General Hospital blog - February, 2010

February 1st, 2010

Sonny freaks out at the news that he's Dante's father and swears that he would never have hurt him if he'd known Dante was his son. He also quickly starts playing the father card. Sonny calls in Patrick and Robin to tend to Dante, telling them about their connection, and Robin isn't happy to learn that Patrick already knew. Lulu has a bad feeling about the Dante situation and tries to call him, but he's obviously not answering. She finally goes over to Sonny's house, where she sees the evidence of the shooting. Josslyn's mystery present is Franco's last DVD. Molly tries to nag Jason into proposing to Sam.

I found this episode a lot more hilarious than I expected. I don't know what was funnier: Epiphany's shocked reaction to the news that Sonny is Dante's father, her attempts to eavesdrop on Sonny and Olivia's conversation, Sonny waving her away, Morgan continuously asking to go to the party before Carly ate all the cake, Carly telling Molly to get all sugared up for Alexis, or the two random cops sitting down next to Sonny in unison.

How long till all hell breaks loose?

I'm pretty surprised that Sonny didn't call Jason immediately after the shooting, not only to tell him who Dante really is, but to tell him that they're going to need to cover up an attempted murder really quickly.

Are there a lot of moors in upstate New York, Molly?

February 2nd, 2010

As word quickly spreads about Dante's true identity and paternity, Olivia blames herself for his shooting, realizing that she could have bypassed the whole situation by telling him and Sonny the truth about their relationship. Johnny arrives and learns that Sonny is Dante's father, but instead of being mad at Olivia, he understands why she lied and promises that he's on her side. Lulu asks Jason if Sonny killed Dante, telling him that if it's true, she hopes Sonny and Jason burn in Hell. She then heads to the hospital and attacks Sonny. The reception of the Franco DVD is interrupted by Lulu's announcement of the shooting, so Jason goes to the hospital to deal with things. Sonny tells him that he's Dante's father and won't leave town to avoid arrest because he wants to be there for his son. Kristina rails against her father again, this time turning Morgan against him, since cops are good guys and Sonny shouldn't have tried to kill one. Mac brings Maxie to the PCPD to talk to her about Sonny's case, but the two of them and Rayner are interrupted when Ronnie arrives and announces that Dante is incommunicado. News soon comes that there was a shooting at Sonny's, and Rayner tells everyone that Dante is Sonny's son. Rayner heads to the scene of the crime but it looks like Max has already cleaned everything up. Michael heads to the hospital and learns from Jason that Dante is his brother. Before the news can really sink in, Ronnie shows up and finishes what Dante started, arresting Sonny for Claudia's murder. Patrick tries to get Steven to let him scrub in on Dante's surgery, but Steven refuses. While in surgery, Dante dreams of himself as a kid (though he's really Morgan), attacking Sonny for killing Mr. Poletti and getting himself shot.

I love sweeps.

You're suspiciously quiet, Jax. Is there anything you'd like to say?

Darn it, Michael finding out that Dante's his brother was nowhere near as satisfying as I'd hoped.

Hee, I love that Jason went home and changed before going to the hospital.

February 3rd, 2010

Carly assures Olivia that she's not mad about her lies, since she's been in the same position. Olivia asks Jax for a practical analysis of her decisions, and he tells her that Dante will most likely press charges, which means Sonny will be on the hook for both Claudia's murder and Dante's shooting. Lulu fills Luke in on the whole Dante situation, and he admits to Tracy that he's not sure their relationship is a good idea. Carly encourages Lulu to give Dante something to live for, so Lulu does, and her reward is Dante waking up and telling her that he dreamed Sonny told him he's his father. Michael and Morgan tell Kristina and Molly about their connection to Dante, which just makes Kristina madder, since Sonny not only killed his wife (supposedly), he also shot his own son. Michael finally blurts out to the other three that he killed Claudia. Sam goes undercover as a southern hooker to steal the gun Sonny used to shoot Dante. Jason asks Carly to convince Sonny to leave the country.

Maybe Olivia should stop focusing on her lies and worry about Dante's condition. One crisis at a time, people.

After all that worrying she did, pretty much no one is mad at Lulu for keeping Dante's secret. Play that sympathy card as long as you can, Lu.

I haven't done this in a while, but today's very-much-deserved MOTE goes to Kelly Monaco for her hilarious portrayal of Taffee the hooker loiterer. Honorable mention to Steve Burton for his delivery of, "You have no idea," after Diane told him the "redhead" wasn't his type.

Hey, I think Michael finally found a way to shut Kristina up!

February 4th, 2010

Lulu has to give Dante the news that his "dream" about Sonny being his father wasn't a dream. He confronts Olivia, who still has no apologies about the way she handled things. Ronnie takes her to the station for questioning as Lucky begins to interview Dante. Carly convinces Sonny to skip bail, even though it means he and Jason could lose all of their legitimate assets. Just as Jason is about to see Sonny off to Argentina, Sonny announces that he can't leave his kids. Jax finally comes clean to Carly. Ronnie figures out that Sam was the redhead at the PCPD and connects the dots to the disappearance of Sonny's gun. Too bad she's a step ahead and has already stashed it somewhere. Mac encourages Lucky not to let Elizabeth and Nikolas' affair ruin his life.

Despite the fact that they bring yet another secret-paternity storyline to the show, I love Olivia and Dante, I love the actors who play them, and I love that the show is using them so well.

Cue the Carly/Jax fireworks!

Sam appears to be the only person who's realized that Ronnie's a cop, too. I was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about it.

What's with the second Felicia reference in a month? She's not coming back, is she? (Please say no.)

February 5th, 2010

Dante tells Lucky that he was in Sonny's house alone and that he accidentally shot himself while hiding Sonny's gun. Since Olivia only tells Mac and Ronnie what she actually witnessed, there's no evidence that Sonny was responsible for the shooting. Dante tells Lulu that he wants Sonny to go to prison only for Claudia's murder; the shooting will be just between him and Sonny. Morgan stops by for a visit, and after Dante assures him that their friendship was genuine, he announces that he's glad Dante is his brother. Sonny arrives to see Dante for the first time since the shooting, and Dante's not happy about it. Carly lays into Jax for his lies, then takes Josslyn and Morgan to the penthouse, announcing to Jason that they're moving in. Michael also learns the truth about Jax's actions and is far from happy. Elizabeth flips out on a patient's mother, so Nikolas suspends her. He asks Lucky to try to give her some help, but Lucky isn't interested. Kristina turns to Kiefer for comfort, but he thinks she needs to stop getting worked up over her father and have sex with him. Kristina's pretty much the only person surprised when their fight ends with a slap.

If I were Dominic Zamprogna, I think I would be waking up every morning and thinking, "My life is awesome right now."

Why the heck did Carly take the kids and leave the house?? Kick Jax out! He's the one who lied! Why would you pack up your three children - one of whom is a baby - and leave when he could leave much more easily? Also, WHY THE HECK DID SHE GO TO JASON'S? There's barely room for Jason, Spinelli, Sam, and Maxie there, let alone four extra bodies.

Why does Nikolas think that Lucky's the best person to help Elizabeth? Has he completely forgotten about Steven, who's actually currently talking to her? (Also, they just gave Scott Reeves a contract, which is awesome, so they might as well start giving him more stuff to do.)

Here's an idea - let's get Michael to channel all his anger at Jax toward Kiefer!

Lainey could make a fortune just off of getting the Corinthos kids in therapy for their daddy issues.

February 6th, 2010

Next week: more aftermath of Paternity Fest 2010, I continue to laugh in Jax's face, and Helena returns to make me even happier.

February 8th, 2010

Dante tells Sonny that he wants nothing to do with him. Sonny tells Olivia that he told Dante he wants to have a relationship with him, and she reminds him that it needs to be Dante's decision. She adds that she isn't sure he can live with himself for shooting his own child. Jason goes to the hospital to confront (or maybe kill) Dante about being a traitor, despite Carly noting that Morgan would be devastated and Sonny wouldn't be grateful. Johnny's mad that Olivia outed his involvement in the Dante situation, putting his life in danger as well. At Jake's, he makes Lucky the target of his anger with the PCPD over not solving Claudia's murder. Lucky makes Johnny the target of his anger over Elizabeth and Nikolas, but he's drunker and has a gun. Jax tries unsuccessfully to tell Michael that he lied to everyone to protect his family. Elizabeth once again begs Lucky to reconsider their breakup, and he once again tells her they're done. She tries to gauge where he is with the kids, but he thinks she's using them to manipulate him. Maxie questions Dante's true feelings for Lulu.

Do you ever think Maurice Benard opens a script and thinks, "Oh, crap, another conversation with God?" Also, wouldn't you love to be the priest who hears his confession every week?

Johnny's an idiot in more ways than one. Not only did he bait a drunk cop, he's getting drunk and making a public fool of himself while supposedly fearing for his life. If you think Sonny's going to come after you, leave town, moron. Also, it's not Olivia's fault (well, entirely) that Sonny knows you knew about Dante; it's Michael's fault. Or your own, really, for talking about it on the docks, AKA the place where everyone overhears everything.

For the love of cheese, Elizabeth, shut up.

I'm sure taking care of Josslyn won't bring up any bad memories for Sam about her own stillborn baby or the fact that she can't have children. No, I'm sure she'll be just fine.

February 9th, 2010

Ronnie warns Dante that he could lose his job and badge for committing perjury. He tries to get Olivia to tell Dante to reconsider his statement, but she wants him to do what he thinks is best. Lucky stops himself from hurting Johnny and goes to Luke's office, where Elizabeth is begging Luke to talk to Lucky on her behalf. Lucky admits to Luke that he's afraid he'll hurt her physically now that he's having such a hard time staying in control. Luke tries to talk him into an art heist in Prague, but sadly for us, Lucky declines. Morgan finds out about Jax's role in Sonny's arrest and has something else to be mad about. Jax hates that Carly's staying with a mobster and offers to move out of the house so she and the kids can move back in. Jason still want to kill Dante, but Sonny forbids it.

Don't worry, Dante, I'm sure Mac has a job for you. Especially since Lucky isn't the most reliable detective right now.

Yes, Sonny, I'm sure your son, who just told you he wants nothing to do with you, lied to protect you and will decline to testify against you, despite saying that he wants you to go to jail. Pay attention, Corinthos.

Man, I want to see Lucky and Luke traipsing around Prague! Anything that doesn't involve Elizabeth.

Geez, Jax, took you long enough to offer to move out. Though I would have enjoyed seeing Michael and Morgan's reactions to finding out they have to sleep in a pink room.

February 10th, 2010

Jason tells Johnny that he's out of the organization and will be shunned from now on, but they'll let him live because he didn't betray Michael. Johnny sees this as the perfect opportunity to take over the Zacchara organization and use it to bring Sonny down. Elizabeth goes to see Luke at the casino and spots a flier for a Valentine's Day event, which brings up bad memories. Ethan sees how distraught she is and tells Nikolas, who fills him in. Elizabeth runs into Sam and trashes her for her past mistakes, claiming they're just as bad as or worse than her affair with her fiancé's brother. She also tries to bug Robin and Patrick into helping her get off of suspension, but they side with Nikolas. At Kelly's, Elizabeth hallucinates people taunting her and flips out, only to run into Jason, who comforts her. Helena's back in town and wants to congratulate Nikolas on showing his true Cassadineness. Kristina asks Jason to tell her why he thinks Sonny's a good guy. Jason does, but Kristina still doesn't get it. Later, she grows a backbone and tries to tell Kiefer that they're done for good. Ethan catches Kiefer about to show Kristina exactly what he thinks of this decision and heads off with her before anything can happen. Patrick and Robin want some alone time, so they get Lisa to cover for them, but she obviously doesn't want them to be alone together. Luke tells Nikolas that he's removing himself from the Elizabeth/Lucky/Nikolas situation and he'll never trust Nikolas again.

Oh, Johnny. So pretty, yet so dumb.

Helena! How fitting that the Ice Queen would return the week I'm snowed in.

The old Sam would have thrown a drink in Elizabeth's face. For once, I kind of miss the old Sam. Get some therapy, Liz.

I'm not really sure why I think this, but Kristina should go to Carly for a reason she should like Sonny. Carly has a way of seeing Sonny that I think Kristina might get.

How weird, I was just thinking that we hadn't seen Zacchara for a while.

February 11th, 2010

Sonny tells Dante about his childhood and how he became a mobster. Dante feels sorry for the kid he was but doesn't feel like his past excuses his decisions. Rayner gives Dante one more chance to tell the truth about the shooting or lose his job. Dante sticks with his story, so Rayner fires him. Carly tries to take control of Sonny's legal troubles, since he's distracted by the news about Dante, but Sonny maintains that he's going to plead guilty so Michael is never found out. Morgan and Molly tell Jason that they think Michael's going to confess to the police, and they're right, as he's currently at the PCPD, telling Mac he killed Claudia. Lucky catches Jason comforting Elizabeth and taunts that it didn't take her long to go back to him. Jason and Elizabeth both notice how cruel he's become, and Jason tells Lucky that he's not the same person he used to be. Helena pays Elizabeth a visit to give her a jewelry box and thank her for bringing out Nikolas' true nature. Ethan arrives and shoos Helena away, then goes to tell Lucky what happened, but Lucky doesn't want to hear it. Elizabeth then apparently vanishes, or something. Helena tells Nikolas that Spencer's great and all, but his Corinthos lineage isn't too great, so Nikolas should have another kid who will be a true Cassadine heir. Zacchara warns that taking Sonny down won't be easy, but Johnny thinks he's up for the challenge. Lisa gets Epiphany to bust Robin and Patrick.

I maintain that Mac will hire Dante in a second. Take that, Rayner!

Obviously Mac isn't going to believe Michael, since the actors have been talking on Twitter for two weeks about Sonny's trial. So much for that suspense.

Today's MOTE goes to Constance Towers, for the way Helena offered Elizabeth a discount on antidepressants. HA! Oh, and also for reminding us all that Courtney was once a stripper.

Geez, Lisa, what are you, 12? No, you can't be that old, because Morgan and Molly are 12 and don't act as childish as you do.

February 12th, 2010

Dante's bummed because he's unemployed, but Mac wants him to join the PCPD. Elizabeth has really old flashbacks at the church where she and Lucky were fake married while Lucky tells Ethan more about their history and Elizabeth's past loves. Lucky shows up at the church to find Elizabeth unconscious. Sam heads to the PCPD under the guise of wanting to pay parking tickets in order to stop Mac's conversation with Michael. It doesn't really matter anyway, since Mac thinks Michael's lying to protect Sonny. Jason gets Michael, Morgan, and Molly to promise to keep their mouths shut during the trial. Carly gets Sonny to agree to leave the country if she tells him to. Jax catches them hugging and accuses Carly of throwing herself at Sonny.

Yay, Mac! Now Dante has a not-too-contrived reason to stay in town!

Oh, no, Elizabeth overdosed on self-pity and annoyingness!

Pay close attention to all your Elizabeth/Spencer history, Ethan. There will be a test.

This is a bad week for guys catching their exes hugging other guys.

February 13th, 2010

Next week: Sonny really needs a clue, Jax continues to annoy everyone, and Elizabeth stops teasing us and goes full-on cuckoo bananas (TM Manny Santos).

February 15th, 2010

Lucky rushes Elizabeth to the hospital, where Nikolas tells him that she needs him to pull her out of her tailspin. Lucky clearly still cares about Elizabeth and decides to stick around to make sure she's okay. He and Nikolas are both present to learn that Elizabeth is pregnant. After getting confirmation from Mac that he's not being hired to help Mac with a personal vendetta, Dante accepts a job with the PCPD. Lulu's kind of worried about him having conflicts of interest with Luke, but she puts it out of her mind so she and Dante can have a nice Valentine's Day together. Carly lets Jax think she and Sonny are involved, but it backfires, as he takes Josslyn from the house so she won't be exposed to the mob. He also gets in touch with a divorce attorney and tells Carly it's time to cut their losses. Mac calls Sam in for questioning in Sonny's case, so Jason gets Diane to come free her. Diane isn't happy about her night with Max being ruined, especially since she's still in the lingerie he got her. She does her job anyway, and Sam and Jason get to spend the night in the penthouse he had Kristina and Molly (over)decorate for them. Sonny notes Olivia's annoyance over the news that Jax thinks they're sleeping together.

I wonder if they wrote in the pregnancy before Becky Herbst got pregnant or if she told the writers long before she told the public. Either way, I'm actually glad they're writing it in, despite the fact that this is a repeat of Jake's paternity plotline, because it was something to take advantage of.

Also, was Elizabeth really that surprised to hear she was pregnant? Why did she think Kelly was there?

Jax, if Carly was having sex with Jason or Sonny every time she hugged one of them, she'd have more children than Michelle Duggar.

I only wish Olivia had heard alarms going off in Dante's room and had rushed in to check on him.

Man, I love Carolyn Hennesy. Not that I need to say that too often. Carolyn Hennesy's name is synonymous with love.

February 16th, 2010

Elizabeth freaks out over her pregnancy and heads up to the roof, where Lucky literally talks her off a ledge. Nikolas and Steven get him to agree that she needs to be committed. Steven, Olivia, and Sonny catch Dante and Lulu together, leading to an awkward sex lecture from Steven. Later, Olivia tells Dante that he can be as mad as he wants, but he needs to do it to Olivia's face. Dante tells her that he hates that Sonny is using him to get back into Olivia's life. Sonny asks Lulu to help him make inroads with his son, which she refuses to do. She also informs him that Dante has just been hired by the PCPD. Sonny asks Dante if he'll be coming after him, and Dante confirms that if Sonny doesn't go to prison for killing Claudia, it's on. Molly and Kristina lurk to make Jason into a romantic, which doesn't quite work, but the end result is the same. In fact, the girls are 2 for 2, as Mac and Alexis end up making out. Carly wants Jax to think that they're through so he'll try anything to win her back.

Wait, now we're committing Elizabeth? She didn't even do anything!

Jason reading to Sam from a firearms magazine made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.

Steven was like the sex police today. He reminded me a little of Epiphany, actually.

I thought I could care less about Carly and Jax, but, as it turns out, I couldn't.

February 17th, 2010

Rayner warns Dante not to perjure himself during Sonny's trial like he did in his statement about the shooting. Olivia goes full-on overprotective mom and tells Rayner to stay away from Dante. Later, Michael and Morgan both ask Dante to help keep Sonny out of prison. Elizabeth agrees to commit herself, and the only person who's happy about it is Helena. Sonny asks Olivia to help him connect with Dante before he goes to prison. Robin and Patrick fight over their horrible Valentine's Day, then make up after learning of Elizabeth's crises. Luke and Sonny bond a little over having surprise children.

I'm officially more scared of Olivia than I am of Carly.

If Elizabeth being committed (for no apparent reason, by the way) is part 1 of Helena's plan, I can't wait to find out what part 2 is.

Speaking of Elizabeth, you have to love that she believes the baby's Nikolas' because she slept with him more than Lucky. Keep in mind, of course, that she's a nurse. And that she conceived Jake with Jason after one night together. Maybe she was committed for being an idiot.

Robin Christopher (Skye) is coming back March 31st! YAY! I didn't know I would miss her when she left, but I did. Maybe she'll get back together with Jax and keep him in line.

Morgan, you're breaking my heart. You've learned well from your mother, I believe.

February 18th, 2010

Morgan thinks that Dante should work for Sonny for real so he can't put Sonny in prison. Everyone points out that this wouldn't work. Carly wants Dante to lie, but she's forgotten the part where she needs to give Dante an incentive to protect Sonny again. Elizabeth goes off on Helena, who seems to have a lot of pull at Shadybrook and will use it to keep the upper hand. Meanwhile, Nikolas wants to marry Elizabeth and make sure he has rights to the baby if it's his. Patrick visits Elizabeth, who's worried that she's being a bad mother, and compares her situation to putting on your own oxygen mask before helping your child. Helena spots them hugging and accuses Elizabeth of going after a married man. Lucky shows up, proving to Elizabeth that she's not hallucinating Helena and threatening to shoot her (Helena, not Elizabeth). Jason learns that Sonny wants to plead that he killed Claudia in self-defense and announces that he can't, and not just because it would contradict Carly and Sam's earlier statements. Jason also worries that Jake will someday feel about him the way Dante feels about Sonny.

I liked that Carly/Dante scene. It supports my theory that Dominic Zamprogna could do a fantastic scene with a spatula.

Someone needs to take Lucky's gun away.

Could someone please tell Sonny to stop talking like he's dying?

I still don't get why they don't say Sam killed Claudia. Whatever, no one listens to me on this show.

February 19th, 2010

Lucky chases off Helena and assures Elizabeth that he'll stick by her side. She guilts him into saying that he forgives her, but he's clearly still angry. This leads to a car accident with, of all people, Maxie. Helena thinks that she and Luke are on the same side for once, since she wants a Cassadine heir and he wants Lucky to be free of Elizabeth. Olivia and Carly fight about Dante, and later, when Olivia tells Sonny to keep everyone away from Dante, they fight about her lies. Dante fights with Olivia again, then finds himself alone on the roof with Jason. Sonny refuses to listen to Jason, deciding to stick with his original plan to admit to killing Claudia in self-defense. Ethan interrupts a gun fight between Max, Milo, and Johnny.

So the cliffhanger is...Maxie's in danger? Color me bored.

But Luke, if you kill Helena, we won't have fun scenes between you two anymore!

What was the point of Ethan coming across the gun battle? I mean, what was the point if he wasn't going to get killed?

The roof is becoming its own character. Kind of like Mike's blender. Hey, where is Mike, anyway? Doesn't he want to meet his new grandson?

February 20th, 2010

Next week: the trial begins, Patrick has another reason to dislike Steven, and Ethan makes a bad, bad decision.

February 22nd, 2010

Sonny and Olivia fight about Dante for the zillionth time, and then Sonny and Dante fight for the zillionth time. Dante makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with his father and is nothing like him in any way that counts. Maxie tries to give Lucky advice about Elizabeth, urging him to be honest about his inability to forgive her. Lucky tells Jason about the Elizabeth situation, then suggests that they work together to find out who hijacked a Corinthos shipment (e.g., Johnny). Jason surprises Lucky by agreeing. Nikolas wants Elizabeth to submit to a risky early paternity test so she can stop stressing over the baby, but she refuses. She also tells him they're definitely over and he needs to leave her alone. Ethan unknowingly distracts Max and Milo long enough for Johnny to get away, though Max picks up one of Johnny's bullets. Johnny comes by the casino to thank him, and Ethan admits to Luke that the adventure was exciting to him.

I swear, if I have to sit through one more of Sonny and Olivia's fight's, I'm going to find Mike's blender and throw it at my TV.

What is this, Confide in Maxie Day?

Ethan, just go back to being irrelevant, please.

I love how Olivia and Johnny having sex is supposed to be this big deal. We've seen it at least a dozen times. It's nothing new.

February 23rd, 2010

Maxie and Tracy both question Dante's honesty towards Lulu, knowing how his father tends to treat women. Dante teaches Lulu how to spot a liar and she gives him an impromptu lie-detector test to determine his true feelings. Jason finds out that Johnny hijacked the shipment and confronts him in front of Olivia, who really doesn't want to be involved in anything mobby. Johnny basically tells both her and Jason he's going to do what he wants, while Jason makes it clear that he's going to protect his people and territory. Jason tells Lucky that Johnny was responsible for the hijacking, adding that he's going to let the police handle the situation. Lucky figures out that he wants the police to bust Johnny so Jason doesn't have to kill him. Luke warns Ethan to pick the winning side if he's going to join the mob. Diane asks Alexis to talk Sonny into pleading not guilty, but Alexis knows it won't work.

Dante and Lulu are too cute. Good job, writers!

Heh, Tracy and Maxie should get together. They would have a lot to talk about.

I'm guessing Luke's message to Ethan is, "If you mob up, mob up with the Corinthoses"?

Why does Diane think that Alexis could accomplish what Carly couldn't? Sonny's more likely to listen to Carly than Alexis, and he's even more likely to listen to Jason, so what does Diane think Alexis could do differently?

February 24th, 2010

Jax looks up an old friend named Claire who he thinks can help him, but Olivia thinks he's trying to hook up with her. He actually wants Claire to blackmail the prosecutor assigned to Sonny's case and get him removed so she can take over and ensure a conviction. Alexis wants to help Diane with Sonny's defense, but Diane wants her to agree to join her firm first. Michael thinks Sonny won't let him confess to killing Claudia because he thinks Michael's weak. Mike comes across Michael and Johnny fighting and tells Johnny to back off of Michael. He also tells Kristina that he knows what it's like to be in a complicated relationship with Sonny, and he hopes she comes around on Sonny faster than Sonny did on him. Kiefer tracks down Kristina after days of separation and wears her down a little. He's still not happy to see her with Ethan, but then again, neither is Sam. Lisa tries to get Epiphany concert tickets, leading Robin and Patrick to wager on whether she can come through. Lisa succeeds and Patrick wins the bet, though Robin says he actually loses because he knows her so well. Lisa and Steven then make arrangements to go to a concert together. Sam warns Johnny that if he insists on going up against Jason, he'll get what's coming to him. He makes it clear that he's going to go after what he wants.

Clearly Jax underestimates Diane. He seems to have forgotten that she got Jason acquitted of a crime he actually committed.

Robin and Patrick were really cute today, but it doesn't make sense to bet money that both of them own.

Why is Sam getting involved in mob stuff? Doesn't she think Johnny knows he's being an idiot and doesn't need anyone to tell him?

Funny how there's supposedly a cursed OR at GH. I mean, the whole hospital is cursed. Strike that - the whole town is cursed.

What was with all the references to musicians today? Did anyone else notice that?

February 25th, 2010

Dante is subpoenaed to testify at what's suddenly become Sonny's bail-revocation hearing, but he's not sure if he should go. Robin tries to sway him into keeping quiet by telling him about Sonny's friendship with Stone, which makes Patrick mad. Dante ultimately decides to go and is called to testify about the offshore holdings and other assets that could help Sonny live on the run. Diane gets mad at Sonny for taking control of his defense again, but he's desperate to stay out of jail, even going so far as to tell Jason to get a break-out plan in order. Alexis figures out that Jax is responsible for Claire taking over the prosecution, and this makes it even harder for her to stay uninvolved with the trial. Sam tells Ethan to back off of Kristina, but he's so unsubtle about it that Kristina immediately figures out Sam's responsible. Johnny tempts Ethan with an offer to mob up.

Whatever, because Bernie would know a heck of a lot more about Sonny's financial issues than Dante would.

What does Jason expect Sam to do to help break Sonny out? I don't think she can fake-hooker him out of jail.

If you'd taken a drink every time someone said Stone's name today, you'd be drunker than Lucky right now.

What's Patrick's damage? I didn't realize he was such a Sonny hater.

February 26th, 2010

Alexis agrees to join Diane's firm, since it's the only way she can help defend Sonny, and the two of them try as hard as possible to get the judge to deny Claire's plan to interview Dante. It doesn't work, but Dante's testimony isn't very helpful, as he perjures himself again about the shooting. Still, Sonny thinks he's sunk and says goodbye to Dante, believing he might never see him again. Meanwhile, Jason, Sam, Spinelli, Max, and Milo formulate a plan to help Sonny leave the country. Robin and Patrick have a huge fight about Sonny, which Steven and Lisa get involved in. Lisa sides with Patrick, of course, and takes advantage of the rift to spend some time with him at Jake's. Steven takes Robin to Kelly's to learn more about her friendship with Sonny and Jason. She tells him that she keeps her life with them separate from her life with Patrick because she wants to feel normal. Tracy tries to talk Ethan out of having anything to do with Johnny, but he wants to keep being a rebel. He ultimately joins Johnny in the middle of another gun battle, seemingly agreeing to be the Jason to his Sonny. Luke warns Lucky that he needs to pull himself together because he could put himself and the other Spencers in a lot of danger if he goes up against the mob.

I can't wait until the judge inevitably allows Sonny to stay out on bail and Milo's disappointed that he doesn't get to pretend to mug Sam.

Nice try, show, but we all know you only bust out the fact that Robin's HIV positive when it suits you.

Johnny, don't be afraid to use Ethan as a human shield.

I can't believe Carly isn't all over that arraignment. Olivia, too, actually.

Today's MOTE goes to Steve Burton for the way Jason told Spinelli that when someone uses a code, the other person has to understand it.

February 27th, 2010

Next week: looks like more of the same. A LOT more of the same.

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