan/Faison article?

Nina has a good point: Why does Valentin want to jump in the middle of this? Is he just going to pull what he did with Anna and try to throw Lulu off the trail?

April 11th, 2018

Jason has traced the proceeds of The Severed Branch to a bank account in Zurich, and he's ready to fly over and check it out. Anna wants to tag along, but Emma's visiting, so they'll have to wait a week. Jason is eager to keep moving but agrees to work as a team. Then Anna suggests that they just bring Emma along, which Jason understandably thinks is a crazy idea. Elizabeth is ready to welcome Franco home, but he's hesitant, worrying that his childhood trauma will turn him into a predator. Kevin assures him that a) he wasn't in any way responsible for what happened, b) the molestation didn't lead to his own crimes, and c) if he wasn't a threat to Elizabeth or her sons before, he won't be now. Maxie asks Nina to back off of Peter, since his distance from Nathan's death somehow comforts her. Nina realizes that she can relate, since she's only getting through her grief because of Valentin, who isn't grieving himself. Maxie convinces her to lighten up on Peter and even get to know him. Nina tells Curtis she wants to halt the investigation into Peter, but Curtis has already found something. Valentin tells Peter that the only way things can end for him are if Jason kills him or if he gets outed to Maxie. He thinks Peter's best option is to leave town before Jason can find out what he's hiding. Peter refuses, wanting to stay close to the only family he has left. Valentin thinks it's really because he's falling in love with Maxie. He's worried that he'll lose his own family when his part in this whole thing comes out, but Peter really doesn't have any sympathy for him. (Join the club, Peter.)

Emma, since you're always the smart one, your task while you're in town is to figure out who Peter is and/or that Anna is his mother.

I'm imagining Anna calling Robin to tell her that she and Jason are taking Emma to Switzerland to investigate Faison's son. And now I'm imagining Robin falling silent for a full five minutes while she tries to decide which question she wants to ask first. Aaaaaand now I'm imagining Patrick's head exploding when he finds out.

Shouldn't Elizabeth, of all people, understand that Franco's having trouble processing a trauma, so she needs to stop being so pushy?

I have to laugh at the fact that Valentin's lost control of whatever his original plan was.

April 12th, 2018

Sonny tells Max that the body he buried in Croton has his gun with it, so if anyone finds it, he's in a lot of trouble. Max offers to go digging, but Sonny doesn't want to call attention to his actions. Instead, he'd rather focus on finding out if Mike told anyone else about Croton. Lulu's published an article about Heinrich but thinks she should drop the investigation before she really hurts Maxie. Peter has changed his tune and now wants her to keep working on the story. While they're talking, Lulu gets an email from someone claiming to be Heinrich. She first thinks he's one of the many frauds who have contacted her, but when she sees that he's quoted the epigraph of The Severed Branch, she thinks he might be the real deal and decides to meet him. (It's actually Valentin, and he and Peter planned this.) Nina and Nelle are late to a birthing class, so Maxie and Michael team up. Michael can sympathize with Maxie's grief and regret that Nathan can't be with her, and he offers to support her if she needs it. Nelle's late because she's doing stuff for Ava, trying to leave a note on Carly's car (starting with the word "find"), and getting distracted by a Noodle Buddha menu. Nina's late because she's meeting with Curtis, who's confirmed Peter's alleged résumé but can't find any address for him before he moved to Port Charles. He thinks Peter hacked some companies' records to make it look like he worked there when he didn't. Unable to find anything on Peter as an adult, he looks into him as a child. Griffin's worried that his silence about Peter's paternity will lead to danger for Maxie, but he thinks that once he destroys the paternity-test results, he'll be able to put it behind him. Ava would rather he discuss it with her, since there are no names on the results and she doesn't know whose they are. Carly ticks Ava off by changing their arrangements for Ava to pick up Avery. Ava has nothing better to do than whine about it.

Does Sonny really think someone's going to get from the vague location "a field in Croton" to the exact place he buried a body decades ago?

Nelle, whatever you're planning, leave Noodle Buddha out of it.

Ava: "You can trust me." Narrator Ron Howard: "He could not."

Yeah, keeping evidence of your betrayal on your phone is a great idea, Ava.

April 13th, 2018

Jason, Anna, and Emma have actually gone to Switzerland, but Jason and Anna disagree about how to put their plan into motion. He wants to work alone, as he's used to, and she basically wants to distract him with looking after Emma so he can't get to Heinrich alone. Then Robert suddenly shows up, having somehow found out about Anna's intentions, and tries to convince his ex to stay away from all things Faison. When she refuses, he invites himself to join their secret mission, as Emma can't help calling it. Carly tells Griffin about her past head injuries and moments of mental instability, but nothing turns up on her tests that indicate there's something physically wrong with her. She finds Nelle's note, which says, "Meet me in the place you left me tonight," and goes off on a wild Morgan chase. This means she's not there to meet Mike and Avery, who wander off somewhere while Avery's nanny is away. Sonny tries to talk to Mike about Croton, but Mike can't remember their earlier conversation or whatever it is he's not supposed to know. Sonny asks Stella if he can do anything to jog Mike's memory, but she tells him there's nothing that will work for sure. Suspend your disbelief, everyone, because Sam happens to be at the same Swiss hotel as Jason and the Scorpios.

I totally thought they were just teasing us with that Switzerland suggestion. I can't believe they're doing it. I'm so excited!

"The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo" made me cackle.

Matt Cohen's reactions to Carly's stories about her past were perfect.

If Sonny thinks all of Nelle's schemes are just in Carly's head, how does he explain the phone calls?

Anyone need a job as a nanny? Because Pilar's probably going to get fired.

"Meet me in the place you left me tonight" doesn't even make sense. Come on, Nelle.

April 16th, 2018

Anna tells Robert that she's as responsible for creating Heinrich as Faison is, then walks back her near-confession by saying that, despite being in and out of Faison's life for decades, she never knew he had a son. Robert continues to question her choices and announces he's staying in her hotel room. Finn calls, having been inspired by a conversation with Griffin to find out how Anna is, and he gets the wrong idea when he hears Robert talking about the water pressure in the shower. Unable to reach Carly, Sonny calls Michael and tells him that Mike and Avery are missing. Michael thinks they should call the police, and though Sonny's worried about the news getting back to Ava, Michael makes him realize that finding Avery should be their focus. Carly goes to Morgan's grave, where Nelle has just sprayed his cologne around. Chase arrives, having been alerted to the presence of a prowler, and when Carly shows him Nelle's note, the writing is no longer there. He escorts her home, where Sonny and Michael tell them about Mike and Avery's disappearance. Chase immediately gets a search started, but no one informs Ava, who learns that her daughter's missing from an Amber Alert on her phone. Sam and Jason recap the Heinrich plot, then learn that Spinelli was arrested. Nelle sees the picture of the paternity test on Ava's phone and tells Ava it means her relationship with Griffin isn't as great as she leads on. The first doctor Kiki's supposed to shadow for her new shadow program is David. He tells her he can stay professional if she can, and he's sorry if she feels uncomfortable, and other things that make it seem like the problem is all on her end. Kiki knows she can't back out without losing all the opportunities the program will open for her, so she has to agree. Chase bugs Finn and it's really funny (to me, at least. Finn isn't amused).

I can't decide if Nelle somehow swapped the menus without us noticing, or if the note was written in disappearing ink. Either way: ARGH!

I may not like Ava, but she doesn't deserve to get an Amber Alert about her own daughter.

Sam's broken into a safe-deposit box before; Anna and Jason should definitely bring her on board.

Why would you take a five-year-old and a one-year-old to Switzerland for vacation, instead of, say, Disney World or the beach?

Kiki, if you tell Epiphany what happened with David, I bet she'll take care of all your problems.

I really want more Chase/Finn scenes. They make me giggle.

April 17th, 2018

Ava panics over Avery's disappearance and brings more tension to the search. She blames Carly for not being present, and Griffin for not doing more to ensure that someone was always keeping an eye on Mike. As she spirals, she announces that Mike technically kidnapped Ava, so Chase has to reluctantly call the FBI. Alexis surprises Sam in Switzerland and gets the wrong idea about her and Jason's unexpected reunion. Sam insists that they're not getting back together (well, not right now) because she's not ready. Alexis thinks Jason's going to pressure her into returning to her old life. Sam tells her that she just wants to do something she used to enjoy (having an adventure with Jason and Spinelli), and she can do it without making any kind of relationship commitment. Really, though, Alexis is only in this plotline because she can take the kids home with her, and Sam can go off on her adventure. Jason poses as a marshal so he can get Spinelli out of custody. He learns that Spinelli knew Sam was in Switzerland because he's been tracking her movements, and was hoping for a roundabout matchmaking opportunity. He knew they would be in the same hotel, but he thinks that their encounter in the hallway was fate. Jason tells him to back off and let Sam move at her own pace. Lucy asks Kim to perform at the Nurses' Ball, an idea that I think terrifies her a little. Kim will happily attend, though, and wants Julian to accompany her. He's not sure they'll still be interested in each other when the ball rolls around, but they agree to say something if that's the case. Lulu tries to fish for information about the Heinrich investigation, but Dante won't take the bait. He's sure she'd tell him if she were involved in anything potentially dangerous, wouldn't she?

Ava, are you for real? Like, for real for real?

Sam and Jason, you realize that Alexis is an actual lawyer and could have helped Spinelli, right?

Odds of Jason thanking Anna for getting him that suit: 10,000 to 1.

Lucy using Sonny and Julian's rivalry to get Julian to make a Nurses' Ball donation was beautiful.

I call B.S. on Dante and Lulu not getting Avery's Amber Alert on any device in their home. Dante's a freaking cop. He doesn't have a work phone that's on and charged all the time?

April 18th, 2018

Robert crashes Anna and Emma's tour of a boarding school, but they're successful anyway: Emma finds a program from a production of Julius Caesar starring someone named Henri Francois, who she thinks is Heinrich. The program happens to contain a cast photo. Maxie Parent Traps Peter and Nina into breakfast, hoping they'll get to know each other better and Nina will calm down about his friendship with Maxie. Instead, Nina interrogates Peter on his life before coming to town. Curtis talks over the Peter investigation with Jordan, wondering if he's using a fake name because he's in witness protection. Jordan confirms that he's not, but Curtis knows he could have wiped out his past for shady reasons. He warns Nina not to let on that she's suspicious of Peter, though it's obviously too late for that. Elizabeth encourages Franco to contact the other boys in Jim's confession and let them know that he's dead. Franco's hesitant to disrupt their lives, so she assures him that there's no rush to make a decision. Kiki feels bad enough about the situation with David, but even worse when she realizes that T.J. probably would have gotten her spot in the shadow program if David hadn't campaigned for her. She asks to delay her first day so she can go be with Ava while the search for Avery continues, but David is, of course, heartless and petty and doesn't care that she's in the middle of a personal crisis. Kiki calls him out on punishing her for rejecting his advances, and he again tells her that he's going to stay professional, so she needs to do the same.

Were Robert, Anna, and Emma using the name Ashton? As in Ned? Interesting.

Thanks, Nina, for reminding me of that insane plot where you were married to Ric. I'd completely forgotten about it.

How does Franco have Jim's confession instead of the police? Oh, right, because the PCPD sucks. Carry on.

Did they really need to end an episode where Franco and Elizabeth only talked about sexual traumas with sex?

April 19th, 2018

Ava and Sonny make a public appeal for help finding Avery. The police don't have any luck with the broadcast or their tip lines, but Dante reads Pilar's statement and comes up with an idea of where Mike might have taken Avery. Ava thinks Avery could have been taken by someone wanting revenge on Sonny. Julian reluctantly points out that she could also be the target of revenge, which doesn't help her mental state. Griffin chastises him, then puts aside his animosity toward Julian so both of them can support Ava. Franco imagines himself confronting Betsy for not protecting him, then telling her that he can let go of the past because everything bad has died with Jim. Elizabeth thinks that his restraint is an example of how he's a forgiving person. Griffin tells Carly that her tests all came back negative, but he'd like her to have a session with Kevin. Carly doesn't see the point. Chase tells Sonny about finding Carly in the cemetery, which makes Sonny suspect again that everything is in her head. The Jim stuff has made Drew more grateful that Kim and Elizabeth are such good mothers. He wants to do more family stuff with Kim and Oscar, while will definitely make Oscar happy, and isn't exactly an unwelcome idea for Kim either. Oscar and Josslyn are the filler, but at least they're cute filler. Kim, Julian, whatever.

Mike must have taken Avery to Brooklyn or something. I can't imagine they're still in town and haven't been seen. Maybe he took her someplace he used to take Courtney.

I'm with Drew – I don't think Betsy knew what was going on the whole time. At least I hope not.

If Sonny and Griffin think Carly's having psychological issues stemming from Morgan's death, what's their explanation for why they didn't arise until a year and a half after he died?

Griffin, my man, you really shouldn't call a woman in the middle of a crisis, summon her like it's urgent, and then give her news that could have waited.

Hey, Sonny? You left Mike alone, so don't lecture Carly about being prepared or whatever.

April 20th, 2018

Remembering that Mike once worked at a racetrack, Dante realizes that he took Avery to an equestrian park to see horses. In related news, Port Charles has an equestrian park. While Chase takes Avery to the police station to reunite with her parents, Dante has to tell Mike that he's been with Avery, not Courtney. Ava objects to the idea of Avery going home to the same house where Mike lives, and refuses to let Sonny and Carly leave with her. Anna and Robert meet with one of Peter's teachers, who identifies him in the cast photo (but his face is obscured, so Anna doesn't recognize him). The teacher felt bad for Peter because of his bad home life and wished he’d had a loving mother around. As Anna asks for something about him that would distinguish him, Robert starts to put together her real motives for finding Heinrich. Sam and Jason pose as an heiress and her bodyguard to meet with a banking executive. Spinelli takes control of the bank's security and computer systems, more or less taking all the money hostage. Since the exec is an embezzler, blackmailer, and hunter of endangered animals, Sam and Spinelli take a slight detour from their plan to make some donations and ensure there won't be any retaliation. Once Jason sets them back on track, Spinelli traces Peter's money and finds a picture of him. Lulu gets another email from the person she thinks is Heinrich, again while Peter's with her. She wants to arrange a meeting, but she knows that it could end badly, and that the better move is to alert the police. However, she's not ready to admit to Dante what she's been up to. Without proof that Carly's weird experiences have actually happened, Sonny won't budge from wanting her to have a session with Kevin.

Oh, hey, Dante finally paid Avery some attention after three-and-a-half years.

I believe this is the first time the girls playing Avery have been given dialogue. They did great with it.

Chase got off to a rough start, but he's pretty awesome now. When he told Avery he was going to let her interrogate him, I fell in love with him a little.

So basically, Sam, Jason, and Spinelli pulled a bank heist. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.

I could watch Sam and Spinelli pull scams all day, though.

April 23rd, 2018

Robert has, indeed, figured out that Anna is Peter's mother, and he makes her tell him the whole tale. Long story short: She posed as a prostitute to steal information from Faison, she got pregnant and let him turn her into a double agent, and when she determined that he was too crazy to be near his child, she made arrangements to keep them apart. Robert promises to help Anna track down her son, on the condition that she never have contact with him or tell anyone about his existence. Ava throws a complete hissyfit about Avery, then has Mike arrested for kidnapping and child endangerment. Diane can't do anything until the next day, so Mike will have to spend another night in lockup. Even though it doesn't make her change her mind, and it doesn't do anything for Mike's situation, Sonny tells Ava she can take Avery for the night. Mike worries that Sonny's going to repeat his mistakes and not choose his child over everything else. Ava may have won this round, but there are two things working against her: a) Griffin doesn't support her actions, and b) Avery calls Carly "Mommy" right in front of her. The banker's picture of Heinrich is fake, and some of the contents of the safe-deposit box appear to now be in Peter's possession, including the info that's supposed to go to Jason and Drew. Sam, Jason, and Spinelli are able to get their hands on the rest of the contents: money, sapphires, and a conundrum box that can only be opened by its intended recipient. They're not sure if that recipient is supposed to be Faison or Heinrich, but since it has the Cassadine family crest on it, my guess is it's Valentin. Nina invites Peter and a model named Riley to a dinner party, apparently wanting to play matchmaker. Valentin warns Peter that Nina's on to him and having him investigated, so he really should leave town. Peter doesn't want to ditch Maxie, and he doesn't think Curtis will find anything incriminating, so he's not going anywhere. Nelle hangs out with Michael while they wait for news of Avery. Nothing happens except she bugs me.

I was going to scoff at the idea of Peter being older than Robin, as the timeline has now laid out, but it turns out Wes Ramsey is a year older than Kimberly McCullough, so I'll let it go.

I still think it makes more sense if Faison had raped Anna, but it's not like we need another instance of sexual assault on this show.

Robert? You're kind of being a controlling jerk. Stop that.

I guess Sonny only let Ava take Avery for the night to calm her down and look reasonable? Because Mike is still spending the night in jail, so he didn't get anything out of that deal.

Thanks for showing up just to stand around and do nothing, Jordan.

Jason's so impressed by Sam's air of authority. I love it.

I enjoyed Valentin's variety of "what is HAPPENING?" faces today.

April 24th, 2018

Griffin tries again to reason with Ava, who has zero compassion for the Corinthoses and little to no concern for where Mike might end up. Michael asks Nelle to talk to Ava about shared custody, but Ava's argument with Griffin over the same topic has already made her stubborn. Suddenly, Nelle is almost siding with the Corinthoses while Ava's plotting against them, rather than the other way around. Scott is pleased that Ava wants full custody of Avery, and celebrates by provoking Sonny to violence in the middle of the PCPD. Mike is barely holding it together, knowing that a custody battle is looming because of him. Jordan has a spot on her lung and is trying really hard not to think about the possibility that it's cancer. Curtis is ready to support her through whatever happens, and is so committed that he blurts out an impromptu proposal. David is even jerkier than usual, telling Kiki she's incompetent because she doesn't answer a medical question fast enough (never mind that she's not even in med school yet, and shouldn't be expected to make diagnoses). Griffin catches him berating her, and the few seconds of distraction allow Kiki to come up with the right diagnosis. Griffin offers to talk to David about his behavior, but Kiki asks him to stay out of it, knowing that'll just make things worse. David sees them hugging, because of course. Carly has a brief session with Kevin, who thinks her past psychological issues and current stresses point to anxiety.

I predict that the Mike plot will end with him voluntarily going to a care facility so Sonny can keep custody of Avery.

So how's Ava's redemption coming along, Griffin?

Hold on – is Jordan getting a storyline? One that will give Curtis and T.J. something to do? Am I dreaming? (Also, what are the odds that someone will actually remember that Alexis had lung cancer?)

I can't wait until David yells at Kiki in front of Epiphany.

April 25th, 2018

Spinelli gets a flight out of Switzerland and leaves Sam and Jason behind without a flight until Friday. Sam guesses that he stranded them together on purpose, and Jason tells her that Spinelli has already schemed to put them in each other's orbits. He mentions that Spinelli booked them in the same hotel thinking that if they ran into each other, it would be because of fate. The two decide to use their remaining time in Switzerland to retrace Anna's steps at the various boarding schools. Jason reminds Sam that she wanted distance, but she's enjoying getting back to her old ways that she kind of ignores that. They start talking about Jason's trip back to Port Charles from Russia, and Sam learns that he was the one who left Hux's watch at the bar in New York. This makes her wonder if fate really is at work in their lives. Oscar wrote an editorial that was published in his school paper, and Josslyn encourages him to send it to Drew. She thinks this will lead to Drew and Kim talking, which will get them closer to reuniting. Little does she know that Drew and Kim are already talking about the editorial and making family dinner plans. This is especially good timing for Drew, who has learned from Alexis that Sam and Jason are both in Switzerland. Alexis is concerned that she and Finn are going to be each other's rebounds, but she decides she likes spending time with him so much that she can choose to not let it bother her. Then they have sex in her living room, just as Julian comes to visit. Jordan's track record with marriage makes her hesitate to accept Curtis' proposal, which she thinks is just a knee-jerk reaction to her possible health crisis. When she learns that she doesn’t have cancer, she tells him he can take it back. Curtis still wants to get married, but Jordan wants to continue their relationship the way it's been going and see if it leads in that direction. Curtis tries to hide his disappointment. Kim and Drew run into Julian, who brings up Sam in a way that Kim knows is meant to get under Drew's skin. She's not pleased, but it's not enough to make her break their Nurses' Ball date. Also, Lucas is softening toward Julian, and I am NOT here for that.

Why are Oscar and Josslyn hanging around the hospital?

If Jordan doesn't want to marry Curtis, I'll step up.

Hi, Kim and Finn have great chemistry, that is all.

Lucas, please see Griffin about your weakening backbone.

April 26th, 2018

Anna thinks the conundrum box was for Helena, so goes to Alexis to ask for her input. Finn's there, still buttoning his shirt after sex, so it's awkward. Alexis knows nothing about the box, but while Anna's there, she asks for help adding something to her will for her children. Alexis notices that she used the plural, and Anna has to backtrack. Meanwhile, Robert learns that the box couldn't be x-rayed, and some sort of dating test determined that it couldn't be for Helena, so he goes to the next suspicious Cassadine, Valentin. Sam and Maxie talk about a bunch of stuff: Sam's adventures in Switzerland (where she insists she did NOT rob a bank), Lulu's selfishness, Peter's awesomeness, Sam's possible departure from Aurora to go back to being a PI, and Maxie's ability to move forward while holding on to her memories of Nathan. When she expresses some regret over giving away all of Nathan's things, Sam gives her the box she kept back. Valentin catches Nina and Curtis talking about the Peter investigation and argues with his wife in front of Curtis. He says he wants to be kept in the loop so he can help Nina stay out of trouble, but of course he just wants to be able to give Peter a heads up. After watching them bicker, Curtis is like, "Maybe it's a good thing Jordan turned down my proposal." Nina helps him sneak into Peter's office, where Sam catches him snooping around. Lulu decides she wants to get to know Heinrich more, and possible draw him out, before she tells Dante what she's been up to. Peter pretends to be supportive. Robert and Finn meet, bicker over a cronut, and ask each other if they're with Anna. Maxie claims that Lulu's actions were unforgivable, but when they run into each other and she sees that Lulu broke her foot, Maxie treats her with compassion and concern. Alexis finds it hard to be spontaneous, but I think she's willing to give it a chance if it means more sex with Finn.

Either Sam and Jason had a super-fast flight or Alexis and Finn had sex for eight hours.

We need more Sam/Maxie scenes. They have good conversations.

Curtis: "Actually, Jordan and I have discussed marriage." Valentin: "Really? Good for you." Hee!

I just don't see Finn as a cronut fan. He'd probably eat it with a knife and fork.

April 27th, 2018

Valentin denies knowledge of the conundrum box and tells Robert to look into Helena as its recipient. The WSB was able to figure out that it was made in the past six months, so that's not possible. After asking about Valentin's past visits to Switzerland and making it clear that he's looked into his history, Robert somehow figures out that Valentin gave Heinrich to Faison. Anna comes close to telling Finn that she's Heinrich's mother, but they get interrupted by Lucy, who thinks they're together and wants them to dance together at the Nurses' Ball. Kevin suggests that Franco attend a support group for people who were abused as children. Franco declines, thinking the other attendees wouldn't want to hear from someone who could have prevented others' abuse. He admits that he's looked up the people on Jim's list and found some of them, but he doesn't know what to say to them. Kevin asks what he would want if he were in their position, and points out that Franco probably wasn't Jim's first victim anyway. Elizabeth confides in Drew that Franco wants to move forward too quickly instead of dealing with his trauma. Drew gives them both his support, which is weird. Franco decides to start making calls, with Elizabeth by his side. Sam decides she needs to stay on at Aurora while Peter's still a big question mark. Since she can keep an eye on him at the office, Curtis agrees to team up with her. Diane doesn't think Griffin's testimony that Mike didn't intend to kidnap Avery will stand up in court, so her next idea is to question Mike on the stand and show his mental state. Dante notes that Sonny could always just give Ava what she wants, as if Dante has never met his father before and thinks he'll actually go for that. Sonny laments that Ava's trying to make him choose between his father and his daughter. Nelle reminds Ava that this stunt could make Griffin leave her, but Ava's willing to risk it for Avery.

Anna: "I went to Switzerland with Emma and Jason Morgan." Finn: "That's an eclectic choice of companions." Ha!

"Aurora's all [Drew] has left." Somewhere, Scout and Oscar are offended.

Diane knows she can get an impartial doctor to evaluate Mike, right?

Nelle was the voice of reason today and I don't know how to react.

Also, I thought Nelle was going to say that she wants Ava to get everything she deserves (instead of wants), in which case I was ready to yell, "Same!"

April 30th, 2018

Jason and Lulu compare notes about Heinrich, and Lulu shares her desire to arrange a meeting. Jason tells her it's a horrible idea, pointing out that even he could barely survive everything Heinrich did to him. Lulu isn't 100% sure that Heinrich is as bad as Faison, but Jason convinces her not to put herself in danger and risk losing five years with her family like he did. Anna's furious that Valentin most likely took her child to the exact person she didn't want him to be around. However, she doesn't want to do anything with that theory yet. She's still worried that Jason will harm Heinrich, so Robert promises to handle him. Jason presents him with a new idea: use Heinrich's mother to draw him out. Sonny refuses to negotiate with Ava, even if it means Mike goes to jail. Ava obviously knew this would happen, so she pretends to back off and offer to drop the charges against Mike if Sonny agrees to joint custody. To Mike's dismay, Sonny takes the deal. Curtis doesn't find anything about Peter in his office, but he does find a file full of info on Nathan. He thinks Peter has survivor's guilt about Nathan, while Nina suspects that he's using the info to get closer to Maxie. Peter spots Curtis leaving but knows he couldn't have found anything. (As a side note, he destroyed the letters Faison left Jason and Drew in his will.) Valentin tells Peter that Robert is getting too close and needs to be taken care of. Now that she's playing lookout for Curtis (which Nina's okay with), Sam doesn't want to leave Aurora, so she tells Drew she'd like to stick around for a while. They agree that they need to separate their personal lives from their company, so they should get a divorce. Nelle tries to act supportive of the Corinthoses, as if Carly won't see right through her and know she's trying to make herself look good. Even when Nelle says she wants the Corinthoses, not Jason, to take care of the baby if she and Michael can't, Carly knows she's playing a game.

How dumb of Peter not to stick around and keep eavesdropping on Jason and Lulu, especially since all the things Lulu said about his possible non-involvement in Jason's captivity are possible defenses in court.

Anna, please stop being surprised about the horrible things Valentin has done.

All of Diane's reactions to Nelle today made me giggle.

Should we read anything into the multiple recent mentions of Helena?

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