General Hospital blog - December, 2006

December 1st, 2006

Sonny, Max, and Milo rescue Lulu and Jason. After a drunk Lulu remembers the location of Spinelliís grandmotherís house, where heís headed, Jason tells her and Sonny that theyíre going to Tennessee. Elizabeth blasts Sam for putting Jason in danger and expecting him to save her. Sam does her a favor anyway by making Lucky believe that she hasnít been harboring Jason. Nikolas arranges for Alfred to lock him and Emily in the stable. His plans works and they reunite. Carly tells Dillon to choose between Lulu and Georgie. Jax questions Carlyís reasons for marrying him.

Drunk Lulu is HILARIOUS. More drunk Lulu, please!

Sam, youíre an idiot, but Elizabeth, shut up.

Emily and Nikolas are back together. Yay. Sorry, but thatís all the excitement I can muster.

I could try to care less about the Dillon/Carly/Georgie/Jax scenes, but it would take way too much effort.

Anniversaries: Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine
Kidnapped: Jason Morgan, Lulu Spencer, Spinelli

December 2nd, 2006

Next week: Lulu doesnít use her best judgment, Maxie wreaks havoc, Colleen goes crazy (um, crazier), and...road trip!

December 4th, 2006

Lulu takes advantage of Miloís crush on her to leave Sonnyís house, but she winds up getting caught by Alcazar. Carly arranges for Jason and Sam to meet up before he leaves for Tennessee. Colleen catches Nikolas and Emily together, and worried that sheís going to be fired because she and Emily donít get along, she runs off with Spencer. Alexis warns Sam not to take risks while Ric is following her.

Awww, even drunk, Luluís a cute little flirt.

I wonder if room 815 was another Lost reference. Maybe the writers are in withdrawal.

Someone please kill Colleen. Like, now.

Okay, give Nancy Lee Grahn an Emmy, then get her a nice wig and letís get on with this. Also, stop having her be mean to people. Yes, even Sam. Ironic that Alexis accused Sam of acting like a teenager when she was actually acting more mature than usual.

December 5th, 2006

Jax defends Samís actions to Alexis, who later covers for her with Ric. Sonny sends Lulu to Tennessee with Jason. Alcazar admits to Skye that he almost had to kill Lulu. Skye tells him she and Lila will move in if he leaves Lulu alone. Nikolas fires Colleen, who tells a captured Helena that sheís going to make everyone in Wyndemere pay. Maxie causes trouble for Dillon and Lulu.

Okay, Alexis, you can be mean to Sam or you can help her, but not both.

How the heck did Colleen capture Helena? I donít buy that.

Dillon, youíre not in a catch-22, youíre just in Everyoneís Mad at Dillon.

I knew Maxie was faking! Ha!

Skyeís logic does not resemble our earth logic.

December 6th, 2006

Lulu agrees to go to Tennessee if Sonny helps her prove Lauraís innocence. Lainey advises Alexis to be nicer to Sam when theyíre around Kristina. Nikolas, Emily, Lucky, and Elizabeth get together with Cameron and Spencer to decorate Nikolas and Emilyís Christmas tree. Dillon accuses Peter of hitting on Georgie. Sonny tells Carly that he doesnít think sheíll marry Jax.

Wow. Alexis is really unbearable right now. This is completely out of character for her. Writers, donít make me come over there. On a related note, rock on, Lainey.

Carly? SHUT UP.

Freaking mistletoe. Always makes things more complicated.

Actually, I do think Dillon was trying to show up Peter, not Georgie. Not like it matters because the whole thing is stupid. And if Lulu and Dillon get back together (which I definitely donít recommend), Peter would be good with Maxie. They can hate people together.

December 7th, 2006

On day 1 of the road trip from Hell, Lulu breaks down about her abortion. Alexis asks Robin to give her a physical to prove that sheís capable of defending Sam, but Robin announces that she doesnít think Alexis is strong enough for the trial. Elizabeth rejects Luckyís attempt to kiss her under the mistletoe, but when she runs into car trouble, she calls him for help. Colleen has some sort of plan that involves resigning.

Yaaaaaaawn. Oh, sorry. I saw Colleen and immediately fell asleep.

If I were Sam, I would track Robin down and give her a verbal smack for talking to my mother like that. And I like Robin!

Jason is probably hoping he never has a daughter because when sheís a teenager, heíll have to deal with her acting like Lulu.

I think itís time for Elizabeth to tell Lucky that she slept with Jason, if only so we can stop getting his little ironic comments about how she would never cheat on him.

December 8th, 2006

On day 2 of the road trip from Hell, Lulu learns the true meaning of Christmas...I mean healing, then gets pulled over for speeding. Robin gets drunk and winds up being the subject of a bar fight between Patrick and Coleman. Colleen leaves town, planning to return for Spencer. Ric tattles to Alexis that Sonny tried to kill him.

Dang, Ric, Sonny tried to kill you, like, three weeks ago. Itís a little too late to run to Mommy...I mean, Alexis.

Drunk Robin? Still funny. Though she would have been funnier with the other Tequila Girls. (Itís not like Kelly has anything better to do.)

What did we learn today, boys and girls? Donít speed. And listen to Jason.

With all the mention of the Christmas pageant, Iím guessing itís going to wind up being important. Like maybe Colleen will take advantage of the pageant to kidnap Spencer? See, I already wrote the plot. That means we can completely skip it, right?

Left town: Colleen McHenry, Jason Morgan, Lulu Spencer
Reunited: Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine

December 9th, 2006

Next week: Spinelli is helpful, Alcazar turns the tables on Ric, Sonny wants Carly back, and the road trip from Hell proves to be the shortest road trip ever.

December 11th, 2006

Lulu and Jason get to Spinelli grandmotherís house and try to sweet-talk her while waiting for Spinelli to arrive. Skye moves in with Alcazar, even after Edward expresses his disdain for the idea. Ric and Alcazar trade threats. Robin promises to look after an injured Patrick. Alexis asks Sonny and Ric to get along for Kristina and Mollyís sakes. Emily and NikolasÖI donít know, I ran it up. Colleen dyes her hair (slow day for her).

I didnít know you could drive from upstate New York to Tennessee in one day!

Dear Lainey, please consider taking Maxie on as a client. Some suggested topics of discussion: her feelings of abandonment, her survivorís guilt over B.J.ís death, her bad-boy obsession, her inability to let go of anything or anyone, and, oh, yeah, JESSEíS DEATH, because no one ever addresses the fact that thatís where this all began.

Shut up, everyone involved in the Carly/Jax/Sonny plotline. That means you, too, Michael and Morgan.

Yeah, Colleen, I can see thatíll be an ingenius disguise.

December 12th, 2006

Lulu, Jason, and Spinelli narrowly escape Alcazarís men on their way back to Port Charles. Alcazar turns on Ric. On Ricís orders, Lucky stakes out Alcazarís house but has to blow his own cover when a fire breaks out. Ric vows to get Elizabeth back as Elizabeth warns Lucky that Ric might be using him against Jason. Georgie tells Maxie to get over Lucky already. Instead of listening, she steals pills. Sonny is absolutely, positively sure Carly and Jax wonít get married.

Jason is James Bond! Except in leather. Which is even better.

Sonny/Mike scenes? Is it my birthday already?

I guess the priest Ric was talking to didnít get paid for a speaking role. I was waiting for the camera to reveal that it was someone else. (You never know, right?)

I wonder what Ric would say if he knew that Elizabeth had helped Jason while he was a fugitive. And wait till he finds out sheís the babyís father!

Hey, Lainey? Remember what I said about Maxie? Yeah, you should get on that.

December 13th, 2006

Alcazar steals back Ricís flash drive and prepares to blackmail him with it and a recording of him admitting to framing Sam. Jason and Spinelli turn themselves in. Carly warns Lulu not to get involved with the mob. Lulu enlists Spinelli to help her prove Lauraís innocence. Maxie steals more pills. Sonny plans a romantic dinner for Carly. Peter asks Georgie to help him research a novel heís writing.

I think Skye might be a little too proud of Alcazar for being a good thief and blackmailer. Those arenít exactly the kinds of characteristics you want to encourage in the father of your child.

Speaking of fathers, Carly, EVERYONE on this show has daddy issues. Including you. So back off of Lulu.

This Georgie/Peter thing is just stupid. Iím sure sheíll just wind up asking Dillon for help with the Hollywood stuff and make Peter mad.

And they moved Tennessee right next-door to New York when?

December 14th, 2006

Thanks to Alcazarís blackmail, Ric is forced to drop the charges against Jason and Spinelli. Disappointed in the results of his dinner with Carly, Sonny decides to go to the island. Dillon doesnít like that Lulu is working with Spinelli. Robin offers to help Patrick find an apartment. Cruz warns Lucky about Ricís interest in Elizabeth. Colleen rents an apartment. Emily and NikolasÖI donít know, but Spencer was trying to eat a Christmas card.

Boo hoo, poor Sonny. His ex-wife doesnít want to get back together with him. And why is he still caught up on the whole she-didnít-tell-him-he-was-Kristinaís-father thing? That was years ago. Incidentally, this was my interpretation of the Sonny/Jason scenes:
Sonny: Blah, blah, blah, Carly.
Jason: I want to go see Sam. Why is he still talking? I donít care. Iím hungry. Can I go now?

More shirtless, pantsless Patrick, please!

Now that Cruz has also noticed that Ric is obsessed with Elizabeth, I think itís fair to say itís not just a misinterpretation. Also, I kind of love Cruz.

I...really donít care about Colleen. At all.

December 15th, 2006

Jason and Sam celebrate the dropping of the charges against him by going home together. Carly wants to go after Sonny, but Jax tells her that if she does, heís calling off the wedding. Dillon, Lulu, and Spinelli do some role-playing and discover that Laura probably didnít kill Rick. Someone plants drugs in Luckyís desk drawer. Alexis warns Ric that if he keeps up what heís doing, heíll wind up in jail. Lucky suggests putting his and Maxieís ďbabyĒ up for adoption.

I totally forgot Diego was on parole! Nice point there. Thatíll probably keep Sam out of jail.

Awww, Dillon definitely needs to go back to film. He can make a documentary about clearing Lauraís name. Speaking of that, thereís a rumor that Kin Shriner is coming back, so maybe Scott is the real killer?

Man, that potential adoptive couple is going to be ticked when they find out their baby is actually a pillow.

I know the PCPD pretty much sucks, but how can absolutely no one notice an open drawer containing pills right in the middle of the room?

Back in town: Jason Morgan, Lulu Spencer, Spinelli
Exonerated: Jason Morgan, Spinelli
Left town: Sonny Corinthos

December 17th, 2006

This week: Ric tries to make a deal with Alexis, Maxie does pretty much what we all expected her to do, and Spinelli makes a new friend.

December 18th, 2006

Ric offers to drop the charges against Sam if Alexis gives him custody of Molly. Monica agrees to let Spinelli stay at the mansion until she learns that he, Lulu, and Dillon are looking into Rickís murder. Sam and Jason discuss having a baby (again). Ric finds the pills in Luckyís drawer and tries but fails to keep Elizabeth from seeing them as well. Jax convinces Carly not to go after Sonny, then goes off himself to meet with some woman. Elizabeth tells Lucky not to make a rash decision about adoption.

Hey, Elizabeth, you might as well kick Lucky while heís down and tell him the babyís not his.

Monica might have a plot? Itís a Christmas miracle!

Guess Spinelliís sticking around, huh?

SHUT UP, CARLY. Stop whining and pouting. Youíre setting back the movement.

December 19th, 2006

Lulu convinces Jason and Sam to let Spinelli stay with them for a while. Luckyís drug test comes back negative, but Elizabeth still doesnít trust him. Nikolas is nervous about Spencer being in the Christmas pageant, as well as about the fact that someone was holding someone else captive in his house. Ric doesnít realize that heís been confessing to Mannyís twin. I still donít care about Carly and Jax.

Thereís another bright side, Jason and Sam: you get to practice parenting a teenager.

Manny double! Iím so happy!

Dear Sonny, please come back so everyone will shut up about you.

I still donít get what Maxie is doing. Then again, I never know whatís going on in her head, so this shouldnít be any different.

Kin Shrinerís return has been confirmed for late January. So...yeah. Theyíre also saying something about ďa new storytelling techniqueĒ theyíll be using in February; apparently itís ďa first in daytime.Ē Make of that what you will.

December 20th, 2006

After seeing the toll the trial is taking on Alexis, Ric drops the charges against Sam. Spinelliís pot habit gives Sam an idea as to how to help Alexis. After Lucky accuses her of planting drugs on him, Maxie lets herself fall down the stairs. Robin and Patrick stand up to Ignorant Law-Breaking Landlord. Ric confesses to Mannyís twin that he planted the drugs on Lucky. Jerry contacts Jax. Lucky asks Lulu to tell Elizabeth she can trust him, but Elizabeth sees through the ploy.

Words cannot express how badly I want to see Alexis high.

Wait, Ric planted the drugs on Lucky? But I hate being wrong!

Apparently Maxie watches soaps because she knows that pregnant woman + stairs = miscarriage.

I wanna see Jerry! I know itís too much to hope for, but still!

December 21st, 2006

Alexis and Spinelli get high together. Jax heads off to save Jerry. Maxie ďmiscarries.Ē Jason thinks Ric set Lucky up. Nikolas and Emily spend an hour talking about Laura. Colleen heads back to Port Charles.

ĎBye, Jax! Told you you werenít getting married.

Huh. I thought High Alexis would be a lot funnier. Too bad.

I love how they waited three days to reveal that the priest is Mannyís twin. You know, in case the voice and the tattoos didnít give it away.

Awww, Maxie is so sad about her poor little pillow. Maybe someone can get her a new one for Christmas.

December 22nd, 2006

Spencer is kidnapped. Kristina speaks again. Sonny returns in time for the pageant, and possibly to see Mannyís twin. Jason gets Elizabeth the present she wanted to give Cameron. Tracy tells Georgie to reinvent herself.

A Ned/Alexis scene??? Itís like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one! Now he has to come back from Manhattan (and since when does he live there?) and get back together with her!

Oh, Spencer disappeared. What a shocker. (Seriously, did anyone NOT see that coming?) I think it would be a nice twist to have Helena be the one who took him, in an attempt to keep him away from Colleen. But the writers are too predictable and uncreative to do that, so I doubt that will happen.

Is it bad that every time Georgieís on screen now, my immediate reaction is to tell her to shut up? Because even if it is bad, Iím not going to stop.

Best part of the episode (other than the Ned/Alexis scene): Alexis asking Ric if he came to the Christmas party to steal Christmas.

Hope everyone enjoyed Alan reading the Christmas story because we ainít gonna see it again. (Jerks.)

Back in town: Colleen McHenry
Exonerated: Sam McCall
Kidnapped: Spencer Cassadine
Left town: Jax Jacks
ďMiscarriedĒ: Maxie Jones

December 23rd, 2006

Next week: No show on Monday, but during the other four days, Jason and Sam have babies on their minds (again), Helena and Mannyís twin come out of hiding, Sam gets a new job, and Elizabeth probably miscarries (remember what show youíre watching).

December 26th, 2006

Father Coates stops Sonny and Jason from killing Mannyís twin, Mateo, who they think is really Manny. Nikolas keeps Helena out of jail, thinking sheíll lead him to Spencer. Emily and Helena both suspect that Colleen is behind his disappearance. Jason promises to protect Sam. Colleen heads to Denver with Spencer. Maxie and Lucky blah, blah, blah.

Iím enjoying everyoneís double-takes when they see Mateo. Cruzís was especially entertaining.

Can Elizabeth at least pretend to be pleasant when Sam enters the room? Itís not her fault Jason likes her better.

I understand that Sonny and Jason think itís probably unlikely that Manny has an identical twin theyíve never heard of, but isnít it more unlikely that he survived a ten-story fall off the roof of the hospital? I mean...just saying.

Dang, even when sheís kidnapping babies, Colleen STILL puts me to sleep!

December 27th, 2006

Sam gets a job at the hospital, then runs into Mateo. Dillon, Lulu, and Spinelli peg Alan as Rickís murderer, then start to suspect Monica. Nikolas, Emily, and Lucky find proof that Colleen kidnapped Spencer. Elizabeth might be catching on to Maxie.

I...kind of donít like Elizabeth anymore. I donít know why.

Yes, Nikolas, you should have listened to Emily. Imagine that!

Maxie, youíre an idiot. I know, I know, you already knew that, but still. At least pretend to be sad!

If I hadnít already decided that the name of my new rock band was Rustic Toast, I would call it Stone Cold and the Goddess.

December 28th, 2006

Ric steps up his efforts to get custody of Molly. Kelly tells Jason that Sam should be fine if she wants to have a baby, but thanks to Mateoís appearance, Sam isnít sure they should have children. Lucky learns that Colleen may be in Denver. Sonny catches Alexis smoking pot. Sam finds it hard to believe that Mateo isnít Manny. Elizabeth reconsiders her decision not to reveal the babyís paternity.

SHUT UP, RIC. That is all.

So Sonnyís secret lair is...Starbucks? Heís Dr. Evil!

Oy, Elizabeth, just tell Lucky and Jason already. And also, start showing.

Apparently, when Alexis smokes, she gets stupid.

The whole Denver thing is pretty ironic, considering the current weather conditions there. Nice call, writers!

Am I crazy, or when Sam opened the closet at the penthouse, did it look like there were only leather jackets in there?

December 29th, 2006

Elizabeth meddles in other peopleís lives, then crashes her car. Skye, Alcazar, and Lila wind up stranded at Carlyís, but they leave before she gets to ring in the New Year with Sonny. Jason changes his mind about having kids. Maxie makes sure sheís with Lucky at midnight. Spinelli is a fifth wheel for Jason and Samís New Year celebration. Robin and Patrick whatever.

Iím surprised they decided to do their New Yearís Eve episode today, especially since it was still Christmas Eve on Tuesday. Thatís a pretty short amount of time between the two holidays. But they didnít make that big a deal out of New Yearís Eve, so whatever.

Does Cruz not have anything better to do than hang around the hospital? Maybe he should bust Elizabeth for BREAKING DOCTOR/PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. She really, really bugged me today. Mind your knitting, Grandma!

Shut up, Maxie. And yet...rock on. Kind of. Itís almost admirable the way she manipulates people and situations to always get her way. Almost, but not quite.

Someone get Robin and Patrick a plot, stat!

December 30th, 2006

Next week: no show Monday (again), but Elizabethís baby is fine (amazingly), Sonny and Jason go up against Alcazar, Carly finds a new project, and Sonny makes sure Spinelli can get Alexis all the drugs she needs. Awww, how sweet.

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