General Hospital blog - February, 2017

February 1st, 2017

Josslyn's doing a family-tree project for school, which leads Carly to find a bunch of family photos, including some of her adoptive parents, Frank and Virginia Benson. A discussion about her not-so-great childhood gets Nelle a little riled up. Bobbie catches her glaring at a baby picture of Carly, and the two have another fight. While Nelle confirms (just for the audience) that she's out to destroy Carly, Bobbie calls someone to look into Nelle's background. Lulu offers to back down from full custody to joint custody if Valentin agrees to go to family therapy with the Falconeris. Valentin declines, promising that Lulu will never get what she wants. Nina asks Anna why she's so obsessed with Valentin, but Anna says it's the other way around. Nina blasts her for being mean to her husband all those years ago and using him and some other stuff that just sounds dumb when you remember he's a freaking murderer and has her snowed. Valentin seems ashamed that Nina saw a picture of him back when he was deformed and hideous, but she doesn't care. Anna tries to read part of Valentin's WSB file, but it's restricted. When she calls someone for access, she's told the file doesn't exist – and then it doesn’t, as it disappears right in front of her eyes. Sonny comes up with an excuse to go to the hospital, where he and Jason stage a fight that Julian listens in on. Jason announces that he's done with the investigation into the car bomb and is putting his family before Sonny's. Sonny pretends to take it personally, implying that this rift is going to affect their friendship. Julian falls for it, which means the Morgans can continue the investigation without anyone knowing. Michael brings up Nelle's supposed married boyfriend, and though she dances around the "married" part, she continues the lie.

So I guess Nelle is Frank Benson's daughter, then?

Let's talk about how Anna has a picture of a random Corgi in a Union Jack frame on her desk.

The teasers for this week were all, "SONNY AND JASON HAVE A HUGE FIGHT! OH, NO!" so I love that it was staged. I just hope the Morgans have a plan to protect Curtis, too.

Oh, calm down, Griffin. They're taking down the guy who had your father killed. You're lucky you have anything to do right now at all.

February 2nd, 2017

Julian tells Alexis he's moving back to Ava's, since he's accomplished his goal of getting her sober. (Yeah, four days oughtta do it.) Before he leaves, Liv comes by to check on his progress with Jason. He tells her his plan to scare Jason off worked, and also drove a wedge between Sonny and Jason. Little does he know that Sonny, Sam, and Jason are currently bringing Carly into the loop and making plans to surveil Julian. Sam reluctantly agrees to go to a safehouse, telling Alexis it's because Jason's afraid that Sonny will get violent against Julian. Jason reconfirms to Sonny that when he finds Morgan's killer, he's taking her to the police, not Sonny. Sonny's like, "Whatever, I'll find a way to kill her anyway." Jordan and Andre make up for the five millionth time, but she doesn't tell him what happened between her and Curtis in Baltimore. Curtis checks in on Sonny's case, which is going forward in court since Buzz has disappeared and the DA thinks there's still enough evidence against Sonny. Curtis asks if he's at least proven himself enough to be a cop again, but Jordan won't go to bat for him. He accuses her of trying to run him out of town so she can remain in denial about wanting to be with him. One slap later and Curtis decides to rejoin with the Morgans for the investigation. Franco and Elizabeth are back in good standing, and she invites him to stay with her while he's recovering. Ned wants Olivia and Leo to move into the mansion, but Olivia says she doesn't belong there. The two of them have conversations with Carly and Dillon, who both make them think the other wants to get married. Olivia recoils at the idea, but Ned likes it. Alexis thanks Franco for keeping his mouth shut to the police, and he encourages her to take care of herself, as if he's a good person now or something. While Sam is also grateful to him, she wants him to know that this one kind act doesn't wipe his slate clean.

I have a deep love of "we're fighting in public but secretly everything is fine" plots, and I hope this Sonny/Jason one stays interesting.

Curtis, you don't want to work for Jordan. You're right to stick with the Morgans.

I only support sending Sam to a safehouse if it leads to labor wackiness. Like, for example, Jason and Curtis have to deliver the baby together.

I totally forgot about the GH takeover (or whatever) plot until Liv brought it up. Which means it's a dumb plot.

Dillon clearly doesn't know Olivia very well if he thinks she needs to toughen up. And he doesn't know Ned very well either if he thinks Ned isn't reliable.

February 3rd, 2017

Alexis isn't surprised to see Liv in her house, since she's Alexis' sponsor. Julian is too much of a wimp to tell Alexis that she'll be confiding in and relying on the person trying to take down people she loves. Brick hooks Sonny, Jason, and Curtis up with some tech toys so Curtis can start spying on Julian. Josslyn wants to play matchmaker for Nelle and Michael, and is disappointed when Bobbie tells her that Nelle's already seeing someone. Josslyn takes a peek at the card that came with some flowers Nelle received (a gift from herself), but it's just signed "S." Bobbie enlists Felicia to look into Nelle's life, but she can't find anything about her online. Felicia starts to befriend Nelle, getting on her good side by trash-talking Bobbie. Franco and Elizabeth decide to go public, though they weren't exactly keeping their relationship a secret before. Also, they have sex, in case anyone cares.

God help me but I find Liv entertaining.

God help me some more but I also find The Sonny, Jason, Curtis, and Brick Show entertaining.

Joss, please get a hobby or something.

Here's hoping Franco and Elizabeth used protection.

Arrested: Seth Baker

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Carly to Olivia, re: Ned: "Is one of his relatives trying to blackmail you? They're really good at it"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sonny's little dance of joy after tricking Julian
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: N/A
Least believable moment: Franco's suddenly healthy enough for sex
Best instances of continuity: Franco used to think of murder as a gift; Felicia used to be a PI
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: Franco, I guess (though I don't think Seth was actually going to do anything to Elizabeth)
Most annoying character: Nelle
Smartest character: Liv
Dumbest character: Julian
Previously unanswered questions now answered: A rare two-fer – Seth kidnapped Franco and killed Tom.

The week in a nutshell:

February 6th, 2017

Sam calls off the plan to go to a safehouse with Danny, thinking it'll be a red flag that the Morgans are on to Julian and Liv. Before she, Jason, and Sonny can continue the conversation, Curtis summons Jason to Liv's herb shop, where he's tailed Julian. Liv takes precautions by playing music so no one can listen in, so the guys are stuck on a boring stakeout while the Jeromes discuss exactly why she wants to take over GH. She won't explain her motives to Julian, but he knows he has to go along since she's still keeping an eye on Leo and has now hacked GH's security cameras to watch Lucas. Liv tells him to push through the hospital sale by getting allies on the board. Unfortunately for Julian, there's already a new board member: Michael. And unfortunately for another Jerome sibling, Jason and Curtis hear Julian mention that he's following his sister's orders, and they snap a picture of him with a blonde. Felicia invites herself over to Nelle's and does some snooping. She finds a really expensive bra and tells Bobbie that it probably came from her boyfriend, which means he's rich. Nelle then takes the bra to Sonny's and appears to be planning to put it in his bed. Hayden comes up with a plan to save GH money, but it'll require layoffs, specifically of some nurses. Franco's worried about how people will react to his and Elizabeth's relationship. They get a practice run when Aiden learns they're boyfriend and girlfriend, but other people probably won't have the same response as his, which is fully not caring. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Carly, who definitely cares that Finn and Hayden are dating. Lucas overhears Brad threatening Finn, but Brad is able to talk his way out of suspicion. Curtis tells Jason he's still Team Morgan because of T.J. and his past as a cop and wanting to do the right thing, but really, it's about sticking it to Jordan and we all know it.

I'm on Sam's side about the safehouse. Don't send a pregnant woman off alone with a preschooler. Just give her some bodyguards.

Excuse me? Did I hear a hint of a reference to Sonny and Sam's former relationship?

I can't wait for Jason and Curtis to go after Ava, who's 100% clueless and, for once, actually innocent. What would be awesome is if Sonny confronts her with, "I know what you did," and she's dumb enough to confess to swapping the pills.

I think we can all see where this is going – Hayden's plan to get rid of nurses will lead to Elizabeth losing her job. (Fingers crossed that Amy gets cut, too.)

Hee, I didn't think about Carly's possible reaction to Finn and Hayden's relationship. Hee hee hee.

February 7th, 2017

Curtis applies Occam's Razor to the Jerome situation and figures Ava's the one calling the shots. Jason isn't sure and doesn't tell Sonny what they found out, but Sonny can tell he's hiding something, so he asks Brick to get him the feed from the surveillance equipment. Word spreads that hospital staff will be cut, and Elizabeth, Felix, and Amy turn on Hayden, as if she's personally going to single them out and fire them. As Julian puts pressure on his board member lackey to make sure whatever Hayden's come up with to save the hospital doesn't succeed, the nurses decide to band together and fight for their jobs. Nina and Maxie agree to avoid the topic of Charlotte in the office, since they're on opposite sides of the custody battle. Alexis cautions Lulu to be a model parent and respect Valentin's decision to keep her from seeing Charlotte for the moment. But when Nina leaves Charlotte in Maxie's care, Maxie summons Lulu so she can sneak some time with her daughter. Nelle leaves her bra in Sonny's bedroom, then goes off to be sweet to Michael and continue annoying me. Michael tells Carly that her mystery boyfriend's name starts with S.

Did Carly only call Nelle over to get some papers out of the bedroom? How lazy are you, Carly?

Oh, Julian's board member lackey whose name I can't remember. He's already unpopular. His plan to turn the hospital into condos is just a drop in the bucket.

LOL at Elizabeth lecturing someone about compassion.

Does this mean the nurses are getting a plot? I'm almost willing to put up with Amy if it means more Epiphany and Felix.

February 8th, 2017

Curtis pays Ava a visit, pretending he wants to buy some art. He quickly learns that there are a number of people who can give Ava an alibi for the time Julian was supposedly meeting with her, but Ava's intent on making a sale and won't let him duck out. Curtis' cover story is so convincing that he almost has to shell out $22,000 to keep it up. Meanwhile, Brick plays the surveillance feed for Sonny, who then breaks house arrest to go confront Ava. Jordan tells Dante that she's pretty sure Sonny's innocent and hates that the DA is still proceeding with the trial. Then suddenly there's hope, as Buzz resurfaces, having been convinced to come back to town after receiving a note from Curtis promising that Jordan can protect him. Lulu's surprise visit goes horribly and makes things worse between her and Charlotte. It doesn't help that Nina swoops in to make things better for her stepdaughter. Laura's desire to protect Lulu from Valentin has now spilled over into her dreams, and her assurances to her daughter that Valentin won't win take on a different tone now that we know how homicidal she is. Maxie basically tells Nina "sorry not sorry" about the stunt with Lulu, though I'm not sure Nina would have forgiven her if she'd been remorseful. Either way, Maxie's fired. As if the Morgans didn't already have enough to deal with, now there might be something wrong with the baby. I mean, of course. Anna's investigation into Valentin is giving her headaches, which Griffin thinks she shouldn't just dismiss as nothing. She ignores him to approach the case from a different angle, asking Robert to get her in touch with an analyst who also knew Valentin.

If only Curtis had ended his "I'm with Ava; it's a bust" text to Jason with, "Can I borrow $20,000?"

I'm no Nina fan but I liked the way she dealt with Charlotte today.

Of course Maxie exercised "a staggering lack of judgment." That's her middle name.

It's that time of year when someone has to go to Shriners, and I'm guessing this year's unlucky patient will be Baby "Haven't My Parents Been Through Enough?" Morgan. Also, they're not really going to name the baby Scout, right?

February 9th, 2017

Dante finds Sonny's ankle monitor and tells Carly he broke house arrest. Carly calls Jason over, and he quickly figures out that Sonny put together that Ava's the possible boss. Dante has trouble letting him go off alone to stop Sonny from killing anyone, and can't even get Carly on his side – she may not want violence, but she does want justice. However, she's sure that Sonny won't kill anyone since he knows he would lose everything, including her. Sonny tells Ava that he knows what she did to Morgan, which almost yields a confession about the swapped medication. He won't listen when she insists she didn't plant the bomb, and he's about to shoot her when Jason shows up to talk him down. Alexis tells Molly and Kristina that she's an alcoholic and wants their forgiveness for her actions over the past few months. Sam and Molly are forgiving, but Kristina is a child about it and makes it about herself, bringing up Parker and, for some reason, the time Molly and T.J. were going to have sex at the Metro Court. Jordan's so pleased with the nice things Curtis said about her to Buzz that she wants them to be friends. Curtis declines, angry that she's still with Andre when she should be with him. While he complains to Hayden, Jordan tells Andre what happened between her and Curtis in Baltimore. Once again, this is a deal-breaker for Andre, and he thinks they should break up. Liv bugs Julian some more about the GH sale, like, dude, it's been three hours. Chill. Andre warns Hayden not to let rumors about layoffs circulate too much, as if she has any control over that.

Whatever, Dante. You didn't send Sonny to prison when he shot you; you're not going to send him there for this.

Oh, shut up, Kristina. Stop playing the victim for five minutes, would you?

Alexis and Lulu could start a support group for women whose daughters screamed at them this week.

This show really needs more friendships like Hayden and Curtis'.

February 10th, 2017

Carly stalls Dante while Jason keeps trying to remind Sonny of what he'll lose if he kills Ava. Just as it looks like Sonny's going to say screw it and do it anyway, Dante arrives at the gallery and finds only Jason and Ava there. Sonny's already on his way home, arriving just seconds after Jordan comes over to announce that the charges against him are being dropped. Carly's furious with Sonny for turning to violence once again, but he talks his way out of it. Over at the gallery, Jason denies Ava's claim that Sonny came to kill her, then gives Dante the recording of Julian saying his sister is running the show. Tracy and Finn help Hayden prepare to lay off a bunch of nurses, who have gathered to discuss their options. Epiphany thinks they should go on strike, but Elizabeth worries that they'll have their bluff called and won't keep their jobs. Felix suggests that they ask for a meeting with the people in charge, then try to drum up public support for their side. Elizabeth is nominated to talk to Hayden about this idea, but when she overhears Hayden practicing the layoff speech she's going to give, Elizabeth changes her mind and agrees to the strike. Amy probably won't get to participate, though, since she's already up to be axed. Sam meets Liv, who's a little too interested in her baby and Kelly and other things about Sam's personal life. Jordan begs Andre to give things another chance, but he's done. Anna turns to him for help with the Valentin stuff again, but he's not in a good place to help her. Really, though, I think they just needed Anna to be at the hospital when Liv comes by.

I don't know why but I found it funny that Jason ratted out Ava to Dante.

Why does Hayden have to do the firing? Doesn't GH have an HR department?

"I move that someone muzzle Amy." SECONDED.

Normally I'd be thrilled with anyone (even Amy) jumping on Elizabeth for being selfish, but...single mom with three kids. She needs to be selfish about keeping her job.

Time to put a protective bubble around Scout so Liv can't get near her. (Or him, but I'm leaning towards it being a girl.)

Broke up: Jordan Ashford and Andre Maddox
Fired: Maxie Jones

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Curtis' "oh, crap, I'm going to have to buy this painting" face; Finn's Amy impersonation
Funniest moment (unintentional): Carly: "What the hell did you do?" Sonny's face: "Why am I getting yelled at?"
Saddest moments: Lulu and Alexis being upset that their daughters are mad at them
Sweetest/cutest moment: N/A
Least believable moment: N/A
Best instance of continuity: Sam is a carrier for beta thalessemia
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Hero of the week: Jason
Most annoying character: Kristina
Smartest character: Felix
Dumbest character: Sonny, for not just asking Ava to come to his house

The week in a nutshell:

February 13th, 2017

Dante and Jordan put Ava through an audio lineup, and though Buzz doesn't recognize her voice, he does want to hear it again. Liv is annoyed that Julian is back on the PCPD's radar, but pleased that Ava is serving as an adequate scapegoat. Sonny tells Carly that Ava may have been involved with Morgan's death, and suddenly he's not the only person with violent tendencies. He convinces her not to make any moves yet, since he and Jason don't think things are entirely straightforward. Anna almost encounters Liv, then gets distracted by the analyst she wanted to talk to about Valentin. He tells her that Valentin vanished from the WSB one day, and they figured he'd learned his fate: Anna had put his name on a kill list. Felicia continues digging into Nelle's past, learning that she spent some time in Florida. Nelle would rather talk about her "boyfriend," who she's pretty sure will soon be leaving the woman he's with. Meanwhile, Sonny finds her bra before Carly sees it. Lulu tries to apologize to Valentin, who plays the "I'm not really a villain" card again.

I was going to try to find the full episode, but I don't think we missed much during the preemption. Which is sad, really.

February 14th, 2017

On Liv's orders, Buzz tells Jordan that Ava was the person who ordered his death and, therefore, the one who killed Morgan. As Ava insists over and over that she had nothing to do with it, DNA evidence from the herb shop and Ava's signature on the shop's lease make her look more and more like a liar. Julian tries to talk Liv out of framing their sister, enticing her with the promise of giving her a family, but Liv sticks to her plan, and Ava ends up in handcuffs. Sonny is totally on to Nelle, and when he returns her bra to her, he accuses her of planting it for Carly to find. He warns her never to come to his house again or he'll make her disappear. Nelle decides it's time to employ the recording she made of him talking about their "affair." The nurses stage a sick-out, leaving the doctors scrambling to actually treat their patients. Amy offers her help, in exchange for Hayden's promise that she's back on the payroll and won't be laid off again. Hayden agrees, warning that the other nurses won't be happy with Amy when they find out. Finn is cranky because of the sick-out and the fact that he's almost out of the medication he's been conning from Griffin. He's reached the point in his addiction where he's taking pills off the floor when he drops them. Griffin may finally be starting to catch on, though. Griffin also may have a crush on Elizabeth, and Franco isn't happy about it. Elizabeth lets him know that jealousy is unattractive and he needs to deal with whatever makes him mad about seeing her talking to other guys. Carly tells Michael that Ava may have killed Morgan, even though Sonny, Jason, and now she herself don't think things add up.

It's reaaaaaaaaaaally hard to feel sorry for Ava. To paraphrase Notting Hill: Dear Ava, you belong in prison.

We already know that Victor Jerome couldn't keep it in his pants, so why doesn't anyone suspect that he has another daughter no one knows about? And how is Carly the only person to note that two people who live together wouldn't need to have a secret meeting in a random place?

Franco: (treats people horribly) "I don't get why people don't like me."

I'm offended on Lucas' behalf that Carly called Finn and Griffin her two favorite doctors.

February 15th, 2017

Anna breaks into Wyndemere to plant a bug, even though her headaches are getting worse and at one point she's barely able to stand. Valentin catches her and she begs him to tell her why he left the WSB. He doesn't get why she says she doesn't remember, and he doesn't appreciate having to dredge up painful memories. Then Anna collapses and suddenly Valentin cares about her and wants to get her help. Ava complains to Scott that she's been arrested for Morgan's murder, which he points out she was at least partly responsible for. She suggests confessing to the medication swap if it'll get her a shorter sentence, but Scott tells her to keep her mouth shut. He tries to call Julian to get his help, but Julian won't give it. Scott then calls Kiki, who's about to celebrate her first Valentine's Day with Dillon when she learns that her mother is being accused of killing her boyfriend. Kiki warns Ava that if she had anything to do with Morgan's death, that'll be the last straw. Scott's sure that he can get Ava out on bail, but she thinks that she's safer in lockup, where Sonny can't hurt her. Kiki goes back to her old habit of pushing Dillon away, and just as he's about to leave her alone, she changes her mind. Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan decide to avoid the topics of Charlotte and Valentin while on a Valentine's Day double date. This lasts about five minutes before the women both apologize for the thing at Crimson. Maxie admits that she lost her job over it, which just gives Lulu something else to be upset about. Curtis meets up with Grace, an old friend from his coke days who's surprised that he's a) sober and b) single. They head to the Floating Rib, where Jordan and Andre have just had their first awkward post-breakup run-in. Andre sees Curtis alone and thinks he's there to meet Jordan. Jordan decides to take a chance and approach Curtis, but she backs off when she sees Grace. Nathan tries to get Nina to give Maxie her job back, but Nina has no intention of doing that.

I call bull on Ava thinking about admitting that she swapped Morgan's meds. No freaking way.

Oh, yeah, Valentin, you're totally open with Anna. You always answer her questions. You haven't dragged this plot out unnecessarily AT ALL.

I was hoping for a Valentin/Valentine's reference, but I wasn't expecting it from Charlotte.

If Valentin's lawyer is, as suspected, Nora from One Life to Live, the trial is starting in March, not next week.

February 16th, 2017

Nina spends her first Valentine's Day as a married woman waiting for her husband, who's too busy suddenly worrying about Anna to tell her what's going on. (Also, whatever's wrong with Anna, it's probably bad.) Franco wants to join the nurses' sick-out, but Felix and Epiphany would rather use him as an inside man to feed them information on management's next moves. Unfortunately for them, the board is now eliminating non-essential programs, so Franco's out of a job. And he hears it from Hayden, so her relationship with Elizabeth isn't going to get any better anytime soon. Kiki and Dillon definitely aren't taking things slowly anymore. Griffin notices that Finn is shaky and hiding something, but somehow doesn't put together that he's an addict. Laura pleads with Tracy to find a way to save the hospital without letting go of any personnel. Amazingly, Tracy listens. Epiphany and Felix are, somehow, pro-Franco/Elizabeth. Nathan tries to smooth things over between Nina and Maxie, but it doesn't work.

Hey, Kiki, maybe don't talk about your last boyfriend when you're in bed with your new one. Maybe don't talk about your mom either.

Griffin CANNOT be this stupid, right?

Aww, Tracy's heart grew three sizes.

Ugh, thanks a lot, Epiphany and Felix. I thought you were good judges of character.

February 17th, 2017

Anna may have cancer, though she doesn't know it. Griffin tries to comfort her, then calls Robin to fill her in. Tracy calls an emergency Quartermaine meeting to present her idea that ELQ buy the hospital. She tries to bar Olivia from the meeting, since she's not family, but Ned argues for her to stay, saying she's his family. When everyone hesitates to okay the purchase, since there are so many risks, Olivia's the one to present a better plan: The Quartermaines use their own money to buy GH. Nina: "Why were you with Anna?" Valentin: "Here's something shiny. Also, I love you." Nina: "Forget I said anything." After extracting a promise from Liv that she'll leave him alone once he gets her the hospital, Julian gives Alexis a key to a safe-deposit box and tells her that if anything happens to him, she'll find the reason there. Franco's worried about telling Elizabeth he lost his job, because she's totally the sort of person who would dump someone for that. Come on, Franco. Sam and Jason are at a loss for who Julian's boss is, if not Ava, but Sam does Google Olivia Jerome, so that's something. Ned's pleased with how Valentine's Day went with Olivia and tells Dillon he wants her to become his family for real. Finn has graduated to stealing medication from the hospital.

I was going to say that I could see them giving Anna cancer, since who on this show hasn't had it, but seeing Robin in the previews made me change my mind. Would they have Anna go through that when Robin most likely wouldn't be there to support her the whole time?

Michael, I think it's time to scrap the clinic idea. It's been, like, three years. You've been working on it longer than Avery's been alive. It's not going to happen.

Nina just has zero instincts, huh?

I hope one day I'm in a marriage where I say, "I love you," and my husband says, "What?"

We now have to stop pretending that moving five feet away from someone ensures privacy, because Liv heard Sam and Jason from halfway across the Floating Rib, and it wasn't exactly quiet in there. Also, I wish Sam had seen her drinking there.

Arrested: Ava Jerome
Hospitalized: Anna Devane

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Kiki trying to be casual after Franco walked in on her and Dillon half-dressed
Funniest moment (unintentional): Jason basically telling the Quartermaines to bill him for his portion of the hospital sale
Saddest moment: Anna worrying about her health
Sweetest/cutest moment: I can't believe I'm saying this, since it involved Valentin, but I thought it was cute that he made sure Charlotte knows Valentine's Day isn't named after him
Least believable moment: Ava considered confessing to the medication swap
Best instance of continuity: Maxie and Nathan locked Dante and Lulu in a hotel room to get them back together
Worst instance of continuity: N/A
Heroes of the week: Laura and the Quartermaines
Most annoying character: N/A
Smartest character: Liv, amazingly
Dumbest character: Griffin

The week in a nutshell:

February 20th, 2017

Robin returns to town just in time to learn that Anna has a rare, treatable but incurable form of cancer that she'll have to deal with for the rest of her life. Robin's like, "Well, I think we can handle a chronic illness, huh?" Sonny fills Jason in on Nelle's recent scheming, and Jason advises him to take away her power by telling Carly about the "affair." Sonny's ready, but Carly wants to have a romantic getaway, so he decides to hold off. Meanwhile, Nelle makes a copy of the recording where Sonny talks about the "affair" and puts it in Carly's mail, apparently planning to leave town before the backlash. Michael goes with Nelle to a mountain cabin to set up for Carly and Sonny's getaway, but a snowstorm strands them there. Ned plans to sell his L&B shares to help finance the GH sale, though Olivia objects. Ned asks Tracy for Lila's engagement ring, and after Ned gets her to admit that she has no reason to dislike Olivia, she hands it over. Olivia finds Ned with it, so he proposes a little ahead of schedule. Olivia's response is, "I can't," followed by a sprint out of the mansion. Julian tries to poison Liv, then dares her to kill him when she catches on. She decides he can live until after the GH deal goes through, but he needs an incentive to stay in line, and it looks like this one will be Sam and/or Scout. Finn has an offer to buy the patent for his cure (and Hayden hopes he'll give some of the proceeds to the Quartermaines for the hospital), but he's more concerned with getting more drugs. He asks Sonny for help, but Sonny's hesitant to do anything illegal when he's just dodged a bullet. Tracy offers Finn use of ELQ's jet to go meet with someone about the patent, so now Finn has a way to get his drugs. Alexis tells Sam about Julian's safe-deposit box, which Sam suggests she and Jason find a way into so they can get answers.

Cancer statistics in Port Charles are seriously messed up. Is there something in the water? (Someone call Jerry.) And why isn't there an oncologist in the cast?

Thank you, Jason, for employing my exact logic about pulling the trigger before a blackmailer can.

"I thought you liked Olivia!" Ned, name one time Tracy has indicated that. Just one time.

I hope Sam keeps wearing that giant scarf. She'll need it when Liv inevitably induces her labor and tries to take Scout.

February 21st, 2017

Sam runs into Robin in GH's parking garage, briefly giving Liv the idea of being able to harm two people whose parents she hates. Instead, Liv messes with Sam's car, then offers her a ride. As Liv babbles about family and reconciliation and reinvention, Sam notices something with Chinese characters hanging from the rearview mirror and adds "reincarnation" to the list. Julian meets with Olivia to let her know that Leo will be taken care of if anything happens to him. He also supports her relationship with Ned and thinks he'd be a good father figure for Leo. Instead of asking Olivia why she doesn't want to marry him, Ned goes to Dante for insight. He thinks that Olivia doesn't believe she needs someone or is needed or something truly ridiculous. Ned then tells Olivia that he's scared to get married, but he's going to make sure he's the person she deserves so she'll change her mind. (Never mind that she hasn't said why she's hesitant, or that she thinks he's not the person she deserves, or anything at all about the situation, because Ned apparently thinks HER SON IS THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS THE SITUATION.) Michael tries to get Nelle to calm down about being snowbound, then comes up with a contrived reason for them to be naked near each other. He tells her how her friendship helped him get through Morgan's death, and they're about five seconds away from making out. Jordan blames Curtis for her and Andre's breakup, and thinks he could cost her her career as well, since Scott is alleging that he planted the evidence that incriminates Ava. Curtis tells her that she should have ditched Andre and hooked up with him in Baltimore, because now it's too late. Julian gives Lucas what's probably the same letter he left Alexis, though Lucas wants even less to do with him than Sam does. Julian also blasts Jason for continuing his investigation after being warned away, saying that if anything happens to his family, Jason's partly to blame. Sonny kills some time having the same conversation with Jason that he did yesterday, and talking to Robin about Anna and Olivia Jerome.

Fun fact: The Cheryl Robin and Liv were talking about in the flashbacks was Lucas' biological mother.

Nelle, stop saying things that are actually fun. I don't like it when you genuinely make me laugh.

Michael: "Why don't we just surrender to the circumstances?" Me: "I'm not sure what that means but use protection."

Jordan should join Kristina's club for people who always think they're victims.

Whatever, Julian. You're the one who never bothers to make sure his family is protected.

February 22nd, 2017

Sam, Sonny, and Jason figure out at the same time that Olivia Jerome might not be dead after all. Sam, however, is the only one to figure out that she's Liv. She manages to stay calm and formulate an escape plan, but Liv is smart enough to realize that Sam is on to her. They end up facing off on a bridge, with Liv holding a gun. Ava's able to wear Julian down and persuade him to tell her all the secrets he's been keeping. Just as he's about to, Liv sends him a picture of herself with Sam. Nelle rejects Michael's attempt to kiss her, and he thinks it's because of her "relationship" with her "boyfriend." He knows she's not happy, but she admits that she doesn't believe she deserves happiness. He convinces her that she does, and she claims she's going to make a new start in her life. The Quartermaines may have done enough to save the hospital, but Tracy wants Hayden to ensure that they have enough board members on their side. Bobbie takes time out from checking on Felicia's progress in her Nelle investigation to let Carly know that she and Sonny are going to have to cancel their mountain getaway. When she gets back on the phone, Bobbie learns that Felicia has uncovered something in Atlanta. Hayden finds out that Finn might not have gone to his meeting about the patent. Monica gives Jason a baby blanket Lila made him, which better not be jinxing anything with the baby.


Julian, if you want to win back some points with your family, track your sister's phone.

"Looks like Papa Jerome got around," says the man who's had four kids with four different women.

Sure Julian's dead to you, Ava. Like you'll shut out the only person who can tolerate you (other than Scott, and that's only because you pay him to).

February 23rd, 2017

Sam lashes out at Liv for killing Morgan and not showing any remorse. Liv says she just wants to take Sam somewhere while she works some things out, but she's actually really jealous of Sam for having a great life while Liv lost the one person she loves. She finally admits that she wants revenge on Julian for killing Duke. Sam agrees to go with her so the baby won't be hurt, but she manages to fight Liv a little. Liv pushes her off the side of the bridge (not in the water, fortunately) and leaves her there, unconscious. Instead of checking on Sam right away, Julian meets with his GH board buddy (whose name we finally learned yesterday – Fred Gray) and learns that Laura and the Quartermaines have mobilized a counter-attempt to save the hospital. Julian orders him to win over more board members. When he finally calls Liv to make sure Sam is okay, he tells her she's going to get the hospital, and she replies that he doesn't need to worry about his daughter. Robin and Griffin give Anna the news that her condition means she shouldn't do fieldwork anymore. Anna hates this, but Robin convinces her to take care of herself so her family doesn't lose her. Anna asks Valentin again to tell her what happened at the WSB, and he again says no. Elsewhere, Curtis tells Nina that her husband is probably lying to her about where things stand between him and Anna. When she learns that Valentin visited Anna, Nina decides to get her out of the equation by having her arrested for breaking into Wyndemere. Hayden frets about Finn, whose plane never got to the meeting. She confides in Griffin, who tells her that Finn may still be taking the medication. Hayden goes to see her boyfriend and show her support, but he can't come to the door, seeing as how he's overdosed and passed out. Jason gets some information on Liv from Robin, making him more sure that she's an angle he should be pursuing. He shares his theory with Curtis that she's alive and invites him on a grave-digging mission.

I just want it on the record that I don't think Julian's going to survive this storyline. I can see him sacrificing himself to protect his family. (Also, they don't have much use for William DeVry anymore.)

"You're supposed to be dead. How is this even possible?" Sam, 90 PERCENT OF PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN HAVE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD. Freaking A. I hope she was just playing dumb.

Fingers crossed that Anna's put in a cell across from Ava's.

It's been so long since Curtis and Nina talked that I'd forgotten they were friends.

I guess Griffin isn't as clueless as I thought. Good to know.

February 24th, 2017

Jason and a very creeped-out Curtis open Olivia Jerome's tomb, which is empty. This keeps Jason so busy that he has no idea Sam's still stuck somewhere by the bridge, unable to get herself help. Liv has Rudge drug and kidnap Laura to keep her from attending the GH board vote. Robin tries to get Anna's transfer to lockup delayed, but she should probably stop pulling away the police officer assigned to guard her, since Liv wants to kill Anna. Robin's attempts turn out to be a waste of time anyway, since as soon as Valentin finds out that Nina called the police on Anna, he has the charges dropped. Nina thinks he still has feelings for Anna, but Valentin says she's just mistrustful because men have hurt her in the past. Hayden confronts Finn about his addiction, arranging for him to go to rehab. He makes excuses for not going, claiming that he can kick the habit on his own, but she points out that if he could, he already would have. Finn declares his love, which Hayden sees as an attempt to manipulate her emotions. She tells him he can get in touch when he decides to get clean, but until then, she's done with him. Lucy tells Tracy to give up the fight for the hospital because the sale is going to go through. Alexis tells Liv that she's trying to find a legal workaround to get access to Julian's safe-deposit box. Liv barely keeps it together to invite herself along if Alexis succeeds. Since this show loves to write in actress' real-life pregnancies, Robin's pregnant.

If anything happens to Scout, I'm going to go all Bensonhurst on the writers.

Rudge is really lucky that Dante wasn't nearby when he drugged Laura.

What did Liv put in Alexis' bag? Was that Sam's phone?

All in favor of picking a new MC for any future Nurses' Balls, say aye. (I nominate Felix.)

Back in town: Robin Scorpio Drake
Kidnapped: Laura Spencer
Pregnant: Robin Scorpio Drake

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Sam: "So far this pregnancy's been drama-free." Robin: "Sorry, I don't know what those words mean in that order"; The Further Adventures of Jason and Curtis
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sonny saying that if Julian tried to kill Liv, odds are 50/50 that he failed
Saddest moment: N/A
Sweetest/cutest moment: Monica giving Jason the blanket Lila made him
Least believable moment: Duke was back in town for years and Liv made no attempt to reconnect with him
Best instance of continuity: Julian likes to call Ned "Ted"
Worst instance of continuity: Suddenly Ava wants out of lockup
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Lucy
Smartest character: Jason
Dumbest character: Julian

The week in a nutshell:

February 27th, 2017

Carly decides she's ready to move back home, and Sonny asks her to make their reunion official by renewing their vows. He starts to tell her about his "affair," but she doesn't want to dwell on the past, so he stops. He asks Griffin to do their vow-renewal ceremony, but Griffin won't do it as long as Sonny's keeping something from his wife, so Sonny decides he needs to finish what he started. Speaking of starts, Nelle really has decided to make a fresh one to be with Michael. She deletes Sonny's "confession" recording, then rushes to intercept the copy she mailed to Carly. As she searches for it, Bobbie tells Carly what Felicia found out in Atlanta: Nelle told a friend there that she's having an affair with her boss' husband. Carly's skeptical, so she goes to Nelle for confirmation. Just as Nelle finds the mail she sent Carly and thinks she's in the clear, Carly finds another copy and hears the "confession." Jason thinks Sam spent the night at Alexis', as per a text he got from her, which he realizes must have come from someone else. Also, her phone is in Alexis' purse, and the only person she's encountered other than Laura is Liv. Once she IDs a picture, Jason determines that Liv is Olivia Jerome, and that she's done something to Sam. While in Liv's car, Sam managed to snap a picture of the tassel with the "reincarnation" characters, and from the background, Jason's able to figure out where she is. He gets there just moments after she starts having contractions. Liv has Julian brought to her place so she can keep an eye on him while they wait for the hospital board vote. With Laura missing, the board is deadlocked, but while she was chief of staff, Obrecht appointed herself an alternate in case of a tie. She doesn't want the Quartermaines running the place, so she votes to sell to Liv. Finn asks Hayden for another chance, but she thinks he'll come to be dependent on her for his sobriety, and she's not getting into that situation. Finn then meets with a Martin Shkreli-like guy who offers him a ton of money for his patent. He refuses to sell, but if the board votes to close GH, he could change his mind.

So...I don't think your services will be needed, Griffin.

I'm glad they threw in there that Liv texted Jason as Sam, because I found it really hard to believe that he went so long not knowing where she was.

Fingers crossed that Curtis randomly turns up at the bridge so my wish for him and Jason to deliver the baby together comes true.

Obrecht would rather let the hospital close than let the Quartermaines run it. She just "but her emails!"-ed GH.

If the offer for Finn's patent is worth enough for him to save GH on his own, he will have effectively bought his girlfriend a hospital. Try to turn that down, Hayden!

February 28th, 2017

With an assist from the moon, Jason finally finds Sam, who's convinced that something's wrong with the baby. She makes him promise to take the baby and go if help doesn't come. With nothing but a leather jacket and their own awesomeness, the Morgans deliver the baby, who isn't breathing. By the end of the episode, Jason's alone with an unconscious wife and a new daughter whose condition is unknown. Carly remembers all the red flags and hints she's had over the past few months that Nelle and Sonny have been lying to her. Sonny's concerned that Michael wants to be with Nelle, so he goes to her apartment, where Carly's vowing revenge. She lets Sonny twist for a little while, then reveals that she knows he "cheated." Bobbie confronts Nelle, who thinks at first that she's just saying the same old stuff about not trusting her. She's shocked to learn that Bobbie knows about the "affair" and already told Carly. All of Nelle's plans are ruined, and Bobbie knows that Michael isn't going to overlook what she's done. Finn asks the Quartermaines to buy him some time while the board is supposed to be certifying the vote. While they (well, mostly Michael) vamp, he sells his patent, then offers the board all the proceeds. Tracy gets them to void the original vote, then vote again. This time, they accept Finn's money, and the hospital is saved. (Sucks to be you, Jeromes!) Liv complains for an hour about how Julian never tried to help her put her life back together after he tried to kill her.

I've pieced together a prediction from a couple of teasers: 1) Jason breaks a promise, and 2) Jason and Franco face off. I think the broken promise will be the one to take the baby and go – Jason won't want to leave Sam alone. And I think Franco will stumble across them and offer to help, so Jason will have to decide whether or not to trust him. I also still think Scout's going to end up at Shriners, which is at least better than dying.

I don't ever want to hear a bad word spoken about Sam. She just spent 24 hours out in the snow and then gave birth, again without assistance from any medical personnel or supplies.

Jason: "You're my phoenix, right?" Me, totally not crying: "Yes."

Nelle is the worst, and looks even more horrible in comparison to Michael's awesomeness with the board.

So now Obrecht gets fired, yes?

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