General Hospital blog - December, 2018

December 3rd, 2018

Ava yells at Griffin a bunch while Ryan and Julian figure out that she must have gone after him. Griffin gives up on trying to convince Ava that he's innocent and tells her to just go ahead and shoot him. Before she can, Julian and Ryan arrive and talk her down. When Ryan takes Ava home, he tells her he killed Kiki. Thanks to Curtis, the police are now interested in Sasha's account of what happened the night she was drugged. Nina feels like Curtis stabbed her in the back by putting a spotlight on Sasha, but Ava's the one Jordan's really interested in. Valentin invites Sasha to stay at Wyndemere until she feels safer in town, and Nina invites herself to move in, too. Carly's surprised that there's no warrant out for Jeanette's arrest, which means Margaux must not have turned her in for her part in Marino's murder. Carly thinks this is good news, because she doesn't get just how vindictive Margaux is. Sonny visits Morgan's grave to lament that he and Kiki are both gone, and of course, Margaux shows up. Sam and Jason have some filler-ish conversations about various things, but Alexis interrupts, because of course she does. Then they have filler-ish conversations about Kiki. Then someone sends Sam the obituary of a man named Leland Powell, and she tells Alexis he was her husband. Josslyn's sad, which means Carly's sad, which means Jason has to comfort her. But Carly does take a minute out of grieving to ask if anything interested happened during Sam and Jason's time together, because we all have our priorities. She also tells Jason that she saw Kiki and Griffin having a loud fight, but she's not going to inform the police, since she's sure Griffin is innocent and she doesn't want to worsen the case against him.

Griffin, next time you're cornered by someone with a gun (and in this town, you know there will be a next time), just scream. And consider suing the PCPD for lax security.

Thank you, Sam, for being the first person to mention David as Kiki's possible killer.

Does the show hate Michael? We've seen everyone's reaction to the news about Kiki except his.

Oh, shut up, Nina. Don't be friends with the police commissioner's husband if you're not going to obey the law.

Uh, are we going back to that decade-old stuff about how Sam used to marry men and then steal their money? 'Cause...why?

December 4th, 2018

Ryan's confession about killing Kiki is just his attempt to make a point, though I'm not sure what that point is. He claims he feels bad that he encouraged Ava to continue her grudge, since otherwise she would have made up with Kiki and been able to spend her last days with her. Jordan and Chase take Griffin's statement about the night Ava drugged Sasha, then head over to Ava's to let her know she's looking really suspicious. Ryan gives her an alibi, though Ava knows there was a gap in time between when they were together at the gallery and when he came to her place. Ryan says he's sure Ava's innocent, so he's not worried that he's giving a killer an alibi. Chase finds Kiki's wallet with only her ID missing, which puts the case in a different light for him and Jordan – Mary Pat's ID was also missing from her wallet, so the murders may be connected. While Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn't feel right moving on from Nathan just yet, Mac makes it clear to Peter that he's keeping an eye on him. Felicia advises Maxie to take her time, saying she'll know when she's ready to find a new guy. Then Maxie asks Peter to dinner, so I guess that's happening. Epiphany overhears Anna and Finn talking about their Obrecht/Hayden plans and tells them they're idiots. Anna should let Finn make his own decision about what to do, but she should also take him to Cuba with her, and also not let him go to Rome and see his ex. Anyway, Finn decides to go to Havana, so THANKS, EPIPHANY. But he and Anna declare their love for each other, so that's nice. Margaux's kind of surprised that Sonny can be a killer and also be nice sometimes. He can sympathize with her since he also didn't have his father around when he was a child. She finally decides to let go of her obsession with bringing her father's killer to justice, so I guess the Ghost of Christmas Past gets to skip her hotel room this year. Sonny visits Griffin to offer his support and sympathy.

I'll say it again: This town needs more security cameras.

When it comes to being imposing toward their children's potential romantic partners, Mac is almost as intimidating as Sonny.

Epiphany, don't hurt me for this,'re wrong.

Congratulations, Margaux – you've now freed up more time to investigate the two recent murders in town. In other words, now you can do your job.

December 5th, 2018

After a nudge from Willow, Lulu tells Valentin they need to address the bullying allegations against Charlotte ASAP. Nina basically sabotages the conversation, telling Charlotte how awesome she is and how they know she's a nice person. Lulu tells Nina she can't trust her right now, and she's worried Charlotte will end up being kicked out of school. Valentin thinks he's modeling bad behavior for his daughter by pursuing Nina after she's rejected him so many times. Laura tries to get Aiden to open up to her, but he tells her that certain things in his class are against the rules, including talking about the person who actually makes the rules. When Lulu tells Laura that Charlotte is bullying an unnamed classmate, it looks like Laura has put things together. Oscar feels miserable after his first treatment, so Josslyn tries to keep him positive. He sends her on an errand, then calls Alexis and asks her to draw up his will. Kim is overly worried about Oscar, and if Drew rolled his eyes right in front of her face, I wouldn't blame him. Alexis finds Julian getting drunk at the pub because apparently he's just that upset about Kiki. He never told Kim about her murder, not wanting to pull her away from Oscar to comfort him, but as soon as Kim hears the news, she rushes to him to offer her support. Cameron is suddenly nice to everyone, including Franco, so I don't know what's going on there. Michael wants to know what progress Chase has made on finding Kiki's killer, then asks why her and Mary Pat's files are both on his desk. Chase learns that, because of the lack of blood at the scene of the murder, Kiki's murderer was either very lucky or knew exactly what he was doing to inflict the most damage with the least bloodshed. Elizabeth and Franco must have set a wedding date, because he wants to postpone it until he's less angry about Kiki's death. Willow agrees to go on a date with Chase.

To echo myself from Monday: Shut up, Nina.

What, exactly, is "a more traditional approach to discipline"? Corporal punishment?

So...Cameron had a personality transplant?

Am I crazy or does it seem like Franco and Elizabeth are never going to get married?

Willow would be very smart to start dating Chase right now (or any time, really). Spending time with him greatly reduces her chances of being murdered.

December 6th, 2018

A tip from Sam and Spinelli leads Alexis to look at the pictures in Griffin's cloud. He and Kiki took a selfie at her apartment before he went to GH, and since his whereabouts the rest of the day have been confirmed, there was no time between the picture-taking, his trip to the hospital, and his arrival at the wedding where he could have killed Kiki or taken her body to the yacht. Jordan and Chase have to let Griffin go, and they're left without any leads. Ryan offers his help, secretly gleeful when Jordan says she thinks they're dealing with a serial killer. Michael and Willow talk about Jonah's "death," and when Willow asks if Jonah's mother is in the picture, I'm pretty sure she's trying to determine whether Michael's single. She thinks there's nothing harder than losing a child, but she's still not ready to tell him why she's attending the bereavement group. Just as Michael's about to ask her out, Chase appears and confirms that he and Willow are still on for their date. Ryan gives Laura divorce papers, saying he wanted to show her respect by doing the deed in person. She suggests that he needs psychiatric help, which makes him briefly blow up at her and possibly threaten her. Anna and Finn tell Obrecht that Britt has some kind of pox that only Obrecht can cure, so she'll need to come back to Port Charles with them. Obrecht tries to call their bluff, but they appear to have proof to back up their story. Sam asks Curtis to help her find out who send her Powell's obituary. It's from a paper in his hometown, Galena, Illinois, but was mailed to her from Port Charles. She's unsure how the sender could have tied her to Powell, since she used an alias when she married him and stole his money for Danny's care. A call to the Galena paper lets Sam know that someone from there is getting a subscription in Port Charles.

Someone give Sam and Spinelli a medal for getting Griffin cleared. And they didn't even have any incentive! They barely know him!

Chase does not make a good bad cop. Also, condolences are not apologizes, Jordan and Chase.

Maybe Willow's seeds aren't growing because it's December?

Yeah, great, Anna and Finn are cute, fine – HE COULD HAVE MET HIS CHILD TODAY.

I'd love to know what Finn told the airline officials to explain why he needed to take a vial of blood to Cuba.

December 7th, 2018

Mike is surprised to learn that his crush, Yvonne, is Marcus (which I think, like, 2/3rds of the audience saw coming). Yvonne isn't that interested in her husband, and doesn't seem to remember him at least part of the time, but she does like Mike's attention. Marcus tells Sonny and Carly that they need to keep Mike away from her. Obrecht calls Finn and Anna's bluff, saying she'll synthesize Britt's cure from Cuba instead of going back to Port Charles with them. Finn threatens to withhold the medication from Britt and claim it didn't come from a proper source, but we all know that if anyone's going to cling to the Hippocratic Oath, it's Hamilton Finn. Jason tells Margaux to leave Drew alone, though she's free to try to come after Jason himself if she needs something to do. He mentions that Drew has enough to deal with right now, which confuses Margaux. She runs into Drew, who tells her about Oscar's illness and doesn't care for what he thinks is Margaux's fake sympathy. In an attempt to prove that she really did like Drew and thinks he deserves something good, she offers him the memory stick. Sam learns that Yvonne is getting the Galena paper, but when she asks Yvonne about the obituary, Yvonne doesn't know what she's talking about. Curtis thinks someone's just using their ties to the town to get to Sam. That person appears to be Daisy. Alexis tells Jason that Oscar wants him to be the executor of his will. Jason points out that a 16-year-old can't have much in the way of assets, but Alexis reminds him that, as a Quartermaine, he has ELQ shares. He wants Jason to be in control of them if he dies, so the Quartermaines can't fight over them. Kim finally apologizes to Oscar for her bad decisions and the way she's handled everything. Fortunately, he's very forgiving and ready to let her back into his life. Kristina is getting more and more into the DOD's teachings, while Oscar is willing to give Daisy's unconventional methods a try with his health. Alexis, Drew, and Kim all remain skeptical.

Anna and Finn were uncharacteristically dumb today.

So Daisy, who met Sam once a couple weeks ago, figured out that she's the same person as the alias she used more than 15 years ago (when, mind you, Daisy would have been a child), coincidentally met a woman from Galena, tied Powell to Sam, and sent Sam the obituary? Why? There are a lot of holes that need to be filled in here.

I still think DOD is a cult, but at least it's one with group therapy and community service.

They arranged Kiki's funeral awfully fast.

December 10th, 2018

Ava tells Avery that Kiki won't be around anymore, so that's nice and depressing. Half the town comes to the funeral, where Franco gives a surprisingly moving eulogy about how Kiki made everyone better. Griffin speaks a little as well, and Ava objects weakly, but Julian quiets her down. Afterward, in the cemetery, Ava invites everyone in attendance to express their secret thoughts about how she deserved to lose her daughter. Drew turns down Margaux's offer of the memory stick, but she insists that he take it, swearing there are no strings attached. She thinks that one day, he'll be glad he has it. Drew tells Jason that he now has the flash drive, though he's still not willing to risk his memories from the past few years in order to get rid of Jason's. Jason notes that at least he has options now. Jason doesn't want to be Oscar's executor, fearing that it'll drive another wedge between Oscar and his parents. Oscar just wants someone who will respect his wishes and help his parents with logistics in case he doesn't live. Jason eventually accepts the responsibility on the condition that when (said emphatically) Oscar recovers, he draws up a new will and names a new executor. Sonny tells Marcus that he's not going to make Mike stop spending time with someone he likes being with (and who, so far, is just a friend). Marcus pretty much gives in, but he's still pretty territorial. Jordan doesn't think anyone suspicious attended the funeral, so Margaux suggests that the killer is someone Jordan doesn't know as well as she thinks she does.

I resent this show for making us watch a four-year-old be told that her sister is dead.

Also, Michael, why would you take Avery to see Ava ten minutes before Kiki's funeral?

I'm not sure Oscar would even have control of his ELQ shares right now, since he's a minor. I think Drew gets to determine what happens with them until he's 18.

Okay, show, we know Drew and Jason are twins. You don't need to dress them identically.

December 11th, 2018

Ava accuses Carly of thinking that Kiki's death is Ava's karma for what she did to Morgan. Of course, Carly doesn't feel that way, and wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, including Ava, but obviously Ava doesn't see this rationally. Everyone else present thinks the women need to separate, but Ryan encourages Ava to engage in a therapeutic yelling session. Things escalate to a shoving match, because both of these women are children. Ava vows to make things up to Kiki by tracking down her killer and making her pay, but she's 100% clueless about the fact that she's just asked him to keep coming around. Laura tells Sonny and Carly about the recent developments in her life, lamenting that her husband has become someone she doesn't recognize. She thinks he's just taking the anniversary of Ryan's murders badly, which means Ryan has basically claimed another victim. Anna and Finn drag Obrecht to the PCPD and tell her that Britt's fine (and has already left town). Obrecht is mad that she fell for their bluff, but if it comes down to either her or Britt being in jail, she's fine with Britt being free. Sasha decides for good that she's leaving town, ignoring Valentin when he asks her to stay because if she goes, Nina will move out of Wyndemere. When Obrecht hears from Anna and Finn that Nina's "daughter" has turned up, she uses her one phone call to contact Valentin. Chase and Willow have a really weird first date. First, she gets suspicious when he reveals that he's cooked dinner for her at his place, since she doesn't feel comfortable being alone with a stranger. Then he uses his siren to chase her to the Metro Court to try to explain himself. Then he sits by himself awkwardly while Nina tries to make nice with her over Charlotte. Once Willow has realized that Chase is a good guy and isn't going to murder her or anything, she agrees to go back to his place, and the night ends up going very well. The writers annoy me by throwing in a random scene of Franco thanking Michael for being Kiki's friend, and Michael basically saying Franco isn't so bad after all, ARGH.

Ava: "You go to Hell." Carly: "Oh, you first." Good one?

Oh, hey, turns out Obrecht isn't smarter than Anna and Finn after all.

Yay, Britt left town! Merry Christmas to me!

I'm going to need to see a Willow/Michael date really soon, because I'm already about ready to make a decision about who she should be with.

December 12th, 2018

Laura puts aside her anger at Ava to take her flowers and express her condolences. Ava starts off bitter, thinking Laura's there to be self-righteous, but Laura truly wants to show her some kindness. It falls apart when she sees one of Kevin's ties and accuses Ava of sleeping with him while Laura was in France. Ava says that nothing happened between them before the day Laura caught them kissing, but that just makes Laura more confused, since it means his sudden change in personality has happened more recently and more quickly than she thought. Ryan's really sick of Carly, but he has to play nice when she tells him she found out the alias of the mystery patient. He tells her he'll check things out and make sure the patient is being treated fairly, but Carly knows he's probably just trying to appease her so she'll leave the situation alone. As Ryan focuses on making Carly his next victim, Carly tells Laura that something is really off with Ryan. Valentin bugs Sasha to try to convince Nina to keep staying at Wyndemere. Sasha does her best, encouraging Nina to get back together with him, but Nina is still making good choices. Obrecht orders Valentin to do something to keep her out of prison; if he doesn't, she'll tell Nina that Sasha isn't her daughter. She reveals that she was spying on him when he came to the church for Madeline's funeral, and she saw him take a DNA sample, which he must have used for the two DNA tests. Chase finds Griffin drunk in a park and takes him to his apartment instead of the drunk tank. He calls Finn, knowing that Finn has experience with both losing a partner and trying to treat grief with substance abuse. Finn gives Griffin a nice pep talk and reminds him that he has people who want to help him get through his pain. He sends him off to the hospital to prep for going back to work, and Anna meets him there to continue showing support. Sasha mentions that she heard Valentin and Spencer talking about election tampering, so Spencer comes clean to Sonny, then asks him to...we'll say eliminate Valentin. Sonny isn't going to go that far, but he's willing to make sure Spencer doesn't get in trouble for tampering with the election. Spencer's worried about disappointing Laura, so Sonny tells him to, you know, stop doing stuff that would disappoint her. Anna lets Peter and Maxie know that Obrecht has been arrested and will finally stand trial for what she did to Peter. Peter tells Maxie that she's free to forgive her mother-in-law. In turn, Maxie asks him to consider forgiving Anna.

Did anyone call Delia and tell her that her granddaughter died? Probably not.

Okay, Carly, stop talking to Ryan about the mystery patient. He gets mad every time, and that's not going to change. To quote Joey Tribbiani, pigeons learn faster than you.

So Madeline really is dead? How anti-climactic.

Valentin, stop using Obrecht's full name.

Why did Chase call Finn instead of Anna? I can't remember the last time Griffin and Finn even talked. I do hope they become friends, though.

December 13th, 2018

Cameron guns for Santa's nice list by offering to take over Oscar's job and basically hold his spot while he's in the hospital. Josslyn's concerned that Oscar doesn't have an appetite, so Cameron suggests medical marijuana. The teens can't find a legal way to obtain it, so Cam turns to Josslyn's friend Trina, who's dating a guy with a weed hookup. Drew tells Kim that he has the memory stick but hasn't changed his mind about not using it. She tells him about a time when they were together and looked after a lost boy, and how obvious it was that Drew would be a great father someday. She admits that when they reunited last year, she thought they might get back together. Julian, who's spent the episode doing nice things for Kim, spots them looking almost intimate together. Margaux returns the scarf Sonny loaned her when they ran into each other in the cemetery, and Carly has to hold herself back from going off on her. Jason thinks Sonny feels guilty about killing Marino because he's starting to find out what it's like to lose your father. Carly doesn't care, since Margaux was the one who sent her to Ferncliff and doesn't deserve any compassion. Marcus doesn't know anything about the subscription to the Galena paper, so Sam and Curtis turn to the paper's website to get the email address connected to the subscription. It's for a Linda Black, an alias Sam used for another con, but not Powell's. Curtis suggests that the child of one of her scammed husbands is looking for revenge. Sam decides to email the fake Linda and let her know that she has Sam's attention. Valentin orders Peter to refuse to testify against Obrecht so she'll go free. Peter balks, so Valentin tells him to do it to win points with Maxie. Maxie and Nina run down their bad relationship decisions, but Nina admits that she thinks Maxie should give Peter a chance. Jason tells Sam that Drew has the flash drive, but she knows he doesn't want to use it, and she respects his decision. Margaux asks Curtis if there's anything she can do for Drew while Oscar's undergoing treatment. Curtis speaks for all of us when he tells her to stay away. Sonny randomly visits Oscar and gives him a pep talk.

So we can all agree that this will lead to Cam getting busted for buying pot, and Elizabeth's head exploding?

Of all the long-gone characters I expected to be mentioned today, Amelia would have never made the list.

Santa, please bring my friend Curtis something really nice for Christmas. He was an excellent wingman today.

Maxie probably won't miss Sasha at Crimson that much, since Sasha couldn't have put in more than three days of work.

Hey, Jason, let Drew tell who he wants about the memory stick instead of getting involved, would you? Especially since her having to tell Drew that she heard it from you first will just make things awkward between them.

December 14th, 2018

Marcus complains to Stella about Mike and Yvonne's growing closeness, trying to get her on his side about keeping them apart. Stella thinks that their friendship is beneficial to both of them, so she tells him to just go with it. Sonny and Carly feel the same way and actually think Mike and Yvonne are adorable together. They especially appreciate the friendship because Mike is getting worse and has a few moments where he doesn't recognize Sonny. Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte is bullying Aiden, but Elizabeth doesn't know Charlotte's the culprit. Lulu goes straight over to Wyndemere, where Nina's been trying to talk herself into moving out, but is about to give in to Valentin's "come on and kiss me" face. The three adults confront Charlotte over her treatment of Aiden, which she defends with the argument that Aiden is weird and needs to be told how to act. While Nina remains in denial that perfect Charlotte can do anything wrong, Lulu and Valentin are adamant that she apologize to Aiden and immediately change her behavior. Lulu takes her to Elizabeth's just as Laura is about to tell Elizabeth who's bullying Aiden. Back at Wyndemere, Nina decides that since Lulu was so stern with Charlotte, she needs to stick around so Charlotte has someone in her corner. Julian takes out his anger over Kim and Drew's closeness on Kristina, which is dumb not just because she's basically running the place, but also because Alexis is sitting right there. When Alexis tells Julian to back off, he fires Kristina. Alexis talks him down and he rehires her, but Kristina's so zen now that she barely blinks at the whole thing. Kim learns that Julian has arranged a bunch of help for her and thanks him for being so sweet. Now Alexis is the one who's annoyed at Kim's closeness with someone. Cameron can't arrange a meetup with his potential drug connection, so he bakes some brownies and pretends they're for a bake sale. Then Franco eats one, but I don't think there are any drugs in them, so I'm not sure of the point of that. Jordan meets Marcus, then admits to Stella that she tried to find him a few months ago so Stella would have someone to spend time with instead of bugging Jordan. She's afraid Stella will be upset, but Stella looks pretty pleased instead.

Marcus, if your wife wants to hang out with a man who's not you, that's your issue, not everyone else's. Ugh, you bug me.

Breaking news: Julian is a child.

A partial list of other people who would also benefit from pot brownies: Ava, Julian, Elizabeth, Obrecht.

So did Cam just change his mind and bake brownies for the heck of it? I'm confused. If not and he did end up getting pot in there somehow, who thought Franco's constant snacking would lead us here?

December 17th, 2018

Marcus doesn't care about Yvonne and Mike's feelings for each other, and he would appreciate it if Sonny would police his father's behavior. Mike claims that he didn't know that Yvonne was married, but Sonny and Carly point out that he's lied about not remembering stuff in the past, so they can't believe him. While the Corinthoses are trying to make peace with Marcus, Mike and Yvonne run off together. Charlotte gives Aiden a sincere apology and promises not to bully him anymore. He accepts the apology, though it's at least partly because he wants the conversation to be over. Charlotte's happy that she could help him feel better, but she later tells Lulu and Laura that she's not the only person who's been treating Aiden badly. Franco learns that there's no bake sale at the school, so he takes the brownies to Cameron at the hospital. Cam makes up a story about trying to impress a girl in the drama club but misunderstanding whether there was actually a bake sale. He gets a text from the pot dealer demanding money even if he no longer wants the drugs, and he runs off to try to reason with the guy. He leaves his phone behind, and Franco sees their text conversation and puts together what's really going on. Josslyn appreciates Cameron's show of friendship, though she doesn't get what he was really trying to do for Oscar. After some Morgan Family Togetherness Time, Sam tells Jason about the Powell stuff and laments that her past is coming back to bite her. He promises to help her figure out who's targeting her and sort things out. He tells her all he wants for Christmas is to spend time with her, a present Sam can easily give him.

Apparently Stella made a good decision when she broke up with Marcus all those years ago, because he's a bit of a jerk.

If Franco thought those brownies were for a fundraiser, I hope he was going to pay for the ones he ate.

Way to pass off the difficult parenting stuff to Sam, Jason.

Danny, do me a favor and ask your Aunt Kristina to help you hang some mistletoe.

December 18th, 2018

Marcus calls the police to help look for Mike and Yvonne, then tells Sonny and Carly that he wants to press kidnapping charges against Mike. Yeah, we've done this story before, but it ends a different way – Margaux's the one who finds the runaways. Kristina tries out her holistic stuff on Valerie, who seems to be picturing her when told to envision someone or something that makes her happy. They make out, but Valerie panics and runs out, saying she's not gay and not everything is about Kristina. Kristina thinks she's ruined a good friendship, but at least Daisy's there to comfort her. "Linda" lets Sam know that she remembers all of Sam's past crimes. Sam and Jason aren't sure if she's looking for hush money or if she's planning to expose Sam's past so everyone turns on her. Either way, they're going to work together to fix things. The drug dealer basically harasses Cameron into agreeing to buy the weed he's decided Oscar doesn't really need. Unfortunately for both of them, Valerie catches them in the middle of the exchange and arrests both of them. Elizabeth gets the call with the bad news just as Franco's about to warn her what Cam is up to. Lulu tries to butter up Chase so she can get information on the murder investigations. Chase catches on and tries to keep her from seeing the files, but she still manages to snap a picture.

Wow, the security at Turning Woods is horrible.

Dang, I really thought Valerie and Kristina were going to be my surprise Christmas present.

Time to find a new job, drug dealer, because you suck at this one.

Oh, please. A detective wouldn't pull a weapon on a teen drug deal.

December 19th, 2018

Sonny is stuck in the middle when Marcus keeps talking about pressing charges against Mike, while Yvonne doesn't recognize him and Mike doesn't get why he's in trouble. Margaux defuses the situation and sends Marcus and Yvonne away, later talking Marcus into not pressing charges and making a bad situation even worse. Sonny's grateful, which is going to tick off Carly, who's afraid that Sonny will repeat his past behaviors and pursue Margaux. She tells Jason that if Sonny goes for Margaux and things fall apart, as they always do in his relationships with women who aren't Carly, she won't take him back. Jason advises her to just keep an eye on things and be patient. Valentin invites Nina to have dinner with him, which she interprets as an invitation to romance. When she tries to kiss him, he surprises her by putting a stop to things. He's done trying to change her mind, since she keeps turning him down. Nina tells him that as much as he's hurt her, she's hurting herself by keeping him at a distance. She thinks he's learned his lesson and won't hurt him again. Sure that she's sure, Valentin accepts that she's ready to get back together. Elizabeth retains Alexis, who agrees with Elizabeth and Franco that Cameron had good intentions but made a stupid decision. He'll have to wait for a judge to determine his fate, but it can't be much worse than the feeling that he's disappointed his mother. Kristina goes from feeling sorry for herself for the mess with Valerie to chastising Sam for not just getting back together with Jason already. Sam makes some excuses, then says she just wants to make sure she can be with Jason without losing herself. Alexis thinks Kristina gave Josslyn and Cameron the idea to give Oscar pot, inspired by Alexis' self-medication when she was undergoing chemo. Kristina blows up at her for assuming that she was involved in someone else's bad idea. While Sam tries to place peacemaker, Kristina makes plans to stay with Daisy. "Linda" responds to Sam's question about what she wants with the announcement that she wants to help.

Someone please get Marcus and Yvonne a social worker.

If you jump from "my husband's being nice to another woman" to "he's going to cheat on me with her," you need to take a long, hard look at your marriage.

How many times are we going to go back to the Valentin/Nina well?

Who do you think is more exhausting to deal with, Carly or Kristina?

December 20th, 2018

Brad and Lucas have a naming ceremony for "Wiley," designating Michael and Sam as his godparents. Josslyn and Michael are both a little down when they think about Morgan and Jonah's deaths, but they recognize that the sad parts of their lives make them more grateful for the good parts. Julian interrupts the party at the Corinthoses' to pick up Avery and take her to see Ava. Sonny protests that Ava isn't in any shape to look after a child, but Carly thinks since Avery wants to go, she should be allowed. Julian and Avery make a stop at Charlie's, where Willow and Chase are on their second date. She tells him that she grew up with a single mom and isn't close to her other family members. He asks about the pamphlet he saw in her car about a grief support group for parents, and she says she likes to study up on topics like that as a way to help the parents of her students. Chase doesn't notice that Willow gets distant when she comes face to face with Julian. She also gets emotional when she sees a picture of Lucas and "Wiley" that Brad sent Julian. Valentin's worried that Obrecht will rat him out to Nina, so he decides to tell her the truth about Sasha so they can start over with a clean slate. But a conversation with Maxie about what Nathan would want makes Peter recant his statement and claim that he and Obrecht were at the cabin because she was helping him write another book and work through his family issues. Without his testimony, the only evidence against Obrecht is circumstantial, so Jordan has to release her. Obrecht's first act as a free woman is to call Valentin and promise to keep quiet about Sasha. She then reunites with Maxie, and while they're talking about James, she mentions that Michael's son was stillborn. Obrecht finds that very interesting. Peter tells Anna that he freed Obrecht for James and Nathan's sakes, and because Maxie has taught him about forgiveness. Anna hopes Peter can continue doling out forgiveness, and invites him to a Christmas Eve party. Sam turns down "Linda"'s offer of help.

Jonah could make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes.

"Hipster baptism." I love you, Joss. That was hilarious.

Jonah: (yawning through Sonny and Julian's fight). Me: "Yeah, same here, kid."

Willow has family she's not close to – start taking bets on who that is.

I'm more convinced than ever that my theory about Willow being Wiley's birth mother is right.

December 21st, 2018

Kim and Drew give Oscar a car, and he pays it forward by reaching out to a little girl who's worried that Santa won't find her while she's in the hospital over Christmas. There's a problem with the hospital's Santa suit, and Oscar insists that the annual Christmas Eve party has to have a Santa. Drew calls in a favor from Sonny, who apparently has a Santa suit, and Bobbie makes an adequate Santa while Monica reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. I was right about Willow being Wiley's mother, so Merry Christmas to me. She semi-threatens to tell Diane that Julian sought her out and talked her into giving up her parental rights, which she thinks could void the adoption. Barring that, she'd like to be in her son's life. Julian points out that her circumstances haven't changed since she had the baby, so the terms of the adoption shouldn't change either. Lucas brings "Wiley" to the Corinthoses', so at least Michael gets to spend part of Christmas Eve with his son. He heads to the hospital to donate some toys and runs into Willow, who's trying to decide whether to accept Chase's invitation to Anna's Christmas Eve party or attend a bereavement meeting. She wants to go to Anna's party, but she doesn't feel like pretending to be joyful. Michael offers to go to the meeting with her. Peter surprises Anna by showing up at her party, and the two of them make huge leaps forward in their relationship. She gives him her WSB file so he can learn anything he wants to about her. Maxie runs into Chet and takes him to Anna's party (somehow not sparking jealousy in Peter, at least not yet). Josslyn yells at Jason for not telling her about Oscar's illness. He feels horrible about it but says that he just wanted Oscar to unburden himself, and he knew that wouldn't happen unless he promised to keep it secret. Josslyn acknowledges that she's just mad at Jason because she can't be mad at Oscar. She also appreciates that at least one person was there for Oscar when he felt alone. Cameron is back to being a good big brother, telling Aiden that to get people to like him, he has to like himself, then wait for others to come around. Sonny and Mike decide to appreciate living in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Why does Sonny have a Santa suit?

Maybe I'm projecting, but I think Willow doesn't say "Wiley"'s name because she thinks it's dumb.

I thought Michael was going to take Willow to Sonny and Carly's party, and that she would see "Wiley," and things would get really weird.

Aww, Finn ships Chase and Willow.

"It's a flash drive." Thanks, Anna. Thanks for that.

December 26th, 2018

Laura tells Carly that she thinks Kevin has had another breakdown. Carly thinks that makes sense, though it doesn't explain why he's with Ava. The two of them discuss the murders with Lulu, coming up with the theory that the killer is trying to frame the most likely suspects. They wonder why the police haven't released a statement about a possible serial killer. They confront Ned, who's anxious to keep everything quiet so the town doesn't freak out. Olivia plays the mother-in-law card to try to get Lulu not to write an article about the murders when she should be highlighting the good things going on in town. Ava overhears the murder conversation and demands justice, vowing to find the killer herself if she has to. Ryan gives Kevin a rundown of recent developments, like his impending divorce and the two murders he's committed. He wants personal information about Kevin's life, and if he doesn't get it, he'll take it out on Laura. Kevin has a dream where Laura finds him, and when he warns her that she's in danger, she promises to stay with him and always love him. Obrecht does something useful for the first time in her life: She goes to Pentonville to ask Nelle what really happened to Jonah. At first Nelle pretends that he died, so Obrecht threatens to tell the police that he was alive at birth. Nelle eventually tells her everything, including how she gave the baby to Brad. Obrecht says she'll keep quiet...until telling the truth is to her benefit. Michael and Willow talk about their disappointment in not seeing their sons fulfill their dreams. Talk turns to "Wiley," and Willow learns that Michael has a connection to him. Josslyn gives Oscar a five-year planner, filling in various activities for them to do together. Oscar seems optimistic and happy to do everything she wants. Josslyn thinks the one thing left that he needs is for his parents to get back together, so she tells Julian he needs to break up with Kim. Julian may be on the road to redemption, but he's not going to be that selfless. Griffin and Anna find Ava cleaning out Kiki's apartment, and I'm not really sure of the point of their scenes, because it's just Ava yelling at Griffin a bunch, and Griffin making his sad-puppy-dog face. Ryan tells Carly that his mystery patient is named Wilson Ritter, and he really does belong at Ferncliff. Carly seems to believe him and says she's planning to work on moving on from her experience there.

Today in Fun with Out-of-Context Quotes: "You're divorcing my wife?"

This is new: Nelle is trying to lie to someone who was an eyewitness to the thing she's lying about. Maybe she should be in Ferncliff.

Usually I get annoyed whenever Obrecht is in a scene, but getting her involved in the baby-swap plot was an excellent idea.

While I obviously get Josslyn's point and admire her backbone (and also think Drew and Kim should be together), this would be a horrible time for Kim to get dumped.

December 27th, 2018

Laura tells Felicia that she thinks Ryan has had another Kevin-related breakdown and asks for details about his last one. They discuss a documentary being made about Ryan's past crimes, which Felicia has decided to participate in, despite previously saying she wants nothing to do with the anniversary hoopla. She notes that it was going to be made with or without her cooperation, and this way she can try to make sure Ryan isn't glamorized. The documentary's producer, Mills, invites Ryan to screen a rough cut, including scenes where Felicia talks about how evil he was. Ryan's scenes make him sound like Franco, talking about how murder was an art form to him. Mills reveals that he's recently come up with a theory that will change the ending of the documentary: He thinks Ryan survived the fire that supposedly killed him. Ryan will most likely be sticking a pencil in his neck. Emma's in town for about three minutes before she starts trying to convince Anna and Finn to move in together. Anna extends an invitation, and Finn responds by running out of the house. But it's just because he wants to get Roxie so they can both move in. A guy named Hank runs into Jason at the Floating Rib and mistakes him for Drew. When he learns that Jason knows Drew, and that Drew's in town, he's very eager to get in touch. Jason's extremely suspicious and quickly tells Drew that something feels off about the situation. Griffin and Laura end up talking in Kevin's office, wishing they could fulfill their plans to make Port Charles a better place. Griffin claims that if he ever comes across Kiki's killer, he might not be able to talk himself out of killing that person. Drew encourages Kim to go out with Julian for New Year's Eve, but she'd rather stay close to Oscar. That means she'll be spending the evening with Drew, so somewhere, Josslyn is very happy. Jason tells Sonny that Carly hates his connection to Margaux, whether or not she's dropped her vendetta. Sonny then gets into a conversation with Margaux, and I'm going to be honest, I didn't see any point in it, so I'm not going to bother talking about it.

How did Emma get keys to Anna's house? Spy maneuvers?

Clearly, Jason needs some friends. He's playing pool with strangers.

Oh, come on. Griffin isn't going to kill Kiki's killer. But I really want this plot to lead to a murder mystery with Ryan as the victim, so if that gives us another suspect, so be it.

"I've heard a lot about me from you, and I was fantastic." Heh.

I can't believe Carly didn't see Sonny and Margaux talking.

Jason and Sam are spending New Year's Eve together? If there isn't a kiss at midnight (if not earlier), I will revolt.

December 28th, 2018

Ryan kills Mills, stashes his body at the Metro Court (where Ned and Olivia are hosting a New Year's charity event for pediatric cancer), and texts Curtis from Mills' phone so he'll come to his studio. Curtis finds blood everywhere and calls Jordan to tell her it looks like there was another murder. Sam and Jason go to the charity event together, and they kiss on three separate occasions, and it's almost too much for me to handle. Then they find Mills' body, which is definitely going to put a damper on their moods. Drew isn't that interested in getting in touch with Hank, but Kim points out that Hank could provide some insight into another part of Drew's past. Drew asks if they've ever spent New Year's Eve together (before last year), and she reveals that it's the date of Oscar's conception. She wanted to tell him she loved him that night, but she knew he was being deployed. The two of them kiss, then decide they were just caught up in nostalgia and it didn't mean anything. They don't realize that Julian spotted them kissing, as he came by to spend New Year's Eve with Kim, on Alexis' encouraging. Michael takes Kristina to the charity event, and of course keeps his eyes on Willow (who's Chase's date) all night. In turn, Kristina keeps her eyes on Valerie. Ava's New Year's resolutions are to drink less, care less about unimportant things, and keep Avery at a distance in an attempt to minimize pain. Ryan's resolutions are to take care of Ava and probably kill more people. Ned is annoyed that Lulu's getting special privileges at the PCPD, and he tells Jordan to revoke them.

Did I miss something? How is Curtis involved in the documentary?

So Sam and Jason are...together, right? That's how they're acting. I guess I'll wait until Kristina asks for details.

Oh, Michael, no. You cannot pull off velvet.

Just waiting for Ned to declare the media an enemy.

Are they not paying Jordan enough to be able to afford better than that studio apartment she's been living in since she came to town?

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