General Hospital blog - August, 2018

August 1st, 2018

Nelle blames Michael for the baby's death, and though he blames her at first, later he tells Sonny that it's his fault. Brad tells Nelle that he's not sure he can keep up the charade, but she warns that he'll get arrested if he tells Lucas the truth, not to mention his husband will leave him. Ava also comes by, partly to give her condolences and partly to find out if Nelle plans to rat her out to the police. Nelle says she'll keep quiet about the blanket because if she says anything about it, she'll have to admit that she lied about Carly pushing her. Jason brings Josslyn to see Carly, who tells her about Michael and Chase's plan, and all of Nelle's schemes. Josslyn feels horrible for believing Nelle over Carly, and for encouraging Michael to get back together with her. Carly doesn't hold any resentment toward her, and the two are back on good terms. Sam hopes to find a way to protect Carly and keep Jason from having to run off to Canada. Chase confides to Lulu that he feels responsible for the baby's death. Sam meets "Wiley," then notices that Brad's acting a little weird. Kiki reiterates to Griffin how important it is to keep Ava from finding out about their fling, since she'll want revenge on both of them.

I hope Jason busts this baby swap, too, then makes a town-wide announcement telling people to stop trying to pull them off.

Sam should go to Kevin, because he needs to help bring down Ferncliff.

Lucas re: Brad: "He's reminded me of why I fell in love with him." Now can you explain it to me?

Shouldn't Chase be out looking for Obrecht or doing paperwork or something else job-related instead of drinking?

August 2nd, 2018

Kim tells Michael and Nelle that the coroner couldn't determine why the baby (Jonah) died, but it had nothing to do with the crash. Nelle blames Michael again, but ten minutes later, she's begging for forgiveness and saying maybe she just needs help to deal with bad thoughts. Michael reveals more of his plan: The marriage certificate was signed with disappearing ink, so their marriage is invalid, and he already has a will that doesn't leave anything to Nelle (so if she'd killed him, she wouldn't have benefited anyway). He tells her he doesn't care about her or what happens to her, then goes to see his family. Nelle manages to flee the hospital, despite the presence of a cop outside her door, but she's not very good at hiding out, because she quickly runs into Josslyn. Sam and Curtis pose as authorities from some mental-health-facility governing body so they can get access to Carly's Ferncliff file. They're able to snag the consent form for her ECT, and Jason can tell that either it was forged or Carly signed it when she was too drugged to know what she was doing. Ava's about to burn the blanket when she runs into Griffin. They talk about consciences and attempts at being good people and blah blah, we get it, they're keeping secrets from each other. Ava feels bad about being nice to Nelle, since she did such horrible things. Griffin assures her that she's not as bad a person as Nelle, since she has a soul. Carly and Josslyn are saddened to hear about Jonah's "death," and Josslyn again beats herself up for letting herself be manipulated. Jason tells her that people will continue to try to scam her throughout her life, so she needs to trust herself and make her own decisions. Chase and Lulu have the filler scenes.

Jonah Corinthos just...doesn't sound right.

Nelle, it wouldn't matter if you'd gotten money from Michael. You can't spend it in prison.

Maybe Chase shouldn't be involved in Nelle's case anymore?

Ahhhhhh! They did use disappearing ink on the marriage certificate! That's awesome!

August 3rd, 2018

Nelle tries to convince Josslyn that Chase is the real bad guy here, but Josslyn isn't a naïve little bunny anymore. Shoves are given, punches are thrown, blood is drawn, and adult language is used, but at least Josslyn is able to keep Nelle from running off before Jordan tracks her down. Nelle tries to argue that she's not responsible for her actions because of her grief, then attempts to blame the PCPD for the baby's death, but Jordan ain't having it. While trying to find out of Nelle had help escaping, Jordan summons Brad to the station, which freaks him out. Of course, Michael's there when Brad and Lucas show up with Jonah. Peter's been cleared for release from the hospital and transfer to prison, but he thinks Robert will see that he's more useful as a free man. Jason was Patient 6, but Peter has information for the WSB on Patients 1 through 5. Robert injects Finn with a tracking chip (yes, Finn, like a dog) so he can track Finn after he lets himself get kidnapped. The abductors tell Finn they needs his medical skills to help a "very special patient." Chase regrets the way things went down, of course, but not as much as Michael regrets ever getting close to Nelle at all. Lulu tells Peter she's not sure she wants to be a journalist anymore, but she's written a final article about the whole saga, which Maxie and Nina approve of. Curtis tells Stella that he heard from Chandra, his ex, and doesn't think the timing is a coincidence. Stella easily admits to contacting her but adds that she changed her mind about meddling and told Chandra not to come visit. Curtis thinks this means Stella's finally coming around on Jordan and wants to be a part of the wedding. Stella isn't quite ready to go that far. Maxie and Nina are ready to move on post-Peter.

"You messed with the wrong family, b$%@#." Thank you, Josslyn "Molly Weasley" Jacks.

Nelle's actually lucky she's going to prison. That makes it harder for Carly to murder her for hurting Joss.

"He's horrendous in bed, by the way." ...Okay, heh. I can't believe Nelle made me laugh.

Jordan goes to Michael for info on Carly and Jason? Right now? Come on.

Let's place bets now: Who's the "very special patient"? (Uh, someone else start the betting. I have no idea.)

Oh, go make this about yourself somewhere else, Lulu.

How did Nina find out about Brad and Lucas getting Wiley before Maxie did? She has no connection to either of them.

August 6th, 2018

Nelle won't admit to lying about her fall, and she thinks her confessions in the car are inadmissible because she they were coerced. Jordan points out that she could only know the car was going to crash because she hired Chase to rig it. In New York, conspiracy to commit murder carries a life sentence, so Nelle's in a lot of trouble even without Florida and Maine weighing in on Zach's death. Carly really doesn't want to leave her kids right now, so she's hopeful that Jason's big plan will fix everything. She confirms that she didn't sign a consent form for ECT, and since it was signed before she was ever drugged, she couldn't have signed it without realizing it. As Jason meets with Margaux, Sonny tells Jordan about the form and tries to find out what might happen if Carly were to turn herself in. Meanwhile, Carly goes to see Nelle, hopefully while carrying some sort of recording device. Michael sweetly welcomes "Wiley" to the family, thinking the baby is his cousin. Brad is barely keeping it together, and Britt would smack him for how badly he's handling all this. Ava gets Julian to stash the blanket in a drawer in the Quartermaines' nursery, since she's apparently had an attack of conscience and wants to help Carly. (Wait, that can't be right.) Sam and Monica offer Michael comfort, having experienced what he's going through. While packing up the nursery, Michael and Sam find the blanket. Margaux wants to talk to Drew about his memories, but he'd rather talk about how Curtis wasn't authorized to play wingman, and Drew doesn't want her to get the wrong idea about any feelings he may or may not for her. She tells him to get over himself, so I'd say it's a safe bet that they'll end up together. Also, Drew made an anonymous donation to the hospital in Jonah's memory, but Monica guesses that he was the donor. Julian takes a bunch of pictures of the baby but hasn't yet figured out that they don't match the pictures he took the day before.

Does Jason wish he'd been there for Nelle and Josslyn's confrontation so he could stop it or so he could witness it? I'm guessing...both.

Brad is definitely different from the person he used to be. He sucks at scheming now.

Can't wait till Griffin finds out Ava took the blanket and she tries to argue that she wanted to protect him.

Margaux: "Didn't he use to be your father-in-law?" Drew: "Once or twice." Glad we're joking about it.

Julian completely ignoring Margaux probably wasn't supposed to be as funny as I found it, and yet...

Of all the people who could have made an anonymous donation in Jonah's memory, Monica's first guess was Drew? (The fact that she was right is irrelevant.)

August 7th, 2018

Carly gloats to Nelle that her family can never be brought down, pointing out that Nelle didn't achieve anything she set in motion. Nelle's like, "You're going to mock me while I'm grieving my son?" and Carly's like, "Hypocrite says what?" While Diane works behind the scenes to help Carly, Jason gets Margaux to agree to reconsider Carly's case. He has to turn himself in at the PCPD as part of the deal, and Carly does the same. Michael shows up with the blanket, and Nelle goes ballistic, helping the Corinthoses prove to Margaux that it's important to the case. Margaux first says she'll recommend that Carly go to Shadybrook, but Chase levels with her: They both got played by Nelle, and she needs to just admit it and fix things. Finally, she agrees to talk to the judge about having Carly's sentence vacated. Nelle is dragged off literally kicking and screaming, saying she hopes Carly burns in Hell. Carly thinks she's won, but of course, she has no idea that Nelle's getting the last laugh by knowing that Jonah's alive and out of Michael's reach. Griffin finally tells Ava he loves her, then decides he needs to tell her he cheated. He tells Kiki he's going to come clean without mentioning her name, but Kiki warns that Ava will make him an enemy, and he'll come to regret the decision. Alexis asks Kiki again if there's anything she needs to know before the trial (specifically about Griffin), and Kiki again says no. Scott urges David to settle instead of going to trial, but David refuses. Scott lets Ava know, trying to warn her without straight-out warning her that some things might come out on the stand that she won't want to hear. Sonny assures Chase that he won't be getting revenge for the baby's death, since there's no way anyone could have predicted that it would happen (plus, Chase's feelings of guilt are punishment enough). Alexis wonders if Sam helped Jason break Carly out of Ferncliff. Sam will not be answering any questions at this time. Then they talk about Kristina, to remind that audience that she exists before she returns.

How did no one hear Carly and Nelle yelling and tossing around chairs in the interrogation room?

I love Carly's argument that, yeah, she did horrible stuff, but at least she accomplished her goals.

Chase! You hero, you! Michael should make him Jonah's godfather.

Jason's "say WHAT?" face when Margaux said she'd talk to the judge cracked me up.

If Griffin didn't realize until he was with Ava that doing something bad doesn't make you a bad person, he didn't pay enough attention in seminary.

Knowing the Griffin/Kiki fling will inevitably come out and harm Kiki makes watching this plot like watching a slow-motion car crash.

August 8th, 2018

Finn refuses to do anything for the "very special patient" until he knows Anna's okay. Their captors have been taking very good care of her, though she pretends she's sick so they underestimate her (and don't find the scalpel she's pocketed). Finn tells her that Robert's on the way to rescue them, but Anna doesn't want to be rescued – she's piecing together the captors' plan and wants to stick around until she knows what it is. She cuts out Finn's tracking chip and smashes it, to Robert's dismay. For no apparent reason, Robert isn't taking Peter to prison, though he reserves the right to reinstate the charges against him at any time. Margaux offers Peter freedom in exchange for the flash drive, trying to make a case that he could be guilty of identity fraud for taking Drew's memories. Of course, Peter doesn't have the flash drive, and of course, Margaux knows that, so the deal could never be struck. Drew listens in, then tells Margaux he doesn't want to press charges against Peter and is ready to move on with his life. So Peter's free, but the only thing he has to his name is Faison's lighter, since the WSB has seized everything else. Also, he's staying in Port Charles, but no one actually likes him, so that seems like a bad idea. I know it's surprising, but Kiki's nervous about the trial. She's very grateful for Ava's support, but not grateful enough to confess any betrayals she may have committed. Scott asks Franco what he would hypothetically do if he knew that his hypothetical friend's hypothetical daughter had hooked up with her hypothetical doctor/ex-priest boyfriend. Franco first suggests that Scott not put Griffin on the stand, but Scott knows David would never let him get away with that. Franco then volunteers to tell Alexis about the fling so she's not blindsided. Maxie continues being a good wingwoman for Nina when it comes to keeping Valentin at a distance. Julian manages to find a way to make Kiki's trial about him and Alexis. Elizabeth wants to take Cam and Oscar to the trial, but Franco objects. I don't know why he gets a vote, since Elizabeth and Kim – the boys' actual parents – are fine with it, but whatever.

Margaux and I finally agree on something – it's completely ridiculous that Robert is letting Peter go.

Kiki dressing conservatively for court means she's surrendering? Hush, Ava.

LOL at Julian going to court to support Kiki. How many times in her life has he spoken to her? It can't be more than five, and I'm counting their seven-second exchange today.

When Maxie told Valentin that Nina loves children, I imagined him plotting to adopt every orphan in the world to try to win her affection.

August 9th, 2018

The trial begins before Franco can tell Alexis about Griffin and Kiki's fling, but for most of the proceedings, it's not relevant to the case. Kiki's testimony is moving, and Scott chooses not to cross-examine her, telling David that they don't want the jury to become more sympathetic toward her. He tries to stay laid back, but when David threatens to fire him and reveal the picture of Kiki and Griffin hugging, Scott has to start playing hardball. During a brief recess, Franco is still unable to talk to Alexis, but he does let Griffin know that he's aware of the fling. Alexis dismisses the picture as nothing important to the case, then calls Griffin to the stand. Scott texts Franco with an order to warn Alexis ASAP. Franco tries but accidentally sends a text to Ava telling her that Kiki and Griffin slept together. Carly gets, like, half an hour to relax before she's tossed right back into family drama. Mike is feeling less and less like himself, and Stella encourages Sonny and Carly to talk to him about going to a care facility while he's still able to help make decisions. Jordan sees that Chandra left a message on Curtis' phone and questions why they're suddenly back in touch. She easily figures out that Stella was involved and confronts her, but Stella repeats what she said to Curtis – though she contacted Chandra, she also told her that Curtis is getting married, so she's not technically trying to interfere.

Well, I definitely didn't have money on Franco screwing everything up!

Alexis' case was surprisingly weak, but if I were on the jury, I would have believed Kiki's testimony. Her emotions felt genuine. I wish she'd mentioned how David cornered her at the ball, though. Maybe Griffin will bring it up.

Hey, Scott? Don't ever interrupt Epiphany again, unless you want to lose a limb.

Someone on Twitter made the great observation that Carly basically saw her night in lockup with Jason as a slumber party.

I cannot and will not do another storyline about Jordan's jealousy. I refuse.

August 10th, 2018

Franco scrambles to take back his missent text, but it's too late. He gets kicked out of the courtroom, so he pulls the fire alarm to delay Griffin's questioning. That's only a temporary fix, and since Ava knows the truth, the damage is done. Griffin manages to skirt having to admit that he and Kiki slept together, and Scott thinks he's about to get him off the stand without anything coming out. Then Ava decides it's time for a scorched-earth strategy and pretty much forces him to ask Griffin straight out if he and Kiki have ever had sex. Chase asks Jason if he wants justice for everything Peter did, and wonders why he doesn't seem upset that the WSB let him go. Jason: (Stone Cold face). Chase apologizes for the events leading to the baby's death, but Jason doesn't blame him. Margaux then spends a half hour going over Jason's past crimes with him, as if she thinks he'll just come right out and admit to something. Jason: (Stone Cold face for half an hour). Ultimately, with no surveillance footage from Ferncliff and no witnesses who weren't involved in an unauthorized medical procedure and who therefore can't be trusted, Margaux decides to drop the charges against Jason. She warns that she'll get him for something sooner or later, then asks how he and Drew can be so different. Jason sees this as a significant comment and passes it along to Drew. Kevin thinks Carly should continue therapy with him, but Carly wants to forget all about her time at Ferncliff. She mentions that when she was drugged, she hallucinated walking by the mystery patient but thought he was Kevin. Kevin tries to pretend this isn't strange, then goes to see the mystery patient...who looks just like him. I can't say for sure who's who, but I think it's safe to say that Ryan Chamberlain is back. Cam is a little thief now, and when Josslyn calls him on it, he points out that she's also shoplifted. She admits that she's done it a little but has stopped. It's too late for Cam, though, since surveillance footage from the store where he shoplifted has made it to the PCPD, and Chase has enough to bring him in for questioning. Elizabeth is already at the police station with Franco, who faces a fine and possible jail time for pulling the fire alarm, plus more trouble if he gets busted for obstruction of justice for his part in Ava's scheme with Scott. Carly echoes Stella's recommendation that Sonny talk to Mike about a care facility while he's still able to grasp his situation. Sonny tests the waters, but when Mike gets annoyed, he quickly backs off. Oscar worries that he's being too clingy with Josslyn. Drew thinks he's doing everything right and shouldn't take it personally if Josslyn wants to isolate herself a little in the midst of various family crises. Unless I'm imagining things, Oscar can sense that Margaux likes Drew, and he's not happy about it.

Franco attempting to undo his mistake with "JK" cracked me up.

Emme Rylan and William DeVry have the fun jobs right now – a tiny amount of lines to learn and a front-row seat to drama.

I should have made an official guess weeks ago that the mystery Ferncliff patient is Ryan. It was hard to see his face when Carly saw him while she was drugged, and I thought they'd just used Kevin for the scene to drive home how muddled her thoughts were, but I did have some suspicions. Of course, the question is: Is Ryan the patient, or is that the real Kevin?

Aw, Cam. He was always such a sweet kid. I'm going to blame Franco as a bad influence.

August 13th, 2018

Griffin opts to tell the truth on the stand and face Ava's wrath rather than perjure himself. Alexis works hard to spin the fling so it comes off as irrelevant to David's harassment. Scott puts David on the stand, where he pretends that Kiki indicated she was interested in him, so his behavior wasn't harassment. Alexis brings up the fact that he berated her for her performance, then gave her a stellar review. She also uses David's photo of Kiki and Griffin hugging to make David look vindictive, because why would he need ammo if he didn't anticipate a lawsuit? Ava slaps Griffin a couple times, then screams at him a bunch for his betrayal and his need to rescue damsels in distress. She accuses him of just getting together with her for sex, as a vacation from his morality. Griffin pleads for forgiveness, but Ava warns that revenge will be coming his way instead. Robert enlists Jason to help him pick up Anna and Finn's trail. They find the tracker Anna removed from Finn but think that their captors took it out to keep them hidden. Jason suggests that Finn, not Anna, was the abductors' target; they took Anna for bait and really want something from Finn. Robert isn't sure, believing that they'll use threats against Finn to keep Anna in line. Once Jason finds one of Anna's pills, Robert decides he's right – the captors want Anna alive so they can keep Finn in line while he does something medical. Anna and Finn are now in Canada, at some sort of medical facility. She's not happy that Robert got Finn involved in her abduction, like, worry about that later and focus on why you're there now. Their captors finally give them some information, confirming Robert's theory: They need Finn to wake the mystery patient from a coma. P.S. The patient is Cassandra. Oscar thinks Cameron's a bad influence, but an annoyed Josslyn tells him she's actually the bad influence, since she shoplifted before Cam did. She tells Oscar he shouldn't be jealous of their friendship, but she appreciates that Cam has gone through family drama and understands hers. They bicker a little but make up. Elizabeth comes down hard on Cam, who seems surprised that he's in trouble for stealing. He also plays the "you're not my father" card with Franco and the "you're ruining my life" card with Elizabeth, which just makes him look worse.

Way to wait until Griffin had admitted to the fling before you objected, Alexis.

On the plus side, if Kiki and Griffin ever want to hook up again, they're now free to do so.

Griffin's a better person than I am (well, in some ways) because I would have had a very hard time not throwing Ava's history with Morgan in her face.

David getting burned by his own insurance photo would be so poetic and satisfying.

I actually feel bad for Elizabeth and Scott, which means I also feel dirty.

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