General Hospital blog - August, 2005

August 1st, 2005

I still just...donít get where this whole Jason thing is going. Why are they doing stuff with this now? Iím so confused.

Alcazar - leave Carly. Get together with Skye. Itíll be awesome, I promise.

Okay, Emily and Nikolas, itís time to fish or cut bait. Might I suggest the latter?

Oh, Lucky. When did you become so unreasonable and unrecognizable?

August 2nd, 2005

But Jason, youíre supposed to be the smart one on this show! Also, Sam is an idiot. If I were in a crisis, I wouldnít want Sam anywhere near me.

Maybe Courtney and Lucky should get together, since theyíre both suddenly so annoying.

Way to stay undercover, random female undercover cop.

Raise your hand if you really care about Jesse and Maxie. Yeah, thatís what I thought. Dillon and Georgie are clearly the more interesting couple, and yet they never get to do anything.

August 3rd, 2005

Eee! Dr. Thomas is creepy!

Dear Mac, itís your own fault for not knocking.

Someone dyed his hair, and his name is TONY!

Heh, Sonnyís all, ďWhat do you mean, someone else prays in this chapel?Ē

August 4rd, 2005

You know youíre weak when a guy who just woke up from three hours of unconsciouness is stronger than you.

Is anyone surprised that this is happening with Elizabeth?

Way to be an idiot, Carly. Thanks a lot.

I canít get behind Maxie and Dillon as a couple, but as friends? Hilarious.

August 5th, 2005

Dude. Awesome twist. I was sure Dr. Thomas wasnít going to do anything to Sam. They called my bluff! However, Emily has to save her? Whatever. Um, sheís only pre-med, remember? She could get sued for that. Jason has more medical experience than she does.

Hee. Carly had to save Reese. Hee hee hee.

Are Elizabeth and Lucky going anything other than talk?

Jax? What?

August 8th, 2005

Thatís...thatís it? Samís okay, Monica and Alan are okay, and Jason took Dr. Thomas out with one bullet? How anti-climactic!

Awww, how sweet. Dillon in bed with Maxie and Georgie. Sweet and not at all weird.

Maybe Alan and Monica will get back together. Hey, why not?

Donít give in to her, Alcazar! Kick her butt out! Then shack up with Skye!

August 9th, 2005

Alexis is suing Ric. Is there really anything more to say?

Oh, yes there is. Reese thought Alexis was coming on to her! Hee!

Jason and Sam are certainly tempting fate by being so happy. But, hey, a new villain!

Thank you for FINALLY making a decision, Emily and Nikolas. And, honestly, I didnít care which way they went. Though, adultery...not such a good idea. (Just ask Ric and Reese.)

Why did Emily ask Elizabeth about the end of her relationship with Jason? That relationship (if you can even call it that) lasted about two weeks. Why didnít she ask about the end of her relationship with Ric instead? And why did she even have to ask? Itís not like Nikolas is her first love. Or even her first husband.

August 10th, 2005

From now on, Iím going to try to hit the highs each day and give a little summary of the important stuff that happened. So here are the highs: Jason and Sam are captured by an Italian woman. Courtney and Nikolas decide not to have an affair, but Elizabeth secretly catches them kissing on the docks. Michael realizes that Reese and Carly went to the same high school. Sonny asks Reese to move in with him. Reese debates telling Sonny who she really is.

Iím not sure where this Sam thing is going, and I donít care anyway, so itís all good.

Why is Jason popping pills? Now, THAT I care about.

Yay, Lucky! Way to do something good without betraying your brother! Now, just discuss things with Elizabeth and come up with a plan together.

Looks like Michael is smarter than I give him credit for.

I like Nikolas and all (most of the time), but...seriously, who would cheat on Jax? Heís the hottest man in that town.

August 11th, 2005

The Italian woman, Allegra, tries to convince Sam to pretend to be her supposedly dead daughter Alicia and marry her fiancť, Andrew. Jason discovers that Alicia is actually alive. Just as Carly realizes that Reese is Charlotte, Reese confesses to Sonny. Alexis refuses to drop her suit against Ric, even after he offers her a job and threatens to counter sue.

Um, Allegra? Can I ask you a question? ARE YOU ON CRACK? None of this makes sense. And itís all just a stupid way of getting Kelly Monaco to dance. Bleh.

Oh, also, WE DONíT LIKE KELLY MONACO. We donít want to see her playing two characters.

Is it wrong that I enjoyed hearing Alexis say ďnot getting anyĒ?

That Reese/Charlotte secret was probably kept for the shortest amount of time of any soap secret ever.

August 12th, 2005

Sam is reunited with Jason, who tells her that Alicia is alive; they agree to play along with Allegra to buy themselves some time. Reese reveals that Carly slept with her father. Carly and Reese get kicked out by their respective significant others. Brook and Maxie are drugged at a party; Maxie passes out and Brook winds up on the docks. Lucas is back and rooming with Dillon at PCU.

Iím already bored with Sam and Jasonís new plot. Whatever.

I totally called that Carly slept with Reeseís father. Oh, and ew.

LUCAS! Maybe heíll actually be around a little more.

Hee. Lucas is smart. Why ARE Brook and Maxie fighting over Diego, of all people? Speaking of Brook...awww, poor girl. She finally gets a plot, and itís lame.

August 15th, 2005

Sonny asks Ric if he and Reese are hiding anything else. Brook turns up, but a nude photo of her surfaces in the hand of someone trying to call her. Reese and Carly resort to fisticuffs. Allegra asks Sam to protect Alicia.

Carly and Reese are fighting like that at Kellyís? Whatever. Go to Jakeís if youíre going to do that.

Ric and Reese shouldíve come clean about their one night oí passion when Reese announced that she was Charlotte. If Sonny was going to be mad about that, they might as well have just piled it on.

Stop looking so nervous, Lucas. Itís making ME nervous.

Sigh. Are we going to do the nude photo extortion storyline again?

August 16th, 2005

Elizabeth tells Monica, who in turn tells Emily that something might be going on between Nikolas and Courtney. Allegra manipulates Sam, then decides that Alicia is expendable. Courtney and Nikolas wind up on the same plane to the Bahamas. Mike and Justus break up Carly and Reeseís fight; Sonny tends to Reese but Alcazar refuses to help Carly.

Whatís this feeling? Is it...sympathy? For Emily? Nah.

Hee hee. No one cares about Carly. Hee hee hee. Yes, that feeling would be the opposite of sympathy.

How dumb is Sam? Really.

Hi, Justus! ĎBye, Justus!

August 17th, 2005

Alcazar goes back to the dark side of business and attempts a hit at Kellyís. Emily goes to the Bahamas and catches Courtney and Nikolas together. Elizabeth worries that Jax will find out about Nikolas and Courtney. Everyone turns on Carly.

Hee. Iím just amused by the way that Emily figured out where Nikolas was.

Oh, Skye. You know you want to be with Alcazar. Stop fooling yourself.

Ha, ha! Everyone hates Carly!

Please give Lucky and Elizabeth a plot. Pretty please.

August 18th, 2005

Emily and Jax declare their respective marriages over, leaving Nikolas and Courtney to do whatever they want. Andrew tells Sam that itís now or never for their wedding. The guy who drugged Brook and Maxie (who is so NOT Lucas) calls them.

Iím trying to dissect that commercial with Jason. Does this mean this Sam/Alicia thing is all a dream (which Iíve kind of suspected)? Is he going to have amnesia? Um, again? Suddenly, I care again!

I refuse to believe that Lucas is evil. REFUSE. Right now, Iíll just call him the best red herring ever.

Way to learn from your mistakes, Courtney and Nikolas. Oh, wait. I stopped caring. A long time ago. Whatever.

I just read that Kari Wuhrer is pregnant. You know, if theyíd listened to me and had Reese get pregnant after sleeping with both Ric and Sonny, they would have perfect timing to write this in. But nooooo, no one ever listens to me....

August 19th, 2005

Sam marries Andrew. Jasonís health falters. Elizabeth tells Jax that she wonít let the baby be raised without a mother. Nikolas and Courtney debate getting it on. Carlyís freaking out. Alcazar gives Skye Carlyís old job. Sonny asks Ric to stop working with Reese.

Um...I think Jason needs to lie down.

Iím not entirely sure what Samís strategy is. Actually, I wouldnít be surprised if she didnít actually have a strategy.

Donít worry, Elizabeth. The babyís probably Luckyís anyway.

Bleh. Whatever, Nikolas and Courtney.

August 22nd, 2005

Jason apparently kills Andrew, blacks out, and escapes with Sam. Sonny invites Emily to move into his guesthouse. Courtney blames Elizabeth for her ruined marriage. Lucky suggests that he and Elizabeth get married to avoid a custody battle with Jax.

Courtney. Donít make me hate you.

That whole kidnapping thing didnít last very long. And for that I am very grateful, because it was stupid. Now we can get to the fun amnesia stuff!

Emily, what are you doing?? Donít be a goomah!

Like I said Friday - donít worry, Elizabeth. The babyís probably Luckyís anyway.

August 23rd, 2005

Sonny apologizes to Reese but isnít so much for forgiveness. Courtney blames Nikolas for the destruction of their marriages; they end up kissing again. Ric tries to keep Emily from telling Sonny about his one night stand with Reese. Alexis tells Ric that sheís dropping her lawsuit. Carly accuses Alexis of wanting to win Sonny back.

Oh, Alexis. Youíve made me so happy. You, too, Ric. I couldnít be happier if Kristina actually made an appearance again. Hey, where is she, anyway?

Shut up, Courtney. And dye your roots, please.

Loved the Ric/Emily scene. (Not Emilyís part, of course.) Rick Hearst is still so terrific. He did that whole thing so subtly and got his point across perfectly.

Oh, is Carly going crazy? I hadnít noticed. This is close to how she is normally.

August 24th, 2005

Time for some reports from the rumor mill!

1. Jason will lose his memory. - Confirmed. Starts tomorrow!

2. Emily and Sonny will become a couple. - Ug. No word yet. Apparently some people are in favor of this. I donít think Iím one of them.

3. News of Ric and Reeseís one night stand will come out, and Ric and Alexis will split up again. - Please, no. I donít want that at all.

4. Elizabeth will miscarry. - Why am I not surprised?

5. Alexisí baby will be okay. - Theyíve been promising from the beginning that this one will live. Theyíve promised a lot of things. Iíll believe it when I see it.

6. Carly and Alexis will team up to bring down Reese. - That could be interesting....

7. Lucas is gay. - Confirmed. Dillon will figure it out. Oh, and I think that means heís not crazy.

8. Carly goes crazy and pulls a gun on Sonny. - Confirmed, I think. And awesome.

9. Courtney and Nikolas have sex. - Who? I donít care.

10. The big one - Robin is coming back. - Is supposedly going to be confirmed Friday on the Soaps Secrets special they did once before that I wasnít going to watch this time but now canít bring myself not to. Please, God, let it be true. It would be awesome. And Iím for anything that keeps Sam and Jason apart.


Iíve done some investigating, and apparently Robinís return has been confirmed by some reliable sources (though none official yet). Also, Kelly Monacoís fans (all four of them) are going crazy over the news. Ha! Take that!

Later, again

Jason wakes up with amnesia. Again. Elizabeth reaches the inevitable ďthereís something wrong with the babyĒ stage of pregnancy. Maxie, Jesse, Georgie, and Dillon realize that the stalker may have a hideout on the campus of PCU. The love quadrangle canít work things out.

I wish I could ask Sam, ďWho are you?Ē In that way, I kind of envy Jason. I also wish Sam would burn her shirt, because itís awful.

Canít a pregnant woman on a soap have one uneventful pregnancy, please? Is that too much to ask?

Stick around, Justus! Itís not like you have anything else to do.

No, Nikolas, youíre not being punished for being tempted. You DID kiss Courtney. Itís not like you just thought about it. You actually did something. Idiot.

Hee, Georgieís funny when she fake whines.

August 25th, 2005

Jason wonders about his forgotten life and Sam tries to fill him in. She gets recaptured by Allegra and Jason takes out her guards without knowing what heís doing. Elizabeth is fine, and Jax may have changed his mind about their custody issues. Sonny and Reese have make-up sex. Emily and Nikolas take a step towards working out their problems. Alexis wants to work on being civil with Sonny.

Itís like The Bourne Identity around here. Iíd like to know if Jason still has all his medical knowledge, since I always liked that about him. That would make me very happy.

Oh, and itís also The Twilight Zone, since I didnít hate Sam today, and since Alexis and Sonny had an entire conversation without fighting. And whatís up with all the forgiveness stuff? Is it Forgiveness Week and no one told me?

Are Sonny and Reese starring in a remake of Sleepless in Seattle?

No way are Nikolas and Emily getting back together. Sheís already moved onto Sonnyís property. That makes her his. Itís an unwritten rule. Which means thatís the last time Sonny is going to be in Reeseís bedroom.

No dead babies, please. Okay, well, actually, they can do whatever they want to Elizabethís baby as long as that means Ric and Alexisí kid is spared. (Sorry, Elizabeth. I have my priorities.)

Be a nice guy, please, Jax. Iíd really appreciate it if you werenít a jerk all the time.

August 26th, 2005

Carly trashes Reeseís penthouse, then shows up at Sonnyís with a gun. Sam admits to Jason that he kills people for a living. Alicia confesses to killing Andrew, so Allegra puts her in jail. Jax wants to work things out with Courtney, but she keeps thinking about Nikolas, and vice versa.

No dates or contract info, but itís been confirmed that Kimberly McCullough is coming back. Awesome. I hope Sam loses her mind over that. And I hope that when Carly inevitably starts complaining about Robin, everyone tells her to shut up.

Shoot him, Carly, shoot him! Sorry. I couldnít help myself.

Wow, how convenient that Alicia killed Andrew and they can just put her in jail and forget all about it. How convenient, indeed.

Iím so sick of this stupid love square or whatever it is. Iíd much rather watch Elizabeth and Lucky, who are actually happy together. I mean, imagine that.

August 29th, 2005

A sanity-losing Carly is arrested for attempted murder; Sonny and Ric keep her from being institutionalized. Jason evades Sam and heads home. Courtney interrupts a romantic moment between Nikolas and Emily, who realizes that itís really over. Courtney heads back to Jax, telling him she wants to work things out.

Carlyís definitely more fun when sheís crazy. ďOne shoe on, one shoe off....Ē

Yay, someone remembered that Carly and Lucky are cousins!

Donít worry, Courtney, Nikolas wonít be alone. Thereís always Robin, after all.

ďThatís our boy.Ē I love you, Alexis.

August 30th, 2005

Sonny asks Emily to look after Michael and Morgan while he tends to Carly. Alexis discovers that Carly is at Sonnyís but promises Ric that sheíll keep quiet. Jesse accuses Lucas of being the stalker. Brook and Maxie are living together, as are Jesse and Diego.

Eh, I liked the craziness better when it was funny.

Of course the six college kids are living together. What else would we expect? And a big hee to Jesse having to live with Diego. Thatís going to be awesome.

Shut up, Nikolas. Man, I want him to shut up so much. Boo hoo, Mr. My Wife Was Raped and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt. When Iím on Emilyís side in something, you know itís bad.

Dude, Reese, stay away from that house, because Carly will cut you.

August 31st, 2005

Jason gets Carly away from Reese, then goes to the Quartermainesí, where Alan tries to convince him that heís home. Sonny heads to Miami, thinking that Alcazar has taken Carly there. Jesse uses Brookís nude photo as a lead. Reese finds Carly in an old school. Dillon worries that Georgie has been drugged.

They scared Ryan Carnes away! Heís leaving September 21st and will be replaced by Ben Hogestyn (son of Days of Our Lives star Drake Hogestyn) starting September 22nd.

The good news is that Kimberly McCullough returns October 12th. Theyíre still not saying how long sheíll be back, but they said she has a contract, so Iíd say at least six months.

Are Carly and Reese in Florida? How did they get there so quickly? Where did Carly get the money for that? And who braided her hair?

Man, I hope Diego is the stalker. Then he can go away and never come back.

Oh, Jason. Too bad you couldnít have run into Monica first.

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