General Hospital blog - August, 2008

August 1st, 2008

Kate returns from a trip to Paris and Sonny makes it clear to Max that he doesn't want her to know who Karpov is. Jason, however, has decided it's time to confront Sonny. Lulu's craziness continues as she begins hallucinating Logan. Elizabeth is worried about Lucky and decides to surprise him with a picnic with her and the boys. Jason and Monica both run into her beforehand, and Monica makes it clear that she would love to see Jason and Elizabeth together. Jerry catches Sam with Karpov's shipment. Nadine tries to enlist Leyla to help her snoop around Matt's room, but Nikolas busts her again. Spinelli tells Maxie that it's too dangerous for her to spend time with him.

Poor Jason doesn't get to be Sonny's best man. Though at this rate, I'd say that's a blessing.

Nadine, learn how to have secretive conversations in actual secret places, maybe.

Lourdes has had more screentime this week than Kate, Elizabeth, and Maxie combined. I disapprove.

Hey, Jerry? I think that if you kill Sam, Alexis would probably dump you. Just keep that in mind.

August 2nd, 2008

Next week: Maxie doesn't listen to Spinelli (shocker), Lulu and Johnny continue to bore me, and Carly and Jason are in danger (gee, I wonder whose fault that is?).

August 4th, 2008

Jason and Sonny yell at each other about Karpov for a while, and later Sonny tells Kate that he's not against Jason. Cody gives Jason proof of Sonny's connection to Karpov and in turn Jason gives him a job as a driver. Later, he warns Carly that Sonny is back in the business. Lulu freaks out and splits. Nadine enlists Leyla to help her sneak into the Scorpios' house so she can snoop around Matt's room. Leyla is horrible at this sort of thing. Robin is okay with Anna and Noah's relationship, but Patrick thinks that Anna will hurt Noah and lead him to relapse. Sam tells Nikolas that she thinks Jerry might be involved in the counterfeit-drug ring.

Can we end this Sonny's-not-in-the-mob-oh-wait-he-is thing already?

Also, this Lulu-and-Johnny-are-on-the-run-and-she's-slowly-losing-it thing?

You had ONE job to do, Leyla!

Oh, Jason. Why would you tell Carly anything?

Coming soon: Vincent Pastore is Max and Milo's father. No, really.

August 5th, 2008

Carly thinks that Sonny is a traitor and should be treated as such. Of course, she also thinks it's mature to taunt Kate and tell her that Jax will be pulling out as her investor any time now. Jason calls a meeting with Karpov and promises to let him do what he wants as long as he plays nice. Lulu visits Laura and almost runs into Scott, who is then banished from Shadybrook by Lucky and Nikolas. Maxie catches Nadine in Matt's room and accuses him of breaking Mac's rules by having an overnight guest. Nadine is unable to lie convincingly about why she's there, and once she and Matt are back at the clinic she decides to just tell him she knows what he's up to and she wants in. Unfortunately, he doesn't believe her. Spinelli tries to push Maxie away again but she won't go for it.

Yeah, I bet mobsters' laywers set up all their meetings.

Ha, you gotta love Lulu and Johnny completely ignoring Lourdes. I know I do.

If Carly is really advocating the murder of her ex, she and Skye can start their own little club.

Did Spinelli really think he would be able to convince Maxie not to be around him? He's met her, right?

August 6th, 2008

Sonny tries to convince Kate that he�s not going back to the mob. He accuses Claudia of telling Jason about his association with Karpov, and when Claudia keeps quiet about Ric being the real beans-spiller, she expects something from him in return. Spinelli discovers that two of Karpov's past female associates have ended up dead. Carly sets up a meeting with Karpov, who wants to go for a car ride with her (not sure if that's a euphemism). Johnny and Lulu have a run-in with the police, who are looking for Sal, and then Lulu predictably hallucinates Logan again. Scott harasses the Quartermaines some more about Lulu's whereabouts. Jerry is still suspicious of Sam.

Can we end the Johnny/Lulu plotline already?

If Karpov would just push Carly off that veranda, so many problems would be taken care of.

I'm pretty sure the cops aren't allowed to break down your door when they just want to ask you if you've seen someone.

I kind of love it that Jerry still calls Sam "Sweet Sam." Though he should watch himself, because his only leverage against not being turned in as James Craig was Emily, know.

August 7th, 2008

Carly pretends to let Karpov seduce her so she can get his PDA. Jason is unhappy about her methods but probably not that unhappy with the results. Sonny shows up for Karpov's first shipment and discovers that he's transporting drugs. Lulu still hallucinates Logan. Sal asks her and Johnny to look after Lourdes while he hides from the cops. Sam and Nikolas think Jerry is involved with the counterfeit drugs, but Lucky can't do anything without evidence. Matt catches Nadine following him. Kate and Sonny talk boring wedding stuff and do happy stuff just to underline the point that she won't be happy if she finds out about Karpov.

Carly is an IDIOT. She's lucky Karpov didn't rape and murder her right there. Not that I would have complained about the murdering part or anything.

So Sonny's surprised that Karpov is transporting drugs? I forgot that he was born yesterday.

Maxie sometimes uses big words for someone who's supposed to be dumb.

Here's my suggestion for Johnny and Lulu: run off to Mexico, sell Lourdes for pesos and plantains, enjoy the beach.

I love it when they give Nikolas funny little moments like the one today where he said to Nadine, "Stop stalking him, stalker!" He and Nadine have fun chemistry.

August 8th, 2008

Carly wants to help Jason out with the info on Karpov's PDA, but he, of course, wants her to stay out of it. She sneaks off to Karpov's warehouse on her own, and Jason catches her. Sonny breaks off his agreement with Karpov, leaving Karpov free to go after Jason. He gets Jerry to do the deed, but Claudia spots his gun and warns Jason and Carly before Jerry can shoot them. Spinelli goes to return Karpov's PDA but is caught by Sasha and some goons. Fortunately, Maxie is there to pretend that they're there for a romantic tryst. Mike tells Sonny that Karpov's men are harassing him, and though Sonny swears he's out for good (again), Mike thinks he's only whet his appetite. Happy Birthday, Lulu - have some more hallucinations. Claudia saves Nadine from Matt, then takes her to Nikolas to rat her out. Nadine apologizes, then realizes that she shouldn't have to apologize to someone who can't tell her what to do and isn't her boyfriend. When she goes to take back her apology, she decides to just make out with Nikolas already. Sam suspects that all the drug stuff leads back to Karpov.

Why does Claudia keep saving people she's supposed to hate?

Yeah, Sonny probably should have realized that as soon as he broke things off with Karpov, that left Karpov free to go after Jason.

I love it when I tell people, "Just make out already," and then...they do. Thanks, Nadine!

Lulu and Johnny are SO BORING. Why do they have to be on every day?

August 10th, 2008

This week: Jax seems to have misplaced his spine again, Johnny considers turning himself in, and Trevor probably makes me hate him even more.

August 11th, 2008

Jason saves Carly and Claudia, the latter of whom believe that Karpov is behind the shooting. Jason doesn't agree because he thinks Sonny and Karpov are still working together. Carly finally connects with Maxie when she realizes that Maxie feels the same way about Spinelli that Carly feels about Jason. Johnny calls Claudia and tells her to ask Nikolas about Laura's illness, since Lulu seems to heading down the same path. Nikolas tells Nadine he's not interested, and her embarrassment plus the arrival of Elizabeth chase Nadine off. When she comes back, she spots Elizabeth and Nikolas getting close and doesn't realize that they were talking about Emily and how she wouldn't want Nikolas to be sad forever. Sonny continues to lie to Kate.

Maxie, please don't turn into Carly. I would be so sad.

I just realized, if Lulu goes catatonic, she'll finally shut up!

Well, Spinelli, if you want Maxie to stop saving you from dangerous situations, you could...I don't know, stop getting into dangerous situations? Just a suggestion.

Ug, I hate when they do that woman-sees-guy-with-someone-else-and-gets-the-wrong-idea thing. It's so overdone.

August 12th, 2008

As Zacchara steps up his efforts to find Johnny, Nikolas asks Alexis how he can get Lulu help without risking her getting in legal trouble. Alexis encourages him to get her committed. Nikolas asks Claudia to trust him, then reveals that he's put in motion a plan to get Lulu and Johnny out of the country so she can get help. Jason and Spinelli go on a stakeout, which Spinelli thinks will make him more attractive to Maxie. Too bad he passes out and reveals their hiding spot. Trevor warns Alexis that if Johnny is harmed or prosecuted, anyone involved will suffer the consequences. Zacchara reiterates this by making contact with Kristina. Robin and Patrick are having a girl, and Matt seems strangely interested. Alexis bugs Maxie about telling her more about Logan's murder.

It's probably bad that the highlight of the episode for me was seeing Kristina's adorable haircut.

What's up with Matt? Pretend I care.

Can we go one freaking day without mentioning Lulu and Johnny? At least they weren't actually on today.

Poor Spinelli. Sheesh, how many times have I said that before?

August 13th, 2008

Alexis asks Diane for advice on what to do about the Zacchara situation. Diane encourages her to tell Sonny, but Alexis doesn't want a mob war and considers siccing Jerry on Zacchara instead. Ultimately, she takes Diane's advice and fills Sonny in. Jax returns from a trip and makes it clear to Carly that he still doesn't want to patch things up. She possibly fakes an injury to make him stick around a little longer. Jason takes a sick Spinelli to the hospital and shares meaningful looks with Elizabeth. Patrick quickly becomes an overprotective father. Lulu hallucinates Logan while Lourdes is around.

Yay, Alexis, doing the right thing! Also, I'm not sure why Jerry thinks that telling her Mr. Craig is still around is reassuring.

Hey, can Logan's ghost kill Lourdes? Or maybe she'll be so freaked out by Lulu's craziness that she'll be scared off and never come back.

I'm happy to see your spine is still intact, Jax. Keep making me proud.

Yeah, I bet Sonny likes baseball. Max and Diane are the ones who like baseball, Kate!

August 14th, 2008

Sonny orders Jason to keep Kristina safe. Johnny tells Lulu they're heading for Canada, but they're really on the way to Shadybrook. Robin tells Jason that she wants him to be a part of the baby's life, but Patrick makes her realize that she doesn't really want that. Elizabeth sees how sad Jason is about everything that's going on and tries to comfort him. Jax's spine (scale of 0 to 10): 0. Spinelli thinks Maxie and Matt don't actually hate each other.

Sonny? Kristina's your kid. YOU take care of her. Jason has enough to worry about.

This means no more Lourdes, right? Please?

Oh, Jax. You were doing so well.

Robin wanting her ex-boyfriend in her child's life is just...weird.

August 15th, 2008

Lulu refuses to go to Shadybrook, worrying that Johnny will get arrested. He promises to head for Canada as soon as they're there. Nikolas and Claudia head over to intercept him before the police arrive, but Mac and Scott get there first. Kate catches Jason and Sonny talking again and demands to know if Sonny is going back to the business. Harper warns Lucky that the DEA have been tipped off about a shipment of drugs Sam is landing for Karpov. Lucky goes over to get her but she's dumb enough to run into the line of fire and get herself shot. Jax's spine: 10. Carly begs and whines and mopes, then goes to the docks, where she runs into Karpov. Sonny warns Zacchara to stay away from everyone under his protection. Elizabeth gets Jason to confide in her.

Mike doesn't think Zacchara is going to follow through on a threat against Kristina? He knows that Zacchara tried to kill HIS OWN SON, right?

Do whatever you want, Karpov! We're all sick of her.

Did anyone else think that DEA guy sounded just like Mac? That was kind of confusing. Maybe that's why Sam got into the line of fire. (Idiot.)

Lulu mentioned Foster! Awesome. And the mysterious Olivia was finally mentioned again....

Am I crazy, or did Claudia call Nikolas "Batman"? Actually, those two things might not be mutually exclusive.

August 16th, 2008

Next week: Lucky and Sam have to come clean to Elizabeth, Spinelli tries his hand at another stakeout, and Alexis looks to someone surprising as an ally.

August 18th, 2008

Sonny convinces Kate that he's not going back to the mob. Sasha shows up and Kate gets jealous. Then I stop listening because she annoys me too much. Jason prepares to kill Karpov but stops himself when he sees him with his daughter. Carly tells Karpov that she wants to have an affair with him, then goes to see Jax and tells him she's not focusing on anything other than their relationship. A sedated Lulu tells Nikolas that she killed Logan. Nikolas has Lainey examine her and learns that there's nothing they can do for her. Lucky takes Sam back to her place, then calls Elizabeth to come take care of her. This requires them to tell Elizabeth that their breakup was faked so they could investigate the counterfeit drugs. Elizabeth tells them she'll keep quiet and that she thinks they're doing a good thing. Elizabeth also has to deal with a skeevy Zacchara, who lets her know that he knows all about her past relationships.

Geez, does every mobster have kids?

My like/dislike for Kate often changes from day to day. I thought you'd like to know that today, I hate her. She gives women a bad name. "Oh, I'm a strong, independent businesswoman who doesn't have to have a relationship to feel good about myself...but if my man even looks at another woman, my eyes will turn red and my hair will turn into snakes!" Shut up, Kate.

Jax's spine: 2. Also, Carly just lied to you again. DUMP HER.

Hi, Lainey! Where have you been? Under a rock, apparently, since you didn't seem to know anything about the Lulu/Johnny/Logan situation. Thanks for stopping by for the first time in, like, six months and being of absolutely no use. It was fun!

August 19th, 2008

Jason freaks out over having almost killed a kid, but Bernie convinces him that he still has to do his job in order to keep his loved ones safe. He asks Cody to shadow Karpov, then undergoes an attempted seduction by Sasha. Alexis tries to convince Johnny to plead self-defense so he won't go to prison and Zacchara won't hurt Kristina or Molly. Johnny seems skeptical, so she tells him that if anything happens to the girls, it'll be on him. Matt flirts with Leyla, inviting Patrick's ire. Anna sees him defending her and tells Robin that she thinks Patrick wants to go back to Leyla. Robin and Patrick assure her that that's not true, and he's just being more defensive of women because he's going to have a daughter. Scott thinks Lulu is faking her condition. Nikolas and Claudia agree to help each other, since what's good for Lulu is what's good for Johnny. At home, Nikolas has a teeny breakdown over everything that's going on and tries to get Nadine to leave him alone. She won't, so he makes out with her to give her what she wants.

I can't say it enough - I love Steve Burton's facial expressions.

Nancy Lee Grahn rocks my world. That is all.

Remember when Robin and Patrick were interesting and not involved in fake love triangles and babbling about folic acid? Yeah, me neither.

Shadybrook sucks. People can walk into Lulu's room whenever they want, she can walk out whenever she wants, and even though she's supposedly under 24-hour guard, she's...obviously not. Remind me never to get committed there. (Uh, or anywhere, come to think of it.)

August 20th, 2008

Various people tell Johnny not to let Lulu testify at his trial (like he has any say in the matter), and various others tell him to plead self-defense and make the whole thing go away. Sonny tells Lulu about his own mental health issues and encourages her to let the doctors help her. Maxie is also helpful, telling her that she shouldn't feel guilty about Logan's death but instead should be grateful that she didn't end up dead like Georgie. Spinelli thinks Jason slept with Sasha, but Maxie doesn't agree. Nikolas pushes Nadine away (shocker!). Even Anna can't make Patrick and Robin interesting.

You know, I didn't mind it when Sonny talked to Lulu about having bipolar, because in this situation it fit, but I did mind the let's-educate-people-about-bipolar conversation with Kate. Though right now anything having to do with Kate bugs me, so maybe I'm just biased. ("Maybe"?)

God help me, I think I love Lulu.

Awww, Nadine. Haven't we all been there? And by "there," of course I mean making out with a hot prince who's still trying to get over the death of his one twu wuv.

Hey, Mike? Maybe try minding your own business.

August 21st, 2008

Lulu asks both Lucky and Jason to take her to see Johnny. Johnny orders Claudia to find a way to get them together. A wedding present from Karpov forces Sonny to tell Kate why he's really been hanging around. He and Max go to return it just as Karpov is meeting with Jerry. Patrick summons a bunch of people to the hospital and proposes to Robin. Just as Nadine decides she's through with Nikolas, Elizabeth talks some sense into him, leading him to invite her over and surprise her with a romantic dinner. Spinelli and Maxie attempt another stakeout.

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. If she says no, you're going to feel mighty foolish.

I kind of hope Jason will take Lulu to the police station just so she'll SHUT UP.

"Spinell"? Maxie, just call him Spin.

Ha, I think Nadine feels the same way about Emily as I do.

August 22nd, 2008

Jason contracts Jax's spinal disorder and agrees to take Lulu to the PCPD, where she promptly has another hallucination. Robin says no. Karpov learns about Maxie and Spinelli's stakeout and sends Jerry to end it, which he attempts to do with his car. Sonny bleeds on Kate's nice dress, which she doesn't think is really a good thing. Nikolas and Nadine dance badly.

You know what would have saved us an hour of boring speeches? If Robin had realized that since her first instinct wasn't to say yes, she wasn't going to say yes.

Y'all know I love Nadine, but how awesome would it be for Helena to find out about her and pay a little visit?

Noooo, don't hurt Maxie! Sometimes she's the only one I can stand!

Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun when they make Lulu leave the PCPD.

August 23rd, 2008

Next week: Jason and Elizabeth actually do something for once, Spinelli's in a different kind of trouble, Claudia turns to Ric, Karpov makes a new enemy, and everyone tells Robin she's an idiot. Oh, and Laura!

August 25th, 2008

Lulu whines Laura awake (or maybe just hallucinates it). Sadly, Laura doesn't tell her to stuff a sock in it. Spinelli needs a splenectomy but Maxie and Nadine don't want Matt to be his surgeon. Elizabeth is pretty much the only person who doesn't distrust Matt, so she encourages Spinelli to let him operate, but Spinelli and Maxie still aren't sure. Kate gets all superstitious about the blood on her dress, thinking it means the wedding is in jeopardy. She talks to Sonny a little about her grandmother and Olivia, leading Sonny to secretly make a phone call to Lois' mom, probably to try to get in touch with Olivia. Claudia is suspicious about why Lulu is so freaked out. She and Johnny decide they want Ric defending Johnny instead of Trevor, but Trevor tells them that since they can't reach Ric, they're out of luck. Claudia breaks into Alexis' office to get Ric's phone number, but Alexis catches her and thinks she's tampering with evidence. Sam spots Jerry meeting with Karpov and goes to tell Alexis. Unfortunately for her, Jerry has just arrived for a picnic/make-out session. Nikolas is about to kiss Nadine when she's paged to the hospital.

You know what would have been a fun plot? Spinelli losing his memory of all technical-related issues. (Just temporarily, of course.) "What's a computer?" "Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Is it weird that I like Kate better in overly superstitious/obsessive mode? Also, love the Lois shout-out.

I really hope Laura - really awake or not - smacks some sense into Lulu. And maybe Nikolas, for good measure.

Jerry's had a busy night - he was responsible for a hit-and-run, he met with Karpov, and he got to make out with his...girlfriend? I guess? And the night's not even over!

August 26th, 2008

Laura (who's woken up before) doesn't want Lulu to tell anyone about her condition because she doesn't want them to be upset when she inevitably relapses. Secret or not, Lulu is now ten times happier and 100 times less whiny. Nikolas convinces Alexis to let Claudia go. Fortunately for Claudia, she's already gotten Ric's phone number. She breaks into his hotel room (interrupting a tryst with another lawyer) and convinces him to come back home and work on Johnny's case. Maxie finally tells Matt to operate on Spinelli, and though everything goes well, Nadine is called out by Epiphany for second-guessing all of Matt's actions. Jerry goes to Sam's (making Lucky hide) and tells her that he thinks she's trying to get him away from Alexis so she can have him for herself. Sort of playing along, Sam tells him to pick between the two of them. Jax meets Karpov and is unhappy to learn that Carly is trying to get information out of him for Jason. He asks Jerry about Karpov and Jerry tells him to keep Carly away from him so he doesn't kill her. Nikolas thinks Zacchara's suggested defense for Johnny – Lulu was so crazy that she goaded Logan into going after him and Johnny killed Logan in self-defense – is a good one.

Laura's request that Lulu not tell anyone about her supposed improvement - jerkiness or Lulu's delusion? Discuss.

Those of you who think that Carly wouldn't use Lulu's condition as an excuse to change the subject and make Jax be nice to her, welcome to the show. You'll learn very quickly why you're wrong.

Forgive me for making you think about this, but exactly where was Molly while Ric was having sex with the non-hooker? Eh, who cares - I'm too distracted by his freaking fantastic chemistry with Claudia. (Seriously, I can't be the only person who notices it.)

Aww, Nadine, you know I love you, but do you really think Matt would intentionally hurt Spinelli with you, Elizabeth, Leyla, and Epiphany all there?

August 27th, 2008

Diane finds a wedding invitation from Sonny and Kate to Jax and Carly and tells him it's a bad idea to invite Carly. Mike thinks Sonny and Kate won't last because eventually he'll go back to Carly. Jax gets evidence that Kate lied to break up him and Carly and tells Kate that if she lies to him again, he'll replace her at Crimson. Sonny ultimately agrees that it's a bad idea to invite Carly (he seems to be worried that she'll tell Kate about their affair), but Kate and Carly both want her to be there, and for the same reason – Carly because she can make Kate miserable, and Kate because if Carly makes a scene, Jax will finally see her true colors. Patrick asks Anna to convince Robin to marry him. Anna passes the task on to Mac. Elizabeth, Lainey, Kelly, and Epiphany all basically tell Robin that she's being an idiot. Spinelli's infection gets worse, and Maxie blasts Matt for botching his surgery. She brings Patrick in to take over the case, which doesn't go over well with Matt, who blames the drugs for not working. Sam wants to keep investigating Jerry on her own, since she thinks he's behind the counterfeit drugs. Jerry makes Carly promise that she'll stay away from Karpov. Ric stops Scott from transferring Johnny to prison before his trial, but Scott one-ups him by getting himself appointed as the prosecutor on the case.

I'm glad they went back to the Sonny-and-Carly-slept-together thing because no one had mentioned it for a while and I really want it to blow up in Carly's face. Though I doubt she'd announce it in public because then Jax would find out, and even Carly doesn't hate Kate enough to destroy her own marriage in the process of hurting Kate. At least I don't think she does....

Who knew Patrick could do a mean Jim Halpert face?

I can't decide which I find more unbelievable - that Scott could prosecute the person accused of killing his son or that the trial starts Monday.

Uh, do we at least get to see Robert? No? Jerks.

Hands-down winner of quote of the day: "Whoops, we're naked! What happens next? Anybody remember?" LYLAS, Diane. If only there weren't that pesky attorney/client privilege thing....

Jax's spine: negative 10. Get that man a wheelchair!

August 28th, 2008

Lulu sees Logan while the Quartermaines are visiting, then recaps the past couple of years for Laura. Maxie wants to let Jason know that Spinelli's sick, but she can't get in touch with him. She threatens to cut Diane off from Kate's free samples if she doesn't get in touch with him. It works. Meanwhile, Spinelli has a James Bond-like hallucination about Sasha bothering him and Leyla saving him. Jax tells Karpov that he won't be sleeping with Carly, threatens to report his business ventures to Interpol as fronts, and asks Alexis to have his visa revoked. Karpov warns Carly that Jax will regret messing with him. Robin uses the PA system to tell Patrick that she's grateful that he loves her, but she doesn't want to get married. Kate gets Sonny to take her to his island (mostly so he won't associate it with Carly anymore).

You know who Spinelli (AKA Agent Jackal) should meet? Anna.

I'm back to having that Pavlovian response of hitting the fast-forward button whenever Sonny and Kate are onscreen.

Okay, now Jax's spine is too strong. Is he trying to get himself killed?

Poor Laura. Awake for the first time in years and she has to listen to that whiner.

Robin, you're pretty much married already. Just make it official.

August 29th, 2008

Jason learns of Sasha's visit to Spinelli and tries again to convince him that there's nothing going on between them. Spinelli tells Elizabeth his suspicions about Sasha and Jason. Elizabeth gets jealous and decides that she wants to be with Jason. It may not go anywhere but at least she gets a makeout session. Kate and Sonny are supremely boring, just in a different country this time. Maxie stalks Matt, who grabs her and almost gets shot by Jerry. Matt tries to convince Maxie that he's trying to find out where the counterfeit drugs are coming from. Jerry overhears and doesn't like this new development. Patrick gets Anna to make some video for Robin telling her to stop being an idiot. Lulu and Laura talk about Logan's death. Ric tells Zacchara to back off of the whole trial situation and stop threatening people. Claudia tells Ric that she saw Johnny kill Logan in self-defense, but Ric doesn't believe her.

I got my wish and Spinelli met Anna. Too bad it was incredibly boring. Actually, everything was boring today. I'm not even going to bother.

August 30th, 2008

Next week: Maxie plays nurse and might start a mob war, Lulu has to depend on Claudia, and Jax and Kate FINALLY find out about Sonny and Carly's affair.

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