General Hospital blog - February, 2008

February 1st, 2008

Sam tries to justify her behavior to Lucky, who vows to help Jason and Elizabeth keep her away from Jake. Sam then receives a few text messages from the strangler, who attacks her on the docks after Lucky blows off her worries. Sam makes a valiant effort to fight him off, but he follows her to a road. As Carly (distracted by possibly being pregnant), Elizabeth (who’s half awake), and Monica (who’s drunk) all drive wherever, one of them hits Sam. Zacchara and Johnny are both surprised to see Claudia show up in Zacchara’s hospital room. Kate tells Jax she was Connie, though he’s not entirely sure why she doesn’t want anyone to know. They get caught in a rainstorm and he takes her home, where Sonny finds them both wearing bathrobes. Tracy tells Monica that her surgical privileges have been suspended, and that when Tracy wins her malpractice suit, she’s taking the house. Elizabeth is shaken by a dream in which Sam tells her she’s taking Jake away. Sonny and Claudia play Jason and Carly’s old game of sex without names. Lulu and Logan basically break up and she turns to Lucky for relationship advice.

Dear baby Jesus, thank you for presenting me with the possibility of Sam, Elizabeth, and Carly all dying in a fiery car crash. Now just follow through. Hugs and kisses, Jenn.

Does Sarah Brown always have to play characters who have anonymous sex with mobsters?

Why can’t Carly just go to a drugstore and buy an EPT like a normal person?

I can’t wait for Carly to come home and find Jax and Kate hanging out in bathrobes. I’ll get the popcorn!

Back in town: Luke Spencer
Broke up/separated/on the outs: Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine, Lulu Spencer and Logan Hayes
Dead: Cooper Barrett
New in town: Claudia Zacchara

February 3rd, 2008

This week: Monica and Elizabeth worry about what they’ve done, Carly has good news for Jax (gee, I wonder what that is), and my favorite spoiler of the week, from Zap2It: “Marianna is in league with the devil.” I guess that takes care of that, huh?

February 4th, 2008

Monica heads to the hospital, where she gets rid of her flask and reports her car stolen. Carly heads home and Elizabeth finally gets some sleep. There’s still no answer as to which of them hit Sam, but Nikolas might also be the culprit. Either way, Sam and the strangler still remain unconscious by the side of the road. Sonny and Kate fight, and she tells him she’s staying in Port Charles permanently. Claudia tells Zacchara she’s taking control and she’ll kill him if she needs to. Ian joins Patrick and Robin on Nikolas’ case. Sonny runs into Johnny and pulls a gun on him, scaring Lulu.

I almost liked Johnny for the first time today. He and I see Claudia’s arrival in the same way - just sit back and watch what happens.

Oh, Nikolas. Stop driving weapons.

Ian, just take your shirt off. And let’s just say I don’t mean that in the same way I usually do.

Uh-oh, I think Sonny’s losing it again.

Possibly the best line ever:
Carly: (re: Kate) “I don’t like that woman.”
Jax: “You don’t like any women!”

February 5th, 2008

The injured killer (who we’re supposed to think is Logan) retreats, and a few minutes later Jerry finds Sam and gets her to the hospital. Carly’s pregnant. Maxie and Spinelli break into Coop’s room, where they find a single pill and Logan’s dog tags. After deciding not to kill Johnny, Sonny pays Zacchara a visit, wanting to kill him instead. Zacchara gleefully tells him that things are about to get good. Tracy tells the police officer questioning Monica about her “stolen car” that she’s been drinking lately. Ric makes out with Marianna, who has randomly been recast. Ian wonders if Robin will be too “prissy” to work with him and Patrick, but Patrick defends her. Johnny makes out with Lulu, then tells her to go be with Logan, which she does when she realizes he’s hurt (supposedly from a bar fight) and he refuses to see a doctor. Ian gives Jerry a strange look when he sees him at the hospital.

Okay, so we’re obviously supposed to think Logan is the killer. I just don’t see it. Why would they make it so apparent that it was Coop, then do the same thing with Logan? And if it were Logan, why would he confront Coop about his DNA test results being a match for Georgie’s killer? He would want the results to be made public to make it look like Coop was the killer. I just don’t buy it. Of course, I don’t know who the real killer is, but I don’t think it’s Logan. (And now we know it’s not Jerry, by the way. The writer really gave us a lot of non-killers today - practically all the men in the cast were on.)

I’m giving Carly 2:1 odds on having a miscarriage. (What? It’s Port Charles! Besides, we already have a pregnant woman.)

I’m wondering if they recast Marianna so suddenly because originally she was supposed to be a temporary character and now they’re going to keep her around longer. They’ve done that in the past. I don’t really care either way; until they tell us she’s evil or something, I’m probably going to keep fast-forwarding all of her scenes.

Speaking of evil, did you catch that glance Ian gave Jerry? Yeah. Are you getting where this is going?

February 6th, 2008

Claudia wants to take over for Johnny and Trevor, and gets Johnny to tell her a little about Sonny and Jason. She advises Johnny not to fall in love because “love kills.” Lucky blames himself for Sam’s hit-and-run, and Elizabeth worries that she may need to blame herself. Jason stops by the scene of the accident and Cruz fills him in, then later tells Lucky that Jason was there. Luke stops by Lucky’s and isn’t happy to find Lulu and Logan there together. Logan assures him that he loves Lulu and blah, blah, blah, let’s just hope he doesn’t kill her. Ric buys Marianna a coat, apparently thinking he’s Sonny now. Someone calls her to ask if she’s done something to Ric yet, but it seems like she’s not going to be able to because she’s, of course, falling in love with him. Tracy is very suspicious of Monica.

I guess now is as good a time as any to ask for the over/under on Sam having amnesia.

Oh, Ric, you’re supposed to buy her jewelry or a dress, not a coat! Go talk to Sonny before you try this again.

Why is Tracy just randomly hanging around the hospital?

If Marianna is really working for/being blackmailed by, say, Trevor, she’s doing a really bad job of hiding it.

February 7th, 2008

Lucky isn’t sure Sam’s news about the text message killer is accurate. Claudia tells Trevor to call a meeting with the Five Families. She also tries to patch things up with Johnny, who seems upset with her for leaving when he was a kid. Sonny is in a really bad mood and takes it out on Jason, then tells Michael to stay away from guns and stop being annoying. Lulu and Logan make out, and then she thinks he’s going to rape her or something? So she yells at him and leaves (hooking up with Johnny, of course), and Scott tells Logan why Lulu randomly went crazy for a minute. Nadine gets Nikolas to admit that he can see Emily and doesn’t want to have surgery because he’ll have to lose her again. She basically tells him it’s better to have loved and lost, etc., etc. Elizabeth tells Jason that she’s afraid she hit Sam. Luke wants Tracy to live on the Haunted Star with him, but she’s not game. Carly tells Jax that the killer might still be alive.

If Sonny were my boss, I’d quit. Why does Jason put up with his crap all the time?

Okay, Lulu definitely overreacted there. I think she might be looking for an excuse to leave Logan for Johnny, and she’s picking fights.

For those who started the rumor that Max was the killer, I think the flashbacks and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any injuries would prove otherwise.

Yeah, I figured they brought back the Haunted Star set a couple of weeks ago because Luke is going to wind up living there again.

February 8th, 2008

Sonny learns that Claudia is a Zacchara. Sam tells Maxie about the text message killer, who later pays Sam a visit. Marianna is, unsurprisingly, working for/with Trevor. Michael buys bullets and keeps one after Mike makes him get rid of the others. Scott may suspect that Logan is the killer. Carly meets Claudia - and likes her. Jason has Spinelli dig up info on recent car accidents and learns that Monica, Nikolas, and Carly each had one. Logan catches Lulu and Johnny making out. Cassius tells Spinelli to solve Stan’s murder, or he will.

No surprises today. Um, at all.

So Lucky doesn’t want to warn people that a serial killer might still be out there. Nice.

Can we stop with the Carly/Claudia wink-wink nudge-nudge now that they’ve met?

Why were Diane and Jerry speaking Spanish to each other?

Hospitalized: Sam McCall
Idiot: Michael Corinthos
Pregnant: Carly Jacks

February 10th, 2008

This week: Elizabeth thinks she hit Sam while Jason thinks it was Carly, Nikolas starts to remember more about Emily’s murder, and Luke (!) gives Claudia (!) advice about Sonny (!).

February 11th, 2008

The text message killer tells Sam he’ll wait until killing her is more fun, then runs off. Ian hears Sam calling for help and learns about the killer’s appearance, then disappears. (HINT HINT!) Jerry, stationed by Alexis for security, also checks on Sam, then heads off to see the winged guy. (Have you figured out who he is yet? HAVE YOU?) Claudia and Trevor let the Five Families know the steps they’ve taken to prove themselves powerful. The other members of the Five Families suspect that Sonny is losing it again. They also all want the deed to Alcazar’s docks. Claudia calls Sonny and lets him know that she’d kill him to get the deed, but that doesn’t mean she won’t sleep with him again. Spinelli and Maxie stake out Logan’s apartment, passing the time by fantasizing about being an old-time PI (Spinelli only) and pulling the old pretend-to-be-parking-so-the-passing-cop-doesn’t-get-suspicious trick. Marianna tries to burn the deed, and when Ric catches her she tells him that she doesn’t like the person it’s made him become. Trevor makes it clear to her that she’ll be sorry if she doesn’t get the deed for him. Nikolas hears about Sam’s accident from Elizabeth and admits that he might have been responsible. Lucky still isn’t sure Sam’s right about the killer still being alive.

Why did Lucky make such a big deal out of Ian disappearing? Does he think Sam made him up, too?

Ironic that Bradford Anderson appeared on Veronica Mars and yet Spinelli never picked anything up from the Marses.

Wow, Marianna sure has gotten to know who Ric really is in the three days she’s known him. Geez, shut up.

Could we possibly have a Spencer sighting in the future? I doubt we’ll even recognize him. Though he’ll probably be played by a different set of twins anyway, so whatever.

Wow, that mobster Claudia attacked sounded just like Logan.

February 12th, 2008

Word spreads that Sam reported she was attacked by the text message killer, but only Alexis is even the least bit unskeptical. Jason asks Carly if she might have hit Sam, and though Carly claims she didn’t, she won’t tell him why she’s so distracted. Patrick overhears Robin telling Mac that she didn’t get pregnant by an anonymous donor, and he may be on the path to figuring out that he’s the baby’s father. The killer has a stereotypical serial-killer shrine to his victims and near-victims. Michael is a brat and Morgan may find his now-loaded gun. Lulu asks Carly for advice on how to choose between Johnny and Logan. Johnny tells Luke that he’ll only be with Lulu if he can guarantee her safety. A very guilty-feeling Elizabeth wants to tell Lucky that she hit Sam. Epiphany receives Stan’s ashes but refuses to leave work.

Robin? Yeah, hi. Look, you’re pretty much all-around awesome (except for the part where you’re basically turning into Carly, but we’ll leave that for another time). The thing really need to shut up about Patrick. You work in the same hospital. If you keep talking about him being the baby’s father, it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out. He’s a literal brain surgeon, after all; he’s not that dumb. (Okay, maybe a little, since he can’t do math.) So keep up the rocking, but please, please use your brain. Love, Jenn.

I think they keep doing music montages because it’s one less scene the writer has to write.

Lulu, try being single! It’s not as horrible as you may think. Also, stop taking your relationship advice from Carly., there’s really no one in Port Charles who would be good to go to for relationship advice. Try the Internet, I guess.

The one time Elizabeth decides to tell the truth, it might not even be the truth. How’s that for irony?

February 13th, 2008

Alexis thinks someone is lurking outside the house, and though it looks like it was just the mayor (who now has a nice bump on the head thanks to Diane’s gun), Kristina shares Alexis’ suspicions. Luke tries to get a job with Sonny, who refuses. Luke then tries to sell information to Claudia, warning her not to mess with Sonny’s family. Mike tells Sonny that he caught Michael with bullets, so Sonny once again warns Michael to stay away from guns. Ian and Sam, sitting in a tree? Claudia apparently wants to hook up with Jason the same way Carly used to. Epiphany has a heart attack, but I think it might only be so Rebecca Herbst can do PSAs. Lucky thinks that Elizabeth is just feeling guilty about the hit-and-run, not actually responsible.

Once again, Kristina is an awesome screamer. Oh, and now we know the mayor isn’t the text message killer. Not that I thought he was; just pointing that out.

I think Sonny might want to amend his warning to Michael to include all weapons, not just guns, because next Michael will just get a knife or something.

Ian and Sam would be the most perfect smarmy, gross couple ever. So they’ll probably be in bed together by the end of next week.

Awww, Sonny should give Luke a job. He needs a new plot.

February 14th, 2008

Jason and Claudia play pool, but he claims not to even like her that much. Kristina can’t tell who she saw, and whoever it was rips up a photo of her and Sam. Kate wants Sonny back, but he doesn’t seem too receptive. When Claudia shows up, though, he warns her to leave Kate alone. Claudia vows to take something he wants. Nikolas tells Sam that he thinks he hit her, but a break-in at the PCPD leads Jason to announce that there’s proof he didn’t. Carly and Jax decide to continue to keep her pregnancy quiet, but Robin quickly figures it out. Patrick also learns of the news and continues to keep quiet about his suspicions that he’s the father of Robin’s baby. He also tries to smooth things over with her by giving her flowers. Luke wants to win Tracy back by investigating the hit-and-run, proving Monica was responsible, and holding it over her head. Maxie finally opens the Valentine’s Day gift Coop left for her.

Can Jason and Spinelli have a spin-off? They could call it The Jason and Jackal Show.

Must we go through another Kristina-is-traumatized storyline?

For someone who’s supposed to be a queen of fashion, Kate has weird taste. That giant flower on her jacket has been bugging me for two days now.

Ha, I love it that Robin figured out Carly was pregnant in two seconds.

February 15th, 2008

Against Maxie’s wishes, Spinelli warns Lulu that Logan might be the killer. She sneaks into his apartment and finds mechanical stuff, pills, and a ski mask. Ian tells Maxie that the pill found in Coop’s room is an experimental drug given to soldiers that increases adrenaline and makes the user secrete a sweet smell. Sonny and Kate fight more, and then she goes to the docks to check out a space she wants (and which Carly also wants). Michael is also there with his gun, which accidentally goes off. Nikolas collapses and flashes back to Emily’s murder, telling Elizabeth there was definitely someone else in the room. Jason runs into Claudia again and brushes her off, leading her to go back to Sonny’s office for a good time. After some research, Spinelli finds a picture of Claudia and tells Jason who she is. Sam thinks Jason knows more about the hit-and-run than he’s led on, and she tells Elizabeth she might fill Lucky in. Carly and Jax search Michael’s room for drugs. Kristina is traumatized (again).

Are they going to finish up two plots (the text message killer and Emily’s murder - which, granted, could be connected) at once? That might be nice.

So why wouldn’t Spinelli tell Lulu that Logan might be the killer, even if Maxie said not to? She’s his friend and she might be dating a serial killer. Why would you keep quiet about that?

I’m guessing they’ve put the pills into the storyline so that they can just blame Logan’s behavior on them, and once he’s clean, he can stick around.

Whoever killed Emily is apparently kind of dumb - why would you kill a woman and knock out her boyfriend without finishing him off? Yeah, it turned out that he didn’t remember what happened, but why take the chance that he saw you and could ID you? (Unless he was wearing a mask, in which case, never mind, I’ll shut up.)

Oh, shut up, Sam. You can only be the martyr for so long.

February 18th, 2008

Carly and Kate both pass out, but Kate’s the one with the gunshot wound. Michael freaks out, ditches the gun, and stows away on a cargo ship. After an hour of arguing with Claudia, throwing her out (making her ignore Kate upon coming across her and then break a mirror), and yelling at Jason more, Sonny finally comes across Kate. Lulu confronts Logan, who tells her that he was going to frame Johnny as the killer and become a mechanic (maybe not in that order). He also claims that Coop had his dog tags because he found them at the scene of Georgie’s death, but Logan left the scene before Georgie arrived. Lulu’s not falling for it, and even less so when Johnny shows up at Logan’s apartment, having learned of Maxie and Spinelli’s suspicions, and Logan grabs Lulu to shut her up. Nikolas has a seizure but Emily points out that he at least knows he didn’t kill her. Nadine tries to convince him that he does have the killer’s identity locked away somewhere, and asking Emily who killed her might yield the answer. Spinelli may be suspicious of Daniel now. He also totally has a crush on Maxie, who just thinks he hates her. Alexis blasts Jerry for not looking after Sam; his excuse is that he was helping Maxie bury Coop, who he admits was Three. Ian gives some stupid speech to Robin, Patrick, and Elizabeth about being good medical professionals, then acts weird around Jerry again. (DO YOU GET IT YET?)

Thanks for at least calling 911 for Kate, Michael! Jeez, what an idiot.

Yeah, Logan, basically keeping your girlfriend hostage while you tell her why you’re not a serial killer doesn’t really endear you to her.

Let’s just say it’s no coincidence that “Ian” and “irony” start with the same letter.

Just wondering - why is Nadine still wearing the duck?

February 19th, 2008

Sonny freaks out over Kate’s condition, immediately suspecting the Zaccharas and attacking Johnny. Lulu knocks Logan out with a wrench and tells Johnny that Logan was going to frame him. Scott admits to the two of them and Lucky that he suspected Logan might be the killer. Alexis pushes Jerry away, so he calls Ric to fill him in on Kristina’s condition. As Ric rushes off to return home, Marianna sees that he’s left the deed behind, but instead of burning it, she makes sure he gets it back. Once he’s gone, her cook (?) threatens her. Emily tries to help Nikolas remember who killed her, or something like that, but all it does is make her disappear. Ian tells Nikolas that if he promises to keep quiet, they can try an experimental drug treatment.

Okay, Kali Rodriguez is creepy when she stares at nothing.

Once again Ian brings the irony, mocking Robin for trying drug protocols and then offering Nikolas one.

Hi, Bobbie! ‘Bye, Bobbie!

I feel sorry for Wendy Braun (Iris) - every time she enters a scene, everyone has to glare at her.

February 20th, 2008

Sonny takes his anger out on Johnny, Jax (who wants to call Kate’s parents), and Trevor, the latter of whom he pulls a gun on. Claudia and Maxie both debate killing people (Zacchara for Claudia, Logan for Maxie). Ric returns in time to save Marianna from the cook (Randy), and she tells him that Randy helped her get into the country but hasn’t been very nice to her since then. Ric promises to help her out, which probably means he’ll marry her so she can get her green card. Thanks to someone on GH’s staff, Luke and Tracy get the clothes and flask Monica trashed the night of the hit-and-run. Lulu and Johnny will commence making out in 3…2…

Sonny’s sad. We get it.

Seriously, another music montage? I’m right about them doing those so they don’t have to write dialogue, aren’t I?

I love how Mac is all surprised that Maxie made Spinelli help her find out who the killer is. Um, he’s met her, right?

For a supposedly illegal immigrant somewhat new to America, Marianna sure speaks English well...and without an accent...just saying, they might have thought that through a little more.

February 21st, 2008

Kate makes it through surgery and regains consciousness but can’t tell Sonny who shot her. Carly tells Jason she’s pregnant, then discovers that Michael is missing. Maxie can’t bring herself to kill Logan. Nikolas learns from Sam that Logan is supposedly the killer, but when he asks Emily if it’s true, she can’t answer him. Johnny and Lulu are definitely treating the Haunted Star like their own personal sex lounge. Claudia and Zacchara make a pact to get rid of Trevor. Nikolas tells Sam that he investigated the damage to his car and learned that he wasn’t the one who hit her.

If the rumors I’ve heard about the text message killer are true - and I really have no idea either way - he will be revealed tomorrow, and it’s no one probably anyone has predicted. It’s also really, really stupid and makes no sense and I don’t know why they picked this person. But whatever. More on that tomorrow.

Awww, Kate, I feel you. I fall asleep when Sonny talks, too.

Isn’t Michael supposed to have a bodyguard with him at all times anyway? See, if he did, then he wouldn’t do stupid stuff.

I ran up the Johnny/Lulu scenes, but did he play the same song he always plays on the piano? I think it’s the only song he knows.

February 22nd, 2008

The killer waits for Sam at home, goes in for the kill, and finally removes his mask. It’s Diego. Carly stresses out over Michael’s disappearance, and Jax blasts her for going along with Jason’s plans instead of calling the police. Michael finally calls home but doesn’t say anything. Sonny thinks Michael’s disappearance is connected to Kate’s shooting and goes after Johnny, who’s spent the whole day with Lulu discussing things I didn’t listen to. Jerry tells Jason that someone has been making withdrawals from Alcazar’s accounts. Ric brings Marianna to his house, where Trevor finds them together. Kate inexplicably tells Alexis, “I’m glad you’re okay.” Logan falls into a coma.

See? Told you it was dumb. Dear Garin Wolf: Diego wouldn’t have killed Georgie. They were friends. She almost had an affair with him. Pay attention to history, please.

Speaking of Alcazars, it’s ironic that Diego (obviously) has been making withdrawals from his holdings when Jerry faked withdrawals from his holdings to make it look like he was still alive.

Who cares if Logan’s in a coma? I mean, seriously, anyone?

Wow, Sonny’s hair is unbelievable right now.

Back in town: Ric Lansing
Hospitalized: Logan Hayes, Kate Howard
Left town: Michael Corinthos
Resurrected: Diego Alcazar

February 24th, 2008

This week: uh, apparently everyone’s life is in danger. Though I’m not sure how that’s different from every other week.

February 25th, 2008

As Emily tells Nikolas that Logan didn’t kill her, Diego starts in on the “the killer always talks too much” thing by explaining to Sam that Alcazar knew he was alive and kidnapped a surgeon to save him, then stashed him in South America. The last contact they had before Alcazar’s death was a text message stating, “I’m coming for you,” which is why Diego chose to warn his victims with text messages. He also planned to kill Carly first but had to kill Leticia because she saw him. Diego is about to take Sam somewhere when Maxie arrives. Claudia shows up before Sonny can try to shoot Johnny again, and they hold guns on each other, then make out, but only so Sonny can knock Claudia’s gun away. Jason tells him about Jerry’s news that money is being withdrawn from Alcazar’s accounts, but Sonny doesn’t care, because he just wants to kidnap Johnny. Jason goes to Carly instead, wanting to know if she ever thought Alcazar might be alive, but she ruins it by having some sort of pain. Apparently Kate actually said, “Olivia, I’m glad you’re okay” on Friday, and of course, she won’t tell Alexis who Olivia is. Trevor figures out that Marianna is in love with Ric and taunts that he’ll turn her in to Immigration. Nikolas tries to convince Lulu that she’s not like Laura just because they both knocked out and killed/almost killed men. Carly talks to Michael only for a minute before he gets caught and runs off. Spinelli wonders why Maxie still wants to hang around him when they’ve supposedly figured out who killed Georgie.

I should be enjoying Sam’s possible death, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be carried to fruition, so it’s just leaving me kind of cold, to quote Oz. And I guess Diego’s going with “because she saw me” as his motive for the three murders? Which I think officially makes him the world’s worst serial killer, as his three victims were all basically accidents and his intended victims are all still alive. Oh, and he wanted to kill Carly because she “trapped” his father in a marriage? He really has an unhealthy view of women, doesn’t he? Which...explains everything, actually.

Drowsy Kate should have enunciated more because I didn’t hear her call Alexis “Olivia.” Also, if Kate and Sonny have a kid together who she never told him about, I will scream. I promise.

I’m still not a huge fan (yet - never say never), but I loved that Johnny greeted his abductors with, “Nice to meet you.” Hee!

Yeah, I can see why Trevor’s a lawyer - he really knows how to uncover clues. Like how Marianna is in love with Ric. Dude, even Molly knew that, and she’s two!

February 26th, 2008

Diego gets distracted by Maxie, who’s on the phone, and Sam takes advantage of the situation to go after a vase to hit him with. It doesn’t work and Maxie leaves anyway. Diego then takes Sam to his lair, where he has a bomb. Robin and Patrick fight, and then he helps Joe get a job and gets Angie admitted to GH, and then he tries to ask Robin if he’s the baby’s father, but she leaves. Claudia visits Kate, who then goes into distress from a collapsed lung. Scott finds out that Logan had an alibi for the night Sam was attacked, so he’s off the hook for being the text message killer (though it doesn’t mean he’s not still in a coma). Carly thinks Alcazar has Michael.

Okay. What? Patrick convinced Mac to let Joe out on bail - because he’s not a flight risk (which actually would never be Mac’s decision; it would be a judge’s) - and return to the scene of the crime? And then he got a job, even though he’s about to go on trial for threatening to kill people? Wow, the PCPD really IS a joke! (And Garin Wolf is really, really bugging me with the sloppy writing.)

Congratulations, Garin Wolf - you had at least three completely pointless threads today! (Elizabeth/Epiphany, which I ran up; Mike/random woman, who I completely don’t care about; and Alexis/Kristina/Ric/Marianna, which wasn’t even saved by the presence of Alexis and Kristina.) Is that a new record?

Am I the only one who thought Lucky was a huge jerk when he taunted Spinelli by saying that Maxie is the sister who’s still alive? Shut up, Lucky.

Also, am I the only one who cheers whenever Nadine shows up? I don’t know why, but she’s really grown on me. Probably because she just hasn’t done anything really annoying yet.

February 27th, 2008

Diego talks some more, telling Sam he wanted to kill Maxie because she sent him to jail, Emily because he wanted revenge on Jason, and Coop because he’d discovered his lair, thinking Alcazar was the killer. He leaves Sam in the lair, and she manages to try to escape through a vent, but she winds up right back in the lair. Diego then heads to the her apartment to…make it look like she left town, I guess, and comes masked face-to-face with Elizabeth. Maxie and Spinelli have 12 hours to turn over their text-message-killer research to Mac, so she suggests they use the time to keep investigating. She finds writing (TMK - DRN17) on the wrapping paper of the Valentine’s gift Coop gave her and wonders if it’s a clue. Claudia offers Jason a deal - she’ll help him and Sonny get rid of Trevor if they give Johnny back. Sonny won’t participate and refuses to tell Jason where Johnny is, since he thinks Jason is being too nice to him. And then he has Trevor beaten up a little, just for the heck of it. Nadine finds Nikolas passed out in an alley and he tells her he needs to take Emily to Wyndemere. They return to the ballroom and reenact her death, allowing Nikolas to finally see that Diego killed her. The month of product placement and heart PSAs leads to a party at Kelly’s featuring women in a group that promotes heart health. Leo and Cassius (who finally gets some backstory - he and his mom were Katrina evacuees and she died of a heart attack) take Epiphany to the party, but she doesn’t want to stay until Monica guilts her into it.

So it looks like tomorrow is going to add Diego to his growing collection of women. And he wants to go after Carly. He’s trying to kill my three least favorite characters, and I’m still not caring. Because this show HATES WOMEN. Seriously. They’re only good for having babies and being raped (and I’m actually surprised no one on this show has had a baby after being raped).

So Ian told Elizabeth that Nikolas had gone AWOL, with Lulu and Lucky standing two feet away, and she didn’t say anything to them about it? Great friend, there.

Coop thought Alcazar was still alive AND the killer, and didn’t say anything?? Idiot.

I find it kind of funny that Sam still thinks Jason’s going to save her. Honey, the only person who will even notice you’re missing is Alexis, and she obviously...well, hasn’t. So...sorry. Ironically, Sam is the one person no one will look for, while Elizabeth is the one person EVERYONE will look for, so if you average it out, about half the people in town will be looking for Elizabeth, and they’ll find Sam as well. But one of those people will be Jason, so, actually...Sam’s right! Way to go, Sam!

February 28th, 2008

Diego grabs Elizabeth, knocks her out, and handcuffs her in his car, where he’s already stashed Sam in the trunk. Max arrives and spots him and Elizabeth, but Diego gets away after a shootout and hitting Max with his car. Just as Nikolas tells Jason that Diego killed Emily, Max tells Jason what’s going on and Jason finally might find Sam’s phone under the couch. Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes Diego crash the car half on/half off a bridge. Spinelli discovers that Coop’s clue may lead to the sewer system, which is exactly where he and Maxie go. Lulu yells at Spinelli and Maxie for making her think Logan was the killer, then goes looking for Johnny but meets Claudia instead. Robin, Patrick, Ian, and Kelly try to help Angie and the baby, but it doesn’t sound like things turn out too well. Mike yells at Sonny a little and tells him to work on forgiveness. Michael camps out with some random woman while Jax wonders if his disappearance isn’t related to Sonny. Jason finally looks through Michael’s backpack and finds gun oil.

Elizabeth did something right! They say that if you’re kidnapped and put in a car, you’re supposed to try to make the driver crash, and that’s what she did! Too bad it was A) on a bridge over (troubled?) water and B) she's handcuffed inside.

I love how Jason tried to talk Nikolas out of teaming up with him to find Diego, but he didn’t say anything about Nadine coming along. Because even he knows Nadine rocks.

I don’t want them to be a couple or anything, but I love Maxie and Spinelli together. I also love the way Jason treats Maxie like she’s an annoying kid sister. Awww, I think he just misses his own annoying kid sister.

Someone please remind me again why I’m supposed to care about Joe and Angie? I’ve completely forgotten. Actually, I’m not sure I ever knew in the first place.

Why did it take so long for anyone to look through Michael’s backpack?? Dear Garin Wolf (who is motivating me to start POG, Please Oust Garin), Jason is smarter than anyone in town (except maybe Alexis - though she likes Jerry, so her judgment is a little iffy these days). He would have looked through the backpack already. Also, why did he send Max to Sam’s apartment after he found gun oil in Michael’s backpack? WHATEVER. I can’t wait until the other writers come back.

February 29th, 2008

Elizabeth regains consciousness and uncuffs herself, then tries to get out of the car. Before she can, she hears Sam in the trunk and tries to free her, but can’t before Diego grabs her. Jason figures out that Diego took them to the bridge where he dumped Alcazar’s body. Lucky shows up at the bridge but gets shot by Diego for his troubles. And then Jason shows up and…does nothing, so far. Sonny and Kate are back together, but who knows for how long after Claudia tells Kate she and Sonny slept together. Jerry shows up at Alexis’ office with a gunshot wound and she figures out that he’s after the deed and wants to know where Ric (who left town again for some reason) is. Jerry tells winged guy that they need to cement their alliance with the Zaccharas immediately, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the deed. Angie dies but the baby lives. It’s really just an excuse for Robin to hold a baby, leading Patrick to announce that he’s figure out he’s the baby’s father and her to confirm it. Spinelli and Maxie are trapped in the sewer system Diego used to move around underground (and which leads underneath Alcazar’s property). Johnny…composes music on the wall? I don’t know.

That wasn’t a cliffhanger!!! A cliffhanger is A) the car going over the bridge or B) Lucky getting shot. Someone please make Garin Wolf STOP!

Raise your hand if you didn’t see Claudia’s revelation to Kate coming from a mile away. Not put your hands down because I know you’re lying.

Can we have the revelation of winged guy already, please? (Sorry. Just impatient because I already know who it is.)

If they were trapped anywhere else, I would guess Spinelli and Maxie would engage in some making out and/or sex, but considering the accommodations...probably not right now.

Born: Patricia (?) Smith
Dead: Angie Smith
Injured: Lucky Spencer
Kidnapped: Sam McCall, Elizabeth Webber, Johnny Zacchara

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