General Hospital blog - February, 2006

February 1st, 2006

Robin comes face to face with Robert. The chimp winds up at Sam and Jasonís penthouse. Luke realizes that his illness is contagious after Lulu gets sick. Dillon thinks the fire in the village is a government cover-up. Alexis still canít decide which job to take. Nikolas gets a letter from Courtney.

Cannot wait to see how the Robert/Robin reunion goes. Cannot. Wait.

Wow, you can actually see Steve Burton mentally firing his agent.

Not all of those people are getting sick, Iím sure. Iíve heard Sam, Alexis, Lucky, Sonny, Tony, and Edward, in addition to Luke and Lulu. Maybe theyíll add Michael in there, too, just for kicks.

Does Courtneyís letter have a secret code in it or something? Brenda did that once. I donít consider Courtney that smart, though.

Seriously, can someone name the chimp so we can stop calling it ďthe chimpĒ?

I...I have no words for Alcazarís bizarre leather shirt. It was...well, I said bizarre, so Iíll stick with that.

February 2nd, 2006

Robin is upset with Robertís explanation for his 15-year absence. Robert tells Luke that there could be a fatal epidemic as Lulu, Lucky, Nikolas, Skye, and Sam all fall ill. Emily tells Michael and Morgan she wonít be around as much anymore. Lucky plans a romantic rendezvous with Elizabeth. Skye and Alcazar make a big move in their relationship.

Criers: Robin

Yay, Robert actually got something to do! Including standing up and leaning on the same file cabinet four times. (Seriously, who directed those scenes?) I loved his scene with Luke.

If Robert is Jack Bristow, Robin is Sydney, Anna is Irina, and Patrick is Vaughn, who is Sloane? Maybe Faison? And who is Weiss? Because Iíd really like to meet him.

Um, hi, Danny. We...missed you?

Poor Lucky! I didnít realize Nikolas was going to get sick, too. Too bad heís the only one who knows where Lucky is.

February 3rd, 2006

Jason and Carly hunt for the chimp, which turns out not to be the carrier. They lose it when itís picked up by men in black masks. Luke agrees to let the doctors make a serum of his antibodies, despite the risk it might present to him. Mac is less than thrilled to see Robert again. Jesse goes to the cabin to help Lucky but canít find him. Dillon and Sonny fall ill. Lucas comes out to Tony.

They showed the wrong previews for todayís episode. Oops! They were supposed to be for Mondayís show.

Also oops - Patrick canít spell Spencer.

Way to be a hero, Jesse! (Or at least try to be.) Too bad your girlfriend is being ABSOLUTELY USELESS.

How many days till Tonyís death? Theyíre obviously setting us up for it.

February 6th, 2006

Jason and Carly learn from Justus that the shooter/monkeynapper was Anton Rush, who works for Crylium, a company based in the Maarkam Islands. Carly poses as a hooker to get closer to him. Masked men grab Lucky, knock out Jesse, and set the cabin on fire. Sam is less than thrilled to have to share a room with Alexis. Sonny and Nikolas feel the same way. Luke hallucinates while giving up his plasma for the serum. Kristina calls 911 when Alexis and Ric get sick. Emily debates messing with peopleís charts so the people who arenít necessarily the sickest will get the serum first.

Forget Luke - Kristina is the biggest hero in Port Charles. Iím not really surprised; Alexis is totally the kind of parent who would teach her daughter how to dial 911 at a young age.

If Luke is going to hallucinate, can Helena please be involved?

Justus! Talk faster! We want to know what Crylium used to make!

I still donít get why Danny is around. Are they just going to randomly kill him off? Also, am I supposed to care? Because...I really donít.

February 7th, 2006

Jason and Carly head to the Maarkam Islands after learning that the virus is manmade and the cure could be there. Luke demands that Bobbie create more serum and give it to Lulu. Alcazar switches Skye and Luluís charts so Skye will get the serum. Lucky learns that heís a guinea pig for possible cures for the virus. Tracy tries to get Alan to alter Dillonís chart so heíll get the serum. Monica catches them and requests that Alan be removed from the committee. Dillon proposes to Georgie Emily tends to Sonny and Nikolas, who says he still loves her. Sheís not happy to hear Robert saying that Sonny doesnít deserve the serum.

Yay for Robert for saying what we were all thinking - that Sonnyís life is useless.

I canít help booing and hissing at Alcazar like an old-timey villain. Boo! Hiss!

Can someone please hogtie Michael to a chair? And while youíre at it, gag him.

Dillon...Georgie is only 17. Thatís gross.

February 8th, 2006

After Patrick is elected to make the committeeís decisions, Luke demands that he give Lulu the serum. A delirious Alexis begs Sam to help Kristina. Sam doesnít appreciate Manny hanging around. Emily, Ric, and Robin argue on Sonnyís behalf. Elizabeth realizes that Alcazar switched Skye and Luluís charts. Sonny and NikolasÖI donít know, I ran it up. Jesse gets sick.

Criers: Alexis, Sam, Lulu

Dang, Elizabeth is ticked. Donít ever get on her bad side. Lukeís either.

While youíre tying Michael up, grab Emily and do the same to her. Make sure her gag is really tight. It hurts me when she tries to act.

Apparently Ric is...okay?

And I was just wondering where Manny was. He can go away again now.

February 9th, 2006

Jason gets in touch with the doctor experimenting on Lucky. Robin reworks Patrickís equations so that Lulu can receive a dose of the serum. Tony confesses to Elizabeth that heís getting sick. Sam dreams about her mother again. Tracy stops Dillon and Georgie from getting married.

Someone please tell me how Kelly Monaco got a Daytime Emmy nomination. Seriously, I want to know how that happened. Though I guess if freaking Natalia Livingston can win one, anything is possible.

Poor Tony. Guess this is the end of the line.

Maxie lied to a priest. Doesnít that automatically earn her a trip to Hell?

I love Jasonís method of communicating with Creepy German Doctor (what? I donít know his name): ďLet him go.Ē Oh, sure, no problem!

February 10th, 2006

Tony dies. Jason and Carly come up with a plan to get Carly to the Crylium lab, but before she can rescue Lucky, CGD injects her with the virus. Patrick tells Emily that she needs to choose whether Nikolas or Sonny gets the serum. Jax is unable to get Courtneyís location from a sick Mike.

Criers: Emily, Tony, Bobbie, Lucas, Luke, any audience member with a heart

Awww, Ďbye, Tony! Too bad you never got more to do.

Itís completely ridiculous that Patrick would ask Emily to decide between Nikolas and Sonny. First of all, sheís not exactly unbiased. Second of all, Nikolas is definitely sicker than Sonny, so it should be a moot point.

Exactly which part of Carly and Jasonís plan was supposed to be the smart part?

I think they sped up Courtneyís pregnancy, because she wasnít that far along before.

February 13th, 2006

Lucky is taken to an island only accessible by helicopter, so Jason calls the police for help. Before he can go after him, he has to fend off the advances of a delusional Carly. Nikolas and Sonny each want the other to get the serum, so Patrick finally chooses Sonny. Tracy and Mac give Dillon and Georgie permission to get married. Courtney chooses Nikolas. Jax learns that Courtney needs to have a C-section in order to save the baby.

Could they not get Constance Towers back for one episode? Because they totally glossed over the rest of the kidnapping plot. And that sucks.

The Mac I know would never budge, no matter how intensely Georgie and Maxie gave him puppy dog eyes.

I know a lot of people hate Jason, but how can you not laugh at his facial expressions when he realized Carly thought they were at Jakeís ten years ago.

Iím going to predict right now that the baby will be a boy and Jax will name him John.

February 14th, 2006

Georgie and Dillon get married, but their wedding night is overshadowed by Dillonís worsening health. A delusional Ric thinks Alexis is Adela and blasts her for abandoning him. Courtney tells Jax that she wants to deliver the baby. Maxie passes out while stuck in an elevator with Nikolas. Carly wonders what her life would be like if Robin hadnít told A.J. about Michael. Sonny wants to be with Emily.

For a romantic day, everything was pretty depressing.

They really shouldnít have had Ric mistake his wife for his mother. If they wanted to go Oedipal, why didnít they bring back Helena?

Whose idea was it to put Nikolas and Maxie in the elevator together? How random.

Countdown to Ďbye-Ďbye to Courtney....

Why is Jason dragging Carly along with him to the other island? Canít she just hang out in the helicopter while he looks for Lucky and the cure?

February 15th, 2006

Nikolas and Manny save Maxie. Jason and Carly decide to follow the monkey to find Lucky. Lucky calls Elizabeth to say goodbye. Tracy prays for Dillon, who wakes up better after having the same dream as Georgie. Courtney canít have the C-section after all.

Wouldnít it be funny if Tracy suddenly had a complete personality change because she thinks God actually listened to her and saved Dillon? Iím all for it.

Well, Nikolas is just a lawsuit waiting to happen, isnít he?

Letís hope Manny gave Mac his pocketknife back.

Die a little faster, please, Courtney.

So...we donít get the rest of the Ric/Alexis thing? Just goes to show how little the writers respect them (especially Alexis).

February 16th, 2006

Jason and Carly find Lucky, as well as a substance that is either the virus or the antidote. Carly wants to inject herself with it to find out which it is. Lulu begs Luke to help Nikolas, but heís unable to. Sonny takes Michael, Kristina, and Molly home. Robert makes it clear what he thinks of Sonny, but Robin defends him. Elizabeth worries about Lucky. Courtney is well enough for surgery.

Way to go, preview guys. Youíve screwed them up about four times in the past two weeks. Now youíve spoiled major events for next week. Thanks a ton.

It was actually in Lukeís best interest to help Nikolas - he would be able to hold it over Helenaís head for the rest of her life.

Why canít Sam tell that Alexis is lying? Sheís not even particularly good at it!

I say, let Carly inject herself. What do we have to lose?

More Robert/Sonny smackdown, please.

February 17th, 2006

The antidote cures Carly, so she, Jason, and Lucky try to get out of the lab with more, but a shootout with guards destroys the last capsule. A package from Crylium Industries is delivered to the Quartermainesí, where itís stolen out from under a knocked-out Alice. Dillon donates antibodies and Nikolas gets the first dose. Lucky lets Elizabeth know that heís okay. Courtney has a boy. Tracy turns her new leaf back over and calls Felicia to tell her about Georgie and Dillonís marriage. Sonny and Emily go at it. Lucas promises Maxie that if she gets worse, heíll take her someplace nice to die.

I figured something would happen to the antidote after the very pointed shot of Lucky putting the capsule in his pocket. Thanks, director.

I think the package-stealer is supposed to be Holly. Whatever. Iím still not sure why theyíre bringing her back.

See? Theyíre totally going to name the baby John.

Felicia? Who is this Felicia of which they speak?

February 20th, 2006

Jax tells Courtney that Nikolas is the babyís father, but she flatlines before she can tell Nikolas. Holly sends a sample of the antidote to the hospital. Jason and Carly return to Port Charles. Robin gets sick. Emily better be on the pill.

Happy 11,000th episode!

Yay, Courtneyís almost gone! Oh, sorry, am I supposed to be sad?

So is Holly evil? Good? Evil but pretending to be good? Good but pretending to be evil? Your guess is as good as mine.

Emily, do yourself a favor - get yourself on the pill as soon as possible or start decorating a nursery.

February 21st, 2006

Robin refuses the only remaining antidote, which Sam wants Danny to get, but Patrick gives it to Alexis. Luke scrounges up a million dollars and he and Robert prepare to buy more of the antidote from Holly. Courtney dies. Carly promises Courtney that sheíll take care of John. Danny tells Sam that she was adopted.

Did anyone not figure out by now that Sam is Alexisí daughter? Because itís so obvious that itís scary. Also, her adoptive parents donít strike me as people who would want to adopt a child. They donít strike me as people who would want any children in the first place.

Carly is going to help raise John? The woman barely raises her own kids! That poor child already has the deck stacked against him - his motherís family is connected to the mob, his fatherís family is crazy, his self-appointed guardian is full of himself, and his other-self-appointed guardian is certifiable. Maybe Elizabeth should step in and take over.

If Lucky left before Jason and Carly, where is he? Did they make him fly commercial or something?

Why donít they give Ron Hale more to do? Heís so wasted on this show.

February 22nd, 2006

Hollyís unseen backup foils Robert and Lukeís plans. Samís condition worsens after Danny dies. Elizabeth receives strange phone calls from Luckyís phone and is relieved when he finally makes it back to the hospital. Jason is reluctant to help Luke and Robert. Patrick thinks that Carlyís blood could provide clues to the makeup of the cure. Sheís determined to help a sick John.

Notice how Iím not even bothering to keep track of criers right now? Thatís because this week has been so dang sad that itís not worth it.

Looks like the dug out the old Kristina preemie robot to play John.

So...why does Jax want to raise a baby whoís not even his?

I guess Sam contracted Carlyís my-teenaged-mother-gave-me-up-for-adoption-and-now-I-hate-her disease. Watch out, Ric!

February 23rd, 2006

Sam, Ric, and John all get worse. Carly tracks down Holly and the antidote to the Metro Court, but as sheís telling Jason where she is, Holly knocks her out. Ric and Sonny make peace. Alexis is so obviously Samís mother that itís not even funny.

Dear writers: We know Alexis is Samís mother. We. Get. It. You can stop now.

This show is so depressing now.

Hey, promo guys - way to ruin everything again. Obviously everyone gets better. Now theyíve spoiled that Skye is pregnant (another miracle baby, apparently). Theyíve also beaten us over the head with the Alexis/Sam thing. They almost take away the need to actually watch the show.

Someone please take away Luckyís ugly shirt. Itís awful.

February 24th, 2006

Carly, Jason, and Luke go after Holly, who finally approaches an angry Robert. Alexis tells Ric that she gave up a baby years ago. Sam flatlines again. Sonny promises to take care of Molly if Ric doesnít make it. Maxie thinks her time is drawing to a close. Lainey feels helpless but manages to give Patrick advice that leads him to help Mike.

Do you guys maybe think that Sam might have some sort of connection to Alexis? Maybe Iím crazy. Sheesh, this is turning into ďBen is Glory.Ē

Dear sick people: youíre not going to die. Calm down.

Ha, Haunted Star and Holly Sutton have the same initials. I never thought of that.

Dang, Carly was almost a hero twice in as many days. Sheís really redeeming herself for a lot of stuff.

February 27th, 2006

Everyone who needs the antidote receives it. Robert arrests Holly, even though she wants to run off with him. Jax decides to tell Nikolas that heís Johnís father but changes his mind. Lucas takes Maxie to B.J.ís grave.

Nothing says ďthis story is overĒ like Sarah McLachlan. (That was ďAnswer,Ē by the way.) Kind of anti-climactic, if you ask me. I mean, they just had to fight their way past guards? They do that every week on Alias, and they do it a lot better.

No way does Robert want to run off with Holly. Also, no way is he that gullible.

I like Sam better when sheís, you know, unconscious.

I think Carly will be the next person to find out that Jax isnít Johnís father. And she probably wonít really care.

February 28th, 2006

Holly is unable to get Robert and Luke on her side, so sheís sent back to the South Pacific. Sam decides to have Dannyís DNA tested to find out if she was adopted. Alexis tells Ric that she doesnít want to look for her daugther. Carly wants Jax and John to move in next door to her, but Jax is suspicious of her motives.

Too bad Alexis didnít get a root with Samís hair - she could test the DNA.

ĎBye, Holly?

Just kiss already, Robin and Patrick.

Dear Carly, before you speak, ask yourself, ďAm I helping?Ē If the answer is no, keep quiet.

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