General Hospital blog - February, 2005

February 1st, 2005

I am going to personally create a Daytime Emmy statute and hand-deliver it to Nancy Lee Grahn. Because she rocks, and she will continue to rock.

Why didnít Sonny start freaking out until he thought Michael was gone, too? Whatever.

Does Ric honestly think that Alexis kidnapped Kristina? Thereís no way she could fake the level of panic she was demonstrating. Donít make me hurt you, Ric.

I like Sam better when she doesnít talk.

I donít care about Courtney and Jax getting engaged, because theyíre not going to be happy for long. (Hurry up, A.J.!)

Okay, itís really for tomorrowís show, but it was in the previews, so I can say it - JANE!

February 2nd, 2005

Everyone who thinks Alexis kidnapped Kristina, shut up. And then just stand there while she kicks all of your butts. Iíll help you look for her, Alexis! I believe youíre innocent!

Whatís Sam up to? Oh, wait, I donít care. Never mind.

Hi, Jane! Iím willing to hate Courtney and Jax together if you want me to. I miss Brenda, too.

Speaking of Jax and Courtney, theyíre certainly jinxing the heck out of their relationship, arenít they?

So Carly accuses Alcazar of kidnapping, and then invites him into her apartment, where her kids are in the next room? Way to win Mother of the Year, there, Carly.

February 3rd, 2005

Good luck getting out of this one, Sam.

Itís CSI: Port Charles, starring Dr. Steven Webber! He saves lives! He tracks down criminals! He wears funny-looking glasses and uses a black light and finds footprints and strands of hair at crime scenes! He saved Kristina when she was sick, and now heís going to save her from her kidnapper! Heís a real American hero!

It doesnít get much cheesier than a white-light coma fantasy in which your ex-girlfriend tells you she loves you and begs you not to die.

Since I said myself that this is required...ďTONY!Ē

Ack, everythingís still a day behind because of the inauguration, so I guess A.J. isnít on until tomorrow. Oh, well.

February 4th, 2005

Next week on GH... (uh, I think; these might still be a day off)

Monday: Kristinaís kidnapper comes to the surface. (Finally!)
Tuesday: Skye receives some very disturbing news. (Poor Skye. Canít she catch a break?)
Wednesday: Jason is determined to prove Samís innocence. (I hope she can pay back that money she stole from Sonny.)
Thursday: Courtney is accused of murder. (Of who? Is it too much to hope that itís Diego? Or Sam? Or Emily?)
Friday: Alexis is shocked by some news she receives. (Speaking of people who deserve a break....)

Elizabeth, right now what Emily needs as a psychiatrist.

A.J.! Luke! Tony! Itís a great day! Though...why is A.J. talking like a psychotic serial killer?

Iím guessing Faith is wearing a wig. And sheís going to get away from Sonny somehow. Because no way is it going to be this easy.

February 6th, 2005

More rumors...

Michaelís going to be kidnapped (and possibly Morgan, as well). He/they wonít be in the same place as Kristina, though. Heís/theyíre kidnapped to send Sonny off in one direction, away from Kristina.

A.J. will be ďmurdered.Ē Heís not actually dead; he just wants to annoy Courtney.

By mid-summer, Jason and Sonny will both be out of the mob. Iíll believe it when I see it.

There will be not one but two upcoming pregnancies, and, according to the writers, no dead babies. Again, Iíll believe that when I see it. I know Emilyís supposed to get pregnant; Iím thinking the other person will be Alexis or Sam. And I just read that Lesli Kay is pregnant, so who knows - they might wind up writing in a pregnancy for Lois.

Also, no oneís fallen down a flight of stairs in awhile. Thatís supposed to change this week.

February 7th, 2005

Oh, no, a best friend face-off! Too bad we saw what happens in the commercials.

Hi, Justus! Do you know where your girlfriend is?

Donít cops have to have living wills? So why doesnít Lucky have one? Stupid PCPD.

Oops, thatís not Faith. Hi, Reese! I like you already. And you get the Quote of the Day: ďIs there a big word I can help you with?Ē Whatís impressive is that sheís been in one episode and sheís already zoomed up on my list of favorite characters. Iím sure that wonít last. Also, Sonny just canít get away from brunettes, can he?

Dear writers: A.J. is an alcoholic, so he shouldnít be drinking champagne. I know you have a lot of things to keep track of, but thatís kind of important.

February 8th, 2005

I donít know why sheís wearing a black wig, but yay, Faith! Ironically, it seems like sheís good with children.

Alexis will try to make a deal with anyone, wonít she?

I think the blond woman from the plane who wound up at A.J.ís is Rachel, Stevenís ex. I think she also got Durant his job back. Donít quote me on that, though.

Sam did something smart for once! Iím glad she went to Monica.

Dear writers: you screwed up again. (Surprise, surprise.) Jason is supposed to be able to tell when people are lying, so why did we have to spend all of yesterdayís episode watching him try to figure out if Sam was telling the truth?

February 9th, 2005

I still donít get why Faith is wearing a black wig. Or why no one suspects that she kidnapped Kristina. Or why sheís still hung up on the fact that Sonny killed her husband, when she didnít even like her husband. Or why Justus doesnít know sheís in town. (Well, Iím assuming he doesnít.) Okay, so there are a lot of things I donít get.

Yeah, Iím sure they brought A.J. back for three episodes just to kill him. This is all part of his nefarious scheme.

Monica doesnít seem to be too picky about her sonsí girlfriends. She never really liked Courtney, but sheís okay with Sam? Huh?

Shut up, Durant. I donít even listen when he talks anymore.

February 10th, 2005

Sonny gets points for actually admitting that he basically stole Michael from the Quartermaines, but he loses points for being an idiot and not realizing that Reese followed him to Jasonís safehouse. I guess the FBI is smarter than you thought, huh? Or...wait. Did he want Reese to follow him? Iím confused.

It figures that people would care more about A.J. now that heís dead than when he was alive.

I love Monica/Jason scenes. Theyíre always so sweet.

Yeah, telling Brook and Diego that they canít see each other any more is sure to keep them apart. Because teenagers - especially ones on TV shows - always listen to their parents about stuff like that.

Psst, Ned - I know they look alike, but Luis is the dead Alcazar. Lorenzo is the live one. Also, Brook - Diego and Sage werenít cousins the way you and A.J. are cousins. Youíre A.J.ís first cousinís daughter; Diego and Sage were first cousins. I guess itís not a good day for Quartermaine intelligence.

Itís not a good day for Steven, either. Even his sister yelled at him! Speaking of yelling, everyone needs to stop yelling at Alan.

February 11th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sonny fears he may never see Kristina again. (Oh, come on. Theyíre not going to hurt the two-year-old.)
Tuesday: Courtney takes matters into her own hands. (And...runs away? Whatís she going to be able to do?)
Wednesday: Carly warns Jason about Sonnyís state of mind. (Which is...bad?)
Thursday: Jason and Sam make a disturbing discovery. (Maybe theyíll finally figure out that Faith kidnapped Kristina.)
Friday: Sonny walks into a trap. (Oh, joy.)

Time to reset that ďX Days Without a Woman Falling Down the StairsĒ counter.

I believe Faith is going to kill Jason as much as I believe that Luckyís going to die, that Faith is going to hurt Kristina, and that A.J. is really dead.

Speaking of A.J., he mustíve borrowed some of that Romeo & Juliet drug from Helena.

Poor Ric! Rick Hearst deserves an Emmy, too.

February 13th, 2005

Okay, apparently, that blond woman from Courtneyís plane was Rachel. And - spoiler alert! - my guess that Alexis is pregnant was right. Yay, me!

February 14th, 2005

Iím so happy Alexis is pregnant. She and Ric need a reason to get back together. And he would be an awesome father - heís already demonstrated that with Kristina.

Enough with the dreams! Get Lucky out of that coma already.

TONY! Heís getting almost as much screen time as Kristina.

Reese brought up Hannah. She must be stopped.

Sheís obviously crazy, and sheís a little creepy, and sheís basically framed Courtney for murder...but I kind of like Rachel.

Is it just me, or does the loft where Faith was keeping Kristina look exactly like Elizabethís old studio? Itís probably just the same set, but itís a funny coincidence, since Faith spent a summer trying to kill Elizabeth.

February 15th, 2005

Iíd get mad at Alexis for screwing up Faithís meet with Sonny, but this storyline hasnít been going on long enough to end now, so itís not really her fault.

Speaking of Alexis, does this mean she and Ric are back together? Yay! Also, the two of them had an entire conversation without words today, which proves one again how awesome they are.

Iím not sure why they were out sledding at midnight, but, yay, Lulu and Lesley!

They let that psycho Rachel around children?

February 16th, 2005

I dare the writers to have one woman go through her entire pregnancy without one single complication. I bet anything they wouldnít be able to go through with it.

Speaking of pregnancy, I think Sonny is confused that a woman in Port Charles is pregnant and heís not the father.

Okay, I officially hate Sonny. I wanted to smack him when he made his ďnow you have a replacement child in case Kristina diesĒ comment to Alexis. In fact, I donít condone violence or anything, but Ric shouldíve hit him for that. Now that it appears that Michael and Morgan are going to disappear, too, weíre going to have to put up with more of Sonny complaining about his children. Great.

Skyeís eulogy makes up for the cheesy dialogue she was stuck with yesterday.

Lesley again! And Audrey! Itís amazing!

So...Courtneyís going to shoot Rachel in a church? Iím not sure, but I think she would go to Hell for that.

February 17th, 2005

Um...okay...A.J. might really be dead. Apparently Billy Warlock is going back to Days of Our Lives. So...maybe I was wrong? I still think itís dumb to bring him back for three days and then kill him off. But whatever.

Ooh, a web cam. Faithís gone hi-tech!

Iím glad Alexis reacted to being stuck in an elevator with Carly again the same way I did. Thatís just ridiculous. Also, why is Carly so suprised that Alexis is pregnant? She is married, you know. And donít worry, Sonnyís not the father this time.

Elizabeth is awfully cheerful for someone whose BOYFRIEND IS STILL IN A FREAKING COMA.

Rachel got that job incredibly fast. Whatever.

February 18th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sonny and Carly receive devastating news. (I might be intrigued if they hadnít ruined this in the commercials theyíve been showing this week.)
Tuesday: Jason and Sam get a lead on Faith. (Yeah, I bet thatíll work out.)
Wednesday: Rachel pushes Courtney to the edge. (Again?)
Thursday: Faith is on the loose in General Hospital. (Awesome. Kill Sam.)
Friday: Carly advises Sonny not to give in to his fears. (Iím bored already.)

Okay, now the rumor is that A.J. IS alive, and that Billy Warlock just left anyway. So I have no clue whatís going on.

Sonnyís an idiot. Sheís gonna take your other kids, dude!

Yes, Rachel, Iím sure Jax will sleep with you because you happen to be in Courtneyís bed. That makes perfect sense.

Thereís no way the Five Families would know where Faith was and not have killed her. Jason shouldíve known that was a dead end.

I love that, two minutes before we find out that the judge is going to let Luke pull the plug on Lucky, we see a commercial where Lucky wakes up. Way to ruin your own storyline, writers. Oh, and why is he waking up with Emily in the room instead of Elizabeth? Please tell me heís not going to fall in love with Emily. We went through this with that horrible Carly/Alcazar plot, and I donít want to have to do it again.

February 21st, 2005

Oh, yay, now all of Sonnyís kids are missing. How wonderful. And poor Justus gets shot by his own girlfriend. And Jason diffuses a bomb and then spends the rest of the hour enlarging a photo that I knew was of Michael the second I saw it. Dear writers - TRY SOMETHING NEW FOR ONCE.

Hey, do you think maybe we shouldnít trust Durant?

Dude. Wake up already, Lucky. Enough of this.

So, I liked Rachel at first, but now sheís really annoying. I hate those interloper-coming-between-lovers plots.

Sorry, Nikolas, no sex for you tonight. Also, your wife needs therapy.

Quote of the day: ďIt seems like everyone in this town has been in a coma except me.Ē - Luke

February 22nd, 2005

Whoever said that Faith was going to separate the kids was wrong. But whatever. Theyíre still all missing and that means more Carly/Sonny angst. Wonderful.

I find it hilarious that Cynthia Preston is obviously comfortable and good with kids.

Dude. Sonnyís Elvis.

Luuuuuuuucky. Wake uuuuuuuuuuup. Weíre sick of everyone sitting by your bed and talking to you about nothing....

I disagree with Elizabethís approach to the whole Emily thing, but she should definitely get her into therapy. Because sheís even more incredibly annoying than usual.

Poor Justus. He gets shot and no one cares. At least it wasnít by his girlfriend.

February 23rd, 2005

Did I read a different version of ďThe Pied PiperĒ than everyone else? I thought the Pied Piper led the rats away. Maybe I read the Disney-fied version.

If I were Nikolas, Elizabeth, or a Quartermaine, and Emily were yelling at me, Iíd smack her and then send her to therapy.

If Faith thought that someone would find the place where she planned the kidnappings, why would she leave incriminating photos there? Faith is in no way as dumb as theyíre making her out to be.

On the other hand, though I insult him a lot, Michael is a lot smarter than I give him credit for.

A Mary Mae reference! Probably the first one in years.

Did I miss a step? Why are Jason and Sam at a brothel? And why is Sam pretending to be a hooker?

Am I crazy, or do Reese and Alcazar have chemistry?

February 24th, 2005

Whee! Faith had more to do today than sheís had in months. She got to wreak all sorts of havoc.

Letís hope the prostitutes help Michael. (And, no, I never thought Iíd write that.)

I thought Emily was going to decide to kill herself. Thatís a decision I can get behind.

I didnít realize that Ric and Elizabeth never knew that Faith was responsible for Elizabethís miscarriage. Iím surprised Faith spilled the beans to Ric. Thatís not going to make him like her any more.

Did anyone else see the little jockey statue outside of the house where Faith was keeping the kids? It was so incongruous, it was awesome.

February 25th, 2005

Next week on GH... (letís hope the days match up again)

Monday: Sonny fears that he may never see his children again. (Yeah, Iím so worried about that, too.)
Tuesday: Jasonís tough exterior cracks. (Aww, poor Jason.)
Wednesday: Alcazarís news devastates Carly. (Okay...I have no clue what thatís about. Unless itís that Lois is pregnant, which is entirely possible, since Lesli Kay is pregnant.)
Thursday: Rachel sets her plan against Courtney in motion. (Sheís just now setting it in motion? Whatís she been doing the past three weeks?)
Friday: Faithís confession comes to an abrupt end. (Due to Sonnyís happy trigger finger, no doubt.)

Well, itís official - Tamara Braun is leaving. Iím pretty sure that, five minutes after she announced that, TPTB at GH were on the phone with Sarah Brown.

Dang, Faith is creepy. That was mean! But sheís pretty dumb to leave her cell phone next to the 9-year-old.

Yay, Luckyís awake! No more annoying bedside monologues!

Creepy guy finally has a name! Iíll just call him Bill. He kinda looks like a Bill.

February 28th, 2005

That church shoot-out scene was kind of cool. Though itís absolutely ridiculous than in a three-against-one battle, Sonny wasnít shot once. Oh, well.

So Lucky was awake for hours and no one told Luke? Nice. Elizabeth probably shouldíve called him.

Wow, Maria, youíre completely unnecessary.

Alexis rocks. She had the quote of the day, too, re: Durant - ďI hate that man. Heís like Carly with a law degree.Ē

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