General Hospital blog - August, 2006

August 1st, 2006

Sonny breaks up with Emily, who asks Carly to keep helping him. Carly encourages Jason to get back together with Sam. Sonny tells Jason that he's not sure he'll ever be able to go back to the business. Georgie figures out that Maxie has been sleeping with Lucky. Lucky is unhappy to hear that Elizabeth has confided in Nikolas.

Hallelujah, Sonny and Emily are through. I'm as happy as Edward!

Dang, took you long enough to put the pieces together, Georgie. Also, points to whoever told her to wear the prom corsage today.

Does anyone else find it odd that Carly is advocating for Sam, a woman she basically hates?

Is Colleen a secret Cassadine child? Were the fighting brothers she mentioned Stavros and Stefan? Has Alexis repressed another memory? Why is she always around? Why is she so annoying when she never actually does anything? Is it the hair? Her perpetual look of anger? Will any of these questions ever be answered? Does anyone care?

August 2nd, 2006

Patrick's test comes back negative. Sam overhears Ric figuring out that Jason killed Manny and Alexis kept quiet so he would stay away from Sam. Elizabeth and Lucky both tell Jason that they've figured out he killed Manny. Lulu might be pregnant. Lucky uses sex to distract Elizabeth. Ric is upset that Alexis is being distant.

Is it Giant Hoop Earring Day? Lulu, Maxie, and Sam were all wearing them.

Dear Robin, Jason doesn't care about your new boyfriend. He has enough things to worry about. Also, when did he become everyone's Dr. Phil?

I'm sorry, but I have to side with Alexis on this one. Ric should have told her that Sonny was sick, especially since Kristina might be affected. Shut it, Ric.

Holy crap, is Lulu pregnant? If that's where they're going with that, kudos to the writers for actually being subtle.

August 3rd, 2006

Patrick encourages Anna and Robert to be parental towards Robin. Nikolas changes John's name to Spencer and asks Emily to be his godmother. Alfred tries some more matchmaking while Colleen tries to seduce Nikolas. Sonny and Carly...who cares? Alcazar tries to get his enemies to kill each other.

Awww, Spencer Cassadine. It's better than Stefan, at least.

Please find me one person who likes Diego. So I can hurt that person.

Yawn. Sonny and Carly put me to sleep.

Hey, Robert? The best way to be a father to Robin is to ACTUALLY GO TALK TO HER. Imagine that.

August 4th, 2006

Alexis has Jason brought in for questioning after seeing him with Sam. Sam follows them to the police station and demands that a coughing Alexis leave Jason alone. With Jason stuck at the PCPD, Sonny is left to attend a meeting with their South American enemy, Rosales. Lulu postpones taking a pregnancy test even after getting advice from Elizabeth. Emily thinks Colleen has a crush on Nikolas. Alfred thinks Colleen is on his side.

Does Alexis have TB or something? Maybe it's punishment for being so annoying about Jason and Sam.

Awww, the new Cameron is such a cutie. I'm not sure where he got the curly hair, though.

If Lulu's pregnant and Maxie got pregnant right now, there would be three Spencer grandchildren (technically four, counting Cameron) and Laura would have a heart attack.

Who cares about Rosales? Where's the faux Manny?

Ailing(?): Alexis Davis
Broke up: Emily Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos
Left town: Skye Quartermaine
Pregnant(?): Lulu Spencer
Returned to town: Anna Devane

August 7th, 2006

Sonny officially regains control of the business. Lulu finds herself checking her pregnancy test in the middle of her own surprise birthday party. Carly surprises Sam and Alexis by telling Alexis to stop trying to control Sam. Alexis gets some shocking news about her health. Lucky asks Maxie to get him more pills so he can give his to Elizabeth and pretend he doesn't need them.

So...Alexis has TB, right? Was I right?

Poor Lulu! I can't believe I didn't guess that Tracy was dragging her to her surprise party. Maybe because I wouldn't guess that Tracy would do something that nice.

Dang, Maxie doesn't care if she's getting used, does she? Poor delusional girl.

Um, shut up, Ric. A lot.

August 8th, 2006

Lulu visits Laura and announces that she's pregnant. Carly spots Lucky and Maxie heading back to bed and tells Elizabeth. Attempting to call her bluff, Elizabeth catches them in bed together. Jason shares with Sam his fears over putting her in danger. Edward asks Jason to kill Alcazar. Ric spots Floyd comforting Alexis.

Dang. Carly finally does something nice and Elizabeth gets socked in the stomach.

Whatever, Ric. You want to sleep with your stepdaughter.

Poor Lulu. But rock on, Julie Berman. And yay for getting a good plotline!

That Jason/Sam scene was kind of sweet...until he ripped her heart out. Again.

August 9th, 2006

Elizabeth confronts Lucky and Maxie, who arranges for Elizabeth to find her with Lucky. Jane convinces Carly to go to Cairo to break up Jax and his new golddigging girlfriend. For some reason, Carly wants to take Michael and Morgan along. Patrick doesn't want to have sex with Robin. Alcazar wants a session with Lainey.

Go, Elizabeth! Don't let that brat get the better of you!

No, Alcazar, Sonny was kidding!

Why the heck does Carly want to take Michael and Morgan to Egypt with her? How stupid.

Is alien now?

August 10th, 2006

After a knock-down, drag-out fight with Alexis, Sam and Ric comfort each other in a very physical way. Too bad Carly has just convinced Jason to go after Sam. Audrey encourages Elizabeth to fight for her marriage, but she just finds Lucky with Maxie again. Carly heads off to Egypt with Michael and Morgan. Unable to find anyone to talk to, Lulu confides in Sonny.

My mom was right - it IS the summer of adultery! I can't decide who's more like Carly: Maxie the homewrecker or Sam the stepfather-seducer.

Ric is just the WORST HUSBAND EVER. Which, unfortunately, means that Elizabeth has had two bad husbands.

So...someone's going to break into Carly's house? And we care because...?

That backbone looks good on ya, Elizabeth. Oh, and hey - Jason might let you cry on his shoulder....

I loved Jason telling Carly to get a private guide if she took Michael and Morgan to see the pyramids. It's a nice throwback to his habit of reading travel books.

I cry foul at Sonny greeting Lulu with, "Lulu, right?" He knows who she is! Also, Lulu should totally go to Bobbie.

August 11th, 2006

Jason catches Sam and Ric together, then gets a visit from Elizabeth. Sam quickly realizes that she's made a huge mistake. Dillon tells Lulu that he and Georgie are getting back together. Kristina tells Sonny that Alexis is sick.

I really don't like where this Alexis story is going....

What is this, Confide in Sonny Day?

Have fun, Jason and Elizabeth! You kind of deserve it.

I figured Lulu wouldn't tell Dillon she's pregnant. After all, isn't it more soapy for her to hold off?

Ailing: Alexis Davis
Committing adultery: Ric Lansing and Sam McCall
Left town: Carly, Michael, and Morgan Corinthos
Pregnant: Lulu Spencer

August 14th, 2006

Continuing the game of Musical Sex, Elizabeth and Jason comfort each other physically. Nikolas has no sympathy for Lucky. Ric tries to get Sam to promise not to tell Jason about their tryst. Sonny tries to counsel Alexis. Ric tells Sonny he slept with Sam. Sonny tells him to sack up and be a man.

Yeah, Elizabeth, I don't think I would regret sex with Jason either.

Sonny really is Sigmund Freud!

Man, could Ric be any more condescending? Also, did Sam have sex with her clothes on, or did she get dressed and then go back to sleep?

Yes, Lucky. Elizabeth left you. You're the victim here. Shut up.

August 15th, 2006

Alexis thinks that she can rescue her family by quitting her job. Jason tells Elizabeth he's fine living his life alone. Dillon and Georgie sign their divorce papers. He asks her if she'll marry him again in a few years, but she can't promise anything. Robin and Patrick hang out together.

Alexis, honey, don't quit your job. KICK YOUR HUSBAND OUT.

Elizabeth can't leave town - she's in the middle of a storyline!

Sheesh, Dillon and Georgie. You're boring.

Sorry, but you, too, Robin and Patrick.

August 16th, 2006

Sonny offers to pay April's medical bills. Colleen tries to kill Emily (or something like that). Georgie learns that Lulu might be pregnant. Sonny gives Max the third degree about his feelings for Carly. April gets Patrick to admit his feelings to Robin.

Yay, more Stone flashbacks!

Is Colleen homicidal? What an idiot.

Why is Georgie wandering around at night alone anyway?

I think Sonny is taking the Dr. Phil schtick a liiiittle too far.

August 17th, 2006

Sam decides to leave town. Georgie encourages Lulu to tell Dillon that she's pregnant, which she does. Elizabeth returns home to find only a note from Lucky. Anna thinks Patrick is in love with Robin. Alcazar asks Alexis to arrest Skye. Alexis asks Jason not to tell anyone that she's sick.

Oh, Sam. Don't tease me like this. Don't promise to leave town unless you're going to follow through.

Why the heck would Alcazar ask Alexis, of all people, for a favor? Remember when she killed his brother?

Apparently no one ever told Elizabeth the truth behind Jason and Brenda's marriage of convenience.

I'm wondering who will wind up pregnant first - Maxie, Elizabeth, or Sam?

August 18th, 2006

Sonny has Bernie and Stan track down Alexis' medical records. Alexis tells Sam that she has lung cancer. Elizabeth lays down the law with Lucky, then asks Jason not to tell anyone about the night they spent together. He admits that he already told Sam. Lulu admits that she might not keep the baby. Lucky goes to an NA meeting.

Wow. Don't mess with Elizabeth. least Alexis doesn't have TB.

Has Sonny completely forgotten his own affairs? Because whenever he tells Ric to stop cheating on Alexis, he's coming across a little bit as a hypocrite.

For a smart girl, Georgie...isn't, really.

Divorced: Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine
Leaving town (?): Sam McCall
One-night stands: Elizabeth Spencer and Jason Morgan

August 21st, 2006

Sam agrees to help take care of Kristina and Molly. Word spreads about Alexis' condition. Robin gives April her apartment. Too bad she dies before she can move into it. Maxie isn't willing to give Lucky up.

The way Ric is treating Sam, he'd make a really good abusive boyfriend.

Yeah, sorry, Robin, but you jinxed everything by being so happy. And stop having sex in beds that aren't your own (anymore)!

Ned would comfort Alexis a lot better than Ric. Just saying.

Nice hooker shoes, Maxie.

August 22nd, 2006

Alexis tells Sonny that if she dies, she wants Ric to take care of Kristina. Sonny is less than thrilled. In withdrawal, Lucky tries and fails to get in touch with Maxie, letting Elizabeth take care of him instead. Patrick doesn't appreciate Robin's negativity over April's death. Sonny tells Ric he'll only protect him as long as he takes care of Alexis. Sam tries to cheer Kristina up.

Robin should have a session with Lainey or something.


Awww, Sam is a good big sister. And kind of a good daughter now.

I think three people have now told Jason that Alexis has cancer. He's probably really sick of it now.

August 23rd, 2006

Word spreads that Lulu (who wants to have an abortion) is pregnant. Lucky goes to Maxie for more pills. Colleen tries to get Nikolas to take her and Spencer to Greece, but he cancels his trip upon learning of Lulu's pregnancy. Dillon and Lulu learn that ELQ manufactured a batch of defective condoms, which they used. Anna tries to comfort Robin.

Yay, Elizabeth! Never lose that backbone!

I hate to say it but broody Robin is REALLY annoying.

So Lulu is pregnant because ELQ makes crappy condoms? I never thought I'd type that sentence.

Dear Lulu, I know that you like visiting Laura, but you know who would be a lot more helpful right now? BOBBIE.

Just when I was starting to tolerate Emily, she goes and does something inapproriate like telling Nikolas that Lulu is pregnant. Mind your knitting, Grandma!

August 24th, 2006

The mayor forces Alexis out of her job, then offers it to Ric. Robert blames Luke for Lulu's pregnancy. Jason and Elizabeth discuss choices vs. timing. Sonny and Alexis both talk to Lainey about Alexis' condition.

You know how cool it would be to be Lainey? She knows everything about everyone!

I figured the mayor would offer Ric Alexis' job. He should take it so he'll be out of the house and he won't be able to bug her.

Does Robert think he's Lulu's father or something? He's sure acting like it.

Why was Sonny dressed like Willy Wonka?

August 25th, 2006

Jason spends time with Sam and Kristina, encouraging Sam to stay strong for Kristina and Molly. Alexis asks Sonny to tell Jason to stay away from Sam. A letter from April changes Robin's attitude. Maxie makes plans after overhearing Elizabeth telling Emily that she's done with Lucky if he takes more pills.

"Are you two gonna kiss?" Kristina Corinthos Davis, ladies and gentlemen.

Why is Sonny less dangerous for Kristina than Jason is for Sam? Yes, Jason got Sam shot, but Sonny got Kristina kidnapped. Also, while we're on the subject of Alexis, why is Patrick her doctor?

At first I thought Elizabeth was going to tell Emily that she slept with Jason. And then when they showed that Maxie was there, I was extremely glad she didn't because Maxie is already a vindictive little brat and doesn't need more ammo.

You can tell Patrick is thinking, "I'm so gonna get some thanks to April."

Died: April Gilbert
...Is that it?

August 28th, 2006

Sam begs Sonny not to tell Alexis about her and Ric, but he has other plans. Lucky is adamant that Lulu not get an abortion. Jax calls on a friend to make Carly jealous. Alexis asks Jason to stay away from Sam and Kristina.

If Lulu is going to complain about the baby every single day, she needs to just HAVE AN ABORTION ALREADY.

Jax's friend looks a little like Brenda. Yikes.

The show goes faster when you run up scenes with Alexis and Jason and just mumble, "Blah, blah, stay away from Sam, blah blah...."

Dear Lucky: shut up.

August 29th, 2006

After using Michael and Morgan to get rid of Jax's friend, Carly tells Jax they're through. He begs to differ. Alexis asks Jason to help her deal with her mortality. Lucky blasts Dillon for getting Lulu pregnant. Lulu makes it clear to Edward and Tracy that she'll make her own decisions. Someone steals Sonny's files from Lainey's office. Elizabeth isn't pleased to hear about the faulty condoms. Lucky scores more pills from Maxie.

Might as well start packing your bags, Elizabeth. And you might want to end your conversation with Jason with, "Oh, and if you don't mind my asking, what kind of condom did you use the other night?"

If Alexis is in such dire straits, why is the surgery not until Friday?

Carly can use her children but no one else can? I just want it clear.

I bet Alcazar thinks Sonny's files will help him find Skye.

August 30th, 2006

Lulu tries to convince Dillon to support her if she wants to have an abortion, but he begs her not to have one. Carly is sick of Jax's games. Elizabeth looks into rehab facilities for Lucky. Maxie realizes that Lucky has been using her and cuts him off.

Can someone please give Julie Berman an Emmy?

Maxie finally did something smart!

Oh, Jax. You're kind of dumb. Feel free to stay in the tux, though.

Bull to Luke never wanting Lulu. He liked her when she was little, at least.

August 31st, 2006

Jax returns in time to give Alexis a pep talk before her surgery. Sam may or may not have overheard Alexis telling Lainey that she knows about her night with Ric. Tracy tells Lulu about her own abortion in an effort to keep her from making the same mistake she did. Lainey offers to continue Sonny's sessions at home so his records will be safe. Edward threatens to take Lulu to court if she tries to have an abortion. Tracy vows to find Luke so Lulu can have some support. Carly finds out about Sam and Ric's tryst; Sonny swears her to secrecy.

Tracy had an abortion? That's called retcon, boys and girls.

Someone help Lulu - she's found a time machine and traveled back in time to the '80s! We have to call the fashion police!

That scene with Alexis, Sam, Kristina, and Molly all taking a picture together was sweet. But I think Spencer was jealous.

Guess it's about time for Luke to come back. Go get him, Tracy!

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