General Hospital blog - February, 2009

February 2nd, 2009

Sam wonders if Bragg might have had coconspirators, so she and Jason head to the OR to make sure everything's the same as it was when Patrick left. It's not - one of the spheres is gone. Claudia tries to tell Sonny something about Zacchara but isn't able to. Zacchara decides to punish her for not warning him that Ric is a traitor. Matt blames himself for the exposure, so Patrick tries to convince him that it's not his fault. Leyla tells Patrick that she's genuinely happy for him and Robin, then takes a turn for the worst. Jax aborts his trip to Hong Kong and returns just minutes too late to get into the hospital. He and Carly manage to stay in touch anyway. Luke and Ethan play cards and Luke offers Ethan a job. Ethan declines, so Luke warns him never to try to play his customers. Maxie and Johnny are drinking all the beer in the world and being really boring. Seriously, do you not get that Lucky and Elizabeth are getting back together?

It's pretty bad that Sonny seems more concerned about Claudia than Kate. Also, is anyone else kind of disappointed that he and Carly didn't make out at all? That's usually what they do when they're stuck together during a crisis.

Random question - were Mac and Lucky in a fishing cabin or something? What a weird office.

Jax's magical jet only takes two hours to fly halfway to Hong Kong! He should make more - he'd make a fortune.

Go be pretty somewhere else, Ethan.

February 3rd, 2009

Zacchara tries to kill Claudia by shutting off her oxygen (not realizing that that wouldn't actually do anything), but Sonny stops him. Later, Zacchara gets another minute alone with Claudia and decides to smother her. Before he can, Trevor interrupts (admitting that he faked being sick to get out of the boardroom) and sees that Zacchara can walk. Zacchara also lets it slip that he's the one who shot Kate. Claudia wakes up and secretly summons help, which comes in the form of Nadine. Nadine gets rid of Zacchara and Trevor, leaving Claudia alone so that when Sonny returns, she can finally tell him that Zacchara isn't paralyzed and tried to kill Kate. Kate sends Olivia after the DVD, but it's already been taken away in preparation for burning (and not that kind of burning). Robin realizes that Emma is sick and heads off to GH with her. Ethan thinks he's Luke, Jr. Lulu is worried about Johnny, which she should be, since he's now making out with Maxie. Leyla dies and Patrick has to tell her fiancé. Nikolas sees Rebecca again.

Yay, finally, someone told Sonny something! If only Kate would shut up about the DVD and just tell Olivia what's on it already. Also, Trevor, watch your back. I'm predicting he won't make it through the week.

'Bye, Leyla! were pretty. Sorry, that's all I got.

Rebecca's really enjoying herself, isn't she?

For the love of - shut up, Ethan!

February 4th, 2009

Jason is unable to figure out who could have taken the sphere, so he moves on to crowd control. He and Sam try to stop a stir-crazy guy from breaking out of the hospital, warning him that the police outside will shoot him on sight. He grabs Jason and holds him at gunpoint, so Sam pulls out her own gun and threatens him. Jason tells her to shoot the guy, but a combination of nerves and horrible marksmanship cause her to shoot Jason in the arm instead. Robin has car trouble and gets lost, so she has to trudge through the snow with Emma. Monica confronts Jason, asking if he has anything to do with the biotoxin, and he tells her that not only does it have nothing to do with him, but he's working with the FBI to help people. Lulu is still worried about Johnny, who manages to practice some self-control and not do any more than make out with Maxie. Tracy is...sick? Dying? Finally going to shut up? Seriously, people, Lucky and Elizabeth are as good as remarried. Jax and Alexis try to be helpful, I think?

That last scene with Sam and Jason was AWESOME. She told you she couldn't make the shot, dude! His "you shot me" was so unintentionally hilarious. Like a gunshot wound isn't like a paper cut to him anyway.

So is Patrick the only healthy doctor left in the hospital? That's probably not good.

Did Lulu say it was nice of Spinelli to answer the phone? Her standards are really low, aren't they?

That poor baby playing Emma. She's going to lose her voice if they let her cry like that any more.

February 5th, 2009

Off of Claudia's tip, Sonny is able to piece together Zacchara's entire plan regarding him and Jason. As he heads off to kill Zacchara, Claudia asks Carly to give him an alibi. Sonny confronts Zacchara, who tries to convince him that Claudia's lying. Jason interrupts and tells Sonny that he needs Zacchara to stay alive. Zacchara figures out why, and while Sonny and Jason are distracted, he runs off. Spinelli thinks that Equinox wants the spheres but won't do anything to help the toxin victims, so he tries to convince Patrick not to let in the Feds (led by Winifred) Rayner has sent over to collect the spheres. It doesn't work. Rayner admits to Patrick that he only knows as much about the toxin as everyone else does. Patrick cooperates with Winifred and the Feds, then asks Rayner to find Robin in exchange. Instead, she's found by Maxie and Johnny, but she has no idea where Emma is. Tracy is either suffering a delayed reaction to the toxin or it's circulating around the hospital. Carly tries to comfort Edward, who actually has a nice moment with his daughter. Jason whines hilariously about his gunshot wound. Natalia Livingston continues to get paid to do nothing.

Claudia should be Sonny's alibi instead of Carly, since she can't testify against him. Also, she should have told him that Ric knows Zacchara's been faking the paralysis (and that he was actually the first person to discover that he shot Kate), since Ric can back up her story.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...more Jason and Sam! Ug, I hate myself now.

Awww, Carly can be nice when she wants to be.

I think they should have Monica see Rebecca and tell people she saw Emily, but everyone thinks she's delirious. Heck, I just think Monica should have something to do, no matter what it is.

February 6th, 2009

Jason pursues Sonny, who's pursuing Zacchara, knowing that if Zacchara dies, he has nothing left to trade for Spinelli's freedom. Trevor finds Zacchara in the chapel and promises to distract Sonny so Zacchara can escape. As soon as he finds Sonny, he tells him where Zacchara is, then goes to boast to Claudia that he's played the game perfectly, predicting that in the end, only he and Johnny will survive. His insurance policy happens to be the missing sphere, which he plans to trade for immunity and a ticket back to Manhattan. Sonny confronts Zacchara in the chapel but Jason arrives before anyone can be killed. Jason pleads with Sonny to let Zacchara live, asking for mercy for Spinelli. Sonny relents but isn't happy about it. Spinelli and Winifred face off over the remaining spheres, with Winifred finally convincing Spinelli to trust her and let her turn them over to Equinox. Spinelli seems to have inherited Jason's Spidey sense, as he foresees an explosion and tries to save Winifred from it. Maxie and Johnny find Emma unharmed and head to GH with her and an increasingly strange-acting Robin. Robin manages to reach Patrick on the phone, but he's still not sure if Emma's okay. When the four reach the hospital, Jax tells them that they can't go in. Ethan tells Luke that he was adopted, his adoptive parents died when he was a teenager, and he supported himself by gambling and conning people. Somewhere along the way he met Holly, who pointed him in Luke's direction when he wanted to learn something or another. Carly goes looking for Sonny in Kate's room, and Kate tells her that she actually hopes he kills Zacchara, since then he'll be free of Claudia and can come back to her. Nikolas continues his search for Rebecca, finally coming face-to-face with her. Ric confronts Claudia for spilling his secrets to Sonny.

Finally, a good cliffhanger! Though I spent the whole episode thinking it would be Trevor's last, and that didn't pay off. I love those montages where they cut back and forth between different scenes and you can't figure out what's going to happen. Also, it wouldn't be February if things weren't going splodey.

So did Jason tell Sonny about his deal with the FBI? It sure seems like Sonny knows about it, especially since Jason very pointedly said that Sonny knows why he needs Zacchara to stay alive. I've been saying this whole time that the two of them should team up and take down Zacchara. Maybe they finally listened to me for once!

I wish Carly would be like this all the time - somewhat helpful, non-whiney, and even a little funny. "If I see Emily's ghost, I'll let you know" made me laugh out loud.

I swear, if Ethan turns out to be Holly and Luke's son, I'm going to scream bloody murder.

Dead: Leyla Mir
Injured: Jason Morgan
Sick (updated): Kate Howard, Matt Hunter, Trevor Lansing, Monica Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Elizabeth Webber, Claudia Zacchara

February 8th, 2009


February 9th, 2009

The east wing of the hospital goes up in flames, so everyone starts evacuating patients to either the west wing or Mercy Hospital. Sonny leaves Zacchara with Jason, who ties him to a bed, planning to come back and get him if the fire gets too close. For some strange reason, Carly totally lets Trevor leave, then tells Sonny that he has the sphere. Trevor comes across Zacchara and gleefully taunts that he's going to die. Sonny runs into Trevor twice, both times planning to kill him, sphere or no sphere. He doesn't get a chance to shoot before he's knocked out by a blast from exploding oxygen tanks. Robin and Jax break into the hospital to help with the evacuations and look for Carly, respectively. Robin sends Emma to Mercy with Maxie and Johnny, the latter of whom invokes his last name to get Emma seen quickly. Unfortunately, Emma has pneumonia. Nikolas and Rebecca are separated by the explosion, but she winds up checking on Elizabeth, who's unable to tell Nikolas who she saw. Rebecca wanders into the flamey part of the hospital and gets knocked out by falling debris. Ethan has a picture of either Luke and Laura or Luke and Holly. Kate cares more about the DVD than about getting away from the fire.

I like the idea that Spinelli and Winifred's brains might trump everyone else's brawns to save the day. Rock on, nerds!

Bravo, whoever was in charge of securing all of the items removed from the boardroom. Not only did you place items exposed to a biotoxin in an unsecured garbage bag, you placed said bag in an easily accessible closet apparently without any kind of indication that it contains possibly hazardous materials. Dear Monica, once you're well, please fire whoever is to blame for that. (Oh, but give the DVD back to Kate first.)

I'd like some holes filled in here: why did Carly let Trevor leave Claudia's room? Why did Sonny let him leave that first time? Is Jax only going to look for Carly, or is he going to actually be helpful? Now that Claire Coffee's run is apparently officially over, is anyone going to ask where Nadine is?

Oh, Johnny. If you want to be emo, you have to wear your hair differently.

Get used to people staring at you in shock, Rebecca. Also, forgive me if I instinctively throw things at you. You kind of look like someone I used to hate.

February 10th, 2009

Claudia overhears Kate talking to Olivia about the DVD, and Kate lets her know that she knows exactly what's on it. Claudia sends Kate, Olivia, and Carly off with Sonny so she can grab the DVD, but she keeps getting interrupted and still might not have it. Kate thinks Sonny still loves her, but Claudia thinks he'll save her over Kate. Both might be right, but Claudia wins this round. Jason and Sam determine that the hospital needs to be evacuated via rooftop, but Mac nixes the idea because of high winds. Jax volunteers to fly his own helicopter up to the roof, and though he's able to get up there, he can't land and might crash. Nadine overhears Nikolas telling Monica how much he loves Emily. Meanwhile, Jason finds Rebecca and rescues her, freaking out about her resemblance to Emily. Sam, Monica, and Edward also freak out for the same reason. At least now Nikolas knows that he's not crazy, since Jason tells him that he saw Emily's doppelganger, too. Epiphany forces Lucky and Jax to help patients instead of looking for Elizabeth and Carly. Ultimately, Lucky finally does find Elizabeth, so maybe now he'll shut up.

Do you unbelievers see now why I love Steve Burton so much? That scene with him and Natalia Livingston was terrific. Yes, even though Natalia Livingston was in it.

If Carly could just stay this way all the time, I could start to like her. I loved her amusement over Olivia yelling at Kate. And not just because I was so amused, too.

The good news is that Nadine isn't gone after all. The bad news is that now she's available to be killed off. Darn it! Unfair trade!

Ha, I loved Epiphany guilting Jax and Lucky into actually helping instead of just looking for Carly and Elizabeth.

February 11th, 2009

Mac and Alexis hear a report that Jax's helicopter is coming down, then hear a big boom. Jax survives without a scratch and wants to fly again. Thanks to an interruption in Spinelli and Winifred's Internet connection, Carly is unaware that Jax is okay and sneaks off to leave the hospital via the ground floor. Mac agrees to let Jax try to fly again, but Alexis pulls rank and forbids him from going until he guilts her into changing her mind. This time he's successful. Claudia has the DVD, but she drops it and Kate spots it. She asks Olivia to grab it but still won't tell her why. Olivia gets the DVD, then tosses it into the fire. Jason goes back to get Zacchara, but he's not there. Nikolas, Sam, Monica, and Edward spend way too much time trying to figure out if Rebecca and Emily could be related instead of worrying about getting out of the burning building. Monica and Edward tell Nikolas to save Rebecca, who isn't sure why he's so concerned about her. He doesn't seem able to tell her who Emily was to him. Maxie and Johnny pretend to be Emma's parents, which puts them in charge of her medical treatment until Maxie decides she can't handle the pressure. Johnny heads off to find Robin, who doesn't seem too excited about having to go to Mercy. Luke finds it suspicious that Ethan, an Australian, knows Holly, who used to be married to Robert, another Australian. The two of them are held up but work together to defeat their would-be robber, who turns out to be the sheriff. Even Sam gets that Elizabeth and Lucky are totally getting back together.

Why are they, like, not finishing scenes? I mean, at the end of one scene, Sonny has Trevor cornered, and then at the beginning of the scene, Trevor's gone. Then Rebecca is with Monica, Edward, and Sam, and in the next scene, she's disappeared. Whatever happened to segues? Also, why is everyone running around alone instead of waiting to hear what's going to happen? Rebecca's lucky they don't just leave her instead of going after her. Also also, where's Ric? Pretend I care.

Olivia, would you mind yelling at Kate again? She obviously didn't get the message the first time.

I hope people can't pass the biotoxin through kissing, or Lucky's in a lot of trouble.

Okay, Alexis and Jax have ten times the chemistry of Jax and Carly. Take a note, writers.

February 12th, 2009

Claudia tries to head downstairs by herself but runs into Trevor, who taunts that she's going to die one way or another. They fight over the sphere and he shoves her down the stairs and heads for the roof. On his way, he runs into Ric and tells him that he should just accept that Sonny was their mother's favorite. Jason finds Claudia, who doesn't think he'll help her. Amazingly, she's wrong. Trevor finds Kate and she refuses to let him help her. She also thinks he's crazy once she finds out he has the missing sphere. Sam spots them and chases Trevor up to the roof, where he threatens to drop the sphere over the side. Maxie is torn between staying with Robin and going to the hospital to help Spinelli. Robin makes the decision for her, sending her after Patrick. Robin also seems to have magical healing powers, as Emma starts to get better. Spinelli leaves his computer behind to go check out a closet where he can get Internet access. He winds up getting locked in the closet, and Patrick finds his computer but no sign of him. Rebecca won't tell Nikolas anything about her family so he can figure out if she was related to Emily. Nikolas doesn't want to leave the hospital with Rebecca, so Sam helps him look for her. Nikolas finds her back in the flamey part of the hospital and has to save her from debris again. Luke and Ethan are even more boring in jail.

Turns out the PCFD is even more incompetent than the PCPD. They're just now showing up? Nice to know they're around in case of an emergency.

The signs that Trevor's days are numbered are so prevalent, they might as well just tattoo "GOING TO DIE SOON" on his forehead.

Geez, Rebecca, what are you, two? Just leave her there, Nikolas. Also, FIRE BAD! Stay away from it, Rebecca!

Is it wrong that I laughed when Olivia totally ditched Kate? Eh, like I care. Rock on, Olivia!

February 13th, 2009

Sam tries to reason with Trevor, who wants to drop the sphere over the edge and blame it on whichever other mobster winds up dead. He starts to throw it and she makes a grab for it, sending them both over the edge of the roof. Trevor is killed but Sam manages to grab onto the ledge. Jason comes up to find her and doesn't see her, so he starts to leave. He hears a noise and takes a look around, finding her gun. He finally realizes that she's hanging on to the ledge and rescues both her and the sphere. Claudia tries to make Kate think she's delusional and imagined everything on the DVD. Sonny and Carly make it out of the hospital and Carly reunites with Jax. Maxie goes looking for Spinelli, and Johnny goes looking for Maxie. Nikolas and Rebecca save each other's lives. Patrick vows to rebuild the hospital. Rayner makes him stay behind for questioning about the whole situation. Alexis vows to be a better mother to Sam when she makes it out of the hospital.

Once again, Jason is the hero! I'm guessing now he and Sam will realize how much they love each other, etc., etc., cue the kissing.

Adios, Trevor, you crazy freak.

Rebecca is still an idiot, and annoying on and off, but I loved her reaction to everyone staring at her - "yeah, yeah, I know who I look like." That cracked me up.

Poor Nadine. I think she's just going to wind up going back to Ohio to avoid the Nikolas situation. I really will miss her.

Dead: Trevor Lansing
MIA: Anthony Zacchara
Rescued: everyone except Maxie Jones, Trevor Lansing, Damien Spinelli, and Johnny Zacchara
Sick: Emma Drake

February 14th, 2009

Next week: Sam and Jason aren't quite done being heroes, Kate wants revenge on Sonny and Claudia, Rebecca really doesn't like Nikolas, and Jason and Sonny finally do what I've been telling them to do - work together.

February 16th, 2009

Jason and Sam destroy the last sphere and look for Spinelli. Kate still won't tell Sonny about the shooting, but she wants Claudia to know that she's going to eventually. Claudia might get the job done for her. Rayner threatens to send Sonny to prison if Zacchara is inaccessible. Nikolas is determined to keep Rebecca close, but she's really not interested. Lulu heads back to the hospital to look for Johnny, who rescues Maxie and celebrates with her. Robin seems to be getting better. Luke...something something with Ethan.

I don't buy Jason being that steamrolled by a gunshot wound in the arm. He's gotten through much worse. Whatever, it's just an excuse for him and Sam to be in the hospital for another entire episode. Also, I hope Sam never finds out that Alexis told Jax not to fly back to get her. Ouch.

So...that's it for the poison? All the spheres have been destroyed, and the sick people don't even seem to be sick anymore. Nice plotline, guys. Why didn't they just set fire to the hospital and go from there?

Kate should probably get the hint, since Sonny has barely even looked at her in a week. Boo-hoo. Man, I hate her so much now.

Congratulations, Ethan - I think this is the fastest a character has ever gone from first appearance to instinctive fast-forwarding.

February 17th, 2009

Claudia keeps getting interrupted before she can tell Sonny anything. She tells Johnny what Kate knows and says she thinks she can convince Sonny to take her word over Kate's. Sonny, however, tells her that his business arrangement with Zacchara is over, so he may be seeking a divorce. Jason and Sam continue to search for Spinelli, who is hiding out in an air duct. He makes it to a room and believes he's on his way to safety, but he's actually in a room containing oxygen tanks, which explode. Robin and Emma are both completely cured and get to go home. Maxie blasts Winifred for leaving Spinelli behind. Elizabeth chats with Rebecca and tells Nikolas to go easy on her. He stalks her anyway. Things are a little tense between Lulu and Johnny.

Why is everyone so sure that Zacchara will go to prison when he's found? The only thing they have on him is that he shot Kate, but they don't have any proof.

Nikolas? The reason Rebecca thinks you're a stalker is because you are a stalker. I know you're a Cassadine, but cut it out.

Hey, if Emma gets worse, Robin and Patrick can make a ton of money by suing Mercy, retire, and spend all their time together! Thanks, completely incompetent doctor!

Question: could Lulu be less useless than she is right now? I'm thinking no.

February 18th, 2009

It takes them the whole freaking episode, but Jason, Sam, and Spinelli all make it out of the hospital in one piece. Maxie's pretty much the only person who cares. Claudia doesn't want Sonny to divorce her, since she seems to think she'll still have some sort of power if they stay together. Kate asks Sonny if he would come back to her if he and Claudia split, and he tells her that despite not actually loving Claudia, he doesn't see any reason to leave her. Robin isn't so much cured after all. Rebecca tells Nikolas yet again to leave her alone. He asks Lucky for advice, and though Lucky tells him to back off, he then tries to question Rebecca himself. Johnny tells Claudia that he and Lulu are basically done.

Ha ha, I love seeing Kate miserable. Just leave town already.

Poor Sam and Jason. No one cares about them. Not even Alexis! "Trying to be a better mother" my foot.

Oh, Robin, you were doing so well! I can't take this storyline much longer.

Great, now Lucky's a stalker, too. I actually feel sorry for Rebecca.

February 19th, 2009

Kate goes looking for more DVDs, while Max and Milo accidentally find one themselves. Claudia also resumes the hunt, learning that one of the DVDs might be in Michael's bedroom. Maxie and Lulu deal with a Crimson crisis involving a dress. Rayner warns Sam that Spinelli is still in trouble. Winifred warns Spinelli of the same thing. Carly and Jax go at it like bunnies. Max bugs Diane about her diet and gets some product-placement dough. Lucky and Sam finally agree to call it quits for good.

I'd suggest drinking every time someone gives a product plug, but that would only result in alcohol poisoning. Which would at least be more interesting than anything that happened today.

February 20th, 2009

Winifred asks Jason to help her keep Spinelli out of prison, advising him to search hard for Zacchara. Jason finds an unlikely ally in Sonny, who wants to team up with both him and Claudia to get the job done. Sonny tells Kate to quit stopping by unannounced, spurring her on the path to revenge. Spinelli is given the job of deciding whether Johnny goes to a gala with Maxie or Lulu. He flips a coin and Maxie wins. Spinelli decides he wants to cause a disaster to shut the gala down, but ultimately he can't go through with it and can only mope with Lulu. Max and his complete lack of boundaries go to Carly and Jax for relationship advice. Nikolas stalks Rebecca some more, much to Nadine's chagrin, and promises to help her get a job if she'll talk to him for an hour. Jax is moving back home.

Anyone up for a Sonny/Claudia/Jason/Sam mega search party?

Hooray, I can go back to fast-forwarding every Jax/Carly scene without wondering if I'm missing anything!

I might be able to take Winifred a little more seriously if she didn't wear her hair in pigtails all the time.

Nadine, you should probably save yourself a lot of heartbreak and just go back to Ohio now. Not that I want you to go, of course, but then you'll be saved the horror of this stupid storyline.


Broke up: Sam McCall and Lucky Spencer
Not breaking up: Sonny Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara
Officially back together: Carly and Jax Jacks

February 21st, 2009

Next week: the hunt is on for Zacchara, Rebecca likes one brother more than the other, and Maxie has a bizarre dream.

February 23rd, 2009

Sonny and Jason easily decide that once Zacchara is taken care of, Sonny will take over the organization and Jason will go back to his original job. They get a tip on Zacchara's location and Jason enlists Sam to help him track Zacchara down. Claudia calls Kate's bluff, pointing out that if she were going to tell Sonny about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, she would have done it by now. Ric offers to help Sonny take over the organization again, asking for partnership in return. Sonny happily tells him that he won't be needed. Maxie enjoys herself at the gala but thinks everyone might have been happier if B.J. had lived instead of her. Spinelli disagrees and expresses his love for her, but she's already asleep and dreaming about coming across her own grave. Nikolas takes Rebecca to Wyndemere and tells her all about Emily. Once Rebecca sees a picture of her, she freaks out and takes off. Robin wants to get a nanny.

And just like that, the bromance returns - Sonny and Jason are back together. I think Jason is mostly glad that he won't have to make decisions anymore.

Speaking of Jason, why exactly does he need Sam's help to find Zacchara? So far she's proven completely useless. Yes, I know it's early, but still.

Oh, writers. Maxie wasn't four when she got her heart transplant. Some of us remember things like that.

If Rebecca's willing to go home alone with a creepy stranger, she's even dumber than I thought.

February 24th, 2009

Maxie dreams that she died while B.J. lived. As a result, B.J. is engaged to Matt (and is basically Emily), Max is an alcoholic, Robin is a mouse, Patrick is a jerky chief of staff, Carly married Tony then cheated on him with Patrick (who she's now cheating on), Johnny is Sonny, Spinelli is his Jackal, and Lulu is bitter. When Maxie wakes up, she decides that things are fine just the way they are.

That worked in theory, but not so much in practice. It could have been a lot better. I was really distracted by the logic (or lack thereof). I mean, Carly's a hussy because her sister didn't die? I don't get it. Also distracting: Kirsten Storms' wig.

February 25th, 2009

Sam and Jason find out Zacchara's location by telling a maid that he's Sam's father, paying the maid, and borrowing a uniform. They're too late to grab him, though, as he's already gone back to Port Charles after having found out that Claudia has tipped off Sonny to his secret bank accounts and had Spinelli freeze them. Rebecca meets Sonny and thinks he actually knew Emily better than anyone else. She also thinks Nikolas is really annoying but Lucky isn't. Bernie warns Sonny that their men are happy with Jason in charge and won't be thrilled to see Sonny take over. Kate wants Maxie and Johnny to go to a club opening together, offering Johnny money as an incentive. Jax and Carly need to get a room.

Once again I ask, why did Sam go with Jason? I mean other than so they can banter about her shooting him, which was, admittedly, funny. But he clearly doesn't care that much about her anymore, since he was willing to let her run in and get herself shot.

Hey, Kelly's is back! I can't believe no one mentioned it. Also, thanks for reminding me that Sonny and Emily had a...whatever that was they had. I'd almost forgotten. Time to bleach my brain again.

Apparently no one told Spinelli that Daddy and Daddy are back together.

The economy's horrible, Johnny - hold out for more money! Have you seen Kate's house? She can do a lot better than $1,000.

February 26th, 2009

Jason and Sam realize that Zacchara has left Florida and head back to Port Charles when they learn he's returned. Meanwhile, Zacchara takes Claudia hostage, moves her to Kate's house, and summons Sonny to pay $21 million for him to make a clean getaway. Bernie hesitates to follow Sonny's orders until Jason tells him Sonny's in charge again. Carly and Jax get angry when Sonny puts more guards on Morgan, and Carly tells Jax she'd understand if he wanted to get out now. Nikolas offers Rebecca a job at the clinic and Edward offers her a room at the Quartermaines', but she likes Lucky's offer of a job waiting tables and living at Kelly's better. She also seems to like Lucky himself better. Tracy visits Luke in jail and fills him in on everything he's missed. After an hour of boring stuff, she bails Ethan out and he repays her by robbing her.

Okay, let me see if I have this straight. Zacchara is taunting Claudia for believing that Sonny will come through with the money because he cares about her...when that's exactly what he's counting on. I mean, why would he take her hostage and try to get money from Sonny if he didn't think he would succeed? What other reason would Sonny have to give Zacchara money? The villains on this show need to think through their evil plots more.

Also, writers? Florida is not next to New York. No way would Jason and Sam have gotten back that quickly.

Oh, and no way would Rebecca settle for a job as a waitress in an economy like this one. And no way would Mike be dumb enough to hire her without any references or knowledge of her experience. And she likes Lucky more than Nikolas? Is she insane?

Someone PLEASE get Ethan off my TV.

February 27th, 2009

Even though Jason thinks it's a bad idea, Sonny wants to give Zacchara his money and save Claudia. He tells Jason that if it comes down to saving Claudia or saving Zacchara, he's going to save his wife, even if it means Spinelli goes to jail. When Sonny shows up with the money, Zacchara tells him he can either nab him or save Claudia, but not both, as Claudia's currently on some rooftop with a bomb strapped to her. Lulu and Spinelli both want Johnny to stop going to parties with Maxie, but he wants the money. When Spinelli learns that Johnny wants to own his own business, he tries to get Jason to agree to put up the money. The conversation is interrupted when Spinelli possibly gets interrupted. Tracy bails Luke and Ethan out of jail, taking a liking to the latter and offering him a job as a bartender on the Haunted Star. Olivia tries to convince Jax that Sonny will protect his kids no matter what.

I think Jason has the same attitude toward this plotline that I do - is Sonny really going to go for saving Claudia over ensuring that Spinelli stays out of jail? Especially when the only reason he's still married to her seems to be that he doesn't want to deal with the paperwork involved with getting a divorce?

Dear Olivia, I know I've asked this before, but since you insist on remaining on my TV, I must repeat myself: why are you still here?

Jason needs to start hanging up on people a lot sooner than he usually does. Shouldn't his Spidey sense help him with that?

Tracy, you're not helping. I want Ethan to go away, not stay.

February 28th, 2009

Next week: Tracy is suspicious of Rebecca, Nadine cuts her losses, and...Winifred and Spinelli go on the run? What?

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