General Hospital blog - December, 2019

December 2nd, 2019

Kendra's like, "I'm the villain, so I'm required by law to spell out why I'm doing this and what's going to happen." Blah blah, Alexis killed Kiefer, Shiloh ruined everything, now Kendra's going to leave a paralyzed Alexis in the road where Kiefer died and run her over. Brad and Lucas fight at home, then in the car, and then, amazingly, Brad actually blurts out that "Wiley" is Michael and Nelle's son. But it's just as they come across where Alexis and Kendra are, and thanks to Julian, their car brakes don't work, so Julian has just inadvertently caused a crash involving his ex and his son. Carly wants to cheer Sonny up after Mike goes back to Turning Woods, so she...calls Lucas? Because who doesn't want to spend the evening with Brad? It's obviously just contrivance to get Brad and Lucas in a car, and it's not even necessary, since Sonny's mood brightens as the family tells Sasha and Dev about the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving curse. Lulu and Brook can't put aside their rivalry from almost a decade ago for even a minute to have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Olivia's trying her hardest to be pleasant with Brook, but Monica thinks she's making things worse. To make sure the holiday is just as Quartermaine-ish as always, Monica secretly calls in Epiphany to take all the food to the hospital. This kind of backfires, since Olivia blows up at Brook, accusing her of stealing everything. Things calm down for pizza and singing, but I don't think that will last. Robert makes Anna's Thanksgiving get-together just as awkward as you'd expect, but at least everyone can agree on one thing: Violet is awesome. Julian and Neil take forever to find out who Kendra is, but since they don't know where Alexis is, it's not really helpful. Maxie is fascinated by the memory procedure, which Andre says could end with Franco having even sharper memories of Drew's life, i.e., Peter's worst nightmare. Elizabeth is very appreciative of the sacrifice Franco is making by giving up his potential life as Drew.

Julian screwed something up! What a shock!

Since Parry Shen has confirmed he's leaving (boo! I hate Brad but I love Parry! BOOOOO!), here's my prediction: Brad dies. Lucas forgets what he said about "Wiley" and keeps him. Now Julian and Obrecht are the only ones who know the truth. Then Nelle resurfaces and Julian has to deal with her.

Someone needs to warn Mac about Kendra, because if I remember correctly, he's the one who killed her father.

Is Brook back for any reason other than to be annoying? Is she involved in Nikolas' scheme?

Also, freaking A, Brook, Lulu's at the Quartermaines' because Olivia is Rocco's grandmother. Shut up already.

Of course Elizabeth likes Franco's outfit. He's dressed like Jason.

If Violet wished for Hayden to come back, we wished for the same thing.

Wherever Kristina is, I hope she's having a good time with people who care about her MORE THAN HER ACTUAL FAMILY.

I don't like how many times Britt has been mentioned recently. Though really, I don't like it when she's mentioned even once.

December 3rd, 2019

Alexis comes through the crash unharmed and is nice enough to check on Kendra. Kendra's in bad shape and only regains consciousness long enough to say something about death following Alexis forever, then dies. Kristina's finally allowed to participate in this plotline that stems from an event that directly affected her, but she's only allowed to figure out where Alexis is, then tell Sonny how this is all her fault because of her Dawn of Day pledge. Neil and Julian find Alexis but don't bother to check on the people in the other car until the police get on the scene. Only then does Julian realize that his plan to take out Brad badly injured Lucas. Willow confides in Sasha that she's nervous to take a pregnancy test, not because it might be positive but because she'll be disappointed if it's negative. However, she and Chase have just discussed how he likes being an uncle because it doesn't require all the hard work of parenting, so she's not sure how he'll feel if she's pregnant. Sasha points out that she's with a great guy and has a lot of support, so if she's pregnant, things will turn out much different than they did with Wiley. Sonny tries to trick Jax into revealing the secret he and Carly are keeping by claiming that Carly already told him everything. Jax is too smart to say anything, and Sonny shows his hand anyway by saying he thinks Jax has a secret girlfriend. After Sonny leaves, Carly tells Jax not to do anything that could get him in trouble with Sonny or the law. Jordan and Curtis have made it to their first anniversary, but for some reason, Curtis thinks he needs relationship advice. He also thinks he needs it from Sonny. In related news, Curtis needs friends. Anyway, Sonny says something about listening to each other and not keeping secrets, which makes me wonder if Curtis has a secret he hasn't told Jordan. Like...maybe a secret child?

Did Kendra curse Alexis? Girl, you are no Helena.

Part of me is disappointed that Brad's still alive, but part of me thinks it's better that he is, because dying would get him out of having to hear everyone in town yell at him.

I hope Bobbie sues whoever she can for taking their sweet time to check on Lucas and Brad.

Sasha: "Guys don't really dream about being a dad until they're about to become one." Are you speaking from experience? Do you have a secret child, too?

Jax is like, "I just came here to see Josslyn, eat pie, and annoy Sonny! Stop yelling at me!"

Curtis feels close enough to Sonny to ask him for relationship advice, but he still calls him Mr. Corinthos? Nuh-uh.

December 4th, 2019

Lucas has a head injury and is put in a medically induced coma. Julian blames himself, as he should, and to add insult to injury, Brad isn't badly hurt. Bobbie and Carly put their differences with him aside to let him be near Lucas, as if Lucas would want to see him if he were conscious. Nikolas pays a nurse to switch Ava's medication for something else, then visits her pretending to be his own ghost. He claims he's in Hell, as is Kiki, because murder victims can never rest. Ava thinks they'll have peace if she helps Nikolas, so she tells him where the portrait is – her gallery. Nikolas leaves while she's drowsy, so she'll probably end up thinking it was a dream...but Nikolas' Cassadine ring is under her bed. Finn goes back and forth between anxious about suddenly being a single parent and angry that Hayden is in danger. He and Anna ask Jax for answers and guess that he's hiding something even when he says he doesn't know what happened to Hayden. Jax goes straight to Valentin and accuses him of either doing something to Hayden or chasing her out of town. Valentin in turn accuses Jax of trying to move against him. Jax orders Nikolas to meet him to discuss Hayden, so Nikolas will have to decide whether to obey or go to the gallery instead. Michael and Sasha look after "Wiley," hoping he'll be able to eventually go home with both of his (fake) fathers. Nina has Valentin exactly where she needs/wants him for information, so when he tells Nina he's going to search Ava's gallery for the portrait, she arranges to have a conversation with Ava. Willow takes a pregnancy test but gets interrupted before she can tell Sasha the results.

Maybe Lucas will wake up with amnesia. No one's had amnesia for a while.

Willow: "I feel bad for Julian." Carly: "Here are three reasons you shouldn't."

Nikolas messing with Ava's medication is the ultimate karma.

No one thought to search the gallery before today?

December 5th, 2019

Everyone's way too nice to Julian while they wait for new on Lucas' condition. Sonny even invites him to see "Wiley" at the Corinthoses' house, a visit during which Julian promises "Wiley" he'll make sure everything works out. Nikolas admits to Jax that he was the reason Hayden left town, and she's not actually in danger. Jax sings his usual song about wanting out of their deal, but Nikolas insists that they're close to getting the codicil and need to keep working. Valentin and Martin break into the gallery and search for the portrait while bickering hilariously. A masked Nikolas interrupts the search, so Valentin pulls a gun, but Nikolas fights him and runs off. Valentin is suspicious about the break-in happening during their break-in and finds something suspicious about the supposed burglar. Ava tells Nina that Nikolas' ghost visited and said all sorts of disturbing things. Nina thinks her medication is messing with her, but when she finds Nikolas' ring, she starts putting everything together. She suggests that she and Ava team up to take down the Cassadine men who keep making their lives miserable. As if Sam hasn't been through enough already, she now has to share a cell with Nelle. Nelle taunts that Sam has to deal with Carly interfering in her relationship with Jason, Sam taunts back that Michael has moved on to Sasha, and Nelle says something cryptic about also having moved on. Chase comes by to tell Sam about the accident and mentions that "Wiley" is currently with Michael. Willow isn't pregnant, so that was a waste of everyone's time. Sasha runs into Jax and asks after Nina, but Jax isn't in the mood to chat. However, he does hint that things aren't set in stone the way they currently are.

Parry Shen was just messing with people and isn't leaving after all, so...I don't know what's going to happen.

Add yelling at Epiphany to Brad's list of unforgivable acts.

Stop feeling sorry for Julian, everyone.

"You're supposed to be the good Cassadine." I wonder if Jax knows that Nikolas once tried to have Hayden killed.

The Valentin/Martin scenes were awesome.

Don't hold it against me but I was really amused by Nelle bugging Sam like an annoying younger sibling.

"You're acting so shady." No, that's just Nelle.

December 6th, 2019

Franco spends what may be his last hours as Drew working on the treehouse at the Quartermaines'. Jason appreciates this, as well as his sacrifice to possibly become Franco again. Monica laments to Jason that she'll miss "Drew," but she also admires his selflessness in choosing to undergo the procedure. Robert tells Anna he doesn't like Finn (what?? That's brand-new information!) but he likes Peter even less. Meanwhile, Peter enlists someone to stop the procedure before it can start by killing either Franco or Andre. Elizabeth chats with him about Franco's procedure, and he pretends to take responsibility for the situation since he was there when Andre did the memory mapping. Willow tells Chase about her pregnancy scare, and they determine that they're on the same page about having children: They want them, but not just yet. Willow would kind of like a baby soon, but she also knows that might be because she wants to fill the hole placing Wiley for adoption left in her, so she doesn't want to rush into anything. Carly brings Griffin back to town to take over Lucas' care. Brook busts Monica for giving away the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving meal, which Monica says she did so "Drew" could have an authentic Quartermaine experience. Olivia thinks she's busted Monica, too, thanks to a tip-off from Epiphany, but Brook takes credit. Ned can't get her to open up to him about why she's back or who keeps calling her, so he contacts Lois. Jason's done sitting back and letting the justice system do its thing (really, he's done going along with Sam's ideas) and plans to do something to bring about the outcome he wants. First he runs the names of the people on Sam's parole board past Ned, who's familiar with all of them and says they're fair people. Lulu complains about Brook to Maxie, who tells her to stop engaging when Brook picks a fight and instead figure out what her deal is. Sonny asks Griffin to review Mike's case, but he just says what's already obvious: Mike is getting worse.

Don't worry, Robert – eventually you'll get the "I told you so" about Peter.

Look at this mature couple discussing what they want in their relationship and making adult decisions. Other couples, please follow Willow and Chase's lead.

Hey, it's Matt Cohen! Happy holidays to all of us.

No one tell Patrick that he was Carly's second choice after Griffin.

We're putting Sam's fate in the hands of a guy named Chip?

December 9th, 2019

Franco is fully at peace with his decision to give up Drew's life, and Elizabeth is almost there as well, confident that her husband will come back to her as he promised. Cameron tries to keep his distance, but Trina convinces him to be with his mother as the two of them and Scott wait for Andre to complete the procedure. Jax is serious about being done with Nikolas and has even changed the locks and bagged up all of his belongings. Nikolas admits that Valentin caught him at the gallery, so he wasn't able to get the portrait. He realizes he lost his ring, and if the wrong person finds it and takes it to Valentin to see if it's his, Valentin could figure everything out. As if Jax weren't already mad enough, he learns that Hayden's phone is now out of service, which can't be good. Oh, and now Valentin's at his door, wanting them both to put all their cards on the table. Ava checks herself out of Shadybrook and goes straight to the gallery, where Trina's trying to deal with the aftermath of the dual break-ins. Ava's sure Valentin was behind one of them, but she's taken precautions with the portrait, disguising it and hiding it in plain sight right on a gallery wall. Nina gives Valentin nothing from her talk with Ava, and he tells her everything about his break-in at the gallery and the masked man he encountered. Nina takes that to Ava, sure that Nikolas was the other breaker-inner, as well as the person who left the ring in Ava's room. She again suggests that she and Ava team up to take down those pesky Cassadine men. Anna can tell that Peter's dealing with some stuff (like crime), so she encourages him to open up to her. She vaguely tells him that being away made her realize she needs to focus on what she has and stop questioning things. She also says he needs to fight for what he wants, like a life with Maxie and James. This inspires Peter to try to contact the assassin he hired to kill Franco or Andre, but the assassin has already ditched his phone and is on his way to murder someone. Anna gets mad that Peter won't tell her what’s going on with him so she can help, like, Anna, take the hint. He doesn't want your help. Griffin visits Ava and they're able to have a civil conversation and get some closure, I guess.

I can't believe they're going to wrap up the Franco stuff before the going-on-18-months-long "Wiley" plot.

"Spencer was always just an excuse for you, wasn't he?" Ahhh, yesssss! Thank you, Jax.

So far, this assassin Peter hired is better than the last one he hired.

I guess now we're supposed to think Peter's an okay guy because he tried to call off the hit? Yeah, that's not going to work for me.

Of course Charlotte will remember you, Griffin. You were her father for, like, 24 whole hours.

December 10th, 2019

Moments after Andre starts Franco's procedure, Peter's assassin arrives and tries to shoot Andre. Andre fights back impressively and is able to keep him from firing his weapon, but the assassin knocks him out. Peter's delayed by Laura, who wants to discuss overcrowding at Pentonville, which will be releasing some inmates over the next few weeks (...hmm...), and doesn't get to the room until the assassin is about to get his gun and finish his job. Peter shoots him instead, then pretends he was walking by, saw someone shady, and took him out to save Andre. Because he was unconscious, Andre was unable to monitor Franco's procedure, so it's not clear if it went all right. It takes a while, but Nina is able to convince Ava that they want the same thing and should work together. Ava even reveals the portrait to Nina and says she's figured out what they should do next. Valentin can't get Jax to admit that he had anything to do with the gallery break-in, so he pivots to suggesting that they team up. Jax somehow doesn't laugh in his face. Then Valentin says that Jax must want him out of the way so he can have Nina for himself. Jax somehow still doesn't laugh in his face. Anna and Griffin catch up, but it's mostly just filler. Griffin and Maxie also catch up, and she credits him with helping her forgive Peter and stuff. Laura and Jax join the conversation, which turns to Lulu and Dante, then Charlotte, then Claudette. Nikolas realizes his ring is in Ava's room at Shadybrook. Elizabeth, Cameron, and Scott just talk about Franco a bunch.

Freaking A, now Peter looks like a hero AGAIN.

I didn't expect Andre to fight back like that. I won't underestimate him again.

"Have I really lost that much credibility?" Yes, sweetie. You went to not one but two psychics. That really didn't help.

Valentin really is delusional if he thinks Jax would consider working with him.

Ooh, we're talking about Claudette again. Look into her, Jax!

Laura, wait until Sam is possibly released because of overcrowding before you complain about it. (Ugh, Nelle will probably get out that way, too.) (I was going to say that maybe Harmony would, too, but it looks like from tomorrow's previews, she already is.)

December 11th, 2019

Nelle is desperate to get out of Pentonville so she can go get "Wiley." Martin tells her parole is a long shot, and early release due to overcrowding is also improbable, since she doesn't have a religious or medical reason to be let out. This gives Nelle an idea, but since she's Nelle, it's a crazy idea: Get Ryan to injure her (in exchange for photos of Ava). Julian tells Alexis that Lucas' condition is his fault, but she fails to ask any follow-up questions. Instead, she comforts him and urges him to lean on his family so he doesn't do anything dumb. Carly worries about Josslyn visiting Mike and having to face the reality of his decline. She and Sonny fight over his decision to try to get Mike some experimental treatment, though Carly eventually says that Sonny gets to make whatever decisions he wants. Josslyn asks Michael to play referee if necessary, which is, of course, one of the things Michael does best. Michael tells Sonny he wants to spend more time with him to make sure they don't have regrets later in life, like Sonny does with Mike. Harmony is one of the beneficiaries of early release, but her reunion with Willow isn't as happy as she'd hoped, since Willow still has problems with Harmony's role in Dawn of Day. She also wants Harmony to be clear that "Wiley" isn't her grandson, so if she wants to meet him, Lucas and Brad will have to approve. Harmony agrees to respect boundaries and continue working on her relationship with her daughter. Ned confronts Brook for firing Lois as her manager and signing a five-year contract with some guy named Link (Linc?) without consulting a lawyer. Ned starts out sympathetic but doesn't hide his disappointment over her screw-up, which just leads to her storming out. While hanging around the hospital waiting for news on Lucas, Lulu passes the time by complaining about Brook, talking to Olivia about Dante, trying to get information from Chase on the Franco/Andre/assassin thing, and writing a story about the car accident. Ned and Olivia find themselves in the strange position of feeling sorry for Julian because of Lucas' condition. Olivia even decides to drop the battle over Charlie's, since it's not worth it. Brook officially meets Julian, and I don't know where that's going, but I don't think it's good.

Nelle: "Haven't I suffered enough?" Me: "Nope! Next question."

I thought Willow was on better terms with Harmony. Her coldness toward Harmony didn't make any sense.

"You think I messed up worse than A.J.?" Yeah, that was pretty harsh, Ned.

Does anyone care about Brook? Anyone?

December 12th, 2019

Michael thinks Sonny needs to be more realistic about Mike's condition instead of trying to hold on to him. Josslyn and Dev get to see firsthand how poorly Mike is doing when he thinks Dev is Sonny and doesn't recognize Josslyn. When Sonny joins them, Mike mistakes him for Scully and yells at him to stay away. Josslyn and Dev convince him that he's mistaken and Sonny is a good guy. Lucas is showing some small improvements, but there's still the possibility that he won't come out of the coma. Willow is nicer to Brad than he deserves, and it doesn't make him feel better about his guilt over the accident. Willow asks Julian to talk to him, because who better to make Brad feel less guilty than the person who's actually guilty? Nelle's Ryan-inflicted stab wound isn't serious, but it gets her a trip to the hospital. She lies that Ryan tried to force her to help him break out. Sam has to wait a while to find out if she'll get parole, and she's expected to take responsibility for her actions. Alexis finally gets to visit and tries to convince her that she's not responsible for her situation, despite her past with Shiloh. Jason bugs Ned about the parole board, but Ned warns that it's a process that can't be rushed or manipulated. If Jason wants to affect the results, he'll have to call in a favor on his own or be patient. Ned offers to take over some of Michael's ELQ responsibilities while he deals with family matters. He'd also like to buy Oscar's shares for Olivia and Leo, though Michael makes an argument for giving them to "Wiley." I don't know what's up with Brook, but she seems kind of shady.

Maybe people shouldn't be encouraging Mike's desire to gamble?

This is the most any group of people has ever cared about Lucas, and it's about time.

I'm going to scream about Sam still being in prison until the writers get sick of me and let her out.

Poor Sam won't even get a night away from Nelle.

Ha ha ha ha, if Ned gave Oscar's shares to Olivia, Nelle would have to fight her for them, which means she would lose before she ever started.

December 13th, 2019

During a visit to Avery, Ava tells Sonny and Carly that she left Shadybrook because she's seeing things clearly. She and Trina start throwing together a last-minute auction, to which Valentin, Jax, and Laura are all invited via a picture of Helena's portrait. Jax and Nina discuss Valentin (of course), then get on the topic of Claudette. Nina admits that she doesn't think Claudette is dead, but that's just because Valentin told her Cassandra kidnapped Claudette and he saved her. Jax reminds her that Valentin is a bad person, but Nina's trying to weigh his crimes against the few good pieces of him. Curtis suggests that he and Laura work with Nina, since he thinks he has enough evidence to convince her that Valentin was in on Sasha's scheme. Carly meets up with Jax and Nikolas, the latter of whom admits to "haunting" Ava at Shadybrook. When Carly learns that he lost his Cassadine ring, she figures that Ava found it and is on to him. Charlotte tells Nikolas she saw his picture on Lulu's phone, which he says is because he once saved Lulu's life (an actual fact!). She's upset because he said he would keep her safe, but he wasn't around when she sustained a playground injury. She tells Laura about her ineffective secret bodyguard, but Laura thinks she made him up because she has PTSD from her kidnapping. Jason tells Anna his theory that Peter was more involved in the memory stuff than he's admitted, and that he's the reason Sam's in prison. His reasoning is sound, but Anna isn't sure what to do with that information. Sonny calls Carly out for still keeping secrets with Jax, not accepting her explanation that filling him in would make things worse. Elizabeth is super-grateful to Peter for saving Franco, and he may actually feel kind of guilty for putting everything in motion. Valentin tells Nina that he thinks Jax wants to steal her away.

This portrait plotline has turned out to be really fun.

Good luck trying to find someone to cater the auction on, like, six hours' notice, Trina.

I don't get why Charlotte hasn't asked Lulu who Nikolas is. Well, really, I don't get how she's never seen a picture of him before.

Does Jason think that tying Peter to Shiloh will get Sam out of prison? She's not in there because of the hitman. I mean, yeah, Peter's still to blame because Sam couldn't have killed Shiloh if Peter hadn't had him freed, but Jason's focusing on the wrong thing here.

Ugh, Carly needs to just tell Sonny about Nikolas. If she tells him it's to help Spencer, he'll keep quiet.

We've now heard about Molly and T.J.'s possible engagement more times than we've seen Molly in the past two months.

December 16th, 2019

All the interested parties gather at the gallery, with Nikolas monitoring things remotely from a storage space. Trina learns a little Port Charles history when Laura tells her that Helena was her son's grandmother, so she's hoping to get the portrait for Spencer. Curtis tells Nina that he believes Obrecht (and Valentin) helped Sasha fake the first DNA test. The bidding begins for Helena's portrait, with Jax and Valentin raising the price up to $350,000. Nina pulls Jax out of the room and tells him to stop bidding. Just as Valentin's about to win by default, Laura jumps in and outbids him. Trina makes a waitress fall on Valentin, which keeps him from continuing the bidding, so Laura gets the portrait (and will have to borrow $450,000 from Jax to pay for it). But before the winner can collect her prize, the portrait catches on fire. Andre tells Elizabeth and Cameron that Franco signed a DNR, but she remains confident that everything will turn out okay. Franco finally starts waking up, so one way or another, this part of the plot is about to end. Laura and Rocco both think Charlotte's bodyguard is imaginary, especially after Valentin tells Laura he didn't hire one. Charlotte wants to prove his existence in the dumbest way possible: by jumping into the harbor so he'll be forced to reveal himself and save her. Chase tells Finn that he and Willow had a pregnancy scare, and though he wants to have kids someday, he was relieved that nothing's changing right now. He's sensitive to the fact that the situation brought up Wiley-related issues for Willow. Maxie and Willow talk about those Wiley-related issues, which Maxie can relate to a little, since she had to give up Lil' Georgie for a while. Anna has some questions for Peter about why he's hanging around the hospital and interested in news about Franco. He's going to have to fake regret or something, since the assassin he "saved" Franco and Andre from died. Charlotte wants to know if Lulu and Dustin are boyfriend and girlfriend, which makes the two of them discuss where the relationship stands. Dustin is willing to continue taking things slowly, but Lulu's ready to move forward and have a sleepover.

I'm going to predict that that portrait was a fake, or Ava and Nina have the codicil somewhere else.

Heh, Jax and Laura's paddle is lucky #7 and Valentin's is unlucky #13.

Curtis' face when Laura took over the bidding for Jax was great.

Trina and Curtis are in the same room! Someone please introduce them!

Jax, you can just ignore Nikolas' texts and summonses, you know.

"Franco did say he was going to come back to us, right?" YES. SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY.

Finn: "I've been told I'm an acquired taste for some." Chase: "Well, you've been told the truth." Finn: "Why do I keep setting you up?" I love them.

However: Finn, you don't get to chastise Chase for not using protection, especially not in front of the child you conceived while apparently not using protection.

Willow, please burn your shirt.

December 17th, 2019

Ava and Nina play dumb about the portrait igniting, though Jax and Curtis are both suspicious of Ava. Valentin is thrilled that the portrait's secrets are now gone, and he can focus on marrying the woman who is definitely, 100% for sure going to marry him on New Year's Eve. Trina encounters Nikolas in his hiding spot but doesn't see his face (though I doubt she would know who he was). She pegs him as one of the would-be thieves from the break-in and informs Ava in front of the remaining auction attendees. Later, Curtis tries to interrogate Trina, thinking she knows more than she's saying. Trina's loyal to Ava and wouldn't tell him anything even if she knew it. Jax tells Nikolas it's time to reveal himself to his family because they're out of options for bringing down Valentin. Nikolas won't give up, and his next step is going to see Ava, who's not at all surprised to see him. Franco's back to being himself, and seems to have all his memories intact right up to when he took Cameron's place for the memory transfer. He's also pretty casual about having been "gone" for months, but whatever. Elizabeth is happy that she has him back, and Cameron is happy that Trina made him come to the hospital so he could be there when Franco woke up. Dustin saves Charlotte, who's mostly fine but whose near-death experience sets off Valentin and Lulu's umpteenth fight about what's best for her. Valentin blames Lulu's neglect for what happened and vows to get full custody. Charlotte tells Laura she jumped because she thought her bodyguard would save her, then ID's Nikolas' picture. Peter's attempts to downplay his "heroics" are seen as humility, though Anna can't shake the theory Jason presented her. She shares it with Finn, who wonders why Peter would hire an assassin and then stop him from killing anyone.

Dev's going to be ticked if he ever finds out that portrait almost sold for $450,000 after he got only $100 for it.

If Curtis is Trina's father, I feel like he would be proud of her stonewalling.

The Franco plot lasted just over four months, so that should be the new cap for storylines.

Someone noted that Franco could have reverted to his pre-tumor-removal self, which I have to admit would have been really interesting.

We know Franco's Franco because he wants to eat.

I would like a break from Peter, please.

December 19th, 2019

Ava gets some answers out of Nikolas, like what happened after he "died" and whether he feels bad for what he's put his loved ones through. Once she's done making it about herself, she confirms that she still has the codicil, but she's not about to just hand it over to him. Lulu, Laura, Kevin, and Curtis discuss Charlotte's bodyguard, whom Kevin thinks she made up because she doesn't feel safe. Lulu tells Valentin they need to do better for their daughter, but Valentin won't budge from thinking she's to blame for everything, so he needs full custody. Laura keeps Charlotte's identification of the bodyguard from Lulu but tells Kevin that she recognized Nikolas' picture. Kevin thinks she picked his face for her imaginary bodyguard because he's at the center of Lulu and Valentin's hatred for each other, so if he were alive, they would stop fighting. Laura asks Curtis to dig up dirt on Valentin in case Lulu needs it in a custody battle. Curtis wisely turns to Jax, who sends Curtis in the direction of the one person most likely to take Valentin down for good: Claudette. Nina gives Obrecht one last chance to admit that she helped manipulate Sasha's original DNA test. Obrecht says she didn't, but she spills that Valentin took Madeline's DNA at her funeral and used it for the test. She even got some of Madeline's hair so Nina can replicate the test. Obrecht admits that she kept quiet because she wanted to have leverage over Valentin, even though doing so led to Nina getting hurt. Jax tells Carly about the events of the auction, which she thinks indicate the whole thing should be over and Jax should extricate himself from Nikolas' plans. Jax hushes her again, and the two have to scramble to cover up what they're talking about when Jason overhears them. Jason offers to help Carly however she needs, but she doesn't want to get him involved. Sonny sees them talking and calls someone for assistance. Sasha has changed her mind about modeling for Deception and even helps Lucy secure an investment. She wants a stake in the company, and Michael, acting as her agent, snags her 30%. Sonny whines to Jason about Carly and Jax's secrets, then asks whether he should seek the experimental treatment for Mike. Jason advises him to put himself in Mike's place and decide what he himself would want. Instead, Sonny asks Michael to put himself in Sonny's place and decide what he would do for Sonny. Michael says he needs to weigh Mike's possible improvement against his quality of life.

If all the anti-Valentin people would team up, this would already be over.

"So in her mind, her bodyguard is real." ...Yes, Kevin. We just established that.

Does Jason ever get to talk about HIS problems? I guess when he talks to Monica for five minutes every two months.

Raise your hand if you care at all about Sasha and/or Deception. Yeah, that's what I thought.

December 20th, 2019

Lucas is out of the medically induced coma but now in a regular old coma, and his doctor convinces Brad to have him moved to a long-term-care facility. Brad takes out his anger on Nelle, blaming her for the direction his life has taken. Michael invites Willow to hang out with him and "Wiley" for the day. He tells her about his experience taking care of Avery, and how he knew taking Sonny's child from him would be the worst thing Michael could do. Amy calls Michael to tell him Lucas is being moved and suggests that he bring "Wiley" to the hospital to cheer up Brad. That's not going to work, since Brad wants him far away from Nelle, but it does cheer Nelle, who innocently approaches Willow while she's alone with "Wiley." Anna can't find a connection between Peter and the assassin (Black) or Henderson. Finn plays devil's advocate and gets her to decide to give Peter the benefit of the doubt. After a visit from Peter and Maxie, during which Maxie talks about how happy they are, Anna gives her research one last look and finally realizes Peter and Black worked for the same DVX shell company at the same time. Elizabeth and Franco are happy to be home and back to normal, which of course quickly gets ruined when she tells him that a) Drew's presumed dead and b) he slept with Kim. Martin's unimpressed that Nelle's big plan to get out of Pentonville was to get stabbed. She again bugs him about getting her out for good, and he tells her to stick to his plan. Jordan tells Julian there's no indication of what caused Brad's brakes to fail, so the investigation is closed.

Brad should take Lucas to whatever facility Sam put Drew in when he was shot a couple years ago. He woke up after, like, 24 hours.

It has to be significant that Ryan Carnes is back after at least two episodes of Lucas having his face hidden because it definitely wasn't him.

Ahh, that's why they had Chase mention a few days ago that Willow doesn't know what Nelle looks like.

Is the Pentonville overcrowding not common knowledge? Laura's the only person who's mentioned it. I'm surprised Martin hasn't heard about it and told Nelle it might work in her favor.

Oh, hey, Lucky decided to be a parent for once.

December 23rd, 2019

Monica reads A Christmas Carol at the hospital Christmas party, and Finn learns the true meaning of Christmas. Basically.

Well, that...certainly happened.

Of all the people on this show who need to be visited by three ghosts, Finn should be toward the bottom of the list.

Why was Josslyn the Ghost of Christmas Past? Why where the Baldwin/Webbers the Cratchits? Why was Brook in it at all?

This episode was 25% Finn waking up.

That better not be all we get of Tracy.

They shouldn't have aired this out of order. The next episode is going to be confusing.

December 26th, 2019

Finn urges Anna to give Robert what she's uncovered about Peter's connection to Black. Anna doesn't want to jump the gun, and also doesn't want to turn in her son, but Finn notes that Peter could hurt more people if no one stops him. Brad tries not to freak out about Nelle and "Wiley" being in the same building. Nelle plays on Willow's sympathy and almost gets her to let Nelle hold "Wiley." Michael stops her at the last minute and reveals who Willow's been talking to. Nelle tries to get under his skin by talking about Jonah, but Michael just walks away. Brad decides it's time to get "Wiley" home and stop letting his biological father and not-really-biological mother look after him. Franco is really shaken by news of his time with Kim, but once Elizabeth assures him that she doesn't hold anything against him, he calms down. He and the Webbers are full of holiday spirit and happy to be with each other again. Gladys is back for another visit and sticks her nose into Marcus' business after hearing that he's had Yvonne hospitalized because she's not eating. Gladys' best friend did the same when she had Alzheimer's because she wanted to die with dignity. Sonny tells her to stay out of it, but when Mike pushes him to extend an invitation for Gladys to stick around for Christmas, Sonny gives in. Maxie kind of embarrasses Peter by talking about his heroics with Black, even though those heroics involved him taking a life. Maxie thinks Jason will dig into what happened, since it's tied to him and Drew, so whoever's responsible should be worried. Violet's having a very age-appropriate reaction to Hayden's absence around Christmas, and Finn feels bad that he can't tell her what's going on, since he himself doesn't know. Brook and Julian chat about Leo, since Brook was one of the people who took care of him right after he was born, but then she turns on him for being kind of a jerk. The Quartermaine mansion has been remodeled, and it looks...wrong. On the bright side: Tracy!

Way to keep an eye on your prisoner, person assigned to watch Nelle.

Why do they keep bringing Gladys back? What could possibly be the point?

I'm way too excited that Roxie gets her own stocking.

They're not...going to put Brook and Julian together, right?

December 27th, 2019

Nelle makes Sam's depressing Christmas even worse by taunting that she's away from her kids. Sam makes a vague threat of violence and gets taken off to see the warden. Scout asks Santa (Curtis again) to let her have her mom back, but instead gets a magic candy cane that will remind her of the good times she spent with Sam. Jason suddenly ditches the kids with Alexis, who's also having a depressing Christmas, but reappears with a fantastic present: Sam has gotten early parole and is home in time for Christmas. Nelle will be spending the holiday alone with her "aspirations for 2020" board, which features a child, a house, and a car, probably so she can run someone over. No one's exactly thrilled that Gladys will be spending Christmas with the Corinthoses, but since she's pivotal to keeping Dev around, they don't have a choice. Sonny catches Gladys talking to her late son's voicemail and develops some sympathy for her. Everyone's surprised by Tracy's visit, and Michael and Brook are suspicious about what brought it on. Tracy meddles in ELQ matters, suggests Brook as a new employee, and chastises Ned for helping Jason (not realizing that it may have been his good word with the parole board that got Sam released, though it's Tracy, so she probably wouldn't care if she did know). Trina tells a clueless Josslyn that Dev is in love with her, then hangs out with Cameron while he finishes up his community service as Santa's helper. Jordan learns that an old friend died, which we should probably file away for future reference.

IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! They even ended Sam's plot way before my newly introduced four-month rule!

Curtis needs to be Santa every year. He's so good at it.

Not only was Ned possibly the reason Sam was released, but he was also really nice to call Jason and invite him and the kids over to the Quartermaines'. Keep it up through 2020, Nedly.

Santa Curtis, please make Brook go away.

I can't believe Cameron and Trina didn't kiss.

December 30th, 2019

Jason busts Sonny on having an employee named Gio tail Carly to try to find out what secrets she's keeping. Jason says reasonable things about why it's a bad idea, but Sonny's gotten kind of obsessed and won't listen. Jax tells Carly that he's not sure what the next step of the big plan is, now that the codicil is gone, because Nikolas is gone, too. He doesn't want to say anything to his family yet, so they're probably not going to be able to keep the New Year's Eve deadline of being able to come clean. Gio arrives in time to hear Carly saying she's tired of keeping things from Sonny, but he doesn't get any details about her secrets. But he's also there while Julian and Brad are talking, so he's able to tell Sonny that they had a conversation about Nelle, Michael, and "Wiley." Sonny's not as interested in that as he is in Carly's antics, and when he again asks what she's up to, she says she'll finally tell him. Laura confronts Ava about the painting, and Curtis joins them to note that Ava doesn't seem upset about losing out on a big sale. Ava claims she had nothing to do with the fire and promises she's not trying to help Valentin. She mentions that she'll be at Valentin and Nina's wedding, but since there's no way she would be invited, Laura and Curtis guess that she's going to crash. They tell Jax, who warns Nina, but Nina couldn't care less. Jax lets Laura in on his and Curtis' search for Claudette and their hopes that she knows something that can send Valentin to prison. Curtis and Laura plan to go look for her together, but not until after the wedding. Charlotte mentions that her bodyguard has disappeared. Valentin tells her that he didn't hire anyone, so she guesses that Laura or Lulu did. She tells him and Nina that she saw the bodyguard's picture on Lulu's phone, and when she showed it to Laura, Laura seemed to recognize him. Valentin goes to find Laura and confront her for secretly hiring a bodyguard, but instead he overhears Ava talking to Julian about wills and codicils. After spending three months interacting with very few people, Sam has a big day, running into Willow, Julian, and Brad all in a row. Willow is apologetic about almost letting Nelle hold "Wiley," which upsets Julian. He summons Brad to the docks for a talking-to, telling him to keep Nelle away from "Wiley" and make sure not to cross Michael. Sam and Willow both get invitations to a memorial for Shiloh, then seconds later encounter Harmony. She promises she has nothing to do with the memorial and can't decide if the organizers want to confront Sam or forgive her. Nina seems uncertain about whatever's going to happen at the wedding, since Charlotte will end up getting hurt. But she also gets the DNA results that will show that Valentin fixed one of Sasha's tests, so it looks like she's going to go through with things.

Is this day player we've never seen before going to help bring down the "Wiley" plot? Wild.

So Sonny's ending 2019 on a totally normal, not-at-all-unhinged note.

"Nikolas changed a lot since he's been gone." Really? Because he seems pretty much like he was last time he was on the show.

It would be funny if Nikolas left to go get Claudette.

Ava! Inside voice!

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