General Hospital blog - February, 2007

February 1st, 2007

Craig sends henchmen to the vault with Maxie to get the briefcase. It triggers a failsafe and Maxie and a henchman named Three wind up stuck in the vault together. Sonny tries to convince Craig to call off his plan, but when the police arrive, Craig turns sadistic. After playing the name game with the hostages, he randomly shoots Robin. Patrick tells Alcazar that due to a brain bleed, he’ll need more surgery. Alcazar passes out before being able to give Skye the code that will open the briefcase. Bobbie fills Scott in on Laura’s temporary recovery.

Have fun bleeding for the next 12 hours, Robin! Oh, but nice fakeout, editing guys. (And I rarely say that.)

I missed most of Scott and Bobbie’s first scene together. I was too busy laughing about him hanging her coat over the door instead of the coat rack.

Maxie, shut up before I start rooting for “Three” to shoot you. Oh, wait. I ALREADY DID.

Hey, Mateo didn’t play the name game! And Robin’s rhymed - wasn’t she supposed to get extra points for that?

February 2nd, 2007

The police evacuate the rest of the hotel while making a list of the hostages. Emily, Nikolas, and Alan try to help Robin. Nikolas offers their captors money if they let Robin go. They decline and rig the lobby to explode instead. Alan tries to stand up to Craig and gets knocked unconscious for his trouble. Jason tells Skye about the hostage situation, but she can’t give him any information on how to give Craig what he wants. Concerned about Robin, Patrick tries to back out of finishing Alcazar’s surgery but is forced to finish. Three tells Maxie he’ll use her as a human shield if the briefcase explodes.

Whatever, Sonny. Watch his machoism get someone else hurt.

I swear, if Lucky asks one more person about Elizabeth, I’ll scream. Also, why did he ask Alice? Has she ever even met Elizabeth?

Love the conflict of Patrick knowing about Robin being shot but having to operate on Alcazar. For once, Noah’s incompetence led to something!

I know we’re supposed to hate Craig, but he’s funny. Also, SMART! Great villain they got there.

Back in town: Scott Baldwin, Luke Spencer
Captive: “Nightmare” Nikolas Cassadine, “Kick-A%$” Carly Corinthos (perfect!), “Michael Corinthos, Jr.,” “Menacing” Max Giambetti, Maxie Jones (she didn’t get a nickname), “Sweet” Sam McCall (gag), “Howlin’” Alan Quartermaine, “Intern” Emily Quartermaine (oh, she’s not even trying), “No Nickname” Mateo Ruiz, “Jobbin’” Robin Scorpio, “Baby’s Breath” Elizabeth (gag, again), “Screw You” Lulu (ha!)
Injured: Alan Quartermaine, Robin Scorpio

February 4th, 2007

Next week: hours 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Also, Robin has surgery, Craig is fed up with Sonny, and despite the hostage situation, there’s still headway in the Rick Webber case.

February 5th, 2007

Mac lets Ric take over heading things up, but none of the hostages is happy to hear this. Patrick rushes through Alcazar’s surgery, leaving him disoriented to the point where he thinks Luis is alive and doesn’t know who Craig is. Patrick then rushes the hotel, wanting to help Robin. Jason plans to get into the hotel and take out the gunmen one by one. Sam unmasks Craig. After learning from Epiphany that Patrick thinks Alcazar is responsible for the hostage situation, Monica tells Mac to question Skye. Craig locks Emily in with Alan, whose condition is worsening. Luke attempts to don SWAT gear and infiltrate the hotel, but Ric catches him and has him arrested.

Everyone’s reactions to Ric taking over were exactly as I imagined. Well, minus Sonny, Carly, and Sam all chorusing, “Oh, crap!” I wouldn’t be too thrilled either if the person determining whether I lived or died only cared about exactly one person I was trapped with (that would be Elizabeth).

Darn you, writers, for killing off Alan! I don’t want to have to watch him die. And for that matter, I don’t want to watch Natalia Livingston cry for an hour.

Speaking of crying, does anyone else think Lulu shouldn’t be the only one crying all the time?

Wow. Don’t mess with Monica!

Cruz arresting Luke was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the show. He was just so hilariously bored. More Cruz, please!

February 6th, 2007

Emily and Carly perform surgery on Robin with Patrick guiding them over the phone. Alexis interrogates Alcazar, who still has no idea what’s going on. Jason plans to take advantage of an 11 p.m. (aka end of Thursday’s episode/beginning of Friday’s episode) lock change to get into the hotel. Alan tells Lulu that he didn’t kill Rick, but before he can tell her what else he saw the night Rick died, his condition worsens.

I think I would rather have Elizabeth operating on me than Emily, if only because Elizabeth has OR experience. And because Emily’s tears would not help keep the field sterile.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the new mean doctor whose name I’ve already forgotten but who looks familiar Dr. Ford is going to be both Epiphany’s new love interest and Alan’s replacement.

Was Craig implying that Sam has feelings for Nikolas? Because...ew. Someone needs to tell him they’re cousins.

I guess it was hard to give Maurice Benard a day off, so he just kind of disappeared for the hour. Speaking of days off, welcome back, Alexis! Sorry no one told you your daughter and nephew were being held hostage by a psycho. That sucks.

Hey, Lulu? You’re cool and all, but please stop yelling at the man who’s dying of a heart attack.

February 7th, 2007

Sam steals the knife from Robin’s surgery and decides to give it to Mateo. Jason agrees to take Spinelli with him when he sneaks into the hotel. Skye blasts Patrick for being negligent with Alcazar, then promises to make sure Alcazar isn’t blamed for the hostage situation. Ric takes time out of his busy schedule to bug Alexis in the hospital. Carly reunites with Sonny, who declares his love for her.

Suddenly Sam is all okay with Mateo? Whatever.

Jeez, Sonny, not really the time to apologize for the whole marriage thing.

Speaking of bad timing, shut it, Michael. Jason’s busy.

You shut it, too, Ric. Go back to the hotel and do some defusing.

Spinelli, stay away from the hotel! You’re an expendable character!

February 8th, 2007

Jason and Spinelli make their move into the hotel. Craig gets Sonny and Jason to set up an escape for him, but it’s really just to distract the police. Sam attacks Craig with the knife. Alan tells Nikolas to make a commitment to Emily. Tracy bails Luke out so he can get information out of Skye.

Thank you, Lulu, for suggesting that they get Robin drunk. She’s always very entertaining that way.

That’s the weirdest bottle of water I’ve ever seen.

More Jason and Spinelli, please!

Sam, I admire your guts, but that wasn’t really smart? Remember the five other people with automatic weapons?

February 9th, 2007

Jason and Spinelli infiltrate the hotel, followed by Luke and Lucky. Ric convinces Craig to release Elizabeth, but Craig wants Emily to choose between her and Alan. Sonny’s about to be executed, but if he can find Spinelli’s gun in time, he might be able to save himself. Maxie is about two seconds away from Stockholm Syndrome.

Exactly how is Jason planning to get people out of the lobby? Did he not see the big guns?

Remember when Maxie had kind of an interesting storyline? Yeah, me neither.

Hi, Scott! Why are you so boring?

Hundreds of rooms in that hotel and Craig is just using the same one over and over? Also, does every room in that hotel contain a bottle of aspirin with only one pill left?

February 11th, 2007

This week: the last hours before boom! Plus, Alan undergoes surgery (guess that answers the question about who Emily chooses to be released), Sonny and Carly try to break a code (I know, huh?), and did I mention the boom?

February 12th, 2007

Emily finally chooses to release Alan, who promptly has a heart attack as the cops and a sniper shoot at each other. Jason knocks out a gunman and takes his place, but so far only Carly has caught on. Patrick refuses to return to the hospital to perform surgery on his Ignorant Law-Breaking LandlordTM, so Ford comes to the hotel to get him. Spinelli wants to be an action hero and make out with Lulu.

Jason, I love you. You’re totally living out all of Spinelli’s fantasies (except for being with Lulu, apparently).

What is this, Talk About Alan While He’s Still Around Day?

Question: can I still like Craig after he shot Max? He did only shoot him in the shoulder, so I may let it go.

If I were a captive in premature labor and my best friend had to choose between me and her ailing father, if she DIDN’T choose her father, I don’t think I would want to be her friend anymore. In other words, good call, Emily.

February 13th, 2007

Luke and Lucky give up their hiding spot in the hotel in order to help Alan, who then undergoes surgery by Monica’s hand. Luke offers himself and the code to Craig in exchange for the hostages. Craig calls his bluff and threatens to kill Lulu if Luke doesn’t hand over the code (which, of course, he doesn’t know). Carly lets Sonny know that Jason is in the lobby. Lulu winds up in the office with Spinelli, who tells her Jason is there, and she goes back to the lobby rather than allowing Spinelli to help her escape. Maxie unmasks Three, and since he’s, of course, not really that bad of a guy after all, they make a plan to escape when the vault opens.

Sorry you have to spend your last minutes on the show unconscious, Stuart Damon.

If Three turns out to be Logan Drake, I think I might be ticked.

Hey, Skye, why don’t you announce a little louder that Luke doesn’t know the code? Or you could just stand there and keep being useless. Seriously, she’s really bugging me.

I wonder if Sam is starting to figure out that Jason is there. She had a look on her face like she knew something was up. I did like their little moment when he touched her shoulder and she tried to shake him off because she didn’t know who he was. Also, I had to laugh when Lulu pointed out that Jason doesn’t know what number he is because I was trying to figure that out, too. (I think he’s Four.)

February 14th, 2007

Lulu and Spinelli get caught on their way out of the hotel, so Jason pretends that he captured Spinelli. Craig wants to kill Spinelli, but Lulu saves him by announcing that he can get into the vault. Luke gives Craig a fake code. Alan survives surgery even after Monica freezes. Sonny asks Carly to have a real marriage with him if they survive. Emily and Nikolas make plans to escape with Robin and Lulu. Sam finally figures out that Jason is there. Edward blames Skye for the hostage situation and cuts her and Lila off from the Quartermaines. Ric takes advantage of her outsider status and encourages her to make the Quartermaines sorry.

Poor hostages didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But they did get a new friend! And Spinelli doesn’t even have to think up a nickname.

It took Sam waaaaaaay too long to figure out Jason was there. How sad that Carly figured it out two hours earlier. (Oh, and he’s Five. Like it matters.)

I wonder if Carly and Sonny are going to wind up back together. He does have the tendency to hook up with women during moments of crisis. (Just ask Brenda.)

I’m sick of the Quartermaines. Can we have Alexis back instead?

February 15th, 2007

Thanks to a telephone keypad and Carly’s memory, Sonny and Carly figure out the code. Spinelli is able to override the vault and Jason tells him to open it early. The hostages make escape plans. One of the gunmen taunts Mateo so much that Mateo finally slashes him with the knife. Alan finally wakes up after some crying sessions by his family. Maxie and Three, sitting in a tree. Alcazar gets a call from his contact.

Once Sonny realized the code was based on the telephone, I figured out it was Sophie. Yay, continuity! (That would make the code 767443, by the way.) it okay if I cheer for Mateo?

Awww, as much as Spinelli likes Lulu, he’ll still take Jason’s advice over hers.

We get it. Maxie and what’s-his-face are falling in love. They’ll just be Emily and Zander 3.0. (I think Maxie and Jesse were 2.0.)

February 16th, 2007

Spinelli opens the vault, freeing Maxie and Three, and Sonny gives Craig the code in exchange for Carly’s freedom. Carly refuses to go, but Sam is able to escape and warn the police that the lobby is rigged to explode. Nikolas gets Robin to safety but tries to go back for Emily. Sam chastises Mateo for being as bad as Manny. Fed up with both of them, one of the hostage-takers shoots Mateo. Mac has Cruz handcuff Luke to a pipe to keep him out of the way, but he’s almost successful at convincing Alexis to free him. Skye tells Alcazar she’ll be the brains of their partnership until he’s better. Hotel go boom.

Wow! Who saw that explosion coming? (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.) Actually, I like how they did it - we saw the same stuff we saw before, but intercut with scenes of the hostages and other people outside. Plus it was all stylish and stuff. Nice.

More Luke and Alexis, please!

I’m even more convinced now that Three is Logan. Patrick’s going to be maaaaaaad.

So how did Sam get out? And why the heck did she go upstairs? It’s just like a horror movie where the frightened girl goes towards the top floor instead of out the back door.

Injured: everyone, pretty much

February 17th, 2007

Next week: Elizabeth finally starts telling the truth, at least three people go after Craig, Maxie covers for Three, and Jason and Elizabeth think it’s perfectly safe to get into the elevator of a building that just blew up.

February 19th, 2007

While trapped in an elevator with Jason, Elizabeth finally tells him he’s the baby’s father. Sonny shoots Craig and Carly takes the briefcase, but little progress is made before the ceiling collapses. Robin, Carly, Sonny, Emily, Mateo, Max, Spinelli, Maxie, and Three all survive, but Lulu remains missing. Alan wonders why Jason never showed up to save the hostages. Maxie helps Three escape without anyone suspecting he was a gunman.

Dear Elizabeth, I still don’t really like you. Took you long enough!

Hey, all the expendable people survived! Good day for them.

Um, I’d still like to know what Three’s real name is.

Yeah, Craig’s going to be one of those bad guys who just. Won’t. Die.

February 20th, 2007

Jason proposes to Elizabeth again, because he seems to have forgotten all about Sam. Sonny gives Ric the briefcase and code, but Skye, wanting the contents destroyed so it can’t be linked to Alcazar, announces that the code is wrong. Ric, also wanting Alcazar cleared, sides with Skye and the contents are destroyed. Luke rescues an injured Lulu. Robin and Patrick are all shiny and happy again.

So Skye and Ric are both a little evil? That’s not good...

Dear Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson, please continue to give the writers reasons to give you scenes together. You rock. Love, everyone.

Shut up, Elizabeth, you lying liar. Your voice is really annoying when you’re upset, and you’re almost turning into Carly.

Something tells me the hotel isn’t the only thing Jax is going to lose this week...

Wikipedia (which, surprisingly, has very up-to-date soap info) says Wallace Kurth is coming back in March. Please let that be true!

February 21st, 2007

Before being rescued, Elizabeth rejects Jason’s proposal and they try to decide whether or not to tell Sam and Lucky the truth about the baby. Sonny and Carly go at it Norah Jones style. Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo argue over Lulu and Tracy tries to get Luke to intervene, but he doesn’t care. Lucky goes after Craig, who tells him Elizabeth is dead. Monica and Tracy refuse to let Skye see Alan, but Emily is on her side. Three shows up in Maxie’s room.

A big fat hee to Dillon, Spinelli, and Milo. Though they mostly make me want to say, “Girls, girls, you’re all pretty.”

Guess what, Sonny and Carly? You just consummated your marriage! No annulment for you!

Yeah, Jax isn’t going to have a whole lot of good news coming his way when he comes back next week.

Maybe Cruz will save Lucky! He hasn’t done much during this storyline.

Jason: TELL SAM NOW. She can’t be mad now; it’s not your fault Elizabeth got pregnant with your baby and didn’t tell you. If you wait, though, she’ll have a reason to be mad. Oh, wait. I forgot. I DON’T CARE.

February 22nd, 2007

Cruz saves Lucky from Craig, who gets away. Jason suspects that he’ll go back to the hotel to retrieve his PDA from Six, so he heads over there instead of seeing Alan. Before Jason can tell Sam that he’s the baby’s father, she tells him she can’t have children. Elizabeth also declines to tell Lucky the truth but almost lets it slip to Sam. Lulu has some fun with Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli. Patrick takes his HIV test. Maxie thinks Three, aka Coop, should stay in Port Charles. Georgie and Dillon break up. Scott pays Lulu a visit.

So sick of Elizabeth/Jason/Sam/Lucky storyline. Can’t even bother typing in full sentences.

Cooper Barrett? Is he related to Brenda? Because if not, the writers need a new name pool.

No, Jason! Go see Alan! He could die before you do, and then you’ll be all mopey! Wait...mopey Jason = hot Jason. Carry on.

Hee, Lulu cracks me up. And she’s pretty lucky here - she can test out a guy, and if it doesn’t work out, she has two backups.

Hey, Mayor Floyd? Sam didn’t save anyone. The hotel still blew up. Basically, everyone’s alive because of...well, not because of anyone. They just happened to not die.

February 23rd, 2007

Jason and Craig have a gun battle in the undestroyed part of the hotel. Sonny wants to stay with Carly, of course, but she just wants to get her engagement ring back and go home. Alan goes into cardiac arrest again. Scott overhears Lulu telling Spinelli that she thinks he knows who killed Rick. Sam is still a “hero,” and there’s some guy? With a watch?

Now that the hostage situation is over, I’m bored again. The only interesting thing today was the guy with the watch, or whatever. I’m guessing that’s Sam’s dad? And maybe Alexis will have a new love interest, since apparently Ned is only coming back for three episodes?

Broke up: Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine
Hooked up: Carly and Sonny Corinthos
Hospitalized: Alan Quartermaine, Mateo Ruiz, Robin Scorpio, Lulu Spencer

February 24th, 2007

Next week: Luke and Scott face off, Lulu gets another clue, and Ned returns. Also, ‘bye, Alan! And hi, Jax!

February 26th, 2007

Alan dies just before Jason can go see him. In the process, Jason lets Craig escape. Jax shows up at Carly’s just in time to hear her mentioning her night with Sonny. Lucky tells Elizabeth he’s willing to give her and the baby up so he won’t pressure them. This makes her realize how much she loves him, and she tells him she wants them to forgive each other and get remarried.

I am eagerly anticipating the inevitable Jax/Sonny showdown. It’s going to be awesome!

Ever wonder why I don’t like Elizabeth? THAT’S WHY.

Awww, Jason and Emily need hugs. (Where’s Nikolas, by the way?) And apropos of nothing, Jason also needs a haircut.

That was the longest death ever. Sorry you had to put up with the writers’ crap, Stuart Damon.

February 27th, 2007

Everyone is sad. Jax is mad. Elizabeth is bad.

Kleenex! I need Kleenex, stat!

Lucky is going to be so ticked when he finds out what’s really going on. If Elizabeth had money, I would tell him to sign a prenup with a huge payout.

For all the crap I give Natalia Livingston, she’s done awesomely in the past two episodes. Keep up the good work!

I love that Jax is more upset about Sonny and Carly sleeping together than the fact that his hotel went boom and Robin was shot. Nice priorities, Jealous Boy. Also, I’m both disappointed and glad that they didn’t have Carly and Jax sleep together before he learned about her and Sonny, because then in May, we’d probably have another paternity mystery on our hands.

February 28th, 2007

Elizabeth asks Jason to let Lucky keep believing the baby is his. Jax tells Ric to drop the custody suit and drug charges against Alexis or he’ll make sure he and Floyd are removed from office for the hostage-crisis debacle. Ric tells Alexis that she’ll lose in court and should just sign over custody, but she makes it clear to him that she wants a public fight so he’ll be disgraced. Michael wants to go to Alan’s memorial service, but Tracy thinks Carly just wants him to get part of Alan’s inheritance. Luke wants Scott to stay away from Lulu, who tells Dillon she thinks he knows more about Rick’s death than he’s letting on.

Quick, someone give me something very heavy to throw at Elizabeth.

Dear writers, thank you for the Alexis/Ned scene. Can you please bring him back for good?

Awww, even Tracy can be nice sometimes.

Is Sam, like, shocked that Jason went after Craig? I mean, hasn’t she met him?

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