General Hospital blog - April, 2021

April 1st, 2021

Jake wants to visit Jason in lockup so he can assure his father that he doesn't think Jason killed Franco. Cameron angrily tells Jake that he needs to get out of denial and grasp that his father is a murderer. Josslyn calls Cameron out for being too harsh with his brother, and Cameron realizes he went too far, but when he apologizes, Jake won't forgive him since he won't take back what he said. Josslyn is 100% sure that Jason's innocent, and Cameron's disgusted that she has blinders on like everyone else who doesn't believe Jason's evil. Josslyn's equally disgusted that he won't consider that he might be wrong. Elizabeth takes Jake to see Jason, who promises that he didn't kill Franco. Jake is easily convinced, and Elizabeth looks like she might be less sure than she was before that Jason's guilty. Britt is worried that if Maxie keeps letting Peter come around, he'll talk his way back into her bed. Maxie denies that that's possible, but when Peter brings her a teddy bear he says is his only childhood keepsake, Maxie seems close to being swayed by his charms. After Peter leaves, Britt tells her the teddy bear actually came from Faison, who gave her an identical one. Britt is now convinced that Maxie's plan needs to be enacted, and they should start with keeping Peter away until the baby's born. Nina wonders why Sonny hasn't tried harder to find out who he is. He notes that his family doesn't seem to care where he is, so maybe he's not a great guy and is better off in his new life. Elijah comes by and thinks Nina is there because she knows "Mike," not the Caufields. He offers to show Nina around town, secretly wanting to find out more about her. Scott goes to lockup to yell at Jason, who yells back that he didn't kill Franco. Obrecht interrupts to defend Jason and promise that she's going to fight for his freedom. (Jason: "...Thanks?") She takes Scott for a drink and pretty easily convinces him that Peter is most likely the real killer. She feels bad for not doing more to protect Franco, but Scott doesn't think she should feel guilty. Then they end up in her hotel room together, so...I don't know, man. Jax breaks up Carly and Peter's argument and tells Carly not to get herself in the middle of another disaster. She notes that Cyrus is also causing problems for her, but for some reason, Jax doesn't think she has anything to worry about. He buys that Jason might not have killed Franco, and he admits that he admires Carly's passion in always wanting to help him. She tells him she heard from Nina but doesn't know where she is and doesn't understand what Nina meant when she said Carly made her bed and will have to lie in it alone.

I'm pleasantly surprised that they actually addressed how complicated things are for Jake right now.

Maxie should give the baby to Nina. Maxie trusts her, Nina's already out of town, and she'd be happy to help.

Maxie: "Even with all his faults..." Britt: "They're called crimes, Maxie." Heh. Also heh to Britt using tissue paper to pick up the bear so she didn't have to touch it. I would check that bear for surveillance or tracking devices, by the way.

I don't get what Nina's trying to do. Why encourage Sonny to find out who he is if it'll lead to her getting busted?

No way is Jax naïve/dumb enough to think Cyrus isn't a threat to Carly.

Not doing Carly/Jax again! Not doing it!

April 2nd, 2021

Peter publishes an editorial about Jason that both drums up public concern about the possibility that he'll make bail and makes everyone who's already anti-Peter even madder at him. Carly (who is at a 10, and I need her at a 2) is adamant that Diane do everything possible to keep Jason from being sent to Pentonville until his trial. Anna asks Robert not to object to bail so she can buy some time to find a way to bring Peter down. Robert reluctantly agrees, but the judge knows people in town won't be happy about Jason getting to go free, so he sends Jason to Pentonville. Elizabeth urges Cameron to give more thought to the circumstances of Franco's death, since their assumptions might not be true. She remembers her fight with Peter and the things Carly said about Jason being innocent, and now thinks Jason might have been trying to help Franco. Josslyn and Trina both get into PCU and share the happy news with Cameron. Then Josslyn ruins everything by picking a fight about Jake. Things get really heated between them, and Josslyn announces that she's going to go to school in another state so she doesn't have to see Cameron anymore. Too bad she gets wait-listed there. Phyllis wants Sonny and Nina to get together, which is weird since Nina doesn't even live there and she knows Sonny's married. Sonny feels really comfortable with Nina, who almost slips up with details she shouldn't know about him. Chase and Finn manage to have a civil conversation, followed by Chase telling Jackie that he wants to fix their relationship so he can hold on to his family. Scott and Obrecht slept together, and they both agree that it wouldn't be horrible if it happened again. Jackie tells Peter she despises him for his editorial, but he reminds her that she has a contract with the Invader, so she'll have to keep working for him.

For all of Peter's flaws (yes, yes, Britt, his crimes), he's really bold for just walking into the courtroom like, "I, an uninvolved party, am just here to observe."

I don't think Robert would be allowed to be the prosecutor on Jason's case – someone would argue that he might go easy on his daughter's ex-boyfriend.

In light of yesterday's news that Sean Blakemore is coming back, at least Jason will have a friend at Pentonville.

Can I have a Peter break? Just, like, one or two episodes without him. I'm begging.

When the truth comes out about Franco's death, I'm going to allow Josslyn one (1) free pass to tell Cameron, "I told you so."

Also, is Cameron the only person left who believes Jason is guilty?

Nina's not going to be able to keep this up. I think it's only a matter of time before she uses Sonny's real name.

"I slept like a potato pancake." "The mustard is off the hot dog." ...What? Scott is so weird.

April 5th, 2021

Martin reaches out to Nikolas and Ava, but Nikolas isn't interested in a relationship with his uncle, since Laura told him all about how Martin helped Julian skip town. Ava notes that if he hadn't, Julian could have testified against Cyrus and put him back in prison. Martin warns them that Cyrus thinks he and Laura are a lot alike, and he may be able to get her on his side. Meanwhile, Cyrus visits Laura to bug her YET AGAIN about getting information on Florence. She tells him she's not able to help, and she'll only consider a relationship with him if he owns up to his crimes and goes back to prison. Cyrus sees this as her choosing the side of the Corinthos contingent in any turf war that may be coming (as if she's ever indicated she would choose any other side). He tells her that any blood that gets spilled will be on her hands. Nikolas hears this and attacks Cyrus, who says that Nikolas might want to keep a closer eye on his loved ones. Ned and Olivia nag Brook about not taking her pregnancy seriously and putting her plans for Valentin ahead of her and the baby's health. This turns into a fight between Ned and Olivia over how much of a Quartermaine he's being and how he may kind of, possibly be in favor of using the baby to mess with Valentin. Brook tells Chase that everything's going as planned – she's trying to get Ned and Olivia back together. In fact, things are going extremely well for Brook, since everyone believes the scam she's pulling: Turns out she's faking her pregnancy. Carly sends Valentin to talk to Gladys again, and their plan continues to be successful. Brando's suspicious of Gladys and Valentin's sudden friendship, and while he warns his mother that Valentin isn't a great person, Valentin sneaks a peek at her phone. He sees that she's gotten multiple calls from the same number since the night of Franco's death, and it turns out to be from a burner phone. Gladys tells Sasha she's concerned with the possibility that Brando might get involved with someone who also has a history of substance abuse. Sasha tells her again that they're just friends. Brando decides to tell her the truth about Dev not being his son, which makes Sasha a little bummed since it means Michael didn't tell her the truth, either. Chase thanks Willow for helping him change his mind about his family problems and uses the L word. Sadly for him, Willow spends the rest of the episode talking to Michael, who confides that he values her opinion more than Sasha's. Sasha arrives at the mansion just in time to see them almost kiss. Kevin goes to the gallery to pick up a painting Franco wanted him to have, which means he's present when Ava gets a package containing a fake hand.

Cyrus: "Tell your son to release me or there will be consequences." Nikolas: "I love consequences. Bring 'em on." First of all, not-so-tough guy says what? Second of all, when was the last time Nikolas had to face a consequence?

I should have said something before because now no one will believe me, but I did wonder if Brook might be faking her pregnancy. At least now we know why she's bigger than Maxie.

Carly should tell Brando about her and Valentin's plan so he won't interfere. If she'd told him today, it would have been the only thing she'd done in the whole episode. How is it that she's in the middle of five plots and did absolutely nothing today?

Spencer has "almost graduated"? So they're aging him and throwing him in with Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina, huh?

Oh, hey, the Peter-less episode I asked for. Thanks, show!

April 6th, 2021

Cyrus tries a new angle in his quest to get Florence back: If Nikolas will help him with that, he'll provide protection for Alexis while she's in prison. Nikolas guesses that what he really means is that he won't send his own people after her. He's strongly considering the arrangement, even if it means an end to the peace in town. He also accuses Laura of getting the family involved in the mess they're in. Laura tells Kevin that she thinks the war Cyrus told her would be her doing is about to begin. Michael admits to Sasha that his feelings for Willow have changed, and the two agree that their second attempt at a relationship hasn't gone the way it would if they were really meant to be together. They have a respectful, friendly breakup with no insults or finger-pointing, which is really refreshing. Alexis and Sam meet with a prison consultant named Irene who's supposed to help Alexis make arrangements before going to Pentonville and adjust to prison life. Alexis realizes that all she needs is to know that her daughters will be okay while she's not in a position to help them. Valentin hires security for Brook, for some reason, but she refuses to accept it. She takes a bad fall and he wants to rush her to the hospital, so she's going to need to do some quick thinking. Cyrus overhears Carly trying to arrange a visit with Jason and offers to get him released if she'll return Florence. Carly turns him down and tells him he doesn't scare her. Cyrus doesn't know why she would be scared of anything – with Sonny "dead" and Jason behind bars, she's out of danger and isn't even a consideration anymore. Ava is sure that the hand came from Ryan (especially since the note accompanying it is signed by "R"), but Kevin thinks it could be from another of Ava or Nikolas' enemies. Ava has been carrying a gun with her and almost shoots Nikolas, because of course. Nikolas thinks they're suddenly in the middle of some trouble. Brook makes Willow open up to her, so I guess they're friends now.

If Cyrus thinks Nikolas can talk Jason into releasing Florence, he doesn't know the players here.

Guess we're a step closer to Sasha/Brando. Fine, bring it on. We'll see how it goes.

Why does Alexis have a mortgage on a house Julian gave her?

Something tells me Brook didn't think this whole thing through.

Woo, another Peter-free episode! This week is off to a good start. (watches previews for tomorrow). Ahh, nuts.

April 7th, 2021

Maxie puts the first part of her and Britt's plan into action by summoning Peter to the hospital and pretending she had contractions that Britt almost couldn't stop. Britt tells Peter that he's causing Maxie too much stress and needs to stay away while she's on bed rest. Anna approaches Maxie, hoping to get information on her and Britt's plan, but Maxie no longer trusts her. Brook manages to avoid being found out for faking her pregnancy by stealing a sonogram picture from Maxie and telling Britt that someone else gave her an ultrasound while Britt was busy. Britt's suspicious but doesn't say anything. Valentin tells Anna that he's concerned that Brook doesn't seem worried about her unborn child. Nikolas agrees to try to find Florence, but Cyrus will need to start offering Alexis protection as soon as she gets to Pentonville. Cyrus accepts the deal, even though Nikolas notes that he could just hold on to Florence for himself as revenge for the bombing. Alexis asks Molly and Kristina to move into her house and take care of it and each other while she's gone. Kristina doesn't want to be a fifth wheel to Molly and T.J., which is fair, and considering how much Molly and Kristina fight, I doubt anyone would be happy with the living arrangements. Molly is handling things pretty well, but Kristina is really struggling with the thought of Alexis going away for three years. Brando tells Cyrus that he's worried about Gladys and Valentin's connection, which spurs Cyrus to call Peter and tell him the two are becoming friendly. They easily guess that Valentin is trying to clear Jason's name so Peter can be busted, probably because Anna wants him to. Peter spots Finn and gets an idea. Chase wants to have a family dinner with Jackie, Gregory, and Finn, because that won't be totally awkward. Gregory reluctantly agrees but isn't sure what his relationship with Finn will look like going forward. Violet tells Chase she wishes she had a sibling to talk to, but having him as an uncle is good enough.

If Brook and Maxie teamed up, they could solve each other's problems: Give Maxie's baby to Brook, get Peter to back off, and fool Valentin for a little longer.

I'm surprised Britt didn't bust Brook with, "You can't fool me. I WAS you."

All I can picture is Nikolas going to Pentonville to ask Jason where Florence is, and Jason either saying nothing or replying, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Alexis should have Finn and Violet move into her house instead. Eh, whatever, she'll be out by the end of the year.

Brando! Don't tell Cyrus stuff!

I'm on Gregory's side here. Chase shouldn't ask him to spend time with Jackie.

April 8th, 2021

Alexis spends her last day of freedom seeing friends and family, all of whom are supportive (even Olivia). She can't stop thinking about her mother's watch, which still doesn't work, and suddenly starts remembering something she blocked out from her childhood. She asks Kevin for help easing her anxiety, but when he reminds her that they talked about Mikkos the last time they had a session, Alexis takes offense. She thinks Kevin wants to pin all of her bad decisions on daddy issues, and she doesn't want the men in her life to define her. However, she doesn't know how to define herself now that she's no longer a lawyer. Kevin notes that she keeps using the words "fighter," "idealist," and "advocate" to describe herself, so she should start there. He agrees with Irene that she should find a purpose that will get her through her time at Pentonville. Alexis keeps looking at her watch and thinking about her childhood self, and she finally tells Kevin about the moment that seems to have set her on the path she's been on her entire adult life. As a child, she idolized Mikkos, but that changed when he beat Kristen for threatening to tell Helena that Mikkos had a secret family. The watch was broken during the assault. Alexis felt helpless and wished she could stop him, but Kevin reminds her that she was a child and shouldn't feel responsible. Alexis tells her childhood self that she's not to blame and she deserves to be happy. She doesn't need anything extra to define herself other than simply being Alexis. Kevin points out that she has three daughters – a fighter, an idealist, and an advocate – so in a way, she's putting those traits out into the world. Alexis goes home feeling much calmer about going to prison and gets a surprise in the form of an early graduation ceremony for Molly. Alexis tells her daughters that they're her life raft, but Molly says she doesn't need one, since she's unsinkable. The next morning, Alexis turns herself in and is shown to her cell, where her cellmate is working on her appeal. Alexis introduces herself and offers to help. Back at her house, the watch starts working again.

I think that's Nancy Lee Grahn's next Emmy sewn up, yeah?

They're definitely going the extra mile to try to make us believe Alexis is really going away for years.

Not that it's a competition, but as far as repressed childhood memories go, Alexis' isn't as bad as Franco's and Luke's.

I hope they had Molly call Alexis unsinkable as a callback to when Ric and Alexis named her (a reference to The Unsinkable Molly Brown).

I liked the little detail of Finn not moving over to make room when Valentin sat down at the table.

April 9th, 2021

Peter presents Valentin and Anna with what he calls a deal, but it's more of a threat: Accept an olive branch and wipe the slate clean or their loved ones may pay the price. The two don't negotiate with terrorists, and since Peter won't listen when they urge him to turn himself in, they decide they need to bring him to justice themselves. Finn, Chase, Gregory, and Jackie gather for a family dinner that starts out horrible but turns out not so bad. Gregory doesn't want to rehash the past, but he also wants Finn and Chase to know he cherishes the memories he has from their childhoods. They all agree that they don't want to walk away from each other and let their secrets and lies tear the family apart. Peter gets a waiter at their restaurant to drug Finn's coffee, but some fun with a lazy Susan means it's unclear who actually drinks from that cup. Laura asks Ava to convince Nikolas not to make any deals with Cyrus. She may not need to bother, since Nikolas has a plan to find Florence without going to Jason or Carly, and without Cyrus finding out where she is. It starts with a conversation with Martin, in which Nikolas says he wants to help smooth things over between Martin and Laura. He's actually collecting information on Florence, like the fact that she likes cake. After just a few phone calls, he thinks he's pinned down her location. Scott tells Laura he now thinks Jason is innocent and isn't sure what to do. Laura doubts Obrecht's trustworthiness, even if Scott is sleeping with her. Scott visits Jason and announces that he's now Team Peter Did It. When Franco told him about his deal with Jason, Scott promised to protect Jason from repercussions, and he wants to keep up that agreement by offering his legal services if Diane ever falls down on the job. Jason asks him to look out for Jake and dismisses any concerns Scott has about Peter – he's been lucky too long and will have to run out of luck pretty soon. Carly is desperate to get Jason out of Pentonville and tells him she's going to accept Cyrus' deal. Jason refuses, though I'm not sure he could stop her. Carly thinks Elizabeth is doubting Jason's guilt and asks her to talk to the police again. Josslyn is more distressed about being wait-listed than she's let on, and her eagerness to show her volleyball skills leads to a sprained ankle. She tells Jax she's determined to show the school that wait-listed her that they should change their minds about her, even though she's supposed to stop playing for a couple of weeks. She also hasn't told Carly she was wait-listed, since Carly already has a full plate. Spencer sends Laura flowers, in case that's important later.

Anna: "Are you talking about Peter?" Me: "When are we not talking about Peter?"

Aw, the restaurant where the Chases are eating is called Beradino's.

Maura West's "I love you but I'm not laughing at that stupid joke" face was so relatable.

Why does Scott keep saying "my son Franco"? There's no way anyone will think he's talking about Logan.

Elizabeth's beliefs are a moot point as long as Gladys is considered a reliable witness. Elizabeth can tell Jordan she thinks Jason's innocent, but with Gladys' testimony, it won't matter.

I don't think college scouts are still recruiting in April. Maybe for the first semester of 2022.

Finn, don't compare your family issues to Elizabeth's. Everyone in your family is still alive. Uh, for now, at least.

April 12th, 2021

Anna tases Peter and is about to put her and Valentin's plan into action when Finn shows up. Valentin stashes Peter in the basement, where Peter taunts that Valentin should thank him, since Anna's finally turned to him for something. Valentin and Anna both think Peter is turning into Faison, with his obsession with Maxie, but Peter notes that Valentin's obsession with Anna doesn't make him much better. Anna manages to hide what's going on from Finn while he tells her he's Chase's father and is dealing with a lot of chaos. He finds Valentin's wallet, which probably makes him happy to be away from that whole mess. Once he's gone, Anna joins Valentin to do...whatever they're going to do, but Peter tries to stall by warning them that if they don't let him go, someone they care about will die. Michael tells Willow that he still has feelings for her and is officially done with Sasha. Willow returns his feelings and they immediately christen her new mattress (and the pandemic kissing ban is over, so we see everything). Meanwhile, Chase – who's sick – dreams about Willow asking to move back in with him. Maxie and Britt brainstorm people they can ask to look after the baby until Peter's taken care of. After vetoing Spinelli and Robin, Britt decides the best course of action is to give the baby to someone Maxie doesn't know so Peter can never make a connection between them. Britt will also never give Maxie the baby's location, and she's willing to put her own life at risk if it means keeping the truth from Peter. Jordan visits Curtis at his club (now named the Savoy) to ask what he wanted to talk about the night he came over and found Taggert there. He tells her he wanted to discuss their relationship, but seeing her with Taggert made him realize that he and Jordan have never been as comfortable together as she is with Taggert. Curtis is ready to get divorced, and Jordan doesn't fight him. Taggert tells Portia that he knows she cheated on him years ago, and he's pretty sure it was with Curtis. He admits that he wasn't a great husband, so he can't really be mad. Portia assures him that she didn't leave him for Curtis, since Curtis dumped her after he found out she was married, but Taggert doesn't hold a grudge.

I'm probably jinxing it but this HAS to be the beginning of the end for Peter, right?

I would like to tase Peter, too, please.

Did Peter even consider yelling or making noise to get Finn's attention before Valentin put tape over his mouth? Idiot.

Oh, poor Chase. For multiple reasons.

Pretty presumptuous of Willow to buy a new mattress for a place she's only supposed to be living in temporarily. I mean, Michael wanted her to stay in the gatehouse because of Franco, who's been dead for weeks.

Maybe this time Willow will get pregnant?

We don't need to make this Maxie/Britt stuff wacky. Just move things along.

April 13th, 2021

Valentin thinks Peter's just trying to get under Anna's skin by bringing up her loved ones, like Faison would do. The two of them double-check that their families are okay, and when Anna can't reach Finn, she goes to track him down. Peter warns that Valentin needs to release him or someone will die – that person will only be safe if Peter is free. Meanwhile, Anna thinks Peter was bluffing, since everyone she cares about is fine...until Finn mentions that Chase is sick. Willow and Michael declare that they love each other and decide to live together in the gatehouse. It takes forever for Willow to realize she'll need to break this all to Chase, but when she goes to see him, he's way too sick for that conversation. Maxie and Britt try to assure Obrecht that they're keeping an eye out for Peter while not telling her what they're up to. Britt is getting worse but still isn't ready to share what's going on with her. Brook avoids Olivia by hanging out with Chase, who only wants to talk about Willow. Brook hides what she knows about Willow's possible feelings for Michael. Curtis and Finn commiserate over their broken relationships and how hard it was to be with women who weren't completely honest with them. Jordan tells Portia that she and Curtis are done, and she really can't blame him for wanting out of their marriage. Portia offers her support, and figures she and Jordan are kind of friends now, which is going to get awkward when Portia inevitably rekindles things with Curtis.

Willow, read the room! You don't break up with a guy while he's sick!

The Maxie/Britt/Obrecht stuff was boring and pointless, but it was still better than watching anything involving Peter.

Brook mixing up USB and WSB cracked me up.

If I were Brook, I wouldn't be too upset about having Yuri as a bodyguard.

Imagine Curtis and Portia double-dating with Finn and Elizabeth. They could be the new Alexis/Ned/Chloe/Jax.

April 14th, 2021

Willow takes Chase to the hospital, where Finn and Portia struggle to figure out what's making him sick. Anna doesn't think Peter actually hurt anyone, but she changes her mind when Willow calls her (for some reason) and tells her about Chase. Peter reveals that he's pulling the same trick Faison once pulled on Sean and Tiffany, forcing them to grant him freedom in exchange for an antidote. If Anna and Valentin give Finn any indication that Peter's behind Chase's illness, Chase is doomed. Valentin lectures Peter about never taking responsibility for his actions, which is pretty funny, considering the source. He thinks Finn will be able to save Chase himself, but Anna's ready to give in to Peter, get the antidote, and prevent anyone else from getting hurt. Unfortunately, Peter doesn't seem to believe that she's really willing to let him go without any consequences. Sonny thinks Elijah is sketchy and might be hiding something about who he is. Jax appeals to Michael on Nina's behalf, reminding him that he benefited from knowing his biological family, and that Sonny and Jax were able to stay civil around each other for Josslyn's sake. Michael agrees to consider separating the Nina/Carly situation from the Nina/Wiley situation. Jax calls Nina to let her know, so if Sonny happens to raise his voice during the phone call, Nina might get busted. Ned thinks he can win Olivia back by buying her a bunch of flowers, giving her a new ring, and asking her to renew their vows. Fortunately, Dante is there to tell him he's an idiot. Robert wonders why Olivia's still living at the Quartermaines' if she's not going to work things out with Ned. Brook catches them being a little too chummy for her tastes.

If Peter's not going to help Chase, what's stopping Anna from turning him over to the WSB?

Jerry also used Peter's scheme. Peter, you are no Jerry.

Jax, leave Michael alone and go get your own storyline.

Ned, you can't think flowers and jewelry will make up for having sex with another woman.

Which of these is more ridiculous: Willow calling Anna to tell him Chase was sick or Robert (prosecutor) assuring Monica (mother of the defendant) that Jason's safe at Pentonville?

April 15th, 2021

Chase seems to be getting better, but then he starts experiencing neurological symptoms. Finn is at a loss for what's wrong with him. Willow kind of wants to get out of there, but when she realizes how bad the situation is, she decides she can't leave. Jax nags Nina to tell him where she is so he can come meet her. After she tells him no a bunch of time, Phyllis takes the phone from her and orders Jax to back off. She confides to Sonny that she acted a little selfishly, not wanting Nina to go back home. Sonny interrogates Elijah a little, sure that Elijah is hiding something about his intentions for the Tan-O. Elijah's amused that a guy with no past or memories thinks he's the one who's not trustworthy. While Elijah gives Nina a tour of Nixon Falls, which mainly involves bugging her about her newfound friendship with Sonny, Sonny discovers that Elijah was once arrested for embezzlement. Sasha figures out that Brando's working for Cyrus partly because Cyrus is making him, and even guesses that Cyrus is holding the truth about Dev's immigration status over his head. Brando tells her he's planning to take Cyrus down as soon as he can. He's also happy that Cyrus wasn't able to hurt Sasha more than he did. One thing leads to another and they end up naked. Jax tells Carly that he's working on getting Nina's visitation with Wiley restored, but Carly has too many other things to worry about right now. Jax, of course, doesn't get why she's wasting her energy on trying to get Jason out of Pentonville. Josslyn tells her parents she got into PCU, and Jax reveals to Carly that she was wait-listed from her first choice. Josslyn says she didn't want to tell Carly, since Carly's dealing with so much, but Carly promises she always has time for her kids. Josslyn admits that she wants to put some distance between herself and Port Charles (and also Cameron). Despite their fight, Josslyn still has sympathy for Cameron because of his grief over Franco. Michael tells Dante that he and Willow are officially together and he's super-happy, which probably means that'll all fall apart. Carly imagines Sonny coming home and assuring her that he'll work everything out for Jason.

The one day I actually wanted Peter to be on! So Anna just took him back to her basement, like, "Oh, well, I guess we can't save Chase"??

Willow, seriously, why would you think this is a good time to break up with Chase?

Aha! The Tan-O's table signs have its name in the shape of the outline of Pennsylvania. I think it's safe to assume that's where Nixon Falls is.

I hope that's Brando's car.

How many times do you think Carly has called Diane about Jason's case? Three times a day? Four?

April 16th, 2021

Nikolas edges closer to finding Florence thanks to the help of a retired military colonel named Jackson. Ava disapproves of his decision to help Cyrus, but Nikolas thinks he's convinced Cyrus that he'll be able to facilitate peace between Cyrus and Laura. (It's already worked with Martin.) Ava's still worried about the danger Nikolas could be facing, but Nikolas is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. Anna, Valentin, and Carly meet up to discuss their options re: Peter, Jason, and Gladys. Carly wants to focus on Gladys, but Anna and Valentin need to steer her away from Peter so he can go back to Maxie, then give them Chase's antidote. They tell her not to do anything, a concept Carly isn't familiar with. Laura isn't happy about Cyrus' manipulation of Nikolas or Nikolas' attempts to team up with him. Carly guesses that this is why Cyrus wasn't fazed by her refusal to accept his deal to free Jason – he already had a plan B in the works. Though taking Florence has ensured peace in town for a long time, Laura isn't willing to keep it going if it means Nikolas gets hurt. As Nikolas is about to give Jackson the order to raid the house where Florence is being kept, Laura and Carly try to figure out how to stop him. Cyrus meets Anna for the first time and immediately takes an interest in her. He thinks all the dirt that came out about her, Alex, and Peter at the double wedding could provide him with some sort of useful leverage. Martin warns him not to get on Valentin's bad side, as if someone like Cyrus would ever see any kind of threat in someone like Valentin. Anna's takeaway from the meeting is that since Peter is acting like Faison, they can use the same tactics they employed against Faison to take down his son. Nina asks Sonny if he would want to know who he is if the information were available to him. Sonny seems content with not knowing, since he's happy in Nixon Falls. Nina feels guilty for keeping him and his family in the dark, but she also thinks he deserves a new start, and since he's happy, she doesn't want to change that. Alexis may have made a friend, her cellmate Maggie, but she's also made an enemy, some aggressive woman named Hilda. Sasha and Brando are cute together, I guess, but Gladys disagrees.

Okay, time to give Florence back. I'm actually surprised Carly hasn't already given the order for that. She knows Jason would forgive her.

Instead of putting pressure on Gladys to tell the truth, Carly, Anna, and Valentin should offer her protection if she goes against Cyrus and Peter. She's not going to just change her story because they beg her to.

Nikolas paid a retired colonel to "infiltrate" a bakery. This is what we've come to.

I'm not sure what tactics Anna thinks brought Faison down. What brought him down was a bullet.

Nina is turning more into Jake-Doe-era Elizabeth every day.

Nice of them to honor Nancy Lee Grahn's 30th anniversary on the show with a super-boring plot.

Why are Michael and Willow the only people allowed to kiss on camera? Maybe those actors are both vaccinated?

April 20th, 2021

Laura and Carly race to stop Nikolas' raid on Florence's safehouse, but he won't call off his men. Carly warns that Cyrus will use Alexis as leverage against Nikolas and get Nikolas to do more stuff for him. Laura points out that giving Florence back to Cyrus will end the peace in town and lead to more drug problems. Nikolas is sure he and Cyrus are now even, and whatever happens is worth it to keep Alexis safe, so he ignores them. Carly tells the men guarding the safehouse to hand Florence over, officially ending the Cyrus/Corinthos stalemate. Laura's upset that Nikolas, who was just getting back to being good, is bad again. Ava doesn't seem happy about Nikolas' decision, but she tells him she supports him anyway. Anna thanks Jason for sending Carly her way, then asks him to get her to do nothing while Anna deals with the Chase situation (which she can't tell either of them about). Jason isn't sure Anna will be able to follow through when it counts, but she promises that she'll do whatever's necessary to stop Peter, even if it means killing him. Carly visits next to let Jason know that they had to give up Florence, and she's ready to make big moves to end the war. Cyrus picks a fight with Curtis by bringing up his failed marriage, but Curtis counters with taunts about Cyrus not knowing where Florence is. Jordan advises Curtis to just ignore Cyrus, since someone like him would hate that more than anything. A woman named Steph saves Alexis from Hilda and mentions that she's being paid to provide protection. Maggie ties Steph to Cyrus, who apparently has enough power to run things at Pentonville. Alexis easily figures out that Nikolas must be responsible for the arrangement. Josslyn and Cameron agree to move on from their fight, but that only lasts about two minutes because Cameron still thinks Jason killed Franco. Josslyn decides they can't be friends anymore. Trina wants to relax and enjoy the rest of her senior year, but it's hard, what with Taggert's trial looming and Josslyn shifting into hyperdrive to get off the wait-list. She wonders if Taggert and Jordan were ever romantically involved, and if they'll get together now that they're roommates.

I can't say Nikolas made the right move, but at least we're done with the Florence stuff. Plus, his joining the plot is an interesting development.

I haven't called anyone a naïve little bunny in a while. Big day for you, Nikolas!

Has Jason told Anna that Britt is Team Corinthos now? He should.

I want a scene in Pentonville where Brad comes around a corner, spots Jason, and immediately runs away.

April 21st, 2021

Anna's starting to think that Peter doesn't actually have Chase's antidote and is just messing with everyone. He tells her he'll hand it over after she convinces Maxie to let him be in the delivery room when she has the baby. Anna's done jumping through his hoops and threatens to kill him if Chase dies. Peter responds by breaking the vial holding the antidote (though it sounds like he has more). Anna appears to decide that since Peter's not playing by the rules, she doesn't need to, either, and she tells Finn that she knows what's wrong with Chase. Nina is apparently in a love triangle with Sonny and Elijah, which is weird. Sonny wonders what Elijah might be hiding on top of his embezzlement charge. And then suddenly none of that stuff matters because Jax has arrived in Nixon Falls and could spot Sonny at any time. Carly is scared that Cyrus' men will kill Jason, so she announces that they're doing things her way from now on, possibly starting with a prison break. Until then, she makes arrangements for Jason to get a cellmate: Shawn. Portia wants Finn to step down from Chase's case since a parent shouldn't be his child's doctor. Finn knows he's the best person for the job, and he challenges Portia to report him to Britt if she's so against his actions. Elizabeth talks him down. Josslyn talks over the Cameron issue with Jax, arguing that Cameron should think more highly of Jason since Jason saved him when he and Trina were kidnapped. Cameron complains to Scott that everyone is against him, especially Josslyn. Scott cautions him not to lash out at the people closest to him or make mistakes in his youth that he won't be able to overcome in the future (like Scott himself did). Michael visits Chase and quickly realizes that Willow didn't get the chance to talk to him about their relationship before he got sick. Chase thinks the two of them will be able to rekindle their friendship, which...not so fast there, Chase. Scott thinks Elizabeth should reach out to her father for support.

There doesn't seem to be much of a sense of urgency about Chase.

I don't know how or when Sonny's plot will end, but I guarantee that at some point, Carly is going to slap Nina.

Why do Shawn and Jason look unhappy to see each other? Weren't they kind of buddies the last time they saw each other?

I'm on Josslyn's side but Cameron doesn't automatically have to back Jason just because Jason once saved his life. That's dumb logic.

Yeah, like they'll bring Jeff Webber back. They didn't bring him back when Hayden found out he was her father. Why would they do it now?

Why does Cameron have to babysit his brothers? Jake is 13 or 14. He's old enough to watch Aiden on his own.

Morgan mention – drink! (It's been a while.)

April 22nd, 2021

Jordan tells Carly that, now that Cyrus has Florence back, Carly needs to sit down and let Jordan bring Cyrus to justice. Carly has no faith in her ability to do that, and besides, she's already put a plan in motion. Shawn tells Jason that with Sonny "dead," Cyrus is a heavy presence at Pentonville, and he'll do whatever he needs to do to protect himself. Cut to Jason on the floor, bleeding from a knife wound. Shawn tells the guards that Jason attacked him, then calls Carly to let her know things are going as planned. Phyllis reads Jax the riot act for coming to Nixon Falls after Nina told him she didn't want to see him. Jax insists on seeing her anyway, but while he's telling Nina how much he wants her back, she's distracted by the possibility that he'll see Sonny and "ruin everything." Elijah overhears Sonny telling Nina about his embezzlement arrest and admits that he did some bad stuff years ago but is now trying to be a better person. Nina thinks Sonny should withhold judgment about another person's bad actions, considering all the stuff he's done...hypothetically...if he was also a bad guy in the past, ha ha, how would she know? Sonny also tells Phyllis about Elijah's arrest, but she's a big believer in giving second chances. He confides to Phyllis that he's worried he really was a bad guy before. She tells him it's up to him if he wants to know more about his life. Speaking of bad guys, someone shows up at the town's barn dance with a gun. Anna tells Finn everything about Peter's gambit and gives him the residue from the vial he broke, hoping Finn can determine what's in it and make more. She also thinks Peter only smashed the antidote because he has easy access to more. Finn is furious that her past has put his son in danger, so I think their amicable split can no longer be considered amicable. Chase tells Dante and Brook how happy he is that Willow's been staying by his side, which means when she eventually breaks up with him, it's going to be brutal. Michael agrees to delay officially getting back together with Willow so she can pretend she still wants to be with Chase until he's better. Maxie and Nathan's headstone are the filler, but in a small development, Olivia overhears Maxie talking about her plan to pretend the baby died.

So when Nelle has Ryan stab her so she can go to the hospital, she's crazy, but when Carly has Shawn do it to Jason, it's just Carly being Carly?

Please, they would have taken Shawn straight to solitary confinement. Though I guess the guards are pretty bad, considering they didn't search Shawn and find his knife or his phone.

I wasn't a big Lenny fan when we first met him, but he's grown on me. He was really funny today.

Anna should tell Maxie everything, then send her back to Peter as a spy to find out if he has more of the antidote.

Wait, now Olivia's in the Peter plot? Actually, that could come in handy. She might know someone who could take care of the baby, and Peter would never tie her to the situation.

If Maxie doesn't give birth by the end of the month, I'm going to lose it. She is 11 months pregnant.

April 23rd, 2021

The gunman at the barn dance tries to rob Sonny and Phyllis at the fundraising table, but Sonny stays calm and tries to change his mind. Nina agrees to go somewhere else with Jax, in hopes of keeping him and Sonny apart, but they're ambushed by a second gunman. Jax fights him and knocks him out but takes a bullet in the shoulder, which may, at the very least, make Nina reconsider getting back together. Jax comes to long enough to see Sonny, wonder what's going on, and pass out again. Jason is understandably ticked at Carly for her ridiculous plan to get him brought to GH so he can escape and run the business from a safehouse close enough for her to see him whenever she wants. Carly: "I was just trying to help!" Jason: "Stop helping." Carly and Britt clash, not quite getting that they're on the same side, and Jason's probably having flashbacks to the way Carly and Sam used to bicker. Britt discovers that Cyrus has apparently moved his drug to the streets after Laura and Lesley shut him down with the hospital, and one person has already died. Cyrus catches her looking into the drug and has her locked out of the hospital's system. Valentin has some requests regarding the baby, and Brook tries to make them fit into her scheme. At first she refuses to let Valentin be present when she "gives birth" in Bensonhurst, but Michael reminds her that she'll never get ELQ back if she doesn't compromise a little. Brook agrees to let Valentin come to the hospital and see the baby, but not be in the delivery room during the "birth." She then tells him he can have whatever he wants if he gives back ELQ. Valentin offers to give back just her shares, which is good enough for Brook, but she'll have to wait until the baby's born. Jordan goes to Pentonville to investigate Jason's stabbing and is surprised to learn that Shawn is responsible. She's skeptical that he would attack an old friend, and also doubts his story that it was self-defense. Shawn is still bitter about how she didn't tell him he was T.J.'s father, but Jordan doesn't regret her decisions, since T.J. wound up with two loving fathers. Molly may become a junior ADA after she graduates law school and passes the bar, a change in her plans to become a defense attorney. She thinks she can change the system from the inside so it's not so biased. T.J. isn't thrilled, but he'd appreciate it if she did change the system, since Alexis (a white woman) got a lighter sentence than Shawn (a Black man) for the same crime. Martin thinks Laura could turn Cyrus into a good guy if she let him in her life, but Laura isn't quite willing to do that, at least yet. Curtis also notes that he would definitely want something in return. Still, Laura feels bad about Nikolas' actions and wants to make things up to Martin, since Cyrus has now cut off communication between him and Florence.

All right, Sonny's plot finally got interesting again!

It's kind of funny that Sonny "Violence Solves Almost Everything" Corinthos tried to subdue a gunman with words while Jasper "Violence Is the Tool of the Lesser Man" Jacks just tackled the other one.

Britt has an office, right? So why doesn't stuff she wants to keep secret in her office? I mean, when did she lose her touch? It's hard to believe this is the same person who fooled a bunch of people about a baby years ago.

I repeat: Maxie and Brook should team up and solve each other's problems.

Even the writers don't remember why Shawn went to prison – it was for trying to kill Drew, not for shooting Hayden.

Fun fact: The actor playing the nurse who gave Britt the test results is Risa Dorken's (Amy) husband.

April 26th, 2021

Nina's ready to face any consequences that come from Jax discovering that Sonny's alive, but when Jax wakes up confused about who he saw, she keeps quiet. He thinks it's ironic that he left Port Charles, a hotbed of violence, and came to sleepy Nixon Falls (officially confirmed to be in Pennsylvania), only to be shot. He tells Nina that with Sonny gone, Port Charles is peaceful, and he hopes Josslyn will finally have a normal life. Jax brings up Sonny again just as the man himself arrives to meet him. Finn can't figure out what toxin Chase was given, and Chase is getting worried that things are taking so long. Finn finally tells him that he's sick because of a toxin, but doesn't mention how he was exposed. He and Elizabeth both guess that there's something Finn isn't saying. Chase starts declining rapidly, first thinking he and Willow are married, then having a seizure. Peter demands a visit with Maxie, so Anna asks her to take one for the team. Maxie refuses to let Anna put her in a bad position again, but when Anna tells her that Chase's life is at stake, Maxie quickly agrees to the visit. Brook is desperate to find a baby she can pass off as hers – so desperate that she asks Tracy and Ashton for help. Olivia chastises her for seemingly not being serious about motherhood, since she's more focused on saving ELQ. Brook tells her and Dante that she's really close to sealing a deal to get her shares back, but not until the baby's born. Her interest is piqued when Olivia urges Dante to reach out to Maxie, since he understands what she's going through as a former "lost soul." Olivia tells her that Maxie is facing the same situation Olivia was in when she was pregnant with Leo, and she might respond the same way. Lenny thinks Nina might go back to Jax, and he wonders how Sonny would feel about that. Sonny's more interested in the attempted robbery at the dance and thinks Elijah might know something about it. Elizabeth is no longer sure that Jason killed Franco, but she has no idea who the real killer could be. Finn knows that Anna suspects Peter, but he just tells Elizabeth to trust the justice system.

It's the year of our Lord 2021 and Sonny and Jax are once again two sides of a love triangle. What have I done to deserve this?

Can Willow go five minutes without bringing up Wiley?

Ashton getting involved with Bitcoin is hilarious.

It's been nine months and Dante still has the beard. I'm beginning to thing it's not temporary.

April 27th, 2021

Peter's gotten his visit with Maxie, and Anna and Valentin have promised to stop badmouthing him, so Anna demands Chase's antidote. Peter hands it over just in time, as Finn and Elizabeth are having trouble stabilizing Chase. Elizabeth sees Finn administer it but doesn't say anything. It works, but Finn had to use all of it, so he hopes they won't need any more of it. Anna promises that she'll ensure he has whatever he needs, if necessary. Nina tries to keep Sonny out of Jax's room, telling him she wants to keep her Port Charles life separate from her new Nixon Falls life. Sonny tries to prepare himself for the possibility that she'll go back to Port Charles, but she'd rather get Jax out of there and stay behind. Jax may change her mind when he tells her Michael is willing to give her another chance with Wiley. Olivia tells Brook that Maxie seems to be considering faking her baby's death to keep her away from Peter. Brook quickly realizes that she has the solution to both of their problems. She tells Olivia she has newfound gratitude for her own situation, but Olivia's a little suspicious. Maxie has Peter completely fooled into thinking she's okay with him being around, and even agrees to consider hiring a live-in nurse to help her manage things around the apartment (someone Peter would most likely try to control). Valentin visits Alexis and tells her that Brook is having his child. He'd like some advice, but Alexis doesn't think her advice is any good anymore. Valentin gives her some of his own: Let her daughters visit her, even if it's hard for them and Alexis to see each other in those circumstances. Dante confides to Sam that he's not sure he can be helpful to Maxie, since his PTSD may have changed him too much. Sam can relate, since she had trouble trusting herself after her toxoplasmosis experience. Really, this is all a contrivance so they can spend time together. Anna: "It's really nice that you've been here for Chase this whole time." Willow: "I guess this is my life now." Peter taunts Valentin that he was Anna's savior this time and Valentin never will be.

I assume Peter has some other form of insurance in play, because he can't be dumb enough to believe Anna and Valentin won't kidnap him again (or worse), right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, just kidding, he's exactly that dumb.

Where are Jackie and Gregory?

Phyllis: "Mike's right outside." Nina, internally: "Should I fake a heart attack or a stroke?"

Maxie should hire Epiphany as her live-in nurse. She'd be great at keeping Peter out of the apartment.

I think this is the first time in four years that anyone's mentioned that time Sam shot Sonny. Bet Dante didn't see that revelation coming.

April 28th, 2021

Brook reveals her secrets to Maxie and presents her idea that she take care of the baby until Peter has been neutralized. Maxie hates the idea of her child being used in a scheme, even though she knows her current actions with Peter won't continue to work. She tells Brook exactly how horrible a position she's in, knowing she ignored everyone's warnings about the man who's now the father of her child. Brook convinces her that this is her best option by pointing out that Lulu, who hates Brook, would tell Maxie to do it. So get ready for Baby Swap 2021: Third Time's the Charm. Finn regrets spending so much time away from Chase, but they hope they'll be able to make up for it now. Elizabeth confronts Finn about getting something from Anna that helped Chase, but Finn tells her she must have been confused during a chaotic situation. He promises to tell her more later, then has her transferred off of Chase's case. Carly and Britt ignore Jason's protests and team up to keep him out of Pentonville. Jax tells Nina that he thinks he can convince Michael to let her resume visitations with Wiley. Since he can't guarantee anything, Nina doesn't see this as a draw to go back to Port Charles. She's so happy in Nixon Falls that she's not sure she'll ever want to go back. Laura urges Cyrus to use Florence's return and Jason's imprisonment as a catalyst to become a good person. He'd like her to show him the way, and he gets upset when she indicates that she won't give him a chance to show her that he's not evil. He warns that the town is about to erupt, and she needs to pick a side fast. Willow feels bad about leading Chase on about their chance of having a future together, but Michael helps her realize that Chase needs her more than he needs honesty right now. Valentin overhears them talking about letting Nina back into Wiley's life and takes an interest. Obrecht and Scott are still interested in each other, and when Britt cautions Obrecht to lie low and avoid her hotel room for a while, since she's on Cyrus' radar, Scott is more than happy to let her stay with him again. Elizabeth shares her thoughts with Laura about how Jason may not have killed Franco after all. Laura knows from the little time she's spent with Jason that Franco's killing wasn't his style, so Elizabeth is right to rethink things. Peter claims he's smarter than Valentin, and they say some other stuff, and I'll be honest, I wasn't paying much attention to them. Scott attacks Peter, ready to rip his head off, but he's going to let the legal system take care of things for him.

Ten years ago, Maxie would have been the one coming up with a plan like Brook's. I don't think it's motherhood that changed her – I think it was Nathan.

The only flaw in the baby swap plan is that I can totally see Peter kidnapping the baby to use her as insurance against Valentin.

Dr. Hamilton Finn Chase, we do NOT gaslight our colleagues/possible future love interests.

A big ew to Carly and Britt forcing Jason into something he doesn't want to do, especially when he's the one who will face the biggest consequences if they get caught.

Amazingly, Britt's right – a Cyrus/Obrecht showdown would be fun.

April 29th, 2021

Carly and Brick solidify some last-minute details for Jason's breakout, but there's one potential wrench that could ruin everything: Cyrus. Carly asks Laura to pretend she's softened toward him and spend a few hours with him tonight, while absolutely nothing illegal is going on. Alexis makes Nikolas tell her about the deal he made with Cyrus to ensure her safety. She knows Cyrus will want to manipulate Nikolas again, but she's grateful for his help. He tells her the risk he's brought on himself is worth it. Ava disagrees, and a visit from Cyrus doesn't help ease her fears. He tells her he'd like a familial relationship with his nephew and talks about how he and Ava are now family as well. When he admires a picture of Avery and comments that she looks like her father, Ava runs straight to Carly to tell her Avery's in danger. Josslyn makes her ankle injury worse, and Portia tells her that her volleyball season is over, which means her hopes of playing volleyball at her dream college are probably also over. Josslyn's so upset that she doesn't want to go to the championship game her team is about to play in. Trina was hoping for a trip out of town, so Josslyn presents her with another option: a trek to Nixon Falls to pick up Jax. Britt alerts Jason that the breakout plan is about to unfold. Sam brings Danny to visit, and I really don't get how this kid is so calm every time his parents are in a horrible situation. Sam is curious about why Britt is treating Jason and easily figures out that a breakout is about to go down. Cyrus has a spy on the GH janitorial staff and is unhappy to learn that Britt has been hanging out with Jason so much. Obrecht thinks that connection is putting Britt in danger, but Britt knows the people working against Jason are the bigger threat. She and Laura are both surprised to learn of Scott and Obrecht's relationship, for very different reasons. Cameron decides to confront Jason.

Heh, Carly's basically asking Laura to do with Cyrus the same thing Anna asked Maxie to do with Peter.

Nikolas used to be a lot smarter. I think there's a connection between Emily's death and the death of his intelligence.

The teens' road trips have historically been eventful, so let's hope they continue the tradition by seeing Sonny.

Yeah, I don't care about Josslyn's volleyball aspirations. I just don't.

I would suspect that Cyrus is going to kill Britt very soon, but then what was the point of her medical stuff? Also, she's kind of crucial to Maxie's plot.

Speaking of Britt, I'm genuinely disturbed by how unannoying I find her now.

April 30th, 2021

Cyrus' veiled threat against Avery is the last straw for Laura, and she's ready to do whatever's necessary to get rid of him. Carly thinks Ava's there to ask for help, but she's actually there to offer it: She wants to help take Cyrus down. To kill two birds with one stone and keep Cyrus distracted, Carly tells Ava to invite him over for a family dinner. Laura's not thrilled to be included in the guest list. Unaware that Josslyn and Trina are on the way to get Jax, Nina offers to drive him back to Port Charles. Sonny wonders if he's worth all that travel. Phyllis tells Jax that, whether Nina settles in Nixon Falls or goes back to Port Charles, he needs to be ready to accept her decision. He practices putting distance between them by declining a ride, since he's already made arrangements. Nina's surprised to discover that Josslyn is his chosen driver, and starts screaming internally when she learns that Trina's on her way to the Tan-O. Sonny accuses Elijah of trying to drive down real estate prices in Nixon Falls. He thinks Elijah's expecting Nina's article about the town to bring in a bunch of new residents, and once Elijah's made a profit, he'll sell. Phyllis breaks up a fight between the two of them and asks Sonny to keep the peace so Nina will want to stay. Cameron yells at Jason for a while, and Jason just takes it because Cameron's not going to listen to anything he has to say anyway. Britt commends Jason for not pointing Cameron in Peter's direction, which could get Cameron killed. Jason gives her one last chance to call off the breakout attempt, but Britt's all in, so he just tells her to get herself and alibi and be elsewhere when it starts. Elizabeth is surprised to see new employees at the hospital, including the janitor who's spying for Cyrus. Britt tells her that her work record has taken a hit and she may have come back to work too soon after Franco's death, so she needs to take a leave of absence. Elizabeth protests, since work is keeping her going right now, and Britt seems to have something resembling sympathy for her, so she just sends Elizabeth home for the day (possibly to keep her away from whatever's about to go down). Alexis has been moved from janitorial duty to a library job, and Maggie warns that special treatment might put a target on her back. Alexis then reunites with Shawn, who's studying business and running a group for people with PTSD. He thinks Nikolas' deal with Cyrus might come back to bite Alexis, but he reminds her that she has friends on the inside if she needs them. Trina tells Josslyn about that whole thing with Dev, Cameron, and Josslyn's journal. She doesn't go into the details of what was written and how it made Cameron feel, so she doesn't know that Dev, not Josslyn, wrote the entry.

I really like the idea of Carly, Laura, and Ava working together to fight Cyrus.

Expression of the day: Ava's "are you seriously defending Carly's abduction of an old woman?" face.

Ava calling Laura her mother-in-law, while accurate, was weird.

No way is Trina going to see Sonny. It's too out of left field.

The breakout prep is kind of fun. Britt and Carly even came up with a secret code!

Does Britt...feel bad...for Elizabeth? Is this Bizarro World?

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