General Hospital blog - April, 2022

April 1st, 2022

Trina pleads not guilty and is allowed to go home without having to pay bail. The non-Molly ADA, Arden, is determined to throw the book at her, which scares Trina. Portia gives her encouragement, but when she's alone with Curtis, she admits that she's scared, too. The tension between Spencer and Esme means Nikolas is going to have a hard time keeping the peace with them both living at Wyndemere. Spencer expects fireworks when Ava finds out Esme's moved in, but Nikolas thinks she'll play nice if it turns out Esme's pregnant. Esme's delaying taking the test because she's scared, and Spencer isn't sure if it's over a positive result or a negative one, which could mean the end of her hold on him. She thinks Spencer should see her presence in the house as a good thing, since she could drive a wedge between Nikolas and Ava. When Ava gets home, she's surprised to see Esme, who's reading What to Expect When You're Expecting. Harmony tells Nina that Willow and Michael aren't going to concede anything to her. Nina complains that Willow won't think for herself and only goes along with what Michael and Carly want. Harmony firmly defends her daughter, and I think it's safe to say that Nina has lost her as a potential ally. She tells Scott she's ready to go to court, but he'll only represent her if she promises to fight for Wiley with all she has, even if it means giving up Sonny. Nina thinks she can have both her grandson and her love interest, no matter what Scott says. Neil's brother, Brendon, apologizes to Alexis for blaming her for Neil's death, but it turns out he's just buttering her up because he needs money. Harmony interrupts, and though she and Brendon have never met, he recognizes her name. She says it's probably from news related to Dawn of Day, but later, when he's looking through some files, he finds one with her name on it. Smoltz approaches Josslyn and Cameron, offering them a chance to point the finger at the person they think made the recording. Ava runs him off and assures them that she has someone working on the Esme angle who's invested in bringing her down. Sonny discusses both business and his personal life with Brick, who's supportive of anything he wants to do on either front.

Why didn't Molly get to do lawyer stuff?

I assume Ava will just play Esme the way she's been playing Victor. The real problem will be Sonny, who won't be happy to hear that Esme is living under the same roof as Avery.

Seriously, where's Taggert?

"Nothing can bring back Wiley's birth mother." Thank God.

Way to go, Nina – trashing the daughter of the woman whose help you need is a great idea.

I feel like Josslyn and Cameron were really considering telling Smoltz that Esme's the culprit, which would have been a slam dunk for a libel suit.

April 4th, 2022

Ava refuses to live in the same house as Esme, even if sending her away means she could land back in Sonny's crosshairs. Nikolas won't budge on letting her stay, and when Ava says it's her or Esme, let's just say Esme's not the one who storms out. Elizabeth asks Laura if she's unreasonable for being upset that her parents have neglected her for so long and won't respect her boundaries. Laura thinks she's justified but should think about letting go of her bitterness toward them and finding out if they want to be in her and her kids' lives. Later, Elizabeth has a dream about a man entering her house and saying, "Don't forget me." When she wakes up, the same thing is written on a painting. Amy nags Brook to ask Chase to sing with her at the Deception IPO party. Brook tells her to leave it alone. During a family dinner with Chase, Finn, and Violet, Gregory meets Brook and slams her for being the reason Chase was suspended from the PCPD. Chase fiercely defends her, making Gregory think he has feelings for her. He makes Gregory apologize to Brook, who cracks a joke that may actually win him over. Spencer talks Esme into taking a pregnancy test, promising to protect her from Sonny and assuring her that she can stay at Wyndemere even if there's no baby. Selina finally gets control over Britt and gets her to agree to keep Brad on the straight and narrow. Her leverage is knowledge of something Britt and Faison did in Lisbon in 2016. Terry is willing to consider Brad for a job at GH, but not in a role that would have him interacting with patients. Brad makes a good case for a second chance (let's be honest, it would be more like a fifth or sixth chance), and since Terry's a fair person, he'll probably get it. She even chastises Amy for trashing him. This could make things awkward for Chet and Terry, who have been texting and want to get together after he returns from an out-of-town trip.

"It's Father's house, not yours." Did Alan give it to him?

Kiki mention – drink!

I need Brook and Maxie to stop treating Amy like she's the unpopular kid trying to sit at their lunch table. I mean, I don't really like her, but quit it with the mean-girls stuff.

Finn: "He knows we are [a couple] because I've become much better at communicating with him lately." Elizabeth: "Chase told him?" Finn: "He would've but Violet beat him to it." Hee!

Wait, Lucas still works at GH? Then what was that stuff about Austin taking over his job?

April 5th, 2022

Spencer tells Sonny that Esme is off-limits and had nothing to do with the recording. Sonny counsels him to shift his loyalty from the crazy woman who's definitely keeping big secrets to the people who have always supported him. Esme's not pregnant, and Spencer and Nikolas assure her that she's still welcome at Wyndemere. Laura isn't happy to learn about the pregnancy scare or Nikolas and Ava's falling-out. Nikolas explains that he's risking his relationship not just to protect Esme from Sonny but because Spencer confided in Victor about her possible pregnancy before anyone else, and that can't be good. The Deception stock goes up just hours after the IPO debuts, and everyone's thrilled, except for Sasha, who's just high. The party doesn't include any singing, as we were led to believe it would, but it does include the revelation that Selina is an investor. Jake and Aiden are freaked out about the possibility that someone broke into their house, and Jake calls Finn, who in turn calls Dante. Instead of just remembering to use the security system they keep turning off, Elizabeth decides to send the kids to stay with Laura and Kevin so they'll be away from the stalker (whom Aiden thinks is Franco). Finn offers to let Elizabeth stay with him, but she refuses to let the stalker chase her out of her own home. Brook isn't happy to learn that Maxie and Austin are together, but she and Austin agree to call a ceasefire. Ava's so upset with Nikolas that she's considering walking away from her marriage. Scott advises her to fight for what's hers, and not just because of what she'd have to give up in a divorce. Selina still wants to use the Savoy for poker games, and Curtis still won't agree to the arrangement. Sonny talks to Dante and Brando, and I'm going to be honest, I don't remember anything from those scenes.

Ava's already thinking about divorce? What a healthy relationship she and Nikolas have.

If Ava isn't going to fake buddying up to Esme, she should make Victor think she wants him instead of Nikolas so she can get closer to him. In fact, if I were writing this, I would have it turn out that she and Nikolas are staging their fight so he can keep an eye on Esme and she can cozy up to Victor.

I'm legitimately shocked that Esme didn't fake a positive test result.

Elizabeth should hire Chase as a night watchman.

Aiden's suggesting it's Franco's ghost, right? Not the real Franco? Because a) no, and b) the real Franco would be like, "Hey, it's me, I'm not dead after all, how crazy is that?" and not breaking into his own house and scaring his wife.

I love how Selina thinks telling Curtis she'll just have her games somewhere else is will change his mind. That's what he wants, Selina.

April 6th, 2022

Spinelli found an auction for the Ice Princess on the dark web, which could help Sam, Dante, and Anna get some answers on whether its theft is related to Luke's death and/or Victor's return to town. Anna uses Duke's money to get herself invited to the auction, which is in French Polynesia. Jennifer Smith is already there, and a phone conversation with her partner in crime (who might also be her romantic partner) clears some things up: She wants the diamond because their organization needs money to expand from the West Coast and become a major player in Port Charles. Anna's been leaving messages for Valentin, who was supposed to be heading home, but she's worried because he hasn't been in touch. Fortunately, she's about to encounter him because he's already in French Polynesia. Ava tells Nikolas that while she hates the idea of sharing space with Esme, she's not giving up her home. However, as long as Esme's living at Wyndemere, Ava won't be sharing a bed with her husband. Victor's planning a trip out of town (to the auction, I assume), fully aware that he might look suspicious leaving just after getting busted by Drew. He extends an olive branch to Laura and tries to convince her that they want the same thing and might even be allies in the future. Curtis and Portia host a little housewarming party, which T.J. invites Marshall to. Curtis brings up Buenos Aires to gauge Marshall's reaction, but Marshall doesn't give anything away. Stella (who's on the verge of remembering that she stole Curtis and Jordan's divorce papers) reiterates to Marshall that her knowledge about his past and the secrets he's still keeping can't come out. Then she collapses. Selina asks Sonny's blessing to bring gambling back to Port Charles, since it kind of went away after Luke left. Sonny gives her permission in exchange for a cut of the profits and a promise that drugs won't be involved. Esme wants things with Spencer to go back to normal, but she also doesn't want the specter of Trina hanging around all the time. Trina opens up to T.J. a little about how frustrating it is to be accused of a crime she didn't commit. He can relate, because of that racist mall cop who arrested him years ago. Portia's proud that Trina's holding up so well but wishes she would stop caring about Spencer's opinion. Trina wishes the same and thinks Spencer only asked her if she's guilty because he won't let himself admit that Esme might be the real criminal.

So Anna's been sitting on a bunch of money for seven years and has never spent it or mentioned it before? Okay.

I like that things with Ava and Nikolas went from "I'm so mad that I want a divorce" to "until you stop being an idiot, you're not getting any."

Thanks, Ava, for "off-brand sociopath."

How did Drew make the cut for the housewarming party, but no other non-family members did?

T.J. clearly supporting Trina may cause some problems for him at home...

Again, what's the point of Stella remembering or not remembering that she stole the divorce papers?

April 7th, 2022

Smoltz whines to Alexis that she stole his story, so she throws him a bone by offering him a chance to pitch something another time. He meets with Michael and Willow, who have just been served with papers regarding Nina's petition for visitation with Wiley. Michael offers him an exclusive interview all about Nina, Sonny, and Nina's past misdeeds, including that time she kidnapped Avery. Smoltz immediately calls Alexis, who ignores his call. Harmony asks Carly for a job so she can save up more money to move out of the house where she killed a guy and is now roomies with that guy's girlfriend. Even when Harmony admits that she recently tried to advocate for Nina, Carly considers it. Alexis vouches for her work ethic but doesn't have any answers when Carly mentions that Harmony said she felt like she owed something to Nina. Valentin seduces Jennifer and gets an invitation to her room, where he breaks into her safe. Curtis and Portia take Stella to the hospital, but it turns out she just had a panic attack. Curtis thinks it had something to do with her conversation with Marshall, and he worries that his own father is a threat to his family. Stella calls Marshall and tells him to keep his mouth shut about his past. Sonny seems totally fine with the fact that the woman he's interested in is taking his son to court. Nina complains that Michael and Willow seem to think she's too dangerous to be around Wiley, and Sonny points out that they were burned by Nelle, and since Nina's her mother, they've probably connected some dots there. Nina's kind of offended, but not so offended that she doesn't still want to be with Sonny. Harmony spends the episode ignoring phone calls, but she'll have to engage with the person trying to contact her – it's Brendon, and he threatens to go to Willow if Harmony doesn't meet him. Marshall tries to give Trina a pep talk about not caring what other people think, but she's still finding it hard to get past Spencer's suspicions of her. When she mentions trust and the way Taggert made her think he was dead, Marshall seems to get how his decisions really affected his family. Victor and Laura basically have a longer version of the conversation they had yesterday.

When Anna gets to French Polynesia, I'm going to need her to make Valentin shave that caterpillar above his lip.

"Michael's anger is on me, not you." Welp. it's going to be on her now!

Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron should all go axe-throwing together. Trina definitely needs it.

"I've been trying to make amends." Well, you suck at it Victor. Try harder.

April 8th, 2022

Brendon finally gets Harmony to meet him by threatening to spill secrets to Willow's birth mother. That birth mother is Nina. Madeline gave Willow to Harmony, and Harmony told Neil everything when he was her therapist while she was in prison. (Sounds like a motive for murder to me!) Brendon wants hush money now, so Harmony may need to ask Alexis or Willow for a loan. She should get it fast, too, because Brendon has just come across Nina and Willow together. Anna and Felicia head to French Polynesia and learn that the WSB has taken an interest in the auction. They have a tip about Jennifer, and Anna invites herself to join them in handling it. Valentin plants the Ice Princess in Jennifer's safe and disappears as the WSB comes in. They arrest Jennifer and decide that the investigation into Luke's death is closed – Jennifer took the Ice Princess and killed him. Anna and Felicia disagree, because why would she come to the auction for the Ice Princess if she already had it? They decide they need to look for the French Naval officer people saw her with, AKA Valentin. Curtis agrees to host Selina's poker games, though he has a lot of terms for the arrangement. And before he'll let anything happen, he wants information on Marshall's past. Trina is considering changing her plea so her friends and family won't have to keep dealing with the aftermath of her arrest. Marshall tells her that he was once in a similar position, and he left because he thought his family would be better off, but he's now realizing that that made things worse for them. Scott tells Sonny that he's going to be called as a character witness for Nina, since he did such a great job helping her out in court in Pennsylvania. He thinks Sonny will end up losing either Nina or Michael. Sonny tells him he's more of a shark than Sonny thought, and he's going to end up getting what's coming to him. Nina legitimately seems to believe that taking Michael and Willow to court won't hurt her relationship (or whatever it is) with Sonny. Curtis agrees to be a character witness for her, which is good because it's not like she has a lot of options. Willow and Michael brace themselves for Nina's attempts to paint them and their families as bad influences on Wiley.

All of us who predicted years ago that Willow was Nina's mother, only to be told after Nelle died that she was intended to be Nina's daughter all along: (x)

I went "OOOOOOOH!" like a sitcom audience member when Brendon texted, "Then I'll call her real mother."

Freaking A, Harmony, put your phone on silent.

Okay, I'll bite – how did Valentin get the Ice Princess?

Oh, thank God, the mustache was fake.

Curtis, no! There's no way this will end well!

Scott: "I've got to get my ducks in a row." Lucy, somewhere: "Hey, mister! You leave ducks out of this!"

Listen, Trina is a good person, but I don't believe for a second that she would risk doing prison time just to, like, keep her mom from having to sit through her trial. Come on.

Michael doesn't seem worried that Nina will use his criminal record against him.

April 11th, 2022

Nina offers Michael and Willow one more chance to "compromise," which they know really means letting her have her way. They refuse and Michael warns that the judge who takes their case will find out everything there is to know about Nina. Alexis can tell that something's going on with Harmony, but there's no way Harmony's going to tell her anything. Brendon spots Nina talking to Michael and Willow and sends Harmony a picture so she can see how close he is to people who would be very interested in learning her big secret. Brendon tells Michael he wants to do business with Aurora, so that could get messy. Harmony texts him that he wins, and when he reminds her that he wants money, she tells him he'll get everything he deserves. Jordan confides to Dante that she doesn't think Trina is guilty. Instead of helping build a case against her, she wants to look for evidence that will exonerate her. Unfortunately, the forensic evidence that comes back on her phone is going to make that tricky. A rookie cop named Rory eavesdrops on them and appears to have an interest in the case. Carly asks Sam to find out from Dante what evidence Arden and Molly are going to submit against Trina. Sam won't do it because she knows she could risk their relationship, but after realizing how obtainable the information is, she might be reconsidering. Trina feels horrible that Ava and Nikolas' marriage is on the rocks because of her. Instead of telling Ava to drop her support, she urges her to keep fighting because they can't let Esme win. Also, she doesn't think Ava should be too mad about Nikolas inviting Esme to stay with them without consulting her because Ava went to Sonny without consulting him. Spencer seems to be getting sick of Esme's poor-lost-girl-relying-on-the-kindness-of-strangers act, while Nikolas continues playing the hero and pretending her presence hasn't made a crater in his marriage. Alexis comes for a visit and reads him the riot act for falling for Esme's act and verging on making the same mistakes Stavros did. Spencer isn't ready to rekindle anything romantic with Esme, but he does want to get out of his commitment to work for Ava so he doesn't have to be around Trina.

"We can do this without the lawyers and the judges." YOU FILED THE PETITION! SHUT UP, NINA!

It looks like they're trying to make us believe Rory is shady, but from reading a little about him, I'm more inclined to think he likes Trina.

Instead of asking Sam to do something dumb, why doesn't Carly hire her to investigate Esme?

If Sam and Dante's relationship tanks because of Carly, I'm going to be furious.

Why is Sam wearing my jeans from 1998?

"Didn't you just not apologize for that?" Heh.

April 13th, 2022

Trina and Spencer fight about his treatment of her, his support of Esme, and how ridiculous he is for thinking Trina made the recording. Spencer confesses that he doesn't believe Esme's story at all, but he's pretending to be on her side so he can keep an eye on her. His whole act is for Trina's sake because he's falling for her. But it turns out this is just in his imagination, and he leaves with her still thinking he believes she's guilty. Nikolas listens sympathetically as Esme talks about her lonely childhood and how she was never close to her adoptive family and always wondered why her birth parents gave her up. The only person she ever really connected with was her nanny, Maggie, whom she's lost touch with. It's never clear how much of what Esme says is true, but there is a Maggie, since she wrote Esme a letter last summer cautioning her against going to New York because she shouldn't be around Ryan. Nikolas admits to Ava that he isn't really Team Esme – like Spencer, he's keeping her close so he can observe her. That's not enough to make Ava reverse her no-sex decision, though, and she also won't move forward with their vow renewal until they've worked things out. Sonny and Nina talk Phyllis into buying Charlie's for $100. Then suddenly there are masked robbers in the pub. Sasha's veneer is starting to crack, and it's probably only a matter of time before Brando realizes things aren't as perfect as they seem. Sam can't get Dante to talk much about Trina's case, and she can't stop herself from trying to get a peek at files on his phone. Josslyn is a little gun-shy about getting intimate with Cameron again, but he doesn't seem to mind since he doesn't want to push her into anything she's not comfortable with. He's disappointed to learn that his summer job at Lila's Kids is off the table because of the sex tape. Ava asks Scott to arrange for Spencer to pay his restitution some way other than working at the gallery. Scott can't, since it was court-ordered, so Ava bugs Dante to find evidence implicating Esme so Trina can be exonerated. Britt and I have the same reaction to Obrecht and Scott's PDAs.

So Spencer and Nikolas basically have the same plan but neither has any idea. I love it.

How dumb is Nikolas? Why would Ava want to renew their vows when they're in the middle of a big fight?

So, uh...does anyone else think Esme might have killed her adoptive parents?

"You feel sorry for Sasha and Brando, don't you?" Yes, because Phyllis is a human being with a heart.

Instead of giving Phyllis Charlie's, how about we give her a plotline?

Who's running Lila's Kids? Sic a Quartermaine on them. I nominate Olivia.

Samantha. Do not.

Shout-out to Kelly Thiebaud for swallowing all that "wine" in one gulp without choking.

April 14th, 2022

Spencer confides in Cameron everything he didn't tell Trina (other than in his imagination). Cameron can't decide if he's being bold or dumb. Spencer swears him to secrecy, not even giving him permission to tell Josslyn what Spencer's up to. Cameron says this is the last time he'll stick his neck out for Spencer, but we all know there's no way that's true. Brando comes to Sonny and Nina's rescue, so if Sonny decides to ask him again about being his #2, we probably shouldn't be surprised. Sasha definitely wouldn't approve, though. Sonny, Brando, and Dante all wonder if the robbers knew Sonny owned Charlie's. Brando thinks they did and didn't care – he's heard talk that Sonny's enemies don't think he's that big of a threat anymore. Sonny decides it's time to show them he is. Dante catches Sam as she's about to forward his police files to herself and realizes he can't trust her as much as he thought he could. Spinelli basically tells Sam he's right to be upset and she made a big mistake, but it's not something she can't fix. Drew literally drags Carly away from Sam and Dante so she doesn't get in the middle of something she shouldn't. They talk about how she wants to solve everyone's problems, especially when it comes to taking down Esme. He can relate since he wanted to be the one to bring down Peter, but Carly might have to let someone else handle that. They also talk about how Carly might need to stop expending her energy on others and do something for herself for once. She's impressed with how Drew has built a good life after all he's been through, and he hopes her future looks just as good. Trina tells Josslyn about her fight with Spencer, which doesn't make Josslyn think any more favorably of him. Josslyn catches Rory looking at them and calls him out for being interested in their scandal, but Trina recognizes him and calls her off. Rory definitely likes her and I think she likes him, too. Brook makes it no secret that she's upset with Chase, who worries that he's lost his friendship with her. Spinelli still has a big problem with Austin, but Maxie easily gets him to agree to back off and trust her judgment.

Spencer doesn't want Trina to know what he's doing because...she might tell Scott? That wouldn't affect the trial. Also, I don't see Cameron being able to keep this a secret from Josslyn OR Trina.

It's one thing for the robbers to think they could get away with robbing a place Sonny owns, but for them to do it while he's there? They're DUMB dumb.

Sam, you don't get to violate your boyfriend's privacy and then act surprised when he's mad.

Wow, did Carly and Drew have an entire conversation without mentioning Jason?

Forgive me but Rory and Trina would be really cute together.

I laughed at Maxie asking Austin if he's going to pay for their smoothies – she just got really rich a few hours ago. Hopefully she'll use some of that money to get a new place because her apartment is way too small for her and three kids.

I assume Spinelli learned how to jump rope from Georgie.

April 15th, 2022

Brendon moves up Harmony's deadline for handing over his hush money, but she's not that worried since she's just going to kill him. After a brief conversation with Willow in which she says she's happy that Harmony is becoming a better person, Harmony changes her mind and gives Brendon the first of what will have to be numerous installments of his payoff. Brendon turns it down, they fight, and he sees that she's brought a syringe with her. He realizes she killed Brendon and threatens to turn her in, so she shoves him off a...cliff? Are there cliffs? Anyway, that can't end well. Alexis asks Nina to her office to talk about Harmony, but the meeting shifts to a conversation with Smoltz when he tells Nina he's writing a piece (or maybe a series) about her visitation petition. Nina confronts Michael and Willow, the latter of whom is tired of Nina playing the victim and doesn't mind playing a little dirty if it means Wiley is protected. Alexis isn't sure about Smoltz's idea, but he sells her on it with the angle that there's a gap in the legal system that let Nina get away with things that shouldn't technically be legal. She tells Smoltz that if he writes an evenhanded piece and gets Nina's side of the story, she'll publish it. Finn suggests that Chase stay at Elizabeth's house and put up some security cameras to find out who's been messing with her. Elizabeth is hesitant not to send the message that the stalker isn't affecting her, but she's also tired of what's been happening, so she agrees. Carly has heard about the attempted robbery at Charlie's and thinks Sonny's treatment of Nina sent the message to his enemies that they can get away with stuff now. She's also not happy that he finally cut back on alcohol, not because she's been telling him to for years but because Nina convinced him to. For the record, Sonny says he thinks Nina should have access to Wiley, but he'll support Michael's opinion, so just keep that in mind when the trial gets underway. Alexis and Nina are interrupted before Nina can mention that Harmony worked at Crichton-Clark, but Phyllis tells Carly that that's how she knew Harmony years ago. Aiden's contemplating Ouija boards, and when he learns that Lucy's into spiritual stuff, he asks her some questions. She tells him her beliefs in the universe and all that stuff she believes in, emphasizing that if you put out good, good will come back to you. Aiden gets it but still wants a Ouija board. Laura thinks that when Valentin eventually makes Martin choose between him and Lucy, Lucy won't have anything to worry about.

What was up with the background in Harmony and Brendon's scenes? Were they CGI'd in there? It was so distracting.

Chase's logic for why Heather isn't the stalker doesn't make sense. She's in Darkham and hasn't had any visitors in four years. So what?

On the other hand, how long as Elizabeth been taking a sleep aid? That could explain everything – it's making her sleepwalk and do weird stuff she doesn't remember when she wakes up.

Finn: "As a reminder, I saved your life. You'd think that'd buy me at least a year's worth of slack." Chase: "I agreed to six months, so your coupon has expired." Hee!

April 18th, 2022

Harmony steals her file from Brendon's hotel room, then runs into Willow, who thinks her mom is working hard to better herself rather than murdering people and keeping secrets. Harmony's like, "I'm so glad you're letting me be part of your life and I'll be there for you as often as I can until I get sent back to prison." Alexis is the lucky person who finds Brendon's body in the harbor. Anna, Laura, Robert, and Felicia meet up to discuss Anna and Felicia's adventures and their skepticism that Jennifer killed Luke. Laura thinks Victor is somehow connected to everything; it can't be a coincidence that he resurfaced around the time Luke died. Robert encourages Anna to use her relationship (whatever it may be) with Valentin to get more information. Selina tells Curtis that her people looked for Marshall's witness protection info but couldn't find anything. She did get his sealed arrest record but won't hand it over until Curtis hosts a poker game for her. Portia takes out some frustration over Trina's situation on Elizabeth, then feels bad when she learns how much Elizabeth is dealing with. She feels much less bad yelling at Jordan and accusing her of arresting Trina for personal rather than legal reasons. Brad bugs Britt about her love life and whether Terry is going to hire him at GH. Britt tries to convince him to look for work somewhere else, since Selina told her to steer him in another direction. After talking Elizabeth's situation over with Alexis, Finn suggests that she talk to Kevin and see if he can help her remember what the stalker looked like. Elizabeth declines, but if she keeps feeling haunted by what's going on, she'll probably reconsider. Valentin wants in on the Invader, telling Alexis that Victor has an interest in having press connections. Alexis cautions him not to let his father influence him too much.

Harmony, you idiot. Why wouldn't you immediately destroy the incriminating evidence you just stole? Why would you hold on to it a second longer than necessary? It's like you're asking for it to fall into the wrong hands.

Oh, right, I forgot that Willow's dying or whatever.

Alexis being accused of killing Brendon would be an interesting development...

Alexis and Valentin being buddy-buddy is weird.

"Jason was not a hired killer." Britt, he got paid to kill people. What else would you call him?

April 19th, 2022

Harmony and Willow have the same conversation they had in the previous episode, and Harmony feels worse and worse about her actions as Willow continues being clueless that her mother just killed someone. Jordan has some suspicions about Alexis' connection to Brendon, and Alexis is wise enough to know she shouldn't say anything without Diane present. She winds up with a drunk Harmony, who briefly left Brendon's bag and her file unattended and wants someone to drink with. Anna tells Valentin that she let Peter die, and if she's looking for someone to tell her she was wrong to do it, she's talking to the wrong person. Valentin just wishes he'd been there with her to kill Peter himself and/or see his face when he died. The two dance around where their relationship stands, and there's some kissing, but that whole thing is still uncategorized. Inspired by the passion T.J. has for his job, Marshall decides to accept Drew's offer to work for Aurora. Drew tells him he's already filled the position, which makes Marshall guess that the job offer was always just a way to get a background check. He slams Drew for wasting his money and privilege when other people have to work for it, and Drew kind of agrees with him, because I guess he forgot that he was given away as a three-year-old, grew up in a group home, and didn't meet his family until he was an adult. Josslyn's upset to see Cameron hanging out with Spencer and upset again that he won't back her in trying to keep him out of Kelly's. Britt tries to defuse the situation by taking Spencer somewhere else and giving him a pep talk. That doesn't help Josslyn and Cameron, though, and poor Trina has to stand there while they fight about whether or not Spencer is a bad friend. Portia gets it all out of her system, then feels bad for thinking Jordan would be petty and unprofessional enough to use Trina to get back at her. Curtis tells her that Jordan doesn't believe Trina's guilty and is still working on gathering evidence. Michael asks Drew about his plans for the future, but Drew doesn't know what he wants to do career-wise.

I thought of another mistake Harmony made – she hasn't done anything about the texts she and Brendon exchanged or the picture he sent her of Nina, Willow, and Michael.

"Do you want to be something more?" No, Anna. He kissed you on New Year's Eve for his health.

This is stupid. Spencer, tell Josslyn and Trina what you're up to. Y'all can conspire together.

How does Cameron even have enough power to control whether or not Spencer works at Kelly's?

Drew should be a personal trainer. He's fit and would be awesome at motivating people.

April 20th, 2022

Alexis takes Harmony home but can't get her to open up about why she's so upset and got so drunk. Alexis mentions finding Brendon's body, but when Harmony says Alexis' bad day is her fault, Alexis doesn't connect the dots there. Carly and Sam come by to drop off Harmony's car and check on her, and when Carly says that she's worried about Harmony because Willow's her family, Harmony replies that she wishes she could say the same. Spencer stops Cameron from telling Josslyn and Trina what he's up to. Cameron urges him to come clean, but instead, Spencer suggests that Josslyn and Cameron talked Trina into recording them so they could get attention. Cameron responds by hitting him, and since Rory's present, he gets arrested. While trying to talk Rory into letting him go, Spencer accidentally hits Rory and gets arrested as well. Nikolas makes it clear to Esme that he's on her side and will continue protecting her and supporting her. She's definitely getting more familiar than a woman should be with her sort-of boyfriend's father, and he's definitely on alert about it. Like Carly, Ava thinks Sonny's enemies see him as off his game. Nina's worried that the robbers (who are out on bail) will turn up again, but Sonny has already taken care of that by kidnapping them. Laura has questions for him about his treatment of Esme, warning that if anything happens to her, he'll be the main suspect. Carly's really apologetic about possibly causing trouble for Sam and Dante, but Sam, to her credit, takes full responsibility for her actions. She urges Carly to work harder to make a clean break from Sonny, which I think mainly means, "Stop talking about Nina all the time."

Heh. I'm imagining Carly finding out that Nina is Willow's biological mother and keeping it from her like she did with Nelle.

I really don't get why everyone thinks Ava and Nikolas would have their vow-renewal ceremony in the middle of a huge fight.

"What's a girl supposed to do, Ava? He just – he keeps coming to my rescue." Maybe stop getting yourself into situations where you need to be rescued?

Laura probably shouldn't be socializing with Sonny in public.

"Sorry I got you to risk your relationship, but also, did that risk benefit me at all?" is so completely Carly.

April 21st, 2022

Cameron is furious with Spencer for getting them arrested and worries that Spencer will be sent back to prison. Jordan doesn't think the situation is serious enough to warrant a big to-do, so she releases Cameron when Spencer says he won't press charges. She lets Rory decides whether or not to pursue a case against Spencer, and Rory (who's intimidated by the fact that he arrested two people close to the mayor) says he can go with a warning. Jordan and Laura tell Spencer he won't be sent back to prison since he's already completed his sentence, but if he'd been charged with assaulting a police officer, a judge wouldn't be happy that he committed an act of violence so soon after his release. Spencer's too blasé about getting away with what he did and Laura makes it clear that she's not happy with his behavior or attitude. A meeting with an executive coach makes Drew consider his career options. He runs into Britt, who's been stood up for a matchmaking date, and they bond over being at uncertain points in their lives. Maxie's curious about Britt's date, so she and Spinelli go to spy on them. Maxie thinks Drew is Britt's match and is excited for them. Britt complains that the matchmaking app hasn't given her any good matches, and Spinelli gets defensive. Maxie doesn't get why he's so interested, if it's not because he likes Britt himself. Aiden invites Chase to use his new Ouija board with him and confides that he thinks Franco's ghost is trying to reach out. Chase is extremely skeptical, even when the lights go out while Aiden is asking if there are any spirits around. After Aiden leaves, Chase falls asleep and wakes up to a crashing sound elsewhere in the house. Finn and Cameron come home to find him unconscious. Selina's first poker game at the Savoy goes well, and Sonny, who stops by to check in, doesn't have any concerns. Curtis is eager to get what he was promised but will have to wait until the next day. Marshall tells Epiphany he's leaving town because he hasn't been able to develop the relationship he wanted with Curtis. She blasts him for giving up and encourages him to fight for the family he keeps saying he wants.

I think I'm more afraid of Laura than I am of Selina.

So they're unsubtly telling us that Spinelli made the matchmaking app, right?

I distinctly remember Drew being really confused the first time he met Maxie, so I like that he's amused by her now.

I thought (or I guess I assumed) the poker games were going to take place when the club wasn't open to the public. It feels like they're depending on a lot of people to behave themselves for everything to go smoothly, and I don't think all those people have it in them.

"No disrespect but Brad is a lying weasel." Hee!

April 22nd, 2022

Alexis tells Harmony about Smoltz's story so she'll be prepared for him to contact her to talk about Willow's background. Harmony worries that the story will lead to someone finding out that Willow isn't her biological daughter. She demands that Alexis kill the story, playing the "if you're really my friend, you'll do this for me" card. It doesn't work, and now Alexis kind of wants to kick her out. Willow hears Sam and Carly talking about Harmony getting drunk and worries about what might have sparked that. Carly goes to Alexis' to check on Harmony and finds her about to burn Neil's file on her. Selina finally gives Marshall's file to Curtis, warning that once he reads it, he won't be able to unread it. Curtis ignores her, reads it, and is unhappy about whatever it says. Trina runs into Marshall as he's waiting for a ferry to take him out of town. She tries to get him to open up to her, but he's determined not to let anyone find out what he's hiding about his past. She tells him whatever it was can't be worse than the prospect of never seeing his family again. He proceeds with his plan to leave, but Trina gives Curtis a heads-up and Curtis catches him before he can go. Leo's adoption has been finalized, so the Quartermaines host a party to celebrate. Leo's been doing theater therapy, but he gets stage fright when Olivia encourages him to perform for the guests. Chase spent the night in the hospital with a concussion, but all he cares about is getting to the Quartermaines' because he promised Leo (and Brook) he would come to the party. He randomly confides in Portia that he doesn't want to do anything to upset the delicate nature of his and Brook's friendship. Chase fills Finn and Elizabeth in on Aiden's theory about Franco's ghost, making Elizabeth lament how hard it's been for her and her sons to move on. Jordan investigates what happened to Chase in case he's wrong about something accidentally falling on him. His phone is broken, so they have to go home to look at the security footage there. Unfortunately, it went out just before Chase was knocked out. Even if Drew got Scout's ELQ shares back from Valentin, Valentin would still have Danny's, and thus still control the majority of the company. Drew and Michael are thinking about merging ELQ and Aurora, which would dilute Valentin's shares and give Drew control. Ned just wants to know where that leaves him. Sam and Dante have already made up off-screen, but she reiterates that she feels horrible for what she did and is going to remember that she's dating someone who actually follows the rules. Dante thinks he was too hard on her (he wasn't) and promises that he trusts her. Jordan learns that Curtis and Selina are doing some business together and cautions him not to get too involved with her. Portia makes up with Jordan and expresses her gratitude that Jordan's going to try to figure out who really made the recording.

Harmony, no writer would kill a story because one source won't talk. They'll just say you declined to speak with them.

I'd love to see Sam and Carly team up and expose Harmony.

Can you really merge two companies if the majority shareholder of one of them won't support it?

Why didn't Chase just ask Finn to call Brook for him? This is dumb. JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY.

Way to make it about yourself, Ned.

April 25th, 2022

Harmony spins a bunch of lies to get Carly to stop being suspicious, but nothing works. When Harmony's out of the room, Carly finds a page of Neil's notes that she accidentally left in Brendon's bag and puts together that Willow isn't Harmony's biological daughter. Harmony goes after her with the syringe she didn't use on Brendon. Diane talks Alexis into deciding not to kill Smoltz's story, and not just because she doesn't owe Harmony any favors. She also helps her come up with a plan to get Harmony out of her house. Alexis goes home to talk to Harmony and finds the living room trashed and a scrap of Neil's notes in the fireplace. She thinks Harmony's having a breakdown and guesses that she went up to the cliff where she killed Brendon. Harmony is indeed there, with Carly in the trunk of her car. Sonny tries to appeal to Willow to talk to Michael on his behalf so they can work things out. Michael catches him and lays into him for everything he's done that's hurt their family. Sonny tells him he doesn't have to choose sides, and he's acting like a child. In response, Michael says he's done with Sonny forever. Curtis confronts Marshall for making a big deal out of his arrest when it turns out he was picked up at a protest, no charges were filed, and he was referred to a psychiatric facility. Marshall still thinks leaving his family was the right choice, and now he regrets coming back. He also won't tell Curtis the outcome of his psych referral or what his diagnosis was (if he got one). Brook is instantly worried when Chase tells her what happened to him, and they're juuuuuuust about to kiss when Michael interrupts. Then when they're about to get back on track, Leo comes in. Chase helps him get over his stage fright, which is nice and all, but I think we all would have preferred the kissing. Tech guys determine that the security cameras at Elizabeth's house were jammed, so whatever happened, it was deliberate. Aiden still thinks they're dealing with Franco's ghost, and though Elizabeth and Finn don't want to get into that, they tell Aiden they'll need to rule out human culprits before they pursue that idea. Finn keeps insisting that Elizabeth move out, and she keeps refusing.

They're moving a lot faster on this Harmony stuff than I expected. Thanks for snopping, Carly!

Wait, when did Alexis tell Diane that Harmony isn't Willow's biological mother? What happened to keeping that a secret?

"I can come along for moral support. I can just stand in the back and look pretty." Diane Miller, everyone.

Michael forgave Sonny for killing A.J.; I'm sure he'll forgive him for hurting Carly.

"If you want me to forgive, you're gonna have to beg." Excuse me?? Who says that to their child??

Writers, do us all a favor and jettison this Marshall stuff. Put it in the trunk of Harmony's car and drive it off a cliff.

We're SO close with Brook and Chase. I hate this slow boil!

April 26th, 2022

Alexis finds Harmony just as she's about to send Carly's car over the cliff and make it look like she died in an accident. Harmony ends up spilling that she killed both Brendon and Neil, the latter because he was going to tell Willow that Harmony isn't her biological mother. Carly regains consciousness and bangs on the trunk, which Alexis hears. Alexis pretends that she's going to let Harmony leave town, then runs to open the trunk before she can drive away. Now Harmony has two people to get rid of. Sonny tries to vent to Dante about his fight with Michael, but Dante kind of agrees with his brother, which just makes Sonny mad. Brando wins points with him by saying Michael doesn't understand how good he's always had it, with his supportive family who always puts him first. Sasha thinks Nina hasn't given full thought to what it would mean to be in a relationship with Sonny, at least where his job is concerned. Michael, however, is confident in his decision to cut Sonny out of his life and keep him from influencing Wiley. Willow supports him but wants him to be careful not let his anger make him as ruthless as his father. Finn gets madder at Lucy about her conversation with Aiden than is warranted, especially since Elizabeth thinks it was harmless. She seems open to the possibility that Franco's ghost is involved, which means she might take Lucy up on her suggestion to have a medium check things out. Nina starts worrying when Sasha hints that she sees Liam's death as a punishment for her lies to Nina and her drug use.

I'm disappointed that Nancy Lee Grahn doesn't get to finish out this arc. This Alexis...uh...isn't doing it for me.

Considering Neil was going to tell a former patient's secrets to her daughter, he really did deserve to lose his license.

Morgan mention – drink!

If this were a case of Franco's ghost reaching out because he doesn't want Elizabeth to move on, wouldn't he mess with Finn instead of scare his family?

April 27th, 2022

Carly saves Alexis from Harmony, who runs off before they can restrain her. Carly worries that she'll go after Willow and Wiley next. A photographer ambushes Sasha while she, Gladys, Lucy, Maxie, and Brook are celebrating Deception's success. When Sasha tries to escape him, he follows her and snaps a picture of her taking a pill. Gladys steals the photographer's memory card, and he chases her and Sasha when they flee in Sasha's car. A combination of drugs and the need to get away lead to Sasha most likely hitting Harmony with her car. Sonny talks to Curtis about Marshall and the chance that their relationship isn't completely irreparable. Also, when he has a flashback to seeing Marshall's prescription bottle, we finally get the name of his medication: risperidone, which is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Nina tells Brando that Sasha is worried about him because of the way he jumped in to help Nina and Sonny during the robbery. Brando promises he's not going back to mob stuff. Nina talks to him about the pain of losing a child and asks to help Sasha through her grief. One of the robbers Sonny kidnapped turns up injured and refuses to tell Dante who's responsible. Dante hints to Sonny that he knows it was him, and he's pretty sure his message has been received. Portia's worried about Curtis because he's not returning her calls and she knows from Trina that Marshall was on his way out of town. Drew tells her that's partially his fault, and that he and Curtis tried to dig into Marshall's past. That makes Portia worry more, since Curtis could have gotten into something dangerous. Drew thinks that if that's the case, the less she knows, the better. Meanwhile, Marshall has someone deliver his clarinet to T.J. with a goodbye note. Brook seems to think that Austin is both intimidated by Maxie's sudden wealth and a golddigger. Ava and Finn run into each other at a nail salon and bond over having daughters they'd do anything for.

The Harmony plot feels anticlimactic. I expected something much different.

Gladys stealing the memory card was pretty awesome.

I'm surprised Sonny didn't tell Curtis about his own experiences with a father who abandoned him, then came back into his life.

Portia, if you have questions about your boyfriend, talk to your boyfriend. Leave Drew alone.

Ava and Finn? Huh?

April 28th, 2022

Sasha is able to revive Harmony with CPR, which could save her from a manslaughter charge, but there's still the matter of her speeding and driving under the influence. The photographer takes more pictures and says he'll frame the night's events to make Sasha look like a hero if Gladys gives back his memory card. Sasha won't agree, so the photographer says everyone will know that she's gone over the edge because of Liam's death. With that, Sasha adds assault to her list of crimes. Dante breaks up the fight and has little sympathy for the photographer. He also doesn't ask Sasha many questions, so he's probably going to kick himself later, when he learns everything that happened. Carly tells Jordan what led to her abduction and Alexis' face-off with Harmony, but Jordan isn't sure if Harmony had enough of a motive to kill two people and try to kill two more. Carly puts together clues from conversations she's had with Harmony and may have figured out that Nina is Willow's biological mother, though she keeps that to herself. Jordan has asked Rory to keep an eye on Trina in the wake of media harassment, and he's definitely not upset about that assignment. Spencer feels exactly the opposite when he catches them chatting. Trina tears into him for using his connect to Laura to get himself out of trouble, just like he always uses money and privilege to rescue himself. She tells him to go home to Esme, and he hints that he doesn't feel the same way about Esme as she does about him. Nikolas wanted to surprise Ava with dinner at Wyndemere, but she texts that she has plans. He has a tantrum and Esme helps him calm down, which leads to another moment where they're a little closer than people in their situation should be. Laura interrupts and shares the good news that Sonny won't be targeting Esme anymore, which means she can move out. Nikolas claims to still be invested in her well-being, but Laura tells him to get rid of the scorpion in his house before she poisons everyone. Michael, Willow, Dante, and Sam were supposed to go on a double date, but Sam bails before it starts because Alexis was taken to the hospital, and Dante leaves when he's summoned to the site of Harmony's accident. Michael and Willow remain clueless about everything until Carly calls them, and she's hesitant to tell them what happened. Portia tells Curtis that she knows some things about his investigation into Marshall, then asks how he got Marshall's sealed arrest record. Curtis declines to tell her.

I'm impressed (and surprised) that Sasha kept it together and was able to help Harmony.

Why didn't the photographer tell Dante that he saw Sasha taking pills? Didn't he even pick one up?

"Carly and I barely escaped with our lives. Girls' night out." Heh.

"Out of all the things I stand to lose, you're the least important." Yes, Trina, yes!

Let's be clear that Nikolas flipped a table because Ava canceled on plans she didn't know he had. That's some Sonny-like behavior right there.

It would have been interesting if Laura had only told Nikolas that Esme was safe from Sonny, and Nikolas hadn't passed that along to Esme so she would stay at Wyndemere and he could continue keeping an eye on her.

April 29th, 2022

As Willow waits for news about Harmony while she's in surgery, Carly and Sasha both consider dropping their bombshells on her. Willow's confused about what happened, so she welcomes some explanation, but she didn't expect it in the form of Sasha admitting that she hit Harmony with her car. She's afraid Willow will be mad at her, but Willow's more interested in piecing together why Harmony was with Carly and Alexis before that, and whether she purposely jumped in front of Sasha's car. Carly talks over her own secret-related dilemma with Josslyn, though she doesn't give any details about what she knows. Gladys tells Carly how the accident happened but can't figure out why Sasha was so intent on getting away from the photographer. She realizes she could get the answer herself from looking at the photos on the stolen memory card. Esme eavesdrops while Spencer and Trina fight (mostly about her), then jumps in and fights with Trina herself. Nothing new is really said, but Spencer has to catch himself when Esme trashes Trina and pretend he wants her to stop because the negativity is stressing her out. Ava and Nikolas have it out over Esme and Spencer and all that stuff, since she won't agree to rekindle things even after he tells her Esme doesn't have to live at Wyndemere anymore. Nikolas thinks she's mad not because he invited Esme to stay there without consulting her but because he chose his son. The two admit they can't trust each other, and Nikolas expects Ava to pursue a divorce, but she tells him she can't leave him because she loves him too much. They kiss and almost go further, but she knows that won't make anything better, so they're basically back where they started. Smoltz wants to talk to Brando about the accident, and Brando almost becomes the second Corinthos to punch him (the first one holds him back). Smoltz tries to hide behind the First Amendment, so Brando reminds him that that only protects people from the government, and Smoltz doesn't want to test Brando to see how far he can push him.

Carly should hold off on telling Willow too much, not because she's already dealing with so much but because she doesn't have enough evidence to back up that Harmony isn't her biological mother and/or that Nina might be.

Snarky Trina might be the best Trina. Top 5, at least.

Not to give Nikolas any ammo but he should bring up what a problem it is that Ava is siding with Trina over his son.

Good for David Lautman for playing Smoltz so well that the second he appears on screen, I go, "Ugh, this guy."

Brando is very good at being intimidating without seeming like he's being intimidating.

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