General Hospital blog - December, 2010

December 1st, 2010

Carly stalls Dante's attempts to find out if Jax has been in touch with Jerry, then fills Jax in on the latest Balkan developments. He calls Jane and she claims she hasn't heard from Jerry, but he thinks she's lying. Bates tells Lucky that Ronan was keeping a safe-deposit box of info on the Balkan in Manhattan and sends him to get the contents. Siobhan is totally going to screw it up. Sam tells Jason to focus on Brenda's safety, not hers. Jax tries to convince Brenda that being involved with Sonny will harm ASEC. It doesn't work. Dante decides he can't be the person to save Brenda. Tracy and Luke think Lulu should be careful with Dante.

Whoever Jerry's lackey is, he's not very stealthy.

Seriously, writers? You're going to make Siobhan that predictable?

Olivia must be the last person in town who doesn't know Dante and Brenda have a past.

I'm so sick of everyone saying Dante's bad news, a liar, etc. Tracy's totally okay with Johnny hanging around, but not Dante? Look, until he actually does something two-faced, can everyone just shut up?

December 2nd, 2010

Jason puts Brenda on house arrest and assigns Spinelli as her guardian. She's supposed to go out with Sonny, so Spinelli enlists Max and Milo to cook for them at the penthouse. Sam realizes that someone broke into her apartment but still thinks she can fend for herself. The unstealthy lackey approaches her, but Jason's there to protect her. Carly summons Jane to Port Charles to help with the Jerry situation, but Jane thinks she's there to scare Brenda away from Jax, or something. Jax apparently thinks he'll be able to single-handedly protect Brenda. Alexander's autopsy comes back showing that he was killed by a regulation firearm. Patrick and Robin both confront Lisa over her confession. Michael and Kristina remind us that they exist.

So now Max and Milo are French chefs? I smell a spin-off!

Sam's waving that gun around so much, it's pretty much inevitable that it'll go off sooner or later. Also, please tell me that she was being bait in that last scene, and that's she's not dumb enough to walk around in an alley by herself while a psycho's after her.

When did Jane become so annoying? It must run in the family. I mean, she doesn't like Brenda anymore? She thinks Carly is awesome? Didn't she hate Chloe, too? Maybe she's getting senile.

Maybe that Lisa's-banned-from-approaching-Robin rule should go both ways.

December 3rd, 2010

Jason gets the unstealthy lackey to admit that he works for Jerry, but before he can spill if there's a connection between Jerry and the Balkan, he's killed by a sniper. Jason fires back and goes up to the shooter's perch to check it out; though he doesn't find anyone, he does find blood...which appears to belong to Johnny. Dante leaves out Jason and Sam's involvement in the shooting when he tells Mac what's going on, and is surprised when Mac tells him to take Jerry out by any means necessary. Mac also warns Jax that if he interferes with anything involving Jerry, he'll be arrested. Johnny sends Ethan to bring Lisa to his place to treat his injury, so Ethan pretends they have a date, which confuses Nikolas and irritates Maya. When Lisa tells Johnny that home treatment isn't a good idea, he threatens to tell Steven about her near-injection of Robin. Jax questions Jane about her communications with Jerry and learns that he sent her a music box from Bulgaria (also known as a Balkan territory). He tells Carly he doesn't want her involved, so of course she thinks it's because of Brenda. Carly hightails it to Spinelli and tells him they need to push forward on confirming Brenda and Dante's past relationship to keep her away from Sonny. Spinelli bugs Sonny so much that Sonny starts to take Brenda out of the penthouse. Instead they go upstairs and proceed to make out. Dante suggests to Jason and Sam that the police announce the release of Alexander's body and see who shows up to claim it. Patrick wants Robin to go to therapy, possibly with him.

For some reason I thought today's episode would be boring, and it definitely wasn't! (Well, except the Brenda/Sonny stuff.) You should have seen my face when Johnny stumbled into his penthouse, bleeding. Nice twist, writers!

If Spinelli doesn't know Brenda's right upstairs, he's not a very good PI.

I love no-nonsense Mac. I'm very happy he's involved in this storyline.

Maya had the best line of the episode: "My husband's going out with who??"

December 4th, 2010

Next week: The Jerry countdown continues - now with red herrings!

December 6th, 2010

Spinelli and Carly interrupt Brenda and Sonny just as they're about to rekindle things in bed. This leads to a big fight between Sonny and Carly, though Spinelli's really the one Sonny should be taking this out on. Dante comes up with a plan to lure the Balkan to Port Charles: they'll transfer Alexander's body to GH for a second autopsy and see if the Balkan steps forward. Michael runs into Abby, and they're joined by one of her regular customers, who thinks public groping is appropriate. Michael pounds his head into a wall, then realizes he could be sent back to prison for the fight and calls Jason to clean up his mess. Jason intimidates the guy into keeping quiet, but warns Michael that he needs to keep himself out of trouble, even if it means letting Abby handle scumbags by herself. Robin, Patrick, and Steven deal with a hypochondriac who yells a lot but bonds with Dante over opera. Suzanne refuses to let Sonny accompany Brenda to a charity event, sending Dante as her bodyguard instead. Olivia walks in on Lisa and Johnny playing doctor and accuses them of having an affair, though she's figured out what's really going on. She and Johnny supposedly break up for good, but we've heard that before, so who knows? Robin thinks Patrick is jealous of Ethan and Lisa's "relationship," which they soon learn isn't real. Lisa promises Maya that she's not trying to steal her husband, and Maia warns her to watch her wallet.

By the way, in case it wasn't clear, we're suppose to think Theo Hoffman is the Balkan. So Dante, don't get too chummy with him - he'll take you to Carmen and then try to kill you.

Hey, now, Jason, let's not get judgey about strippers. After all, you married one.

Olivia, feel free to mosey over to Jake's, get drunk, and wait for a certain chief of staff to join you...

Yeah, I bet Brenda called Robin and then got dressed in 20 seconds.

December 7th, 2010

Dante and Brenda enjoy each otherÔŅĹs company and are able to ignore the elephant in the room named Sonny. Brenda breaks a shoe, Dante buys some Cartullo knock-offs from a random woman on the street. Kristina meets Abby and brands her a golddigger. Robin connects with Hoffman over their love of Paris and humors him by admitting him for observation. Luke thinks Edward is using Ethan to get back at him. Edward has already confessed the truth to Molly: He wants to turn Ethan into the next head of ELQ and thinks he can influence him as long as Ethan's a part of the family. Maya admits that she has feelings for Ethan and is annoyed that he's treating their marriage like a game. Siobhan shows up in New York and refuses to listen when Lucky tells her he doesn't want her help.

I like to believe that the woman Dante bought the shoes from is a hooker. She might as well be, since he handed over a wad of cash to a woman standing on a street corner.

Yeah, Kristina, Abby's wants money from the teenager living in his brother's loft.

Edward and Molly? What a bizarre combination. What was that about?

And now, in randomness: The bad news is that Jerry is only coming back for six episodes. The good news is that at the end of the month, they're reairing four episodes from the hostage plot! So when you think about it, we really get Jerry for ten episodes.

December 8th, 2010

Sonny interrupts Dante and Brenda's good time, leading Dante to get drunk and tell both Michael and Coleman that he regrets not telling Brenda how he felt back in 2007. Siobhan comes up with a plan to use a hotel employee as a decoy...then shares the plan with one of the Balkan's men. Michael connects with Abby again, but screws up by offering her money. Hoffman tells Robin that he lost someone he cared about. Some comments from Diane lead Brenda to wonder if things with her and Sonny are moving too fast. Luke doesn't buy Edward's story that he wants Maya and Ethan to be together because he feels bad about the way his affair with Mary Mae affected their families. Edward then adds another stipulation to the million-dollar deal: Ethan and Maya have to live together. Luke reminds Lulu that as a cop, Dante's life is always in danger. Lulu suspects that Luke is going to scam Tracy before the wedding.

If only Olivia and Dante had gotten drunk together. That would've been so much fun.

I knew Siobhan couldn't be trusted! I just figured the rumor that she's really an Interpol agent was true. Eh, it still could be.

On the plus side, now Michael can tell Kristina that Abby doesn't want his money.

So was the loved one Hoffman lost a son with a Polish last name?

December 9th, 2010

Dante seems close to telling Lulu the truth about his past with Brenda, but he chickens out. He would also really like for Sonny to stop talking about Brenda. Lucky and Siobhan successfully get the contents of Ronan's safe-deposit box, though Lucky thinks it was too easy. The box contains surveillance photos of Alexander, Brenda, and Dante. Lulu may have overheard Michael telling Abby that Dante and Brenda have a past. Carly is still determined to expose whatever Brenda and Dante are hiding. Johnny sends Lisa to the hospital to get him antibiotics, but Robin catches her. Jason gets Steven to agree to help with Dante's body-release plan. Robin wants to let Hoffman stay another night.

I hope Lulu did overhear Michael, because I'm sick of her being, like, the only person who doesn't know about Dante and Brenda.

Since when is Johnny a top-notch sniper anyway? Though he's at least better than Ian was.

I wonder what that hotel employee would say if she knew Lucky and Siobhan paid her $100 less than Dante paid the possible hooker for her shoes.

I suspect that Jason/Steven scene was more for the actors than the plotline, since they're really good friends in real life.

December 10th, 2010

Sonny gets a love nest for himself and Brenda. Michael finally asks Abby out, just before Carly finds them together. Lucky tells Siobhan the circumstances of Alexander's death, and though she doesn't pass all of the information on, she does tell one of the Balkan's men that Alexander's body is being used as bait. Hoffman backs up Robin's accusations against Lisa, but she gets away with the antibiotic theft by saying the pills are for her housekeeper's illegal-immigrant cousin. Olivia tells Dante about her breakup with Johnny, so he goes over to tell Johnny how happy he is. Lisa shows up and Johnny has to pretend again that they're together. Lisa tells Johnny that she wants their "relationship" to be mutual, and if she's going to keep taking care of him, he needs to find her an illegal immigrant to pass off as her housekeeper's cousin. Elizabeth realizes she regrets pushing Nikolas away and advises Robin not to do the same with Patrick. Olivia and Steven make me squee.

Sonny and Brenda can't just hang out at his place...why?

You know, I kind of like the Lisa/Johnny thing. Think of the damage they could cause.

Poor Lucky. Why isn't he ever allowed to have a normal relationship with a person who's not working for the guy he's out to get?

Hey, Elizabeth, you can be jealous of Siobhan or you can be jealous of Brook, but not both, mmkay?

This really is the week for odd pairings - now we have Sam and Patrick. I'm looking forward to next week's Matt/Diane scenes.

December 11th, 2010

Next week: It's a Jacks family reunion!

December 13th, 2010

Steven informs Jason and Dante that someone has moved up the body-release time to that night. Dante and Jason stake out the location and are rewarded with a glimpse of Jerry. Sonny and Brenda have sex; I hit fast-forward. Carly gives Abby the third degree, and even though Abby won't reveal too much, Carly tells her to end things with Michael. Luke asks Lucky to help him fleece some customers so he can afford the wedding. Lucky suspects he really wants the money so he can take off, and Tracy confides to Brook that she thinks the same thing. Johnny comes through for Lisa. Jason uses his own experiences to advise Dante that acting on his feelings might not be worth it. Maxie tries to get Robin and Patrick to double date with her and Matt, but it doesn't work. Siobhan asks Nikolas to help her convince Lucky to stop working undercover.

Why do we only get Jerry for six days??

Hey, Carly, you remember how Michael's 18 and can do whatever he wants, right?

I wish Nikolas had been one of the high-rollers Luke wanted Lucky to fleece. Then he could have a Cassadine-financed wedding. It would be fitting, since it was Nikolas' money Luke married Tracy to get in the first place.

I love Maxie pointing out to Robin that her husband is hot. Seriously, what else does she need?

December 14th, 2010

Jerry holds a morgue attendant at gunpoint and calls Jason out of hiding. As Dante tries to get a good vantage point to shoot him, Jerry tells Jason that Brenda's sucked him into her web like she does with every guy, and he's there to stop her. He shoots the attendant and takes off with Alexander's body, so Jason and Dante go after him, calling Lucky in for backup. Jerry drives himself and Alexander's body into a ravine, and though Dante thinks he's a goner, Jason's smart enough to know it's probably not true. Carly continues to break Abby down until Abby finally tells Michael they can't see each other. Carly asks Sam for more information on Abby, but Sam just warns her not to interfere. Luke is itching to jump ship, but he admits to Ethan that he doesn't think he can live without Tracy. She overhears, which is nice, since she's expecting to be stood up at the altar. Johnny spills Lisa's secrets to Ethan, so Lisa decides it's time to cut ties and get her syringe back. Johnny's having too much fun blackmailing her and makes her spend the night. Robin is still skeptical about Lisa's story, even with an actual sick illegal immigrant in her presence, and she's frustrated that Patrick isn't on her side (again). The shooting of the attendant makes Patrick think about the hostage situation and how scared he was for Robin, which leads to them having an actual sweet moment together.

"Yes, it's a gun." I love you, Jerry.

You can tell Dante hasn't been on a soap for a long time because he thinks a seemingly unsurvivable situation means no survivors. Someone should tell him about the time Brenda's mother drove her into the ocean.

Awww, Abby, it's okay. I'm scared of Carly, too. Also, wasn't the older guy Carly saw in high school Reese's dad? So...maybe not a comparable situation there.

Luke only has a week to come up with money for the wedding? Time to start selling plasma, old man.

Ethan semi-threatening Lisa was kind of creepy. And Johnny and Lisa threatening each other was...kind of hot, in a twisted way. did Patrick perform surgery so quickly?

December 15th, 2010

Jason tells Carly that Jerry seems to be dead, though both know it's unlikely. Dante gives Brenda the same news, and she passes it on to Jax, who says he's fine with it as long as Brenda's safe. Carly comes home to find Jerry hanging out with Josslyn, but she's unable to alert anyone to his presence. Jerry tells her he's doing her a favor by getting rid of Brenda. Dante complains about all he's compromised, compares Sonny to Jerry, and tells Jason to convince Brenda to go back to Rome. Jason tells him to stuff it. Michael thinks Abby ditched him because she's afraid of him. He stands up for Kristina when a classmate starts bugging her, but the guy turns on him and says some ridiculous stuff that almost sets Michael off, including insulting him for not dating anyone. Abby shows up in time to pretend she and Michael are together. Theo announces that he's suing Patrick, Steven, Lisa, and the hospital for malpractice. Sonny gets Brenda a Christmas tree. Claire's being transferred to Alaska. Luke is still thinking about splitting.

Mercedes is so fired. There's no way she doesn't know Jerry's a baddie.

Usually I like Dante, but seriously, cram it, Whiney. You're just jealous.

Abby gets five awesome points for her rescue today. Maybe now Kristina will be nicer about her.

I really shouldn't have the urge to hit fast-forward every time Brenda and Sonny have a scene together, right?

December 16th, 2010

Jerry tells Jax that he only loves a handful of people - him, Jane, and Josslyn - and since Carly and Brenda don't make the list, they're both expendable. He goes on to back this up by pulling a gun on Carly and threatening to shoot her unless Jax lets him leave the house. Jax has no choice but to let him go, and Carly takes her sweet time letting Jason and Brenda know that he was in her house. At the same time, Sonny goes to Jax and demands to know where Jerry is. Brenda and Dante are served with papers for the wrongful death of the guy Brenda killed back in November...and Theo is somehow involved. Siobhan tries to convince Lucky to drop the Balkan case, since Brenda has enough protectors. Later she meets with Jerry, who wants her to kill Lucky. Theo explains that he's suing the hospital because no one referred him for a psych consult. Oh, and he was a trial lawyer for 40 years. Michael finally wears Abby down and gets her to agree to a date. Nikolas wants to draw up employment papers and an expense account for Brook, leading Alexis to point out that he's basically making her his legal mistress.

Actually, Jerry, Carly and Brenda are two of the least expendable people on the show. But you can do whatever the heck you want to Siobhan.

Theo has to be the Balkan. First of all, he obviously likes filing lawsuits. And second, who else would it be? (I'm now convinced Jerry's a red herring. He's not going to be around enough for the rest of the storyline, so it makes no sense.)

Jason, you moron, if you let Brenda hang out with Sonny instead of making her stay in the penthouse all the time, think of how quiet it'll be. Think of all the free time you'll have. Think of how happy you'll be...

Five bucks says Michael and Abby wind up having their first date at the Metro Court.

December 17th, 2010

Siobhan urges Jerry, who she believes is the Balkan, to kill Jason and leave Lucky alone. She's shocked to learn that not only is Jerry not the Balkan, he's never met the guy...who happens to be Theo. Theo's also a lawyer with Diane's firm, sent to help take over Sonny-related cases, and Diane and Alexis tell him about the civil suit against Brenda and Dante. Jax wants to take matters into his own hands and kill Jerry if necessary. Sonny, Brenda, and Carly finally agree on something: that it's a bad idea. Brenda tells Carly why the Balkan's after her, which just makes Carly madder at Dante for being a hypocrite. Lucky gets a call from Siobhan's sister, who says she hasnít heard from Siobhan for weeks and can't connect to her cell phone. Dante overhears Lulu asking Maxie if she thinks Dante's keeping more from her about Brenda. Elizabeth advises Brook to leave town while she still has some dignity. Brook replies that she has a lot more dignity than the woman with three kids by three different men.

Okay, so I'm not surprised that Theo's the Balkan, but I like the way they tried to throw us off the trail at the last minute, by having Siobhan believe Jerry was the Balkan and revealing that Theo's a lawyer with Diane's firm. Nice red herrings. Luke would approve.

I can't decide which moment from today's episode was the most surprising: 1) Jax admitting that Jerry's worse than Sonny and Jason, 2) Siobhan really does have a sister, or 3) Theo might not actually be European.

You know what, Brook? You may bore me half the time, but rock on. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I totally forgot that Alexis defended Brenda and Jason when they were on trial for Alcazar I's murder. She pulled a Justus!

December 18th, 2010

Next week: Ironically, someone proposes at Luke and Tracy's wedding. Also, two episodes from the hostage storyline!

December 20th, 2010

Theo tells Jerry to leave Lucky alone and stop trying to take control. Jerry demands more money to keep working with him, so Theo terminates their work relationship and has him shot. As Siobhan looks on, Jerry falls into the harbor, and Siobhan immediately receives a phone call from Theo. He gives her a story to give to Lucky so he'll figure out Jerry's most likely dead without being suspicious of Siobhan's involvement. Sonny and Jason have to talk Carly down so she won't tell anyone that Brenda killed Alexander. Brenda still doesn't want to talk about the baby, but Spinelli does - he tells Carly that back in 2007, Dante paid a firm that specializes in family law. Lulu figures out that Dante overheard her talking to Maxie about her Brenda-related insecurities, but he tells her it's reasonable. Brenda and Jason briefly meet Theo, and Jason's Spidey sense seems to be a-tingling. Luke might marry Tracy just to prove her wrong.

Sorry, writers, not buying that Jerry's dead. I'm not as dumb as Dante. And Siobhan telling everyone he's probably dead means he can someday sneak back into town without anyone seeing him coming.

Is there a little mini-Brenda out there somewhere? If it's a girl, I bet she's adorable and fashionable.

Why is Alexis talking to Sonny about the lawsuit against Brenda and Dante? He's her boyfriend, not her lawyer.

Okay, where's the money coming from to pay for the wedding? I'm telling you, Luke should get Nikolas to pay for it.

December 21st, 2010

Edward offers Luke a blank check to skip town, but he refuses (and it was a test anyway). Both parties struggle to get to the altar, and Luke has the added stumbling blocks of Tracy's guidelines, but both get there, and it looks like they'll actually get married. Robin and Patrick agree to work together to make Christmas special for Emma. In case it's important, Lisa leaves a message for someone. Sonny plans a Christmas brunch for his kids and Brenda, which Michael notes is a big step. Carly sends Spinelli to New York to break into the law firm Dante paid in 2007, suspecting that either he and Brenda got married and divorced or they placed a child for adoption. Jason and Sam finally get the penthouse to themselves, so they decide to...get a Christmas tree (not a euphemism).

My mom predicts that Tracy will tear up the pre-nup. That sounds about right. (Sorry, Alice!) Speaking of the pre-nup, doesn't Tracy hate Alexis? Why would she use her as her lawyer?

I'm all for creating happy memories for the kids and all, but Emma's two. I don't think she'll remember this Christmas whether it's good or bad.

I hate it when Carly's right.

For once, I'm kind of sad someone DIDN'T mention Emily - when Brenda listed the people Edward's lost, she mentioned Lila, Alan, and A.J., but not Emily.

December 22nd, 2010

Spinelli returns from New York and, just after making peace with Dante, gives Carly the news that Dante and Brenda had a child, which he gave her full custody of. Just as Carly gleefully realizes that Brenda had Sonny's grandson, Grandpa proposes. Luke refuses to let Tracy see the pre-nup, so she almost walks out before they say "I do." Brook, of all people, tells her to take a risk and get married already, which works. Tracy later learns that Luke did sign the pre-nup, just with the name Wile E. Coyote. Molly disapproves of Jason and Sam's Christmas tree and encourages her sister's boyfriend to be more romantic. Instead, Jason decides to take Michael to the mansion to see Edward. Mac crashes Robin and Patrick's tentative peace, so they send him to the wedding to see Alexis and proceed to have a nice time together. Maxie tries to push Matt away, but he's in it for the crazy.

My three favorite moments from today: 1) Brook telling Tracy to shut up and get married so she can finally have a drink, followed by everyone applauding; 2) Mac thinking Luke married Alice; or 3) Jason taking Michael through the back door of the mansion (for non-longtime viewers, Jason always uses that door) AND calling Edward Grandfather, which he never, ever does. God bless us, every one!

I'm still under the impression that the baby was Alexander's, but if it was Dante's...well, just think about how Sonny's baby with Claudia would be younger than his grandchild.

I wonder if Tracy thinking Luke signed the pre-nup "Rutherford B. Hayes" is a reference to an episode from decades ago when Lila signed a contract for Edward "Mrs. Abraham Lincoln."

Molly. Seriously. Look into a hobby.

Oh, Matt, do you really think you and Maxie will still be together in a year? You might not even be alive in two weeks. (Um, spoiler?)

December 26th, 2010

This week: Crash, bang, boom.

December 27th, 2010

It takes some convincing, but Sonny gets Brenda to accept his proposal. They announce it to the wedding guests just after Brenda catches the bouquet, but hardly anyone is really that happy for them. Diane tells Theo a little about Sonny, then sends him to meet Brenda. Carly tells Spinelli not to tell anyone what he found out about Dante, Brenda, and the baby, but after learning about Sonny and Brenda's engagement, she may be about to spill it to Sonny. Edward offers Michael ELQ, but he's not very enthusiastic about it. He then offers it to Maya and Ethan, and while the former isn't interested, the latter just sees lots of money in his future. Dante dreams about the last time he saw Brenda in New York, this time with a different ending: he asks her to stay and raise the baby with him, and she agrees. Tracy burns the pre-nup.

I can't remember the context, but I know I've said this before: If you have to talk a woman into agreeing to marry you, you already have a problem.

Like anyone should be surprised Sonny made someone else's wedding all about him.

Hee, "Mr. and Mrs. Wile E. Coyote."

Brenda, you don't have to ask Jason ten times if he's going to be at your wedding. You're marrying his best friend, moron.

December 28th, 2010

Sonny fails to get any kind of congratulations out of Carly, but she also doesn't tell him anything about his possible grandchild. Brenda wants to tell Sonny about the baby, but a conversation with Dante makes her decide there's no point. Spinelli tells Diane he uncovered some information that could ruin people's lives, and she encourages him not to tell anyone, even Jason. Spinelli shares this with Carly, who figures out that he wants to tell Jason so Jason will stop her from telling anyone else. Michael advises Sonny to ask Dante to be his best man. Claire still wants to join Diane's firm, even after she finds out about Sonny and Brenda's engagement. Jason tells Theo he needs to make the case against Brenda and Dante go away before it can go to trial. Lisa drugs Johnny so she can look for the syringe, but he has it on him, and now he trusts her even less.

Congratulations, Sonny - once again, you made it all about you.

Michael, have you been paying attention? Dante is kind of in love with Brenda, and hates Sonny. Why would you think he should be Sonny's best man?

I see Diane's transition into Allison Janney's character from 10 Things I Hate About You is coming along nicely.

The commercials about the bus crash totally co-opted the scenes of Kristina and Molly being excited from today's episode. I figured they couldn't be that excited about a ski trip.

December 29th, 2010

Olivia, Steven, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, Molly, Maxie, Matt, Cameron, Taylor, Ali, and various unnamed extras head off on a ski trip (after Carly bribes Olivia into taking her place and Abby talks Michael out of bailing). Their bus crashes and they all tumble into a ravine, unconscious. Theo meets with Lucky, asking for information on the Balkan and Ronan; Lucky pretends not to know who the latter is. Jason thinks it's suspicious that Siobhan happened to be there when Jerry was shot and wonders if she's connected to the Balkan. Theo asks Alexis if Sonny, Dante, and Brenda might be working together on a conspiracy. She warns him that if Brenda and Dante are found guilty, Sonny will most likely take it out on him. Johnny gives the syringe to Ethan. Robin and Patrick appear to be trying a trial reunion.

Of course something bad was going to happen - they were singing "Hallelujah." And what a scene to close out the year with. Happy New Year - I hope you weren't too attached to these people!

Hey, Lucky, you complaining that Anton's parents must have been in denial for not knowing he worked for the Balkan is what's known as irony. Usually it's not that clunky.

Carly bought Jason a new pool table! Too exciting! (Seriously, though, the penthouse just doesn't look the same without it.)

Speaking of Carly, she wanted to skip the trip so she could spend time with Jax, not so she could continue scheming? Maybe she's changed. (Ha ha, yeah, right.)

Since this will be my last post for 2010, I thought I would add a little bonus - New Year's resolutions for our beloved Port Chuckians:

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