General Hospital blog - December, 2007

December 2nd, 2007

This week: pipe down, Ghostily.

December 3rd, 2007

Sonny turns down Trevorís deal, instead choosing to try to pay Johnny off. Johnny responds by vowing to take Sonny down. Harper canít actually arrest Nikolas, since he doesnít have a warrant, but he wants Nikolas to confess to the murder. Emily doesnít think Nikolas is guilty. Elizabeth tells Lucky she loves Jason and wants him to be in Jakeís life, but she agrees to let Lucky keep pretending to be Jakeís father to protect him. Jason decides that he canít be in Jakeís life, but Iím sure that wonít last very long. Kate tells Sonny she canít get involved with the mob. Patrick presents Robin with a compromise - theyíll shelve the baby talk for a year and see what happens. She turns him down, despite wanting to be with him, because she doesnít want to ďwasteĒ a year of her life. Carly convinces Jax that sheís been so secretive because sheís working on a big surprise for him for Christmas.

I love how Emily is so convinced that Nikolas didnít kill her. Genius, you didnít even know you were dead until two hours ago!

If Kate doesnít shut up with the I-hate-your-job stuff, Iím going to start disliking her. Thatís one of the many reasons I didnít like Courtney - she waited until after sheíd married Jason to be all judgmental about his job. You know what he did when you married him!

Awww, Robin and Patrick. Why canít those crazy kids make it work? Also, she maybe shouldnít say that dating him for another year would be a waste.

I...kind of hate that Iím agreeing with Sam on some things. Eck, I need a shower.

December 4th, 2007

The Tequila Girls (minus one, of course) reunite for drinks and possible table dancing, but Nadine and Leyla have already beaten them to the punch. Trevor tries to woo Kate back to Couture (and away from Sonny). Sonny tries a different kind of wooing, but Kate kicks him out of her house. Sam apparently wants to spend time with Cameron and Jake, but Alexis thinks sheís just trying to get back at Jason and Elizabeth. Lucky tells Jason that heís going to keep being the boysí father, but only if Jason agrees to stay away from Elizabeth and Jake. Johnny tells Sonny heís going to take over his fatherís business. Sonny hopes this means he and Trevor will destroy each other. Nikolas and Emily make me hit the fast-forward button a lot.

Youíd think that since Sonny was able to get into Kateís house without her knowing until she saw him, sheíd realize that anyone can get there.

Awww, the Tequila Girls can still have fun together even without whatís-her-face. By the way, Coleman looks like a mountain man.

Yeah, Iím sure Elizabeth would love to know that her kids will be hanging out at Sam's apartment.

Lucky has no say in Jasonís life, so...shut up, Lucky.

So apparently Sarah Brown (famous original Carly) is coming back to GH in January - but not as Carly. Sheíll apparently be either Angela Zacchara (yes, another Zacchara) or Sarah Webber (eck). Not Carly. And if sheís Angela, sheíll have scenes with Sonny and Jason. And she might hate Trevor and have a history with Ric. But she wonít be Carly. Iím already confused.

And speaking of comings and goings (which I rarely talk about here because my source is really unreliable - Iím still waiting for Mateo to come back, by the way), Lindze Letherman (Georgie) is leaving, and in such a way that it requires Kristina Wagner (famous original Felicia) to come back to town. Do the math. And Robin Christopher (Skye) is leaving in the spring. I have no opinion. Thatís how neutral I am on the character.

December 5th, 2007

After Nadine and Lainey get Leyla a cab, Nadine is officially inducted into the Tequila Girls. Patrick and Leo turn up at Jakeís and a drunk Elizabeth calls Patrick a selfish coward for not wanting to have a baby with Robin. Leyla runs into Jerry and they end up in his hotel room together. Of course, Alexis shows up. Jason tries to reason with Johnny, who still wants to take over his fatherís business. Scott wants Logan to be a cop, but Lulu points out that since he worked for Sonny, that wouldnít be a very good idea. Johnny and Jerry are suspects in Emilyís murder. Jason tells Lucky heíll stay away from Elizabeth and Jake to keep Jake safe, but if Lucky steps out of line, heís out of there.

I can definitely get behind Nadine being the new Emily in the Tequila Girls. Also, who thinks Kelly ran off towards the end because she wanted to catch up to Leo?

Wow, Johnnyís security sucks. He and Kate are both idiots.

Finally, someone noticed that Jerry has an English accent, not an Australian one!

I wonder if Logan is toying with being a cop because Coop is going to turn out to be the strangler and will have to leave...

December 6th, 2007

Robin and Patrick still canít come to an agreement, and at the end of the night, he ends up taking Leyla home. Alexis and Leyla find anti-male solidarity. Luke sneaks out of the hospital to drink, but Lulu and Johnny bring him back after his heart gives out again. After some guilt-tripping from Tracy, he finally agrees to the bypass. Kate knocks out her new interior designer, thinking heís one of Sonnyís goons. Sonny tries again to get her back on his side, but sheís still stubborn. Trevor tries to convince Lucky and Harper that Johnny isnít the strangler.

I think Leyla might suddenly be my third-favorite character (first and second being Alexis and Diane, of course).

You know, Kate, Iíd be a lot more supportive if you werenít calling Sonny over to your rescue every day, then making out with him before kicking him out.

Yay, Lukeís going to stop being annoying! Now if Lulu and Johnny would just stop having boring conversations...

I still donít get how Patrick will be upset if he gets what he wants (no baby) and Robin gets what she wants (baby with no father involved).

December 7th, 2007

Kate tries to make a point by taking Sonny to court over his wall infringing on her property by three inches. She retains Alexis, which hurts Dianeís feelings. Diane is further hurt when she sees the nice shoes Alexis received as her retainer fee. Maxie tells Harper that contrary to Coopís testimony, they werenít together during the whole ball. Harper joins me in the Suspicious of Coop Club. Maxie may join Emily and Leticia in the Strangled to Death Club when someone attacks her at home. Tracy is jealous of Skye and doesnít want her to visit Luke. She also doesnít want Monica to operate on Luke, since she doesnít think Monica will be focused enough thanks to Emilyís death. Ric overhears Lucky vow to make sure Jasonís violent lifestyle never hurts Jake. Trevor wants to make Skye an offer. Alan finally makes an appearance and warns Tracy to go easy on Luke.

If the ďoh, my gosh, those shoes are so awesomeĒ conversation had been between anyone else, I would gag, but since it was Alexis and Diane, Iíll just say...thank you. However, why couldnít Alexis tell Sonny itís not all about him, instead of saying that to Diane? Heís the one who needs to hear it!

I love how the cliffhanger was Maxie being strangled. Because...people care about Maxie?

Oh, weíre back on the Ric-knows-Jason-is-Jakeís-father thing? Iíd think he would keep that quiet since heís apparently still in love with Elizabeth or whatever. And wasnít he going to try to be nicer? Maybe that was just with Alexis.

I just realized - Carly was only on one day this week! Iíll consider that an early Christmas gift.

December 9th, 2007

This week: lots of Trevor stuff, and the strangler claims another victim.

December 10th, 2007

Georgie revives Maxie but neither of them sees much of the strangler on his way out the door. Harper interrogates Jason, who at least has an alibi for Maxieís attempted murder. Luke needs surgery right away. Kate has yet to figure out how to stop flirting with Sonny. She also flirts with the singing orderly whose name I canít remember. Then Jerry warns her that since Carly and the boys are protected, Sonnyís enemies will target her. I think some other stuff happened but I ran it all up.

I really, really think Coop is suspicious. And it would actually be very good storytelling because they dangled the possibility of him being the texter in front of us weeks ago and havenít mentioned it since then.

Oy, how much more of this people-think-Luke-should-wise-up stuff are we going to have to put up with? Well, I say ďwe,Ē but itís really just those of you who donít fast-forward all those scenes like I do.

Hey, at least Jason, Trevor, and Nikolas all have alibis for Maxieís attack, so that wipes out three suspects right there. (Um...right?)

Whatís up with Skye actually getting stuff to do? Did the writers finally realize that sheís more interesting than half the other characters? Way to go, writers!

December 11th, 2007

Lucky arrests Johnny as a suspect in Maxieís attack, but Georgie and Maxie canít identify him in a line-up. Georgie catches Coop (who seems very interested in whether or not Maxie and Georgie saw anyone at the house) texting someone outside Kellyís just as Maxie gets a message saying, ďC U soon.Ē Trevor refuses to go get Johnny out of jail, but Jason convinces Diane to represent him because he doesnít think Johnny killed Emily, and he thinks Luckyís vendetta against him is getting in the way of the police finding the real killer. Everyone talks to Luke like heís not going to survive the surgery. Tracy doesnít want Monica to operate on Luke, but they donít have a choice. It turns out Tracy was right to be concerned when Monica freezes up in surgery because she sees Emily in the OR. Luke winds up in a place he thinks is Heaven, but which Skye tells him is really Hell. A family superstition about an itchy elbow leads Nadine to suspect that someone is going to die.

No, Georgie! Run! RUN!

Hallucinations during surgery? Not good. Especially when youíre the surgeon.

If only Spinelli were Dianeís long-lost son. Hey, thereís an idea...

Perhaps Nadine shouldnít be so caught up in family stuff, considering her sister, you know, killed people.

December 12th, 2007

Georgie shares her suspicions about Coop with Spinelli, who discovers that the text messages were piggybacked on Macís phone. Jason nearly gets trigger-happy over Trevorís threats to harm someone else he loves, but Spinelli stops him. Trevor retaliates by organizing an attack on a shipment, which leaves some of Sonnyís men dead. While Monica freezes and Leo tries to make up for her mistakes, Luke spends some time in Hell, where Lulu and Logan have a bunch of kids, Tracy is married to Scott (whoís cheating on her with Holly and has Lukeís dream life), and Skye is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Despite Hellís best efforts, he survives the surgery. Sonny and Kate are definitely not over. And sheís probably going to have to drop the lawsuit now.

Oh, Georgie. Get yourself a bodyguard (and maybe warn Maxie about your suspicions).

Main problems with Lukeís idea of Hell: 1) Lulu doesnít want kids. 2) Heís too old to be a cop. 3) Even in Lukeís dreams, Bobbie doesnít exist. 4) Luckyís mustache. (Enough said.)

Monica, you should maybe not start out news about possibly dying patients with, ďIím so sorry.Ē

Lucky for Jason, he didnít walk into Sonnyís living room five minutes earlier.

December 13th, 2007

Georgieís suspicions seem to be well-founded, as Logan warns her that Coop can be obsessed with getting the job done (especially when the job is killing) and Spinelliís research supports this. Sam offers Maxie and Coop the use of her apartment for a romantic evening together, which will most likely conclude with Maxieís death. Johnny refuses to let Trevor force him into a war with the Corinthos faction, but Trevor thinks itís his best option. Jason and Johnny are both taken to the police station and questioned about the goings-on on the docks the night before; neither will give any information. Lulu tells Sonny that Johnny had nothing to do with the shipment interference, but Sonny doesnít listen. Lucky is furious to learn that at the time the shipment was ambushed, Johnny was at the hospital, hoping to see Lulu. Trevor plans to lure Lulu and Johnny to the docks and have Lulu killed in such a way that Johnny thinks Sonny is responsible. Alexis gleefully serves Sonny with a restraining order, not wanting his relationship with Kate to turn out the way his relationships always do. Sam wants to move in with Lucky, who doesnít like the idea.

Yeah, I guess Trevor didnít do his homework because thereís no way Sonny or Jason would order a hit on Lulu. So...yeah. Nice try.

Iím liking Sam only being on, like, once a week. Can we keep that up? Iím also liking the distinct lack of Carly. Itís like a vacation.

I wonder if anyoneís ever going to find out that Coop was Three. Theyíve pretty much completely dropped that; in fact, Maxieís flashback today was the first time itís been mentioned in a while. (Okay, Georgie overheard Jerry call Coop ďThreeĒ at the ball, but before then, nada for a long time.)

Whatever, Harper. If Jason thought Johnny killed Emily, Johnny would have been dead three weeks ago.

Hi, Cruz! I...really didnít need to hear that about your personal life, by the way. But hi!

December 14th, 2007

Georgie and Spinelli discover that a female soldier was strangled near where Coop and Logan were stationed in Iraq. When questioned, Logan unconvincingly claims not to know anything about it. Jason thinks Georgie might have asked Spinelli for help because she obviously likes him, news thatís surprising to Spinelli. As Georgie goes to the park to meet with the texter (whoís actually looking for Maxie), Maxie waits for Coop in Samís hot tub and Jason breaks into Coopís room. After Luluís planned death, Trevor wants Johnny to think Sonny is responsible and vice versa. He sets up a meeting with Sonny at the Metro Court, planning to have a sniper take him out. Kateís unexpected arrival may throw a wrench in his plans. Logan is suspicious of Luluís behavior around Johnny, but she promises sheís keeping her distance. Sonny thinks Alexis is upset over how their relationship ended and is using Kate to get revenge. Lucky changes his mind about moving in with Sam.

Hey, I thought someone was supposed to die this week! Guess itís Monday instead.

Iím guessing thatís Lucky at Samís place (and since when is it a penthouse?). And speaking of Sam, I thought she was going out of town. Eh, who cares.

Remember how Logan had a dishonorable discharge from the military? I wonder if the female cadetís death has anything to do with it...

Awww, Spinelli. Boys are so slow.

Kate is definitely going to have to drop the lawsuit. Like Iíve said, Iím all for girl power, but she canít use the justice system to be mean to her boyfriend. That said, I LOVE that she basically told Sonny that itís not always about him. Sheís definitely right that Alexis is WAY over him, and he canít always think people do things because of him.

December 16th, 2007

This week: someone kicks it, Felicia pops back into town, and thereís more relationship stuff for Jason and Elizabeth, Robin and Patrick, and Sonny and Kate.

December 17th, 2007

Spinelli joins Jason in Coopís room but theyíre unable to find any evidence proving heís the strangler. Later, he finds Georgieís body in the park. Mac is called to the scene, and Lucky is the unlucky (har har) person who has to tell Maxie her sister was murdered. Mac turns on Spinelli, accusing him of knowing more about Georgieís death than heís letting on. Kate trips, and when Sonny moves to help her, the shot being fired at him misses. Heís sure Johnny arranged the hit, but Trevor tries to convince Ric that he was the target. Lucky and Maxie are both surprised to see each other at Samís, but Lucky takes the opportunity to apologize for what happened between them. Diane tries to comfort a shaken Kate, but warns that the only way to keep herself completely safe is to take herself out of Sonnyís life. Lulu takes Johnny to Sonnyís house and they overhear him ordering Jason to kill Johnny and anyone who gets in his way.

Why couldnít they have just sent Georgie to Europe? This Christmas sucks!

Diane, please donít jinx yourself by stating that no one would ever want to kill you. Itís not that I donít agree, of course, but...seriously. Donít die!

So if Coop isnít going around killing people, heíd better have a darn good Christmas surprise planned for Maxie that will explain his strange behavior.

Poor Johnny. Oh, wait, I donít care about Johnny. Never mind.

December 18th, 2007

News about Georgieís death spreads and everyone is sad. Mikeís new waiter, Daniel, gets ticked when Sam wonít give him an interview and takes it out on the hula girl Morgan gave Mike. Sam gets a text telling her sheís next. More with the Kate-and-Sonny-canít-be-together junk, and Carly is upset that Sonny appears to be starting a mob war on Kateís behalf. Johnny tells Lulu not to talk to Sonny on his behalf, so she enlists Carly to do it instead. Elizabeth and Jason decide to heck with it - letís make out! Johnny kisses Lulu.

I swear, if that Daniel guy is the killer, Iím going to be so ticked. BAD WRITING. Though if he kills Sam, Iíll be willing to rethink it.

How weird is it that I ran up all the Sonny/Kate scenes and zoned out during every scene with Carly, but as soon as Carly barged into Kateís house, I was excited?

Awww, Spinelli. I might even feel worse for him than I do for Maxie.

Mikeís hula girl is the new blender.

December 19th, 2007

Though still unsure, Kate decides to try a relationship with Sonny. Trevor plans to arrange for Johnny to kill Sonny. Jason and Elizabeth decide to sneak around and keep having sex. Carly warns Lulu to stay away from Johnny as Logan warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Luke learns that he still needs bypass. Coop? Still creepy.


December 20th, 2007

Maxie is about as happy as I am that Felicia (whoís apparently been working with Frisco again - whatever) is back in town. Michael overhears Carly and Jax talking about Kate, then skips school to try to convince Sonny to take measures to get revenge. He also vows to run the business when heís old enough. Kate sends Sonny a Dear John letter and heads to Manhattan. Lulu convinces Luke to have the bypass.

Man, Felicia is annoying.

Ditto Michael. Shut up, munchkin.

Scott Clifton, please stay. Exhibit A of your awesomeness: in three minutes you outperformed Tyler Christopher in all his post-Emilyís-death scenes.

Kate is a coward. COWARD!

Mercedes, watch your back. Youíre very expendable right now.

December 21st, 2007

At Georgieís funeral, Maxie goes off on Felicia for abandoning her daughters. Dillon tries to comfort her later and tell her that Georgie loved her anyway. Robin turns to Patrick for comfortÖand maybe more. Everyoneís sad, and then, flashbacks! Carly keeps trying to get a moment alone to take a pregnancy test, but when she finally does, itís negative. Alexis and Luke bond over their respective medical difficulties. Tracy worries that Ned and Dillon will wind up feeling the same way about her that Maxie feels about Felicia. Lukeís bypass is scheduled for Christmas Eve.

I kind of love Maxie right now. I think she and Mercedes are tied for fourth-favorite character.

More Luke/Alexis (oh, sorry, Natasha) scenes, please!

Hasnít Carly only been trying to get pregnant for, like, a week? Chill out. You shouldnít be procreating again anyway.

If you think Dillonís hair is bad now, that flashback of his first meeting with Georgie showed that it could be a lot worse. And am I imagining things, or did that shot of Jason in the previews show him with SHORT HAIR? If so, Merry Christmas to me!

Back in town: Felicia Jones, Dillon Quartermaine
Dead: Georgie Jones
Back together: Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber
Left town: Kate Howard

December 23rd, 2007

This week: Sonny goes after Kate, Jason is lonely, and Johnny takes over. Merry Christmas?

December 24th, 2007

Dillon comforts Tracy while Luke is in surgery, but Alan would rather read her the Christmas story. Apparently Lukeís idea of Heaven is free drinks, the chance to sing Sinatra, and the ability to spew monologues and quote Norman Mailer. Maxieís still ticked at Felicia but tries to make an effort by giving her a present Georgie bought her. A sick Carly actually feels bad that Kate left Sonny right before Christmas. All Jason wants for Christmas is the chance to be with his sort-of girlfriend and son.

Dear Santa: Thank you for Alexis, Diane, Mercedes, Maxie (sometimes), Kristina, and JASONíS HAIRCUT. Please bring coal for Kate (just a small piece for her), Sonny, Carly, Michael, Trevor, and that singing orderly I still donít get.

Tony Geary sings! Who knew?

I kind of donít want Kate to be happy right now. Stop being a little girl and act like a woman! She needs Alexis to kick her butt.

No party? No actorsí and crew membersí kids? Only Tracy gets to hear the Christmas story? I feel robbed!

December 26th, 2007

Carly confides in Jason that Michael wants to be a mini mobster and sheíd rather him follow in Jaxís footsteps than Sonnyís. Trevor offers Kate her job back at Couture. Kate assumes that Trevor has blackmailed Warren, but Warren wants Kate back. She accepts her job and gets straight to work. Sonny blasts Diane for driving Kate away, then heads to New York to see her. Patrick gets jealous when he sees Jax comforting Robin over Georgieís death. Later, Robin decides to renew her search for a baby daddy, and she runs into Carly in Kellyís office. Once again, Luke doesnít want to make any lifestyle changes, even going so far as to call his Cuban cigar connection. Lulu pleads with Sonny on Johnnyís behalf, but he wonít back down. At the same time, Trevor tries to convince Johnny to go after Sonny before Sonny can go after him. Two mystery people see Lulu and Johnny together and decide to use her to get to him. Jason and Max secretly set up a safehouse, either for kidnapping Johnny, Jason/Elizabeth sex romps, or both.

Please, please tell me the Carly/Robin fight will continue tomorrow. I love it when Carly tries to go up against Robin, who wins every verbal fight every time. Sheís already off to a good start.

ďIím about to kill my lawyer.Ē ďReally?Ē LYLAS, Max. (Also loved the bit with the wad of money, which would definitely be Jasonís idea of a Christmas present.)

Has anyone warned Luke that smoking + oxygen = horrible flamey death?

Weíve gone through this before, Patrick, but jealousy is just not a flattering color on you.

December 27th, 2007

Maxie remembers that the strangler smelled sweet and develops suspicions about both Logan and Coop. Lucky and Harper give Spinelli e-mails that Georgie wrote to him, declaring her love, but never sent. Inspired by Georgie and Spinelli, Jason goes to the Quartermaine mausoleum to thank Emily for always loving him. Robin and Carly exchange barbs, but in the end, Robin comes away with a list of potential sperm donors while Carly is told that she probably wonít be able to get pregnant without help, OF COURSE. Trevor wants Johnny to attend a meeting with people who want to move some product through Port Charles. Lulu is stalked but at least seems to be on her guard. Johnny is a jerk to Lulu, who claims she wants to be with Logan, then seems to prove it.

The writers really need to work on making more of the characters likeable and sympathetic, because otherwise I just keep running them up. Like, why should I care at all about Johnny or Trevor? I couldnít care less what happens to either one of them. So why shouldnít I run them up?

Speaking of unlikeable and unsympathetic, hi, Carly! I think Robin should have pointed out that at least she had a list of men who might be willing to have a baby with her, whereas Carly person. Also, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BABY WITHOUT ALL THE DRAMA?

Jeez, when did Lucky turn into such a huge jerk?

Awww, poor Spinelli.

December 28th, 2007

Trevor wants Johnny to meet with a guy named Moreau and a bunch of New York mobsters to make it clear that heís taking over for his father. Moreau isnít at the meeting, but heís watching through the window as Johnny does Trevorís bidding. Oh, and heís Jerry. Sonny attempts to fit into Kateís fashion world, and she wants to put him to the test by taking him to a Manhattan New Yearís Eve party. Nikolas has an inoperable brain tumor. (What, youíre surprised?) Jason and Elizabeth canít find time to get together. Logan is still suspicious of Coop. The blender is the strangler! Okay, not really, but theyíve gotten about as much screen time. Some money-strapped mechanic named Joe with a tired, pregnant wife is hanging around Kellyís.

Every so often, they do pull out a great twist. Today happened to be one of those days. Iím guessing Jerry got his new alias from The Island of Dr. Moreau. At least heís moved away from James Bond-ish names.

Wow, Sonnyís homophobic. Iím actually not that surprised. Itís not like he has many likeable qualities anyway.

The writers know that brain tumors are considered clichť soap opera plot devices, right? And Nikolas knows that Patrick and Robin can cure anything, right?

If anyone was trying to cast a New York mobster today, they were out of luck - every actor fitting that description was on the GH set.

I mentioned the thing about Joe above because I think heís the guy in the ads who wants to blow up the hospital or whatever. Or maybe heís the strangler. Who knows?

December 30th, 2007

This week: Carly is suspicious of Jerry (as she should be), Johnny lets Trevor know that heís taking over, and seriously? More Luke-in-purgatory-or-whatever stuff? Seriously?

December 31st, 2007

Sonny tries not to be bored to death at a gallery in New York, but he canít help himself from getting arrested for assault while defending Kateís honor or something. Carly gets suspicious of Jerry when she overhears him speaking French on the phone. Elizabeth and Jason canít spend New Yearís Eve together, despite her hard work to get them together. Nikolas gets to spend New Yearís Eve with his hallucination. Robin and Patrick lose a patientÖokay, really, who cares? Epiphany is ticked because Stan hasnít called her. Find me one person who likes Cassius. Sam was nice to Joe, so maybe he wonít kill her when he flips out.

Christmas was sad...New Yearís Eve was sad...should we even bother holding out hope for Valentineís Day, considering last year everyone was being held hostage then?

I kind of wish Sonny had been arrested for punching out that annoying performance artist.

Listening to Sebastian Rochť speak French is ALMOST as hot as listening to Michael Vartan speak French.

Seriously, does anyone care about Cassius? I couldnít even remember his name until Epiphany said it.

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