General Hospital blog - August, 2010

August 2nd, 2010

Karen agrees to keep Aiden, whom she renames Pablo. Franco leaves them in Oregon and heads off for parts unknown, planning a new show with a new model: Brenda. Johnny and Sonny fight until Olivia breaks things up, using this as an example of why Claire shouldn't bring a child into the situation. Claire, however, has a new plan: if Sonny gets her pregnant, she won't be able to pursue him professionally, and he'll most likely get to deal with a prosecutor with less experience. After Jax promises he didn't sleep with Skye, Carly tells him she slept with Sonny the night Michael was sent to Pentonville. They're unable to decide what to do next, so Carly heads to Jake's, where she sees Johnny and Brook together and reminds Brook why she's in town. Carly then follows Johnny home and tells him they have the same goal in mind. Robin asks Steven to get Lisa transferred to another hospital, but he tells her they slept together and she could accuse him of sexual harassment. Coleman advises Patrick to keep his mouth shut about his affair with Lisa. Lisa apologizes to both Patrick and Robin, but someone slashes Robin's face in pictures she has of her and Patrick in her locker. Brook asks Sonny not to hurt Johnny, and he tells her to stay away from him. Spinelli joins the search for Franco and Aiden. Olivia and Steven wind up at Jake's together.

A picture counts - drink!

Hey, writers, please take today as an object lesson: Carly has more chemistry with freaking Johnny than she does with Jax.

Patrick, you realize the two people you asked for relationship advice were Coleman (once blackmailed a woman into stripping at his club) and Carly (half a dozen divorces). You're an idiot.

Olivia and Steven?? Do I dare to dream?

August 3rd, 2010

Carly tries to get Johnny to join her We Hate Dante Club. Olivia shows up, wanting to give Johnny one more chance, and the two women throw down. Claire stops by Sonny's and is totally jealous of Brook, which Sonny, of course, catches on to. She retaliates by telling him Carly's at Johnny's. Sonny calls Carly to bug her about it and she tells him nothing she does is his business. Jason, Spinelli, and Dante think Franco might be dealing with an attorney in some way. Lisa fails to convince Patrick and Robin that she did anything to their photos. Tracy asks Ethan to move into the mansion when he's released from the hospital. Sam warns Lulu not to get so involved with Dante that she forgets who she is.

I LOVED the Carly/Olivia fight. I could watch that every day. I equally loved Carly hanging up on Sonny.

Why would Franco need a lawyer? Seriously, Spinelli? Maybe because he doesn't want to go to prison for all the crimes he's committed?

I'm surprised Ethan didn't realize that Maya will be at the Quartermaines'...

Why is Sam giving Lulu relationship advice? Eh, still better than Carly.

August 4th, 2010

Diane determines that Franco's legal papers (which he didn't want anyone to see) are an adoption contract, and Spinelli picks up a lead in Oregon, so Dante and Jason prepare to take off again. Ronnie shows up before they can. Johnny causes more tension between Carly and Olivia, as well as between Carly and Brook. Brook even threatens to tell Jax about Carly's continued association with mobsters if she doesn't leave Johnny alone. Johnny still blames Sonny for his relationship issues with Olivia, and isn't above sleeping with Carly to get revenge on him. Elizabeth is all sad and stuff. Lulu feels bad about the way she treated Nikolas and Elizabeth. Ethan keeps flirting with Maya, and also instills some confidence in her. Mac thinks Matt is taking advantage of Maxie.

Ronnie, why are you still on this show? Sic 'em, Franco.

Dang, Johnny needs a girlfriend his own age.

Ha, funny how Lulu thinks Claire puts her career before a baby, because it's actually the other way around...

Maxie, why in the world would you kiss Matt in front of Mac? Are you TRYING to give him a heart attack?

August 5th, 2010

Ronnie takes Jason to the PCPD, where Dante delays things by taking his paperwork and Diane delays things further by getting his transfer postponed. Lucky heads to Astoria on his own and, with help from Spinelli, finds Karen. Sonny has a Lopez brother killed and frames Johnny. Just as Elizabeth decides she wants to move in with Nikolas and work things out, Helena decides to tell them that he isn't Aiden's father. Carly calls Brook's bluff by telling Jax herself that she's been spending time with Johnny. She then tells Brook she can either keep going with their deal or go back to Bensonhurst. Brook decides to stay, but Carly tells her Johnny's off-limits. Tracy rescues Ethan from a shaving and spongebath from Epiphany.

They need to end this Jason-keeps-going-back-and-forth-from-Pentonville thing immediately.

What, exactly, does Helena get out of being honest here?

If only Carly handled all of her jams the way she handled Brook - with full disclosure.

Hi, Sam. Are you planning to do anything useful? I think it's a fair question.

I'm tempted to answer all knocks to my door like Spinelli: "Friend or foe?"

August 6th, 2010

Robin gets a text from Brenda and reveals that they ran into each other in Africa. She gives Sonny her contact information and he reminisces about meeting her. Diane continues to delay Jason's transfer, then arranges things so he has to be taken to prison by Dante. Lucky poses as a census taker so he can talk to Karen, but he goes too far and she gets suspicious. Later he returns and unknowingly tells the truth: Aiden was kidnapped and he's his father. Johnny doesn't want Claire to help him with the Lopez situation because she's too far gone on Sonny. Carly almost outs her revenge plot to Lulu, but covers well. She decides it's time to ramp things up and tells Brook to bed Dante ASAP. Helena decides not to tell Nikolas he's not Aiden's father.

Wait, Robin randomly ran into one of her best friends in Africa (uh-huh, totally buy that) and this is the first we're hearing about it? Not so much, writers.

Speaking of Brenda, what deal did she make with the devil? Because she looks exactly the same now as she did 15 years ago.

Lucky in nerd get-up was a present for me, no?

Of course Carly almost gets busted because she can't keep her mouth shut.

August 8th, 2010

This week: ladies and gentlemen, Brenda freaking Barrett.

August 9th, 2010

Lucky plays on Karen's sympathies and tells her the truth about the Aiden situation (not even realizing he's gotten the paternity part right). It works and she lets him take Aiden back. Lucky's happy to get Aiden back to his family, but disappointed that he doesn't get to be a member of that family. Sonny mistakes Claire for Brenda and ends up telling her a little about their history. Carly invites Lulu and Michael to dinner to get them out of the apartment so Brook can seduce Dante. It works until Michael gets suspicious about something or another and decides to go see Dante. Elizabeth puts the smackdown on Shirley's daughter, then convinces her that Shirley was awesome. Johnny tells Judge Carroll that Claire and Sonny are getting a little too chummy.

Awww, Lucky got to be the hero! Also, that storyline ended completely differently from the way I'd read it was going to turn out. Unless they're not done, which I guess is possible.

Oh, Claire, never ask "who's Brenda?" unless you have, like, five hours of free time.

If Michael ruins the plan Carly put in motion specifically to get revenge for something that happened to him, I will love him forever.

Tomorrow is a new holiday, Brenda Day. And how do we celebrate Brenda Day, you ask? By watching reruns. At 1:00, Jax and Brenda's Wedding That Never Was (as ruined by Sonny and Miranda); at 2:00, a bunch of flashbacks on what was supposed to be Sonny's last episode; and at 3:00, Brenda and Jason's Vegas wedding. I plan to skip the 2:00 and enjoy the heck out of the other two episodes.

August 10th, 2010

Did everyone enjoy Brenda Day? I guess it was actually Brenda's Men Day, with Brenda Day being tomorrow, but whatever. As I planned, I watched the first and third episodes, and while I found the first more boring than I remembered, I found the third funnier than I remembered. The highlights and lowlights:

August 11th, 2010

Brenda's a Goodwill ambassador in Italy, and some shady guy wants her dead. Sonny and Claire keep playing each other. Brook kisses Dante, who rebuffs her and reminds her that he's with Lulu. Michael arrives and Dante tells him what happened, swearing him to secrecy. Carly finds Brook's efforts commendable even though she didn't accomplish her task. Kristina and Taylor totally want to make out, but both want to take things slowly. Kristina also thinks Taylor will be turned off when he realizes she's damaged. Lucky confides in Maxie that he loves Aiden more than he thought he would, and she tells him not to worry about his feelings.

I hate it when they bring back an old character and pretend to keep us in suspense about who it is. First of all, writers, we all knew Brenda was coming back today, not least because ABC has shown commercials every day about the event. Second of all, anyone familiar with Vanessa Marcil Whatever Her Married Name Is knows what her voice sounds like, so having her speak kind of took away the mystery.

So who's going to crack first, Sonny or Claire? I think Sonny has more to lose, so you're going down, Claire.

Interesting how only Sonny and Robin have talked about Brenda. Shouldn't the show try to remind the audience that she was also involved with Jax?

I'll never complain about Olivia getting screen time, but what was the point of her scenes today?

August 12th, 2010

Michael tells Jason that he thinks Carly's planning revenge on Dante. Jason confronts her and she refuses to back down. Ethan bails Johnny out of jail, and Johnny prepares to approach the remaining Lopezes to work with them against Sonny. Worried about a war, Michael offers to broker a truce between all the mobsters, though Johnny insists nothing's going to happen. Too bad a hail of bullets disproves his statement. Brenda's boss, Suzanne, wants her to step down from her publicity position, since she's obviously in danger, but Brenda isn't concerned. Olivia gets Dante thinking about marriage and his future with Lulu. After learning that Robin is out of town for a little while, Lisa lets herself into the Scorpio-Drake house and makes herself at home. Sam comes up with a plan to entrap and blackmail a judge who could reduce Jason's sentence to time served. Ethan confronts Maya for avoiding him, then kisses her. Matt is wary of Maxie's friendship with Lucky.

Oh, Lopez brothers. Sonny's going to KILL YOU.

If I came home to find Lisa in my living room, I would freak out so hard. I can't believe Patrick is still in one piece.

Sam, DO IT. It would be awesome.

I kind of like Dante and Lulu's conversation about marriage and their future. It's realistic for a couple like them.

August 13th, 2010

Brenda and her movie star boyfriend, Murphy Sinclair, are cute but kind of boring, even when he proposes. Sonny asks Claire to prove her loyalty to him by getting Jason out of she does, thanks to a loophole in his plea bargain. Ronnie thinks it's a bad idea, so she tells him it's all about getting Sonny closer to her. Michael saves Johnny from the shooters, and when the police investigate, the two of them, Dante, and Ethan pretend that Michael wasn't there at the time of the shooting. Too bad a witness saw everything. Johnny laughs over the irony of Michael saving him from his own father's hit, then plans to take Sonny out. Patrick confronts Lisa about her craziness and she tearfully tells him she's in love with him. He tells her once again that it's too late for them. Maxie shows up and announces that their encounters aren't appropriate. Sonny talks to Mike about Brenda and again considers contacting her.

I can't tell you how much I hope the next words out of Brenda's mouth are, "I can't marry you - I'm already married."

Man, I really wanted Sam and Spinelli to carry out that plan. Claire as deus ex machina just isn't the same.

Dante covering up a shooting without even checking to make sure there were no witnesses is yet another sign that he sucks as a detective.

You have to love Maxie announcing, re: Lisa, "I don't like her."

August 14th, 2010

Next week: Carly's taking things waaaaaay too far, the stupid prison storyling is finally over, and Franco contacts Brenda.

Also, tomorrow SoapNet is showing four Brenda/Sonny-centric episodes, starting at 3 p.m.:

  1. Brenda and Sonny have adventures in Puerto Rico - possible Ricky Martin alert!
  2. Trapped in the catacombs, Brenda and Sonny declare their love for each other - I totally remember that episode. She cheated on Jax with him!
  3. More from the aftermath of Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar - Angst, angst, angst
  4. Sonny makes a surprise appearance in town after the altar-leaving - I'm 99 percent sure this was during a Nurse's Ball, so maybe we'll get to see some of that?

August 16th, 2010

Sonny revels in his part in getting Jason released from prison, then makes out with Claire, who tells him she can't trust herself around him. Murphy's proposal gets Brenda thinking about her previous failed attempts at getting married. Jason tells Carly to end her revenge scheme, but it's too late - she's already given Brook one last chance to bed Dante or go home broke. Brook summons Dante to Jake's with a fake emergency, then drugs him. Lucky joins Dante in covering for Michael and tells Ronnie that the investigation is over. Michael doesn't appreciate that the situation has some similarities to the cover-up of Claudia's death.

I'm sorry, no one made one joke referring to Carly while looking at the "welcome ho e" banner? Come on!

Wow, finally the show mentioned that Brenda was involved with Jax as well as Sonny. Apparently the possibility of a Brenda/Jax reunion isn't on the table, since all we hear about is her and Sonny.

Do Brook and Carly seriously believe that when/if Brook gets photos of herself in bed with an unconscious Dante and Lulu finds out, she won't believe him when he tells her he doesn't remember what happened? They severely underestimate Lulu and Dante's connection.

I wonder if Lucky has some sort of list telling him when it's okay and when it isn't to break the rules. It seems to vary. A lot.

August 17th, 2010

Brook makes sure Dante's good and liquored up before taking him home and making out with him. She doesn't get her pictures, but Lulu catches them, which is probably good enough for Carly. Lucky tells Jason about the shooting and asks him to get either Sonny or Johnny to back off from their looming war. Robin is skeptical of Elizabeth's decision to move in to Wyndemere, at least temporarily. Lisa breaks into Patrick and Robin's house again and steals Robin's medication. Morgan visits Sonny, so of course Carly shows up while they're together. Sam and Jason finally get some privacy. Maxie asks Lucky to run a background check on Lisa.

I enjoyed Dante telling Brook to wear more clothes. I'd like to send him around to a few more people and have him tell them the same thing.

Why would Lisa steal something that's so easily replaced? Girl, if you're going to go all Fatal Attraction on someone, you should actually use Fatal Attraction as a blueprint.

I really think that when Jonathan Jackson came back, the writers suddenly remembered that Lucky and Jason used to basically be friends, which is why they don't have each other anymore. They're about two seconds away from playing a round of pool together.

Uh...did Spinelli and Michael just ditch their errand halfway through? Eh, it's still Jason's best day ever.

Did anyone else catch that Lulu said Kate's in meetings with the distributor for the same designer Brenda just started working with? Nice touch, writers.

August 18th, 2010

Lulu and Brook exchange punches before Lulu kicks Brook out. She confronts Dante for his perceived affair, but soon realizes that he's been drugged and turns her anger towards Brook. Brook, who may actually feel some remorse, goes to Sonny to tell him what happened, and later collects some of her payment from Carly. Sonny assures Carly that he'll make things safe, then tells Jason to broker the truce Michael tried to put in motion. Meanwhile, Johnny tells Ethan he'll be Johnny's witness when Johnny kills Sonny "in self-defense." Maya asks Johnny how much danger Ethan's in, making it clear that she cares about him as more than a friend. Patrick again accuses Lisa of doing something and she again denies it. Steven agrees with Patrick that he and Lisa need to be kept apart at work. Dante seems to be keeping a secret from Lulu. Jax convinces Carly to take Morgan and Josslyn out of town until the Sonny/Johnny/Lopez situation is resolved. Maxie and Lucky hang out. Things seem to be going well at Wyndemere.

Poor Dante. He's just a pawn being used by an angry, angry woman.

"I'd hate to be you tomorrow." Hee hee, I love Michael.

Yeah, Johnny, good luck killing the guy with the highest billing on the whole show.

Did they actually give those kids cupcakes? Yikes.

August 19th, 2010

Maxie has Brook all figured out and warns her that her plan to break up Lulu and Dante will never work. She's correct so far, as Lulu knows Brook was responsible for the makeout session and forgives Dante for his part in it. Brook, however, won't budge from her story that Dante instigated the situation. Brenda tells Suzanne she can't marry Murphy because she's still in love with Sonny. Suzanne tells her to get in touch with him, get some closure, and move on. Robin encourages Sonny to get in touch with Brenda again, but instead Sonny makes Spinelli search for media mentions of her. Eventually both prepare to get in touch with each other. Ronnie accuses Jason of torching one of Johnny's properties, then brings Michael in for further questioning about the drive-by. Diane gets Michael off the hook, but Jason's stuck at the PCPD. Sam decides to take it upon herself to get him cleared. Johnny keeps planning Sonny's death.

Good luck getting anyone to like you again after all this, Brook.

Sonny's so rich/lazy/computer illiterate, he hires Spinelli to Google things for him.

Sam, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that you're an idiot. is going to get a lot of e-mails tomorrow.

August 20th, 2010

Ethan tries every angle he can to convince Johnny not to go after Sonny, but nothing works. Johnny ambushes Sonny on the street, but as they're distracted by a witness (who promptly disappears), Sonny pulls out his own gun and shoots Johnny first. He takes off and heads home, where Dante's waiting for him. Meanwhile, Ronnie finds Johnny and takes his gun to make it look like Sonny shot an unarmed man. Sonny and Brenda call each other at the same time but can't get through to each other due to technical difficulties. Brenda tells Suzanne about their relationship while Sonny tells Kristina about the same thing. Suzanne changes her mind about Sonny and tells Brenda to stay as far away from him as possible. Kristina wants to do a school project on Brenda, but Sonny tells her to get in touch with her through Robin. Brook manages to convince Dante that she didn't drug him and just mistook his behavior toward her. Olivia also thinks Brook might be innocent in the drugging department but definitely took advantage, and warns her to back off. Wilhelm approaches Brenda about working with Franco. Maxie gets more information on Lisa from Matt and is surer than ever that something strange is going on with her. She tells Robin about Lisa being at the house, leading Robin to confront Patrick, which in turn leads to him telling her some of the things Lisa's been up to. When they get home, they learn that she's taken Emma out for ice cream. Claire is reluctant to let Jason out of jail, but ultimately she has to. Dante, at least, believes that he's innocent. Sam records the Lopezes talking about all sorts of criminal stuff, then hides in one of their vans.

Why in the world did Sonny go home? Why wouldn't he immediately leave the country?

I'm sorry, Suzanne, if you don't worship Sonny, you can't be on this show.

Holy cow, Lisa listened to me! Is she reading this blog?? Hey, Lisa, if you're reading this - fake a pregnancy!

Sam, just...stop thinking. It's not working out too well for you.

August 21st, 2010

Next week: All hell breaks loose for Sonny and Robin.

August 23rd, 2010

Sonny tells Dante exactly what happened with Johnny, and Dante actually believes him. Ronnie throws Johnny's gun in the harbor, then arrests Sonny for attempted murder. Lucky thinks Ethan knows what happened during Johnny and Sonny's confrontation, but Ethan won't spill. Later, he overhears the two mobster wannabes talking about Johnny's plan to kill Sonny. Jason finds Sam and, after a gun battle with the Lopezes, they take off in a van. Too bad it's full of illegal drugs, and the cops have found them. Brenda turns down Wilhelm's offer, and later, someone (probably Franco) sneaks into her house. Patrick and Robin make a frantic search for Emma, considering calling the police if Lisa doesn't return her in a timely manner. Steven points out that Patrick will have to tell the police why Lisa's acting out. It's a moot point, since Lisa eventually takes Emma home, but then she starts talking about how great things could be for her, Patrick, and Emma if anything ever happened to Robin. Jax warns Claire that every woman who gets involved with Sonny is unable to resist his charms, and he ends up hurting them all. Maya manages to tend to Johnny without freaking out about her late boyfriend.

Dear Johnny, you and Lisa would get along very well. You're both crazy.

Ahh, there's nothing more romantic than making out with your boyfriend in a van full of illegal drugs.

I wonder exactly how much Brenda knows about Franco and his recent doings....

I'm starting to think of Claire as a fortune cookie. Every time she says something, just add "in bed" to the end of it.

August 24th, 2010

Dante believes Ronnie's story about Johnny not being armed and gets mad at Sonny for supposedly lying to him. Sonny maintains that he shot Johnny in self-defense, but no one believes him except Michael. Claire reveals that she's taped some of their conversations and can prove premeditation. Sonny requests to talk to her privately, but he can't convince her that he acted in self-defense. Patrick finally tells Robin that he slept with Lisa, and she kicks him out. Jason and Sam talk their way out of making the cop suspicious, but Sam ends up injured and can't make the trek back home. Jason blows up the van and the two of them prepare to camp out for the night. Murphy inadvertently scares Franco away, then takes Brenda off to Lake Como. Lucky's sure that Ethan knows more than he's saying.

Yeah, Claire, Sonny might have lost the flirting battle, but you don't get a baby, so you lose, too!

Emmys for Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough, please!

Please, please, please let Brenda teach Murphy how to be Jason Bourne by acting like Jason. The writers shouldn't pass up an opportunity as great as that.

How is Jax not throwing a party over Sonny's arrest?

August 25th, 2010

Robin confronts Lisa and threatens to kill her if she ever comes near Emma again. Lisa retaliates by telling Lucky about the threat. Jason and Sam hide out in a cabin, but as they're leaving, someone fires shots at them. Dante and Lulu try to keep Brook from ruining their happiness again. Michael is totally on to Brook and Carly. Kristina blames herself for Johnny's shooting, because apparently she's contractually obligated to blame herself for anything that happens to anyone. Ethan encourages Lucky to come to the dark side. Nikolas hears Elizabeth admit that she feels out of place at Wyndemere.

Lisa, you probably should have picked a cop who didn't grow up with Robin.

Is this Jason/Sam plot going anywhere? I just want to know ahead of time if I should invest anything in it.

Michael is smarter than anyone on this show! Interesting, considering who his parents are.

Thanks for showing up for one scene and doing nothing, Matt! Hope you got paid well for that.

August 26th, 2010

Olivia decides she'd rather be with Johnny the mobster than be without him. Dante thinks she deserves better. He also finds it hard to believe that Sonny didn't shoot an unarmed man, considering he was once in Johnny's shoes. Sonny swears that he learned from that experience and promised himself he would never shoot someone without a weapon again. Nikolas asks Sarah to invite Elizabeth and the boys for a visit so she can get out of Wyndemere. Sam and Jason spend the whole episode getting shot at. Lisa tells Lucky she doesn't want a restraining order against Robin, and will instead figure out how to coexist with her peacefully. Back at the hospital, she finds something disturbing in her locker. Patrick begs Robin for forgiveness but she packs his stuff. Lulu and Brook have a bit of a tug-of-war with Michael.

Somewhere, a ton of Johnny/Olivia fans are having a party.

Ahhh, I wondered how they would write Rebecca Herbst out for her maternity leave. Thank God we didn't have to actually see Sarah.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. What is your crazy mind planning on doing next?

Seriously, Patrick, just stop talking for a couple minutes. Robin's not going to just get over it.

August 27th, 2010

Dante decides he believes Sonny and tries to get him to remember if there were any witnesses who could help him out. Diane reams Sonny for trusting Dante, of all people, and asks why he ever thought he could trust Claire. She wonders if he wanted to get caught because he wants to punish himself for what happened to Michael. She and Bernie encourage Sonny to jump bail and flee the country. He agrees - and he wants to go to Rome. Murphy finally wears Brenda down and gets her to agree to marry him. Lisa;s locker is all bloody, and she tries to get Steve to think Robin is responsible. Robin gets Patrick out of the house, and he runs into Lisa and lays into her for all of her actions. They're interrupted when Robin calls, having decided that she’s made a mistake. Lisa realizes she's losing her chance, so she throws herself in front of Robin's car. Sam and Jason start fighting back.

Why does Diane think it'll be hard to get bail for Sonny? He got bail when he was accused of killing his wife, after all.

Maybe it's just me, but if you have to ask your girlfriend to marry you five times before she says yes, you might have a problem. Also, Brenda calling Jason her husband instead of her ex-husband just adds fuel to my theory that annulment never went through.

Don't worry, Robin, she deserved that.

This Jason/Sam thing is taking so long, by the time they get back to Port Charles, Johnny will be fully recovered and Sonny will be a free man.

August 30th, 2010

Olivia happens to also believe Sonny's story about shooting Johnny in self-defense, so Sonny has at least two people on his side. Michael begs him to run, telling him he wouldn't survive in prison, and Sonny makes it clear that he's already planning on doing that. Brook tells Carly that her plan worked and Lulu and Dante are through. Carly doesn't believe her for a second and guesses that Brook failed and wants to take her money and run. Brook threatens to tell Lulu the truth, but Carly calls her bluff, so Brook calls HER bluff and spills everything to Lulu. Lulu calls Carly to refute everything, but Carly decides it's time to come clean. Lisa claims that Robin tried to kill her, which leads to a police investigation and gets Mac involved. Brenda and Murphy are the least excited engaged couple ever. Lucky randomly comes across Jason and Sam, so now it's three against however many guys are outside. Except the guys outside have fire.

Dante's going to the dark side...

I love how Brook thinks she can get one over on Carly. Not on your best day, Brookie.

Oh, crap, Mac knows about Patrick and Lisa. Run, Patrick, run!

See, Jason, Sam, and Lucky? You take too long to make a decision and it gets made for you.

August 31st, 2010

Diane tries to make the judge on Sonny's case believe that Claire has a personal vendetta because Sonny wouldn't sleep with her. Dante testifies on Sonny's behalf that he's not a flight risk, and the judge sets bail. Sonny immediately heads to Italy, and Dante beats himself up for believing that he would stick around. An Interpol agent tells Brenda that a shadowy mobster named the Balkan is after her. She doesn't seem to care very much. Carly convinces Lulu that she set her plans in motion to protect Lulu, since she thought Dante would hurt her, but now she's seen that she made a mistake. She also manages to make Brook look like the only bad guy in the situation. Jason, Sam, and Lucky manage to outlive fire and more bullets, defeating all the shooters. Lisa plants the idea in Matt's head that Robin has psychological problems stemming from her postpartum depression and is the real crazy person in the situation. Diane delivers a message to Carly from Sonny and asks why she cares so much that he's left the country.

Kudos to Diane for using Claire's schemes against her. Very nice lawyering there.

The Balkan, eh? Wonder who that'll turn out to be?

Wow, that was impressive manipulation even for Carly. I can't help but respect her a little.

On that note, Lisa's gaining on Carly in the manipulative shrew department. Can you imagine the destruction those two could cause if they teamed up?

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