General Hospital blog - December, 2021

December 1st, 2021

Alexis hosts an "orphans' Thanksgiving" that starts with just her, Shawn, Spencer, and Esme. Valentin joins them, angering Spencer, followed by Nikolas and Ava. Then, as if things weren't awkward enough, Victor crashes. Nikolas admits that he knew Victor was alive, and Victor announces that he's Valentin's father. Everyone starts fighting, and Victor puts on his patriarch crown and warns that they need to present a united front of they want to survive any enemies who come their way. Carly doesn't want to hold a grudge against Britt, since she knows Jason wouldn't want her to, but she's still not thrilled to have her around. Sonny summons Spinelli to trace Cyrus' call and ends up having to tell him that Jason's dead. Monica thinks Drew must be eager to get back to his life, but he's not sure what that is, since he was still trying to figure himself out the last time he was in town. Monica invites him to stay at the mansion and continue spending time with the family. Sam and Dante are officially not taking things slowly anymore. With Drew back, Valentin might not be able to use all of Scout's ELQ shares anymore, and Ned wants to make a move before he does. Olivia agrees, which surprises Ned. She tells him she's still not sure where the two of them stand, but she's hopeful that they can work things out. She also wants him in Leo's life no matter what. Valentin reports Chase's punch to Mac, who suspends Chase from the force for six months.

The "who could that be, Satan?"/Victor's at the door joke was easy but still funny. I also liked Nikolas' "oh, crap, he's here" face.

You'd think Alexis' children would be more eager to spend Thanksgiving with her after all their time apart.

Shawn disappeared and missed all the fun!

Happy first anniversary of the last time I ever had to see Julian Jerome's face. 🎵 And many more... 🎵

I'd love for all the Quartermaines to pretend they didn't see Chase hit Valentin so Mac has nothing to go on but Valentin's claim.

A six-month suspension for hitting someone?? We all know Jordan would have been a lot more lenient.

December 2nd, 2021

Maxie's having second thoughts about the decision to pretend Chase is Louise's father. Peter might put things together like Chase did, and without Valentin around, they no longer have access to his protective resources, like Yuri. Brook thinks things are better this way, since Peter won't have any reason to give Louise a second thought if he doesn't think she has ties to Valentin. She and Chase promise Maxie that they'll do whatever it takes to protect Louise, though Maxie knows they wouldn't be able to take Peter down if it came to that. Nina distracts Amy so Brando can sneak Sasha into the NICU to see the baby (Liam). Though there's no update on his condition, both parents are optimistic. Drew visits Sonny and Carly to give his condolences and catch up with them a little. Like Monica, they don't want Jason's death to take away from Drew's return, and they don't want him to feel bad for living when Jason didn't. Sam and Alexis fill each other in on their Thanksgivings and all the deaths/returns from the dead. Since Alexis isn't sure what kind of opportunities are available to an ex-lawyer/ex-con, so Sam suggests that they do PI stuff together. Valentin tells Anna about Brook's lies and his desire to continue seeking revenge. Anna thinks he should give more thought to dealing with the emotional fallout of learning that "Bailey" isn't his child. Dante lets Olivia know who he spent Thanksgiving with, and though he doesn't give her details about his and Sam's relationship, Olivia seems to get it.

I can see both sides of Maxie and Brook's dilemma. They're both right. I really think Maxie's giving Peter too much credit, though. I can't see Peter putting together that "Bailey" is Louise without all the pieces Chase had to figure it out.

People, stop saying you're willing to die protecting Louise from Peter. You're tempting fate.

Wow, they really are going to pretend that Carly and Sonny were super-great friends with Drew two years ago. And I'm going to pretend that he went to see Elizabeth before he went over there, so he could tell her about Jason and express his condolences about Franco.

I'm just surprised no one on the show has named a baby Liam before now.

Didn't Amy get a spread in Crimson back during the Ask Man Landers fiasco?

That can't be the Quartermaines' kitchen. It's way too small.

December 3rd, 2021

Anna goes with Valentin to the Quartermaines' in hopes that Brook will let him say goodbye to "Bailey." Brook feels bad enough about how things ended up for him that she allows it. Maxie's saddened by the situation since people just keep getting hurt because of Peter. Carly and Sonny briefly encounter Nina, and Carly can't play nice for two seconds, especially when Nina mentions Jason. Nina then runs into Peter, who taunts her about "Mike" and wonders if Carly knows everything that went on in Nixon Falls. Carly hears the tail end of the conversation, so Nina's going to have to scramble to come up with an explanation. Maxie catches up with Drew, talking about whether she would go back and time and change things if given the chance. She decides she wouldn't, since going back to when she was with Nathan would mean she wouldn't have Louise. She makes up the theory that whoever took Louise will bring her back now that Peter's in custody, as if she was taken by someone who wanted to protect her. Carly and Sonny try to set aside their grief over Jason so they can give Sasha and Brando support. Austin is Peter's doctor, which gives him the chance to size up the person who's caused so much pain for his new friend. Peter's curious about how close they've gotten, and he warns Austin not to get too friendly with Maxie. Austin suddenly forgets the Hippocratic Oath and stabs him with a needle. Then he tells Britt he wants to keep treating Peter so he can keep an eye on him. Carly and Britt are totally going to become friends because they both cared about Jason, you guys.

If Peter does end up dead, I'm putting Nina at the top of my suspect list. She was scary today.

Nina, you HAVE to stop trying to make friendly conversation with Carly. It always ends in a fight. Just don't talk to her. (I know it's really on Carly to behave herself, but we all know she won't, so Nina needs to avoid any confrontations.)

I'm counting Monica saying that she knows the pain of losing a son as a Morgan mention – drink!

I was looking forward to Maxie and Drew scenes because I wanted to see if they have chemistry. I didn't really get any there.

Who's more boring, Sasha and Brando or Michael and Willow?

Where did Gladys go?

December 6th, 2021

Michael and Willow return to town and learn all the stuff that happened while they were gone (Jason's dead, Drew's back, Chase is "Bailey"'s "father," Sasha had her baby). Peter taunts Nina in front of Carly, but once he mentions Jason and gets a slap in the face in return, Carly's not about to listen to anything he has to say about Nixon Falls. She demands answers from Nina, who only says that Peter knew she was hiding Sonny from everyone and blackmailed her into not calling the police. Carly's logic says that since Nina called Obrecht instead of the police, which led to Obrecht getting caught up in the Peter stuff, which led to Jason going to Greece, Nina's responsible for Jason's death. Sonny basically tells Carly to calm down without actually telling her to calm down, implying that her grief for Jason is too big for someone who wasn't actually her husband. Nina warns Sonny that Peter could tell Carly about their relationship in Nixon Falls. Sonny plans to have a chat with Peter about why that would be a bad idea, and he claims that he's eventually going to tell Carly everything. Willow is unfortunate enough to overhear them talking about how they felt for each other just a few months ago. Laura and Martin have been under the FBI's protection for three-and-a-half months and are basically recreating everyone's covid lockdown experience. An agent lets them know that Victor's back, which makes Laura decide she needs to go home and mess with Nikolas or Spencer. Basically, she's between a rock and a hard place, since leaving protection would make her vulnerable to Cyrus but staying put would make her family vulnerable to someone who's just as dangerous as Cyrus. Martin reminds her that there could be an assassin with them in his sights right now. He's half right, as there's an assassin right outside the house, waiting to be let in as a substitute cleaning person, but this one's a woman. Victor visits Nikolas to go over any favors Nikolas might owe his uncle because of certain things Victor has done for him the past couple of years. Ava refuses to leave, so she gets to hear how Victor "took care" of the Hayden situation (no details about how, but he says Nikolas shouldn't ask any questions) and most likely killed Naomi. Nikolas doesn't think he owes Victor anything, but Victor warns that if he goes down, he can easily take Nikolas with him. Ava suggests that they play along as long as they can so Victor doesn't have a reason to move against them. Drew feels horrible that Maxie's missing time with her daughter, so he vows to find Louise. Sonny and Britt talk about Jason, and really the only takeaway is that they're both nicer than they used to be.

Congratulations to Willow, who finally got something interesting to do!

I'm not surprised but I am impressed that Carly was able to find a way to blame Nina for Jason's death.

How long do you think the writers have been waiting to write a scene where an actress slaps her real-life boyfriend?

Carly needs a new rational thinker/calmer-downer. Any volunteers? Anyone? Hey, where's everyone going? Come back!

December 7th, 2021

Nina and Sonny talk some more about how their past is in the past and she fell in love with someone who isn't real and freaking A, I want to run away like Willow does. He obviously doesn't want to rehash this, especially since he's focused on going to see Peter. Willow keeps quiet about what she overheard until Nina learns that she was at the chapel and mentions it to her. Mac is ready to be done with Peter (join the club) and would most definitely kill him if he thought he could get away with it. He objects when Maxie asks to see her ex, but Anna convinces Mac to let her in so she can say some things she's been wanting to say to him. Maxie tells Peter that he's insane if he thinks they can still be together, and she wants nothing to do with him. He mentions Austin, clearly jealous of whatever's going on between him and Maxie, and she tells him that her relationships and life are no longer any of his business. Peter tries a Hail Mary pass by claiming that he knows where Louise is, but no one believes him. Spencer tells Josslyn that he really, seriously, without-a-doubt loves Esme and wants her to be friends with his friends. He asks Josslyn to be nicer to her and get to know her better so she can see how Esme really is. Josslyn has no interest in befriending Esme, but she figures that spending more time with her will open Spencer's eyes to her real nature. Esme brings up Cameron and Trina's near-relationship again, this time with Trina, whose attitude toward Esme couldn't scream "I hate you and want you to go away" any louder. Esme's still pushing for a group trip, possibly just to flaunt her relationship with Spencer in front of Trina. Carly, Michael, Jason, boo-hoo, whatever.

I want a dollar every time Sonny counsels someone to move forward.

I really hope the next couple weeks are just a parade of people coming to the PCPD to yell at Peter.

Whoever Maxie's with next better be really awesome. She deserves it.

I'm going to need Eden McCoy and Nicholas Chavez to tone down their chemistry a smidge.

We get it, Carly's grieving, can we PLEASE move on? (No one has to give me a dollar for that.)

December 8th, 2021

Willow suspects that Sonny and Nina have kept their relationship secret because it's not over. Nina assures her that nothing's going on between them, and argues that there's no reason to tell anyone because it'll just make Carly mad. Willow notes that Nina's real concern is that Carly will go after her. She's upset that Nina kept Sonny from his family for so long and feels like keeping a secret for them will just lead to disaster. Sonny tells Peter that he's going to let him suffer in prison for a while, waiting for the inevitable day when Sonny sends someone to kill him. Peter claims he has a recording of Sonny and Nina together that will be released if he dies, but Sonny doesn't really believe him, and besides, that's a dumb reason to let Peter live. Later, Maxie asks Sonny straight out if he's going to kill Peter. Laura and Martin bicker about whether she should leave federal protection to be with her family. Victor's return just adds insult to the injury of being away from her loved ones right before Christmas. Martin manages to convince her to stay put because they're safer where they are. Of course, that's when the assassin comes in and tries to garrote him. Maxie warns Austin that Peter sees him as a threat now and could come after him. Austin casually says that if Peter happens to get out of police custody and tries to kill him, he'll kill Peter first and claim self-defense. He still wants to be Peter's doctor and keep an eye on him, no matter the risk, because he wants to make things up to Maxie and be friends with her. Brando and Sasha pick Michael and Willow as Liam's godparents, which, I'm sorry, is just weird. Carly hangs out with Gladys, who's having human feelings about her grandson and her regrets over not being a better mother to Brando. There's still no news about the baby's condition, and it looks like Sasha's having a harder time believing that things will turn out all right.

Nina may not regret her relationship with Sonny but she definitely has to regret being horrible to Willow in the past.

Can we be done with Christina Comes Home for Christmas, please?

Two things made me laugh out loud today: 1) Carly's "holy crap, this woman will NOT stop TALKING" face. 2) Genie Francis almost spitting out her drink because Michael Knight said, "Excellent" in a funny voice.

I can't imagine any universe in which I would be okay with being the godmother of one of my exes' kids.

Michael got Liam a penguin, so now I'm waiting for Carly to start yelling that Morgan liked penguins.

December 9th, 2021

Maxie really wants Sonny to kill Peter, and she's frustrated when he says that could lose them the chance to find Louise. Maxie basically says, "Don't worry about that; just get rid of him." Sonny asks Selina (apparently we're calling Mrs. Wu by her first name now) to do the deed, but in exchange, she wants him to pull strings with Brad's parole board. Sonny decides Peter's death is worth doing something that will tick off Michael, so he agrees, but he warns that if Brad comes anywhere near Wiley, he'll pay. Laura saves Martin from the assassin, then decides that since the FBI's tip said Cyrus was only sending one, they should be safe to leave federal protection. After all, Cyrus has no more allies or resources, and I guess he's unable to call up another assassin on that phone he keeps using to contact Sonny. Obrecht learns of Nina's legal problems for the first time and gives her two pieces of advice: a) apologize to Britt for indirectly getting Jason killed, and b) fight for herself when she goes on trial. Obrecht is worried that Britt will close herself off again now that Jason's gone. Scott's curious about why Sonny hasn't tried to get revenge on Nina and is instead just letting Michael go the legal route. When Obrecht learns that Sonny used the name Mike in Nixon Falls, she realizes it's because Sonny and Nina were in love. Ava gets Nikolas to confess that he tried to have Hayden killed, though it turns out Ava had already put that together herself. With Victor looming as a big enemy, she wants all secrets between her and Nikolas on the table so they can be fully united against him. Selina tells Britt that Brad is up for parole, and if he's released, she wants Britt to stay away from him because she's a bad influence. Carly confides to Michael that she and Sonny haven't been able to go back to normal since his return. Michael thinks that once Nina's out of the picture, things will be fine.

They really had the perfect set-up for a murder mystery, and even the perfect culprit in Selina, whom they could send off to prison (if they wanted) without affecting the show. I'm starting to think we're really going to have to sit through a whole trial and more endless months of Peter being on the show.

Okay, Sonny, now go tell Carly everything ASAP, before she has to hear it from Peter or whatever.

If I ever find myself in the unfortunate position of having to save my brother from an assassin, I hope I'm able to come up with a one-liner like Laura.

Yeah, I'll bet Scott's focusing on Nina's case when the man who killed his son is now in custody and Scott could easily walk in and yell at him. Could we please watch that (and watch Elizabeth confront Peter) instead of five days in a row of Carly and Nina talking about the same things over and over?

Britt: "No way!" Selina, deadpan: "Way." Hee hee hee.

Carly advising Michael to be less confrontational is hilarious.

December 10th, 2021

Peter's paranoid about the hit he's sure Sonny has put out on him, so Anna asks Sonny to let the justice system take things from here. Sonny's like, "How could I, an average local businessman, get access to a man who's in solitary confinement while awaiting his arraignment?" Selina and Sonny have already solidified their agreement, and the hit is underway, in the form of a poisoned breakfast, served to Peter by none other than Brad. Willow and Michael confront Brook and Chase for their paternity lies and how they made the two of them feel bad for their affair when they'd had one of their own. Willow isn't as mad at Chase, since he was lied to as well, but she's disappointed in Brook. However, she wants to make peace for their kids' sake. Brook gives Chase the chance to bow out of the whole situation, but he's still on board. Anna tells Peter that she might be able to help him, but he'll have to plead guilty, admit all his crimes, and give up his rights to Louise. Peter refuses, since he's still convinced that he and Maxie could get back together. T.J. offers Brando an olive branch so he'll have a friend to turn to through what's going on with Liam. It looks like the past is behind them and they're going to be friends now. Lucy gives Sasha a little pep talk about how motherhood is wonderful even when things aren't going well. Selina suggests that Sonny find a replacement for Jason sooner rather than later to ensure his family's safety. Carly objects, apparently thinking Selina means this literally, and not in the sense that Sonny needs a second in command. Britt's mad at Nina for not calling the police when Peter showed up in Nixon Falls, not just because Jason ended up dead but because she put Obrecht in danger. Britt has definitely gotten nicer because it doesn't look like she's going to hold a grudge for bad decisions Nina made and now regrets. Willow asks Michael if he thinks he'll ever be able to forgive Brad, since she's been able to move past stuff like Chase's (alleged) hookup and Nina's actions. Michael doesn't get why she's seemingly giving Nina a pass. Sonny and Carly are happy together, blah blah, he still hasn't told her about Nina so it's hard to root for them.

From what I've read, I assume the poison won't kill Peter, but it'll send him back to the hospital...which is the perfect place for a murder mystery. Please, Santa!

"Death isn't good enough for you." Okay, but let's give it a try anyway.

If Liam dies, do we get to blame Esme? I'll probably do it anyway. It's not like anyone can stop me.

I need to know that Willow gets that Chase (allegedly) sleeping with Brook and Nina keeping Sonny from his family are very different from what Brad did, and Michael is very, VERY unlikely to ever get past it.

Think of a stereotypical soap character. Then think of their exact opposite. That's T.J.

December 13th, 2021

Peter's taken to GH, where the doctor and nurse who take his case happen to be Finn and Elizabeth. Anna finds it surreal that Finn once almost killed Peter and now has to keep him alive. Maxie suggests that they just let him die and do everyone a favor. Elizabeth finds herself in a position to get the ultimate revenge on the man who killed her husband and her son's father. Sasha and Brando learn that Liam doesn't have enough brain activity to live a meaningful life, and in fact is only alive because of machinery. The two don't get the gravity of the situation and think there's something else that can be done for their son. Britt can't bring herself to tell them what they're really facing, and she feels bad about it, but Epiphany thinks she's right to hold back until Sasha and Brando are able to accept reality. Curtis and Drew catch up, and though they mostly just recap stuff, it's nice to see two people on this show be happy for a little while. Curtis hasn't been able to find any information on where Marshall's been the past few decades, which indicates that he was probably using an alias. Drew thinks Curtis is too close to the situation and offers to help with the search. Stella visits and tries to get T.J. to tell her why Curtis has been acting weird lately. T.J. won't reveal anything, because it's not his secret to tell and he's a respectful person with more integrity than anyone else in this town. Stella goes to Curtis next, arriving just before Marshall does. Sonny confides to Carly (because God forbid we go a day without their input on something) that he and Selina made arrangements to take Peter out, and now all they have to do is wait. Marshall tries to strike up a conversation with Portia and Trina, who are both like, "Yeah, that's not happening." Trina wonders if Marshall has a good reason for being away for decades, like Taggert had a good reason for faking his death.

Whoever eventually finishes Peter off has my permission to turn to the camera and say, "Merry Christmas, and you're welcome."

Writers, you can't say the nurses are understaffed while Epiphany's hanging out, not dealing with patients. Also, there's no way Finn would let Elizabeth stay on Peter's case, no matter how professional he thinks she can be. It's cruel.

Jason's dead, Liam's going to die...can we have something happy happen now? Anyone want to get engaged? Not you, Michael and Willow.

Sofia Mattsson has done an excellent job with this storyline, and I'm glad she has a healthy baby to go home to after she spends her day doing depressing scenes.

Selina having Brad deliver Peter's poisoned meal was an accidental favor to Sonny – no one will believe that Sonny got Brad to do his dirty work.

December 14th, 2021

Finn catches Elizabeth about to kill Peter with a scalpel and rushes her away. She's not happy that he stopped her from getting justice for everything Peter's done to her family. Finn points out that if she'd been caught, she would have gone to prison, which would have just hurt her family more. He offers his support if she needs it, and they kiss. Michael and Willow attend Brad's parole hearing, where Michael talks about how harmful Brad's actions were for his family and Willow, and asks that he not be let go so soon. Willow thinks he succeeded in his goal, but Selina calls Sonny later to tell him that Brad has been approved for release. Sasha and Brando are ready to take on a life of tending to a child with special needs, so they ask Britt for more information about what they'll be facing. Britt finally tells them that Liam won't have any quality of life, and their best option is to take him off of life support. Stella confirms that Marshall is who he says he is, and she urges Curtis not to automatically cut him off because he's been gone for so long. Curtis is open to hearing Marshall's excuses, but Marshall only says that he didn't want to leave his family, and his presence was putting them in danger. Austin tells Britt that Peter's in the ER, then assures Maxie that he's in bad shape. He adds that Peter's poisoning was intentional, which just confirms Maxie's suspicions. Carly and Sonny try to get into the Christmas spirit and move on with their lives.

Should we keep an eye out for Chekhov's scalpel?

I have to give Michael credit for not going overboard. He stuck to the facts and let them speak for themselves.

Who's Brad's lawyer and why did they think it was a good idea for Britt to write him a letter of support? She's an ex-con!

That said, despite her many, MANY flaws, Britt has really good bedside manner.

The dying-baby story really puts you in the mood for Christmas, doesn't it?

Hmmm, I'm not convinced that Stella didn't know Marshall was alive.

Donna's so cute. She reminds me a little of Kristina when she was five or six.

December 15th, 2021

A newly free Brad happily reunites with Britt, who makes it clear to Selina that she's not going to follow orders and abandon him. She also suspects that Selina is providing everything Brad needs right now because she's later going to ask for something in return. Michael is furious to see Brad at the Metro Court, and he channels his father to warn Brad to stay away from Wiley or face horrible consequences. Brad, to his credit, knows he needs to behave himself and has no intentions of going anywhere near Wiley. Michael blasts Selina for disrespecting his mother by bringing Brad to her restaurant, but Selina has no patience for Sonny Jr. Elizabeth can't stop thinking about Finn, and she tells Terry and Portia about their kiss. They want her to be happy, and though Portia doesn't want her to rush into anything, Terry cautions her not to take things too slowly. Elizabeth is still wearing her wedding ring, and she's not sure she's ready to move on, or that she should be getting into anything while she's still mourning Franco. Her friends encourage her to talk to Finn about how she feels. Finn is having a similar conversation with Chase, who definitely wants the two of them to get together. Finn is hesitant because if things don't work out, Violet could get hurt. Like Portia and Terry, Chase urges him to discuss things with Elizabeth. Kristina predicts that Sam and Alexis working together will go badly, and she's right. Sam backs down from putting pressure on Alexis, but she tells her sisters that they need to help Alexis find her new purpose in life because if they don't, who will? (Probably Harmony.) Brook crashes a shopping trip Willow and Olivia had planned, and instead of shopping, there's just fighting. Willow's mad that Brook liked about "Bailey"'s paternity, and Brook's mad that Willow cheated on Chase. She goes running to Chase to whine that everyone's mad at her because they don't understand her motives. Then they get stuck in a steam room together. Willow may not be any closer to forgiving Brook, but she's made huge strides in forgiving Harmony, and is even willing to let her get to know Wiley.

Britt must feel pretty bold to stand up to Selina. Then again, she probably has Corinthos protection.

Michael is now more Sonny-like than Sonny is. But I'd be more scared of Selina than I would be of him.

I need Chase to get a new job ASAP so we can stop hearing about his suspension.

"I didn't pick this fight." You absolutely did, Willow. Stop pretending you're better than everyone else. Also, stop pretending you care that Brook lied to Valentin.

Before Alexis becomes friends with Harmony, I want to know how Kristina feels about it.

December 16th, 2021

Sonny, Nina, and Gladys all reach out to Sasha and Brando as they struggle to decide whether to send Liam to a care facility or take him off of life support. Sonny uses his experience with Mike to help Sasha understand that she needs to do what's best for Liam, not what's least painful for her. He admits that he's not sure he made the right choice by not extending Mike's life, but Gladys assures him that he did. Nina tells him that he and "Mike" are both people his father would be proud of. Brook laments to Chase that their pretend one-nighter is giving people the excuse to see her as the person they think she is. She's tired of people looking down on her when she's been trying to be a better person. However, she remembers that Louise is her priority, and she can put up with all the negativity if it means Louise is protected. She and Chase share a very meaningful look, and she sees him naked, so I'd say they'll be making out within the next two or three weeks. While Portia talks with Stella about Marshall, Curtis runs into him and T.J. hanging out together. They say the stuff they've been saying over and over, and still don't get anywhere. T.J.'s annoyed that Curtis is writing Marshall off so easily, but Curtis asks for a chance to investigate him and see if anything sketchy turns up before T.J. gets to know him better. Later, Stella arranges to meet up with Marshall. Elizabeth tells Finn about her hesitation to start dating again, and how she should probably start with casual connections, but she knows that would be impossible with him because of how important he is to her. She's scared that things won't work out and they'll ruin their friendship. Finn understands, but he thinks they should give it a shot. He'll give Elizabeth all the time she needs to feel ready. Alexis and Harmony connect over their feelings that they haven't earned their redemption because they were given deals and early releases. Alexis extends a lunch invitation to Harmony, then realizes that because of Harmony's history with Kristina, they can't be friends. Olivia can't believe that Carly's been able to keep her feelings about Nina to herself (as if she's actually been doing that). Clearly this is Jason's influence, and Carly says she's doing it for Sonny's sake. Olivia predicts that she'll end up exploding.

Not to be indelicate but can they have Liam die, like, tomorrow so this will be done by Christmas? No one wants to watch a dying-baby plotline during the holidays.

I rolled my eyes at the thought of Sonny talking to Sasha, since they barely have a connection, but it turned out okay.

They really won't let Amanda Setton wear anything other than a blazer, will they?

Curtis deserves a better storyline (and by extension, so do we).

Stella has Marshall's phone number? HMMMMM.

I can't believe they actually addressed how inappropriate Alexis and Harmony's friendship is.

December 17th, 2021

Sasha and Brando gather their courage and lean on each other as they decide to have Liam taken off life support. They ask Mike to take care of him, and Mike's ghost agrees. Not only did Stella know that Marshall was alive, but so did Curtis and Thomas' mother, Irene. Marshall says he just wants a second chance with his family, and he'd like Stella's help to make inroads. Portia thinks Curtis needs to keep an open mind about Marshall because he could be completely wrong about Marshall being untrustworthy. Curtis suspects that Marshall's the one who attacked Joey, so he doesn't want to take any chances, and he confirms with Drew that he wants a background check. Sam takes Scout to see Drew, who tries to bond with her over a star ornament he wants to buy because he can't find the one he used to like. Scout warms up to him a little, but she's still uncertain about spending time with him. Sam assures Drew that she'll come around, but it might take some time and work. Before they leave, Scout reveals that she found the star. Olivia is still worried about what Leo's assessment with a neurologist will show, but she's ready to tackle whatever comes, and she's grateful to have Ned with her for support. She apologizes to him for making him the bad guy, and she notes that they're luckier than some people, since their son is alive and healthy. The writers jam Carly and Sonny into the Sasha/Brando storyline by pretending they're there for support, even though they never actually talk to Sasha or Brando. Olivia runs interference for Carly and Nina, then tells Nina to keep her distance because Carly will never back off.

I'm sorry, having ghosts appear when someone dies really takes me out of the moment. It's cheesy. I was more touched by Scout finding the star.

People need to stop acting like Curtis is crazy for not trusting Marshall. He's totally justified.

I really like Cameron Mathison as Drew. Also, if for some reason they decide to halt the Sam/Dante relationship, I could get behind Sam/Drew.

"Carly Corinthos takes no prisoners." "Is that a threat?" No, sweetie, it's a warning. What YOU said to Olivia was a threat, as well as a mistake. Don't mess with Bensonhurst.

No way does Nina know Catholic prayers. She's a WASP!

December 20th, 2021

Scott's trying to get ready for Nina's preliminary hearing, but he thinks that if he can't get the charges dismissed then, he won't have a substantial defense for a trial. Obrecht tells him that Nina and Sonny were in love in Nixon Falls, which makes Scott think he has something to use in court – the prosecution can't prove that Nina wanted to hurt Sonny if they were actually having a relationship. He also wants to tell Carly, but Obrecht talks him out of it, since Nina will end up getting hurt. Now Scott has to either get Nina to admit her feelings for Sonny while under oath or find someone else to testify about their relationship. Before heading back to Port Charles, Laura visits Cyrus to tell him she's not running anymore, even if he tries to have her and Martin killed again. Cyrus claims not to know anything about that. He also claims he's found God and is a good person now. Laura doesn't buy any of it, but it turns out he's telling the truth, at least about the first part – Victor was behind the hit. He's also somehow in cahoots with Laura's vice mayor, which is how he's kept tabs on her. Michael and Carly tell Sonny that Brad and Selina were at the Metro Court the other day, and they don't appreciate what they see as a power move on Selina's part. Michael wants to handle her, thinking he can be even the slightest bit intimidating, but Sonny tells him to stay out of mob stuff. In a move that should be surprising to exactly no one, Victor offers to try to help Spencer avoid jail time, then invites him and Esme to move into the Metro Court on Victor's dime. Spencer says he wants to prove to Nikolas that he can take care of himself, but Victor says he should at least be comfortable while he does that. Liam's death has brought back bad memories for Willow, and Brook encourages Chase to offer her comfort. All her reflecting leads Willow to apologize to Brook for being mad at her for lying to Chase when Willow did the same thing. Brook admits her own mistakes (well, fake mistakes) and the two make up. Phyllis questions Nina about her ability to keep living in the same town as the guy she wants to be with but can't.

I don't think "but your honor, I kept Sonny from his family because I was in love with him" is going to fly. Also, since when is the prosecution claiming that Nina's motive was harming Sonny?

I can't believe no one's brought up Morgan in connection to Liam's death.

The only reason to have Cyrus on from here on out is if he's going to rat out Peter for some of his crimes. That's it.

Ugh, I'm sure they're only having Sonny say he wants Peter in "limbo" so he doesn't ask for another murder attempt and they don't have to actually kill him off.

December 21st, 2021

Laura surprises Kevin just before he's supposed to play Santa at the hospital Christmas party. She subs in Martin so she can talk to Kevin about Cyrus, Victor, and the threats their family still faces. Valentin and Charlotte stop by the Quartermaines' to give "Bailey" a Christmas present, and to show that Charlotte apparently has no hard feelings about Brook's lies. Brook is feeling gloomy because she's starting to get that "Bailey" won't be with her forever. Valentin notices and asks what she could possibly have to be sad about. She tells him she did the wrong thing for the right reason, and lied about "Bailey"'s paternity to protect her. He wonders what she means, since he doesn't know why "Bailey" would need protection unless her real father is dangerous. Drew and Elizabeth catch up and spend more time talking about her possibly having a new love interest than about her husband's death. To be fair, Drew is trying to look to the future rather than dwell on the past, and Elizabeth appears to want to adapt the same mindset. Cameron urges her to do something other than work so they can show Jake and Aiden that it's okay to be happy again. Victor has made a deal for Spencer: If he changes his plea to guilty, he'll only have to "make restitution" to Ava, do 500 hours of community service, and spend 30 days at Spring Ridge. Esme's the only one who thinks this is a good idea. Nikolas asks Trina for her advice on a Christmas present for Ava. Trina offers up her opinion on a different gift – a second chance with Spencer. But Spencer catches them talking and gets mad at Nikolas for getting too involved in his life, so that might not happen any time soon. Anna and Finn quiz each other about their love lives, which means they've successfully transitioned from a couple to exes to friends. Lucy mistakes Santa Martin for Santa Kevin and embarrasses herself by flirting with him (though she should have been embarrassed anyway, since Kevin's married). Martin finds her endearing and asks her out. Victor tries to get in good with Ava, who's too familiar with his bad deeds to trust him. Update on Yuri's crush on Monica: He got her champagne for Christmas, seemingly not aware that she doesn't drink. Brook and Drew help themselves to it, only to discover that it's nonalcoholic.

Brook, if you have sex with Chase now, you could have your own baby by next Christmas.

Drew's been back for almost a month – it's ridiculous that he's just now seeing Elizabeth.

Hey, Esme, when you and Spencer inevitably break up and he gets together with Trina, you should try your luck with the cute bartender at Charlie's.

Please, Lucy was with Kevin for decades. She would recognize him even with glasses and a beard.

Yay, people are talking about Hayden again!

December 22nd, 2021

Sonny and Carly get Gladys to bring Sasha and Brando over for Christmas so they don't have to grieve on their own. Brando tells Sasha that it's easier to handle the pain with her by his side. He gives her the chance to walk away if she can't see herself staying with him after what they've been through, but he'd like to continue their relationship. She agrees, saying that they'll honor Liam's memory by being together. Obrecht's offended on Nina's behalf that the Corinthoses won't let her see Wiley for Christmas. She and Maxie press Nina to try to use her recent peace with Willow to get more time with her grandson, but Nina knows she can't ask Willow for any favors. She objects so much that Obrecht figures out that Willow must know about Nina and Sonny's relationship, which may be something Scott can exploit in court. Now that she knows what Chase looks like naked, Brook's having a hard time thinking about anything else. But she's able to take her mind (and eyes) off of his butt long enough to take Louise to visit Maxie. Shawn spends Christmas with the Davises and T.J., and reveals that he's purchased the non-profit that owns the Invader. He plans to turn it from a gossip rag into media that exposes and corrects injustices. Alexis brings out some champagne a former client gave her so the others can toast with it. She knows she can't avoid alcohol all the time, and she's ready to adjust to life with it around. Curtis and Portia (who still won't ease off of urging him to give Marshall a chance) encounter Marshall at GH when he volunteers to play with an ensemble entertaining patients (and also flirts with Epiphany). Josslyn writes Willow a letter saying how much she loves having Willow in her family, so if Willow didn't already feel guilty for keeping Sonny and Nina's secret, that probably won't help. Dante's having a much better Christmas this year than he did last year, but he would probably appreciate more screentime. Monica focuses on the good parts of her life, rather than her losses, like having Drew back and being able to tell Danny about Jason. Scout continues to warm up to Drew.

Just what every woman who just got out of the hospital after a C-section and the loss of her child wants – forced socialization.

Of course Carly's mad that Nina got Wiley a Christmas present – she would have been mad if Nina hadn't gotten him one, too.

Morgan mention – drink!

If Obrecht is as intuitive as she claims to be, she'll figure out why Brook and Chase brought "Bailey" to see Maxie.

Willow needs to tell Michael about Sonny and Nina ASAP. Let him figure out what to do with the information. This is inevitably going to come out in court, and he's going to be mad that she didn't tell him sooner.

I assume Sam disappeared halfway through the episode so she could go plot revenge against Alexis, Molly, and Kristina for giving her kids musical instruments.

Why does everyone seem to think Sam and Drew still have any interest in each other? I mean, when Nikolas came back, no one was, like, "So are you going to get back together with Britt?"

I need more from Kristina about Sam and Dante's relationship. She seems supportive, but I need to see her teasing them.

Why was Rocco so opposed to Danny possibly hanging out with Drew? Chill out, Rocco.

December 23rd, 2021

Scott puts together a strategy just before Nina's hearing starts so he can have an excuse to cross-examine Willow. Sonny takes the stand first, testifying a little about his time in Nixon Falls. On cross-examination, Scott gets him to say that he didn't press charges against Nina because he just wanted to get back to his life. Scott mentions that Michael put the legal proceedings in motion, then reveals that Michael and Willow made a large contribution to the campaign fund of the DA prosecuting Nina. With that, the DA plays right into Scott's hands and calls Willow to the stand. Spencer has agreed to take the deal Victor arranged for him, even though he would have preferred one without any prison time. Trina is supportive, and she appreciates that he's taking responsibility for his actions. Esme presses Josslyn to get Sonny to let them use his cabin for their group trip so they can take it before Spencer has to report to Spring Ridge. Josslyn is still barely being civil to Esme, but she's going to put up with her for Spencer's sake. Laura urges Nikolas to make amends with Spencer, or at least take the first steps to do so before he goes to Spring Ridge. She's worried that if Nikolas isn't around to keep an eye on Spencer, he'll fall victim to Victor's influence. Lucy and Martin spent the night together, and they're interested in continuing to get to know each other. She reluctantly goes to breakfast with him in the Metro Court restaurant, wearing the same thing she wore the day before, and when they run into Kevin and Laura, she guesses they'll object to this new pairing. But the Collinses are amused by the two of them, and Laura doesn't even mention it. An anonymous tip to the police leads to the discovery of the body of the hitman Nikolas hired to kill Hayden. Since ballistics tie him to the hit, Dante tells Shawn that the crime has been officially cleared from his record. In even better news, Shawn gets the rest of the money Nikolas owed him for his nonprofit. Shawn tells Alexis that Nikolas will expect things between them to be resolved, but Shawn isn't done. Victor flirts with Obrecht, and when she expresses her distaste, he warns that she might want to be friendlier in case she ever needs his help again.

Michael can't think of anything worse than Nina keeping Sonny from his family? Nothing at all? Really?

Aw, set designers. Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, not a state. You're getting coal in your stockings.

Why is Esme so eager for this trip? She's coming off like she wants to kill these people and bury them in the woods.

Dante really should have followed up "I'm here on official police business" with "don't worry, you're not in trouble."

If Alexis does take classes at PCU, I need a scene where she tries to buddy up to Trina and Josslyn and has no idea how to relate to people their age.

December 27th, 2021

Willow holds her own on the stand until Scott brings things around to his real reason for getting her there: Sonny and Nina. She hesitates to spill anything, but when Scott reminds her that she could go to prison for years for perjury, which would take her away from Wiley, Willow caves and reveals Sonny and Nina's relationship. Laura is trying to believe that Spencer is going to work on being a better person, but the fact that he's aligning himself with Victor doesn't give her much hope. Esme assures her that after Spencer's out of Spring Ridge, the two of them and Kevin will be a good support system for him. I don't think that makes Laura feel any better. Ned apologizes to Brook for being too hard on her for her mistakes, since it's not like he's been the best example of the kind of person she should be. He's worried that Brook and/or Chase will end up using "Bailey" as a weapon against each other, and he advises them to make legal arrangements in case they need them later. Of course, they don't need to do that, but Chase assures Brook that he'll honor any boundaries she wants to set up for him. Right now, Brook is just trying to make herself stop thinking about him all the time. Drew suggests that he offer Marshall a job, which will force him to give up some personal info. Even if it's fake, Drew can use it to look into his 40 years away. Curtis notes that Drew will have to either go through Aurora or ELQ for that, which will mean either returning to the company he and Sam started to get a fresh start, or working with his family, which he's already said would require him to get a therapist. Anna warns Victor that she's keeping a close eye on him in case he's plotting anything. He wishes she'd kept that close of an eye on Peter, noting that she's never been able to bring herself to end him, no matter how many opportunities she's had. Valentin's ready to brainstorm Brook-related revenge plans with Martin, but he puts that on hold when Martin tells him he hooked up with Lucy. Deception is about to go public, which will make Valentin and Lucy a lot of money, and Valentin can't be sure Martin will have his client's best interests in mind while he's involved with Lucy. In other words, Martin can either keep representing Valentin or be with Lucy, but not both. Epiphany thinks Marshall's going to ask her out, but he asks her to form a band with him instead. He's definitely interested in her, though, or is at least pretending to be. Lucy can't focus in a yoga class with Maxie, since she keeps thinking about Martin.

Sonny, man, you super-screwed up, and you deserve any consequences Carly wants to bring down on you. Unfortunately, we are innocent bystanders and have to watch whatever happens.

If Michael made the donation on behalf of ELQ, Willow has no involvement, so Scott's logic for getting her on the stand is really tenuous and I don't think it would ever hold up in real court.

I would rather see Anna and Victor continue bantering than any Anna/Valentin scene.

I cracked up at Maxie checking out Curtis as he was walking away. (Apparently Kirsten Storms has admitted to having a crush on Donnell Turner, so either she threw that in there or the writers included it as a little favor.)

Also just love the idea of Maxie and Lucy, the two most talkative people in town, trying to get through a yoga class, where you're not supposed to talk.

December 28th, 2021

Scott gets a little more out of Willow on the stand before the judge asks Sonny back up to answer two questions: Yes, he had a relationship with Nina, and no, he doesn't feel like he's the victim of a crime. With that, Scott thinks the chances are good that the charges against Nina will go away. That's really the only good thing that could come out of this, because Nina's facing the wrath of Carly. First, though, Carly will be turning that wrath on Sonny. Michael isn't happy with Willow for keeping the secret about Nina and Sonny, and he thinks Nina shut her up because she planned to use the information to get out of her legal troubles. Marshall meets Shawn and blasts him for killing Thomas. Shawn and T.J. explain to him that Thomas had PTSD and likely wouldn't have gone after Shawn if he hadn't. Marshall blames himself for Thomas' troubles, since he wasn't around to keep an eye on and protect his son. He's glad that T.J. has his own father around to do that for him. Curtis asks Stella to tell him more about Marshall, since his own questions haven't gotten him any answers. Stella tells him how Marshall loved playing his clarinet and was proud that he could provide for his kids, for example by buying them new shoes after just one gig. She encourages Curtis to ask him different questions and keep an open mind about their relationship. Just before Curtis shows up to chat, Marshall makes a phone call telling someone he's still in Port Charles – he doesn't want to set back their progress, and he's following protocol. While waiting to hear Leo's diagnosis, Olivia worries that she won't be able to give him what he needs. The doctor tells her and Ned that Leo is on the autism spectrum, and they'll likely face challenges and have to change their expectations and plans. He advises them to think of this like a long trip with a different itinerary but the same goal – for Leo to have a happy, fulfilling life. Olivia and Ned recommit to working together to help Leo in any way he needs. Brook and Chase discuss the fact that they may be in this parenting thing for the long haul. Chase is very willing to let Brook call the shots, and he promises to support her when Louise eventually goes back to Maxie and Brook has to figure out how to let her go. He again says he's fine with setting boundaries, but Brook would rather keep him close. Obrecht wants Britt to join a dating service so she doesn't end up pining for a man she can't have (like her cousin Nina).

If Michael dumps Willow and she decides she wants Chase back, she's going to need to hurry.

That said, it's a good sign that Michael asked Willow if she was okay before he confronted. He'll probably forgive her. He's forgiven other people for doing worse.

Wait, now we're blaming PTSD for Tommy trying to kill Shawn?

I really like Leo's doctor. He seems perfectly suited to his specialty.

Ned would be ashamed of how little Brook knows about superhero movies.

December 29th, 2021

Carly's mad at Sonny for keeping secrets (fair) and for falling in love with another woman (not fair). She accuses him of not wanting to remember her so he could be with Nina. He tells her that's ridiculous, but when she asks how he feels about Nina now, he has a hard time answering. He's upset with what she did to his family, but he also still sees her as a friend. Ultimately, Carly tells Sonny she needs some space, so he shouldn't come home tonight. Willow tears into Nina for using her, but Nina promises that she didn't tell Scott that Willow knew about her and Sonny's relationship. When Willow keeps attacking her, Nina turns things around on her, saying Willow's the reason everything's out in the open, because she chose to tell the truth when she could have lied on the stand. Since Michael thinks Nina's really behind this development, he doesn't hold anything against Willow, so they're fine. Scott taunts Michael and gets punched in the face, but his day isn't all bad, since the judge rules that the prosecution hasn't shown that Nina's actions fit the definition of fraud, so the charges against her are all dropped. Curtis can't get any answers out of Marshall, so he tells Marshall not to bother putting down roots in Port Charles. Stella asks Portia to make sure Curtis knows she's there for him, because he might be in for a rough time when he finds out who Marshall really is. Later, Marshall assures her that Stella won't tell Curtis that she knew Marshall was alive the whole time. Alexis, Josslyn, and Spencer end up in a seminar together about crime. Alexis can't keep her mouth shut when she feels the professor's wrong about a couple of things, and she thinks the professor will tell her not to come back for the other sessions. It turns out that the professor thinks she would make a good professor herself, and she offers to help her try to get a job at PCU. Alexis will just have to pass a background check first. Josslyn advises Spencer to deal with Ava the way she deals with her and Nina – play nice for everyone else's sake.

The drive home from Pennsylvania is going to be AWKWARD.

If you ask your husband how he feels about another woman and he says, "Hold on," you don't need an answer.

So, to sum up, Nina blames Willow for everything coming out because she chose not to commit perjury. Okay.

"I can't give an explanation that will satisfy you." But you haven't give ANY explanation! Freaking A, Marshall is exhausting.

I had a nice laugh this afternoon when both "Joss" and "corn" were trending on Twitter.

Morgan mention – drink!

December 30th, 2021

Carly berates Willow for not telling her about Sonny and Nina, but Michael defends her, noting that Nina's the villain here. Carly can't believe Michael's okay with Willow keeping such a big secret. Josslyn wonders if Sonny's been cheating on Carly since he got back. Carly ends up apologizing and thanking her family for sticking by her. She's desperate for some help from Jason, so she goes to the bridge, but instead of getting Jason, she gets Drew. Dante finds Sonny getting drunk at Charlie's and trying to figure out his feelings. He confides that he feels like he brought back a piece of "Mike," and that piece still has feelings for Nina. He also sees her as an ex and expects to eventually get over her. Dante takes his keys, so when Nina shows up later (of course), she offers to take Sonny home, or wherever he plans to spend the night. Elizabeth takes off her wedding ring to wash dishes, then realizes it fell down the drain. Finn apparently has plumbing experience and is able to get it back. Elizabeth decides to leave it off and start moving on. Portia and Curtis get it on. Nina and Maxie realize that Obrecht told Scott about Nina's relationship with Sonny, and they're not happy about it. Obrecht doesn't see the point in worrying about the Corinthoses, and Scott thinks Nina should just be relieved that she's not in prison. Anna and Valentin spend New Year's Eve together, and she makes out with him but doesn't want to talk about whether that will be happening again. Scout is about as sold on Drew as she can be, so that's one problem solved. Sam assures Dante that he doesn't need to worry about Drew coming between them, and Dante assures her that he's not concerned, but he also averted his eyes when they hugged, so...I don't know. Martin tells Lucy about Valentin's ultimatum and his decision to try to not have to choose between them. This will require some sneaking around, though.

Since the last scene was Carly and Drew, I'm going to assume that he's her new Jason. I'm also going to assume that they're going to test out their chemistry while they decide whether they want to keep Carly and Sonny together.

Speaking of which, Dante's comment about them continuously breaking up and getting back together is why this whole thing is pointless. Even if they split up now, they'll reconcile sooner or later.

I'm surprised Carly didn't get in a horrible car accident, considering Michael told her to be careful.

I wish they would have Finn mention that he lost his wife, so he knows what Elizabeth is going through.

Scott giving Violet $5 because he didn't have a present for her was cute.

Dang, Anna and Valentin were going AT IT.

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