General Hospital blog - December, 2020

December 1st, 2020

Ava wants to be the one to kill Julian so he dies quickly instead of at the hand of someone who hates him. Julian makes excuses for his actions up until the very end, because of course he does. He asks her to tell his children to make good decisions, unlike their disaster of a father, then basically says this isn't goodbye, since he and Ava will reunite in Hell sooner rather than later. Sonny is ready to kill Julian, but Jason notes that they can probably get some useful information out of him first. They head to Wyndemere to talk to Ava and find her about to pull the trigger. Julian uses her distraction at their arrival to jump off a parapet into the water. He later washes up on land, but it's not clear if he's alive or dead. Sonny and Jason figure they can pretend he's alive and use him to lure Cyrus into a trap so they can kill him. Lulu's loved ones say their goodbyes before she's transferred to a long-term-care facility. Cyrus seems genuinely concerned with Lulu's condition, but Laura doesn't care. She slaps him and tells him she suspects he's connected to the bombing. If she can ever prove it, she'll kill him. Cyrus makes a comment that confirms that he knows she killed David Hamilton. Left without much to go on, Curtis and Jordan decide to investigate the company that makes the medical equipment they found in the house in Oregon. After a quick trip to Mexico City and a look at the company's computer files, they learn that Cyrus' account with the company mentions a patient with the last name Gray. Back in Port Charles, Martin and Cyrus have a brief encounter that lets us know they have history. Speaking of Martin, he thinks Valentin is secretly happy about Lulu's condition because it leaves him with full custody of Charlotte. Valentin tells him that his daughter's mother's health is important to him, then fires him.

Good riddance to Julian "Just Because I Do Bad Things Don't Mean I'm a Bad Person!" Jerome. Don't come back.

I was mostly neutral on Lulu, but she didn't deserve this, and Emme Rylan really didn't.

I'm going to pretend that Carly went to see Lulu between episodes.

I'm so sure Dante will wait for Lulu. I give it six months before he has a new love interest.

I'm impressed with Curtis' extensive Spanish vocabulary. A lot of those words aren't what you would learn in a regular class.

Valentin showed humanity today and I don't know how to react.

Kiki mention – drink!

December 2nd, 2020

Brando tells Cyrus that he'd like to get his hands on whoever was responsible for Dev's death. Cyrus asks him to arrange a meeting with Sonny and Jason so he can clear up any suspicions they have that he was behind the bomb. Maxie has some questions about why Alex kidnapped her and why she was so interested in Maxie and Peter's lives. Anna says some vague things about Alex wanting a family and urges Maxie to let it go and focus on her future with Peter. Since part of Franco's tumor was removed, the rest may be treatable with radiation. He and Cameron admit to each other that they're both scared, but Franco promises to fight if Cameron promises to try to stay optimistic. Cameron confides in Trina that he feels bad for being happy about Franco's prognosis while Dev is dead. Trina assures him that he can feel happy while grieving. Martin tells Elizabeth that back when Franco was his client (when he thought he was Drew), he drew (...heh) up a will, which he gives her. Franco has a sudden memory of Peter giving an order, which means he might still have some of Drew's memories. Jordan and Curtis think the person in the house in Oregon was Florence Gray, a former Port Charles resident. She may have been treated at GH decades ago, so they ask Portia to get them access to her medical records. After they run into Martin, they remember that his last name is Gray and start wondering if there's a connection there. Josslyn opens up to Sam about how she sometimes imagines a safe, mob-free life, but she doesn't necessarily want to leave the life she has. Carly worries that Sam is going to reveal her anxieties to Josslyn, who already has enough to deal with. Sam wants to tell Danny more about why they live the way they do, but Carly advises her to focus on making Danny feel secure and loved. Cyrus wants to know if Taggert is really alive and, if so, lure him out of hiding. That means Trina's probably in danger. Sonny and Jason haven't been able to locate Julian and still don't know if he's alive or dead, but they're pretty sure he has no allies left.

Martin having Franco's will and holding on to it for a year seems suuuuuuuper-contrived.

I'm imagining Franco helping to bring down Peter via Drew's memories, and it's just crazy enough to be normal for 2020.

Just for the record, Taggert's mother's name is Florence.

Carly should actually encourage Sam to talk to Josslyn and Michael about their mob-adjacent childhoods. I know Michael would tell her that the good outweighed the bad.

Also, Jason used to have guards like Sonny does – why not do that again? That might help Sam feel better about things.

I'm sad that no one's talking about Dustin. I guess it's because Lulu and Brook are the only people he really knew, and they're both gone.

December 3rd, 2020

Julian is still alive, that cockroach, and has made his way to Martin's office. He wants money to leave town, and his leverage is a photo Martin has in his safe that Sonny would be interested in seeing. Martin tries to blackmail him back by threatening to give Sonny Nelle's letter, but Julian casually says that Sonny will just kill Martin for sitting on info about Julian's involvement in the Wiley stuff. Martin lets him go and Julian prepares to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. Laura tells Curtis about the David Hamilton case, and he tells her what he and Jordan have uncovered. Laura reveals that Florence Gray was her stepmother, but she knows very little about her biological father (Gordon Gray) or where his family went after they left Port Charles. Neither has any more insight into Florence's ties to Cyrus or why he's interested in the Hamilton case, but Curtis notes that everything connected to Cyrus is also connected to Laura. Cyrus tells Sonny and Jason that Julian approached him a while ago about killing Jason, but Cyrus turned him down because of the truce. So Julian must have been behind the bombing, but Cyrus doesn't know for sure because he had nothing to do with it, nothing at all. Sonny and Jason don't buy it. They decide it's likely that Julian's still alive and turn their focus to tracking him down. Some guy tells Trina that someone wants to meet with her to talk about Taggert. That someone is Cyrus, who tries a Hail Mary pass and tells Trina that her father is alive. He plans to let her do the work to find him, after which he'll kill Taggert (again). Ava blathers to Nikolas about brothers and sisters, and he's smart enough to guess that she's talking more about herself and Julian than about Nikolas and Lulu. He's grateful to her for coming to the hospital to support him when Lulu was taken to the long-term-care facility, and the two confirm that their sham marriage has turned into a real one. Nikolas is still worried about Ryan eventually being an issue again, but Ava tells him Ryan can't cause trouble anymore, since Julian is probably dead. Taggert complains to Carly that Sonny is taking too long to bring down Cyrus, and no one's doing enough to protect Trina. He blames Sonny for the whole mess, but Carly blames Taggert, since it was his corruption that kicked everything off. Jordan feels like she could have prevented the bombing if she'd been in town, since Cyrus might have mentioned it to her. Portia thinks she's better off letting Mac continue being the acting commissioner, because right now Cyrus can't pressure Jordan to do anything. Jordan tells her that she and Curtis are digging into Cyrus' vulnerabilities, and they might be able to take him down soon.

I assume Sonny will find Julian and shoot him, and Julian will use his dying breath to tell Sonny whatever Martin's secret is.

I loved Michael E. Knight's face when Julian was telling Martin that people are gunning for him.

They're not going to make Cyrus Laura's father, are they? I didn't think Jeff Kober was old enough for that to be possible, but he and Genie Francis have a nine-year age difference, the same as Lisa LoCicero and Dominic Zamprogna, so...

Call me crazy but maybe Laura can ask Lesley about her father. Where is Lesley, anyway? Italy?

If you're bored, Taggert, watch some movies or take up knitting. Don't yell at Carly about it.

What would happen if Jordan got Cyrus to believe that she's not healthy enough to work and left Mac in charge? I imagine Cyrus would go after Maxie and use her against Mac.

December 4th, 2020

Sasha isn't happy to learn that Chase told Willow they lied about their fling, but she grows hopeful that Michael can forgive her. She thinks it's a good sign that he stayed with her through the entire first night she was in the hospital. Chase ruins her optimism by spilling that Michael and Willow consummated their marriage. Sasha thinks they've sealed their fates, but then Chase gets a text from Willow asking him to meet. Michael and Willow have spent the episode discussing the whole mess, both deciding that they can't move forward until they know for sure they're done with their exes. While Chase goes to see Willow, Michael visits Sasha. Ava tells Nikolas all of Julian's secrets, both about the Wiley scheme and the bombing. By trying to get rid of Julian, she chose Nikolas over her brother. Now she has no one else, and she hopes Nikolas is satisfied with just her. He promises he does and tells her he loves her. Trina has convinced herself that Cyrus is right about Taggert being alive, and she shares her theory with Josslyn. Josslyn thinks she's giving in to wishful thinking, but she's a good friend so she agrees to look into it with Trina. Nina visits Sasha, who wants to make it clear that she didn't overdose, she had a heart attack. Nina points out that, either way, cocaine is to blame, and Sasha needs to get it together. Nina then tells Jax that she hopes she and Sasha can make peace and move on from Sasha and Valentin's scam. She's not sure she can forgive Valentin for his part in it, but she also doesn't want to completely cut ties because of Charlotte. Jax starts to tell her that Nelle may be her daughter, but Nina starts talking about how she hopes her daughter has had a good life. All her talk about keeping hope alive makes him change his mind and suggest that she stop looking for her daughter. Sonny and Jason tell Carly about Julian's involvement in the bombing and the Wiley scheme. In turn, she tells them that Nelle may have been Nina's daughter. Sonny worries that Jax will tell Nina that, along with what happened the night she died, which could come back to haunt Carly. Then again, Jax kept quiet about Dev's circumstances, so he might be trustworthy after all. Britt is mad at Lucas for not showing Brad enough sympathy, and believes that Brad was a victim of Nelle's manipulation, not a willing participant in a crime. She almost blurts out to Lucas that Julian was in on the Wiley scheme, but instead just tells him that Brad didn't want Lucas to lose his family.

Whew, lots of secrets revealed in this episode.

Calling it now: Willow and Michael will get back together with Chase and Sasha, and then Willow will find out she's pregnant.

Cyrus was going to kill Sasha, but after Michael almost caught him and the bombing caused all that chaos, he dropped it. Isn't he worried that she'll tell someone that she got drugs from him? I mean, she's friends with Chase. Maybe he thinks Brando told her to keep her mouth shut.

I'm going to make one last plea for a Julian-centric murder mystery. Look how many people want him dead!

"What could be more traumatic than finding out that your daughter is not only dead but is Nelle?" Heh.

December 7th, 2020

Willow admits that she's still in love with Chase, which makes it harder for her to be mad at him for his and Sasha's lies. She hasn't decided which guy she wants to be with, but Chase is happy enough knowing the door is still open for them. Michael and Sasha don't talk about their relationship as much as they talk about her sacrifice and how much it means to him. It looks like the door is still open for them, too. Anna makes Finn and Gregory spend time together, but it goes well, thanks to that buffer named Violet. Gregory tells Finn that he and Jackie are splitting up, and he's going to stay in town for a while, at least until Finn and Anna's wedding. Franco tells Elizabeth and Kevin about hearing Peter's voice in his head. He thinks it's a weird side effect of the tumor, but Kevin thinks he's projecting because he's afraid of turning out like Peter's father. He knows of a doctor in Switzerland (of course) who can help Franco figure things out, so Franco will be going there instead of Berkeley. Scott objects to Kevin putting ideas in Franco's head and practically throws a tantrum. Despite this, Elizabeth suggests that Scott go to Switzerland with Franco. Maxie wants to move her and Peter's wedding forward, possibly up ahead of Anna and Finn's. Then she suggests a double wedding, which Anna has a horrible time pretending isn't the worst idea she's ever heard. Valentin continues to show humanity by trying to talk to Dante about making sure that Charlotte and Rocco still get to see each other. His clicking pen accidentally puts Dante in mission mode, and Valentin notices that something is off about him. He takes his concerns to Anna and asks her to rekindle her friendship with Dante and make sure he's trustworthy.

Ahhh, all of Violet's stuff has unicorns on it! I love it!

Kirk really should have chosen something less common than a clicking noise as Dante's trigger.

Also, I assume Kirk is the doctor Kevin is sending Franco to see. I also assume that they'll run into Obrecht in Switzerland.

Me: "If Maxie says the words 'double wedding,' I will jump off a parapet at Wyndemere." Maxie: "Unless we have a double wedding!" Me: "Nikolas, I'm coming over."

December 8th, 2020

Jason recaps a bunch of Cyrus/Julian/bomb stuff for Sam, who notes that mobsters never get happy endings. When he leaves to talk to Sonny about tracking down Julian, Sam talks things over with Danny, who laments that they don't have a normal life or a normal family. Jason briefly returns to get whatever he needs to capture/kill Julian, and Sam tells him she can't keep living like this, so if he's going to leave, he shouldn't come home. Martin arranges to meet with Cyrus, then runs into Sonny, who has guessed that Martin knows something about Julian's whereabouts. Martin tells him that Julian stole his car and some money. Cyrus and Martin can't meet while Sonny's present, so they sit next to each other at the Metro Court bar and Martin passes a note about Julian. He reminds Cyrus that he wanted nothing to do with his lifestyle. When he leaves, he tells the bartender that Cyrus will pay for his drink. This could be a fatal mistake, as Sonny offers to pay for it and learns that Cyrus already did. Cyrus tells Brando that it would be better if Sasha were a full-blown addict because she would be easier to control. Brando wants more responsibility, so Cyrus tells him to keep an eye on her. Sasha is released from the hospital and gets another warning from Epiphany that she needs to quit using drugs. Sasha says she will, then asks for her bag, which contains cocaine. She heads straight to Cyrus' place and yells at him for not visiting her in the hospital after making her think they had a connection. Cyrus promises her they do. After he leaves, Sasha starts searching his place for drugs, but not for the reason Brando thinks – she wants revenge, and plans to start by taking the drugs to the police. Brando kicks her out and tells her not to cause trouble. Trina distracts Epiphany by asking questions about Taggert's death while Cameron tries to use Elizabeth's log-in info to get access to his medical records. He tells Josslyn he doesn't believe that Taggert's alive, but he'll still go along with Trina's plan to support her. Josslyn wants to be optimistic because she knows how happy she would be if Morgan turned out to be alive. Epiphany almost catches the teens, and though they cover for their actions, she figures out what they're up to. Jordan and Curtis celebrate a belated anniversary at home (pretending they're still in Mexico), but Cyrus is hanging over their heads. Jordan still thinks that she could have prevented the bombing if she'd been in town. Curtis notes that Cyrus might have taken advantage of the chaos to make her help him move drugs into town, so it's actually better that she was gone. He adds that she saved countless lives by taking him out of the trafficking game and putting him in prison. He assures her that he loves her despite any bad decisions she's had to make.

The writers can biiiiiite meeeee. Sam didn't trade her kids' ELQ voting shares just to kick Jason out four months later. Whatever – move him over to the legit stuff and give Brando his job.

I'm impressed that Sonny thought to go to Martin about Julian. I wouldn't have thought of it.

I admire Sasha for wanting to get revenge but...girl, you are in so far over your head. This is a horrible idea.

Morgan reference – drink! I really think this is going somewhere. Josslyn talking about the what-if of him coming back made me move from "they might bring him back" to "they're probably bringing him back."

This would have been a good time for Jordan to tell Curtis that she faked Taggert's death. Though I guess when that does come out, she can just remind him that he said he loved her no matter what decisions she makes, so he can't be mad at her for keeping that from him.

December 9th, 2020

Sam tells Jason that the bombing was her breaking point after months of trying to deny that their relationship puts the kids at risk. He pretty much says he won't even try to leave the mob since he always goes back to it, so he'll accept her request for him to move out. Laura and Cyrus end up in adjoining booths at a shooting range, and she demonstrates incredible self-control by not shooting him. She tells him she's more interested in protecting the town than bringing him to justice, so she won't pursue him if he just leaves town. Cyrus says he has personal reasons for sticking around. Laura again accuses him of being behind the bombing, and after asking about Lulu's condition, he mentions that he knows of some good long-term-care facilities in Vermont. As soon as he leaves, Laura calls Curtis and tells him that that comment might be meaningful. Indeed, Curtis connects the Mexican supply company to a long-term-care facility in Vermont, Florence's possible current location. Sonny enlists Diane to help him interrogate Martin about his connection to Cyrus. Martin's trustworthiness in the area of attorney-client privilege comes into question when he blurts out his own big secret: They're brothers. He insists that he's never been involved in Cyrus' crimes, and only reached out to him after years of separation because their mother got sick and needed care Martin couldn't afford. So it's a safe guess that Martin and Cyrus are Laura's brothers. While Sasha tries (unsuccessfully) to smooth things over with Willow, Carly tries to get Michael to talk to her. He's mad at her for keeping Sasha and Chase's secret and things all the bonding he and Willow have done was colored by their belief that they were cheated on. Carly advises him to not rush into any decisions about who he wants to be with. Epiphany warns Jordan that her cover-up of Taggert's "death" is close to being busted. Jordan's more focused on the fact that Taggert's back in town, which she didn't know.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Jason and Sam splitting up, but they can mostly be summed up with: Screw Jason. He's choosing his job over his family. Whether or not it was fair for Sam to change her mind about what she's willing to live with, he basically said, "I can't leave my job because I always go back to it, so I'll leave you instead." Sam deserves better, and so do Jasam fans. But also, they always get back together, so I'm not convinced this is permanent. I predict that he'll eventually realize he chose wrong, he'll leave the illegal side of the business, and Brando will become Sonny's #2.

Morgan mention – drink!

If Diane thinks Martin and Cyrus being brothers is "bizarre," she has a different definition of the word than I do. It's 2020, Diane. This is nothing.

Time for Sonny, Laura, and Curtis to meet up and share stuff so they can put everything together.

"My parents moved around a lot, even before they joined Dawn of Day." Tell me, did they happen to live in northern Florida before you were born?

Now they're saying three people died in the bombing. Sorry, forgotten, unnamed third person.

"You're just going to drop this in my lap like a bomb..." Wording, Carly!

December 10th, 2020

In Switzerland, Franco and Scott have trouble getting in to see Kevin's referred doctor (who is, of course, Kirk). When Obrecht learns that Franco needs an appointment, she tells Kirk to meet with him. She listens in as Kirk looks through Franco's file and starts connecting the dots between Peter's voice in his head and Andre's work. Meanwhile, Scott comes across Obrecht. Anna starts to tell Finn about Maxie's suggestion of a double wedding, but he gets distracted by something else and they never finish the conversation. When Maxie approaches Finn to talk about the idea, she lets him believe that Anna okayed it, so he says he'll just go along with it without knowing what he's agreeing to. Now Anna and Finn have to figure out how to back out of a double wedding neither of them wants. Olivia seems to think she and Alexis are friends, and that Alexis might want her advice about getting help and putting her life back together. She's wrong. Tracy thinks Monica is doing a poor job of keeping all the Quartermaines in line, especially Ned. Monica thinks Alexis will keep quiet about the fling, but Tracy worries that her drinking will lead her to blurt out something she shouldn't. She heads to the Metro Court to try to get out ahead of any potential disaster and arrives just a little too late: Olivia has just told the Metro Court bartender to cut Alexis off, and Alexis is telling Olivia to worry about her own life and marriage. Anna tries to reach out to Dante, but he's not very forthcoming about his experiences in Switzerland. Obrecht bugs Kirk to go back to Port Charles to move things along, but his mind control or whatever still seems to be working over the phone. Alexis tries to make amends with Sam, who won't budge on her decision to cut off ties if Alexis keeps drinking. Alexis complains about that, and Sam points out that she has the power to change the situation but refuses to (*cough* subtext *cough*). Elizabeth comes by to talk to Jason, and Sam tells her that they're splitting up. Elizabeth thinks that Sam's desire to protect her kids is admirable, and Sam admits that she's always appreciated how Elizabeth has made things stable for Jake. They're basically friends now and it's really weird.

Did Scott and Franco think to call Kevin to clear things up with Kirk, or would that have been too logical for them?

Oh, no, Scott caught Sasha's wearing-sneakers-with-nice-clothes disease!

I so appreciate the humor and lightness in Anna and Finn's scenes today.

Between Maxie saying the double wedding will be memorable and her asking how Peter would handle it if she was in Lulu's place, I don't have a good feeling about how things will go.

I don't expect to miss Lulu much, but I will miss her ability to calm Maxie down.

I forgot that Dante shot Peter. Good times.

Someone finally fixed Elizabeth's weird haircut! It looks cute now.

But of freaking course she slips back into Jason's orbit just as his relationship is falling apart.

December 11th, 2020

Sonny and Jason track Julian to New York, where he's gone to say goodbye to Kim. Tamara Braun is on another soap now She's not there, but the woman in her apartment tells him Kim is still grateful to him for getting her through Oscar's death. The woman is Kim's nanny, because guess who was secretly pregnant when she left Port Charles and now has a baby named Andy (short for Andrew, of course)? Julian leaves when the fire alarm goes off, having been pulled by Jason to get him out of the building, and Sonny easily corners him outside. The nanny calls Kim to let her know that Julian came by, as Kim had expected, and the nanny lied and told Julian he's not Andy's father. Scott interrogates Obrecht, who tells him she's been exonerated but can't go back to Port Charles until she has proof against the person who framed her. Scott is skeptical, and Franco doesn't seem to care, mostly because Kirk has given him good news: He thinks Peter's voice is one of Franco's Drew memories, and he knows how to fix Franco. Kirk celebrates by having sex with Obrecht, then accuses her of using him to get what she wants. He threatens her, so she pulls a knife on him. As they're scuffling, Scott intervenes and punches Kirk. Kirk ends up with the knife in his stomach, and he's dead before Obrecht can save him. Sam tells Carly that she and Jason are splitting up, and Carly is sympathetic and nonjudgmental. She acknowledges that Sam has changed over the years while Jason hasn't. Jason and Sonny discuss the same topic, and Jason blames himself (as he should). He regrets letting himself believe he could be a father and admits he's not surprised that Sam realized she needed to leave him. Tracy is so desperate to get Alexis away from Ned and Olivia that she offers Alexis a job in Amsterdam. Alexis sees through the ploy and says she'll keep her mouth shut about the fling, though she wants Ned to come clean to Olivia. Tracy comes up with some plan involving Alexis being unconscious in her car. Ava and Nikolas tear up their post-nup, then plot to kill Ryan, unaware that he's regained consciousness. Dante asks Olivia for her input on whether he and Rocco should stay at the Quartermaines' or go home. He thinks Rocco might be uncomfortable living alone with him, since they've been apart for so long. Olivia urges him to jump right back into fatherhood, though she'll still be there to help him, of course.

Julian's literally running for his life and he only went as far as New York? He deserved to get caught.

DIDN'T I SAY KIM SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN PREGNANT? DIDN'T I SAY THAT?? (Okay, I looked through my archives to see where I said that and I couldn't find anything. Also, I thought she should get pregnant with Franco's baby. But still!)

So has Julian ever even seen a condom? This is his fourth unplanned child, and the fourth whose mother either lied about his paternity or whose existence he didn't know of at birth.

Morgan mention – drink! By my count, that's #10 verbal references to him in three months, on top of a couple of indirect references.

I wish Sam had asked Carly how she was able to go back to Sonny after Morgan's death, or how she rationalizes raising kids in that lifestyle.

Kiki mention – drink again!

December 14th, 2020

Obrecht wants to cover up Kirk's death, so she sends Scott and Franco to their hotel without letting Franco know that the doctor who might be his last hope is dead. She gathers up Kirk's research and tells him that she thinks she can apply it to help him. He tells her a little about his symptoms, not mentioning yet that Kirk thought they were memories from his time as Drew. Obrecht distracts him with other subjects, then asks for the first thought that comes to mind. He blurts out Drew's name, tells her Kirk's theory, and reports that the voice in his head is Peter's. Cue Obrecht's next journey to vindication. Sonny threatens Julian, Julian says he did everything for Lucas, blah blah, Julian's only still alive because Sonny thinks he could flip on Cyrus. Before Julian can prove to be of any use, they get ambushed and it looks like Julian gets shot. By the time the gun battle is over, Julian's disappeared. Sonny and Jason guess that Cyrus had him grabbed, which disappoints Sonny, since he really wants to kill the guy. Sasha acts like everything's normal around Cyrus, but Brando keeps her away from him by telling Cyrus that she ransacked his apartment. I'm still not sure exactly what Sasha's planning or what Brando's trying to do, and when he tries to arrange to see her, probably to explain things to her, she turns him down. Tracy's plan appears to be to make it look like Alexis blacked out and drove her car off the road so she'll get arrested for DUI and forced into rehab. Alexis throws things off track by refusing a field sobriety test. Chase responds by confiscating her driver's license and arresting her pending a breathylzer. Maxie, Lucy, and their lawyers have worked out a way for Sasha to stay on at Deception after her drug use and health scare. Sasha eagerly agrees to things like random drug tests and promises she's done using, but she refuses to take the suggestion that she go public with her drug use. Maxie still wants to be friends and is partly interested in helping Sasha because of all the damage she did to Lucky while he was using. Cyrus wants to take a page from Finn's book and develop a drug that will both help people and bring in money for the hospital. He's involved in research to create a painkiller that may get expedited. Britt notes that the side effects aren't known, but if it's what he gave Sasha, I think the side effects are pretty obvious. Britt and Maxie may not be friends, but they can both agree that Obrecht has ruined her relationships with them and James. Maxie says a bunch of stuff that's just going to make her look even more naïve when the truth about Peter comes out.

I think this is the last week we ever have to see Julian or his horrible hair!

Why, exactly, would it be smart for Julian to flip on Cyrus? Assuming Sonny let him live and he went to prison, Cyrus would probably have him killed there. Basically, if Julian doesn't run away again, I'm 99 percent sure he won't survive this.

The next time Julian says he did everything he did for Lucas, I want Lucas to appear out of nowhere and yell, "Leave me out of this!"

Heh, Nancy Lee Grahn has been saying for years that Alexis should have lost her license a long time ago.

Chase and Tracy have never met? Huh.

"You really don't trust me." Well, Sasha, have you done anything to prove you're trustworthy right now?

December 15th, 2020

Curtis poses as a doctor and Laura as a patient so she can be admitted to the clinic where Florence is being treated. This works out well until a doctor wants to give Laura some kind of injection. Trina is sure that Epiphany is hiding something about Taggert's "death" and is annoyed that Josslyn and Cameron don't trust her instincts that he's alive. Cameron points out that if Taggert is alive, he's in hiding, which means they could be digging into something dangerous. Jordan tells Carly she knows Sonny has Taggert stashed somewhere, and warns that Josslyn is helping Trina dig into his "death." Carly arranges for Jordan and Taggert to meet, then summons Josslyn for an interrogation. Josslyn admits that Trina got her and Cameron to look at Taggert's medical records because of a tip from Cyrus. Meanwhile, Jordan yells at Taggert for not hiding well enough. He realizes that Julian must have told someone he's alive, which could lead to disaster. Jordan tells him to leave town and let her handle things. Violet's interest in weddings – specifically, Gregory and Jackie's wedding – leads to some uncomfortable memories for Finn and Gregory. Anna thinks it's just because Finn is still struggling with his father's remarriage so soon after Finn's mother's death. She encourages him to make amends with Gregory so Gregory can turn to him for help dealing with his current separation. Finn takes it even further, officially inviting Gregory to the (double) wedding. Martin smooths things over with Valentin and practically begs to represent him again. He wants to be forthcoming about his past before it becomes common knowledge, so he tells Valentin that he and Cyrus are brothers.

Welp, I've been spelling Grey wrong this whole time. Oh, well.

Maybe Curtis should start using an alias, in case someone reports his activities to Cyrus.

Morgan mention #11 – drink!

Chase's face when Violet mentioned the double wedding was an excellent early Christmas present.

Does anyone on this show have more fun on a daily basis than James Patrick Stuart?

Why was Martin so eager to have Valentin retain him? Did Valentin just sign away his soul or something?

You have to love Valentin slamming someone else for a lack of sensitivity.

December 16th, 2020

Julian has made it all the way to New Jersey and has an hour-long wait before he can board a bus to Montreal. Blood loss makes him delirious, and he imagines Duke, Connie, and Alexis visiting him to remind him of all the horrible things he's done. They urge him to balance the scales and make up for the lives he's ruined by killing himself. He's not about to do that, but the visits are enough to keep him unconscious long enough to probably miss his bus. Sonny and Jason meet up with Brick, who teaches them about facial-recognition technology and how they can use it to find Julian. Sonny plans to drag Julian back to Port Charles and make him tell the police whatever they need to take down Cyrus. Jason's like, "Now we're protecting Julian?" Curtis is able to stop Laura's doctor from giving her a sedative, and he thinks the close call means they should come up with a new plan. Laura's all in and is able to get into Florence's room. Trina almost sees Taggert, but Jordan steps in before she can. Trina admits that she's been working on trying to clear Taggert's name. Jordan tells her that Taggert, Bob, and that other guy whose name I can't remember really did drum up evidence against Cyrus, but that doesn't make Taggert a bad person. This makes Trina feel a little better, and it makes Taggert happy, especially since this could be the last time he sees Trina for a while. One of Cyrus' men shows up after Trina leaves and takes a shot at Taggert, but Jordan is able to take him out. Just before he dies, he tells them about Cyrus' plan to use Trina to draw Taggert out. Taggert realizes that he really does need to go back underground, so Jordan comes up with a new plan, bringing in Mac for reinforcement. Britt catches Nikolas lurking outside Ryan's room and accuses him of wanting to kill the killer. She teases him when she realizes he and Ava are actually in love. Ryan regains consciousness but appears to be in a vegetative state. Ava would prefer it if he were dead (especially if she could be the one to kill him), but she'll take it. Portia is a little on edge about Trina's safety (understandably so), and though Trina wants to tell her what she's been up to, she also doesn't want to get Portia involved. When she mentions that Cyrus has something to do with it, Portia makes me think that we might be coming up on watching a woman kill a man with her bare hands. Carly manages to convince Josslyn that Cyrus was making up what he told Trina about Taggert being alive. She orders Cyrus to stay away from Josslyn and her friends, and stop lying about Taggert. Cyrus takes this as confirmation that Taggert is really alive. Carly knows it and calls Sonny to let him know that Cyrus is on to them.

Who decided to bring back Connie instead of, say, Carlos? Was Jeffrey Vincent Parise not available? Maybe they'll continue this tomorrow and he'll show up then. Also, I wish Ian Buchanan's appearance hadn't been spoiled, because that would have been an awesome surprise.

Julian trying to get to Montreal might be an inside joke, since William deVry is from there.

Laura should have asked Cyrus for suggestions of facilities in Vermont, then pretended she and Curtis were there looking for a place to send Lulu. Then Laura wouldn't be putting herself in danger, and if Cyrus found out they were there, they would have a plausible explanation.

Aw, Trina's middle name is Campbell, Gia's last name.

There's no way Portia doesn't track Trina's phone.

Kiki mention – drink! I counted and we're at #12 for her since August. I'm surprised she's been mentioned more than Morgan, but with Ryan around, it makes sense.

December 17th, 2020

A Cyrus-hired hitman stalks Julian as he tries to get another passenger to sell him his ticket on the last bus out of town. Just as he succeeds and the hitman is about to take his shot, Sonny and Jason arrive. The hitman starts a gunfight, during which Julian is able to make a run for it, but Sonny follows him to a bridge. Laura hides when Martin arrives to see Florence, who's his mother. After she makes her presence known, she gets him to confirm that his father was Gordon Grey, making the two of them half siblings. Laura still isn't clear on Cyrus' connection to Florence, but the man himself arrives and lets her know that Martin isn't her only surprise brother. Jordan and Mac take Taggert to the PCPD, half for his protection and half so Mac can question him about who helped him fake his death. Taggert won't give anyone up and Jordan won't give any details about her participation. Trina tells Portia that Cyrus said Taggert's alive, and Portia goes off about Cyrus harassing her and putting ideas in her head. She takes Trina to the police station, where Taggert reveals himself to them. At first Trina's thrilled, but when he can't give her a good reason for not telling her he was alive, she gets mad, as does Portia. Curtis returns to town and walks into the middle of this, so good luck to Jordan on explaining everything to him. Michael and Chase run into each other at Volonino's and have a big fight know, that whole mess. Michael is mad that Chase disrupted all their lives and now wants everything to go back to normal, while Willow and Michael's relationship has evolved. Chase thinks Michael is just upset because Willow might choose Chase over him. Michael knees him in the groin, then says that they're not even, but that helped.

Can't wait till tomorrow, when they drag things out for an hour before Julian inevitably jumps off the bridge and is presumed dead again.

They're going to need to explain why Martin has an accent but Cyrus doesn't. I'm guessing Cyrus dropped his, like Mac dropped his Australian accent.

I'm sure Chad Duell was thrilled to have to be shirtless in a scene with Josh Swickard.

I thought Michael was supposed to be the mature Corinthos. That was more of a Morgan move. (You don't have to drink for that.)

December 18th, 2020

Sonny gives Julian the chance to come with him and rat Cyrus out to the police, but Julian figures he'll be killed no matter what he does, so why bother? Sonny urges him to try to gain some points before that inevitable death. Julian likes the irony that if Sonny wants his help, he'll have to keep Julian alive. He attacks Sonny, despite having a bullet wound and appearing to be bleeding internally, and Sonny fights him, then shoots him. Back in the bus station, Diane comes to Jason's rescue and works her magic with local police, who want to question him about killing Cyrus' hitman. Surveillance footage makes it clear that Jason shot the hitman in self-defense, and a cop even admits that his actions saved others, so Jason isn't in any trouble. Diane distracts the cop so Jason can go after Sonny, but just as he finds Sonny and an apparently dead Julian, the bridge Sonny's on collapses. Cyrus tells Laura that he laid a trail of bread crumbs hoping they would lead her to where they are now. She thinks he knew all along that she was his sister. Cyrus says he found when he researched her after she had him thrown in solitary confinement. The brothers' rivalry becomes more detailed when Martin accuses Cyrus of killing their father, since he ran Gordon over with his car after a big fight. Florence subsequently threw Cyrus out of the house, which led him to start a new life and become a criminal. The two of them fight in front of Laura, who's like, "I didn't ask for a dysfunctional family; can I please opt out?" Curtis is mad at Jordan for keeping Taggert's non-death a secret all this time. She says she wanted to protect him from any fallout, but he doesn't consider that a reasonable excuse. Carly and Josslyn talk about how weird their lives are, and how weird it is that it doesn't always feel weird to Josslyn. She basically admits that she just ignores all the negative stuff about the mob and compromises to have a good life. In other, unspoken words, Sam gave up something good to avoid something bad, and Josslyn and Carly don't want to do the same.

Ah, Julian. He died the way he lived – being an idiot.

Yeah, like they would a) kill Sonny b) in a freak accident c) right before Christmas. Nice try, show.

I guess they had to have Sonny shoot Julian because otherwise some nameless gunman would have been his killer, and that's disappointing.

So...what about the picture Julian stole from Martin?

December 21st, 2020

Jason tries but fails to find Sonny in the water before he has to hide from police and a search team. They find Julian's body but there's no sign of Sonny. So, for some reason, Jason drives all the way back to Port Charles. Florence still hates Cyrus for killing Gordon, and the way she rejects him almost makes Laura feel sorry for him. Knowing who he really is and what he's done keeps her from caring too much, though. Cyrus claims that not only do he and Laura have a lot in common, but he's become a respectable person and has no ulterior motives. Martin gets protective of his newfound sister and leaves with her so she doesn't have to listen to Cyrus anymore. Cyrus goes back to see Florence alone, tells her how much he's accomplished, and vows that one day the world will see the real him. Carly's worried about Sonny being gone so close to Christmas, so she welcomes Dante when he comes by to drop off some presents. They have a nice talk about how he's moving on without Lulu, how Sonny helped Dante and Lulu buy their house, and how happy Sonny is to have his eldest back in town. Dante also gets to meet Donna for the first time. Chase calls for a guys' night with Finn and Gregory, complete with poker and awkward silences when Gregory and Jackie's wedding comes up yet again. Gregory is grateful that Finn gave him a second chance and still has no clue what happened the night before the wedding. Finn decides he's ready to tell Anna everything. Anna tells Valentin that Dante hasn't shown that he's recovered enough for Valentin to be comfortable letting Charlotte be around him. Valentin suspects that he was released before he was ready because the WSB wants him to do something. Peter and Maxie are having a girl, and Valentin thinks Peter's relieved because a boy might grow up to be evil like Faison.

I liked Carly and Dante's scenes. They don't interact much, and she's had animosity toward him in the past, so it was nice to see them getting along.

But why are they bringing up Sonny helping to buy Dante and Lulu's house all these years later?

Okay, it's, like, midnight. Chase, I'm sorry you're single and your only friend kneed you in your family jewels, but that doesn't mean you can barge into your brother's house and demand a poker game whenever you want.

Maxie should name the baby Lesley, after Lulu.

I guess Peter doesn't think girls can be evil.

December 22nd, 2020

Jason takes Carly back to New Jersey with them and they start searching for Sonny while trying to convince themselves that he's still alive. Finn tells Anna about his relationship with Jackie before she met Gregory, and their fling the night before Jackie and Gregory's wedding. Finn felt so horrible about it that he cut himself off from his father for a year before deciding he wanted to come clean. When he went to Gregory's house, he learned that Jackie had had Chase. Anna guesses that Finn suspects he might be Chase's father, but Finn doesn't want to dig into the truth and possibly cause more drama. He tells Anna that he really gets why she's hesitant to tell Peter that she's not his mother. Anna urges him to seek the relationship he wants with Gregory despite what's happened in the past. Kirk's body is found in an alley, and since his pockets were empty, police think he was the victim of a mugging gone wrong. Franco has already decided to go home, since there's no point in staying in Switzerland if Kirk can't help him. Obrecht wants to go back to Port Charles, too, though she doesn't want anyone to know she's not in prison. She vows to save Franco, then tells Scott he has to keep covering up Kirk's death with her. Lucky Dante gets Obrecht as his new handler. Sam and Diane urge Alexis to go to rehab, but she insists that she doesn't need it almost as strongly as she insists that she didn't drive drunk. They offer to pay her bail so she doesn't have to spend Christmas in jail, but in exchange, she'll have to get treatment. Alexis refuses, so she'll be alone for the holiday. Chase caps off Sam's horrible day (month, really) by telling her about Julian's death. Olivia gets the same news and is a lot more upset than she should be, honestly. Tracy can't help making comments about Olivia and Ned's marriage before telling Ned that she knows he slept with Alexis. She lets him know about Alexis' arrest, and when Ned expresses interest in going to see her at the police station, Tracy stops him. Olivia, however, thinks he should be there for his friend. Robert catches Jackie up on what she's missed while out of town, but she seems to only be worried about Finn. Robert hopes she's back in time for the double wedding next month because he wants her to go with him.

Jason driving all the way home and back to New Jersey instead of just calling Carly seems like a big waste of time.

Yeah, I think Finn is Chase's biological father. I don't know that the show would raise the possibility if it didn't turn out to be true.

At this point, I'm actually not sure who could get through to Alexis. Maybe Finn?

Here's one of many possible problems with Tracy's plan: If Alexis goes to rehab, she'll probably also go back to AA. One of the steps in AA is making amends. Alexis may interpret that as apologizing to Olivia for sleeping with her husband.

How was Olivia the first to get a call about Julian? It looks like Ava was originally supposed to be on today, so maybe the New Jersey police called her, and she called Olivia next? But why wouldn't she call Sam?

December 23rd, 2020

Sonny still hasn't been found, but Carly doesn't want to ruin anyone's Christmas, so she asks Jason to keep quiet until they know something definitive. She tells Michael and Josslyn that Sonny had to work on Christmas Eve, and somehow, they buy it. Carly barely manages to hide her fear but ultimately breaks down and tells Jax that Sonny might not even be alive. After the family's Christmas Eve festivities have broken up, the police show up. Molly pays Alexis' bail and lets her tag along to Christmas Eve with the Ashfords. Alexis sneaks some vodka, and when the conversation turns to Jordan keeping the truth about Taggert from Curtis, Alexis makes a remark about partners keeping secrets from each other. Molly gets uneasy about her possibly spilling about Molly's fling with Brando. She throws Alexis out when it becomes obvious that she's drinking, then decides to tell T.J. everything herself. Meanwhile, Alexis learns that Julian is dead. Laura and Kevin spend some time spreading Christmas cheer in the hospital's pediatric ward, which just reminds Laura of spending Christmas with Lulu when she was little. They run into Martin, who's spreading cheer himself for the elderly patients, and invite him to spend the holiday with them. Trina slams Curtis for keeping the truth about Taggert from her. Curtis tells her and Portia that he knew nothing about that, which just makes them mad that Jordan would keep such a big secret from her husband. Portia understands why he's so mad at Jordan (he didn't even go home the night before) but encourages him to listen to her reasons for keeping him in the dark. Michael and Willow appreciate that Lucas has kept his distance from Wiley while he's adjusted to his new parents, but they think enough time has passed for them to spend time together again. Michael invites Lucas to spend Christmas with them, and it goes really well. Sam asks Jason to spend the night at the penthouse so he can spend time with the kids. Brando is basically stalking Sasha because Cyrus told him to, and though she's annoyed at first, she warms up to him and they start getting to know each other. They find themselves under mistletoe, but she'll only kiss him on the cheek. Sam and Lucas admit to being relieved that Julian is dead and got what he deserved instead of what he wanted.

Laura Wright was so good in that small moment where she went outside to cry.

I did think a few days ago that Alexis and Ned's fling wasn't the only one she was keeping secret, and Molly should be worried.

Speaking of that secret...Molly, this should probably wait until after Christmas.

Nice continuity with Molly once spending weeks believing Ric was dead. Hey, Jordan orchestrated that, too!

Now I'm even more confused about yesterday's episode, Someone called Olivia to tell her Julian was dead before the body was ID'd? And why did Sam ID the body instead of Ava?

I wish Sam had told Alexis about Julian so she didn't have to learn the news from her phone. Or she could have asked Chase to tell Alexis.

Laura might be a little naïve to trust Martin so easily.

Laura: "Please, call me Laura." Martin: "Excellent!" Kevin: "I'm still Dr. Collins." I love him.

Michael inviting Lucas to come back into Wiley's life on Christmas is especially nice because last Christmas was the only one Lucas would have gotten with Wiley, but he missed it because he was in a coma.

What was the point of Sam and Jason splitting up if he's going to spend the night and hang out with the kids? How does that protect them?

Sasha is too boring for Brando. I just can't get invested in them.

December 28th, 2020

Chase tells Carly that Julian's body was found with bullet wounds, and since Sonny was seen nearby, it stands to reason that he's responsible for those bullet wounds. Carly stays calm and pretends this is all new information to her. Chase tells Michael and Brando that Sonny may be dead, then tries to get information out of Jason, though he should know by now that without Diane present, Jason's never going to talk. Molly spills everything to T.J. about her fling with Brando, taking the full blame and expressing her regret. He's understandably angry, but also curious about the texts Jordan got during his abduction and why she told Molly that T.J. was done with her. He puts everything together and lets Jordan know he figured out that a) Cyrus was behind his kidnapping and b) she knew the whole time. She confirms it and admits that there are still things he doesn't know. This puts Molly's secret in perspective for T.J., and he decides that since she voluntarily came clean and her fling happened under abnormal circumstances, they should try to get past what happened. In contrast, Curtis can't be sure that Jordan really has told him all her secrets, so he doesn't want to risk trusting her and getting hurt again. He won't even put on an act and pretend everything's fine to spend Christmas Eve with Molly and T.J. Britt finally decides to join Team Corinthos, though she's nervous that she'll end up in the line of fire. She tells Jason about Cyrus' plans to develop a better type of painkiller in GH's lab. Franco tells Elizabeth that his treatment plans have changed, but there's still a good chance that someone can help him. Cameron is sad about Dev's death, and Elizabeth apparently sucks as a mother now, but Terry ends up getting through to him by telling him about the death of one of her own friends. Maxie and Peter agree to name the baby Louise and call her Lou. Obrecht is disturbed to see them with Britt and makes an early New Year's resolution to take Peter down.

Chase should be a lot more suspicious about Carly's reaction to the news that her husband might be dead.

I'm legitimately surprised that Molly told T.J. everything. I was sure she would either chicken out or get interrupted.

Also, nice work by Haley Pullos today.

So much for Curtis loving Jordan no matter what decisions she makes, huh?

Did Britt think Sonny and Jason wouldn't kill Julian? Is she that naïve/clueless?

How is Terry a better parent than Elizabeth? Elizabeth couldn't have talked to Cameron about her own experiences losing friends?

Louise? No! Just call her Lesley!

December 29th, 2020

Brando checks in with Jason, who wants him to pretend that he hasn't talked to the Corinthos contingent and doesn't know anything about Sonny's disappearance. Cyrus, however, already knows about it and wants to meet with Jason. He also knows that Dev wasn't really a Corinthos and threatens to turn Brando, Sonny, Carly, and anyone else in on that whole thing in to Homeland Security if Brando ever betrays him. Laura and Jackie catch up, then talk about Jackie continuing the story Lulu wanted to write about Cyrus. Laura reveals their family connection, which Jackie thinks she should publicize before it gets out, so she can control the narrative. She also thinks Laura should use Florence against Cyrus. The conversation gives Laura an idea, so she visits Carly and tells her that while she waits for news on Sonny, she should fight back. Willow and Chase run into each other at a charity event and do a Polar Bear Plunge together. Gregory meets Willow and thinks the two of them got back together. Chase sets him straight but won't answer his questions about why they split up. Finn wants to talk to Willow about Chase and Sasha's ploy, so Chase tells Willow that he knew they lied and tried to talk Chase into telling the truth. Willow thanks Finn for trying to get his brother to do the right thing, which just triggers more questions for Gregory. Chase talks Willow into having dinner with him so he can really show her how sorry he is for what he did. Dante is worried about the Corinthoses' safety with Sonny gone, and even offers to oversee their protection. Carly and Jason are grateful, but they want him to focus on Rocco. Dante is gunning for Cyrus, possibly literally, but Laura warns him to stay away from any conflict that may arise. Finn seems to want to fix things with Gregory, but he's not sure he can explain the estrangement to him or Chase without telling them everything.

I hope Jackie and Laura become friends. Laura could use one.

It's a little funny that Chase and Willow voluntarily jumped into freezing water just days after Sonny may have died falling into freezing water. Okay, not funny haha.

Shout-out to the actor playing the guy in charge of the Polar Bear Plunge, because that outfit couldn't have been fun to wear.

As if 2020 wasn't weird enough, today Dante threatened to kill someone and Jason told him to chill.

December 30th, 2020

Cyrus thinks Jason might be a more reasonable man than Sonny, so he presents a deal: Jason lets Cyrus move drugs through Sonny's territory – now Jason's – and Jason gets a 30% cut. Jason refuses, then tells Cyrus that the sniper he had waiting to take Jason out has already been dealt with. Cyrus decides to kill Jason himself, and the two have a brief standoff before Brando shows up. Carly walks into the scene with some backup, preventing Jason from getting a clean shot at Cyrus. Everyone walks away unharmed, but I think it's safe to say the truce is over. Jason tears into Carly for putting herself in danger since he wouldn't be able to handle it if he lost her. He takes responsibility for getting her involved with the mob in the first place. Carly assures him that the situation isn't going to escalate. Meanwhile, Cyrus yells at Brando for not taking Jason out, though Brando points out that he didn't know if that's what Cyrus wanted. Cyrus reminds him of the insurance he has against the Corinthos contingent, which will go straight to the authorities if Cyrus dies. Then he learns that Carly has gotten her own insurance against Cyrus: Florence. Laura tells Carly about her newfound family and her theory that she, not Florence, is Cyrus' weakness. She thinks he wants her acceptance as much as he wants Florence's. When she runs into him later, she asks him for weekly check-ins to ensure peace in Port Charles. Jackie thinks Anna doesn't like her because of her past with Robert and her fling with Finn. Anna doesn't seem to have an opinion on Jackie either way. Jackie asks where she lands on telling Chase and Gregory about the fling; Anna is fine with doing whatever Jackie and Finn decide. Finn and Gregory join them and talk turns to the wedding, which Jackie mentions she may attend with Robert. If things weren't awkward before, they definitely are now. Tracy gushes over how great Olivia is for Ned, which somehow doesn't make Olivia suspicious. Ned leaves to tend to Alexis, who's cut herself while drunk and won't let Finn take her home. Tracy scrambles to keep Alexis and Olivia apart, and even though she fails, Alexis doesn't say anything to Olivia that she shouldn't. She does, however, tell Ned that she think Tracy lied about the circumstances of her alleged blackout and DUI.

I was expecting the last episode of the year to end with them showing us where Sonny is, but ending with Carly screwing things up for Jason is very on brand for the show.

Did Carly...kidnap an old woman? Did I really just ask that question?

Laura's going to win over Cyrus like a kindergarten teacher winning over a difficult student. "Now, Timmy, I know you didn't mean to scribble on Melissa's drawing. I hope you'll make better decisions in the future and be the sweet little boy I know you can be."

Jackie doesn't seem to care what learning about her and Finn would do to Gregory, which is sad.

Ned, you absolute moron, don't bring up Tracy's infidelity when she could bust you for your own.

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