General Hospital blog - February, 2011

February 1st, 2011

Jason praises Michael for finally talking about what happened. Carly comes over and is shocked when Jason tries to kick her out, but Michael decides to bring her into the loop as well. With some help from Jason, Carly's able to convince Michael to try counseling. Brenda tells Dante that she miscarried her baby, a boy, and thought she was over it. Lulu catches Dante comforting her but backs off when she learns about Abby's attack. Carly tells Jax they're through, despite the fact that she's done much worse things to him than he did to her. Jax confronts Brenda about telling Carly the truth about his trip, which she doesn't realize was a secret, and warns that her marriage with Sonny will probably end up failing as well. Lucky thinks Siobhan's disclosure will work to his advantage, since he can ambush the Balkan during a meet-up.

Was this the most depressing episode ever or what? Rape, miscarriage, divorce, hostages, your ex hugging a hot is rough in Port Charles.

My animosity toward Dante has decreased now that I know he didn't know anything about the baby after Brenda left New York. I'll admit, it isn't his place to say anything to Lulu. I guess.

Jax loses a point for not telling Carly the truth about his trip to London, but he gains a million for calling her out on her hypocrisy about her friendship with Jason and her inability to stop running to Sonny. Then he loses a dozen of those points for not realizing that the same things he keeps saying about Brenda and Sonny's relationship being doomed were always true for his and Carly's relationship.

In another Jax-is-annoying news, did he tell Morgan that he and Carly are splitting up? Did he not consider waiting so they could tell him together? That was kind of jerky of him.

February 2nd, 2011

Carly eavesdrops as Michael tells Abby he was raped, then apologizes to her (!) and thanks her (!!) for being a good friend to Michael. Michael also tells Dante he was raped, which leads Dante to blame himself, since he was the one who got Michael sent to prison. After a fight with Brenda, in which she threatens to sabotage the wedding, Carly confronts Dante, holding his own gun on him. Jason and Dante aren't sure Siobhan told Lucky the whole truth, but Lucky decides to proceed with is poorly thought-out Balkan-catching plan without them. He poses as a parishioner while Siobhan meets Theo in the confessional, but Shawn knocks him out so he can't follow Theo. Nikolas gets jealous when a business associate shows interest in Brook, but he wins in the end. Shawn tries to find out how much Siobhan learned when she was kidnapped. Brenda considers telling Sonny about the baby before they get married. Terrell is too late to make Valentine's Day plans with Robin. Molly has no idea that she's hero-worshipping a bad guy.

Carly apologized! And I think she actually meant it! I think a pig just flew by my window!

Once again, Lucky brings shame to the PCPD. And Luke. And smart people.

This Nikolas/Brook thing is going to fall together pretty quickly once the third angle of their love triangle is gone.

I would laugh my head off if Brenda told Sonny about the baby and ruined Carly's plans.

February 3rd, 2011

Michael gets Abby a room at the Metro Court, but soon seems to feel like things are moving too quickly. Lucky regains consciousness to find a screaming Siobhan tied up in the confessional with a red ribbon around her neck. He thinks it's a message from the Balkan meaning that he spared her life, but Jason thinks she tipped the Balkan off to Lucky's plan. Lucky decides that the Balkan needs to believe he and Siobhan aren't working together, and the best way to do that is to arrest Siobhan for assault and conspiracy (in front of Shawn, conveniently). Carly would rather carry out her plan against Dante and see him suffer than shoot him. He feels just as badly as she wants him to, and when Maxie finally convinces Lulu to go talk to him, he tells her she was right about him being an awful person. Patrick and Terrell engage in a subtle tug-of-war over Robin. Steven is suspicious of Terrell's reason for suddenly moving to Port Charles. Sonny seems more amused than concerned with Carly's scheming.

Assault? Who did Siobhan supposedly assault?

Thank you, Jason, for continuing to be suspicious of Siobhan instead of blindly accepting everything she says LIKE SOME PEOPLE.

Robin, if you want Patrick to stop trying to get back together with you, stop giving him mixed signals. You're totally flirting.

With Sonny about to find out what happened to Michael, Carter should be happy he's dead.

February 4th, 2011

Carly goes to the house in the woods and tells Sonny that Michael was raped. Unfortunately, Michael didn't want Sonny to know, which Jason thinks is the wrong way to go. Sonny heads over to Dante and Michael's, and when Michael arrives, he thinks Dante told Sonny what happened. Brenda's dress is delivered, then promptly destroyed, most likely by Carly, who can't escape the penthouse and has to listen to Brenda and Robin trash talk her. Theo falls for Siobhan's fake arrest, then shows up at the PCPD to help her. Siobhan dresses like a cop so she can escape, and once she's back at Lucky's, she figures out that Megan is being held back in Dublin. She and Lucky prepare to take off for Ireland, but Jason, having heard what's going on from Theo, stops them. Luke sends Tracy $3,000 bottles of wine, which she first suspects are bribes to convince her to smuggle jewels for him. Ethan tells her (and Maya, Nikolas, and Brook) that Maxie's already accepted that job, so the wine must be a real gift. Luke returns, looking for the wine, and Tracy informs him that a) she already found the smuggled jewels in the bottles and b) she's keeping them in lieu of the money he owes her. She quickly regrets that decision when Mac shows up to arrest her for drug smuggling on a tip from Interpol. Sam tells Maxie she doesn't want a baby, but when she gets light-headed, Maxie wonders if she's already pregnant. Lulu tries to convince Dante not to quit the force, but it looks like he didn't listen.

Really, Michael? You think so little of Sonny that you think his first reaction to hearing you were assaulted would be to believe it was because you were weak? I mean...really?

I don't get Lucky and Siobhan's 48-hour deadline, but admittedly, I wasn't really paying attention. And with the way time moves on this show, it doesn't really matter.

It would be pretty funny if the fertility-reconstruction-surgery-story was all a red herring and Sam was able to get pregnant on her own. And it would be one of the few reasonable instances on this show of characters forgoing birth control not because they're dumb but because they honestly thought it was unnecessary.

Mac doesn't realize how close he came to having to arrest Maxie. How disappointing that that storyline is a bust. Though the one they're going with might be even better. And I bet Tyler Christopher had fun doing this episode. He had about two lines, but he got to watch all the craziness.

Two MOTES today. The first goes to Laura Wright, who was able to make me both detest and feel sorry for Carly in the same moment as she was leaving the penthouse. The second goes to Julie Marie Berman for the hilarious "oooooh!" look on her face when Maxie suggested that Sam's pregnant.

February 5th, 2011

Next week: Drink whenever someone says "wedding," "married," or "Franco." Yes, it's that time.

February 7th, 2011

Brenda makes a beeline for Carly and accuses her of destroying the dress. Carly doesn't confirm it, but she also doesn't outright deny it. Jax is skeptical about her innocence, but Jason thinks she's too busy with Michael stuff to worry about Brenda. Whoever destroyed the dress seems to be staying at the hotel and has Carly's business card. At first Michael's upset that Sonny knows about his rape, but Sonny ends up making him feel better. Jason tries to keep Siobhan and Lucky from going to Ireland, since he doesn't trust Siobhan, but it doesn't work. Ronnie also tries to delay their trip, and he's now in on Lucky's plan. Tracy gets dragged to the PCPD, then released on her own recognizance. She hires Alexis to make the smuggling charges go away, and Luke with them. Maxie tries to get Lulu and Dante back together, and though it doesn't work, she at least gets them talking. Sam protests too much, then buys a pregnancy test.

The question no one is asking is, if Carly didn't destroy the dress, who did? My money's on Suzanne - I just don't trust her. But going by the business card, I guess it could be Shawn.

Wait, Ronnie's still on this show?

That Tracy/Luke/Mac/Maya/Ethan/Nikolas/Brook/Alexis scene was easily the best of the episode. And once again, Tyler Christopher had the best job of the day. Does anyone else think Jane Elliott was two seconds from losing it after he freaked out about the possibility of letting Luke stay at Wyndemere?

If you wanted to take a secret pregnancy test, why would you take it to your boyfriend's home?? Dear Sam and Jason's possible future offspring, I hate to tell you that one of your parents is a moron. And it's not the one with brain damage.

February 8th, 2011

Jason asks Carly if she destroyed the dress, and seems to believe her when she tells him she didn't. The dress-destroyer floods the wedding location by setting off sprinklers, and Ronnie thinks Carly's responsible. Michael starts therapy, and though it doesn't seem to be helping yet, he does start blaming the real responsible party: Franco. Sonny thinks he and Brenda should elope; she disagrees. Lulu figures out what happened to Michael and tries to convince Dante not to let it destroy his job. Lisa tells Terrell to go to his hotel room, seemingly to wait for her, then sends Robin over there, making her think she's going to meet Patrick. As Patrick is on his way, Terrell greets Robin wearing only a towel. Elizabeth needs a babysitter. Steven and Olivia are beyond cute. Sam tells Jason she doesn't want a baby. Patrick tries to get Johnny to turn on Lisa.

Hey, maybe Franco destroyed the dress and flooded the pavilion. After all, he is a strange and ineffectual villain.

Mark my words, Lulu and Dante will be back together by Valentine's Day.

So Patrick's going to see Robin fully dressed and Terrell in a towel and think...what? Speaking of ineffectual villains...

Next time I'm with a guy and someone tries to interrupt us, I'm just going to get up and sing a song. Oh, and by the way, Elizabeth, I don't think a Quartermaine can be a gold-digger.

February 9th, 2011

Ronnie doesn't have enough evidence to pin the sprinkler incident on Carly, but Jason's the only person who really believes she's innocent. Sonny confronts her, despite Brenda's protests that giving her attention is just what she wants. Suzanne thinks the sprinkler and dress incidents are messages that Brenda should cancel the wedding. Luke tells Carly that if she's truly over Sonny, she should back off, but if she's not, she should go for him. Dante tells Michael to let the police handle Franco, and Michael counters that if he's so pro-police, he shouldn't turn in his badge. Dante can't argue with that and agrees to remain a cop. Lulu admits to Luke that she's thinking of giving Dante a second chance, though it's still too soon to commit. Lisa's plan works perfectly, as Robin stays with Terrell while Patrick gets increasingly jealous. Matt plans to break up their fun, but before he can, he and Patrick see Robin and Terrell leaving the hotel together. Elizabeth continually baits Brook, who plays nice and ends up alone with Nikolas by the end of the evening.

Yeah, I still don't trust Suzanne.

I imagine Jason's call to Alexis went something like this, and explains why she never showed up:
Jason: "Alexis, it's Jason."
Alexis: "Why are you calling me? Is Sam dead?"
Jason: "No, she's fine. I need you to come help Carly."
Alexis: (laughing hysterically for 15 minutes)

Not that anyone should be encouraging Carly to do...well, anything, really, but can Luke give advice to everyone on the show?

Dante's pretty na�ve if he thinks the police will really bust Franco. Let's just count the number of people who've committed crimes in Port Charles in the past 15 years and aren't in jail.

Elizabeth's so annoying, even her brother ditches her whenever he gets the chance.

February 10th, 2011

Maxie helps Jason get ready for a Valentine's dinner with Sam, though his Hawaiian decorations were cuter than her candles. Too bad they don't get very far before Jason encourages Sam to go get her pregnancy-test results. Lulu enlists Michael and Spinelli to distract Dante with tales of woe while she arranges a surprise opera date. Theo and Shawn figure out Lucky and Siobhan's plan, move Megan, and have them ambushed. Terrell steals Robin from Patrick, who ends up having his drink drugged by Lisa. Molly and Kristina try to set up Mac and Alexis, but when Mac finds out, he tells them they need to stop. However, when Alexis arrives, he pretends he was in on the whole thing. As if we needed another reason to hate Theo, he's also sexist.

I know how they can get rid of Elizabeth - fire her for BREAKING DOCTOR/PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY. Seriously, Elizabeth, telling Jason that Sam's pregnancy-test results are in? SO STUPID.

Lulu and Dante are totally going on a Valentine's date, so I call my prediction from the 8th a win.

See? Lucky sucks as a detective.

Noir-fantasy-Maxie's "I slept with the guy behind the counter" cracked me up.

February 12th, 2011

Next week: New drinking game! This week, drink whenever someone says "wedding," "married," "sabotage," or "Balkan."

Yesterday's rerun of Robin and Patrick's wedding was a poor choice - that was considered a fan favorite? I can only assume there weren't a lot of good choices on the list of possibilities. But tomorrow, SoapNet is showing a Valentine's episode from way back in 1999. It's best known as the episode where Lucky and Elizabeth got "married" (two months before he "died"), but it's also the episode where Alexis and Jax were snowed in at a cabin together, and I loved their scenes together. That makes up for the boringness of yesterday's rerun.

February 14th, 2011

Sam keeps putting off getting her test results until Jason says he'd like to hear them. (Unlike me, he manages to refrain from wondering why she would take the test if she was so sure she wasn't pregnant.) The test is negative, and Sam's surprised by how disappointed she is. Sonny's wedding ring disappears. Theo sends Shawn after Jason with a "message," but Jason's smart enough to keep anything from happening. Siobhan pretends she brought Lucky to the Balkan's men and has him tied up. Once they've knocked the guys out, she reveals that she was faking a double-cross, which angers him because she could've gotten herself killed. Lulu and Dante are totally back together, and I owe myself $20. Patrick and Terrell play darts for Robin, sort of. Patrick wins and takes a kiss as his prize. Thanks to some machinations from Johnny, Lisa ends up drinking the drugged beer and falling asleep at Johnny's. He tells her he's trying to save her from ending up like Claudia.

Sam couldn't just pee on a stick and save everyone some drama?

See, again with the suspicions over Suzanne. Who was around when the ring disappeared? Sonny, Brenda, Carol, Spinelli, and Suzanne. Sonny and Brenda obviously didn't take it, and Carol wouldn't have. That leaves Spinelli and Suzanne. Yes, Spinelli also had the opportunity to ruin the dress, but why would he? That leaves Suzanne.

If Lucky couldn't figure out that Siobhan was playing him, he's dumber than I thought. Of course, so is she, so it evens out.

Johnny, Lisa will only end up like Claudia if...well, if Emma kills her, really.

Spinelli, why would Carly warn Sonny that she's going to ruin his wedding? That would defeat the purpose of a blindside, wouldn't it?

Today's MOTEs go to Bradford Anderson, for his mock delight at seeing a couple making out at Jake's, and Laura Wright, for yelling at them that it'll never last.

February 15th, 2011

Sonny figures out that Suzanne is the wedding saboteur and confronts her. Brenda kicks Suzanne out of her life, but Sonny gets her to change her mind. Suzanne then goes to see her husband - Theo. Shawn tells Jason that Theo wants him to stop investigating his life. Jason replies that Theo didn't fill Shawn in on exactly what Jason's capable of if he thought he could get away with the break-in. He then fires Theo, who tells him Michael could suffer if Dante's convicted of killing Alexander, so Jason backs down. He tells Sam that he wants Theo to think he found a weakness in him, when Jason really thinks Theo's working for the Balkan. Carly tells Luke about the dirt she has on Brenda and Dante, and though he approves of her wedding-busting plan, he warns that she should beware of collateral damage. She decides to confront Brenda with the info before the wedding and leave it up to her how to proceed. Abby wants to quit stripping, but she owes Johnny for a tuition advance. He agrees to wait for her to pay back the money, offering to keep her job open and commenting that it's nice to have a Corinthos owe him something. Theo brags about the trap he lured Lucky into, then announces that he's going to kill Megan. His men aren't smart enough to notice Lucky and Siobhan eavesdropping and learning Megan's location. Dante and Lulu, sitting in a tree.

I KNEW IT. I knew there was something fishy about Suzanne, and I knew there had to be a reason for her to keep showing up. The gaping hole here, though, is that she was trying to break up the wedding - a good cover, yes, but what if she'd succeeded?

I see we're blowing something up next week. What a surprise. My prediction: Franco puts a bomb in a car, Brenda's presumed dead, and everyone thinks the Balkan is responsible.

Looks like Sam and Lucky are equally matched in the not-catching-on-when-people-are-playing-other-people department.

Carly took a big risk telling Luke about the baby. What's to stop him from warning Sonny? Or from telling Lulu?

If Abby ends up stripping again and not telling Michael about it, then we're in a weird cycle thing where Abby's Courtney and Michael's A.J. Or Jason. Something like that.

February 16th, 2011

Sonny tells Carly to stay away from Brenda, then assigns Max and Milo to keep her away from the wedding. Carly still plans to confront Brenda with the baby info, but Robin stops her. Jason has Spinelli cross-check Alexander's DNA against DNA in all hospitals and clinics in the area, not even realizing that Theo just had a check-up with Patrick. Lucky and Siobhan find Megan but can't get her to safety. Theo gives Brenda a false sense of security by getting the trial continued. Lulu tells Luke that she and Dante are back together, and he warns her that she may not have a smooth ride from now on.

I can't wait to see Max and Milo on babysitting duty. I bet anything Carly tries to flirt her way out of their custody.

The scenes with Brenda, Robin, Kristina, and Molly (and various combinations of the four of them) were really cute. See, everything doesn't always have to be angsty on this show.

I enjoy Luke working at Kelly's. Sometimes I forget that place exists.

Bradford Anderson gets a MOTE for the second day in a row, this one for putting a bow on top of the juicer box and raising his arms in victory.

February 17th, 2011

Spinelli thinks he's discovered the Balkan's identity, but Molly's beaten him to the punch, thanks to a phone conversation she overhears. Sonny's all high on family and marriage, etc., but Brenda has a feeling that something's going to go wrong. Max and Milo tell Luke they're planning something that has to do with Carly, and he's too amused to stop them from basically kidnapping her. Edward tries to talk Brenda out of marrying Sonny, then gives her a handkerchief Lila carried at their wedding. Kristina definitely still has a crush on Ethan.

Those bridesmaid dresses are really cute, which is good, because we're going to have to look at them for, like, two weeks. And they can totally be worn again, which is awesome.

What a cheesy conversation for Molly to overhear. I'm surprised Theo didn't finish up his declaration with, "Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

So does Shawn know that Suzanne is Theo's "inside person"? I can't really tell. And does Theo know about the baby? I have so many questions!

So...Lucky, Siobhan, and Megan are still stuck in a shed somewhere in Ireland? Sucks to be them.

February 18th, 2011

Spinelli announces that Theo is the Balkan as Molly freaks out about her discovery of the same info. Jason, Sam, and Spinelli head to Theo's office, rescue Molly, and send her to the wedding, swearing her to secrecy. Jason and Sam then head to the Metro Court, where Molly heard Theo will be waiting. He's currently waiting for nothing, though, as high traffic outside Brenda's room has kept Shawn from doing anything productive. Max and Milo take Carly to Sonny's, where they narrowly avoid being spotted by Michael and Dante. Carly gets Milo to leave, then knocks Max out and heads to the pavilion, where she tells Brenda she "just came to say goodbye." Since Jason's off fighting crime when it's time to start the wedding, Robin tries to recruit Edward to take his place. Theo makes Suzanne skip the wedding, which she thinks will look suspicious.

So why doesn't Jason want anyone to know that Theo's the Balkan? Doesn't it make sense to warn Brenda and Sonny so they know who to look out for? Or get Spinelli to find out who Theo was talking to on the phone? Obviously, if he's at the hotel, someone else will be grabbing Brenda; they'd be smart to find out who his second banana is. (It would also make sense for one of them to figure out that it's Shawn.)

Speaking of Shawn, we can add him to the list of characters who suck at their jobs.

And speaking of characters who suck at their jobs, hi, Max and Milo!

Sonny telling Steven that Olivia's like a sister to him was...just gross. Also gross: Ethan flirting with a 17-year-old.

Good news/bad news: There's a rumor circulating that because fans were so vocal about Rebecca Herbst's firing, she'll be staying. We might still have Elizabeth to kick around.

February 19th, 2011

Next week: Boom, boom, boom! Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon!

February 21st, 2011

Brenda doesn't confirm or deny Carly's accusations, instead ignoring her threats and proceeding with the wedding. Edward refuses to walk her down the aisle, but it doesn't matter since Jason shows up in time to do it. When the priest asks if there are any objections, Carly starts to pull out the adoption papers, but Brenda beats her to the punch, objecting to her own marriage. Jason and Sam bust into Theo's hotel room, but he and Suzanne have already split. (Suzanne is MIA, but Theo's in an underground lair.) They realize that Theo must have an accomplice, and Jason quickly decides it's Shawn. The wedding gets in the way of their ability to do anything else, but as the ceremony begins, Sam's own Spidey Sense starts tingling. She follows Shawn back to Theo's office, where he takes her hostage and threatens to kill her before Jason shows up. Lucky and Siobhan rescue Megan, but the only thing they learn from her is that the Balkan is married. Despite Siobhan's numerous, loud protests, Lucky sends her and Megan to Barcelona. Johnny tells Lisa she'll have to sleep with him if she wants to keep him from calling Patrick. She starts to oblige and he realizes she's more like Claudia than he thought. He won't sleep with her because he doesn't want to be more like Sonny than he already is, but quickly changes his mind.

I have oh so many questions:

  1. When everyone thought Carly was causing the wedding delay, why didn't they go back to Brenda's room and find out what was going on? Why didn't they try to get in touch with Carly?
  2. Did anyone notice Jason walking out in the middle of the wedding?
  3. Where's Suzanne?
  4. Has anyone suggested that Sam take some self-defense classes? Shawn disarmed her in about two seconds.
  5. Did anyone consider telling Lucky and Siobhan who the Balkan is?
  6. Why didn't Jason and Sam call someone (Spinelli, maybe) and warm him about Shawn?
  7. Why weren't Carol or Diane at the wedding? I guess I can understand Carolyn Hennesy not having a clear schedule to be there the whole time, but Carol planned the dang thing. What about Bernie? And Sonny didn't want Max and Milo there? Obviously Sonny thought they were the best guys to keep Carly away (which is so, so wrong), but did he realize that meant they couldn't come to the wedding? Why so few guests in the first place? No mention of Lois or Julia?
  8. Alexis really thought Carly wouldn't make an appearance? Why would she take a sucker bet? (The scene with her handing Jax some money and telling him he won was great, though.)
  9. How ong does it take to get a pizze? Did Milo ever make it back to the house? Is Max still unconscious?
  10. An underground lair? I mean...really?
Also, I have to admit that I loved Carly rolling her eyes over Robin talking to Sonny at the altar. It's not your wedding, Robin; move along.

FINALLY, someone remembered that Carly broke up her mother's marriage.

Funny how Johnny disdains women who have no self-respect...and he owns a strip club.

February 22nd, 2011

Brenda and Dante finally spill the whole story from 2007: He pretended to be the baby's father and signed over custody. Brenda decides she's not good enough for Sonny and starts to leave, but he tells her he forgives her and they go through with the wedding. Jason gets Shawn to back down and reveal what he was hired to do. Shawn offers to turn on Theo if Jason makes a good offer, then calls Theo to tell him he couldn't get to Brenda. Somehow Theo figures out that Shawn has switched sides, and since Shawn's bringing Jason to Theo, Theo can prepare an ambush. Diane arrives while they're talking and Jason puts her to work tracking down Theo. Theo learns about the baby and asks Suzanne if she knew Brenda was pregnant when she killed Alexander. Suzanne says she did but claims that Brenda told her she'd miscarried before they met. Since Theo's identity is now known, Suzanne suggests that she go back to the wedding and finish off whatever their plan is. Unsurprisingly, Siobhan won't go to Barcelona, but visa issues almost keep her from going back to the States. She's given one month to work them out. Monica remarks that Aiden looks like lucky did as a baby, planting seeds of doubt in Elizabeth's mind over the veracity of the paternity tests.

I can't believe Brenda and Sonny (and Dante) had that entire conversation in front of all the wedding guests. (And yet no one asked where the baby is.) I also can't believe that after all these years, they actually got married.

I know I keep saying it, but wow, Shawn REALLY sucks at his job.

Okay, how did Theo find out everything Brenda and Dante said at the church? Does he have a spy there? Because everyone on that room is a regular or recurring character, except the priest.

I'd really like to know how far along Brenda was when she supposedly lost the baby. I'm starting to suspect that Suzanne took the baby and has been hiding him all this time.

Are we actually going to reopen the paternity storyline because of an offhand comment made by Monica? Not complaining, that's just weird.

I must preemptively say this: Lulu, chill. This isn't about you. But I did love Olivia's frantic "HOLY CRAP AM I A GRANDMA NO NO NO NO NO" facial expressions.

February 23rd, 2011

Suzanne heads back to the wedding to keep an eye on things while Theo plans his ambush. Sam thinks Jason shouldn't trust Shawn enough to take him along, but Jason thinks Shawn will help speed up the conclusion of the situation. As Jason and Shawn are shot at in the Pine Barrens, Sam gets in her car, only to find Theo in the backseat. Dante accuses Carly of trying to get revenge, which she won't admit to. He tries to talk to Lulu, who keeps dodging him, then finally gets her alone at home, where she slaps him. Maxie tries to get Johnny to see how crazy Lisa is, figuring out that he's trying to save her because he couldn't save Claudia. She also realizes that he must have the syringe and enlists Matt to help her get it. Robin and Patrick share A Moment. Abby shows up in time for the reception and shares a dance with Michael. Jax laments the fact that he's really lost Carly.

Jason and Shawn got to freaking New Jersey before Sam even got in her car to go back to the wedding? Okay, let's go with that.

Is it bad that I'm worried Shawn's dead? That's bad, isn't it? I kind of don't care.

Maybe Dante should arrest Lulu for assaulting a police officer. That'll teach her a lesson.

Luke offering Carly a chance at a future partnership both amused me and sent a chill up my spine.

February 24th, 2011

Sonny and Brenda are way too happy for it to last, so of course, it doesn't. She gets in the car to leave, he stays back to say goodbye to everyone, and the car goes boom. Jason outlasts his attackers, but while he's not paying attention, Shawn vanishes. He turns up somewhere else, only to be found by Carly. Extremely paranoid, he basically takes her hostage and makes her take him to safety, which she perceives as her house. While she's tending to his gunshot wounds, she secretly calls Jason. Theo tells Sam that her resemblance to Brenda is going to get her killed. Michael and Abby get with the kissing. Lulu won't take Dante back, but he's not giving up.

A wedding on a Tuesday and a bomb on a Thursday? What's up with this? And way to almost exactly recreate the scene where Lily died.

So did Shawn get himself back to Port Charles and then collapse, or was Carly out for a drive in the Pine Barrens? But yay, he's alive! And I love the way this is going.

Uh...where's Sam? And Suzanne?

Nancy Lee Grahn confirmed on Twitter that the lines about her breasts were ad-libbed. Hee hee hee.


February 25th, 2011

Everyone immediately freaks out over the car bomb, but there's nothing to do except wait for firefighters to pull Brenda from the limo. Jason tells Carly that Shawn works for the Balkan, but he has to leave them alone again when Sonny summons him to the pavilion. Jason accuses Shawn of setting up a diversion with Carly to keep him from the pavilion, but Shawn insists that he was only hired to kidnap Brenda, not kill her. After a phone conversation with Kristina, Alexis is left with the unenviable task of telling Jax that Brenda's dead. Jax heads back to the pavilion and urges Sonny to kill himself. Ethan takes Kristina, Molly, and Morgan to the lake house and tries to distract them with cards. When Alexis comes home, Molly announces that Brenda's death is her fault since she didn't warn anyone that Theo's the Balkan. Robin blames herself for Brenda's death since she pushed her and Sonny to get married. Lulu chooses a bad time to realize she doesn't want to lose Dante, returning to the pavilion amidst all the chaos. Jason wonders why Theo would kill Brenda now when he had so many chances before and let her live. Before he can ponder this further, he gets a call from Franco, who hopes Jason enjoyed the fireworks. The firefighters finally free the victim of the car bomb from the limo, but it's not Brenda - it's Sam.

First reaction: awesome twist. Second reaction: I'm so, so confused. If Franco set the bomb, but Sam was last seen with Theo, then are Franco and Theo working together? And since there's no way Sam's dead, how in the world did she survive a car bomb? How was her face not burned? Do these people understand science? I mean, I'm no Bill Nye, but I know bomb + fire + enclosed space + gas = big boom, big fire, lots of smoke, bad burns, and probably no survivors, especially with the amount of time she was in the car. Maybe it's a double? Or a dummy? But if so, then where's Sam? And where's Brenda? By the way, where's Suzanne? Where are Olivia and Steven? (Um, maybe I shouldn't ask.) Third reaction: Awesome twist.

Shouldn't Jason have been worried when he learned that Sam never got back to the pavilion or told Sonny that Theo's the Balkan? That should have sent up a major red flag. He made it to the Pine Barrens, back to Port Charles, and over to Carly's before Sam got from the penthouse to the pavilion. I'd be suspicious.

I admit, I laughed really, really loudly at, "That's what I get for spending my spring between a rock and a hard place." I also loved Franco's reaction to Jason asking, "Who is this?" Like, seriously, you didn't recognize his voice? I just wish they could find a way to slip in a reference to Amber Tamblyn being in 127 Hours; I'm not sure how, since Emily's dead.

This is NOT going to be good for Molly's PTSD. Neither will finding out who Shawn really is.

So Ethan recites poetry now? Okay, then.

February 26th, 2011

Next week: Worst wedding night ever.

My mom e-mailed me this after watching yesterday's show. Like mother, like daughter: "I immediately said, take Elizabeth, not Sam. So, I guess that's one way to learn what your priorities are."

February 28th, 2011

Thanks to the limo being bombproof, Sam survives and is taken to the hospital. Patrick tells Jason and Alexis that she was drugged before the explosion, and it's either that or the explosion itself that's done something to her hearing. Everyone figures out that Sam was meant as a diversion so the Balkan could grab Brenda and get a head start; everyone would think Brenda had died because they wouldn't bother to run tests on the body and find out it wasn't her. Dante also figures out that Brenda was probably taken from the limo, drugged, and possibly put into a catering van. Suzanne demands to know where Brenda is, but Theo will only say that she's alive. When Brenda wakes up in the underground laid, Theo tells her he's Alexander's father. Shawn thanks Carly for unknowingly stopping him from kidnapping Brenda, which would have compromised his character. Jason tells Sonny that Shawn is working with Theo and is laid up at Carly's, so Sonny heads over with backup to get some information. Suzanne overhears Jason on the phone with Sonny and lets Theo know that he may need to move soon. Franco calls Jason again to let him know he'll be back in Port Charles soon - with a present. Luke takes Edward home, winning some points with Tracy. Lucky wants to marry Siobhan, but she's uncertain where his feelings for Elizabeth stand. Kristina talks to Ethan about her own car-bomb experience.

How, exactly, does one bombproof a car?

They should have put another scene in between Sam being taken to the hospital and Jax showing up to tell Alexis what happened. The way it played out, it looks like the lake house is right next door to the pavilion.

Can we please stop talking about Franco for, like, a year? Please?

Not that I would ever complain about Olivia being in a scene, but she's at the hospital...why?

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