General Hospital blog - August, 2020

August 3rd, 2020 – And we're back!

Nelle loses her last possible ally when Nina testifies that she's a pathological liar and shouldn't have custody of Wiley. Also, she probably blackmailed Julian into marrying her. Nelle goes OFF on her, pointing out that Nina once stole a baby, throwing her child's death (let's be honest: "death") in her face, and accusing Michael of forcing Willow to marry him. On top of Nelle making herself look unstable, Diane helps Michael even further by putting Willow back on the stand to talk about how awesome Michael is. Somehow, Nelle still thinks she has a chance at custody, since she just showed how passionate she is about being a parent. Brook threatens to tell Ned that Valentin is the secret investor aiming for a hostile takeover, but Valentin offers to revitalize her music career if she keeps her mouth shut. Olivia's annoyed that Ned is more focused on saving ELQ than on being there for her while she continues to struggle with her emotions over the Dante situation. She's done a 180 from her previous stance and no longer wants to play Lady Macbeth. Ned points out that protecting the company means protecting the family, but Olivia thinks he should gather the Quartermaines and work together rather than take a shot at stealing the ELQ reins. Meanwhile, in a WSB facility, Dante (yep, he's back) writes Olivia a letter, but he won't send it. Laura tries to chase Cyrus away from Portia, then finds out that he's positioning himself to bail the hospital out of financial trouble if that time should ever come. Laura vows to keep that from ever happening. Nina admits to Jax that she feels like a hypocrite for testifying against Nelle because they're so similar, or at least were in the past. Jax encourages her to appreciate the things she's earned and see herself as deserving of them. Then Nelle comes to confront her, and the necklaces are out, and this better go somewhere.

I haven't taken a vacation in a while. I think I'll go to Hawaii. While I'm there, I'll throw those FREAKING NECKLACES in a volcano.

Carly's like. "This is the best day I've had all year!"

Thank you, writers, for finally getting what I've been saying for so long – Olivia would not urge Ned to steal ELQ from Michael if it meant causing a rift in the family.

It was nice of them to let Dominic Zamprogna keep his quarantine beard a little longer.

Why do the WSB's healthcare facilities look like...jail?

I'm expecting Brook to stand back and let Dante and Dustin eventually fight over Lulu, calling dibs on whoever she doesn't choose.

August 4th, 2020

Valentin has snowed Brook into thinking he'll make ELQ super-profitable, so when Ned confides that he sometimes wishes he could step away like Michael, Brook believes that letting Valentin take over is a win for everyone. She tells him he has a deal. Nelle thinks Nina has only gotten where she is because her family's rich, when really it's because she's not a socio-psychopath (TM Diane). Nina has no patience left for Nelle and tells her to stop being delusional about Carly's supposed sins against her, and stop seeing herself as an innocent victim. She also doesn't think Nelle can change after all. Sonny discusses Mike's options with (checks notes) Donna? Instead of Carly or Jason? Okay. Then he decides that since Mike didn't say he doesn't want life-prolonging care, he must want it. Cyrus is determined to get control of the hospital, for some reason, and laughs Monica off when she tells him he'll never get it. He thinks Jordan will somehow be able to help him. Olivia just wants Ned to see her as a priority, but when Laura tells them the threat Cyrus poses, Olivia recognizes that this is a big deal that needs to be handled ASAP. Ned agrees to get the Quartermaines on board to save the hospital, if necessary, and he believes holding a vote will help uncover who's trying to take over ELQ. A Sam impostor (Sampostor?) thinks Alexis needs to tell Neil she was disbarred so they can figure out where to go from there. Alexis thinks Sam should stop hitting people in case she gets caught and sent back to prison. She also guesses that Nelle blackmailed Julian into marriage. Valentin has finally figured out that Sam has Danny and Scout's shares and voting proxies. Martin is as doubtful as I am that she'll give up her kids' proxies, but Valentin knows the one thing that could talk her into it: an end to her parole. Mike's situation has made Jason think about his own end-of-life decisions, so he's put them on record with Diane...and he wants Carly to have his power of attorney. Sam isn't happy about that.

Okay, I'll bite – why does Cyrus want the hospital?

At least it'll be entertaining to see Valentin try to talk Sam into doing something I just can't see her doing. Really, he doesn't need to get her completely off parole, though. He just needs to get her switched to Nelle's parole officer, who apparently has no problem with Nelle marrying a convicted felon.

I didn't realize Michael had Jason's shares. So who has Jake's? Elizabeth, I guess?

Does this mean Jason's next plot will be...yet another coma? No, wait, I've got it: Sam will get a new parole officer, and the second she goes to tell him, he'll get in some sort of accident or he'll get shot or something and end up comatose. Then Sam will have to fight Carly over whether or not to pull the plug.

August 5th, 2020

Sonny's hopeful about Mike getting a feeding tube after a dream makes him think it'll be a miracle cure. Carly tries to be realistic with him, but ultimately only tells Jason that she's done research on feeding tubes and learned they usually make the patient's life worse. Felix tells Sonny that Yvonne has been in the hospital since she received her tube months ago, thanks to complications and infections. That plus a conversation with Elizabeth about letting go of Mike change Sonny's mind about the procedure. He tells Mike that whenever he's ready to go is fine. Nelle's late for a visit with Wiley because she's getting her fake travel documents back from Valentin. Michael, Willow, and Wiley seem to be one big, happy family, but the listening device Nelle plants on one of Wiley's toys will probably help her screw that up for them. Valentin tries to convince Sam that he's just going to borrow Danny and Scout's voting rights until they're 18. Sam's skeptical that he has good intentions, and she doesn't want to cut the kids off from their family legacy, so chances are she'll reject his deal, but hey, it's 2020 and weirder things have happened. Sam tells Neil that Alexis was disbarred and yells at him for not contacting her now that it's okay for them to be together. Neil finally approaches Alexis about really getting together, but she's not ready for a relationship right now. With no job and no love life, Alexis is going to need something to do soon or she's going to get very boring.

I have to hand it to the show – the actors are clearly keeping their distance from each other, but it doesn't look weird.

Hey, I was wondering what happened to Yvonne. Too bad it's so...bad.

Just fall in love already, Michael and Willow.

Chad Duell looks different. Is it just me?

August 6th, 2020

Chase bugs Jason about that shipment of Cyrus' he blew up back in February, as if Jason would ever discuss that without Diane present. Jordan tells Chase to leave Jason alone, then confides in Jason that she's struggling to keep up with Cyrus' demands. He advises her to treat it like an undercover assignment and just wait him out, because sooner or later, he'll slip up and she can bust him. He also offers to provide backup when she goes to see Cyrus. Lulu's at Brando's garage when Cyrus comes by for a conversation we don't get to hear. He plays up how generous he is and what a good citizen he's going to be, but Lulu isn't fooled. Sam surprises Carly by being grateful that Jason asked her to make decisions on his behalf if he can't. Carly talks about how devoted she is to her children, and Sam admits that she wasn't thinking of hers when she went after Shiloh – she was too caught up in getting back to her old life of jumping into adventure and danger. Carly mentions that she and Sonny originally got married so she couldn't testify against him, so just keep that in mind in case it comes up again for Sam and Jason. Sam doesn't want to think about Jason possibly needing Carly to make medical decisions for him, but Carly assures her that that's not likely to happen. Of course, it already has: After picking up his motorcycle from Brando, Jason crashes. Valentin announces that a Brook impostor will be writing and singing a signature song for Deception to tie the relaunch to the Nurses' Ball. Maxie and Sasha object, and Maxie ends up tearing into Brook for everything she's done to Lulu. Lucy calms her down, wondering why she's being so emotional. Maxie says the company is like her baby (cough), and she feels like something momentous is about to happen. She gives in to the arrangement, so everything's coming up Brook, at least until her family finds out what she did with her shares. Dante's willing to stay at the WSB facility for the rest of his life if it means he doesn't hurt anyone he loves. His doctor thinks he still believes in himself, since he keeps a pencil and paper around in case he decides to write a letter to someone. Curtis thinks T.J.'s working too hard and will end up either burning out or getting so involved in his job that it ruins the rest of his life. Maxie goes to see her OB, so get ready to start screaming.

At this rate, by November they'll be down to, like, two cast members and a bunch of recasts.

I can't believe I didn't consider a motorcycle crash for Jason.

Jason's pretending-to-think-things-over face is almost as good as Carly's facial expressions on Monday.

Jordan should be answering every single call from T.J., considering he was kidnapped not that long ago and could easily be a target again.

We're supposed to think Maxie's being overly emotional because she's pregnant? This is Maxie on a normal day.

August 7th, 2020

Curtis comes across Jason post-crash and gets him to the hospital. Of course, he has a head injury, and a neurosurgeon wants to do surgery, so Carly gets to use her new powers to sign the consent form. Cyrus plans to take advantage of his incapacitation or death to take out Sonny. Chase finds something fishy about Jason's accident, and Sonny seems suspicious of Brando. Cyrus tells Jordan to convince Laura and the hospital board that he's a good guy so he can save GH if Nelle's lawsuit leads to that. Jordan knows Laura's too smart to buy that Jordan would suddenly change her mind about Cyrus, and she points out that she needs to stay on Laura's side because if Laura replaces her, Cyrus can't use her anymore. Curtis is very interested to know where Jordan's been and why she was talking to Jason earlier. Sonny tells Brando that Mike is coming to the end of his life. Brando reminisces about a horse and his childhood and I don't know, until we know whether Brando's a good guy or a bad guy, I don't really care about this sort of stuff. Robert blasts Peter for an article about Holly that he doesn't think is flattering. Anna tells him to stop picking on Peter and work through his grief over Holly in a healthier way. Maxie took three home pregnancy tests and they all came back positive, so...there's that. She tells Lulu that while she loves Peter, this is horrible timing for a baby, since her career is going so well. Finn and Portia bond over having daughters, though she warns that Violet might resent him and Anna when she's older while mythologizing Hayden. Sam's annoyed again that Peter is a free man and wonders why Anna keeps defending him. Peter really doesn't help things by showing up at the hospital after hearing about Jason's accident.

Why did everyone automatically think that Jason's crash needed to be investigated or written about? Why wouldn't they think it was just a regular accident?

Someone buy Jason a helmet, because...come on.

Do any fans actually want Finn and Anna to get married?

I get it, Peter/Carly scenes are like an inside joke, we're all in on it – I don't want to see them. Not that I want to see any scenes with Peter, of course. Also, it's interesting that they stood kind of far apart from each other, since they're the only two actors on the show who DON'T have to social distance from each other.

August 10th, 2020

Sam accuses Brando of screwing up when he replaced a part in Jason's motorcycle, which makes Brando surprisingly defensive. He swears he doesn't make mistakes, so Sam notes that he could have done it intentionally. Sonny tries to place peacemaker, but he doesn't seem completely satisfied with Brando's insistence that there's nothing he needs to know. Delores is hanging around the hospital, for some reason, so if Sam wants to stay to be with Jason, she'll have to accept Valentin's deal. Lulu asks Ned about Cyrus and the Quartermaines, and he tells her there will be a vote that will hopefully lead to the Qs saving the hospital. He also admits that someone's trying to take over ELQ, which could affect the vote and rescue. They run into Cyrus, who claims his reputation is about to be cleared, but Lulu isn't snowed by his innocent act. Jordan tells Curtis what Cyrus wants her to do to make him look good, and he begs her not to go through with it, since Cyrus will just rebuild his drug empire in Port Charles under everyone's noses. Jordan knows she's in too deep to go back, so she makes a public statement claiming that Cyrus is innocent of everything ever. Nelle and Julian fill Ava in on their weird marriage arrangement, which Ava thinks Julian is crazy for accepting. She also thinks they should just kill Nelle, so thanks, Ava. The newlyweds agree that they'll split up as soon as the custody verdict is announced, which means just one more night together, since the judge will be revealing his decision first thing in the morning. Elizabeth wants to stick close to the hospital for news on Jason (for Jake, of course), so she wants to skip Ava's portrait unveiling, scheduled for the next night. She rejects Nikolas' offer of comfort over Jason's accident, since she's not ready to see him as a good person again. He suggests they put their differences on hold for one minute and be friends again. This would probably make Franco mad, but Ava interrupts before it goes anywhere. Harmony visits the Quartermaines' to congratulate Michael and Willow on their wedding. She seems worried about Willow and tells her to do whatever Jason tells her because he can keep her safe. Of course, that's when Michael learns about his accident, which means Jason can't keep anyone safe right now. Nikolas has made a decision about Ava and Spencer and is preparing to discuss it with his son. He overhears Valentin making a call about the ELQ shares, and the two posture at each other for a little while but it goes nowhere.

Post-lockdown hair update: Please don't let William DeVry keep that haircut, show. Also, I don't know what's up with Elizabeth's hair, but it needs to be fixed. And the less said about what they just did to Steve Burton's hair, the better.

Brando's digging his own grave, and Lulu's going to be the one to ultimately bury him the second she inevitably tells Sonny that Cyrus was at the garage.

I don't want this to come across like I don't like Lindsay Hartley, because I have no problem with her, but I wish we could see her scenes in this storyline from Kelly Monaco instead. Hartley has no connection to the characters she's interacting with. I don't see her desperation to be with Jason. After all this time of Sam and Jason being apart, and her suddenly coming close to being allowed to be with him, we should be seeing Monaco's performance.

Why does the hospital need money ASAP? Has Nelle even filed her lawsuit yet? And what happens if she loses custody of Wiley? Can she still sue if she's not his legal guardian?

Ava: "You are such a good friend, Nikolas." Nikolas: "Go to Hell, darling." God help me but I find them entertaining.

I can't believe Harmony found out about Michael and Willow's wedding from The Invader.

I think we've seen more of Felix in the past six days than we have all year. I'm a happy camper.

August 11th, 2020

Sam finalizes her deal with the devil and signs over Danny and Scout's voting proxies. Ned calls an emergency ELQ vote, pretty sure that even with the mystery interloper nabbing shares, the good guys still have enough to vote to save the hospital. He's wrong – Valentin has 50% of the votes and rejects the bailout idea. Just like when Nikolas took over ELQ, it comes down to Lucy and her 1% vote. Delores busts Sam for being in Jason's room, but before she can dole out a punishment, she's pulled from Sam's case and replaced with a guy named Owen whose philosophy is "family first." Things keep getting better when Jason starts waking up. Nelle asks Martin to get her excused from court, since she's pretty sure she's going to lose the custody case. Martin suggests she make a shared-custody agreement with Michael and drop her lawsuit against the hospital. Nelle refuses and yells at Martin for not doing a better job of painting Michael and his family as the bad guys. Once she's realized Martin can't do anything to help her, Nelle fires him. She also refuses to pay her bill, which means she's just made herself a new enemy, and telling him she's going to take Wiley and run is a really bad idea. Lucy asks Cyrus for a Nurses' Ball donation, and he does her one better by offering to co-underwrite it with Sonny. She doesn't seem to care at all about his past and is willing to let him show that he's a good little citizen who just wants to help people. Curtis tells him to stop having private meetings with Jordan, then mentions that he used his PI skills to look up someone Cyrus appears to care a lot about, considering he sends that person money every week. Curtis threatens to target that person if Cyrus doesn't behave himself, so Cyrus tells Jordan to call off her husband or be prepared to face the consequences. T.J. worries that Jordan will lose her job over her endorsement of Cyrus, but he knows Jordan's good at her job and whatever she's doing, she has the town's best interest at heart. He addresses the situation with Curtis, who tries to cover for Jordan and pretend she's making good decisions.

Someone needs to buy that 1% from Lucy. She doesn't have a history of making decisions that benefit ELQ.

Sam should have at least waited until Valentin carried out his end of the deal before signing anything. He had no incentive to follow through once he had what he wanted.

Nelle's delusional enough to think her custody case is a slam dunk but also somehow smart enough to know she's lost.

Once Nelle fired Martin, he was no longer bound by attorney-client privilege, right? He should call her parole officer and rat her out for plotting to leave the country.

August 12th, 2020

To the surprise of no one, the judge awards Michael full custody of Wiley, having seen through all of Nelle's tricks and realized she hasn't changed since committing her various crimes. He then goes a step further and rules that Nelle can't have any visitation. She tells the Corinthos contingent she's going to appeal, but they're not worried. Willow and Carly tell Nelle she gave up her chance to be a mother and brought this on herself. Julian's eager to get the marriage annulled, but Nelle says she's not done with him yet. Lucy votes with Valentin, apparently having no idea that Cyrus is a drug trafficker and could simultaneously save the hospital and provide it with a bunch of new patients thanks to his drugs. Valentin then calls for a vote to name a new CEO – himself, of course. Lucy votes with him on that, too, not wanting him to revoke his funding for Deception. Not seen: Edward turning over in his grave. Ned tears into Brook for giving up her shares and unknowingly helping Valentin screw over the Quartermaines and the hospital. Brook points out that Ned wouldn't help her get out of her contract and told her to save herself, so she did. Ned responds by kicking her out of the house. Jason's fine, so unless something happens in the next few days, that whole Carly/power-of-attorney thing was a fakeout. He doesn't have time to be happy about Sam's new PO arrangement before he finds out how that came about and chastises her for trusting Valentin and possibly taking leadership of ELQ out of the family. Jax tries to distract Nina from feeling sorry for Nelle by getting her focused on her necklace. He knows some specialty jeweler who might be able to figure out who made the necklace, which could lead them to the person who has the other half. Mike tells Sonny he wants to go home, which Felix interprets as Turning Woods.

They're not even pretending to social distance anymore.

My possibly-out-there theory for why Valentin didn't want to save the hospital: He knows Nelle's lawsuit won't go forward, since she's planning to leave the country, so the hospital won't need bailing out.

"I have to be the kind, calm alternative to Nelle." A rabid raccoon would be a kind, calm alternative to Nelle.

Did they leave the CEO vote out on purpose? They went from Valentin calling the vote to everyone mad at Lucy. If they never intended to show the vote, fine, but that was clunky.

I'm not saying Brook made good decisions, but I can see her point about saving herself. Ned was a really crappy father through that whole Linc situation.

Maybe some day Lindsay Hartley will be in an episode where she doesn't cry. Some day...

I'd pay good money to make Jax and Nina unboring. And I don't want Brenda to come back, which appears to be happening, but that would do it.

August 13th, 2020

Lulu asks Nikolas to put up the money to save the hospital, which Nikolas agrees to do right away. When Lulu informs a member of the board, she learns that the board has already accepted Cyrus' offer. After Lulu lets Sonny know, Cyrus tells her that not only is he on the hospital board, but they made him the chairman. Nikolas tells Ava that Spencer wants the Cassadine fortune more than he wants a relationship with his father, so he's not coming back whether Nikolas stays with Ava or divorces her. Ava has no sympathy for her husband, pointing out that he chose to make her think she was crazy instead of just asking for her help. Nikolas taunts her about her bad relationship with Kiki and blames her for all his problems. What Ava doesn't know is that Nikolas and Spencer are really on good terms, and this is all a ruse to try to guilt Ava into agreeing to the divorce. Brook tells Chase and Sasha all about her family drama, wondering if she's worse than them for betraying her family instead of cheating on a partner. Chase sees for the first time that she's not the horrible person she's always come across as being. Olivia lays into Ned for sending his only child away, especially after all the times he's talked about how important family is. Sasha texts her to let her know Brook is getting drunk at the Floating Rib, and Olivia comes to calm her down and offers her a room at the Metro Court. Sam still thinks Brando caused Jason's crash, and though he continues insisting that he didn't do anything, Jason tells Sonny that the steering caused the accident, which means the part Brando installed could have been responsible. Michael and Willow miss their exes, but they're happy with the way things have turned out. Michael easily figures out that Valentin used Deception to get Lucy to vote with him, and though he's not thrilled with the way the vote went, really, he's just happy to have Wiley right now. Since Jason's okay, Franco wants Elizabeth to come to Ava's portrait unveiling, but Elizabeth still feels uncomfortable with the way Ava's exploiting Franco's past. Franco admits that he's worried he'll never be as successful as he used to be, which will keep him from contributing to the family. He also hints that he doesn't think Elizabeth is as supportive as Ava is. Sasha wants to be done with drugs, but Brook makes her feel guilty about hurting Michael, so she uses again. Carly and Jason are basically the filler, but at least she gives him a helmet.

Everyone, stop using Valentin's full name. There are no other Valentins to confuse him with.

I really like the twist that Nikolas and Spencer are teaming up against Ava.

Brook, stop trying to make BLQ happen.

Obviously Ned is justified in being mad at Brook for selling her stock, but she's not the only family member not to keep it in the family. Like, go yell at Skye for a little while. And apparently Danny and Scout have 20% together (Scout must have Drew's shares). Sam's the one who really hurt the family.

Chase: "How'd you track us down?" Carly: "Well, I have a useful friend." Just say Spinelli. You're not fooling anyone.

August 14th, 2020

People gather for Bacchanalia III, where everyone's tense around each other for various reasons. Elizabeth talks things over with Terry, and though she's not happy with Franco's eagerness to embrace his past, she goes to the party. Maxie has the same concerns as Elizabeth, and even wonders if Franco has really changed as much as he's let on. Elizabeth quickly decides she shouldn't have come and tells Franco she's leaving the party. He chooses to stay for the unveiling of Ava's portrait, which has people looking surprised and confused. Lulu guilts Nikolas into telling her about his scheme with Spencer by saying he needs to be honest with her to regain her trust. That just leads to a big fight when she blasts him for dragging a teenager into his devious plot. Funny enough, Nikolas' plan is working, as Ava confides to Franco that she feels bad for keeping Nikolas and Spencer apart. If she had the chance to see Kiki again, she wouldn't want anyone standing in her way. An additional conversation with Nina about revenge not necessarily being the best idea helps Ava make up her mind. Lucy gets a lot of heat for her ELQ vote, and she tries to defend herself by reminding everyone that Jordan endorsed Cyrus. Jax tells her that Cyrus is still a bad guy and she made a horrible decision. Maxie and Lucy are at the party as Deception ambassadors, and Maxie tells Lucy she's not making the company look good right now, so she should leave. Anna tries to get Finn to talk about his father, whom he's barely spoken to for almost two years. Finn doesn't see the point in encouraging Gregory and Violet to have a relationship, since Gregory lives in California. Anna calls bull, since, you know, her grandchildren also live in California. Finn doesn't want to invite Gregory to the wedding because that would mean inviting his stepmother, too. Anna reminds him that families are often messy and he needs to get past whatever's causing the animosity between him and his father. Lulu bugs Maxie about not telling Peter she's pregnant yet. Maxie's worried about how he'll react, since they've never discussed having kids. Coincidentally, Peter and Dustin are having a conversation about that topic at the same time, and Peter seems open to it.

So many parapet scenes. So many people tempting fate.

Speaking of tempting fate, I can't believe they're really doing the Nurses' Ball.

Hey, it's Terry! Helping Elizabeth recap and provide exposition. Come on, show.

Nikolas talking about Kiki should have had the opposite effect on Ava that it did. HOW is she sympathetic after that?

Of course Lucy screws over an entire family and hospital, then whines that people are mad at her.

Finn's hatred of his stepmother better be justified after all this time. If it doesn't turn out that a) he once slept with her or b) she killed his mother, it won't be worth it.

For reference, the last time Finn and Gregory spoke (other than via email), everyone thought Ryan was Kevin. Kiki was still alive. Margaux was on the show. (Who? Exactly.)

August 17th, 2020

Ava's portrait has been defaced with a monkey face and CO77X. Elizabeth suggests that Ava did it for publicity, while Lulu thinks Ava or Nikolas could be the culprit. Elizabeth urges Nikolas to end his marriage while Franco tells Ava to do the same. Ava doesn't want to leave with nothing and go home to no one; she'd rather be in a marriage with someone she hates than be alone. She overhears Lulu talking to Dustin about Nikolas and Spencer's secret plan, and when she confronts Nikolas, she tells him she's not going to give him what he wants. They have a fight that turns into kissing, because apparently they're Nikolas and Hayden 2.0, but Ava says she won't let Nikolas try to use sex to manipulate her. Elizabeth and Franco make up, then immediately fight again about him letting Ava exploit his past. He kind of likes the ruined painting and wishes he'd had the idea for it back when he was really an artist. Then he wants to stay at Wyndemere and start repairing it instead of going home with his wife, who's probably going to lock him out of the house for that. Maxie's about to tell Peter that she's pregnant when Anna interrupts. Maxie confides that she's worried that she won't be able to juggle her new work responsibilities with taking care of her kids. Anna tells her that she'll have to compromise and prepare herself for not doing everything perfectly. She also needs to find her own way to balance work and her personal life and not apologize for it. Finn can't believe that Chase hasn't told Willow the truth about him and Sasha so they can get back together. Chase is worried that word will get back to the judge, and that will somehow convince him to change his custody decision. He also thinks Nelle is going to keep fighting for custody, so Michael and Willow need to stay together for now. Peter overhears Finn cautioning Chase not to let the secret ruin his relationship, as if we're supposed to believe that Peter's going to be inspired to confess all his crimes to Maxie. Brook complains to Valentin about what he did with her shares, then whines to Dustin that Ned threw her out (which is a mistake because Lulu's standing right there and just makes her feel worse). Chase picks up where Anna left off in bugging Finn about inviting Gregory to the wedding. Nina feels bad about turning on Nelle, we get it.

Was the monkey face a reference to Franco's interest in monkeys ten years ago? How well-known was that interest? That could narrow down the list of possible vandals.

Dang it, Lulu! That plot was going to be fun! Also dang it, Ava! You should have kept quiet and had the upper hand!

It's very hard to feel sorry for Brook right now. She needs to admit some responsibility here.

Is Kiki coming back? She's been mentioned a lot recently.

August 18th, 2020

The Nurses' Ball has transformed into a telethon, with volunteers accepting donations for front-line workers during performances. In addition, everyone's donated the money they would have spent on fancy clothes. There's still some drama on the red carpet, though, as Carly teams with Nina for interviews and gets in a couple of digs at the interviewees. Nelle tells Spinelli that Shiloh told her a bunch of stuff about Peter, including the fact that he was going to use that info to get himself out of prison. Spinelli rushes to tell Robert that this may be exactly what they need to take Peter down. While Michael and Willow are all happy and stuff, Nelle continues plotting to grab Wiley. Elizabeth rambles about Franco to Jason, mentioning that he may be going back to his old, evil ways, which gives Jason something else to worry about. Jordan gets a call from an unknown number, and when Curtis answers, the caller doesn't say anything. Later, Jordan gets what she says is a work-related text, then meets someone on the docks – someone who's supposed to be dead.

15-years-ago me is appalled by how happy I am to see Kelly Monaco back on the show.

Imagine calling to make a donation and the mob boss of Port Charles answers the phone.

Who set the room assignments? Some of those combinations of people were weird.

Once again, A+ facial expressions from Laura Wright. Steve Burton also gets an A+ for his reactions to Elizabeth.

Spinelli, your witness is Nelle. NELLE.

Funny that Sam told Jason not to use the ball as a distraction so he could leave the hospital, because I think that's exactly Nelle's plan – take Wiley while everyone's at the ball. I'm excited to see her try to go up against Monica.

Taggert's totally alive, isn't he?

Another Kiki mention. Should we start a drinking game?

August 19th, 2020

An unexpectedly hot microphone broadcasts a conversation between Maxie and Lulu about Maxie's pregnancy. All the volunteers and audience members hear the news, including Peter. He's excited about the baby and promises to make whatever adjustments are needed to ensure that Maxie can have both her family and her career. They call it an early night so they can go home and celebrate, but Anna's not as happy, since apparently we're still on that thing where she's convinced that Alex is Peter's mother even though there's no proof. Jordan's secret meeting is with Taggert, surprising...probably none of the viewers. He's left witness protection to kill Cyrus, wanting to ambush him outside the hotel after the ball. Jordan insists that her plan to bring him down is going to work, even if it's taking a lot longer than Taggert would like. Cyrus cheerfully tells Portia that now that he's chairman of the hospital board, she works for him. She knows he's bugging her because she was connected to Taggert, and he's not there for Cyrus to bug. Portia tells Curtis that she's surprised by how much she misses Taggert, even though they split up a long time ago. Oh, and by the way, they split up because after she cheated on Taggert with Curtis, she became distant and things never got back to the way they were. Dustin calms Brook, who's nervous about their performance, and she remembers what a great guy he was back when they knew each other in New York. She regrets letting him go and expresses her feelings with a kiss. Lulu catches them, of course, and tells Brook to get it together already. In the wake of Maxie's pregnancy news, Spinelli decides not to say anything yet about Nelle's claims about Peter, but he thinks it's more important than ever to get evidence. Cyrus makes an impromptu appearance on stage to thank the town for welcoming him so warmly. Epiphany tells Felix and Amy that the hospital is about to face a crisis thanks to Cyrus. T.J. wants to be friends with Brando, and Sam and Molly are going to have a hard time coming up with reasons to keep them apart. Valentin advises Peter to tell Maxie anything he's been keeping from her before the baby comes. In actual ball news, Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina do a Bieber-ish original song together, then are followed by Jax and Nina doing a semi-cheesy, semi-impressive dance number.

Are they only using original songs this year?

The Taggert revelation would have been a lot more surprising if there had been any other possibilities for who Jordan was meeting. I mean, who else would she have been contacting secretly? Morgan?

Also, Epiphany helped fake his death! (x)

Nina doesn't feel happy about Maxie's pregnancy makes her think about her daughter. Silly me, I thought it was because of Nathan.

I hope that every day, the writers regret not having Molly get pregnant.

They put Felix, Amy, and Epiphany on stage together and didn't have them sing? What a waste.

August 20th, 2020

Nelle fills Julian in on her plan to kidnap Wiley and run off with him. He can't talk her out of it, and he can't fight her blackmail, so he has to agree to sneak into Quartermaine mansion, chloroform Monica, and do the actual kidnapping. Brook hears Nelle on the phone with him and threatens to have Nelle arrested. Nelle and her giant pair of scissors get the last word on that. Nikolas announces that he and Ava (well, really him, since she didn't know about it) are making a huge donation to front-line workers and HIV charities. They're also funding a nursing scholarship and naming it after Elizabeth. Elizabeth is touched by the gesture, but Franco accuses Nikolas of using money to get back on her good side. While gathering herself in the bathroom, Elizabeth overhears Nina and Ava talking about Nikolas and learns about the infidelity clause in their post-nup, as well as Ava's intentions to get Nikolas to break it. Valentin does a performance that he dedicates to anyone who can't be with someone they love, but which is really dedicated to Nina. She's moved by the song but tells him he burned her too many times for her to ever take him back. He seems to think that she'll eventually get bored with Jax and come back to him. Ned and Olivia fight about Brook, then perform together. Michael's surprised that Valentin wants to keep him on at ELQ. Nina's wearing her half-heart necklace, because we just can't go a week without seeing it.

I'm feeling pretty confident that we're nearing the end of Nelle's time on the show. Yeah, I know I've said that before, but there's no way this can end without her dead or back in prison.

On the plus side, Brook and Ned's fight will probably be over after this. Also, it looks like Nelle slashed her throat, which means we'll probably get a plot where Brook wonders if she'll be able to sing again.

I'm interested to know what Nelle was going to use that scarf for, considering what she did with the last scarf she bought.

Julian won't have to worry about Sonny going after him. Once Jason finds out what he did to Monica, he'll get to Julian first.

Nicely done, Nikolas. Especially since Ava can't complain without looking selfish.

Can Ava and Elizabeth just swap husbands already?

I can't get excited about performances of songs I don't know.

August 21st, 2020

Julian successfully kidnaps Wiley, then realizes he's gotten into things too deep and needs to stop Nelle. He meets her on the docks, supposedly to hand over Wiley, but instead he pulls a gun on her. Michael and Willow leave the ball early to hang out at home and continue what is obviously their journey to falling in love. Instead, they find Monica unconscious and worry that something's wrong with her. They don't get too worried until Willow realizes that Wiley's missing. Olivia tells Ned he's turning into Edward and orders him to make up with Brook. Before he can, Lulu and Dustin find her bleeding in the dressing room and rush to get her medical attention. Elizabeth tells Franco that Ava's been using them as pawns in a game against Nikolas. Franco says he already knows, but she has it wrong, since Nikolas is the one playing the game. Robert makes arrangements for Olivia to visit Dante, but there's only a small window for it to happen, and she'll probably have to decide between that and staying with Ned.

Worst Nurses' Ball ever. Show, please set aside a budget for rights to familiar songs for next year.

Julian killing Nelle would solve so many problems. I still want a murder mystery, but I'll accept any plot development that gets rid of her for good.

Poor Monica. She's going to blame herself for Wiley's kidnapping without realizing Julian knocked her out.

I love how Nelle wiped the scissors off, then touched them again, like, your fingerprints are still on them, genius.

Franco ate something – drink!

I thought Chase was supposed to perform with Jordan. Also, why didn't we see him all week? They changed a bunch of stuff this week; there were a few things teased that didn't happen. I wonder what that's about.

August 24th, 2020

Nelle begs for her life, but Julian isn't even scared enough of the risk of Sonny coming after him to let Nelle get away with Wiley. He's about to shoot her, and the audience is about to pop the champagne and cheer, when Taggert comes out of nowhere and stops him. While the two men are fighting each other, Nelle runs off and makes a clean getaway with Wiley in a newly purchased car. Julian leaves Taggert bleeding on the docks and heads to his pub to figure out his next steps. Michael, Willow, and Monica are slow to figure out that Wiley was taken, but as soon as the police are aware, they pull out all the stops to find Nelle. Chase starts putting together a timetable of when Monica was drugged and when Nelle left the hotel, but he hasn't yet figured out that Brook's attack is related. Speaking of Brook, she's in really bad shape, and Ned is worried that her last memory of him will be him kicking her out of the mansion. Carly calls Jason to fill him in, and Jason calls Spinelli (of course) to try to track Nelle through her cell phone. Having promised Sam he would stay in the hospital unless there was an emergency, Jason decides this qualifies and leaves (also of course). Spinelli leads him to the docks, where he finds Taggert. Sonny is the first person to connect Julian to the kidnapping and pays him a visit (with Brando filling in for Jason as backup). Julian plays innocent, and when Sonny asks where Nelle is, Julian can honestly say he doesn't know. A police investigation about Jason's crash confirms that the part Brando installed was faulty. Jason is willing to give Brando the benefit of the doubt, since he's been open with Jason and Sonny so far, but Sam can't get past her suspicions. Nina feels partly responsible for Wiley's kidnapping, since she should have known that Nelle would go there and could have warned someone.

DANG IT, TAGGERT! We were so close to being done with Nelle forever.

Is Chase the only detective on the clock right now? Where are Jordan and Mac?

I can't wait to hear the excuse for why Lois won't be coming to town.

"Are you sure you're okay to help?" Yeah, Carly, he's okay to call Spinelli and have him do all the work.

I can already predict how Sam will react to Jason leaving the hospital.
Sam: (says nothing, just glares)
Jason: "It was an emergency!"
Sam: "Oh, I'll give you an emergency."

Julian knows about the tracking device in the kangaroo, right? If he really wants to stop Nelle, he should drop an anonymous tip to Sonny or the police.

August 25th, 2020

Sonny relays word from Olivia that Brook was attacked, and Michael remembers that she tried to call him around the time she was hurt. Carly is the first to accuse Nelle, and the Corinthoses guess that she attacked Brook because Brook overheard her scheming. They remember that Nelle had fake travel documents made up for her first kidnapping attempt, and fortunately, Chase wrote down the aliases on them. Nelle's gets him a lead on the car she bought a week ago. Meanwhile, Nelle gets lost on her way to...wherever she's going and gets some help from a woman out walking. She's going to regret not killing that woman, who recognizes Nelle from the Amber Alert she gets seconds after Nelle leaves. Brook is stable but still not doing great, and Portia warns Olivia and Sonny that she might not be able to talk when she wakes up. Franco and Elizabeth still can't agree on who's messing with them, so they "confide" in Ava and Nikolas that they're worried about each other's friendships. Nikolas basically tells Elizabeth to let Franco be with Ava since she deserves better (I'm guessing he means himself). With all the Corinthoses and Quartermaines at either the hospital or the police station, Willow's left behind at the mansion to wait impatiently for word on Wiley. Nina comes by to offer her support, which Willow surprisingly accepts. She's struggling to tell herself that Wiley isn't in any danger, but when she hears that Nelle might have attacked Brook, she can't ignore her fear anymore. Julian wants to tell the police about the tracker in the kangaroo, but Ava warns that he'll just get himself killed when Sonny hears he knew what Nelle was planning. When Chase brings Julian in for questioning, Julian stays silent. Cyrus plays caring hospital leader with Ned and Olivia, who have no time for him. Portia also pushes back against him, clearly not intimidated by his reminders that he's technically her boss.

It feels weird to praise a cop right now, but...yay, Chase! Way to do some solid detective work!

I like the idea of Franco and Elizabeth getting one up (two up?) on Ava and Nikolas.

If Nina isn't Willow's biological mother, this is an even bigger misdirection than them making us think Jason would end up in a coma.

Ava encourages Julian to kill Nelle but panics at the thought of him kidnapping Wiley. Why am I not surprised?

I'm starting to like Portia. I enjoy how she has absolutely no patience for Cyrus.

Two Kiki mentions – take two drinks!

August 26th, 2020

Brook confirms that Nelle attacked her but has trouble communicating details on what she overheard. Later, she remembers hearing about the tracking device and lets Michael know about it. The police found Nelle's phone next to her abandoned car, and Michael manages to crack her password and use the tracking app to follow her. While the woman who gave Nelle directions tells Chase about their run-in, Nelle stops for the night at a house and realizes she's had the tracking device with her the whole time. Jason takes Taggert to a safehouse, then has Epiphany brought out to take care of him. Jason guesses that Taggert faked his death to protect himself and Trina, and also figures out that Epiphany was in on it, since she's not surprised to see him alive. Epiphany declines to share who else was involved. Jason tells Sonny he's dropped out of the search for Wiley because he's handling another situation, so Sonny takes a break as well to get involved in that storyline. Taggert mentions seeing a man holding a woman at gunpoint on the docks, but he didn't recognize either of them. People keep warning Brook not to try to talk, since she could cause more damage to her vocal cords. She seems to grasp that this could be disastrous for her singing career. Sasha offers support to both Michael and Willow, the latter of whom is able to put aside their problems and accept Sasha's kindness. Nina's impressed, and she and Willow both admit that they miss having Sasha in their lives. Jax spends the episode pretending to be helpful.

So...Michael's going to kill Nelle, yeah? If she's dead and he's in prison, does Willow get Wiley?

Seriously, though, why is Chase the only detective working on both of the current major investigations? Did Mac just go home after doing preliminary stuff in the dressing room?

Which will happen first: the police look at Nelle's phone records and see that she was talking to Julian when Brook overheard her, or Taggert recognizes Nelle from the Amber Alert and Jason and Sonny are able to tie her to Julian?

I'm surprised Nelle's password wasn't IH8Carly, because she's SO FREAKING OBSESSED.

I absolutely love Epiphany admitting that part of the reason she cuts Jason so much slack is she might need his help some day.

Olivia was awesome today – she called to check on Willow and she basically treated Brook like her own daughter. She also didn't mention to Sonny that she has the chance to go see Dante, so I don't think she's planning to go, which means she's putting Ned and Brook first when they really need her.

Carly hopes Wiley will be home before Josslyn even finds out he's missing, as if Josslyn, a teen who most likely has her phone on all the time, wouldn't have seen the Amber Alert already.

August 27th, 2020

Michael finds Nelle and threatens to let Sonny have her killed in prison if she doesn't cooperate with the police and take responsibility for her actions. Nelle complains that he has everything and never has to get his hands dirty. After some more fighting, Michael goes to check on Wiley, and Nelle runs off, exactly as Michael intended. Carly and Jax arrive minutes later and Carly decides to go after Nelle so she doesn't get away with everything she's done. There's more fighting, and more Nelle complaining that Carly was supposed to be her sister and take care of her and blah blah blah, this obsession is killing me. Things get physical, and Nelle kicks Carly in the face and runs off again. It's dark, so she accidentally falls off a cliff (just go with it), and though Carly tries to save her, Nelle falls, hopefully to her permanent death. Sonny and Jason urge Taggert to kill Cyrus, coming up with the same idea he had about being able to get away with it because no one knows he's alive. Taggert declines, since he knows he'd have to disappear permanently and never see Trina again. He nominates Jason instead, and the two mobsters agree to make it happen, but Sonny doesn't think this is a good time. He wants Cyrus to fail ( what?) and for his associates to lose money and abandon him first, I guess so there won't be retaliation. This means Taggert has to disappear again and wait for Sonny to decide it's the right time. Curtis admits to Jordan that he feels kind of responsible for Taggert's "death" since he was too focused on saving Trina to also save her father. Jordan thinks Taggert knew what he was doing when he called Curtis for backup, and Curtis did the best he could. He tells her what Portia said about their affair effectively ending her marriage, which stunned him. He wanted to share everything with Jordan because he doesn't want them to have any secrets from each other. Not that she's currently keeping any secrets from him or anything. Trina and Josslyn go back to their conversation about how Cameron likes Josslyn, but she thinks he acts normal around her and weird around Trina. Trina reveals that they kissed, so Cameron's probably just feeling like he crossed a line. Josslyn asks Trina to let her know if she has feelings for Cameron, while failing to hide her obvious discomfort over the situation. Ned basically recaps things the whole episode while Brook keeps having dreams (AKA time-filling flashbacks) about their big fight.

This show sure does love to give characters ambiguous endings.

I'm sure the police will totally believe that what happened to Nelle was an accident and Carly tried to save her. The more interesting question is whether Michael will believe it.

I don't get why Michael would have rather had Nelle run away than keep her there and have her arrested. Carly was right – letting her run off wouldn't have ended it. She would have turned up again some day.

Guys, don't leave the toddler at the edge of the bed. he's going to fall out.

Why have Nelle wear her necklace for the past few episodes if she wasn't going to interact with Nina?

What a ridiculous contrivance to keep Cyrus on the show.

Way to do your job today, Jordan.

Like I said, Josslyn and Trina both have their phones on, so how did they not get the Amber Alert?

August 28th, 2020

Carly is really shaken by Nelle's fall, and after Jax comforts her, he tells her not to say anything to the police. He doesn't think they'll believe her, and they might seek prosecution to punish Sonny. Carly learned her lesson from the Claudia cover-up and knows this is a horrible idea, but Jax is convincing, so Valerie's going to have a hard time getting the full story out of them. Jason tells Jordan that he and Sonny know Taggert's alive and would like to know how Jordan pulled that off. Jordan hates how far into the situation she is, since she's risking her career and could even harm her marriage with all the secrets she's keeping from Curtis. Jason tells her that Cyrus clearly wants him out of the way to get to Sonny, so the two sides have the same interests, and he wants to work with Jordan. Michael is eager to get Wiley back to Willow, and the little family gets to reunite happily. Sam fills Alexis in on recent events in her life, holding back certain details like how she managed to get a new parole officer. She bugs Alexis about her relationship with Neil, and Alexis admits that when she told him she needed some space, she wanted him to object. She's used to men not listening to her, and now that one finally has, she's not happy. But when Neil comes by for a visit, Alexis sticks to her claim that she doesn't want a relationship. Portia and Curtis talk about their past, which Curtis has fond memories of, at least until he found out he was with a married woman. However, it sounds like that was actually a good thing, since it made him reexamine his life post-addiction and work to be a better person. Portia doesn't like how dishonest she was in the past, and one of her parenting goals is to impress on Trina the value of honesty. Curtis gets that, since he still has no idea of everything Jordan's doing behind his back. Dante's doctor, Kirk, tells him that the WSB is ready to release him without treatment because they want him for some big operation involving someone close to him. Dante refuses, not wanting to return to his undercover life, but he's ready to receive treatment and eventually get back to his life. Lulu randomly goes by the Quartermaines' to check on Willow, because why not?

Jax and Carly keeping a secret together certainly isn't going to make Nina feel better about their closeness. And Sonny definitely won't like it, though I assume he won't be telling Carly that Taggert's alive, so they'll just be keeping secrets from each other.

Also, let's look at the logistics of this: Carly wants to tell the truth, and Jax wants to lie.

"I didn't push Nelle!" Is it two years ago again?

Hey, it's Valerie! I didn't even think of her as someone who could help Chase do his job instead of talking to her husband and secretly meeting with a mobster, JORDAN.

Nina, Jax, Lulu – anyone other random characters want to show up at the Quartermaines'?

August 31st, 2020

Valerie buys Carly's half-truths about her encounter with Nelle and believes she's still on the run. She vows to find Nelle so the Corinthoses don't have to keep wondering if she's going to come back and mess with them again. Carly tells Jax she wants to be honest with Sonny about what happened, but when he asks her, she just says that Nelle got away. Michael tells Willow that Brook was the key to finding Wiley, and without her help, Nelle might still be on the road with him. Willow wishes she'd gone with Michael, since they're better as a team than they are apart. They both seem to agree that their marriage is somewhere beyond one of convenience, and there's a kiss. Valentin's trying to look like a nice guy to Nina when Sam runs into them and confronts him for not being honest about his intentions with Danny and Scout's voting proxies. She accuses him of wanting revenge on Michael because Michael threatened to expose his part in Sasha's scheme. Nina hasn't heard that before, so this is yet anything strike against Valentin. It doesn't help that when she tells him Jax has gotten a lead on her daughter via her necklace, Valentin says that's impossible. Nina is adamant that the necklace will lead her to her definitely alive daughter, even if the other half of that necklace is at the bottom of a cliff someone just recently fell off of. Alexis and Neil finally admit that they want to be more than friends and take advantage of the freedom they now have to be together. They take it to the bedroom, but in the morning, Neil is...dead? Sam isn't as worried about Jason's recent adventures as she should be, considering he was just in the hospital, but she's probably too excited to have him home to be negative. Danny gets the nice surprise of having his father home, and for the first time since Violet's birthday party, there's some Morgan Family Togetherness Time. Sonny tells Mike that he can go whenever he feels ready, and he shouldn't worry about how his family will be without him.

It was the same day for two weeks, so it has to be the middle of the night now. Do these people ever sleep?

I'm not surprised Michael and Willow are seconds away from getting together. I'm only surprised it's happening so quickly.

Since Franco got a medal for helping take down Ryan, Brook should get one for her heroics with Nelle.

Alexis is having a nightmare, right? They didn't get her this far toward being happy only to kill off her love interest?

All the cutting away before people kiss is so unintentionally hilarious. It's like they're doing something that's too harsh for our delicate eyes.

I hate to bring this up but didn't Jason say he was going to stay away from the kids because it was too dangerous with Cyrus around?

I didn't expect Jason to tell Sam about Taggert. Does this put her in any kind of position where she'll have to testify against Jason, and therefore should marry him ASAP to avoid having to do that? Just...just curious.

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