General Hospital blog - April, 2020

April 1st, 2020

Julian thinks Neil used Alexis, then drove her to drink. A handful of people hear him yelling that the two of them slept together, which could prove damaging for Neil. Alexis tells Julian that her life is none of his business, then suggests that he take a trip to Hell, since he'd find it inviting. Guessing that Julian's still in love with Alexis, Britt decides she's done fooling around with him. Trina is predictably furious about Jordan's accusations, and not too happy with Portia for believing them. Carly learns more about Brando, like how he's good with kids, he used to hide from his mom at the library, and he likes horses. Mike is worse, then a little better, then sees Brando and says he's supposed to be dead. Brook wants Dustin to write a song for her, since she loved the poems he used to write her. Lulu admits that it would be a great opportunity and he should go for it. Valentin tries to get into Nina's head and make her think he's a better choice than Jax. Charlotte doesn't like Jax, or at least not his relationship with Nina.

Julian, Britt thinks you're wrong. BRITT. You have to be really far gone for that.

On the plus side, if Julian's outburst gets Neil fired, he and Alexis can be together.

Neil: "We can resolve this in an adult, civilized way." Me: "Screw that – punch his lights out!"

Curtis really shouldn't have been in the room when Jordan was telling Trina everything.

Brando's skills with Avery make him even cuter. Show, please pair him with someone good!

April 2nd, 2020

Molly demands information on T.J.'s whereabouts from Jordan, who tries to calmly tell her that she needs to back off. Molly threatens to gather her own search team, so Jordan blows up at her, telling her to grow up and blaming her for T.J.'s need to get away. A car issue sends Molly to Brando's garage, and if she thinks she and T.J. are done, he might be the next object of her affection. While Mac rushes to find new charges to bring against Cyrus, Laura sends Kevin to analyze Cyrus in hopes of finding a reason to send him to Ferncliff. Robert tells them their plan is never going to work. Mike acts like he recognizes Brando, but he doesn't. Sonny struggles to continue helping him as he declines. Trina tells Ava all about Jordan's accusations against Taggert and her fear that his reputation will be ruined. Ava says Taggert's a hero for saving Trina, so it doesn't matter what other people think of him. Jason tells Sam that they need to stop risking her freedom because if she goes back to Pentonville, she'll be in the middle of a mob war. He also tells her that Cyrus has T.J.

Okay, Jordan, you're crossing the line. Don't make Molly sad.

The people holding T.J. would be smart to respond to Molly's texts and make her think everything's okay.

Brando, you probably won't get any payment from Molly. Your boss is her uncle.

Yeah, like Kevin's objective. No judge is going to accept his evaluation of Cyrus.

This Mike stuff isn't going anywhere. Can we please see some other plots instead?

April 6th, 2020

Jordan finalizes the arrangements to get Cyrus released but can't get him to confirm when T.J. will be freed. Jordan tells Curtis that if she doesn't get him back, she'll kill Cyrus. Sonny tells Carly that Cyrus is about to be released, so their family is in more danger than ever. He plans to have Jason kill Cyrus pretty quickly, though, so I'm not sure how much of a threat he can present. Carly tells Jax that if he wants to take Josslyn out of the country, she won't object. Jax, for once, decides to trust her judgment and let Josslyn stay put. Laura urges Cyrus to leave town, but Cyrus plans to stick around. She tells him that when (not if) he's murdered, she'll bring his killer to justice. Trina wants to confront Jordan about the supposed lies she's spreading about Taggert. Curtis tries to convince her that sometimes good people do bad things because they think they're the right things to do. Despite Taggert's actions, he can still be considered a hero. Trina ignores him and tells Josslyn and Cameron that she wants to sue Jordan. Josslyn warns that an investigation into Taggert's actions could show that he really did manufacture evidence. She reminds Trina that she can still love Taggert even though he wasn't perfect. Jason tells Sam that they need to cut off all contact so Cyrus won't try to use her or the kids against him. Sam objects as much as she can but ultimately has to accept the new arrangement. Nikolas doesn't like that Laura's gotten involved in the Cyrus stuff, and he asks Kevin to do something. Kevin says he and Laura respect each other's work and decisions, so he's not going to try to talk his wife out of something he knows she would never back down from. Nina's worried that Charlotte's negative feelings about Jax will affect their relationship. Ava thinks she should be more worried about Jax and Carly's connection.

Jordan and Jason don't seem to get that killing Cyrus could mean they never get T.J. back.

Having sex while your son's being held captive feels like a bad move.

Jason, if you think it's a bad idea to meet Sam in a safehouse, DON'T MEET SAM IN A SAFEHOUSE. You're enabling her.

If they're going to kill Cyrus as soon as possible, how long does Jason think he and Sam will have to be apart?

So nice of them to go to all that trouble to bring back Nikolas and then give him nothing to do.

For the record, I think Jax has been married five times (Miranda, Alexis, Skye, Courtney, and Carly).

We never saw Josslyn when she was Charlotte's age, so I wonder who Jax was referring to when he said she acted out over a relationship Carly was in. Franco?

April 7th, 2020

T.J. gets dumped outside GH, beaten and unconscious but not badly injured. Jordan and Curtis pretend not to know who was behind his kidnapping, but Jordan fears her connection will be uncovered when Chase takes over the investigation. Molly rushes to the hospital as soon as she learns that T.J.'s there, feeling horrible that she doubted his love for her. They quickly make up and agree to a domestic partnership as a compromise between marriage and not-marriage. What T.J. doesn't know is that Molly spent the night with Brando and has sworn him to secrecy about their fling. Diane tells the Corinthoses that Nelle has filed a lawsuit against GH for Wiley's surgery, and has named Monica and Bobbie as parties. Carly's annoyed that Nelle is dragging other people into their rivalry. Diane thinks they can make the lawsuit look petty if they bump up the custody trial and make it look like Nelle doesn't care about Wiley's health, but it sounds like marriage is still Michael's best option. Willow asks Nina again for help bringing Nelle down, but Nina won't publish anything on her since she's not a public figure. Nina tries to hint that she has something brewing against Nelle, but Willow doesn't catch on before she finds out Nelle is now working for Nina, so she's not going to believe that Nina's on her side. In other Willow/Nina news, Willow learns about the necklace and I'm pretty sure she knows where the other half is. Cyrus spends a night in luxury before Carly learns he's staying at the Metro Court and kicks him out. Jason arrives in time to see him out, threatening to blow up another shipment if need be. Cyrus tells him to inform Sonny that he's not going anywhere. Portia learns of the circumstances of T.J.'s conception and wonders if Curtis was so against being with her when he learned she was married because his brother was cheated on. Sonny warns Brando that since he's part of the Corinthos clan, he needs to watch his back.

Molly Lansing-Davis had a one-night stand. 2020 truly is a wild year.

If I know one thing, it's that Molly's on the pill. Uh, right?

I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've seen Molly and T.J.'s apartment. I'm also pretty sure it used to be Felix and Sabrina's apartment.

Imagine if Epiphany had been the highest-ranking nurse when Wiley had surgery and Nelle tried to sue her.

If Willow isn't Nina's daughter, they've given us the biggest red herring I've ever seen.

Wow, a Shawn mention! We haven't gotten one of those in a while.

Sheesh, how short did this episode come in? There were so many flashbacks.

April 8th, 2020

Carly decides to get rid of Nelle by giving her what she wants: a victory. She admits defeat and tells Nelle that all of her schemes have paid off. Nelle says all she wants is the same redemption Carly's gotten after her lifetime of troublemaking, and an admission that the two of them are alike. Flashbacks to the time just before Carly left Florida (Carly's played by Josslyn, Virginia's played by Nina) show her telling her adoptive mother that her big life goal is to be rich and see the world. Virginia says she sounds like Frank, so Carly decides to go find him and see what he's become. Nelle wants Carly to acknowledge that they're sisters through Frank, but Carly says he was never her father, and she didn't know Nelle existed. Nelle says she's lying. Jax talks to Nina about how the whole Nelle mess is his fault because he's the one who paid for her kidney. Josslyn asks Jason to make sure Nelle can't get custody of Wiley. Jason thinks Michael will win because the facts are on his side. Chase is being called as a witness in Nelle's case against GH, which is just one more thing that makes Willow ready to take drastic measures to keep Wiley from Nelle. Sasha looks like she's seconds away from suggesting marriage again.

An entire episode all about Nelle. And it looks like tomorrow's will be more of the same. Am I being punished for something?

Also, WAY too many flashbacks. That's not the way to tell a story, writers.

Nina playing Carly's adoptive mother was confusing. Apparently Valentin will be playing Frank tomorrow, which will also be confusing.

Speaking of Frank, all the mentions of him make me suspicious that he's not really dead and will be showing up in town.

Who cares if Carly met Nelle when she was a child? It makes absolutely no difference. Just kill Nelle off already!

April 9th, 2020

Nelle is under the delusion that when Carly found Frank, he invited her to stay with them, wanting his girls to be sisters. She thinks her whole life would have turned out differently because Carly would have taken care of her like her parents did. Carly tells her that never happened, but she did find out from Frank who her mother was, which led her to Port Charles. She urges Nelle to let Michael have custody of Wiley, promising visitation and a role in her son's life. Michael made her become a better person, and Wiley could do the same for Nelle. But Nelle's bitterness has gotten her this far, and she's going to ride that train all the way to court. Carly tells Jason that she almost feels sorry for Nelle, who didn't have the luxury of having someone like Jason in her life to steer her right. Jax offers to help Nina track down her daughter, but Nina isn't sure she wants to set herself up for heartache again. Then, in the dumbest development we've seen in a while, Nelle appears to have the other half of the necklace. Willow still cares about Wiley as if he were her son, and I'd be surprised if she didn't fully agree to marry Michael to help him secure custody. Jason says again that Michael will win custody because the truth is on his side, so he's just jinxing everything.

This week's episodes were, as a whole, bad. I'm begging for other plots. BEGGING.

NELLE is Nina's daughter? You HAVE to be KIDDING me.

But if it's true, that makes her Kiki's sister, which means Michael's in the Slept With Siblings Club.

Oh, suddenly Jason trusts the legal system?

I hope Bobbie or Monica or someone else is at the hospital with Wiley, because Michael hasn't been there for a while.

April 13th, 2020

Obrecht is about to be extradited to the Hague, and she's upset that Britt has left town without saying goodbye, and Maxie has never come to visit. Robert doesn't have any evidence that Peter's the real culprit, but Obrecht thinks an accusation from him would be enough to make the WSB listen. Robert isn't about to stick out his neck for her, and he doesn't want to make a big move against Peter; it's better to watch him and wait until he slips up. Maxie finally comes to see Obrecht, begging her to plead guilty so she can someday tell James that she owned up to her actions. Obrecht desperately tells her that she would never do anything that would take her away from James. Maxie won't listen when Obrecht says Peter is the real threat, and she officially cuts Obrecht out of her life. Robert may actually feel sorry for Obrecht, as he tells her he'll keep an eye on Maxie and James. Obrecht thinks she'll be able to beat the charges and come back to her family. Nina ridiculously thinks that Nelle might actually be trying to turn her life around, so maybe she deserves a chance to get Wiley. She admits to Jax that she feels like they have some things in common, since they both had uncaring parents and have done horrible things. She thinks Jax should be more wary of her past actions before they move any further in their relationship. Jax points out that Nelle is using a child, something Nina would never do, which makes her better than Nelle. Lulu and Brook get into it yet again, and Dustin tells Brook she needs to cut it out. She tells him her side of the whole Dante thing from years ago, basically arguing that her and Carly's actions were justified because she was mad about what happened to Michael. Dustin thinks she and Lulu could get past their issues if Brook would stop being closed off. Laura intercepts a request from Valentin to meet with Lulu and meets with him herself. He wants to call off the custody suit (ugh, that's still going forward?) and thinks Laura can talk Lulu into making peace. Later, Valentin observes Lulu and Laura talking about how Rocco won't talk about Dante, and how much he needs his father, as if Charlotte doesn't need hers. Anna is all, "I'm so proud of you, Peter! You're such a good person! Thanks for helping me make goody bags for a child's birthday party, a favor that means you're reformed!"

Being naïve is, once again, Nina's downfall.

If Brook is going to keep insisting on bringing up Dante to Lulu, she kind of deserves whatever Lulu does to her.

Dustin's face when Brook was telling him about the Michael/Claudia stuff: "Is it too late to just leave town and never look back?"

Valentin: "You hate me." Laura: "Yep." Hee!

Teaser for this episode: "Peter wishes Robert had a distraction." Me: "Well, I wish Peter...had a...death. Let me start over."

Have we ever had as much lead-up to a child's birthday party as we have to Violet's? Does this mean something big is going to happen there?

Yay, we're done with Britt!

April 14th, 2020

Diane tells Michael his chances of getting custody of Wiley are only a little over 50 percent, so his best bet is still marrying Willow. Michael tells Sasha he'd do it if Chase weren't a factor, but he doesn't want to screw things up for them. Willow promises to agree to the marriage if Michael can't find another way to secure his shot at custody. At the same time, Chase is telling Sasha how much he loves Willow, but he also thinks she'll blame herself if she doesn't do what she can to help, and Nelle gets custody. Anna asks Robert to drop the whole Peter thing, so Robert tells Peter that, without any evidence against him, he has no choice but to believe that Peter's innocent. Peter isn't sure he believes him, but Anna thinks the two of them will eventually make peace and be able to coexist. Peter decides not to take the chance and calls someone to provide a "distraction." Maxie steels herself to tell Lulu about her new job, venting to Peter that she should understand how much Charlotte loves Valentin because Lulu always had so much love for Luke. Lulu is predictably angry when she learns that Valentin is funding Deception, but Maxie gets her to understand that it's business, not personal. Lulu is legitimately happy for her friend's new job and thinks she'll do really well at Deception. Nelle wants to team up with Valentin, who'd rather keep his distance. She threatens to cause trouble, so he reminds her that he can make her forged travel documents reappear, which would cause even more trouble. Finn has gone waaaaay overboard for Violet's birthday party, partly because it's his first with her and partly because Hayden won't be there.

At this point I want Michael to marry Willow just so people will stop talking about it.

Anna to Peter: "You haven't done anything wrong." Me: "In the last five minutes."

I count two mentions of Claudette in two days. I hope that's significant.

Why would Charlotte go to Violet's birthday party?

April 15th, 2020

Every kid in town attends Violet's birthday party and will probably be demanding bounce houses and pony rides for their own parties. Charlotte has somehow brought in a snake and sneaks it into a piñata. The party is a big success, but Finn still feels bad that Hayden can't be there. Sonny reads Nikolas the riot act for abandoning Spencer, no matter how much he insists that he was trying to protect him. He warns Nikolas to stay away from his loved ones, including Carly and Spencer. Jason goes to Anna and Finn's to warn Anna that Cyrus is targeting law enforcement agents and their family members. He offers her protection, but she thinks she can take care of herself. Danny's at the party and questions why Jason hasn't been around and says he can't be for a while. Robert gets Violet a didgeridoo, so maybe he hasn't made as much peace with Finn as we've been led to believe. Ava wants to bond with Lulu over being sisters-in-law and having a shared hatred of Valentin.

Where did Charlotte get a snake, and how did she get it to the house without Lulu knowing she had it?

Ahh, that explains how Ava knew Violet's birthday was coming up – Avery was invited.

"Wow! Who knew you were fun?" Hee. I love Chase.

LOL at Nikolas saying Sonny and Spencer are close because they're both skilled at breaking rules.

Wait, the guy who killed Taggert is still alive? I thought Jason and Curtis killed everyone in the warehouse.

The didgeridoo reminds me of when Robert gave one to Emma, and Robin said, "You didgerididn't."

Franco ate something – drink!

April 16th, 2020

The piñata is a red herring, as the snake ends up in Ava's purse, spooking everyone and delighting Charlotte. Chase tells Willow that if she wants to, she can marry Michael, but if she doesn't, she needs to step back from the custody situation and let Michael handle things. Robert sneaks out of the party to break into Maxie and Peter's apartment and snoop for dirt. Cyrus wants to meet with Sonny. Ava tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is lonely and sad and could really use some comfort from his old friend. Jason tries to explain to Danny that since he did something bad, he has to stay away for a while. Michael, Carly, and Sasha are the filler.

I'll give me entire stimulus check to anyone who can make all the flashbacks stop.

So Charlotte's plan all along was to scare Ava? How did she know Ava would be there?

No one seems worried that Willow's time in a cult will be used against her in court.

Has Nelle visited Wiley since his surgery? If not, the judge might be interested to know that.

Maybe Robert should bug Peter by giving Georgie and James a didgeridoo.

April 20th, 2020

Willow continues resisting the idea of marrying Michael, even as she tells Chase she's worried that Nelle will turn Wiley into a bad person. Michael is also still anti-marrying Willow, thinking he already has everything he needs to beat Nelle. Chase and Sasha disagree and come up with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plan: have Willow walk in on them making out. Robert catches Spinelli breaking into Maxie and Peter's apartment, and once they've established that they're both out to bring Peter down, they discuss teaming up. Then Robert has other things to deal with, as Peter's distraction comes through, and Robert receives word that Holly's dead. No one guesses that Charlotte was responsible for the snake, but Valentin got notice that she bought it with his credit card, so he's on to her. She admits that she wanted to get revenge on Ava for how she and Nikolas disrupted their lives. Maxie and Peter discuss their future in front of Anna, who's happy that Peter's happy. Sonny sets up a meeting with Cyrus, then gets a call from Turning Woods reporting that Mike may have had a seizure. Ava and Nikolas manage to spend two minutes defending each other to various judgmental people, but they can't stop bickering in public, so if there was anyone who didn't already know their marriage was a sham, it's pretty obvious now. Laura tries to convince Lulu that Valentin isn't as bad a father as she thinks.

OH, CHASE. OH, SASHA. What part of this seemed like a good idea?

Yeah, I'll bet Holly's dead. Check for her wherever Valentin stashed Claudette.

Robert and Spinelli teaming up is something I think we can all get behind. Scorpio and the Jackal!

Charlotte: (complaining about Nikolas and Ava pushing her out of her house and life)
Spencer, somewhere: (x)

Interesting that Sonny didn't list "people could die" as a reason not to go to war with Cyrus.

If Nikolas and Ava throw a big party at Wyndemere, I'm calling it Bacchanalia 3: Seriously, Stay Off the Parapet.

Let the record show that Lulu is currently being nicer to Ava than to Nikolas.

April 21st, 2020

Chase tells Willow that he felt alienated by her affection for Wiley, and he and Sasha bonded over being on the outside of their partners' grief. His and Sasha's plan to free their significant others to be together works, but they're not happy with themselves for being successful. Charlotte confides in Valentin that she saw him push Ava off the parapet. He tries to spin what happened so he doesn't look like an attempted murderer, but it's hard to convince Charlotte that she didn't see what she saw. Valentin finally realizes that he's a bad influence on his daughter and tells Laura that if Lulu pushes for full custody, he won't fight her. He'd also like Laura to be the one to teach Charlotte how to be a good person. Jason cancels the meeting with a displeased Cyrus, not caring if it makes him mad. Carly tries to talk him into going to the meeting on his own, but Jason doesn't want to defy Sonny while he's already dealing with so much. Then the two of them say nice things about each other while holding a baby, just to keep things interesting. Cyrus tries to buddy up to Julian, who knows exactly who he is and doesn't want to get involved, but also maybe wants to hang out with a guy who hates Sonny as much as he does. Laura and Lulu fight over whether Valentin is trying to be a better person and whether Charlotte would be better off with or without him. Later, Charlotte tells Lulu that she knows she hates Valentin. Josslyn is Team Michael and Willow Should Get Married, thinking that Sasha and Chase will go along if it's what's best for Wiley. However, if Michael really doesn't want to do it, he should be confident that he can win custody on his own. Would you be surprised to learn that Mike isn't doing well, and also maybe wants to die?

Hey, no flashbacks! I knew you could do it, show.

Chase dragging Wiley into this is somehow an even worse idea than his and Sasha's original plan.

Josh Swickard isn't always the most polished actor, but he was great in this episode.

I forgot that Charlotte was nearby when Valentin tried to kill Ava. How is this girl not more of a mess?

To be fair, Laura, Valentin was Charlotte's only parent for five years because he never told Lulu she existed. Also, he wasn't her only parent – she had Claudette. And keep in mind that she came to town to try to keep Charlotte from Valentin. That should tell you something.

"The bar to win Most Improved Cassadine is set really, really low." Hee!

We've now seen Donna with Jason more than we've seen her with Sonny.

April 22nd, 2020

Michael is stunned by Willow's news that Sasha and Chase are having an affair, but it makes sense to him, considering how little time he's had for Sasha lately. He confronts Chase, yelling at him for hurting Willow and promising to make sure nothing like this ever happens to her again. Chase wonders if Michael and Willow will eventually forgive him and Sasha and want to get back together. Sasha predicts that, by the time Wiley's three, Willow will be in love with Michael. Elizabeth thinks Sonny should start thinking about Mike's end-of-life care and wishes. Nina bonds a little with Nelle, then urges her to try to compromise with Michael. Later, Nelle almost sees her necklace. Sam and Diane are shocked that Alexis perjured herself for Neil's sake and hope the news of their night together in New York doesn't get spread any farther.

I actually agree with Sasha – Willow will most likely fall in love with Michael, and probably vice versa.

Chase and Sasha are going to have to keep up their ruse in public, which means they'll probably have things thrown at them by Carly and/or Josslyn.

Is Elizabeth a social worker now?

Diane, don't force Alexis to tell Sam her business.

Has anyone else noticed that Sam never carries a purse? It's weird, right?

If Willow isn't Nina's daughter, we shouldn't have to watch Willow/Nina scenes anymore.

April 23rd, 2020

Jordan hopes T.J. doesn't remember anything about his abduction that will tie it to Cyrus. When she realizes that that's her only option for putting Cyrus back in prison, she changes her mind. Curtis is just worried about her turning herself in and going to prison herself. Meanwhile, Mac helps jog T.J.'s memory about his kidnapping. Lulu conducts an interview with Cyrus that might actually be an attempt to dig into his personal life and reason for coming to town. Laura interrupts and reveals that Lulu's her daughter, though Cyrus probably already knew that. Brando meets Sam and Kristina, making a fool of himself when he mentions hearing that Sam killed Shiloh and remarks that he doesn't know who would be crazy enough to join a cult. Kristina's ticked at his attitude, but Molly's the one who's really upset when she spots her one-night stand talking to her sisters. Neil lost his license (off-screen), so he and Alexis are free to be together, though she still faces the possibility of reprimand for perjuring herself. Neil admits that he's a little mad at both of them for their screw-ups. Sonny's annoyed that Cyrus caused Mike's decline with the shootout, at the same time ruining his chance to get into the medical trial that could have given him more time.

Yeah, Cyrus, the DEA put you in prison because they were jealous.

Lulu and Trina both have tiny backpacks. Why is this trend back?

Thanks for joining us in 2020, Kristina. Sorry the writers don't care about you.

I wish Brando and Kristina weren't related, because that would be an interesting relationship.

How about we stop remodeling sets and instead use that money to, I don't know, hire back Rebecca Budig or recast Dante?

April 27th, 2020

Sonny and Cyrus finally have their meeting, but it's mostly just Cyrus complaining about the earlier cancellation and Sonny telling him to behave himself. Molly tells her sisters that she and T.J. are going to do the domestic-partnership thing. Sam suspects that she might have only agreed because she felt bad about what happened to him, but Molly insists it's what she wants. Then she confesses that she slept with someone else while T.J. was gone. Kristina's proud, which isn't helpful. T.J. remembers enough about his kidnappers and surroundings that Mac thinks he might be able to track them down. Jordan and Curtis worry about what will happen if he gets too close to Cyrus. Cyrus offers to donate to Laura's reelection campaign, but she suggests that he give money to another cause, like getting drugs off the streets. Cyrus promises she'll be seeing more of him, making it sound like a threat. Lulu learns that Valentin won't fight her attempt to get sole custody of Charlotte, but she doesn't think she can believe him. T.J. goes to pick up Molly's car from Brando's garage, making things awkward for Brando. Sonny doesn't want to think about a DNR for Mike while he's dealing with Cyrus but I doubt Carly or Jason will let him avoid that for too long.

Why is Cyrus still alive? I thought Jason was going to kill him as soon as possible.

Kristina must feel weird – for once, she's the one giving advice instead of asking for it.

Imagine if T.J.'s kidnappers get brought down because of a ring tone.

Carly, re: the remodel: "What do you think?" Brando: "Does it matter?" Ha! That was very Jason-ish.

April 28th, 2020

Sonny agrees to let Cyrus live in Port Charles as long as he conducts his business elsewhere. Cyrus accepts, secretly plotting to take out Jason. Sonny also has ulterior motives, wanting to give Cyrus a false sense of security before he pounces. Kristina isn't thrilled with Molly's choice in one-night stands, but she thinks Molly's actions were justified. Molly being Molly, she wants to tell T.J. everything. Brando manages to get through an entire conversation with T.J. without giving anything away, and T.J. isn't even suspicious when Sam shows up to get Molly's car and is cold toward Brando. She tells him to keep the affair to himself and warns that if he gets Molly involved in anything she shouldn't be, Sam will come down on him. Alexis invites Valentin to confide in her and learns that he's ready to walk away from Charlotte. Charlotte overhears Laura and Lulu discussing the same thing and runs to Crimson to beg Nina to get back together with Valentin. Jax tries to convince her that dads never turn away from their daughters, and no matter what it seems like Valentin is planning to do, he still loves her. Chase tells Finn he cheated on Willow, and Finn busts him for lying.

Alexis, really, you don't have to talk to Valentin. And please don't say you kind of like him. He's still a murderer and a kidnapper.

Let's get Charlotte some therapy, please.

Laura, as mayor, must have better things to do than have the same conversation with Lulu over and over.

I love Finn not buying Chase's lies. I's Chase! He would never cheat!

April 29th, 2020

Charlotte wants to run off with Valentin so the two of them won't be separated. She tells Lulu she knows they hate each other and heard her telling Laura that she would be happy if Valentin abandoned her. Nina talks Valentin into staying in Charlotte's life, whether it's really the right thing or not, and Lulu and Valentin are able to work out their issues to do what's best for their daughter. Sam really has it in for Brando and is adamant that he stay away from Molly. He accuses her of taking on a project because she can't be with Jason. The two of them bicker a bunch, and if the writers weren't scared of rabid Jasam fans, they'd probably try to put them together. Kristina talks Molly out of telling T.J. she slept with Brando, so Molly warns Brando that he won't find out. Brando promises again to act like nothing happened. Michael tells Carly about his and Sasha's breakup, which he blames himself for, since he wasn't attentive enough to her. Carly, of course, blames the actual guilty parties and is ready to fight when Sasha turns up at the hotel. Finn urges Chase to tell Willow the truth and let her decide what to do instead of making her change her life because of a lie. Nelle tries to bond with Willow over being betrayed by Chase, but all she does is make Willow want to take her down even more. Nelle continues pushing her luck by getting in the middle of Michael and Sasha's breakup.

Sucks for Lulu that Charlotte was willing to run off with Valentin and never see her again.

Another Claudette mention! Let's take that somewhere, folks!

If Kristina is the devil on Molly's shoulder, who's the angel?

I don't get Sam's animosity toward Brando. It's too much for someone she doesn't even know.

Am I crazy or does Johnny Wactor have chemistry with, like, everyone?

April 30th, 2020

Nelle tells Michael she'll drop her lawsuit against Monica, Bobbie, and the hospital if he gives her full custody of Wiley. Michael says no, and there's some yelling, so Nelle starts whining that he's combative and the judge will hear about his behavior. Michael and Willow complain to each other about Nelle and hit a tree with a stick, and...I don't know, this story needs to move along already. Carly makes Sasha tell her all about her supposed affair with Chase, but Sasha's story makes Carly suspect she's lying. She doesn't want a confirmation, since she'll feel compelled to tell Michael the truth, but she tells Sasha that if she really sacrificed her own happiness for Michael and Wiley, Carly admires her. Chase seems like he's about to spill everything to Willow, but she doesn't want to hear anything else that might hurt her, so he keeps quiet. He and Sasha try to convince themselves that they're doing the right thing; it may be working for Chase, but definitely not for Sasha. Sonny thinks his family is out of danger, so Josslyn and Dev are let off of house arrest. Brando's free to go back to Chicago, but he likes his new life so much that he wants to stay in Port Charles. Trina tells Cameron that they probably kissed because PTSD makes you do weird things, and since their real feelings for each other haven't changed, they can just put it behind them. Josslyn notices that they both seem happier now. Julian is as done with Brook as I am and wants her to stay out of Charlie's. Dustin overhears them mentioning having a secret, so Brook tells him how Julian mistook her for a hooker when they first met, and she doesn't want to tell Lucas. Portia wants to be head of internal medicine. Elizabeth thinks she would be great at it. The audience is apparently supposed to find this interesting.

I feel like, if Michael and Willow sat down and thought about it, they would figure out Chase and Sasha's scheme. I mean, Carly just had to hear the story once to guess they were lying.

Sonny can't really be naïve enough to think that Cyrus is really going to back off.

Brook is frighteningly good at coming up with a lie on the spot.

Raise your hand if you care even the tiniest bit about anything Portia does. Yep, thought so.

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