General Hospital blog - December, 2008

December 1st, 2008

Sonny marries Claudia and immediately asserts his power in his business deal with Zacchara. Zacchara and Ric are both unhappy with the turn of events, but Ric quickly realizes that he can have some control in the situation. However, he doesn't appreciate the way Sonny treats his new wife. Sam and Jason go after the Russians, infiltrating the abandoned mine they've been using as a meeting place. Jake isn't there, but his shoe is. Oh, and so are some falling rocks. Carly interrupts Jax and Kate with some cold water and vows revenge. Kate somehow blames Olivia for everything that's happened recently, since she thinks Sonny knowing about Dante would have stopped him from marrying Claudia. Carly asks Trevor to be the hotel's in-house counsel and help her destroy Kate. Johnny and Lulu get caught parking and Johnny is arrested, then let go when the cop realizes he's a Zacchara. Johnny is unhappy with the special treatment and assaults the cop. Elizabeth realizes that she never should have considered being with Jason. Nikolas and Luke manage to maintain a truce and talk about their love lives.

Interesting how Sonny seemingly has a lot of power now, but Ric actually has some, too. I hate that Ric is so underutlized on the show, but when they do get a good plot for him, he's great to watch. Rick Hearst is so underrated.

And that's why you don't use an abandoned mine as your mob headquarters.

Lucky, I know you're divorced, but it's okay to hug Elizabeth.

We finally get a civil scene between Luke and Nikolas and we only get to see them for five minutes? Rip-off!

December 2nd, 2008

Ric thinks that Claudia might believe her marriage is an actual marriage. Sonny leaves the two of them alone as he visits Kate (so she can yell at him more, apparently) but they don't take advantage of their alone time. Carly thinks Trevor is sticking around Port Charles because he wants Kate back. Unable to get him to help her with her revenge plans, she turns to Nikolas. Since Jax went after Nikolas' home, Carly thinks Nikolas should go after his businesses, starting with Crimson. Lulu and Johnny plan to leave town to avoid the cop he hit, but Maxie and Spinelli reveal that the assault was never reported, so they don't have to go anywhere. Luke manages to get himself back into the mansion, but Tracy responds by announcing that she's going to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. Something's wrong with Nadine (uh, more so than usual).

Claudia's an idiot. Heck, I'd make out with Ric if his brother left us alone in his house while he went to visit his ex-girlfriend for no apparent reason.

Oh, Carly. Nikolas so doesn't care about your personal problems. He definitely has enough of his own.

So Lulu and Johnny spent the entire episode talking about running away, only to not actually go anywhere? What a waste of time. I'm glad I didn't actually watch those scenes.

Tracy, I beg of you, go through with the divorce. I'm sick of you threatening and never following through.

December 3rd, 2008

Sam and Jason track Jake down but realize that they'll have to save him without help from the police. Mac and Harper question Sasha about Jake's whereabouts but she claims not to know where he is, enraging Elizabeth. Sasha's mystery boss tells her to kill Jason. In Ohio, Nikolas meets Nadine's cousin and grandfather, who, despite already hating him, want him to marry her because it's her dying aunt's wish. Maxie and Spinelli are better with Emma than Robin is (though at least she doesn't do mob-related business with an infant around). Luke somehow makes it to the Dominican Republic before Tracy, and while they're stranded at a bar during a rainstorm, he tries again to win her back.

Why does Sam keep asking if they're going to call the police? Has she ever known Jason to work peacefully with the police?

Sheesh, Robin, it's been, what, two weeks? Chill.

I can't remember the last time Luke and Tracy had a scene that wasn't in a bar.

Nadine's cousin should be one of Sonny's bodyguards - he's HUGE.

December 4th, 2008

Robin briefly goes back to work but doesn't manage it well. Meanwhile, Patrick and Matt bond while taking care of Emma. Nikolas tells Nadine that he's not going to use her to stay in the country. She asks him to pretend they're getting married for Rayleen's sake, but she sees right through it and asks Nikolas to be gentle with Nadine. For some reason Nikolas decides that he should marry Nadine after all. Sonny threatens to kill Sasha, who tries to use Jake as leverage. Johnny warns Claudia that if Sonny finds out about their involvement in Michael's shooting, he'll kill her and blame the Russians. Carly tries to use Lulu to get information on a Crimson cocktail party Jax won't tell her about. Tracy still won't shut up about Laura.

...Did Claudia take vows that Sonny didn't? Because he thinks he's playing house and she thinks they're eventually going to have grandkids or something.

Carly may be juvenile, yes, but Kate's retorts are really weak, so neither of them is really shining here.

Yeah, Nikolas, I think marrying Nadine when you don't really love her is pretty much the opposite of what Rayleen wanted you to do.


December 5th, 2008

Sam pretends to want to keep working for the Russians, who have rigged the bar where they're keeping Jake to explode. Jason's trusty bulletproof vest allows him to gain access to the bar and participate in a shootout while Sam is battling Sasha. Unfortunately, he can't get to Jake or Sam before the bomb goes off. Elizabeth spills her problems to Patrick, then goes to her studio to have flashbacks about Jason and destroy canvases. Carly has an employee trap Kate in an elevator so she can gain access to Crimson's relaunch party. Claudia tells Sonny that she promised herself she would never have children because she doesn't think they should be subject to the mob. Later, he catches her and Ric making out.

Yeah, I'm so sure Sam, played by an actress the show considers one of its bombshells, is dead. As for Jake, well, it wouldn't be the first time they killed off a kid.

What was with that music montage? Waaaay too much angst and shooting and Elizabeth.

That was Carly's big plan - go to the party? Lame, even by her standards.

Poor Patrick. Doesn't Elizabeth have any female friends?

Left town: Nikolas Cassadine, Nadine Crowell, Tracy Quartermaine, Luke Spencer
Married: Sonny Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara
Totally not dead, but we're supposed to think they are: Sasha Donev, Sam McCall, Jake Spencer

December 6th, 2008

Next week: Sam and Jake are out of danger but Olivia isn't, Sonny tries a different tack with Claudia, and I'm going to have to hurt Jax.

December 8th, 2008

Sam rescues Jake and heads home with him and Jason, who's still all angsty about what's happening. Elizabeth beats herself up some more. Olivia encounters Sasha, who also made it out of the roadhouse, and overhears her talking on the phone about what happened. Sasha stabs her, then runs off as Patrick approaches. Olivia refuses to let Patrick take her to the hospital, so he takes her to Sonny's house instead. Kate and Carly snipe at each other over Carly crashing the party in the same dress as Kate. When Kate tears into Lulu for telling Carly about her dress and threatens to fire her, Maxie takes the blame. Both are about to be fired, but Jax strong-arms Kate into changing her mind. Sonny wants Ric and Claudia to stop making out in his house. Mac still hates Spinelli.

I can buy Kate wanting to fire Lulu, since she sucks at her job, but Maxie? Who's pretty much been running the magazine for the past two months? Nice to know you can be really good at your job and still not have job security.

I highly doubt Patrick would have taken Olivia to Sonny's house. Also, Sasha is an idiot, since Olivia saw her face and Sasha didn't even bother to try to kill her. Enjoy prison, genius. (Or, more likely, the bottom of the harbor.)

Was that a real phone Jake was playing with? It sure sounded like it when he took a picture.

Poor Spinelli. He did save a life - Jake would have gotten all blowed up - so shut up, Mac.

December 9th, 2008

Sonny is fine with Olivia staying over, while Claudia is enraged. Sonny also wants to tell Dante what happened, but Patrick tells him there's no reason. Elizabeth is happy that Jason and Sam saved Jake, but Jason is still all angsty because he put his son in danger. Maxie thinks that Sam and Jason will hook up now that they've gone on another adventure together. Mac tells Maxie that if she doesn't stop hanging around with Spinelli, she'll have to move out. Maxie calls his bluff by packing up and leaving, even after Robin has talked some sense into him and he's retracted his ultimatum. Jax and Carly are still really boring and need to stop standing so close to each other.

Claudia, you seem to be confused, so let me help you. When you got married, your husband basically said, "If I have to," instead of, "I do," and then he walked away instead of kissing you. That should be your first clue that this isn't a traditional marriage.

It doesn't matter who Carly's in a scene with - I still immediately want to hit fast forward.

I'm sure Maxie will wind up at Jason's, at least for the night, and she couldn't have picked a worse time.

Whoever made Jake's hair stand up before he went on camera is my hero.

December 10th, 2008

Robin still thinks she's a horrible mother. Jax kicks Johnny out so he can move back into his old suite. Lulu doesn't want to stay with the Quartermaines, since they won't let her bring Johnny over, so she goes looking for an apartment - of course, it's the same apartment Maxie is looking at. Both girls are too stubborn to let the other have it, so they agree to live together. Nadine tricks Nikolas into almost milking a cow, and then they make out in the barn, and then Nadine decides to tell Rayleen that they're not really engaged, and then they break off the fake engagement. And then Rayleen dies. Jason has to speak to a federal agent about the kidnapping/killing Russians situation, and Diane urges him to tell the truth instead of stonewalling. Sam tells Alexis everything about the Jerry situation. Alexis maintains that she was playing Jerry and reveals that the drug charges against Sam have been dropped. Luke and Tracy are still fighting. There's something with Jason and a house and Emily's money and paperwork, but he and Diane won't speak in complete sentences.

Someone please get Robin a better storyline. I beg you.

I'm so sure a that huge two-bedroom apartment was the cheapest one Maxie could find.

What? Jason bought a house? With Emily's money? I'm so confused. Eh, I'm sure it's for Elizabeth.

Sorry, but I really don't think Alexis is telling the truth about playing Jerry while he was playing her. I think the writers are retconning.

December 11th, 2008

Jason and Sam tell Special Agent Thomas Rayner what happened, and he decides that they killed Russians while trying to defend Jake, so the case is closed. Jason wants Elizabeth to know how dangerous the situation was and how close Jake came to being killed. Sam is in adventure withdrawal and possibly isn't interested in Lucky anymore. Sonny confides to Max that he wants to get Claudia to trust him so he can find out if the Zaccharas are responsible for Kate's shooting. He starts with food. Mac talks some sense into Robin, but it probably won't last. Maxie and Lulu aren't so good with compromise, so Spinelli and Johnny have to help them. Luke tries to guilt Tracy into taking him back.

Ha, I loved that little throwaway moment of Claudia switching her food for Sonny's to make sure he hadn't done anything to it. Very nice.

Some advice for Maxie - make Johnny pay rent.

Jason, please don't tell your baby mama how your kid almost died. I really don't think she wants to hear it.

Sadly, even Alan can't make the Tracy/Luke storyline palatable.

December 12th, 2008

Sonny tells Mike that he wants to gain access to the Zaccharas' secrets, namely who shot Kate. Mike wonders what that will mean for their relationship, since Kate obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with Sonny anymore. Sonny continues to be nice to Claudia to gain her trust, even kissing her. Jason tells Elizabeth that they have to end things and he can no longer be in Jake's life. As a parting gift, he's bought her house and set up a trust fund for the boys, seemingly with Emily's money. Elizabeth doesn't seem to get that she's been dumped and confides in Lucky. Sam sneaks into a van owned by the Russians and hears Sasha talking to someone about killing Jason. Maxie and Lulu are really not off to a good start. Nadine learns that Rayleen left her something special in her will.

Hey, why didn't Ric walk in and catch Sonny and Claudia kissing? What kind of a soap opera is this?

Dear Elizabeth, you got dumped. There's no "I think he wants to push me away." He practically used the words, "I'm pushing you away." I can't believe I'm saying this, but get back together with Lucky and let Sam and Jason go on adventures together.

I already can't stand Maxie and Lulu living together.

Oooh, a two-time guest star left a practically secondary character something in her will! I can't wait to find out what it is! Probably a cow. Also, if Nadine has to get married to get it, I can only predict that she'll marry...I don't know, Patrick instead of Nikolas, and then Robin will marry Nikolas, and then after a while Stefan will come back from the dead and randomly murder Nadine (even though he's kind of in love with her), and then no one will ever mention her again. I miss Chloe, by the way.

Dead: Aunt Rayleen
Injured: Olivia Falconeri
Rescued: Jake Spencer

December 13th, 2008

Next week: Sam is in danger (of course), Jason is both offered a deal and offers one of his own, and guess who's alive after all?

December 15th, 2008

Rayner offers Jason immunity in exchange for information on Sonny and Zacchara. Sam eavesdrops as Alexis tries to assert authority over Sasha. It works, but the Russians get the upper hand when they catch Sam. Someone copies files from Spinelli's computer. Zacchara wants Sonny to move against Jason. Maxie and Lulu are idiots if they think their living arrangements are going to work. Luke and Lucky commiserate over their relationship problems.

I figured Rayner would stick around for a while; otherwise they wouldn't have cast a soap veteran in the role. Also, doesn't he look like a combination of Robert and Sean?

Awww, I was just saying that Alexis and Luke should have more scenes together. Loved the mention of them trying to kill Helena together. I miss Helena.

Remember that package Claudia got. I think it's going to be important later this week.

Ug, shut up, Maxie and Lulu.

December 16th, 2008

Jason wants to keep protecting Sonny, so he's going to turn down Rayner's offer. He goes to Sonny to discuss the situation but winds up not talking to him about it after Claudia lets it slip that Sonny might be preparing to move against him. Sasha kidnaps Sam, who manages to escape but winds up falling in a...well? Maxie fakes noisy sex to annoy Lulu and Johnny. Poor Spinelli overhears, and Maxie tells him that though she did enjoy their night together, it won't be happening again because she'd just be using him. Later, Maxie and a barely clothed (if at all) Johnny run into each other in the middle of the night. Luke plays drunk to try to win Tracy back, then possibly has a real heart attack (but of course, she thinks he's faking). Claudia really seems to think that her marriage is real. Sonny would rather talk to Luke about the Zaccharas and talk down to Olivia.

They didn't search Sam for weapons? Worst mobsters ever. Also, random possible wells are just another reason not to live in Port Charles.

Can this Sonny/Jason plot end in any way other than the two of them teaming up to take out Zacchara while Claudia goes Fatal Attraction on her hubby? (I really hope Morgan doesn't have any pets.)

Every time Maxie says she doesn't want to use Spinelli again, all I can do is imagine him shouting, "But I want to be used!"

Someone please tell me this is NOT true.

December 17th, 2008

Claudia wants Sonny to have a Merry Christmas. He wants her to shut up. Johnny gets a job selling Christmas trees. Robin and Patrick try to make a nice first Christmas for Emma. Luke enlists Epiphany's help to make Tracy think he's at death's door. Alexis warns Sonny that now that he's once again the head of a mob syndicate, he's subject to prosecution the next time he makes a bad move. Nikolas and Nadine are still in Ohio.

Claudia's kind of killing me with her earnestness and cheerfulness and Christmas spirit. And also, the fingerless gloves.

Oh, Epiphany. You should know better.

Who is dressing Nancy Lee Grahn and how do I get that person fired?

Sadly, the Natalia Livingston rumor is true. Sigh. At least it's not Emily being resurrected.

December 18th, 2008

Claudia receives a DVD from Jerry letting her know that he's hidden another DVD, this one detailing her involvement in Michael's shooting, somewhere in Sonny's house. Lucky finally realizes that Sam is missing and goes to Jason, who puts Spinelli to work tracking her down. They suspect that her disappearance has something to do with Sasha, which Sasha reinforces by calling and telling Jason that she knows where Sam is. Meanwhile, a trapped Sam tries unsuccessfully to escape and dreams about Lucky. Nadine's uncle and cousin get millions of dollars, while Nadine gets an envelope...containing the patent for a plow that could make her a ton of money. Monica and Leyla accidentally expose Luke's scheme, which doesn't endear him to Tracy any more. Claudia offers Johnny money, predicting that he won't last long outside of the mob.

Heck YEAH, Jerry had a contingency plan! I bet he made that thing way back in the spring right after the shooting (I vaguely remember him saying he would have something in place in case he was murdered). I can't wait to see what happens with this plot.

Apparently there's only one Christmas tree lot in Port Charles, and no one has a tree. Not even Spinelli, even though he bought one and everything. Speaking of that, the tip money he gave Johnny? Mob money. Nice try staying away from that stuff, Johnny.

How sad for Sam that it took someone 48 hours to notice she was missing. Oh, and was Lucky wearing a leather jacket in her dream? Of course, that might not mean anything, since practically everyone is wearing leather jackets on this show now. Except Spinelli, who seems to suddenly favor sweater vests.

Okay, why did Nadine's uncle and cousin leave BEFORE she opened the envelope? Also, why is this storyline interesting?

While Maxie was buying that Superman ornament for Spinelli, she should've gotten a Spider-Man one for Jason, because of his Spidey sense.

December 19th, 2008

Sasha offers to trade Sam's location for money to leave town. Jason easily agrees, but just before Sasha can hold up her end of the deal, she's shot by a sniper. Meanwhile, Sam dreams of Alexis telling her to keep moving so she doesn't freeze to death. Carly sadly decorates for Christmas, then invites Sonny over to see Morgan. Claudia gets her first clue from Jerry, but it's going to be harder to decipher than she expected. Robert and Anna both turn up, though Robin and Anna aren't convinced Robert is well enough for his trip. Patrick asks Matt to be his best man.

Man, I knew they were going to kill off Sasha, but I was still surprised by that turn. Just when she was proving useful!

Okay, when and how did Jerry get into Sonny's house to leave all the DVDs, and how did he know where he could hide them? Also, if the first clue was an easy one, I can't wait for the difficult ones.

I think my heart grew three sizes when Sonny got to see Morgan. Too bad Morgan is a freaking robot.

Yay, Scorpio family reunion! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Back in town: Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio
Injured: Sasha Donev
Trapped: Sam McCall

December 20th, 2008

Next week: Luke and Robert reminisce (YAY!), Robin and Patrick better actually get married, and Spinelli and Maxie spread Christmas cheer. What should happen: Jason gets arrested for killing Sasha, leaving Sam stuck, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and both of them realize that they're still in love with each other. (No, seriously, I would totally be behind them getting back together. Then Lucky and Elizabeth can get back together and bore each other to death.)

December 22nd, 2008

Sasha offers up a couple of clues to Sam's location, then croaks. Jason leaves her there and has Spinelli call the cops while the two of them try to follow Sasha's clues. They're successful, but not before Robert and Luke come across Sasha's body. Fortunately, Mac saves them from being arrested. Robert wants Mac to walk Robin down the aisle, but he's the only one. Mac tells him to do the honor or go to jail. Sam dreams about what might have happened if she'd stopped Maureen from kidnapping Jake. Ric catches Claudia looking for the first DVD, so she seduces him to distract him. Kate wants to spend Christmas with Jax, and it totally has nothing to do with them having slept together. Morgan notices that Jax and Carly are under the mistletoe together and makes them kiss.

Claudia, you need to learn how to lie better. You suck more than you should.

Shut up, Morgan! Thanks for destroying Jax's spine!

More Luke and Robert, please.

Looks like according to the commercials, some of my Christmas wishes are going to be fulfilled: Sam and Jason are getting back together, so are Lucky and Elizabeth, and Robin and Patrick are actually going to make it down the aisle. Yay!

December 23rd, 2008

Santa's PDA is broken, so he asks Spinelli to fix it and find out what people want for Christmas. Spinelli and Maxie magically give Robin cookies just like her grandmother's (which lead her to her grandmother's lost necklace), glasses that allow Monica to see Alan, a key for Lulu that opens a box containing Laura's tree topper, a pawn ticket so Max can give Diane a snow globe, and a lighter so Bernie can light his Menorah.

I wonder what would have happened if Jason had found Santa at the penthouse. Those reindeer probably would have been delivering presents by themselves.

December 26th, 2008

After an hour of flashbacks and Maxie panicking, Robin and Patrick make it to the altar again. Jason anticlimactically runs the Russians out of town, then takes Spinelli's suggestion to ask Sonny to end his alliance with Zacchara. He also catches Claudia looking for the first DVD. Lucky and Sam acknowledge that their relationship has been bumpy but they want to be together anyway.

Yeah, I figured we wouldn't get the actual wedding until next week. Thanks, writers.

Just like that, the Russians are gone? The next villain better be darn good.

No, Sam and Lucky, you're supposed to break up and go back to Jason and Elizabeth, respectively! Don't tell me the previews are lying to me!

First Nikolas dumps Spencer on Alexis on Christmas Eve, then he doesn't show up at the wedding of one of his closest friends? What a jerk. Maybe he should be deported. And where was Elizabeth? Come on, writers, try to remember who was there just a few weeks ago and put them back.

Dead: Sasha Donev
Leaving town: the Russians
Still together, though they really shouldn't be: Sam McCall and Lucky Spencer

December 27th, 2008

Next week: a lot of vague stuff happens. Seriously, it's all really vague. I'm sure something happens, and then something else, and then possibly something else, but possibly something different from that.

December 29th, 2008

Robin and Patrick have an uneventful but successful wedding. Sonny thinks Jason wants him to take the business over again, but Jason just wants him to sever ties with the Zaccharas. Sonny presses his luck by authorizing the landing of a shipment at one of Jason's piers. Jason says he'll look the other way this time, since it's Michael's birthday, but next time he'll treat Sonny like any other trespasser. Sonny and Carly both end up with Michael at the aftercare facility. Rayner pays Sam a visit, leading Jason to tell her about the immunity offer. Sam is worried because Rayner was more interested in Spinelli than Jason. Jax tries to comfort Carly, then goes to Sam for information on Jerry's last moments, especially whether or not he could still be alive. Spinelli fantasizes about dancing with Maxie. Edward actually wants Luke to move back into the mansion so Tracy will be quiet for once.

I think I ran up a full 30 minutes of the show today. Even the wedding stuff. Seriously, it's not like someone's supposedly dead ex was going to show up and ruin anything.

Dylan Cash probably made the equivalent of my annual salary for ten minutes of lying in a bed.

Is this a play now? Did they cut the Sam/Rayner scene, or did they just not get the actor for that day? Why are such important things not happening onscreen?

I'm glad they addressed the fact that Elizabeth wasn't at the wedding, but what about Jax?

December 30th, 2008

Spinelli tries to help Maxie salvage an article for Crimson. Jax's spine has gone AWOL, as he and Carly spend New Year's Eve together and then make out. Also spending New Year's Eve together and doing more than making out - Nikolas and Nadine. Luke finally tells Tracy to shut up about Laura already because she's obviously more obsessed with her than Luke is. They play roulette for their future and wind up getting back together. Lulu wants Johnny to be more spontaneous, or something.

So boring. I'd rather read Maxie's no-doubt thrilling article about espadrilles.

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