General Hospital blog - August, 2015

August 3rd, 2015

Silas is dead, but Nina tells Franco that he was killed before she got there. Franco quickly moves into damage-control mode, trying to hide the fact that she was ever there. As he's leaving the cleaned-up crime scene, Kiki comes home. Hayden wakes up, and she's either confused or pretending to be, because she thinks "Jake" is really her husband. Sam suspects that she's covering because she's changed her mind about telling them the truth. Laura decides to keep quiet about Jason, but she can't bring herself to ask Nikolas if he tried to have Hayden killed. Rather than hang around all the people Nikolas and Elizabeth are lying to, Laura will be leaving town for a little while. Sonny urges Morgan to tell Kiki about his affair before she has to hear it from Silas. Morgan's pretty confident that Silas won't be a problem. Ric tells Nathan that his warrant for the baby blanket is a waste of paper – it has nothing to do with Avery's kidnapping. He adds that Nina checked herself back into Shadybrook. Nathan still believes that Ric is up to something, because he's smart. Ava spends the episode watching the local news. Alexis assures Julian that she still believes he's staying out of the mob.

I'm putting my money on Madeline being Silas' killer. We know she's capable of it, and she's pretty desperate. My guess is that Ava and Morgan both went by the apartment to talk to him after he'd already died, and each thinks the other killed him (a la Robin and Patrick when Lisa was murdered).

So Franco was just going to leave Silas' body in the apartment for Kiki to stumble across? Nice.

A big round of applause to Michael Easton for lying completely still while people made out over him.

A big HA! to Ric for accusing Nathan of "conjecture and slander" for bringing up the panic room.

I would like to remind Maura West and William DeVry that their characters are siblings, so they need to be more careful about personal space and reading their lines like they're flirting.

August 4th, 2015

Franco fails to keep Kiki from going into the apartment and finding Silas' body. She immediately suspects that Franco knew he was already dead, and is probably responsible for that deadness. Franco swears that he's innocent but tries to keep Kiki from calling the police. That doesn't work, so Franco's going to jail. Dante and Lulu accidentally crash Dillon and Valerie's date, then join them. Things are awkward until Dante leaves to solve crimes. Then Valerie says something about Lulu and Dillon's Canada trip, and things are awkward again. Once she leaves the table, things are fine, so I guess they're moving toward putting Dillon and Lulu together? Nina almost tells Nathan that she thinks Silas might have set her up to be blamed for Avery's kidnapping. Carly warns Ava to keep her hands (and lips) off of Morgan. Morgan really doesn't want to hear about your problems with Brad, Lucas – he's busy being suspicious. Felix tries to give Brad relationship advice.

Kiki: "Or you'll stab me? Like you stabbed my father?" (Dramatic music and cut to Silas) Me: "Yep, still dead."

Also, take it easy on that scenery, Hayley Erin.

Fingers crossed that Franco getting arrested means Diane will make an appearance.

"Babysitting Corny Collins." A+ Hairspray reference, Lucas.

August 5th, 2015

People have lots of emotions over Silas' death: Kiki's furious with Franco, vowing revenge, but she's also mad at herself for letting herself get close to him even after she got to know her real father. Ava's sad because she really did love Silas. Sam is sad because Silas helped her love again or whatever. Madeline arrives at Shadybrook just as Nina decides she should leave, since she knows she didn't kidnap Avery. Madeline thinks she's crazy (sorry) for wanting to have anything to do with Franco. Nina ends up staying put, since she can't explain why she knows she's innocent. Sonny meets with the Five Families, announcing that one of them must have betrayed him. He suspects the head of the Russian mob, since some of Sonny's imports have ended up in his territory. The Russian admits to using a go-between who used to work for the Jeromes. The guy is pretty dumb, since he tells Sonny his time as boss is up and he should just retire. Sonny shoots him, reaffirming his authority. Morgan fights with Carly over his relationship with Denise and his history of making horrible decisions. Franco won't talk to Jordan, because of course not.

Madeline: "I can't begin to imagine what you're feeling right now." Me: "Because I'm incapable of feeling human emotions."

Cool, the Triad is run by a woman!

How does one go about getting a job as a mob mediator? Not that I want to go down that career path. I'm just curious.

When Carly pointed out that Morgan has poor impulse control, I just imagined Jason laughing somewhere and not knowing why.

"She cheated on you with your father!" Welcome to Port Charles, where this is not a surprising thing to hear.

August 6th, 2015

Franco uses a hangnail to gain doctor/patient confidentiality with Obrecht, then tells her that he found Nina at Silas' murder scene. Talking through the situation makes Franco settle on a new suspect: Ava. Dante questions Ava about her relationship with Silas, since his phone shows that she called him the previous night. Ava plays innocent but is definitely hiding something – a flashback reveals that she was at Silas' apartment the night before. Morgan is surprised to hear that Kiki found Silas' body, and even more surprised to hear that Franco has been arrested for the murder. Jason tells Elizabeth that Hayden woke up but thinks they're married. Elizabeth quickly meets with Nikolas, who assures her that he'll handle things. She finally asks him what that means, and whether he was responsible for Hayden's condition in the first place. Sam accuses Hayden of running a con, which doesn't accomplish anything other than making her look a little crazy. She tells Patrick that she and Jason have been looking into Nikolas, which Patrick isn't happy to hear. Nina insists to Ric and Nathan that Franco is innocent.

I'm more convinced than ever that Morgan thinks Ava killed Silas (and probably vice versa). Note how surprised he was when Kiki said a male was arrested.

"Silas Sliced"? Not your best work, headline-writer.

If they want to redeem Elizabeth, they should have her realize that she's teamed up with someone she can't trust, and come clean about everything on her own.

I'm confused as to...well, Hayden's confusion. They're acting like she has amnesia, but she doesn't seem to have actually forgotten anything. She's just misremembering. People are acting like she doesn't know who she is, but that's not accurate.

August 7th, 2015

Obrecht thinks Franco is on to something in his suspicion of Ava, and she urges him to tell Nathan everything so they can get his help. Ava slips in to see Franco, who tells her he's on to her. She warns that if he says anything, she'll spill that Nina was at the apartment with Silas' body. Sonny tells Carly that Silas caught Morgan and Ava together, which leads Carly to worry that Morgan killed Silas. Nikolas confirms that he put out a hit on Hayden, making Elizabeth finally decide that they've crossed a line. He's sticking to that side of the line, planning to get rid of the threat for real. Ava and Morgan agree for, like, the tenth time that they can't see each other anymore. It's still not clear if Hayden's being honest. Patrick should hold off on being annoyed that Sam and Jason have secretly teamed up, since he's eventually going to have a lot more to be upset about. He urges Jason to tell Elizabeth what they've been up to, but I don't think that's going to happen. Nathan wants to believe Nina's claims that Franco didn't kill Silas, but he can't without any evidence.

Nina and/or Franco should tell Nathan what's really going on. ...Crap, I agree with Obrecht on something.

Why doesn't Franco think Nina was Silas' motive for wanting to out Ava? I thought he knew about that part of it.

Franco: "We need to hire a private investigator." (Cut to Sam) Me: "As if!"

When your own mother thinks you're capable of murder, you might want to change some things in your life.

Elizabeth admitted that she's a horrible person! She's starting to crack!

Arrested: Franco Baldwin
Dead: Silas Clay

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): N/A
Funniest moment (unintentional): Obrecht's "you're joking, right?" face when Franco said Ava killed Silas
Saddest moment: Kiki's reaction to Silas' death
Sweetest/cutest moment: Reigning champ Avery Corinthos
Least believable moment: N/A
Best instance of continuity: Maarkam Islands
Worst instance of continuity: Dear Laura, Monica had more than two children
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: N/A
Smartest character: Franco, for his doctor/patient confidentiality trick, though...
Dumbest character: Franco, who, as a serial killer, should be better at covering his tracks at a crime scene

The week in a nutshell:

August 10th, 2015

Carly imagines Morgan killing Silas. Franco imagines Ava killing Silas. Ava imagines Nina killing Silas. Franco imagines Ava covering up her presence at the crime scene and taking a picture for blackmail purposes. Carly and Sonny ask Morgan what happened so they can cover it up, and though Morgan is offended that they believe he's capable of murder, Carly notes that he doesn't deny it. Ava orders Franco again to get the recording from Scott or she'll release the picture of Nina next to Silas' body. When Nathan asks what information Franco claims to have, Franco keeps quiet. Scott urges Jordan to release Franco, saying there's not enough evidence to keep him locked up. Lomax gets involved, threatening to ruin Scott if he doesn't let them prosecute Franco. Hayden knows who Nikolas is but still says she doesn't remember him. He pretends they had an on-and-off relationship and asks her to move in with him. Jason tells Elizabeth about his secret mission with Sam and Michael, then proposes. Nathan tells Nina that Franco thinks someone killed Silas to keep him from spilling a secret. Nina briefly wonders if Franco's talking about her. Sam comforts Kiki, inadvertently making her start to doubt that Franco killed Silas.

Ohhh, so that's why they moved Silas' kitchen to the living room. They need to have the knives close by.

In case you were wondering/had forgotten what Sonny Corinthos is all about, he doesn't want Morgan to come clean because honesty is the best policy or so they can do the right thing. It's so he can cover it up.

Mark the date – Lomax did the right thing.

I need to give a big gold star to Vinessa Antoine for her "this is awesome" face during Scott and Lomax's fight.

Jason, you can't marry someone you have no chemistry with. That's the law.

August 11th, 2015

Elizabeth dodges Jason's proposal by jetting to the chapel and asking God for a sign as to how she's supposed to answer. Her response comes in the form of Sam, who encourages her to do what will make her happy. And that's how Sam helped her husband get engaged to another woman. Dillon's screenplay makes Lulu decide she can completely forgive Dante, since at least he didn't cheat on her as extensively as the screenplay's protagonist does. Then they have sex in the same bed where Dante cheated on her. Paul reads Dillon's screenplay and offers him a $500,000 investment. Dillon's mad at first that Paul violated his privacy, but Paul wants to bond because they were both cheated on. He also wants to give his son some relationship advice, encouraging him to be with a woman who makes him really happy. Dillon considers calling Lulu but instead calls Valerie. Jordan, however, isn't sure Valerie's making a good move by going out with Dillon, since he's so connected to the affair. Hayden is smartly skeptical about Nikolas' motives but agrees to move in with him, as long as he doesn't pressure her into having sex. Patrick gives Jason an Elizabeth-related pep talk, so I guess he doesn't hate him anymore?

Are we supposed to believe that Elizabeth would have told Sam everything if Sam had just shut up?

You're not the first person to propose in that hospital, Jason. Sometime you should ask Patrick how he and Robin got engaged. (Well, that's probably not the best way to get that story. Ask Epiphany instead.)

Someone on Tumblr had some interesting speculation about why Paul is really back, and if it's accurate...well, let's just say Dillon is probably unknowingly laundering money.

Excuse me? Did Nikolas call Hayden a slut? AT LEAST SHE DIDN'T TRY TO KILL ANYONE.

August 12th, 2015

Silas is haunting Ava, promising to keep bugging her so she'll always remember how she betrayed Kiki. Also, she was at the apartment when he was killed. Franco gets in touch with Nina to let her know that he had to keep his mouth shut about Ava possibly killing Silas. Nina's relieved that Franco wasn't going to throw her under the bus. Franco sends Obrecht to get the recording from Scott's office, but it's not Scott's office anymore – he resigned to be Franco's attorney. Ric was installed in his place and is ready to prosecute Franco fully. Nina decides it's time to pay Ava a visit. Sonny sends Julian a New York paper reporting the Russian's death, then gives Jordan information about the former Jerome minions who hijacked his shipment. Jordan resists taking a tip from a mobster but ultimately follows up with Julian. Kiki is now sure that Franco's innocent, since he didn't have a motive to kill Silas. Jordan is still determined to get T.J. out of Sonny's house, and T.J. is still determined to do whatever he wants. The conversation turns into a faceoff between Carly and Jordan, with Carly saying that Jordan is awful because she abandoned T.J. to go undercover with the Jeromes.

Can Angry Ghost Silas stay? Can we trade Morgan for him?

Someone give an Emmy to the woman playing Nina's fellow patient, who didn't blink once on camera.

Yay, a Nina/Ava throw-down! In which the woman currently being treated at Shadybrook is the one who's more mentally stable.

Only in Carly's world is leaving your child to fight crime worse than running the mob.

August 13th, 2015

Nina almost takes Ava down by deleting the photo of her at Silas' apartment, but Ava puts them at an impasse by educating her about the cloud. Scott tells Franco that his assistant told Ric about Franco and Silas' fight the night Silas was killed. He thinks Franco's trying to protect Nina, and warns him not to confess to a crime he didn't commit. Julian sticks to his story that he's out of the mob and hasn't had contact with the suspected hijackers. Jordan's hopes of connecting all the players are dashed when Dante and Nathan find one of them bleeding and can't question him before he dies. Jordan asks Alexis if Sonny's the type to call attention to people and then kill them. Alexis tells her that Sonny only resorts to violence as a last resort, and even then, he's good at covering his tracks. Jordan wonders if he's better at that than Julian is. Dillon wants to shoot his movie on the Haunted Star. Maxie apologizes to Valerie, who again promises that she doesn't want to be with Dante. Maxie's skeptical when she observes Valerie's reaction to seeing Dante covered in blood. Sonny and Carly get the filler scenes.

The Ava/Nina stuff was disappointing. Nina won that round, though.

I'm interested to see how Dillon makes a movie on only $500,000.

If they're going to play musical partners with Lulu, Dante, Valerie, and Dillon, can they just do it already?

Did Franco sign the table in the interrogation room? That was weird.

August 14th, 2015

Rosalie hits on Lucas, who's trying to avoid Brad. Brad wants to explain everything, starting with the fact that he's married to a woman, and not someone he loves. Oh, and the woman? Is Rosalie. Speaking of whom, Nikolas brings her in to help move Hayden back to Wyndemere. It looks like Hayden really is having memory problems, as she's confused to remember breaking something at the house. Jason tells Carly about his engagement, which she thinks happened too fast. She's much more excited that he considers her his best friend. Sonny still doesn't like that Carly and Jason are friends, and he warns her to be careful. Jason gives Elizabeth a ring, so all her dreams are totally coming true! Danny and Jake meet, easily bonding over their shared love of vehicles. Sam claims to be happy to hear about Jason and Elizabeth's engagement, but it may be an act. Dante's fine with Lulu and Dillon working together, since he works with Valerie. Valerie decides to move out of Wyndemere so she doesn't have to be around Hayden. We get a brief reminder that Nathan knows more about Dante's affair than Maxie does. Olivia makes a surprise return to town.

OF COURSE Brad's married to Rosalie. It would have to be either her or someone we don't know. There aren't really any other choices. Can you imagine Rosalie and Brad teaming up, though? Yikes.

Lucas, please tell your fiancé that his wife hit on you.

Jason used ELQ money to buy Elizabeth's ring. I don't know why that makes me giggle.

Valerie to Dillon, re: Dante and Lulu: "We all know each other." Me: "Some of us Biblically."

Dillon, don't tell Nikolas he'll get stabbed in the back when someone in town died that way just a few days ago.

Did Patrick call Lucas "Jonesy"? Between that and "Sammy," Patrick is really bad at nicknames.

Back in town: Olivia Falconeri
Engaged (but not legally): Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): N/A
Funniest moment (unintentional): Jake obliviously interrupting when Jason was trying to give Elizabeth the ring
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Jason's grin when he asked Carly's opinion on the ring
Least believable moment: Lomax made Ric, a former mob attorney, acting DA (I know Lomax's sense of right and wrong is cloudy, but she would know this move wouldn't be popular with the public)
Best instance of continuity: Dillon's not the first ex Lulu's worked with
Worst instance of continuity: Franco isn't Scott's first-born (Karen would have to be, since Scott was in high school when she was born)
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Elizabeth
Smartest character: Nina? A little?
Previously unanswered question now answered: Brad is married to Rosalie.

The week in a nutshell:

August 17th, 2015

Brad and Rosalie's story starts to come out: They were friends in college and got married because Brad needed a beard. Lucas notes that this doesn't explain why they stayed married, what Rosalie got out of the arrangement, or why Brad never mentioned the marriage. Brad eventually admits that they have to stay married so they can't be forced to testify against each other. Dante tells Olivia that Julian claims to be out of the mob, but no one's 100 percent sure. (By the way, the baby's name is Leonardo, AKA Leo.) Even Alexis isn't completely sold, noting to her boyfriend that she'd be an idiot to believe the same story he's told before. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Sam, Jason, and Michael are digging up dirt on him, so now people can finally stop pretending that that was a secret. Elizabeth confesses to Jason that she blabbed, but Jason's more interested in the possibility that Nikolas told her who he is. Hayden tells Nikolas that she remembers smashing a vase during a fight with him and a woman she doesn't remember. Nikolas hedges for a while, then says that she threw a fit because she was jealous of Elizabeth. He tells her he and Hayden had feelings for each other, but he's going to be a prince and keep his hands to himself. Julian mourns the baby, because they have to remind us that he's Leo's father now that that story's coming back into play. Jordan bugs Sonny about the hijacking again, then about T.J. again, and nothing gets accomplished AGAIN.

Very nice twists in the Brad/Rosalie story. It's completely different from what I expected. And I'm guessing whatever they're covering up is the same secret Nina and Nikolas have been holding over Rosalie.

Brad's "we lost track of each other" excuse for losing touch with Rosalie is like Robin telling Ted on How I Met Your Mother that her "husband" moved to Japan, so she didn't get a divorce because she "figured that was good enough."

Aw, Leo Falconeri. That's cute.

Ohhhh, I want Olivia to meet "Denise" soooooo badly...

August 18th, 2015

Olivia starts to tell Julian that Leo's alive, but before she can, Dante and Nathan arrive to arrest him. Nathan nabbed the second hijacker, and he named Julian as his boss. Brad and Rosalie refuse to tell Lucas the crime they're covering up, in case he becomes a target. Lucas is willing to overlook that and patch things up with Brad, as long as Brad lets him help get them out from under the crime. Lulu is more excited about a Dillon/Valerie pairing than Dillon and Valerie are themselves. Sonny uses his own regrets about his relationship with his mother to get T.J. to extend an olive branch to Jordan. Maxie and Valerie bond over Carly's jewelry and losing loved ones. Sonny and Carly manage to squeeze a wedding into their schedule for September 2nd.

Lucas, if you want answers, ask Nina. (Also, Rosalie should probably warn Brad that Nina and Nikolas know their secret.)

How does Lucas plan to help Brad without knowing the secret? I don't think Brad thought this through.

Did Jordan say Max was in lockup? WHY? Why hasn't Diane gotten on that?

Doesn't Jordan live in a studio apartment? Where would T.J. sleep if he did move in with her?

JORDAN DID NOT SEND SHAWN TO PRISON. HE TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE. Also, he pled guilty, so technically he sent himself to prison. Either way, SHUT UP, T.J.

Lulu, hush. You're saying the same things to Dillon that people said to you when you were younger and said you didn't want kids.

I liked the Maxie/Valerie scenes. Too bad that friendship will fall apart the second it comes out that Valerie and Dante slept together.

August 19th, 2015

Franco's trial begins, and Scott easily gets the better of Ric. He's even able to get Kiki to testify that she doesn't think Franco killed Silas. Obrecht threatens to out Ava so Franco can be cleared, but Ava threatens her back with the picture of Nina. Julian wonders why they're talking at all, and instead of keeping up yet another lie, Ava decides to reveal who she is. Carly wonders if Morgan has bipolar disorder. Nina wants to help Franco in court, which he of course isn't on board with. He's also not happy to hear that she confronted Ava. Olivia thinks her best option is to rejoin Leo out of town, since she still doesn't know where Julian stands. Sonny's annoyed when Ric is unable to prevent Julian from getting released on bail.

I would think Scott could at least stall the trial by saying that Franco's relationship with Nina makes Ric biased against him. And if he were more observant, he would have noticed that Franco asked Nina if she confronted Ava, not Denise. But it doesn't really matter, since it's all going to come out in the wash.

Julian: "You're not going to fool me." Me: "She's been fooling you for months, but okay."

Yeah, I don't think Morgan has bipolar. I think he's just a jerk.

Can we trade Morgan for Heidi?

August 20th, 2015

Morgan testifies that Franco threatened to kill him with the same knife used to kill Silas. This gets Kiki back on the Franco Probably Killed Silas train. Scott hopes to turn things around by calling "Denise" to the stand. Ava tries to tempt Julian to team up with her to take over Port Charles. All he has to do is destroy the recording. Madeline asks Nina to sign over her financial powers to Madeline and Ric; otherwise she might have to be transferred to a less expensive place like Ferncliff, where Heather is. Nina stalls by pointing out that her mother always warned her to read legal documents carefully. Molly objects to T.J.'s decision to stay at Sonny's house instead of moving into a dorm. Sonny overhears her saying that everyone he loves gets hurt. Carly asks Michael to keep an eye out for any weird behavior from Morgan. Michael tells her that he saw Morgan acting weird the night Silas was killed.

There has to be a way for Franco to take advantage of Morgan being called as a witness. He just needs to tell Scott that Morgan had motive to kill Silas.

Interesting that Ava "It's in the Cloud" Jerome doesn't suspect that Scott might have a copy of the recording there.

I assume that Alexis doesn't see all of Molly's clothes, because there's no way she would approve of the bikini she wore today.

In partial answer to your question, Sonny: Yes, you are to blame for Michael's life falling apart.

August 21st, 2015

Ava tries to use her picture of Nina to keep herself off the stand, but there's nothing Franco can do. Scott brings up her visit from Silas the day he died, and Ava lies that she never talked to him. But she's speechless when Scott announces that he has DNA tests showing that "Denise" is really Ava. Olivia asks Sonny if he's really, truly sure that Julian's back in the mob game. The two of them also commiserate over the fact that Ava will never have to pay for killing Connie. Nina tells Nathan that Silas kidnapped Avery, but she refuses to tell him how she knows. Nathan also shares his theory that Madeline and Ric are after Nina's money, which she seems to have figured out on her own. Sabrina asks Michael if he thinks he'll ever be able to forgive Sonny. She thinks that because of his bipolar disorder, he might not have been in full control of his actions the night he killed A.J. The two of them talk about Morgan, and Sabrina encourages Michael to talk to him about his possible mental health issues. Carly and Madeline bond over having children with mental illnesses (or possible mental illnesses). Alexis remains sure that Julian's being completely honest with her, even while he keeps "Denise"'s identity from her.

I think Scott is bluffing. Unless Ava accidentally left blood at the scene of Silas' murder and it turned up in a crime-scene investigation, there's no way Scott could have gotten access to her blood to test her DNA. But I think he's figured it out and is trying to get her to spill the truth on her own.

How great a day are the jurors having? They started out at a murder trial and it's turning into a fiasco.

Sabrina, don't take this personally, but we've had enough retconning on this show. Please don't offer up any more. You suggesting that that Sonny's bipolar prevented him from using good judgment when he killed A.J. is like the idea that Luke isn't responsible for anything he's done in the past 50 years because of Dark Luke.

Someone please keep Carly and Madeline FAR AWAY from each other.

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Franco telling Ric to object to Scott
Funniest moment (unintentional): N/A
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Rocco being a little cutie, with the counting and the elephant-identifying
Least believable moment: No way could Franco's trial be starting already
Best instance of continuity: Ned was a bigamist
Worst instance of continuity: Olivia seemed to be talking to Sonny like he knows that Leo's alive (saying he's "safe"), but he clearly doesn't know that
Hero of the week: Amazingly, I'm going to go with Scott
Most annoying character: N/A
Smartest character: Nina
Dumbest character: Sorry, Alexis, but it's you this week
Unanswered question of the week: What crime are Brad and Rosalie covering up?

The week in a nutshell:

August 24th, 2015

Scott won't disclose the source of his DNA evidence, which turns out to be Obrecht – she took a glass Ava drank out of when she visited Julian's place. Scott uses Kiki and Avery to rile "Denise" up and get her to admit that she's Ava. When Scott tries to pin Silas' murder on her, Ava pulls out her photo of Nina, forcing Ric to realize that he might have to arrest his own wife. As Ava's rearrested for Connie's murder, Scott argues that Franco should be released. But Franco, still intent on protecting Nina, announces that he killed Silas. Sonny offers to get rid of the hijacker who turned on Julian if Julian will basically bow down to him. Julian accuses Sonny of setting him up, which Sonny points out is ridiculous, because he wouldn't go so far as to shoot one of his own men. Julian continues to swear that he's out of the business, warning that Sonny's too distracted to keep an eye out for his real enemy. Sonny has his own warning: Sooner or later, Alexis will catch on to Julian's lies. Alexis says for, like, the tenth time that she believes Julian, seemingly convincing Sam as well. Patrick has the same concerns Sonny does about Jason, and whether Elizabeth is safe with him. Elizabeth asks when he and Sam are going to get married, like she doesn't know it wouldn't be legal. Patrick confides that he's not sure Sam is 100 percent over Jason. Maxie and Nathan kill time until he's called on to bring Nina in for questioning.

Today we learned that Obrecht is a better lawyer than Scott is.

Back off the scenery, Maura West. (Like mother, like daughter, huh?)

It's a testament to Nathan's morals that Ric trusted him to bring Nina in for questioning rather than help her flee.

Alexis: "I really envy your relationship with Jason." Me: "Cut her off, Sam, she's drunk."

August 25th, 2015

Sonny fills Carly in on the courtroom revelations, noting that now he'll be able to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Carly realizes that Morgan has fallen back into Ava's web rather than bedding her sister. Morgan is aware enough to realize that he really, really screwed up. Scott isn't able to get Franco off the hook, and Franco isn't able to convince the judge that he killed Silas, so he's sent back to lockup. Ava and Nina accuse each other of murder for a while, so here's hoping they end up next to each other in lockup. In the meantime, Nina gets to reunite with Franco. Kiki asks Ava straight out if she killed Silas, which Ava denies. Morgan somehow thinks that Ava lying to him is worse than Ava lying to Kiki. Dillon jokes to Lulu that Valerie's pregnant, which is NOT FUNNY. She helps him by reading a scene with him, and though he claims it's not about her, it sure sounds like it is. Tracy thinks Paul wants her back, but he tells her he just wants them to stay connected because of Dillon. Valerie, please stop touching Dante.

It says a lot about Ava that Carly and Sonny automatically assumed that taking Avery's bone marrow was her idea.

This judge is awful. Ric staying on as prosecutor is ridiculous, and Scott even explained why. And yet she's still not the worst judge to appear on this show.

I don't want Morgan to have bipolar disorder if it means they're going to use it to write off the crap he's pulled. Let's not use mental illness as a scapegoat for bad behavior.

"The only direction that Tracy Angelica Quartermaine leans is in." Never change, Tracy.

Fingers crossed that the "Valerie's pregnant" fake-out is the only time the possibility ever comes up.

August 26th, 2015

Sonny taunts Ava for being locked back up on the second anniversary of Connie's murder, and for losing her daughter to Carly. Ava taunts back that she'll always have her hooks in Morgan. Julian admits to Alexis that he found out "Denise" was Ava, claiming he didn't say anything because he didn't want Alexis to get in trouble if he was busted for harboring a fugitive. Really, though, it's because he's still tempted to destroy the recording and free her. Dante and Nathan decide to actually do their jobs and figure out who the real killer is. They look over the list of guests in Julian's building the day Silas was murdered and see that Morgan was there, possibly to see Ava. Another look makes Nathan think he's cracked the case. Even though they're behind bars, Franco and Nina are happy to be back together. Nina thinks that Franco cured her craziness, but he points out that Ric and Madeline were probably gaslighting her. Nina's sure that Nathan will be able to clear her name. Madeline may be okay with Nina going to a psych facility, but she puts her foot down at Ric sending her to prison. Ric agrees to get the financial papers from Nathan and talk Nina into signing them, possibly in exchange for a lighter sentence. Morgan thinks Ava killed Silas, even as Kiki says that she believes Ava's innocent. But Kiki's snowed by Morgan's claims that he wants to build a life with her, so it's not like she currently has faith in the right people.

Can't Ava take her wig off now? I'm tired of looking at it.

If we draw parallels between Michael and Avery, then in 20 years or so, Carly's going to kill Ava, and Avery's going to change her last name to Jerome.

Here's hoping the Donna Martin who signed in to Julian's building was the one from Beverly Hills 90210.

I really like the idea of Madeline's plans being ruined by her sort-of son.

You'd think with all the time she's spent with Corinthos men, Kiki wouldn't be so surprised to see Morgan breaking a glass.

August 27th, 2015

Carly worries that Ava will try to get her claws back into Morgan, which is exactly what she's up to. She's also more convinced than ever that he has bipolar disorder. Sonny's distressed at the thought of his son going through what he's had to go through. Morgan manages to resist Ava, getting her to promise to keep quiet about their affair. Unfortunately for him, Franco's spent the day telling Kiki all the secrets that have been kept from her for the past few months, and he's about to tell her who else Morgan's been sleeping with. Ric attempts to get the financial papers from Nathan, who's like, "Yeah, that's not going to happen. But can I interest you in an arrest? Surprise – we think you killed Silas!" Dillon starts to ask Maxie for help with his movie, but first they have to have a fight about how he treated Georgie. Maxie eventually agrees to help Dillon find someone to get him costumes. Jordan unknowingly keeps Julian from getting the recording.

Yes, Sonny. Ava "made" Morgan betray Kiki. He was in no way responsible for his actions.

Nice threat, Julian. There's not much in Ric's reputation that hasn't already been ruined. And it's about to take another knock.

It's fun to see Ric so distraught to not be in control of a situation. I don't think he killed Silas, though. My guess is that Madeline's framing him.

Maxie, Dillon, and I remember Georgie's funeral very differently. I was 100% he was there even before I looked it up to confirm it (see the 20th and 21st).

It can't be a coincidence that Maxie's friend Reeves has the same last name as her boyfriend's family, right?

August 28th, 2015

Franco tells Kiki about Ava and Morgan sneaking around, leaving her feeling like she has no one left to turn to. Nathan, Dante, and Jordan formulate some kind of plan, letting Ric go to confront Madeline about something she got Silas to sign. Sonny and Carly have a disastrous conversation with Morgan about the possibility of him having bipolar disorder. Nina takes it upon herself to try to convince a judge that Franco's innocent. Not only does that not work (shocker!), she also doesn't get bail, so she and Franco will remain in lockup. Ava's an emotional teenager now that the captain of the football team doesn't want to take her to prom and her brother couldn't destroy evidence to get her out of jail. Dillon and Maxie think Lulu should be the lead in his movie, despite her lack of experience or interest in acting.

Nice parallel between Kiki telling Franco that Carly was cheating on him and Franco telling Kiki that Morgan was cheating on her.

I'm confused. What did Madeline get Silas to sign? This development would be much more effective if we knew what the heck was going on. And also if I hadn't been saying for weeks that Madeline is probably the killer.

Okay, now I see how Morgan could have bipolar. I wish they'd started showing us this before, though.

I'm already sick of this movie plotline.

Arrested: Ava Jerome, Nina Lansing, Ric Lansing

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Franco: "If we weren't locked up for murder, we could totally go kill him"; Kiki: "Where's your homicidal girlfriend?" Franco: "If you're referring to Nina--." Kiki: "You have more than one homicidal girlfriend?"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Julian: "Morgan? Again?" Sing it, Julian
Saddest moment: Kiki feeling alone
Sweetest/cutest moment: I hate myself for this, but Nina and Franco are kind of cute
Least believable moment: Dillon's willing to cast a lead with no experience
Best instance of continuity: Morgan told Sonny where Ava was so he could kill her
Worst instance of continuity: Dillon did come back for Georgie's funeral
Hero of the week: Nathan, assuming whatever his plan is works
Most annoying character: Dillon
Smartest characters: Obrecht, Scott
Dumbest character: Madeline

The week in a nutshell:

August 31st, 2015

Through flashbacks, we learn that Madeline went to Silas to get him to sign a quitclaim giving up Nina's money (he signed it before but it was tossed because Nina wasn't dead). Silas refused, so Madeline killed him and forged his signature. Other flashbacks reveal that Nathan figured this out by comparing the forged signature to the same forged signature on the prescription for the medication that put Nina in a coma. By promising to help her cover up her crime, Ric gets Madeline to confess. Too bad for her that he's wearing a wire. Hope they kept your jail cell warm, Madeline! Sonny and Carly worry that Kiki will find out Morgan cheated and dump him, leading him to break down. That's half of what happens, as Kiki confronts Morgan for cheating, then kicks him out when he begs for another chance. Maxie nails her audition for Dillon's movie and wins the role. Lulu is...jealous? T.J. tells Sonny that Ric may have been arrested, so Sonny goes to the PCPD to bug Jordan. Jordan casually tells him that, actually, Ric is helping with a sting, so Sonny wasted a trip.

Give it up for Nathan West, genius detective! Though shouldn't he be a little more distressed about busting his sort-of mother for murder? Maybe he's just as eager to end this storyline as I am to see it go away.

If only Silas had written "M.R." in his blood – we would have been spared this whole murder "mystery."

Oh, Madeline, no! Never believe Ric, especially when he says he wants to help you!

I enjoy it when Jordan is a step ahead of Sonny.

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