General Hospital blog - August, 2011

August 1st, 2011

Lucky hallucinates in the alley until Elizabeth finds him. Jason tells Carly that she can no longer be his first priority, leading Sam to guess that Carly feels like she's being replaced. Maxie and Spinelli are freed from the sewer just as Spinelli seems to have a memory. On the plus side, Maxie finds the ring. On the minus side, she won't hand it over yet. Ethan stops by Lucky and Siobhan's, sees blood on the floor from Siobhan's nosebleed, and panics. Now, all of a sudden, Siobhan wants to give Lucky the benefit of the doubt. Matt tells Elizabeth that he knows she's still in love with Lucky, and the way she keeps coming up with reasons to be around him makes her seem Maxie-ish. Someone's still following Carly.

New drinking game: Drink whenever someone mentions a storm coming and/or the weather.

Interesting that Elizabeth found Lucky with one shoe off, since that's how he found her in the park the night she was raped....

Given what I know is coming at the end of the week, I'm going to go ahead and blame Maxie for jinxing things.

They really need to give Matt more to do. I say put Maxie and Spinelli back together, and put Matt'll get back to you on that.

Two guesses on Carly's stalker: Jax or Shawn. Let's hope it's the latter.

August 2nd, 2011

Elizabeth tries to tend to Lucky, who refuses to go to the hospital since he doesn't think anyone will believe he was drugged against his will. Dante arrives to help out, but after Elizabeth leaves to get medication, Lucky, who's paranoid that Dante will turn him in to Mac, knocks him out and splits. Robin finds Sonny back at home and quickly realizes that he hasn't been taking his medication. He tells her to choose between him and Jax, kicking her out when she won't. Tracy busts Anthony for trying to buy ELQ stock under a false name. Johnny threatens to turn him in to the SEC. Anthony argues that his people are loyal, but Johnny counters that those people are now his people. Anthony's been talking to Skye, who agrees to return to Port Charles. Tracy's disappointed to learn that Lulu didn't find Luke. Michael and Abby head to the island, hoping to find Sonny, and wind up taking a mini-vacation instead.

I'm enjoying seeing Elizabeth take care of Lucky instead of the other way around. I'm also enjoying seeing Jonathan Jackson earning a second Emmy in six months.

Oh, goody, Sonny's throwing things again.

So...what's up with the bracelet? Did Anthony give it to Skye? Is it supposed to mean something? I'm actually more interested in that than I am in Skye being back on the show.

Remember when Michael and Abby were interesting? Those were good times.

August 3rd, 2011

Sonny blames Jax for Brenda's departure, but Jason tells him she left on her own. Shawn (who was, indeed, Carly's stalker) stakes out the house, worried that Jax will do something to get revenge against Carly. He was offered a job teaching middle-school science in D.C., which Carly encourages him to take. Matt encourages Patrick to fight with a stressed-out Robin, since that's how they fell in love in the first place. Skye says she's in town for a fundraiser Jax is throwing, but Tracy is sure she has ulterior motives. Michael wants to stay on the island, but Abby doesn't want to jeopardize her job.

Wow, Sonny - playing the "you don't know how I feel" card? How old are you, five?

Me: "They can't make Shawn any sexier than he already is." Writers: "Give him a scene with Josslyn." Me: "Touché."

Ha, I just got the joke about Skye noting that Tracy's husband isn't named Anthony. 'Cause, you know, Luke's played by a guy named Anthony. Nice coincidence.

Since Skye claims she doesn't need money, I take it that means she found Alcazar's stash?

August 4th, 2011

Elizabeth and Dante get some police assistance in tracking Lucky's cell phone to a warehouse, but when Elizabeth arrives, she just finds the phone. Oh, and an angry Siobhan. As the storm finally moves in, Lucky makes his way to what's presumably the church where he and Elizabeth got married. Skye catches Jax back in town, dressed for something stealthy and planning a getaway with a second passenger. Sonny corners Johnny and confronts him about the Trujillos and their apparently drug ring. Johnny reminds him that he's the only person keeping the peace, and if anything happens to him, the town will explode. Matt tries to spend some time with Maxie, but they have to cut things short when Spinelli starts investigating the baked goods at the Metro Court. Matt decides it's finally time to get Spinelli some help, and Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs to take him to see something. Patrick sends Robin to the Metro Court spa, planning to join her later for some romance, but his plans are ruined when Robin returns to the hospital for an emergency board meeting and sends Epiphany to the spa in her place. Siobhan overhears Anthony detailing part of his plan to J.T.: He's going to turn Spinelli's theory about the bakery into reality, taking advantage of Lucky's incapacitation and unreliability to move drugs right under Jason's nose. Anthony in turn overhears Elizabeth on the phone with Dante, talking about Lucky, and spots Siobhan lurking around. Ethan mentions Lucky's situation to Lulu, who's sure that Dante's keeping something from her but decides not to press him for details.

I have to admit, I love it when there are so many things about to break on the show that it's obvious something big is about to happen.

I only mention this because they said his name three times: Is the Sly who helped Dante out Lucky's cousin, Sly Eckert?

Speaking of people who need more to do: Hi, Epiphany!

Kill her, Anthony! No one will miss her! Okay, Lucky might, but he'll have Elizabeth around to comfort him!

J.T. (or is it J.P.? It's hard to tell) really must be stoned. He willingly met with a man who tried to kill him less than 24 hours earlier.

August 5th, 2011

Shawn lets Jason know that Jax may be planning something, and he's worried about Carly. Jason offers him a job but Shawn thinks it's time to move on. Skye tells Carly that she spotted Jax in town, so Carly speeds over to the penthouse, interrupting Jason and Sam's romantic plans and getting Jason to help her keep Josslyn away from Jax. Elizabeth fights with Siobhan, who falls down the stairs and suffers a concussion. On their way to the hospital, they get into an accident with Jason and Carly. Lucky hallucinates some more, imagining Elizabeth in the church, saying lines from the "permanent lock" episode. Olivia worries that Sonny will do something really stupid.

Forget Maxie - I'm blaming this one on Siobhan.

And I guess this means Siobhan is pregnant, huh?

Interesting that they chose Sara Bareilles' song "Gravity" for the drug-tripping scenes, since it was used in a So You Think You Can Dance routine about addiction.

I loved the exchange between Sonny and Olivia where Olivia said his being friends (and never anything more) with Diane doesn't count because she's his lawyer, and he said that's never stopped him before. Clearly Olivia doesn't know the story behind Kristina's conception. (Also, Sonny, you're friends with Robin and have never done anything with her.) My other favorite exchanges of the episode were Sam basically saying that Carly got what was coming to her when she let Sonny handle the custody situation, and Sam telling Shawn that Carly won't give Jason a choice about taking care of her.

August 6th, 2011

Next week: So many teasers, I can't even pick my favorite:

August 8th, 2011

Elizabeth is the only person uninjured in the car accident, so she's left to call for help (in the form of Dante) and try to tend to Carly, Jason, and Siobhan, the latter two being in critical condition. Carly asks Dante to call Olivia to the hospital so she can tell her Jax is in town. Elizabeth is sure that when Siobhan regains consciousness, she'll tell everyone that Elizabeth pushed her down the stairs. Monica advises Robin not to forget how important her family is, because someday she could end up with a version of the Quartermaine curse and be all alone. Robin decides that she and Patrick need a night off, which they squeeze in before Patrick decides to head back to work, since a big rainstorm means there will probably be medical emergencies. Robin, however, has to stay with Emma. Maxie takes Spinelli by the Crimson office before heading to see the shrink, and when Lulu stops by, Spinelli's immediately smitten, calling her Moonlight. He also remembers that it's her birthday. Maxie's completely jealous. The three are then stuck together when the electricity (and elevators) goes out. Shawn refuses to let Jax leave with Josslyn, but Jax happens to trigger Shawn's PTSD, allowing him to get away.

Someday I'm going to count up all the car accidents that have occurred on this show, just so I can know how many cars people have totaled. My guess is the Quartermaines alone have destroyed a parking garage's worth.

Hey, Robin, you're the chief of staff. Tell Patrick to stay home while YOU go handle medical emergencies.

I'm sorry, Dante didn't even know it was Lulu's birthday? Laura didn't call her? Maxie, Lulu's best friend, didn't remember? Man, Lulu's life really does suck.

Speaking of Lulu, today's MOTE goes to Julie Marie Berman for her delivery of "...'Kay" in response to Spinelli's weirdness.

August 9th, 2011

Sam blames Carly for the accident, blasting her for overstepping boundaries again and manufacturing an emergency to get Jason's attention. She also thinks Carly is struggling to hold on to him because she thinks she's losing him to Sam. Carly replies that she's been in Jason's life a lot longer than Sam has, and she's not going anywhere. Their fight escalates to the point where Sam slaps Carly. Jason's prognosis is bad, as he's unresponsive, and Monica fears that history's repeating itself. Sonny and Olivia both go to Carly's house and find Josslyn gone. Sonny's furious and wants to go looking for Jax, so he tracks down Skye and asks where he is. Jax can't get to the airport thanks to the storm, so he and Josslyn are currently stuck in Port Charles. Shawn finds Jax's car and a dog, but not Jax or Josslyn. Steven kinda sorta thinks Elizabeth pushed Siobhan down the stairs. Elizabeth finally figures out where Lucky is. Abby accuses Michael of imitating his father on the island.

Carly's remark that Sam doesn't know what it's like to lose a child was ridiculous because a) Sam did lose a child, and b) Carly's kids are all still alive. Shut up, Carly.

It's okay, Monica - maybe he'll go back to being Jason Quartermaine. (Spoiler: He's not going to go back to being Jason Quartermaine.)

Jax locked Mercedes in the laundry room? I knew I hated him.

How nice of you to tell Edward about the accident gently, Olivia. Also, can you just take a cop's squad car like that?

August 10th, 2011

Patrick finds a mass in Jason's brain and tells Sam and the Quartermaines that he needs to operate. Monica tells him to use his best judgment, but Sam thinks it's too risky. Monica's surprised to hear that Sam and Jason are engaged, which means Sam might have some say his treatment. Alexis and Diane are stranded at Jake's, where a newly single Coleman gives them free drinks and may have to fend off Diane's advances. Alexis insists that she's happy being single, but Diane isn't convinced. Sonny's still on the warpath to find Jax, though he isn't getting much help. He reaches Jax's plane, which is empty, as Dante learns what Sonny's up to. Elizabeth finally reaches the church, where Lucky's having flashbacks.

Now there's a mass? Why does there have to be a mass? This is getting weird.

Nancy Lee Grahn is continuing the single/dating conversation on Twitter. I'm on Team Alexis (as always) - a woman doesn't need a man to be happy. I'm perfectly content being single.

That said, I could get behind a Diane/Coleman relationship. Also, this and the Kate recast are totally leading to a Sonny/Kate reunion.

Lucky should really, really not be lighting candles. Bad things happen when he lights candles.

August 11th, 2011

Monica and Edward give Patrick the okay to operate on Jason, while Sam remains a holdout, with only Matt on her side. Patrick and Matt confer with Robin over Skype, and at first she sides with Matt. After she finds out Jason's the patient in question, she changes her mind and agrees that Patrick should operate. Sam finally gives in. Carly heads home, unable to figure out where Jax might be, and Dante meets her there to ask her to help him stop Sonny from doing anything stupid. Shawn goes to Jax's plane and admits to Sonny that he let Jax take Josslyn. He doesn't want to use violence to solve the situation, but Sonny doesn't understand that concept. Shawn heads to Carly's while Dante goes to the plane and tries to convince Sonny to back off of Jax. He starts to arrest his father, who pretends to comply, then knocks him out. Shawn tells Carly about his PTSD episode as she laments her part in Jason's accident and her failure to listen to Shawn's warnings that Jax would go after Josslyn. Jax finds himself out of options and turns to Robin for assistance. Alexis and Diane agree to play strip pool with Coleman, and Alexis winds up being the only player who keeps all her clothes on. Which may or may not please Mac, who shows up in the middle of the game after talking to Robin about work/life balance.

They got all fancy with the surgery equipment! It was like watching Grey's Anatomy!

I'll admit it, I laughed when Sonny knocked Dante out. That's twice in two days that he's been rendered unconscious. So of the four characters on the show who are cops, one's unconscious, one's having the world's longest drug trip, one's at a bar, and one', like I care where Ronnie is.

I totally did not predict Jax going to Robin for help. But I guess he thinks it'll work since Robin hates Carly.

I also would have never predicted Alexis being a ringer at pool. When did she find time to learn how to play? Also, here's hoping Mac tells Alexis about Jason so poor Sam doesn't have to hang out with just the Quartermaines.

Yes, Matt, we're all proud of you for saving Siobhan. Maybe you can hook up with her when Maxie inevitably leaves you for Spinelli and Lucky and Elizabeth get back together.

August 12th, 2011

Sonny finally makes it to the hospital, but only because he wants to know where Robin is, since he's figured out that Jax is probably going to her for help. Matt's upset about Robin siding with Patrick, and what he sees as Patrick's emotional blackmail of Robin, so he Skypes Robin to complain. Emma reveals that someone's there, and Sonny figures out that Jax has taken Josslyn to the Drakes'. Shawn gets there first and he and Robin convince Jax to abandon his plan and hand Josslyn over. As Shawn returns Josslyn to Carly, Sonny shows up to confront Jax. Elizabeth gives Lucky medication to counteract what he was given, and it seems to work. He tries to call Siobhan and hears her message telling him she's sorry for their fight. Jason's biopsy is done, but Monica hasn't bothered to tell us the results yet. Sam admits that she made the right decision about the operation and gives Monica a picture of Jake. Anthony gets Johnny a piano, possibly to keep him quiet. Olivia tends to Carly and the two talk about Sonny and how he's always losing people (though Carly thinks she's the one person he's never lost).

Things I don't get: 1) Why Jax went to Robin for help (as opposed to, say, Skye). 2) How Shawn figured out that Jax went to Robin for help. 3) Anything Matt said to Siobhan. Also, there's no way Jax would have let Shawn take Josslyn. No way.

Things I do get: Shawn is the anti-Sonny.

Does this mean that if something goes horribly wrong, we have to blame Emma?

So I guess Carly and Olivia are friends again?

August 13th, 2011

Next: The Corinthos organization continues to have its worst week ever.

August 15th, 2011

Patrick assures Sam that the mass in Jason's brain is nothing serious. Soon after, Jason wakes up and promptly starts trying to fix everyone's problems. Sam orders Max not to tell him what's going on with Sonny or Carly, but Max can't keep his mouth shut. Sam demands that Jason stay put, and though it takes a while, she convinces him to listen. However, when he's on the phone with Carly, getting a Josslyn update, he collapses. Robin and Jax try to talk Sonny down, but Jax doesn't know when to shut up, and he ends up making things worse. Sonny finally fires his gun at him, but Robin gets in the way and is grazed by the bullet instead. Emma appears on the scene, knowing exactly what's going on, and Robin uses her presence to assure Jax that he can safely leave. As he lurks around Carly's house, watching her and Shawn with Josslyn, Patrick arrives at home, kicks Sonny out, and blasts Robin for getting involved in the situation. Dante shows up at Carly's but can't get her or Shawn to help him in finding Sonny. Carly even denies that Jax took Josslyn at all. Sonny tells Max his plans for Jax, which involve having Max grab Jax while he's waiting for a mechanic to fix his plane, since Sonny broke its engine. Then he'll take Jax out on a boat and push him overboard. Dante throws a wrench in the plan, showing up at the office with backup and completing his arrest of his father. Even though she's jealous, Maxie asks Lulu to play along with Spinelli's interest in her, thinking it might help bring him back. Lulu agrees, but it just makes him more interested. She tries to fend him off by reminding him that she wasn't the one who used to be in love with him, Georgie was. Unfortunately, this just makes Jackal, P.I. sad.

I'm not brain surgeon, but I'm fairly sure Jason shouldn't have been out of bed that quickly. So there's your problem.

People who need to learn to shut up: Max, Jax, Dante. The latter two are really, really lucky they weren't shot tonight.

Patrick is hot when he's mad. Well, hotter.

Thanks, Lulu, you just made me sad about Georgie, too. They never should have killed her off!

August 16th, 2011

Dante takes Sonny in for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, planning to hold him at least as long as it takes for Jax to leave town. Sonny boasts that Jax won't be going anywhere, leading Dante to suspect that he's done something. Jax realizes that Sonny's sabotaged the plane but is able to fix it (or so he thinks). Dante's attempts to get him grounded are unsuccessful. As Max tells Sonny that he couldn't grab Jax at the airport, Jax has mechanical difficulties. Alexis and Mac tell Coleman and Diane, respectively, that they don't want to have a relationship with each other. Mac decides to ask Alexis out anyway, but has to call it off to go to the airport. Elizabeth reluctantly tells Lucky about Siobhan's accident and takes him to the hospital. Lulu thinks he's on drugs and chastises him for taking the undercover job. Ethan unknowingly saves Siobhan from one of Anthony's henchmen. Michael and Abby are boring some more.

Dear new headwriter Garin Wolf: If you're going to give us big cliffhangers and then ignore them the next day, we're going to have a problem.

Hey, Mac, you're not going to tell Alexis that her daughter's fiancé is in the hospital? You're...kind of a jerk, actually.

I like Siobhan a lot better when she can't talk.

How did Lulu get out of the Metro Court? See, this is why we need follow-up, Mr. Wolf!

August 17th, 2011

Dante keeps Sonny in a holding cell while people search for Jax, whose plane crashed into the harbor. Sonny dreams that Jax survived the crash but Brenda was on the plane and didn't. Dante goes to Shawn with the news about Jax, wondering if he can find someone to corroborate his theory that Sonny sabotaged the plane. Shawn admits that he saw Sonny on the plane earlier that evening. Carly goes to the PCPD, looking for information on the incident, and overhears Dante talking to Sonny about getting released on bail despite being suspected of murder. Carly's upset enough to smack Sonny. Patrick and Matt clash on the reason for Jason's seizure, which Matt suggests could be worms from a South American shipment. Patrick admits that his biopsy might have been the cause, while Robin admits that she may have okayed it because of her feelings for the people involved. Lucky admits to a still-unconscious Siobhan that being drugged makes him want to get high again, but he's determined to stop the drug ring. Just after he leaves, Siobhan wakes up. Skye's in town to give Anthony information on Tracy so he can get her money (and possibly her as well). She finally manages to unsettle Tracy by asking about Gino Soleito. Sam tries to keep Carly at a distance, but she's clearly not handling the situation well. Carly thanks Robin for her role in getting Josslyn back. Robin still blames Carly for the whole Sonny/Jax mess, but Patrick points out that Sonny's an adult and makes his own decisions.

So many holes here: Jax's plane crashed and no one told Carly? Alexis has still not bothered to check in with Sam? Jason collapsed and Carly didn't rush straight to the hospital? I hate it when they fast-forward to the next day without wrapping things up from the previous night.

Really, Steven? Telling Lucky that Siobhan might not wake up? You sucked as a doctor today. Though as a kindergarten teacher, you get an A+. And a smiley-face sticker.

Gino Soleito was, by the way, a character on The City, a soap Tracy crossed over to in the mid-/late '90s. He was a mobster who died not long after they married, leaving Tracy in charge. So every time Tracy makes a negative comment about the mob, just remember that she was, however briefly, a kingpin (queenpin?). Also, Lisa Lo Cicero, Laura Wright, and Ted King were all on The City at one time or another, which is kind of funny.

Skye's turquoise dress: WANT.

August 18th, 2011

Carly tears into Sonny for taking things too far by trying to kill Jax. She tells him his children will see who he really is and turn on him. Skye learned from Alcazar that Tracy had Gino killed, took hundreds of millions from him, and used it to revive ELQ. Anthony wants to prove it and will reward Skye handsomely for her assistance. (Oh, and Skye slept with Gino's son.) Elizabeth has Matt test some medication and confirm her suspicions that it's not as strong as it's supposed to be. She passes the information on to Lucky, though she doesn't think he should be working the case. Ethan again saves Siobhan from Anthony's henchman, who Anthony now finds incompetent. He decides he'll take care of her himself. Siobhan has vague memories of the car accident and her fall, and she wants to talk to Elizabeth to fill in the gaps.

Yeah, I bet Carly's done with Sonny. I give it a month.

Apparently all this Soleito talk is leading up to the arrival of Gina Soleito. Because if there's anything we need, it's more mob-adjacent characters.

Thought if all this talk of Alcazar means he's somehow coming back, I'll shut up.

Are they setting Matt and Elizabeth up for a romance? They're not boring together, yes, but...I'd much rather they get rid of Siobhan and put Elizabeth and Lucky back together. Because why else do this whole current storyline?

August 19th, 2011

Siobhan reluctantly admits that she's grateful to Elizabeth for saving Lucky, then wonders if she shouldn't just let them be together. It might be a moot point, as Anthony's ready to do her in. Sam tries to keep Jason from doing anything work-related, but when he notices the bandage on Robin's arm from her run-in with Sonny the previous night, he finds out exactly what's been going on. He also finds out that there's something small but "nonorganic" in his brain that's causing his seizures and will make them worse if he doesn't have it surgically removed. Jason refuses to have any more operations, but when he has another seizure, he seems more resigned to doing what's necessary for his health. Lucky tries to buy more pills from J.T., who doesn't trust him. He finds the pills Elizabeth gave Lucky, which Lucky tries to use as proof that he's off the wagon, as he had to get them from another supplier. J.T. makes Lucky take a pill in front of him, so Lucky's lucky (see what I did there?) that they're not full-strength. Matt catches them talking and pretends to be Lucky's supplier. He also blasts Lucky for getting Elizabeth involved in something that could cause her to lose her license, and for leaving Siobhan. Skye has a flash drive Anthony wants, but she's holding it hostage until he gives her the money he's been promising. When she goes to meet him, she instead finds an unconscious Jax. Dante asks Lulu to move in with him.

Do it, Anthony! I'll buy you ten dozen orchids if you just DO IT! (By the way, the word right now is that Siobhan is on her way out, but Erin Chambers isn't necessarily gone. I can handle that, especially if it means no more Irish accent.)

Matt, coming through with the save! Keep it up.

Wait, J.T. made Lucky take a pill from his own bottle? What was the point of that?

Why is Jax still on this show? I was told he would no longer be on this show.

I can't wait for someone to make a big deal about Lulu moving in with Dante, despite the fact that she spends every night there and we haven't seen her at her apartment in months.

August 20th, 2011

Next week: With mentions of A.J., Georgie, and Alan, and two lives on the line, we might as well call it Memorial Week.

August 22nd, 2011

Zacchara does that stupid villain thing where he tells Siobhan everything, including a) he had Lucky drugged, b) he's running drugs through the bakery, and c) he's going to kill Lucky. Then he drugs her, nearly getting caught by Elizabeth. Siobhan wakes up long enough to write something on a pillow in lipstick, then dies before Lucky arrives to finally see her. Carly and Robin finally agree on something: Sonny is evil. Carly even yells at him in the middle of the hospital, calling him a murderer and telling him she's done with him. Jax asks Skye to help him sneak out of town and hide out for a while, making her promise not to tell anyone he's alive, including Carly. He eavesdrops on Skye's meeting with Anthony, then has to hide when Carly accidentally comes across his quite-out-in-the-open lair. Spinelli gets in trouble with the possibly-drug-running baker (who Lucky recognizes), then goes on a field trip with Maxie to Georgie's grave.

Farewell, Siobhan, you little shrew. I won't miss you. I just hope you wrote "Elizabeth is innocent" on that pillow.

I was 99 percent sure Jax only borrowed Skye's phone so they could have it ring during her conversation with Anthony. Kudos to the writers for not doing that.

Yeah, Maxie, mentioning Georgie had such a great outcome last time - why not take it a step farther and take Spinelli to her grave? Idiot.

Shawn buys the women he likes brownies. Just another item to add to my list of why Shawn is awesome.

August 23rd, 2011

Jax hears Carly telling Shawn how much she wishes he's okay, and how much she hates Sonny now, so he's okay with leaving. Despite Steven's attempts to revive her, Siobhan is definitely dead. Lucky blames himself, while Steven thinks Elizabeth did something shady. Lucky listens to Siobhan's last voicemail message to him, then takes a pill. Michael and Abby return from the island, and as soon as Michael hears from Sonny everything they've missed, he takes Sonny's side. Abby thinks this is ridiculous. Spinelli doesn't remember Georgie, but he does remember Maxie's heart problems.

Stay gone for good this time, please, Jax.

You, too, Siobhan.

Why is the ex-stripper the moral compass? I think Michael was the most annoying thing I encountered today. And we had an earthquake!

Yeah, I don't get how Spinelli can remember Maxie's heart problems and Lulu's birthday, but not Georgie.

Skye's biggest regret is not making things work with Jax? Really, Skye? Silly me for thinking it might be ALLOWING SOMEONE TO MURDER YOUR BOYFRIEND.

August 24th, 2011

Michael confronts Abby for trying to get Sonny to cut him loose, and she decides she can't deal with either of them right now. She winds up eating cupcakes with Johnny while Michael tells Carly that if Sonny did kill Jax, it's because Jax had it coming. Dante overhears the conversation and considers it a confession, but he has to admit that evidence points to Jax messing with the plane to make it fly, which means the crash can't be blamed on Sonny. Johnny follows Anthony around, finally catching him talking to Skye. Skye warns Anthony that she's dug up some bad stuff on him as well as Tracy. Speaking of Tracy, she enlists Asher to find out if there's anything that can link her to the Soleito/ELQ connection. He quickly tells Anthony what he's doing. Spinelli tells Maxie that he doesn't want to lose anyone else he cares about, which is apparently why he's still Jackal, P.I. Later, he brings a cupcake to Georgie's grave. Olivia advises Dante not to get involved in the plane-crash case.

He "had it coming"? Go away, Mini-Mobster.

This show makes me want a cupcake so badly.

Poor Georgie has been mentioned more in the past three episodes than she has in the past three years.

Apparently the fleur-de-lises on the bottoms of Asher's shoes are supposed to be significant...

August 25th, 2011

Sam worries that Jason's not thinking positively, since he's making arrangements with Max in case he doesn't make it. Robin discovers that the material in Jason's brain came from A.J.'s dashboard, and though he can have it removed, it would be risky. Max and Diane join Spinelli on a stakeout, then break up. Spinelli finds a red star on one of the bags of flour from the bakery. Matt finds Siobhan's pillow message, but no one can make out anything but "LU" and a squiggle. Alexis breaks down when she learns of Jax's presumed death and Mac comforts her. The medications Elizabeth stole for Lucky are discovered missing, and Matt tries to help cover her, but there's an investigation underway.

Is anyone else cracking up over the whole dashboard thing? No? Just me? Okay, then.

So I guess now Diane is free to hook up with Coleman?

So was Siobhan trying to write Lucky or Luzetta's? Also, why did she use such big letters? She was going to run out of room!

Mac is SO smitten. It's adorable.

August 26th, 2011

Jason and Sam decide together that he should have the surgery as soon as possible. Carly tries to get Jason to help her with Michael, who is basically in line to be the new Jason if he doesn't make it, but Sam convinces Jason to let it go. Patrick and Matt argue over whether Matt should assist, until Matt realizes he's treating a life-or-death situation like a contest. Robin approves Patrick to operate alone, then wonders if she made the right decision. While Jason's in surgery, Sam, Carly, Monica, and Elizabeth daydream:

And then things start to go badly.

What's up with stuff going up Jason's nose this week?

Even in her daydreams, Elizabeth's a manipulative shrew. And why did we have to see her fantasy anyway? I'm sure that was for the Liaison (gag) fans. Listen, people, let it go. It's not going to happen. And I would like to remind you that Elizabeth has asked about Jason exactly once since the accident, so that should say something.

Alan! Seriously, can you stay?

Way to remind everyone that Patrick didn't save Jake WHILE ELIZABETH WAS STANDING THREE FEET AWAY, Matt. Go be a child somewhere else.

I'm bringing back the long-lost scorecard, and adding some other stuff (get excited!):

Broke up: Max Giambetti and Diane Miller
Dead: Siobhan McKenna
Left town: Jax Jacks
Nearly dead: Jason Morgan
Off the wagon: Lucky Spencer
Presumed dead: Jax Jacks

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Alexis saying that Australian men always have tissues
Funniest moment (unintentional): Dashboard. Nose. Need I say more?
Saddest moment: Lucky walks into Siobhan's room to see that she's flatlined
Sweetest moments: Spinelli putting a cupcake on Georgie's grave, Mac being totally enamored with Alexis
Least believable moments: Elizabeth's fantasy life with Jason doesn't involve Jake, Monica kills A.J. off in her daydream
Most annoying characters: Sonny, Michael, Matt
Unanswered questions of the week: 1. Did Lulu say yes to Dante?
2. Did Abby and Johnny eat drugged cupcakes?
3. What's up with the fleur-de-lises?

August 27th, 2011

Next week: Nothing happy, I can tell you that.

August 29th, 2011

The daydreams continue:

The operation is over, but not necessarily successful. Matt covers for Elizabeth by making it look like the missing medications were only missing due to a clerical error.

There were some nice little details in the daydreams. I liked the parallels between Michael's death and Jake's death, as well as the contrast between Jason asking Monica, "Is this what you wanted to happen?" and Sam asking Jason, "Are you sure this is what you want?" I thought the way Jason yelled at Michael in Carly's daydream made him sound a lot like Sonny, which was a nice touch. I also liked that Elizabeth was drawing Jake when Matt called her. Oh, and that Fantasy Jason made her realize she doesn't want to be with him. Ha ha, Liaison fans! Time to move on!

So should we assume that Emily doesn't exist in Monica's daydream-verse?

Fantasy Jason fell down the stairs! Maybe HE'S the one who's pregnant.

Dear Elizabeth, Matt probably helped you because he's in love with you. Or not. I don't know. It would be interesting, though, right? Or at least not uninteresting.

August 30th, 2011

Alexis confronts Sonny over Jax's "death," asking him if there's anyone or anything he hasn't lost yet. Kristina sees them fighting, figures out what's going on, and blasts Sonny for "killing" Jax. Johnny lets Skye know he taped her conversation with Anthony but would keep quiet in exchange for some bed action. Skye pretends to go along, then ties him to the bed. Skye then goes to ELQ to return the money she took for Jax, and Tracy catches her. Dante tells Olivia that Lulu never answered when he asked her to move in. She encourages him to be completely honest with her, so Dante asks Lucky if he can tell Lulu what's going on with him. Not that it matters, since Dante wants to do it even after Lucky says no. It's a moot point, though, since Lulu overhears them. Jason hasn't woken up from surgery yet. Kristina should definitely see a doctor.

Are we done with the everyone-yells-at-Sonny plot yet?

No way is Skye smarter than Johnny. NO WAY ON EARTH.

I like Olivia/Lulu scenes. She's a nice substitute mother for Lulu. By the way, has anyone told Laura that her grandson and daughter-in-law are both dead?

I'm pretty sure Kristina isn't pregnant, so now I'm out of ideas. Maybe she's been eating drugged cupcakes?

August 31st, 2011

Michael tries to rally some pro-Sonny troops, starting with Kristina, but she thinks he's just preparing himself for mob life. Carly asks Alexis to help her in her anti-Sonny campaign, but Alexis points out that keeping Kristina from Sonny didn't work out so well in the past. She also blames Carly for Jax's "death" and wants her to take some responsibility. She asks Carly to sign divorce papers so if Jax ever comes back, he'll be free of her. Lulu confronts Lucky for using, not believing that he was drugged, and Dante for lying once again. Lucky points out her hypocrisy in trying to bring Luke home while freezing Lucky out. Dante again asks Lulu to move in, but she's so fed up with him that she tells him she's taking all of her stuff out of his place. Elizabeth realizes that Matt replaced two bottles of medication but she only took one, so someone else also took a bottle. Siobhan's autopsy shows that she didn't die of natural causes. Robin pulls Patrick from Jason's case, taking over herself. Patrick thinks Matt drove her to it, and now all three of them are angry with each other. Anthony's inside man allows him access to Jason's hospital room. Maxie thinks Spinelli might come back if Jason asks him to be his best man.

Maybe Carly should go talk to Kristina about staying away from Sonny. That would be a much easier conversation.

Once again, Dante is a moron. This is becoming a daily thing.

Jeez, Lucky at least wait until you're five feet away from the door before you take a pill.

Milo is so going to get fired over this.

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