General Hospital blog - April, 2019

April 1st, 2019

Kevin can't get a lawyer in town to take his case, so he hires Nora. He also can't get any support from his friends, except for Lucy, who comes to his arraignment to encourage him. Nora and Lucy object when they learn that Kevin plans to plead guilty, thinking he deserves to be punished for his mistakes. Nora talks him out of it, and her defense plus Lucy's character statement get Kevin released on bail. Alexis brings Laura divorce papers, but Laura doesn't want to make any definitive moves to end her marriage, even though she's not sure she'll ever be able to trust Kevin again. Alexis admits that she's not the best person to give advice about ending a marriage, but on the other hand, Kevin and Julian are very different. Laura agrees to take some time to think about it. She also jumps at the chance to pay Kevin's bail, because apparently she has $150,000 lying around. Of course Valentin has tampered with the DNA test, so the results say that Sasha is Nina's daughter. Nina gets mad at Maxie for distrusting Valentin and somehow making a statement that Nina doesn't deserve to be happy. Peter tries to take some heat off of Maxie by saying he jumped to conclusions because he thinks Obrecht is holding something over Valentin. Nina asks Valentin about that, so he tells her that Obrecht somehow found out that she injected Cassandra and rendered her comatose. Carly and Sonny offer support to Lulu and Rocco after Dante's departure. Franco thinks Kevin only took him on as a patient to get information on treating a psychopath so he could help Ryan. Elizabeth defends Kevin's actions, which leads to a fight between her and Franco, and I'll be honest, I stopped listening, but apparently they worked things out. Ugh, just put Maxie and Peter together already if that's where this is going.

There's no way Diane would have refused to take Kevin's case.

Nora, re: Margaux: "Ignore her." Me: "Believe me, I'm trying."

Hey, so are we ever going to find out why Valentin paid Nora to defend Liv?

I'm so looking forward to watching Lulu mope for the next month.

Yeah, Franco. This is all about you.

Why are Maxie and Peter acting like the DNA test was the only reason they were hanging out?

April 2nd, 2019

Gail's will sends a bunch of people on a kind of treasure hunt around the hospital, but all they end up finding is confetti. It's an hour of people reminiscing and saying nice things about each other, and absolutely nothing happens.

Like the treasure hunt, this episode was a waste of my time. Only a two-minute flashback montage, and nothing featuring people who are no longer on the show? I want that hour back. They slapped some junk together and put "happy 56th anniversary" on it, and we're supposed to be happy about it?

Writer: "So in the first five minutes of this anniversary episode, Lesley's going to call Monica a slut." Other writers: "Great idea!"

I'm pretty sure Kristina's now the only Corinthos or Spencer who doesn't know Carly's pregnant, which is just one more thing for her to complain about.

Gail, wherever you are, stop shipping Alexis and Julian.

April 3rd, 2019

Shiloh summons Sam for a mentor/mentee session, making her prove her trust by blindfolding her and standing really close to her. She plays along perfectly, making it sound like she's going to pretend she's falling in love with him. It looks like he wants to kiss her, but he stops himself and dismisses her. However, he filmed the session, which just makes him even creepier. Kristina gives Shiloh her trust offering; it's a secret about someone in her family, but we don't know what it is or who it's about. Shiloh tells her he needs $10,000 to let her into the Trust, though he'll let her pay in installments. Kristina goes to Julian for more shifts, but he eventually offers her the money as a loan. Sam promises to keep Danny away from Shiloh, though interestingly, she doesn't say anything about how Jason needs to keep his hands to himself. She tells him they can't drag Kristina out of DOD, but instead have to convince her to leave on her own. She asks him to ask Sonny to give her more time to work on her plan. Michael tells Sonny the same thing about getting Kristina out of DOD, stating that he wants to guide her to the exit. Sonny thinks he wants to infiltrate, but Michael just wants to offer his support so that when Kristina realizes she's in too deep, she'll turn to him. Sonny agrees to the extra time, though he has another option he's considering, which involves help from someone else. Josslyn and Oscar tried to get a marriage license but practically got laughed out of the courthouse. Plan B is painting their initials on a lock and putting it on the Bridge of Doomed Love. Franco tries to get out of having the sex talk with Cameron, but Elizabeth wants him to continue to model positive behavior for her sons. The talk is awkward and slightly manic and pretty pointless, since Cam isn't actually dating Trina (yet), but Elizabeth's happy. This is even after having a conversation with Bobbie about possibly parenting a gay child. Julian notices Margaux reading Shiloh's book and basically says she should do her job instead of hanging out with DOD. Margaux goes to DOD jut as Sam's leaving, so at least now two people know Margaux's taking seminars there.

Sam's a lot better at this undercover stuff than I would be. I wouldn't have been able to hide my disgust while Shiloh was talking.

I'm dying to know the secret Kristina used for her offering.

Danny's six, not eight. Maybe spend more time with your kid, Jason.

The bridge! Of course! Sam and Jason should have been meeting there this whole time.

Did Franco the fake rapist just give a lecture on consent? Is this a late April Fools' joke?

I assume Epiphany was the one who sent Cameron to trash duty.

April 4th, 2019

Kim tells Julian that she and Oscar might move into the Quartermaines', and it's time for them to start discussing the end of his life. There might not need to be a conversation, though, since Oscar collapses on the bridge and ends up in a coma. Josslyn is desperate to talk to him one last time, but Terry can't be sure he'll ever regain consciousness. Laura tells Kevin that Alexis gave her their divorce papers, but she hasn't signed them (yet). She can understand why he would want to help his brother, but not why he would keep information about Ryan from her. He compares himself to an addict and assures her that his decisions had nothing to do with her. They're interrupted by Lulu, so they don't get to finish the conversation, but Kevin's night gets worse when he learns from an angry Epiphany that he's been suspended from the hospital. Lulu mistakes Kevin for Ryan and panics, so while it's not clear if Dante has PTSD, it looks like Lulu does. She emotionally tells Laura that she doesn't know how to get better without her husband, and she feels like something's broken in her like it is in Dante. Laura suggests that she leave town to recover. Ava puts in security measures at home, sure that Ryan's still alive and will come after her. Julian invites himself to move in for extra protection. Jordan learns something about the case from the RCMP and tells the Jeromes that Ryan has been found, though she hasn't yet clarified whether he's dead or alive. There's an issue with Jordan's insurance, and she may have to have dialysis at Mercy if Stella can't work things out. Curtis is in a tough position both with Jordan, whom he's worried will push herself too far, and Drew, since Curtis can't do much to help him. Carly's hesitant to take a test that could alert her to problems with the baby, but Epiphany gets her to change her mind by calling her a coward.

So...are they killing off Oscar, or what?

I would really like for people to stop interrupting Laura and Kevin.

Honestly, I want Ryan to be alive, because we need a wrap-up Kevin/Ryan scene. (Actually, what I really want is a murder mystery with Ryan as the victim.)

I assume Avery won't be staying with Ava while she's drinking and waving a gun around.

An insurance plot? Ugh, just go to Mercy, Jordan.

April 5th, 2019

Jordan clarifies that only Ryan's hand was found, and she agrees with Ava's suspicions that he cut it off himself to make it look like he died. She warns that if Margaux doesn't see enough evidence left to keep investigating, she has the right to close the case. When Jordan shares this with Laura, Laura guesses that Margaux will focus on bringing down Kevin instead. She and Ava connect and wonder what will happen then. Lulu decides to take Laura's advice to leave town for a little while, though the timing is bad, since Valentin and Nina have basically just declared war on Willow. They think she has it out for Charlotte, and Nina even goes so far as to ask the principal to fire her. A colleague firmly defends Willow, and the principal thinks firing her is too far, but he does suspect that Willow's dislike for Nina is spilling over into her treatment of Charlotte. Valentin threatens legal action if there are any more problems, so...he's that kind of parent. Anna questions Maxie about her relationship with Peter, urging her to tell him how she feels. Meanwhile, Chet tells Peter he wants to ask Maxie out but isn't sure she's ready to date again. Peter keeps his own feelings to himself and tells Chet the only way to find out if she's interested is to ask her. Anna gives Peter the same pep talk she gave Maxie, then watches gleefully with Finn as Maxie and Peter chat. Maxie reveals that she turned Chet down for a date because she has feelings for Peter. Julian doesn't get why Ava thinks Ryan might be alive, as if Julian a) hasn't lived in this town for years and b) hasn't faked his own death twice. Ava tells him she hopes Ryan's alive so she can kill him herself. Julian wonders if, once she's gotten closure in that way, she'll start blaming herself for Kiki's death. Sensing that Finn is still doubting things with Anna, Chase tells him that Robert's just jealous of their relationship. Finn reveals that he's planning to propose. Chase gives his full support and volunteers himself as best man. Lucy vows to be a better friend to Kevin, starting with finding him a place to live.

Jordan talked to Ava and Laura about the hand before Kevin? Huh?

When did Valentin get so anti-Willow? There are, what, two, two-and-a-half months left in the school year, right? Everyone needs to just bear down and get through it.

Chet needs a girlfriend. And she needs to be someone awesome.

"The next time you get kidnapped, I'm sure your biting sarcasm will save you." I love the Finn/Chase dynamic so much.

"I'm here to see how my pretend child is getting along with the rest of the kids." Okay, really, I just love Chase period.

April 8th, 2019

Sam tells Jason and Sonny that Margaux's in with Shiloh, then goes to the DOD house to see him. Instead, Kristina tells her that she's moving up in the ranks and is about to participate in some big event that will solidify her rankings (and Shiloh's attention). Harmony arrives for the Trust meeting, so Sam pretends to leave, then sneaks back in to dig for clues as to what's going on. Shiloh brings Willow a picture of the two of them, hoping it'll make her want to come back to their "family." Willow tears it up and tells Chase that this is an example of his attempts to coerce people into doing what he wants them to do while making them think it's their idea. She's not sure she'll ever be fully free of DOD, especially while she still has her tattoo. As suspected, it's something given to members of the Trust, which explains why Sam finds tattooing stuff in Harmony's bag. Alexis asks Neil for an impromptu session at the Floating Rib, hooking him by announcing that her daughter's in a cult. Neil has experience in that area and advises her to do nothing. Kristina's an adult, and trying to pressure her to leave DOD will just make her mad, so Alexis needs to find subtle ways to get her to question what she's doing. Sonny now agrees with Sam that they should back off of getting Kristina out of DOD, but Jason thinks they should move sooner rather than later. Sonny questions Shiloh's intentions, thinking he has to be up to more than just charging for seminars. Jason thinks he also tries to extort money out of members' parents, which they could take him down for if they can prove it. Sonny reminds him that Margaux's on Shiloh's side, but Jason thinks Laura and Jordan will be able to help them. Sonny still wants to try his plan B first, which involves help from Neil. Maxie and Peter finally admit their feelings for each other, and there's a lot of kissing. They're about to set up a date when Lulu interrupts to announce that she's leaving town for a while. Peter agrees to grant her a leave of absence from The Invader, but he wants her to consider writing a book about Ryan. Finn can't propose because Anna's distracted by Peter and Maxie, then because Robert shows up to reveal that Alex lied about the memory Anna has that Alex said was hers. But then he says Alex implanted it in Anna for a reason he hasn't figured out yet, but...I thought it was real? I'm so confused.

I feel like Sam didn't think this through very well. She doesn't have an escape plan.

Lighting a bunch of candles around all those pillows seems really safe. Can the DOD leaders be arrested for that?

Wait, Willow's real last name is Miller? Isn't that Harmony's last name? It's Diane's, too. What does it all mean??

Nice of you to drink beer in front of your alcoholic patient, Neil.

Lulu, if Molly can write a book, you can write a book. (Hey, guys, remember when Molly wrote a book?)

Robert, don't take this the wrong way, but aren't you supposed to be on another show?

April 9th, 2019

Willow tells Michael that she was in DOD, and Kristina's getting in to deep and needs to be rescued. Sam eavesdrops on Shiloh and Harmony but only hears that Kristina revealed an "inconvenient truth" about her family as her trust offering. As Shiloh tells Harmony that Willow's in Port Charles, Sam meets with Jason and Michael, and they share all they've learned about DOD. Thanks to Willow, Michael knows more details about the Trust initiation – Kristina will get a tattoo, go through some ceremony, and have to sleep with Shiloh. (She also has to sign a transcript of her pledge and wear an unflattering dress, but Willow doesn't mention that, because she heads off to go roller skating with Chase.) Sam notes that Kristina's not going to see that as a deal-breaker. Michael now wants to join Sonny's side and get Kristina out even if it's not what she wants. Neil hesitates to help Sonny, since he disagrees with the plan to basically kidnap Kristina to get her out of DOD. He adds that his last attempt at helping a cult member readjust to the regular world (read: deprogramming) didn't go well, so Sonny might not want his help. Sonny does, and he finally wears Neil down. As expected, Margaux closes Ryan's case, so Jordan asks Curtis to go to Niagara to continue the investigation. He doesn't want to leave her, so that's not happening. Jordan learns that Ryan was still alive when he lost his hand, so everyone's right to worry that he might resurface. Ava asks to meet with Laura and Felicia so they can discuss the whole Ryan situation. Felicia wants to use Ava as bait to lure him back to Port Charles so he can finally be captured. Laura bows out, thinking the mayor shouldn't get involved in vigilante justice, but Ava loves the idea. Felicia's plan is to have Ava fake a relationship with someone new, which will hopefully enrage Ryan into confronting her. Laura's like, "And then they both end up dead?" but the other women ignore her.

Are we done pretending that tattoos can't be removed?

"I know how to establish an alibi." Heh. It's almost like Jason forgot who Michael's father is.

A roller disco? Port Charles sure is a happening place.

So who's the new guy Ava's going to "flaunt"? Franco would be the best choice, but Elizabeth would have to be in on that.

April 10th, 2019

Harmony and Shiloh give Kristina a drink to "calm" her, and it eventually renders her unconscious. Sam lures Shiloh out of the DOD house by pretending she's drunk and on the verge of going back to Jason. Jason's able to sneak into the house and grab Kristina before the initiation, which has been moved up for some reason. Anna convinces herself that Robin's really Alex's daughter, and for some reason Alex now wants her to know that her memories of being Robin's mother are all lies. Maxie almost joins the Slept With Siblings Club, but a fussy baby interrupts before too many of her and Peter's clothes can come off. Peter gets further sidetracked by a picture of Nathan and decides they're moving too fast. He thinks Maxie's rushing to try to convince herself that she's ready to move on. Maxie promises that she'll be ready someday, and he assures her that he'll wait. Alexis asks Sonny if he plans to kidnap Kristina, telling him what Neil told her about letting her get out on her own. Sonny doesn't mention that they must have spoken to the same person, and just says he wants her safe. He thinks she'll eventually become rational and realize he did what was best for her. Alexis comes around and approves the kidnapping. She balks a little when Sonny tells her it's already in the works, since it's illegal and she could get disbarred again, but ultimately she's on board with his plan. Unlike Maxie and Peter, Chase and Willow get fully undressed and make it to the bedroom.

Depending on what was in that drink, they may be able to nab Shiloh for attempted rape (and rape of other women).

Fake-drunk Sam just isn't as much fun as legitimately drunk Sam.

If Robin is really Alex's daughter (and the thought had crossed my mind), the entire audience will revolt.

Alexis, please tell me which part of your relationship (or whatever) with Sonny wasn't dysfunctional. Please be specific.

April 11th, 2019

Shiloh and Harmony think Kristina took off on her own, and Sam reinforces this by saying it's typical of Kristina to flake out on something. Molly shows up at the DOD house looking for Kristina and tells Shiloh exactly what she thinks of him and his organization. She also goes off on Sam for joining up. Shiloh and Harmony are pretty calm about Kristina's disappearance until Harmony realizes that the cup she drank from is also missing (since Jason snagged it), which could mean trouble for them. Jason takes Kristina to a safehouse, where she spends the night unconscious. When she wakes up, she's predictably furious, insisting that Jason didn't need to rescue her because she wasn't in any danger. She turns on the waterworks when Sonny arrives, but he's brought Max and Milo along to make sure she can't leave the house. Kristina thinks Alexis will side with her and end her captivity, but Alexis is going along with everything, despite her better judgment. She's shocked when Neil arrives, since he told her not to do anything, but Neil's like, "You thought I could stop Sonny from doing whatever he wanted?" Alexis and Sonny bicker about the situation and Neil tells them to cut it out because Kristina will probably try to turn them against each other. If they lose her now, they'll probably never see her again. The good news is that Oscar is awake again. The bad news is that he's going to keep getting worse, and is now down to just days. He'll be spending them at the Quartermaines', and everyone else will be spending them crying. Michael asks Willow to help Kristina, but Willow knows Kristina will just see her as a DOD traitor and won't listen to her story. Plus, she'll just put a target on her back again for Shiloh to come after her. Michael offers her protection, but Willow still declines, and Chase backs up her decision.

I like angry, fed-up Molly.

I assume Sam's smile after Molly's rant wasn't because she was amused by Molly's anger, but because she was proud of herself for fooling her sister.

I'm no lawyer or law-enforcement officer, but if Kristina was unconscious all night, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been able to consent to anything during/after the ceremony, definitely an arrestable offense!

I wish Jason had gotten Kristina a change of clothes, because that dress is hideous.

Who wants to explain to Leo that a dying teenager is moving into his house?

Second Jax mention in two weeks! So when is he coming?

April 12th, 2019

Nora asks the judge to dismiss Kevin's case with the argument that since Ryan had been declared legally dead, he wasn't a fugitive, so Kevin couldn't have aided and abetted him. To Margaux's dismay, the judge accepts that technicality, so Kevin's a free man (though he isn't that thrilled not to be punished after the murders of three people). Next he'll try to get his job back, and Laura's rooting for him there. Anna tells Robert her fears that Alex is really Robin's mother. Robert refuses to entertain the idea and doesn't really care that there's no good way to prove or disprove Anna's theory. She thinks she should retrace her steps from 40 years ago. Laura catches Finn practicing his proposal on a skeleton (he's already done it with Roxie), so he asks for her input on the ring. She gives her approval and thinks Anna would be lucky to marry him. She asks his medical opinion on whether Ryan's really dead, and Finn says it's likely he bled out after losing his hand, but there's still the possibility, however small, that he's alive. Maxie and Peter make sure things are okay between them and Sasha, who assures them that she's not mad about the DNA test. Nina's been cold toward Maxie since the DNA test, but Sasha smooths things over between them, hoping Nina will be as forgiving of her in the hypothetical instance that she might hypothetically need forgiving. Hypothetically. Meanwhile, Peter tells Valentin that lying about Sasha is exactly the sort of thing he would do, so he can't really blame Maxie and Peter for being suspicious. Spencer is once again in town, and he thinks something's up with Valentin and Sasha. Valentin tries to shut him up by threatening to spill that he tampered with the election. Laura interrupts and tells Valentin that she wants to work out a visitation schedule with Charlotte while Lulu's out of town. Valentin says no, because why not be petty for no reason? Later, he goes to see Nora. Ava's not happy that the Ryan investigation is over, but there's not much Jordan can do. She thinks Ava's going to do something dangerous, so she calls Julian to corral her. Ava starts to shape up on her own, but it looks like someone's watching her. Nina and Curtis do some recapping, and Curtis really deserves better.

I'm not really a Nora fan, but she's kind of a genius.

Robert calling Anna "Annie" makes me think he's the one being impersonated by a twin.

Finn, proposing right now is...not a good idea.

Spencer being suspicious of Sasha without even being involved in that storyline just makes Nina look even dumber.

April 16th, 2019

Sam tells Shiloh that Kristina isn't returning any of her family's calls and no one's seen her. She sends him out of the house to look for her, then searches Kristina's room. Daisy tags along, so Sam can't do much snooping, but she does learn that there will be some kind of punishment if Kristina ever returns to DOD. Sam mentions the Trust, which she's not supposed to know about, and Daisy warns her not to bring it up around Shiloh. Jason takes the cup to GH for testing, but it ends up in freaking Brad's possession, and Shiloh sees it. He tells Brad it's his and that it disappeared from the house, so he'd like it back. Brad admits that it's supposed to be tested for drugs, and that a friend of Jason's (Elizabeth) submitted it. Shiloh gets him to tell Jason that the drug tests didn't turn up anything unnatural. Back at the DOD house, Shiloh tells Sam that he thinks Jason kidnapped Kristina. After hearing Brad talk about getting more involved in DOD, Willow calls Michael and offers to talk to Kristina. He tells her that Kristina was supposed to go through the Trust ceremony but is now away from Shiloh. Willow says again that the sleeping-with-Shiloh part of the ceremony is consensual, if coerced, but there was a lot of peer pressure involved when she went through with it (including from her mother, which just fuels my theory that Harmony is Willow's mother). Michael figures out that Shiloh is Wiley's father, and expresses sympathy that Willow fought to keep her child away from Shiloh, then lost him. Willow admits that she's been lying to him, since her baby didn't die. (The audience: [x].) Spencer complains to Nina about Valentin's treatment of him, but Nina doesn't have much sympathy for him. Spencer tells her he's trying to keep Charlotte away from Laura, which Nina denies, but that's exactly what Valentin's trying to get Nora to do. Valentin hears Spencer telling Nina that Valentin's trying to blackmail him because of something involving Sasha. He bursts in to end the discussion, then acts like he's going to rat Spencer out for the election tampering, but instead he asks Nora to stop pursuing full custody of Charlotte. Valentin then tells Nina that he offered Sasha money to stay in town when she first wanted to leave. Cameron gets suspended from school for pounding on a guy who used a homophobic insult toward Aiden. He thinks Aiden is just weird, not gay, but Elizabeth tells him it doesn't matter, and they need to support him no matter what. Cameron would prefer if his brother would act "less gay" and save Cam the trouble of having to keep defending him. Elizabeth and Franco disagree, suggesting that Cam examine why he's really angry about the situation. Carly's Team Get Rid of Shiloh Right Now, but Jason wants to defer to Sonny and Sam.

Brad telling Shiloh stuff about the cup has to be some sort of privacy violation, right? Not that that's the worst thing he's ever done, of course. Or is currently doing.

Why does Valentin care if Laura shares custody of Charlotte? Save your energy for covering up your secrets, my man.

I'm not advocating violence, but I'm going to give Cameron a pass for hitting homophobes.

It's adorable that Carly thinks she has any say in a storyline she's had zero participation in so far.

Also, was she implying that when she's rested, she DOES have an edit button?

Lucas seems very unconcerned about his husband joining a cult.

April 17th, 2019

Michael brushes aside Willow's confession that her son isn't dead (...awkward) since she did lose him, even if it wasn't in the same way the rest of the grief group lost their children. She tells him that women who join the Trust have to offer a pledge, which means Kristina told Shiloh a secret that he could make public if she doesn't come back to DOD. That also means he has something he can hold over Willow's head, but she thinks he's still keeping it secret because he believes she'll eventually come back. Michael's hesitant to let Willow meet with Kristina, since she'd be an accessory to a kidnapping, but Willow is determined to save other women from getting hurt. Michael tells Sonny and Jason about the pledge, warning that Shiloh could have dirt on Sonny. Shiloh figures that Sonny got Jason to kidnap Kristina, and they could be holding her anywhere, so their odds of just stumbling across her are pretty small. But he also thinks he has an advantage in Sam, and that she can con Jason into telling her where her sister is. Jason sees Brad signing up for a seminar on DOD's website and realizes he's a Shilotologist. Fortunately, Jason gets the cup back, and there's still residue in it, so he can get it tested for real. Franco tells Nina that, thanks to Charlotte, Aiden's experiences at school are getting worse. Nina once again defends Charlotte, denying she's a bully, but when Franco tells her the extent of the bullying, she feels horrible that Aiden's being treated so badly. She agrees to try Franco's plan: Get Charlotte to befriend Aiden so their classmates follow her lead. Elizabeth now feels like she and Franco were too hard on Cameron, who just wants to help his brother. Lucas tells her that they're doing everything right, and eventually Aiden will decide that it's cool to be different. Chase and Finn talk over recent developments in their relationships, which both involve their girlfriends' pasts getting in the way. Chase urges Finn to stop thinking about Anna's past and propose so they can move into the future together. Lucas talks Brad out of going to the seminar, so that's good. Sonny and Margaux...whatever.

DOD should try to recruit a graphic designer, because their website could use some work.

"Why would Brad lie?" Yeah, I know, he's usually so honest.

Who would have thought Franco would be the one to get Nina to finally see reason?

Nina saying "woke" might be the whitest thing she's ever done.

April 18th, 2019

Sam distracts Shiloh from tagging along to see Jason by taking him around town "looking" for Kristina. She plays dumb with Julian, who's frustrated that Kristina disappeared after he gave her $10,000. Alexis tells the three of them that she spoke to Kristina, who got cold feet about the Trust ceremony and just needs some time alone. Julian tells Alexis about the money he gave Kristina, so she writes him a check to pay it back and gets him to promise not to fire her. Jason and Sonny decide that their best option to deal with Kristina's pledge is to have Sam find it and destroy it. Sonny's so worried about Shiloh possibly having something on him that he wants to ask Kristina about the pledge. Neil tells him not to, thinking that eventually Kristina will be ashamed of what she did, and knowing that Sonny knows will destroy their relationship. But it's a moot point, because the pledge is about Alexis – Kristina insists that she killed Kiefer on purpose. Oscar and Josslyn are writing a song together, and she hopes they can perform it at the Nurses' Ball. Oscar's much more realistic about his very slight chance of making it there, but Josslyn doesn't want to sing it with anyone else. Anna's made no headway in finding proof that she's Robin's mother, and she agrees with Finn that it's best not to say anything to her about it right now. Fortunately, Anna then thinks of something while she's looking through a photo album, and she digs up a bracelet that she tells Finn is proof that Robin's her daughter. Alexis is annoyed that Neil didn't tell her he was working with Sonny to help Kristina. He calmly tells her that he didn't know she and Sonny had a child together, and Sonny didn't approach him until after their conversation about Kristina. Alexis asks about his experiences with cult deprogramming, but he tells her to develop some boundaries and stop thinking about his personal life. Oscar asks Ned and Olivia to help him plan his memorial service. Carly's dreading Oscar's inevitable death and the grief Josslyn has coming her way. Kim's doing great, Drew! Thanks for asking!

Julian should have gotten suspicious that something was up with Sam because she didn't say anything mean to him.

Let's put a positive spin on Kristina's pledge: If Shiloh tries to use it to blackmail Alexis, they can bust him for extortion.

So does Kristina really think Alexis killed Kiefer on purpose, or did she lie in her pledge for some reason? Discuss.

Jason: "Sam can get the pledge." Ten seconds later: "Maybe I can get the pledge." Jason, shhh.

Yeah, the Nurses' Ball isn't for another month. I don't think Oscar's going to be there. They should record themselves singing and play it at the ball.

April 19th, 2019

A conversation with Elizabeth finally gets Laura to decide that she can get past Kevin's mistakes and start over with him. Just as they're working things out, a package arrives from Ryan. Michael and Sasha hang out together at the gym, and he questions her attempts to keep her distance. She admits that she hasn't always been an honest person, and from what he's said about Nelle, she figures he wouldn't want to be with her. They agree to be friends, which lasts for, like, a minute before they wind up taking their clothes off in her hotel room. Ava catches Curtis following her and he reveals that Julian hired him as her bodyguard. Ava dismisses him, preferring to get started on her fake-boyfriend plan. She asks Franco to be the fake boyfriend, but he can't see any pros to helping out. Ava's second choice is Scott. Curtis tells Jordan that he thinks Ryan must have had to turn to someone for help in Niagara, but she figures that person is already dead. Curtis reports that a pharmacy in Canada was burglarized, so Ryan may have stolen medical supplies there. Obrecht's surprised to learn from Maxie and Peter that Sasha's DNA test came back positive. She asks Valentin how he managed to pull that off, and he warns her to keep everyone in the situation happy so she can keep seeing James. Maxie thinks Valentin must still have a secret, and she wonders if it's worth investigating. Peter's like, "Didn't we just do this, and didn't you learn your lesson?" He thinks they should just leave Valentin alone and move on. Similarly, Valentin wants Nina to stop worrying about what Obrecht may know about her misdeeds and focus on their wedding. Franco's having a good day – Jordan wants to formally reward him for his work on Ryan's case, and Elizabeth is pleased that he made a move to help Aiden.

Michael, no!

Scott would be perfect as Ava's fake boyfriend. He's totally already in love with her.

I'm surprised no one saw a black man following a white woman around town and called the police. Maybe Port Charles is, as Nina would say, woke.

Peter, no one needs to get revenge on Valentin. Karma will take care of him.

April 22nd, 2019

Sonny, Alexis, Michael, and Neil hold an intervention/therapy session designed to get the family communicating about Kristina's recent decisions. Neil wisely makes himself look like Kristina's ally by promising to stop the session if Kristina says it's too much. Things get off to a bad start when Alexis' phone rings and Kristina complains that her job keeps her from really connecting with her family. She emotionally confides that she always felt lonely before she joined DOD. Michael makes a good effort at convincing her to come home with him, but Kristina says she made a promise and can't leave DOD. Scott admits that he has feelings for Ava, but that's exactly why he doesn't want to participate in her sting – he feels like he'd be taking advantage of her. Also, he thinks Ryan's dead, so there's no point to it. The package contains Ryan's hand, and it's from the RCMP, not Ryan himself, not that that makes it less creepy. Kevin thinks his arrogance is what led to Ryan's crime spree, and part of the reason he didn't tell Laura about Ryan was that he knew she would call him out for his plans. Laura's still willing to put everything behind them, and she's even ready for Kevin to move back home. First, though, Kevin wants to tell Ava about the hand, which gives her an idea. Harmony leaves some Trust files lying around the DOD house, and Sam is almost able to get a glimpse of them. Then she picks the lock to the room where all the Trust stuff is kept, but Shiloh comes home before she can get inside. Sam tells him she's ready for the next step in DOD, which will get her closer to joining the Trust. Shiloh and Jason are at Volonino's at the same time, and Shiloh clearly wants to get Jason riled up again so he'll get violent, because he blathers about Sam and Danny a bunch. Jason manages to keep his hands to himself this time. Later, Brick determines that the residue in the DOD cup contained a narcotic, so Jason's ready to go after Shiloh. Michael and Sasha plan to hang out again, even though she thinks she'll only be in town through Nina and Valentin's wedding. Carly runs into Michael and wonders why he's so happy, but he won't tell her. Carly then meets Sasha and may have figured out what the two of them were up to earlier. Alexis tells Molly that Kristina's safe, but doesn't let her know about the intervention, thinking that Molly's presence would make Kristina overly defensive. Molly and T.J. think that since Kristina's always had people to rescue her, she's never had to take care of herself, and she sees DOD as her way of becoming independent. Carly doesn't think Sam knows what she's doing, and again, it's adorable that she thinks she has any place in this storyline.

It took a freaking cult to get the Corinthoses and Davises where they belong – in family therapy.

Alexis, take your phone with you when you leave. ALEXIS. TAKE YOUR PHONE WITH YOU.

Why would the RCMP send Kevin the hand instead of the police? And without letting him know ahead of time that he was going to be receiving a box containing a HUMAN BODY PART?

Kevin, if you sometimes think you're the smartest person in the room, it's because you usually are.

Way to leave your "private material" out in the open in a shared space, Harmony.

April 23rd, 2019

Kristina won't leave her new family, insisting she's happy and fulfilled with DOD. She can see herself staying there long-term even if it means giving up people and things outside the group. As everyone's emotions get elevated, she accuses her family of trying to brainwash her. When Kristina says she's done with the session, Michael is, interestingly, the first one to storm out. Kristina, who's spotted Alexis' phone under the couch, threatens to sue if her family doesn't back off. As soon as she's alone, she uses the phone to call Valerie. Molly and T.J. run into Chase and Valerie, who asks after Kristina. Molly says she left DOD but is in an unknown location. The detectives get suspicious that the Corinthoses kidnapped Kristina, so Valerie goes to the DOD house while Chase summons Michael to confront him. As Felicia tells Laura how traumatic her experiences with Ryan have been, and what Lulu must be going through, Ava tells Kevin her plans. Besides pretending they're together, she wants to stage a funeral for Ryan to make him think he's in the clear. Kevin turns her down, not wanting to jeopardize his reunion with Laura. But when he tells Laura about the idea, she thinks it might work. Harmony's not in favor of letting Sam into the Trust, but Shiloh wants to keep moving with Sam's progress in DOD. The next step: stripping. Harmony tracks down Willow (who, yes, is her daughter) and tells her she'd be welcome back at DOD. Willow refuses, blasting Harmony for handing her over to Shiloh instead of protecting her. T.J. thinks Jordan and Curtis aren't telling him all the details about Jordan's health, so he swipes her medical file. Then he confronts her with the news that she's at risk of losing her remaining kidney. Curtis is pretty sure Ryan's the one who robbed the pharmacy in Canada, so Jordan convinces him to go up and search.

I told y'all to let Molly in on what was going on. And I told you to take your phone with you, Alexis. No one ever listens to me.

Aw, Valerie doesn't find Chase as adorable as I do.

If it came down to Ava vs. Ryan, I'd have $5 on Ava, even if Ryan had both hands.

Ava and Felicia working together is so weird.

Okay, they confirmed that Harmony is Willow's mother – when do we find out if they're also related to Diane?

T.J. would probably be kicked out of med school for copying a patient's file, yeah?

April 24th, 2019

Valerie answers Kristina's call, but Kristina's only able to say she needs help before Alexis grabs her phone back. Kristina is furious about the circumstances, but Alexis is willing to risk her job and freedom for her daughter's well-being. Neil suggests that she unconsciously sabotaged the process by leaving her phone behind. Alexis questions his intentions with the deprogramming, and though he says he doesn't want to lose someone else to a cult, he won't elaborate. Kristina overhears Alexis lamenting that she no longer recognizes her daughter and is afraid of losing her forever. Sam is edging close to joining Shiloh in shirtlessness when Valerie enters the house. She keeps quiet about Kristina's phone call and is skeptical of Sam's claims that Kristina's off somewhere with friends. Shiloh's pleased with Sam's show of trust and tells her she's ready for the next step. Sam's really shaken by how physical Shiloh has become with her and what she almost had to do to earn his trust. Jason tells her that Kristina was drugged, but since they can't tie that to Shiloh, Sam says she'll have to keep going with her plan. Chase interrogates Michael, who plays innocent and pretends he doesn't know where Kristina is. Valerie tells Chase that Kristina called her, then got interrupted, but not by Shiloh. Since Sam was fixing her shirt when she came downstairs, Valerie thinks she and Shiloh hooked up, which means Kristina might have gotten jealous and taken off. Chase is leaning more toward the idea that the Corinthoses have her, but either way, she's missing and he wants to investigate. Laura talks Kevin into teaming with Ava, which means they'll have to pretend they're not back together. She sets out some ground rules with Ava, reminding her that this is a fake relationship, but Ava's not about to fall in love with a guy who looks just like her daughter's murderer. Harmony tells Willow that she knew she was pregnant when she left DOD, but she kept it from Shiloh. Willow lies that she miscarried the baby. Harmony's sympathetic that Willow had to go through grief by herself, but Willow doesn't want anything from the mother who basically pimped her out to a cult leader. Harmony tells Shiloh that Willow has no plans to return, and she herself has decided to go back to Beechers Corners. Sonny wants to take Shiloh out for drugging Kristina, but Jason is now opposed, worried that it'll ruin their relationship. T.J.'s upset that Jordan won't tell Curtis how serious her condition is. Julian's pretty sure Ryan's dead, but he's happy that Curtis is going to Canada to find out for sure.

Sam needs to work on her poker face. I can't believe Shiloh didn't catch on to how repulsed she was by his touch.

So basically, Kevin and Laura are pulling a Jasam with their secret reconciliation. Anyone else want to get in on this trend?

I'm surprised Harmony didn't tell Shiloh that Willow was pregnant, either today or in the past. He's not going to like that.

Did Curtis get Julian to pay him for an investigation he was going to conduct anyway? Nice.

April 25th, 2019

Oscar's sad that Scout's too young to be able to keep any memories of him. Monica promises that the rest of the family will tell her all about him. Oscar tells her and Kim that he wants to add Quartermaine to his last name, an idea both women love. Josslyn yells at Cameron for not coming by to see Oscar. She reveals that she's more realistic about his condition and time left than she's let on before. Then the two of them, Oscar, and Drew play poker together. Laura and Kevin enjoy their last few moments together before he goes off to pretend he's with Ava. Mac is hugely opposed to Ava's plan, but he's willing to compromise and go along with it if everyone agrees to turn Ryan over to the authorities if he turns up. Ava, I would like to note, doesn't formally agree to that. Anna tells Robert that since she still has the bracelet he bought her on their first mission together, which led to Robin's conception, she must be Robin's mother. Robert urges her to leave the past where it is and look to the future. Anna tells Finn that's what she's going to do, but he thinks she's still a little stuck on possibly having fake memories. Carly undergoes genetic testing, with Bobbie sitting in for Sonny. Elizabeth whines about Cameron to Epiphany.

Hi, Scout! 'Bye, Scout! She had almost as much screentime as Epiphany did.

Good thing Mac's in on Ava's plan. If he thought she was really with Kevin, he'd flip.

Robert: "Do you want my opinion?" Anna: "No." Robert: "Good, here it comes." Ha! I'm surprised he bothered to ask.

I don't think Anna intended to reveal that she loves Robin more than Peter, and yet...

April 26th, 2019

Oscar confirms that Jason will still be his executor, then asks for a motorcycle ride. Kim resists, but it's hard to deny your dying son something he really wants. After the ride, Oscar asks Drew and Jason to work on becoming brothers. They admit that they never thought they would find common ground, but Oscar's a good place to start. Oscar then asks Cameron to help him make a video for Josslyn to watch after he dies. Michael and Sasha are both sick, and they wind up at the hospital at the same time. Nina's thrilled and pushes them to spend time together. Drowsy from medication, Sasha says within Michael's earshot that she wishes Nina were her real mother. Robert looks at the ring Finn wants to give Anna but can't give it back to him without her seeing. There's another freaking conversation about leaving the past in the past, and I wish I could get paid to write the same things over and over. Just propose already and let's get on with this plot. Lulu's back already and wants to do an interview with Ava. Peter confides that he's not sure he can show love, since he never did it (and was never shown love) as a child. Lulu thinks the way he is with Maxie is already loving, so he has nothing to worry about. Maxie searches for an outfit for her first date with Peter, which Nina's not on board with. Sasha points out that she already forgave Maxie for the DNA test, so she needs to forgive Peter, too. But then Peter delays the date because of work, disappointing Maxie. Avery overhears Carly and Sonny talking about the baby, so they tell her she's going to be a big sister. She's more excited than Sonny, who admits to Carly that even with things going well, he's finding it hard not to fear the worst. Carly suggests that they take a page from Josslyn's book and live in the moment.

I see Oscar's using his I'm-dying-so-you-have-to-do-what-I-want guilt-trip powers for good.

Those two scenes with Finn are the closest Sasha will ever get to meeting her fake birth father.

Lulu: "What have I missed?" Nothing. You were only gone for two days.

Kristina really is going to be the last to find out about the baby.

April 29th, 2019

Sonny sends Milo into the DOD house as a prospective Shilohtologist so he can distract Shiloh while Sam looks for Kristina's pledge. Milo comes through on his end, but Sam gets distracted by her own file and doesn't find Kristina's. Neil tells Sonny and Jason that Kristina overheard his conversation with Alexis and is starting to get why her family is keeping her in the safehouse. Sonny brings up the pledge, and Neil tells him again not to ask her about it. Sonny and Jason try to convince themselves that Kristina doesn't have any dirt on Sonny that Shiloh could use against him anyway. Neil mentions the phone call, and Jason realizes that Kristina must have called Valerie. He doubts the police will ever be able to find Kristina, but Neil reminds him that if the deprogramming doesn't work, they're all in legal trouble. Ava, Kevin, Laura, Mac, Felicia, and Lulu hold a memorial service for Ryan, filming it for the Invader in hopes that Ryan will see the video and think they believe he's dead. Franco shows up and seems suspicious, but the others keep moving with their plan. Lucy sees Kevin and Ava together and accidentally reinforces their efforts by making a public objection. Chase and Valerie tell Jordan and Margaux that they think Kristina needs rescuing from her family. Jordan approves of letting them investigate, but Margaux says there's no indication that Kristina isn't just off with friends somewhere. Chase crosses the line a tiny bit by asking if she's trying to protect Shiloh. Margaux tells the detectives not to look into Kristina's disappearance, but they decide to ignore her. In Canada, Curtis finds a guy named Timmy who says someone tried to hire him to rob the pharmacy. Curtis thinks he's on to something until Timmy tells him the person was a woman. Jordan collapses, but at least she's already at the hospital.

I had no idea Milo was so good at undercover work.

I can't wait until Sonny finds out that Kristina's pledge is about Alexis, and for once, something isn't about him.

Mac's grumpiness over the group's plan actually makes it seem more realistic. That's how he would act if Kevin and Ava really were together.

The only way I could get interested in Margaux's involvement in the DOD storyline is if she turns out to be infiltrating, too.

April 30th, 2019

Sonny and Neil tell Alexis that Kristina called Valerie, so Alexis figures it's only a matter of time before they're all arrested. Chase gives Valerie a chance to back out of their unauthorized investigation, but she's all in. They trace Kristina's phone call to Alexis' phone, then question her about how Kristina, who's supposedly out of town, made a call on a phone that's supposedly in town. Alexis quickly lies that she and Kristina accidentally swapped phones. When the detectives push for a way to contact Kristina, Alexis stonewalls them, insisting that they give her privacy. Kristina's agreed to another family session, but Sonny and Neil think the police are going to be keeping their eyes on Alexis (they're right), so she won't be able to come to the safehouse. Neil thinks it's crucial for her to be there, so Alexis needs to come up with a way to get there undetected. Timmy tells Curtis that the woman who tried to hire him to break into the pharmacy met him at a waterfront, had a non-American accent, and drove a car with a bumper sticker from a local high school. Meanwhile, Ava gets a call from a woman who Mac thinks is by a shipyard, and who says she has the wrong number when he gets on the phone. Lulu's video from the memorial is already getting a lot of views, so she conducts her interview with Ava to try to build more momentum. Ava says that her feelings for Ryan were genuine, and she's pleased that the real Kevin is just as great as the person she thought Ryan was. Mac and Felicia are worried that their plan puts Kevin in danger, but he's willing to take the risk. Sam asks Shiloh some casual questions about the super-secret locked office where all the DOD members' files are stored, but that doesn't get her anywhere. Knowing that she'll get access if she joins the Trust, she resigns herself to taking that next step. Shiloh thinks he knows all her secrets and is eager to find out which one she offers as her pledge. Jordan has an infection, and if antibiotics don't take care of it, she'll need a transplant ASAP. She ignores a call from Curtis, but some nosy advice from Elizabeth makes her change her mind and tell him everything that's going on. Franco brings Drew a painting Oscar likes, then gives him a pep talk, and I really, really, really don't care about their scenes. Finn asks Elizabeth if she's been in touch with Hayden, since he'd like to tell her something.

Sonny, don't say "hella."

Is Ava officially an alcoholic yet?

Peter, please get Lulu a camera crew so she doesn't have to keep filming stuff on an iPad.

Elizabeth, when has getting involved in someone else's relationship ever worked out for you?

So we're talking about Hayden again. That has to mean something, right?

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