General Hospital blog - August, 2019

August 1st, 2019

Alexis and Neil use their time in the elevator as a makeshift therapy session, but with him as the patient and her as the therapist. He tells her about Joanna, who died five years ago today when she killed herself after spending time in a cult. Every year on the anniversary of her death, Neil goes to a karaoke bar and sings a lullaby as a tribute. Alexis encourages him to sing right there, and when he declines, she leads him in a duet. The governess catches Hayden looking for Valentin's office and sends her back to the living room, where Jax has just told Finn that he and Hayden aren't together. When she's asked what she was doing wandering around, Hayden tells the truth, because she was the unlucky guest who received the truth serum. Jax thinks she's just drunk and keeps her from spilling anything important. In addition, Valentin interrupts before Hayden can embarrass herself too much declaring her continuing love for Finn or telling him any secrets she's been keeping. Nina thinks the whole evening was a bust, but Valentin notes that they now know that Hayden and Jax are looking for something in the house. Michael recognizes Cassandra from her time in Port Charles but doesn't know anything about her, including her real name. Cassandra arranges to have breakfast with Sasha the next morning, then calls someone to ask for extraction and reassignment, as well as a present. Laura tells Lulu that she'll support her if she decides to fight the divorce, but it would be better for her to accept it. Dante knows himself well, and if he thinks he's too far gone to go back to his life, he's probably right. Carly and Sonny deal with the power outage at the hotel, as well as Dev continuing to give in to his darker instincts. Sonny decides it's time to give Dev a new job, but it's on the coffee side of things, not the mob side, as Dev had hoped. Sasha likes how relaxed Michael is on the island because he's left all his responsibilities back in Port Charles.

I love the idea of a karaoke tribute.

Well, that was a waste of truth serum.

Laura, if you're up for it, I have a list of people you should counsel next.

Dev, remember what Jason said about thinking before you act? Yeah. Do that.

August 2nd, 2019

Sam and Willow put together that Shiloh and Tex sold oil to the enemies in Afghanistan, while Drew and Curtis start to get that conclusion themselves. Shiloh encounters the women and boasts that he'll be getting out of all the trouble he's in. Chase serves him with a restraining order that will keep him away from Willow, "Wiley," Brad, and Lucas, under threat of violating his parole. Willow makes arrangements to get her tattoo removed, wishing it were that easy to rid Shiloh from her life completely. Shiloh's big plan is to have Cabot transfer Drew's saved memories to Jason, then get Jason to tell him where his Afghani oil money is. Of course, this will mean capturing Jason and completing the procedure without Cabot's usual tools. As Finn encounters Cabot at the hospital and gets suspicious, Sam breaks into Shiloh's motel room and finds the flash drive. As soon as he catches her leaving, he realizes he has leverage – he can use Sam as bait to draw Jason to him. Cassandra drugs Sasha (though we haven't yet seen the drug's effects), takes a picture with her, and leaves Puerto Rico. Elizabeth tries for the umpteenth time to convince Jason that he needs to be okay with Franco for Jake's sake. Jason tells her for the umpteenth time that no matter how he's changed, everyone he's hurt is still feeling the aftereffects. Franco endears himself to Cameron by working out his parking arrangements for Oscar's car. When Jason asks Cam how he feels about his stepfather, Cam basically says he's not so bad. Finn and Hayden run into each other, and now that the truth serum is out of her system, she's no longer disclosing anything about her feelings for him. They agree, or at least pretend to agree, that things between them never would have worked out, and they hope to never see each other again. Kim is considering leaving town.

I'm so confused about Tex. I thought Drew told Shiloh that he died. Was he lying? Was he mistaken?

If the memory transfer works, what makes Shiloh think Jason will tell him where the money is?

Welp, on the plus side, we can add kidnapping to Shiloh's rap sheet.

Unless the name changed, Shiloh's not staying at the Midwood – he's most definitely staying at the Rendezvous.

Good to know Michael, a mobster's son, has no instincts when it comes to strangers.


August 5th, 2019

Shiloh stashes Sam in a freezer sitting with a pile of trash waiting to be picked up from the DOD house. When Jason comes to his motel room, there's violence, but Jason can't do much without risking Sam's life. Shiloh announces his plan to put Drew's memories in Jason, which Jason is completely willing to do if it means saving Sam. While Jason contemplates backing out and just killing Shiloh, Sam regains consciousness in the freezer and calls for help, but Julian, Lucas, and Lucy, who are in the house, don't hear her. Obrecht accuses Brad of pushing her off the boat to keep her from spilling the secret of "Wiley"'s paternity. He admits it, saying that now they're even. Obrecht is ready to expose the truth, but Brad argues that "Wiley" would be in danger with the Corinthoses, so he should stay where he is. Plus, since Britt knows everything, she's violating her parole by being involved, and by letting everything out, Obrecht would hurt her. Obrecht agrees to keep quiet, and Carly sees her and Brad shaking on it. Julian wants to buy the DOD house (which Michael can't use for a shelter after all), though Lucas thinks he should slow down on the process. After all, if he wants to live there with Kim someday, he should probably discuss it with her first. Kim and Carly catch up on each other's lives, and Carly inadvertently reinforces Kim's desire to leave town. She tells Drew she's going, which Julian overhears. Neil tells Alexis that because of the things he revealed to her in the elevator, he can't be her therapist anymore. He doesn't want her to censor herself in their sessions because she wants to be sensitive to his feelings. Alexis is very opposed to seeing anyone else, but Neil thinks they've finally crossed a line they can't uncross. Finn gets Epiphany to help him find out what drugs Cabot got from the hospital, then alerts Drew to his return to town. Finn guesses that Cabot is doing another memory-transfer procedure and calls Robert to let him know.

There's no way this ends with Shiloh anywhere but dead or in prison.

If Carly had stepped off that elevator just five seconds earlier, the baby swap would have finally been over.

Obrecht: "Better luck next time." No, no, Parry Shen's movie was Better Luck Tomorrow!

Why in the WORLD would you want to buy a sexual predator's house?

Diane is going to scream at Alexis for not just grabbing Neil and making out with him.

August 6th, 2019

Jason puts a wrench in Shiloh's plans by knocking him out and going in search of Sam. Drew and Curtis figure out Shiloh's intentions and try to warn Jason, who's a little too busy to answer his phone. They check out Shiloh's motel room, which Shiloh has just left with a gun (probably not something he should have while out on bail). They call Sonny, which doesn't end up accomplishing anything, but it's nice that Drew's worried about Jason. Somehow, Jason figures out that Sam is at the DOD house, and somehow (I'm going to chalk it up to his long-dormant Spidey sense), he guesses that she's in the freezer and saves her. Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina hang out, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is that Cameron comes across an injured Shiloh, who decides to add another kidnapping to his list of crimes. Julian's hurt that Kim wants to split town and leave him behind. She says she doesn't want to become too reliant on him, but he doesn't think there's any danger of that. He basically talks her into letting him move away with her. T.J. worries that Molly's only going to law school because she feels like it's expected of her. He encourages her to pursue her passion, writing, and suggests asking Peter for an internship. Peter is skeptical of the idea, but he realizes Molly's well-suited to write a story on a subject he thinks people want to know more about: the Cassadines. Sonny and Michael discuss Sasha, who's a) still not feeling the effects of whatever Cassandra gave her and b) doesn't want to use her connection to Michael to find a place to live. Lucy thinks she would be perfect to help her relaunch Deception. Alexis and Neil dance around their feelings for each other as she accepts that he can't be her therapist anymore. He's willing to get to know her better, but when she hints that she might want a relationship, he backs out. Maxie and Peter...whatever.

Tune in later this week, when Franco and Elizabeth tag-team murder Shiloh.

Oh, Jason. If only you'd tied Shiloh up.

I haven't heard anything about Tamara Braun or William DeVry leaving, so I'm not going to get my hopes up that we're finally going to be rid of Julian.

Way to make this all about you, Julian. P.S. Bite me.

Who gets a summer internship the first week of August?

Molly: "But med school is really hard." Whereas law school is famously as easy as kindergarten?

Why did Lucy even show Sasha the DOD house? There's no way she can afford it.

August 7th, 2019

Cabot refuses to do the memory transfer on Cameron, unsure of how much he'll be harmed because of his young age. Shiloh won't let him back down, and he just laughs when Cameron threatens to sic Jason on him. Franco asks Chelsea for more information on her warning not to "take that drive." She changes her mind and tells him he has to take the drive, and that what happens after that will be the hardest thing he's ever dealt with. Scott calls Franco to tell him that Cameron (who was driving Scott's car, for some reason) got a parking ticket right outside the building where he's being kept. Franco heads over to find him and walks right into Cabot's makeshift lab. Jason tries to reassure Sam that Shiloh won't break her, and that his desperation will make him sloppy, which will lead to him being stopped. When Jason mentions that Shiloh seems to have an accomplice, Cabot, Finn reveals that he thinks they're going to perform another memory transfer. Though the procedure was designed for twins, it can be used on anyone, though it might lead to the patient falling into a vegetative state. Jax is on to Nina and Valentin, guessing both that they drugged Hayden and that the truth serum was meant for him. Hayden urges him to befriend Nina so they'll get another shot at being invited to Wyndemere. He asks about her feelings for Finn and encourages her to move on, since he clearly has. Nina and Valentin are ready to shift focus to their September wedding, but first they'll have to deal with Sasha's sudden collapse. Scott makes Laura talk to Ava about what a bad idea it is for her to keep seeing Chelsea. Ava thinks Chelsea can really help her and advises Laura to have her own session to see what Ava means. Sasha tells Maxie that she's falling for Michael but doesn't want to rush anything. Maxie's concerned that he'll end up getting hurt.

Remember how Sibley told Franco he wouldn't be feeling like himself soon? I think it's because he's going to offer himself up in Cameron's place and receive Drew's memories.

Excellent work by William Lipton today.

Shiloh: "No one ever abandons me." I mean, I can think of four people who did just off the top of my head, but okay.

So...why was Cameron driving Scott's car?

I've got to start a business where I get paid hundreds of dollars to say vague things and then run off, like Chelsea.

Jerry mention! Ding!

August 8th, 2019

Franco realizes that the drive Chelsea told him about wasn't a car drive, but the flash drive. As expected, he offers himself up in Cameron's place. Shiloh wants to keep going with Cameron, but Cabot continues to refuse to perform the procedure on a minor. Franco is almost eager to do the procedure since it'll erase his painful memories and turn him into a respectable person. Surprisingly, Cameron is extremely resistant, knowing that Elizabeth and his brothers will be hurt if Franco's memories are erased. Eventually, Franco wears Shiloh down, and Franco says an emotional goodbye to Cameron before the procedure begins. Drew and Curtis dig into Cabot's phone records and discover that he's been in touch with Lucy. It takes her a freaking hour to give them the only useful information they need, the address of Cabot's makeshift lab. Elizabeth spends the entire episode trying to call Cameron and Franco, then finally gets Jason to ask Spinelli for help locating them. Once she gets Cameron's location, she calls Chase. Sasha has some kind of super-flu, but Finn isn't sure where it originated or what its contagion level is, so he puts her in quarantine. I would appreciate Sam and Jason's cuteness more if it weren't in the middle of two crises.

I didn't think about "drive" having another meaning. Nice one, writers.

It would be pretty funny if Shiloh was brought down by a parking ticket.

Lucy: "I do not have a client named Cabot." Drew: "How about Dr. Cabot?" Drew. No.

Nina: "Is this even legal?" No, quarantining someone so she doesn't infect a bunch of other people is totally illegal. Call your lawyer. Freaking A, is this Stupid Questions Day?

August 9th, 2019

Drew and Curtis arrive moments after the memory transfer begins, so Shiloh gets beaten up a little more. Chase and Elizabeth show up not long after, and both Shiloh and Cabot get arrested. The memory transfer can't be stopped, and though Franco's okay physically, no one can be sure who, exactly, he'll be when he eventually wakes up. Cameron blames himself for the whole situation, wishing he'd left Shiloh alone instead of trying to help him. He also attacks Shiloh and has to be restrained by Drew, who tells him he needs to keep being a good person because the world needs more Camerons and fewer Shilohs. Robert tells Lulu that the doctors treating Dante want to focus on the possibility of him harming himself or someone else, rather than deprogramming him, so that part of his treatment has been stopped indefinitely. This means there's no end in sight for his time away. Lulu's upset, of course, and when Willow checks on her, they start discussing the negative parts of being involved with a cop. Lulu decides that she doesn't want to give up anything she can control, so she's not going to agree to the divorce. Lulu's talk about cops always being in danger makes Willow misinterpret a text from Chase saying he's at the hospital. Her panic over him possibly being hurt amuses him a little, which doesn't really help. Lucas has to treat Shiloh's wounds but is able to stay professional while Shiloh makes comments about "Wiley." Robert takes a few digs at Peter while telling him and Maxie that Dante's in bad shape. Maxie defends her boyfriend, arguing that everyone knows now that he's a good guy.

After all that, Shiloh's never going to get to ask where his money is.

Even if Shiloh's in prison, they can still do a murder mystery with him as the victim, right? Please?

That black suit is a reeeeeeeeally good look for Curtis.

Has Chase just been jinxed?

Epiphany couldn't get any other doctor to treat Shiloh?

August 12th, 2019

Drew and Laura support Elizabeth as she waits at Franco's side for him to wake up. Drew gives him one of his medals, thinking Franco's actions were more heroic than anything Drew could have done in the service. When Franco wakes up, the effects of the memory transfer aren't apparent, but they become crystal clear when the first thing he says to his wife is that he wants to speak to his commanding officer. That's right, kids: We have two Drews. Mike and Yvonne's fake wedding day has arrived, and though he's aware of what's happening, he thinks Sonny is the priest and Carly is his friend. He expresses his regret to Sonny over what he thinks is their continued estrangement, and Sonny assures him that his son forgives him and is thinking of him. Marcus isn't going to fight Mike and Yvonne's "marriage," knowing it's what Yvonne wants, but he tells Stella that he plans to keep his distance from Turning Woods from now on. She has a new family now, both with Mike and with the staff. This inspires Stella to tell him about her long-lost mystery relative, who, seconds later, indicates that he or she wants to meet after all. Alexis wants to go back to therapy with Kevin, but when he learns that she's wrestling with feelings for Neil, he tells her it's not going to happen. She guesses it's because Neil is also his patient. Neil confides in Kevin that he was interested in Alexis as soon as he met her, and may have agreed to treat her because it was a safe way to interact with her, the alternative being going on a date. Alexis could really use a therapist right now, since she next finds out that Julian and Kim are moving away, which gives her mixed feelings. She and Neil totally want to get together, and I think Kristina's in favor of it, but they're going to continue to pretend they're okay just being casual acquaintances. Josslyn and Trina try to help Cameron deal with his survivor's guilt-ish feelings about what happened to Franco. Kim and Julian begin making preparations to move to Manhattan, but I still don't think we're lucky enough to actually get rid of him.

I really can't wait to see Roger Howarth imitate Billy Miller. Also: Frew? Dranco? Drewco?

I know what he did for Cameron was heroic, but I can't help rolling my eyes every time someone calls Franco a hero.

I question the methods of Franco's neurologist if his idea of a good person to check on his patient was a psychiatrist. (Though...he's probably going to need one.)

Does Kristina ship Alexis and Neil, too? Has she been talking to Diane?

Poor Cam doesn't get even even one day off from community service after going through a big trauma?

August 13th, 2019

Elizabeth is either clueless or in denial about Franco's insistence that he's Drew and it's 2012. Kevin and the real Drew try to help her convince him that he has false memories and is in the U.S. Laura tests Chelsea's medium skills by saying that she wants to get in touch with her brother. Chelsea can't reach him, of course, but she does relay a message from Amy. Laura pretends that means nothing to her. Chelsea then warns that Laura's son is in serious danger. Laura slips away and calls Lucky, who's fine, which makes Laura think that Chelsea is a fake. It doesn't help when Chelsea tells her Lucky isn't the son who's in danger. Sonny fake-marries Mike and Yvonne in a very sweet ceremony that focuses on family. It inspires him to ask Carly if she wants to renew their vows. Hayden wants to take advantage of Nina and Valentin's distraction over Sasha's illness to sneak back into Wyndemere and continue her search. Jax is like, "Compassion? Heard of it?" and refuses to use Nina's concern for Sasha for his own gain. While he keeps Nina company at the hospital, Hayden calls everyone's favorite boat-charter guy, Quint, to arrange for an undetected trip to Spoon Island. Stella's long-lost relative, her third cousin once removed, now lives in London and has invited her to come visit. Curtis is nervous about her meeting a stranger and traveling alone, and confides in Jordan that he'll miss the closeness that's developed in the family while Stella's on vacation. Ava objects to Julian leaving town because of how it affects her. Well, also because Kim shouldn't be running away from her grief, but mostly because Ava's self-centered. Chelsea tells her not to worry, since Julian isn't going anywhere. Finn hasn't made any headway on finding out what's wrong with Sasha, and Michael doesn't have much information, other than Cassandra's alias.

Shouldn't Scott be at the hospital?

I wonder if Laura's "brother"'s name was a reference to Jonathan Frakes or Jonathan Jackson.

Jordan, warning that Stella's long-lost relative might not be someone she wants to get to know: "Won't you be disappointed?" Stella: "Yeah, I'll be disappointed. IN LONDON." Hee hee hee.

Hayden, when you're rivaling Ava for lack of empathy, you're doing something wrong.

Quint's still kicking around town, I see.

If Sasha's contagious, she's already exposed a bunch of people, so shouldn't they be quarantined, too?

August 14th, 2019

Elizabeth hasn't figured out that she needs to shift from insisting that Franco isn't Drew to helping him adjust to his new reality. He wants to leave the hospital, and though Elizabeth wants to make him stay, Drew is willing to let him go. He tells Elizabeth that she's said the right things to convince him to stick around Port Charles, because they would have worked on him. Elizabeth thinks they just need to find a reason for him to stay. Franco doesn't get ten steps out of the room before he encounters Kim, who is, of course, very confused by his behavior. He immediately starts flirting, then makes out with her. Julian implies to Lucas that his and Kim's decision to leave town is mutual. While Julian's away, Kim tells Lucas that she doesn't want to make him feel like he's losing his father, so if Lucas wants him to stay, Kim will move on her own. Lucas expresses regret that he and Julian haven't had time to build a better relationship, but he's not going to ask Julian to stay. Later, he tells Julian what Kim said and wonders what's in the move for Julian. Jax refuses to sneak into Wyndemere with Hayden, so she goes alone. After being spooked by taxidermy and a portrait of Helena (hard to say which is scarier), Hayden gets caught by Obrecht. Obrecht and Lulu get to play softball with their respective crushes, Jax and Dustin. Robert recaps recent events for Sam and Jason.

If Franco thinks it's 2012, then he believes it's been at least ten years since he last saw Kim (assuming Oscar, who turned 16 last fall, was conceived in 2001). I don't buy that "Drew" would start hitting on her right away, without knowing her relationship status.

If you tell your boyfriend's son that you'll ditch his father if he asks, YOU DO NOT HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.

Who scheduled Sonny's company to play softball against Jax's? The players should probably be searched for weapons before they take the field.

I wonder if, when Robert knocked on the door, Sam was tempted to ask Jason, "What did you do?"

Somehow, seeing Jason in a softball uniform gives me more cognitive dissonance than Franco acting like Drew does.

August 15th, 2019

Kim is understandably confused and a little disturbed by Franco's behavior and the things he knows about her. Drew and Elizabeth explain things to her, asking her to remind him that they don't have history together if she encounters him again. Kim tells Julian what happened, and he considers it just another reason they should move away. Franco goes to the Floating Rib for a drink and gets frustrated when Maxie and Peter address him as Franco. Peter quickly figures out what happened and feels guilty, since he used the flash drive as a bargaining chip for himself. Maxie tries to convince him that he's a good person. Jason and Sam decide to insert themselves in the Franco plotline, for some reason, and though no one warned Franco that someone is walking around town with the face he thinks is his, he doesn't seem surprised when he runs into Jason. Brad can barely keep it together when he learns that Julian is leaving town. Without his co-conspirator, he's worried he won't know what to do if "Wiley"'s birth parents ever turn up and try to claim him. He considers messing with "Wiley"'s medical records so Shiloh's no longer tied to him, but Julian thinks he should just do nothing. Brad ignores him and starts to swap Shiloh's medical records for Michael's, but Lucas catches him before he can finish. Lucas notices that the records don't mention "Wiley"'s inherited heart condition, though that doesn't make him too suspicious. Obrecht gives Hayden a choice: She can get arrested for breaking and entering, or she can tell Obrecht what she's looking for at Wyndemere. Jax learns from Peter and Maxie that Obrecht went home, so he texts Hayden to warn her. Obrecht sees the text and expresses denial that Jax would partner with Hayden for anything sketchy. Hayden presents her own deal: If Obrecht stays quiet about her visit to the house, Hayden will arrange for her to have dinner with Jax. Valentin asks Finn if there's any news on Cassandra's whereabouts, raising Finn's suspicions. Robert tells Finn that Anna said she found Cassandra in Canada, which could mean she's on her way back to Port Charles. He then admits to Finn that he lied in hopes that Valentin will show his hand and they'll figure out why he's so interested. Robert is also about two seconds from making a horrible decision, since Cabot has offered to tell which of Anna's memories are fake if all the charges against him are dropped.

Apparently 2012 Drew was kind of a jerk.

Elizabeth and Drew really need some guidance here, because they're handling all of this horribly. Though...who would be able to guide them through this?

No. Nope. Uh-huh. No way would Sam want to talk to Franco.

Why do people keep making Julian's departure about themselves?

August 16th, 2019

Franco reveals that he found out he was a Quartermaine after seeing a picture of Jason in high school. He always believed he was discarded while Jason was kept, which Jason tells him is wrong. Franco plans to leave town and never look back as soon as he gets money for a bus ticket. Jason offers to find him a place to stay for the night, then take him to someone who might be able to help him in the morning. Franco declines the help, but Jason won't let him leave, not wanting him to turn his back on all the people he's connected to. When the two get heated, Chase steps in, calling Franco, which gets him punched in the face. Jason can't get Franco to calm down, so Chase arrests him for assaulting a police officer. Elizabeth tries to stay optimistic about Franco's condition, and gets support from Cameron, who's determined to repay his stepfather for his heroics. Drew tells Monica about the memory transfer and how hard it is to watch what Franco and Elizabeth are going through. Monica thinks there's a silver lining – Drew can ask Franco about his past and get an insight into his memories while still keeping the ones he's formed since 2012. Drew doesn't think Franco will tell him anything. Finn tells Hayden what's going on with Elizabeth, then warns her that she may have been exposed to whatever Sasha has. Hayden wonders if that's why she was so loose-lipped at the dinner party. Finn thinks she's probably in the clear and assures her, when she asks, that she can be around Elizabeth's. Yeah, those are the only children she's going to be around. Hayden isn't sure what she can do for her sister, but the answer is easy: just be there for her. In Hayden World, that means invite herself to move in. Chase asks Willow if her talk with Lulu about being involved with a cop has made her reconsider their relationship. It hasn't, though she admits she'll have to get used to him never really being off-duty. Chase thinks she's brave for dedicating her life to teaching, since children can be so difficult to handle. He admires teachers a lot, and credits his father's passion for his work for making him want to excel at his own job. Josslyn is surprised that Dev is highly self-educated, due to a decision he made to honor the high importance his mother always placed on learning. She asks for more information on his family, but other than saying his parents are gone, he's not forthcoming. Sam, Carly, and Sonny are basically filler.

Chase, for the love of all that's holy, if Shiloh is still in lockup, DO NOT put Franco in a cell anywhere near him.

Lulu, please write an Invader article about the memory transfer so people can stop recapping it for other characters.

I know Elizabeth is dealing with a lot, but I wish she would ask Cameron how he's doing. He went through a traumatic experience, and he's not talking about it.

Finn, I don't think you can call it a contagion if only one person is sick.

Is Chase and Finn's father every coming back? I'm really only interested because I find it hilarious that James Read and Finola Hughes played an ex-couple on Charmed, but here, her character is engaged to his character's son.

August 19th, 2019

Franco has calmed down a tiny bit and asks Jason how the memory transfer came about. Jason tells him a little about Helena's master plan and Cabot's experiments. Scott introduces himself to his son, who accepts his legal help (though it won't take much to get him out of lockup, since Jordan readily admits that there's not much keeping him there). Shiloh is put in a holding cell right across from Franco's, OF COURSE, and pretends that he hasn't seen "Drew" since 2012. Flashbacks show us the first time Drew met Helena – she paid Shiloh to deliver Drew to her, which he was happy to do as revenge for Drew's threats to have him arrested for treason. Franco refuses to tell Shiloh where his treason money is, but Shiloh thinks he might change his mind in exchange for the name of Helena's accomplice. Elizabeth, Drew, Curtis, and Hayden discuss how, even if the memory transfer could be undone, Franco would probably never agree to it, since he doesn't believe he's had anything taken from him. Elizabeth vows to make him understand that he's someone else, assigning Drew to handle the technical side of things. Hayden and Sam separately doubt that'll work, and Sam points out that Franco's better off as Drew anyway. But Drew's willing to give it a try, and figures his first task is finding Andre. Lulu and Robert tell Sonny and Olivia that Dante may never improve and come back home. Olivia demands to see her son so she can remind him how much his family loves him. Lulu tells them that she's not agreeing to the divorce, but she's also not going to contest it, which means Dante will get it. She promises her parents-in-law that they'll always be her family, and Sonny tells her the same. Julian tells Sam he's leaving town and asks for some time with Danny and Scout before he goes. She still doesn't forgive him for his past actions, but she's willing to let him see his grandchildren. Charlie's already has a buyer, but it'll be staying in the family, kind of – Olivia wants it. Sam questions how Alexis feels about Julian turning his life around for Kim but not her. Jordan tells Jason that Shiloh was denied bail and is on his way to Pentonville. Jason passes this along to Sam and Alexis, and everyone's all excited that Shiloh is finally getting what he deserves, which means they're probably jinxing everything. Shiloh uses his one phone call to give someone information about Alexis.

Are they implying that Helena had ANOTHER accomplice? Along with Faison, Jerry, Victor, Obrecht, and Klein? Freaking A.

Where does Roger Howarth thing Drew is from? He's using some sort of weird accent.

I assume Shiloh used Helena's payment to start DOD. That makes it even better that Sam and Kristina helped bring it down.

If it's any consolation, Elizabeth, Franco called you "good-looking."

I thought Kim and Julian weren't leaving yet.

Jordan: "Maybe you would like to tell her the good news?" Jason: "Shiloh's dead?" I don't know what it was, but something in Steve Burton's delivery cracked me up.

August 20th, 2019

Scott makes a deal with Robert to let Franco out of lockup with an ankle monitor so Franco will have to stay in town. Curtis promises Scott that they're working on fixing things, but no one knows where Andre is. Shiloh tries to get into Franco's head by mentioning Oscar. This makes Franco want to trust him, but he still senses that Drew is the better person to align with. He offers information about Afghanistan if Drew will tell him about Oscar. Once Drew has held up his end of the deal, Franco tells him that Tex stashed Shiloh's treason money in his car. As soon as Shiloh gets to Pentonville, he calls Peter and says they need to talk. Hayden makes Jax have lunch with Obrecht, who prepares as if they're going on a date. Jax isn't thrilled to be the one to pay for Hayden's mistakes, but he soon learns that he and Obrecht have some things in common (and not just their distaste for Valentin). Monica thinks Kim should befriend Franco and help him learn to cope with being someone different. Kim is willing to do that, but she's not putting her plans to move on hold. Hayden's impressed with how well Maxie's running Crimson while Nina's dealing with Sasha. She encourages Maxie to get an MBA and open up more opportunities for herself. Maxie thinks that's ridiculous, but Peter agrees and thinks she could even run her own magazine someday. Josslyn wants to be homeschooled so she doesn't have to face regular school without Oscar. Carly says no, but Sonny thinks they should revisit the topic if, after trying regular school again, Josslyn finds she really can't handle it. There's money missing from the coffee warehouse, so of course Jason thinks Dev is responsible.

Awwwww, yeeeeeeah. I get to break out my Santino-as-Tim-Gunn voice to ask, "Where's Andre?"

If Monica invites Franco to move into the mansion, I will scream. Michael doesn't deserve that.

Okay, I'll admit to giggling at Peter saying the words "mad scientist," followed by Obrecht entering the room.

Silly Hayden. Maxie doesn't need an MBA to run a company. Most of the companies in town are run by people who don't even have undergrad degrees.

August 21st, 2019

Drew thinks the car he and Kim bought Oscar was really Tex's wife's car – he's been having weird instincts that he thinks are based on things from his past, and his feeling that he should buy that particular car may have been part of that. Cameron thinks the car is cursed and wants to sell it, ignoring Trina when she tries to talk him out of it. Just as the sale is about to go through, Drew shows up and finds the $1.5 million that's been stashed in the car for the past seven years. Franco offers to take it to Afghanistan, but Drew convinces him to stay in town while he takes it himself. Peter meets with Shiloh at Pentonville, and more flashbacks let us know that he was Helena's accomplice, which means he was involved in the Jason/Drew stuff a lot longer than he's been claiming. Peter doesn't think Shiloh can do anything with this information, since he doesn't have any proof, but Shiloh brushes this off. He's going to use it for blackmail, and possibly a ticket out of prison. A warehouse employee accuses Dev of stealing money that was supposed to be deposited in the bank. Sonny has Jason search Dev things, and though the money turns up in his jacket, it's not the whole amount. Dev says that employee must have set him up, which turns out to be right. Dev's pleased that Sonny believed him, though it's more because the theft wasn't his style and less because Sonny trusts him. Maxie thinks Lulu should move on from Dante right away, specifically with Dustin. Franco asks Kim for more information on Oscar, but she doesn't want to feed his delusions that he's Drew. Ava tells Chelsea that Kiki appeared to her the night before, though it's not clear if it was her ghost or a dream. Chelsea tells her to get it together, which is awesome. When Ava learns about Franco's situation, she tells Scott he's lucky, since he gets to forget all the bad things that have happened to him. Elizabeth asks Chelsea if Franco is really lost to her forever. Chelsea doesn't answer that question, but she does tell Elizabeth to hold on tight to the one she loves.

Supposedly that's it for Billy Miller, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Drew: "You can leave." Guy: "Thanks for wasting my time." Drew: "Thanks for leaving!" HA!

I would mock Cameron for not finding the box when he cleared out the car, but it's not like 16-year-olds are known for doing thorough cleaning jobs.

Shiloh could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he'd asked Chelsea to ask Tex where the money was.

"Since Dev got here, there's been some problems." He's been there 30 minutes, dude. And how absolutely stupid do you have to be to try to steal from a mob boss?

Kim, don't act like Drew wasn't in Oscar's life because he chose not to be.

August 22nd, 2019

Nelle eavesdrops as Shiloh works on getting Peter to agree to help him so his additional crimes never get out. Peter's first instinct is to tell Maxie everything, but he gets nervous when he spots Franco and worries Franco will see him, too. Then he gets sidetracked when Maxie tries to convince him that he and Shiloh are nothing alike. She also declares her love for Peter, who decides it's better to maintain that relationship and help Shiloh escape prison than it is to be honest and risk the authorities finding out how involved he was in the Jason/Drew stuff. Nelle chats with Shiloh about "Wiley," and how Shiloh doesn't expect to spend much more time in prison. She's disinterested until he mentions that Oscar's ELQ shares could come in handy. Since she feels the Quartermaines also owe her, she's eager to talk more later. Kevin offers Franco therapeutic help, if he wants it, but Franco gets more out of talking to Ava about the person he used to be. Finn's impressed with Hayden's warmer side, as demonstrated through her support for Elizabeth and her sympathy for Nina while Sasha's sick. He tells her he's glad she's back in town, which she secretly hopes he's being honest about. A phone call confirms that a) she had a daughter and b) she's in touch with her, wherever she is. Off-screen, Anna tells Finn that Andre's in Ethiopia, so Curtis passes that along to Drew. Drew decides to go there before Afghanistan so he can send Andre to Port Charles to help Franco. Kim is pleased that her and Julian's arrangements are going so well and jokingly/not jokingly suggests that they leave town right away. Julian slows her down, guessing that she wants to get away from Franco. Dustin seems willing to be Lulu's rebound. Lucas and Willow are the filler.

When Maxie finds out Peter's a horrible person, can she get with Chet instead?

Also, the WSB let Cabot and Obrecht go for crimes worse than Peter's, so he shouldn't be worried about that.

First a serial killer calls Ava his kindred spirit. Then she calls a serial killer her kindred spirit. Maybe Kiki's message is, "Get it together, you massive disaster."

Kevin should approach everyone with both hands up so they immediately know which twin he is.

August 23rd, 2019

Ava has another dream about/hallucination of Kiki, only this time we get to see it. Ava begs Kiki to help her get through her grief, but Kiki tells her to stop making it about herself. She blames Ava for her murder and doesn't think Ava's really mourning her, since everything about their relationship was always on Ava's terms. The online haters are also getting to Ava, who hates that she's ended up alone. Carly interrogates Jax about his recent dealings with Obrecht and his relationship with Hayden, which he doesn't exactly clarify as non-romantic. He's okay with Josslyn's desire to leave school, but Carly convinces him that it's better for her to go back to her normal life instead of running away from her grief. Meanwhile, Trina basically convinces Josslyn and Cameron of the same thing, though she's a little harsher about what a dumb idea it would be for them to drop out. Sasha tells Michael that she thinks her illness might be karma for bad things she's done. Michael tells her that bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people, so that can't be true. Strangely, he doesn't ask her why she might be facing punishment. Finn hasn't made any progress in Sasha's treatment and is disheartened by her latest test results. Robert confronts Peter for visiting Shiloh in prison and threatens to charge him with obstruction of justice if he causes any trouble in the case against him. Peter goes another route, calling someone with orders to make sure Drew can't find Andre in Ethiopia. Sam and Jason totally jinx themselves by being happy and trying not to worry about whatever bad thing might happen next. They discuss Drew's mission to find Andre, but Jason doesn't think Franco will want any treatment he might be able to offer, since Jason's been in his position and wouldn't have wanted it himself.

Carly: "'Panache'? Is that French for 'she lures children into her gingerbread house so she can eat them'?" Hee hee hee.

Three more hilarious moments from the episode: a) Jax making Carly think he slept with Obrecht, b) Jax calling Obrecht and Hayden his sister-wives, and c) Finn giving Robert his lunch bill.

Have Trina and Epiphany met? They would get along incredibly well.

Why hasn't Cassandra sent the picture from Puerto Rico yet? What's the point in delaying it?

I, for one, did not miss the Michael Easton/vampire jokes.

August 26th, 2019

Finn determines that Sasha has bird flu, but he only tells Epiphany and not Nina that she must have been drugged. Nina's going to figure that out herself, though, since Cassandra has finally sent the photo she took with Sasha and Michael in Puerto Rico. Jax feels bad that his and Hayden's plans are going to lead to Nina getting hurt. Hayden...not so much. He also thinks they should team up with Obrecht, and he plans to ask her for access to the room Hayden tried to search at Wyndemere. They're looking for a codicil to Mikkos' will, which will restore the Cassadine fortune to its rightful heir (no specifications from them on who that is). Sonny and Carly have a nice vow renewal full of love and flowers and pretty dresses. Then Chase ruins all the niceness by showing up to ask questions about Harry the warehouse employee, who's gone missing. Diane thinks Alexis should push back against Neil's hesitations and try to get together with him. Also, Kendra, a personal trainer who led them in a boot camp, seems to be the person Shiloh contacted about Alexis and Kiefer. Chase invites Willow to move in with him, and though she's skeptical about taking such a chance, she accepts. Kristina's shipping Jasam again, and even asks Carly to toss her bouquet in Sam's direction (a request she didn't need to make). However, when the bouquet is thrown, Sam, Kristina, and Josslyn all duck out of the way, leaving Bobbie to catch it.

Yeah, Jax, Nina's going to lose no matter what you do, so don't worry about it.

"Poor Nina, her mother put her in a coma. Boo-hoo." Wow, Hayden, tell us how you really feel.

Sonny, if you really wanted to show Lulu that she's still family, you should have invited her and her kids to the vow renewal.

Two Jerry mentions from two different people! Ding ding!

August 27th, 2019

Obrecht learns that emulating Cher in Moonstruck (e.g., slapping Franco and telling him to snap out of it) doesn't reset a memory transfer. She can't get through to Franco, but she advises him to think about all the people who love him, and what they want for him. At the same time, Epiphany encourages Elizabeth to stop thinking about what everyone else wants for Franco and focus on her own opinions and desires. Elizabeth wants to fight for her husband, so she decides to go find him and figure out how to convince him to want to become himself again. To her surprise, Franco, who's just seen Kim and Julian making out, comes by the house before she can leave. Nina shares Cassandra's photo with Valentin and Finn, which answers the question about how Sasha got sick. Valentin wants to keep Cassandra's involvement quiet so the authorities don't start asking too much questions, but Finn wants word to get out so Cassandra can be stopped before she goes after anyone else. Chase worries that Finn could be her next target. Nina blames herself for the situation, while Michael's in the unique situation of realizing he wasn't the real target, and Sonny has nothing to do with this. Sonny and Jason play dumb with Chase, while Dev misses the hint and spins a lie about Barry wanting to leave town. Sonny tells him to keep his mouth shut next time. Carly's starting to think that Sonny's making the wrong decisions for him. Kim wants to marry Julian, but he thinks it's because she wants to show Franco she's committed to someone else. She admits that that's part of it, but it's also because she really wants to get married. He promises he wants to spend his life with her, just in a way that's not an impulsive reaction to all the other stuff they're going through. Scott's master plan to keep Franco in town is to pretend he's been exposed to Sasha's illness so he has to be put in quarantine. Bobbie refuses to go along with it, and not just because it might be a scheme for Scott to spend more time with her. He tells her he just wants to be able to save one of his kids.

If I were Finn, I wouldn't be worried about myself – I'd be worried about Robin and her kids. Cassandra went after Nina's "child"; wouldn't she go after someone in Anna's family next?

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you," says the woman who, just weeks ago, started making plans to leave town without telling her boyfriend.

Aww, Sonny's graduated from ordering Carly out of the room to asking if she'd like to leave.

Dev, if you want to mob up, you're going to have to get a lot less naïve about, like, murder and stuff.

I think "let's make my son think he's seriously ill" means Scott is a psychopath.

Epiphany trying to ignore Obrecht is, as the kids say, a mood.

August 28th, 2019

Franco is willing to talk to Elizabeth about his past (both as Drew and Franco), but first he'd like her to stop referring to him as Franco. Things go off the rails when she mentions Andre, since Franco knows about his criminal misdeeds and doesn't have any desire to return to the person he really is. Then things get worse when Cameron arrives and tells Franco he owes it to the family to stay with them even if he doesn't remember them. Cam is worried that the longer it takes to get Andre there to help, the more likely it is that the family will lose Franco for good. And then Elizabeth...decides she needs a lawyer? For some reason? Nina asks Valentin to track down Cassandra, so Valentin turns the task over to Curtis. Curtis is fine with finding her, but he wants to hand her over to the WSB, not Valentin. Nina demands to know Jax's connection to Cassandra, but she doesn't believe him when he says he doesn't have one. She's pretty much done with him, but when Sonny starts bugging her about finding Cassandra, Jax steps in to tell him to back off. Cameron has some weird theory that if Franco starts believing he's Franco, he'll be Franco again. Jason politely doesn't tell him he's reaching. Cam realizes that Jason's past experiences with amnesia mean he can understand what Franco's going through. Jason gives him some tips on how to handle things, but when Monica expresses an interest in asking Franco questions about things Drew could never tell her, he's realistic about how much Franco might be willing to open up to her. The conversation with Cam also gets Jason to realize how harsh he was on his family when he first became Jason Morgan, and he apologizes to a very forgiving Monica. Michael tells Sonny about the Sasha/Cassandra stuff, and since she tried to buddy up to him previously, he decides to get involved. He's not exactly helpful, but Robert thinks Michael might be, since Cassandra could have said something in Puerto Rico that hinted at what she's up to. Jordan is cleared to return to work full-time, though Robert thinks Mac should find a way to stay on as commissioner. Mac admits that he's enjoyed his time back in police work but has always known it was temporary and is prepared to step aside. It turns out Robert's just messing with him, as he and Jordan have already discussed keeping Mac around as chief of detectives. Rocco is still struggling with Dante's departure, but Dustin is able to provide some distraction.

Yes, Cam, your Descartes theory was dumb, but we love you anyway.

Does Neil do child psychiatry? Cameron and Rocco could use a few sessions.

I think Jason's wrong – Franco seems open to talking about Drew's past, so he probably would be okay with Monica asking him questions, especially if she didn't treat him like he's Franco.

Why not get Sonny involved in the Sasha/Cassandra plot? It's not like he has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it.

Yay for Mac staying at the PCPD! They have a cop shortage anyway.

August 29th, 2019

Jax tells Sonny that he'd also like to know what Nina's connection is to Cassandra, but this isn't the time to dig into that. Nina confirms Jax's suspicions that Curtis was hired at Aurora to spy on him, which is why Nina and Valentin suspect he also has a connection to Cassandra. When Valentin complains some more about Jax, Nina tells him she's pretty sure he's telling the truth about not knowing Cassandra. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Jax that Nina is obviously keeping something from him about her ties to Cassandra. Valentin offers Curtis $5 million to bring him Cassandra, but Curtis won't be a party to inevitable murder for any amount of money. When Jax fires Curtis for spying and Jordan learns that her insurance won't cover all her medical care, Curtis changes his mind. Michael recognized a medication Cassandra was taking and tells Robert it's banned in many countries, which narrows down where Cassandra's home base must be. Robert turns to Finn for help (and catches him chatting with Hayden, which Robert isn't happy about) and decides that, of all the countries where the medication is allowed, Bolivia would be a good place to start. Sasha worries she's terminal, so Finn uses his own experiences with a supposedly terminal illness to give her some encouragement. Michael offers to call anyone Sasha might want to have with her, noting that she never talks about her family and often changes the subject when he asks questions about her past. Sasha promises to tell him everything when/if she's well. Molly catches Alexis searching for Neil on a dating site and encourages her to look at his profile. Neil then spots the profile on Alexis' computer, and before she can get too embarrassed, he encourages her to ask him personal questions. Long story short: He's looking for someone just like her, and he's open to having another conversation like this in the future. Hayden is interested in Molly's Cassadine article, as she considers herself a Cassadine. Her logic is that since Helena was a Cassadine, even though it was through marriage, Hayden is, too. Molly and Alexis are a little puzzled by her eagerness to talk to Molly about Cassadine stuff. T.J. has some questions about the whole Stella/relative thing – namely, how a match who was supposedly a close relative turned out to be a cousin. Hayden gets a finger-painting from her daughter and tells Finn that it's Aiden's work. They also reminisce about cacti.

Okay, everyone pair off and race to find Cassandra. I'll call Phil Keoghan.

Can't wait to see how Curtis tries to explain to Jordan why there's an extra $5 million in their bank account.

Sorry, Finn, no innocent conversations with your ex on Robert's watch.

I'm so glad Alexis and Neil are making progress on their own, because I was about to suggest that Diane and the Davis daughters Parent Trap them into getting together.

Thank you, T.J. – I'm also confused about the Stella/ancestry app plot.

Is Hayden's daughter ever coming to town, or what?

August 30th, 2019

Elizabeth has a plan to keep Franco in town that's even crazier than Scott's: Petition a judge to declare Franco mentally unfit so Elizabeth can make decisions for him, then commit him to Shadybrook and, when Andre returns, make the decision for him to get his memories removed. Even Scott knows this is nuts, but he's desperate enough to agree to help. Peter tries to get ahead of Shiloh by telling Maxie about his full involvement in the Jason/Drew stuff. Maxie's first instinct is to turn him in. Then Jason bursts in and shoots Peter. Of course, it's all a dream, and Peter's going to continue to help Shiloh while hiding everything from Maxie. Elizabeth kind of confronts Kim for avoiding her and Franco, though she can acknowledge that this is a weird situation for Kim. Kim then encounters Franco at Oscar's Meadow and spends their whole conversation keeping Franco and Drew separate. She brings up Julian, insisting that things with him are serious, but it's probably significant that she had no big relationships between Drew and Franco. Shiloh passes the time before his hearing bugging Alexis and Chase about various things. Also, Alexis meets with Kendra to discuss making lifestyle changes, and I still don't get what's going on there. Jason runs into Franco and tries to convince him to stay in town so he doesn't hurt the people closest to him. Later, Jason confides in Sam that he had to stop himself from giving Franco money to leave. He doesn't think anyone will be able to talk him into staying. Felicia is happy to hear that Jordan's back at work and Mac can come back to running the Floating Rib with her. When Mac tells her he was offered a different job, Felicia's even happier. She knows Mac loves police work, and she's enjoyed running the Rib by herself, so this outcome is great for both of them. Ava gets a letter from Ryan talking about his desire for her and how he knows she's thinking of him. Apparently he has a constitutional right to write her, so her only option is to just not open his letters, which Julian and Alexis both tell her to do. Sam tries to distract Kristina as they wait for Shiloh's hearing to start. Kristina is doing incredibly well, though, and doesn't need the distraction.

Isn't Hayden supposed to be giving Elizabeth support? Shouldn't that include being sane when Elizabeth...isn't?

Clearly, the solution here is to convince KIM to stay in town, and have her convince Franco to stay, too.

Please, no one tell Franco about Scout.

"Well, if it isn't my father's favorite son." Franco, we already had a bitter Quartermaine brother. We don't want another one.

Peter, you're already a criminal – why not just kill Shiloh?

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