General Hospital blog - December, 2005

December 1st, 2005

Jax gets Elizabeth to trick Emily and Nikolas into getting together on their anniversary. Jax makes sure that Coleman is there as well. Sam and Jason decide to try to have a baby. Nikolas tells Courtney that he had Helena committed. Lulu gives Lucky an expensive watch. Georgie gets Diego to give himself up.

All I could think during the Diego/Georgie/police standoff scene was, “This is how Zander died.” And it made me very happy.

What’s up with the watch?

Poor Tyler Christopher looks like he just wants a nap. Someone let him take a nap!

Anyone want to contribute to the Send Coleman a Razor Fund?

December 2nd, 2005

Sonny demands that Robin find a way to save Jason, then tells Jason that if he has the surgery and something goes wrong, he’ll put him out of his misery. Carly gets Alcazar’s ELQ stocks but tells Luke she’s keeping them for herself. Emily doth protest too much.- Tony points Robin in the direction of Noah Drake, washed up surgeon/rock star/‘80s heartthrob.

Um, hi, Rick Springfield. I kind of...don’t want you to sing, if that’s okay.

What’s that, Natalia Livingston? Was that a shred of actual acting? I’m shocked!

Jason needs to fill out paperwork with his last wishes, then have the surgery. Because he’s being an idiot.

Call me crazy for asking, but where did Alexis and Ric disappear to?

December 5th, 2005

Robin convinces Noah to perform Jason’s surgery just as Jason tells Sam that he’s decided to have it. Luke sends Skye out to get Alcazar to take back his ELQ stock, but he catches on. Alcazar wants a second chance with Carly, but she tells him he has his work cut out for him. Justus and Lainey need something to do.

I’m going to start making a list of characters who cry in each episode, because it’s ridiculous. It tends to be Sam and Emily, with Courtney trailing in third. Today, though, the criers were Sam and Robin, surprisingly.

So, there’s this episode of Alias called “Welcome to Liberty Village” in which Weiss and Nadia show up for one scene, decide to go bowling, and then disappear for the rest of the episode. Justus and Lainey are the new Weiss and Nadia. Only instead of bowling, they go to the opera.

Someone tell me again why Alcazar and Skye aren’t together?

What was Tracy reading? It had “evil” in the title, which is funny enough on its own to not need embellishment.

December 6th, 2005

Jason prepares for surgery, making amends with Alan and Monica. Sam catches Noah about to spike his coffee and refuses to let him perform the surgery. He voluntarily backs down but offers up another possibility. Jax refuses to sell the Metro Court to Carly, so Luke promises to convince him to change his mind in exchange for some cash. Alexis wants to make last Christmas’ activities a tradition because it’s when she and Ric first made love. Sonny engages in some impromptu therapy with Lainey.

Criers: Emily, Carly, Monica

Hi, Ned! ‘Bye, Ned! Hi, Edward! ‘Bye, Edward!

Hi, temporary Nikolas! Don’t get too comfortable.

Awww, I love it when Jason gets to have nice scenes with Monica and Alan. It doesn’t happen often enough, but maybe now it will happen more often.

Psst, Noah! Your Australian is showing!

This Carly is so much better than the last one. She and Luke need to keep teaming up.

December 7th, 2005

Noah’s son Patrick backs out of the surgery upon learning that Noah is involved. Carly finds a creative way to convince him to change his mind. Luke tries to get dirt on Jax. Carly gets Lainey to get her out of Rose Lawn, then clashes with Robin and Sam. Georgie encourages Lucas to come out to his family. Ric promises Alexis that he’s not going to work for Sonny anymore. Lulu comes up with a (not so legal) solution to Lucky and Elizabeth’s money problems.

Criers: Carly

Hee, the new Kristina’s first line was a joke! She’s awesome. Also, more Luke/Alexis scenes, please!

It’s kind of nice to have an arrogant doctor around. They’re usually stereotypical, but not on this show.

I’ve been waiting for a Carly/Robin reunion fight, so I was very pleased today.

Go away, temporary Nikolas.

December 8th, 2005

Jason says goodbye to everyone, just in case. Just as he’s taken to surgery, Manny resurfaces. Carly plays pool at Jake’s and reminisces. Courtney confronts Emily about her feelings for Sonny. Emily gets fed up and signs her divorce papers. Luke gets dirt on Jax.

Criers: Carly, Jason (!), Sam

Stop being creepy, Manny!

Speaking of creepy, EW! Stop it, Emily and Sonny.

I can’t believe Patrick made fun of Robin’s height. They’re obviously going to get together, but she can do so much better.

I hate fake flashbacks! We know this isn’t the same actress who played Carly back then. Don’t try to fool us.

December 9th, 2005

During surgery, Jason dreams of his loved ones and Manny lurks. The lights go out and Manny knocks out the backup generator, then grabs a scalpel in the OR. Emily freezes when asked to help an injured Courtney. Sonny and Carly decide that they can never get back together. Luke successfully blackmails Jax into selling half of the hotel’s interest to Carly. Lulu steals $15,000 from Tracy and buys a snowmobile. Luke tells her she’ll have to work off the amount either at the hotel or Kelly’s. Lucky asks Jesse to help him work on Manny’s case without Elizabeth finding out.

Criers: Emily, Dream Sam

Oh, no. Will Jason be all right? I’m so worried. Oh, my eyes, they are a-rollin’.

How is Nikolas, who has no medical experience and one working arm, a better doctor than Emily? Maybe because she SUCKS.

Once again, Lulu rocks. Though I’m surprised Luke wasn’t upset about her taking money from Tracy because she just didn’t take enough.

Speaking of Luke, the speculation at TV Guide’s online soap section is that Jax isn’t really the baby’s father, which is what Luke is using against him....

Yes, Lucky, keeping something from your wife right after your wedding sounds like a capital plan.

What was up with that vending machine thing? How random.

December 12th, 2005

Jason’s surgery is successful. Sonny saves Carly from Manny. She tells Bobbie that she still loves him but they won’t get back together. Nikolas encourages Emily to stop doubting herself. Lulu eavesdrops on Jax and Tracy and tells Luke that Jax will put up money for a divorce. Tracy retaliates by having her arrested. Luke plays mind games with Jax.

Of course Jason is perfectly okay. Because it’s not like everything was conspiring against him.

Poor Lulu. I guess she forgot that Tracy plays dirty.

Ew. Now I want Carly to do something about Emily and Sonny.

Once again, Robin, you can do SO MUCH BETTER.

December 13th, 2005

Courtney suspects that Jax switched paternity test results. Sam gets Carly, Emily, and Sonny to help cheer Jason up. Carly tells Sonny that Emily is in love with him. Luke agrees to give up the money if Tracy will drop the charges against Lulu.

Lulu’s show-and-tell was awesome. She should...well, probably not be a teacher, but she was still good.

Oh, Robin and Patrick. Just make out already.

Awww, Sam is a good girlfriend.

Speaking of awww, awww, Jason and Alan! Jason should start hanging out with the Quartermaines.

December 14th, 2005

Carly gets Lainey to take her to Diego’s trial, but she leaves to go see Jason, who’s in the middle of an intimate moment with Sam. Diego’s trial begins. Courtney has another paternity test done. Jax tries to talk Emily out of falling for Sonny. Patrick bugs Robin about her feelings for Jason.

Um, Sam? Nice idea and all, but Jason just had brain surgery. Maybe you can wait a little while before you get any ideas.

Hi, Dara! Thanks for coming back to put Diego in jail. You rock.

Dang, Patrick is annoying. Cute, but annoying.

Leave Emily alone, Jax. She’s going to wind up ruining her life one way or another, so you might as well just mind your own business and let her.

December 15th, 2005

Alcazar is unhappy to see Carly at Sonny’s house. Everyone in town wonders if Emily is in love with Sonny. Jason finally asks her. Brook, Maxie, Dillon, and Lucas criticize Georgie for defending Diego’s actions. Justus has to go after Lainey to defend Diego. Patrick continues to bug Robin.

Someone needs to tell the girl playing Kristina that Carly isn’t her mother, since she ran over to her like she was. Oops!

Yay for Georgie! Some friends she has. Good point about Dillon - he helped a psychotic killer get out of prison.

I think at least three people called Sonny egotistical today, and at least one person called him misogynistic. Awesome.

Sheesh, SHUT UP, PATRICK. Never have I hated someone so cute so much.

December 16th, 2005

Sonny decides that it’s time for Emily to move out. Courtney gets her paternity test results back. Diego is sentenced to ten years in prison, then plays hero when Manny incites a shootout at the police station just before collapsing. Jax refuses to let Carly make any changes at the hotel. Skye agrees to a relationship with Luke if they start at the beginning.

Jax is right! I totally forgot that he didn’t even know Courtney was pregnant until after she had the paternity test. Which means Helena must have switched the results....

Ug. Stop it, Sonny and Emily.

Poor Jason. His best friend and his sister might be in love, his best friend is a nutcase, he can’t get a moment alone with his fiancé. Dude needs a vacation.

I figured Diego would be a hero. Now can he just go away?

December 19th, 2005

Sonny tries to bribe Patrick to let Manny die on the operating table. Sam tries to kill Manny before he can go into surgery but Jason stops her. Courtney’s test results don’t change. Emily admits to Jason that she may have feelings for Sonny, then finally confronts Carly. Jax and Nikolas face off.

I have to admit...I actually liked Sam today. I even kind of liked Kelly Monaco. What is wrong with me?

Shut up, Jax. Future parenthood is bringing out the worst in him. Please tell me he’s not going to get into a fistfight with a guy with a broken arm. I shudder to think what Luke is really holding over him.

What’s with them making such a big deal out of the new guard? Is he going to, like, kill someone? How bizarre. Also, why didn’t Alexis call Emily for help? Why would she call Jax to come take care of Sonny’s kids? That makes no sense.

So Diego’s really going to jail, right? And not coming back for ten years, right? Please? Come on, it’s Christmas!

December 20th, 2005

Lucky warns Jason that if Manny dies, he’ll be arrested. Fortunately for him, Manny may have woken up a changed man. Alexis launches a war on Sonny’s influence. Carly is told that she can’t go home for Christmas after all. Courtney, Jax, and Nikolas act like children.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for the writers: more Alexis and Ric! And actually give them a plot!

I don’t think I listened to a word Courtney, Jax, and Nikolas said today. And I don’t regret it at all.

Ha! Take that, Carly!

I’m sick of the Corinthos kids. Someone make them stop.

December 21st, 2005

Durant orders Alexis to defend Manny, who wants to apologize for his misdeeds. After Carly reveals that she won’t be home for Christmas, Emily agrees to help the Corinthoses decorate. Tracy refuses to pay Dillon’s tuition until he gets control over Lulu. Jax gets Nikolas sent out of the country. Robin doesn’t think that Manny should be held responsible for his actions. Nikolas gives Lulu a diamond necklace to remind her of Laura.

So is Manny faking? Or is he really a changed man? Discuss.

Ooh, a Laura mention! Too bad Lucky and Luke weren’t in that scene.

Alexis is probably the best person to get in on this Manny thing - after all, she faked dissociative identity disorder to get out of a murder wrap.

I have a Pavlovian response to Courtney now - I see her and I hit fast forward.

December 22nd, 2005

Robin asks Jason to determine whether or not Manny is faking his personality change. Sam is furious that Alexis is defending Manny. Ric and Alexis attempt to carry on their Christmas tradition with Kristina and Molly. Lulu agrees to play an elf at the hospital Christmas party after hearing Luke reminisce about Laura. Jax pretends to be drunk to declare his love for Courtney, then get a spot on the couch for the night. Emily appeals to Carly’s doctor to let her out for Christmas.

You guys, Kristina saved Christmas! How cute is she?

Alan had the best reaction to Dillon “hanging” himself: “Hi.”

Of course Jax was faking being drunk. I think he’s officially crossed the line to full-fledged jerk.

Why don’t the Corinthoses just have Christmas dinner with Jason at the hospital? Oh, sorry, is that too logical?

December 23rd, 2005

Everyone celebrates Christmas. Emily gets Carly released from Rose Lawn. Justus learns that Lainey’s father has Alzheimer’s. Patrick is upset when Noah plays Santa drunk.

Merry Christmas! Nothing happened.

December 26th, 2005

tells Alexis that if Manny gets off, anything that happens will be her fault. Emily doesn’t want Sonny to kill Manny. Georgie gets a letter from Diego. Courtney suspects Jax of sabotaging Nikolas’ plane so he couldn’t be in town for Christmas. Robin worries that revealing her HIV to Patrick will turn him off. Durant wants Alexis to throw the case. Carly tells Sonny and Alcazar that she wants to take care of herself.

Is Courtney surprised that Jax is a jerk? Where has she been?

Speaking of jerks, shut up, Dillon.

Was today bra day or something? And why was everyone wearing gray?

I’m pretty sure Manny is faking. Who thought I would be on Sam’s side on something?

Oh, Emily. You need to learn a few things from Sam about shutting up about Sonny and Jason’s business. Or maybe just shutting up in general.

December 27th, 2005

Carly accuses Robin of being jealous of her, and Patrick overhears her saying that Robin is HIV positive. Luke saves Jax from Courtney, then uses the favor as leverage for a consulting job at the hotel. Courtney spots Jax arguing with Dr. Meadows, who later gets hit by a car. Monica helps Jason and Sam sort out some relationship issues. Emily and Sonny are thrown together with few clothes on. Alexis doesn’t want Kristina to go to Michael’s birthday party.

I keep forgetting to do this - criers: Carly, Sam (a little)

Monica is the best mom ever!

Grrr. If Emily and Sonny are going to have sex, they need to JUST DO IT ALREADY.

I guess we’re supposed to think that Jax hit Dr. Meadows. Come on! He’s evil now, but not that evil.

Yeah, the way Patrick found out about Robin’s HIV wasn’t contrived at all.

December 28th, 2005

Carly sneaks in through Michael’s window to spy on Sonny and Emily. Courtney and Jesse both suspect Jax of trying to kill Dr. Meadows. Elizabeth and Dillon try to convince Lulu to volunteer at the hospital. Robin figures out that Patrick knows she’s HIV positive. He tells her not to be a jerk. Ric gets Alexis to realize that Sonny isn’t Kristina’s only parent with faults.

Criers: Carly, Courtney, Robin (a little)

I liked Patrick for a minute when he told Carly what he thought of her, but if he doesn’t get why Robin is a jerk to him, he’s too far gone to help.

Heeeeeee, I love it when Michael speaks his mind.

Whatever. Jax didn’t try to kill Dr. Meadows. Hey, does anyone know where Manny was?

Why do Dillon and Lulu hate each other again?

December 29th, 2005

The adults at Michael’s birthday party are tense around each other. During her deposition, Alexis accuses Sam of testifying to things Jason wanted her to say. Emily admits to Elizabeth that she’s falling for Sonny. Jason tells Sonny to say away from Emily. Courtney defends Jax, who is found innocent. Noah gets mad at Bobbie when he thinks she’s criticizing his drinking.

Why does Carly even care what Emily does with Sonny? The only reason she would care is if she’s still in love with him (which she obviously is). Otherwise she wouldn’t care if Emily got hurt. She should want Jason to be upset so she can say she told him so and comfort him and everything.

Ironic that Jason is telling Sonny to stay away from his sister when three years ago Sonny was telling Jason to stay away from his sister.

I thought Michael was going to wish for Emily to live at his house forever, so good for him.

Why is Alexis deposing Sam and then getting upset when she gets emotional and talks bad about Manny? Didn’t she expect that to happen?

December 30th, 2005

Carly throws a New Year’s bash at the hotel. Lucas comes out to Dillon. Nikolas and Emily wind up together at midnight. The Quartermaines have the most boring New Year’s Eve ever.

Raise your hand if you care at all about Jesse’s dead brother. Yeah, I thought so.

Hey, at least Sonny and Emily didn’t end up together at midnight, awkwardly trying to avoid kissing.

I wish Elizabeth and Lucky had more to do. They’re so cute.

Speaking of people who need more to do, hi, Quartermaines!

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