General Hospital blog - February, 2018

February 1st, 2018

Nathan wasn't the only casualty of the Metro Court shootings – Faison didn't survive his encounter with Peter. Now Sonny wants to focus on finding Heinrich, but Anna wants him to be left alone. Sonny finds her attitude suspicious, thinking she should be seeing Heinrich as an enemy; after all, he did the same thing to Jason that Faison did to Robin. Anna visits Faison's body to gloat that she won and reveal that Faison never learned her secret: Somewhere out there is a child they conceived together. She imagines Faison waking up and asking if it's Heinrich. Franco tells Scott about Kevin's psychopath study, and Scott warns that Kevin's crazier than he is, so he's not someone to talk to about his deep, dark secrets. Elizabeth changes Franco's mind, as she thinks Kevin's experiences with Ryan will help him help Franco. Ultimately, Franco decides to participate in the study and starts to tell Kevin what happened with Drew. Also, Kevin has Faison's brain, which is a fun new conversation starter. Jason runs into Sam while looking for Drew and tells her that he spoke to Faison. She tells him how much she can relate to Maxie, as she also had to learn to live without her husband. Drew joins them and Jason shares some information, making Drew wonder how long he's been keeping secrets. The Cartullo dress Josslyn wanted is sold out, and even if it wasn't, Brenda will probably make sure that Carly can't get her hands on it. Nelle happens to have the dress, and she happily hands it over. Carly learns from Sharon Grant that Nelle spent a year in a psychiatric hospital, and she tries to use the info to remind Michael that she can't be trusted. Michael already knew, and he doesn't see their relationship changing anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Nelle, however, thinks the baby will bring her Michael back together.

After almost four decades, Robin is no longer an only child.

They've officially taken the running joke about Franco and food too far.

Well, now we know what Brenda's been up to. Heh.

Carly, YOU spent time in a psychiatric facility. So did Morgan. This angle isn't going to work.

February 2nd, 2018

Nelle almost gets violent with Carly, who's gleeful about her having yet another strike against her. Ava runs into Kiki and Avery and manages to get a few minutes with her younger daughter, against Kiki's better judgment. Later, Ava complains to Nelle about how much control the Corinthoses have, and Nelle encourages her to fight them for Avery. Ava advises her to strengthen her relationship with Michael so she's never in the same position. Nelle says she'll just take Carly down before Carly can do anything to her. Drew's annoyed that Jason, Sonny, and Anna have been working together and are just now telling him and Sam what they've found out. Sam has changed her mind from wanting to find Heinrich to just moving on; without the flash drive, they're not going to get Drew's memories or life back, so why bother? She also thinks that Drew can remember his past on his own. In case you didn't know, being a widow is sad, and losing your brother is sad, and planning a funeral is also sad. Sonny gets word that Mike's in some kind of trouble in Brooklyn, so he goes to fix it. Carly practically orders Jason to go get Sam back. Kiki and Michael give each other some encouragement.

Part of me thinks Lulu should keep her distance right now, in case Maxie blames her for Nathan's death, but the rest of me can't believe isn't doting on Maxie.

How is it that not one person in this Faison storyline suspects that Peter might be involved?

"All of us waiting around for Sam to admit it..." Get a hobby, Carly. long until Michael and Kiki get back together?

February 5th, 2018

Mike's girlfriend Rita tells Sonny that he's been working as a bag man for some guy named Caruso, but Mike has disappeared. He turns up acting like nothing's wrong and tells Sonny that, though $10,000 has gone missing, he didn't take it and hasn't been gambling. Carly tells Michael what happened with Nelle, and he assures her that he's going to make everything work. Nelle has some big, bad plan in place for Carly, and it somehow involves announcing that she wants to name the baby Morgan. Jason is finally suspicious of Peter, wondering why he went to see Faison, and why Faison went to Crimson. Peter plays dumb, as usual. Kevin thinks that Betsy lied to Franco about trying to hurt Drew, and Franco just wants it to be real because he wants to confirm that he's a lost cause. Franco says that if there's any chance he'll hurt Elizabeth or her kids, he needs to keep his distance. Sam isn't sure that Drew should use the flash drive, if they can even find it, but she does still want to look for it. Drew wants to find both it and Heinrich, and he doesn't want Jason's help. Sam passes the message along, telling Jason that other than where Danny's concerned, they're probably not going to be seeing much of each other. Griffin admits to Elizabeth that he sometimes worries that Ava will go back to her evil ways. It looks like Elizabeth might have the same concerns about Franco. Jason tells Carly to stop talking about what Sam wants or feels.

"I met your dad in Gamblers Anonymous." "Oh. You're a gambler." Sonny's a regular Emily Post.

Mike, who used to run a bar, can't get a job at...his girlfriend's bar?

What if Jim hurt Drew and framed Franco? Discuss.

"Let's go on an adventure to find Heinrich!" He's upstairs. Save your adventure for another time.

Jason, feel free to just walk out the next time Carly starts talking about you and Sam. In fact, I recommend it.

February 6th, 2018

There's an attack ad going viral, using Alexis' relationship with Julian to paint her in a bad light. Julian feels bad about it, but Alexis doesn't give him any grief for it. Kim is present when reporters ask Julian about the ad, and he realizes he's going to have to come clean about some things. Finn tells her that Julian and Alexis are exes, so I guess no one told her that Alexis is Sam's mother. When Julian tells Kim that everything in the ad was true, Kim tells him that since he's done his time, she's willing to overlook his criminal past. Sonny fixes Mike's problems, as usual, then finds the missing $10,000 in his cigar box. But that on top of a slip of the tongue, calling Carly by the wrong name, makes me suspect that something else is going on. Robin, who's in town for Maxie, is surprised to learn that Anna and Finn's relationship was fake. Anna tries to convince her that it would never work, making Robin think she's trying to convince herself. Some skeezy guy tries to steal Stella's purse, then has her arrested for assault when she fights back. The streetlights and surveillance cameras in the area went out right at that moment, so there are no witnesses and no footage of what really happened. Jordan is able to use the purse-snatcher's status as a con on probation to get him to drop the whole situation, but she encourages Curtis to look into it. I really think Dante's more upset about Nathan's death than he was about Morgan's.

I can't believe the attack ad didn't bring up the fact that Alexis has a daughter with a known mobster. I guess that'll come up in the next ad.

Ugh, are we doing an Alzheimer's story with Mike? Please, no.

10 cool points to Jordan for "I ran your name through the system because...well, I can."

Edward would have liked Stella. She used the word "reprobate."

Maybe Anna would have found info on Heinrich if she'd spelled his name the way it should be spelled and not the way the show thinks it's spelled (and which I refuse to acknowledge).

February 7th, 2018

Anna comes up with a reason to visit Obrecht so she can ask if Obrecht knows how to get in touch with Heinrich. Nina has a negative amount of interest in finding Faison's son and tells Valentin to get rid of Anna. Instead, Valentin reveals that he knows Anna and Faison had a child together. Mike swears he doesn't know how the $10,000 ended up in the cigar box. Rita tells Sonny that Mike's been cranky lately and seems to be dealing with something he won't discuss with her. Sonny makes up with Mike and convinces him to take a break from his life by coming to Port Charles for a while. Alexis and Ned both ask Sam and Drew for an endorsement from Aurora, but the Cains want to remain neutral. In fact, they think endorsing Alexis would harm her campaign. She takes the decision well, but Ned tries to emotionally manipulate Drew into changing his mind because they're both Quartermaines, and Quartermaines always have each other's backs, as if he wasn't trying to cut Drew out of ELQ just a few weeks ago. Lulu asks Peter about his life, and he tells her some things that are probably true but don't contain enough details for her to figure out who he really is. In a nutshell, he hated Faison and is happy to be free of him. Later, he tells Drew he's resigning from Aurora. Julian continues to turn down Jim's offer to sell Charlie's, so Jim turns his attention to Alexis, who is immune to his attempts to schmooze her. Curtis learns that Stella's would-be mugger, Roger, has vanished. He and Julian decide that the mugging of a vocal opponent of Ned's campaign wasn't random, and Jim's looking like a prime suspect for arranging the whole thing.

Valentin, you smug...ugh, every name I want to call you is R-rated. I totally knew you knew.

Obrecht staying at Wyndemere is so contrived. I guess it was the only way they could think of to get Anna in a scene with both her and Valentin.

Speaking of contrivances, look at me over here, not addressing the fact that Rita is the same bartender who talked to Jason, Drew, and Sam after Jason got back from Russia. Not mentioning the coincidence of Jason walking a bar that happened to be run by his best friend's father's girlfriend.


February 8th, 2018

Anna's story, as told by Valentin: She disguised herself as a call girl to get intel from him, and [here Valentin is vague about what happened and may not know] nine months later gave birth in Brussels. The midwife who delivered the baby told Valentin that Anna didn't want to see her child, and asked the midwife to find him or her a home. Valentin tells Anna that the baby, a girl, was given to a loving family and doesn't know that Faison was her father. Then he calls Peter and tells him it would be a mistake to leave town. Elizabeth thinks Franco's muse has returned, since he's painting again. The two of them end up at Charlie's, along with Sam, Drew, and Jim, who finally puts together that Drew Cain is the same Andy he knew through Betsy. Franco imagines Jim telling Drew that Franco tried to kill him, and Drew attacking Franco in response. Jim doesn't actually say anything incriminating to Drew, but the Cains suspect that he's hiding something. Michael tells Nelle he doesn't want to name the baby Morgan, so she'll have to scrap that part of her plan, whatever it is. She tells Ava she's going to mess with Carly, then calls Carly from a payphone and hangs up. Carly finds Jason a place to live and encourages him to build relationships with his sons. Alexis brings Danny over for a sleepover, since Sam's busy, but Carly thinks it's because Sam can't trust herself around Jason. Drew thinks Peter's resignation is a knee-jerk response to the shootings and tells him to sleep on it. Michael tells Kiki that he's sure Nelle knows they're not getting back together. In related news, Michael is a naïve little bunny.

This Anna story is starting to sound like Connie and Trey's story all over again. That's including what I suspect is Anna's rape, because no way did she sleep with him consensually.

I guess Belgian midwives aren't bound by any kind of confidentiality rules?

"It's a crazy coincidence – I mean, you and Bobby ending up living in the same town." IT'S A CRAZY COINCIDENCE, ALL RIGHT.

Why do I think that Nelle is going to try to make Carly think Morgan's alive?

Me, chanting under my breath whenever Michael and Kiki have a scene together: "Get back together! Get back together!"

February 9th, 2018

Let's all get super-sad again, because it's time for Nathan's funeral. Maxie struggles to accept that she has to go on without him, and even Georgie's ghost doesn't provide much assistance. Peter lurks but no one finds it suspicious. Lulu approaches Maxie for the first time since Nathan's death, and Maxie tells her it's her fault. But hey, at least Georgie and Nathan's ghosts will be chilling together in Heaven.

Wow, they really didn't have enough content to fill a whole hour. Everything was dragged out.

I can't remember them ever doing an open-casket funeral before. Ryan Paevey got to attend his character's funeral.

It would have been a nice touch if Ellie and Chet had shown up.

The singing at the reception was dumb, but at least Bradford Anderson and Risa Dorken sounded good together.

Did anyone tell Madeline that Nathan's dead? Pretend I care.

What was up with Nina and the cigarettes? Is that going to come back?

February 12th, 2018

Maxie lays into Lulu for her part in Nathan's death, then lays into her again for not apologizing or taking any responsibility. Spinelli suggests that she come to Portland for a while, but Maxie doesn't want to run away from reality. She's still devastated, of course, but she thinks she and the baby can give each other strength and get through this. Anna asks Valentin why he never told the WSB that she had a child with Faison, since he could have ruined her career and gotten the ultimate revenge on her. He tells her that he both liked and hated her, but he wouldn't have gone that far. He advises her to leave her "daughter" in the past and move on. He then tells Peter again that he shouldn't leave town; Jason's looking for him, and he'll get suspicious if Peter suddenly vanishes. Valentin thinks Peter should trust him, since Valentin has never steered him wrong before. Though she made excuses with Maxie, Lulu admits to Dante that she does feel responsible for Nathan's death and wishes she could go back and undo everything. Since she can't, she figures quitting journalism is the next best thing. Drew thinks Franco's avoiding him at the funeral reception, as if that's a bad thing. He asks to see the rabbit's foot, thinking he might find it familiar, but another look at it doesn't spark anything. Sam notes that the last time he had a feeling like that was with Kim, and she turned out to be a significant part of his life, so he shouldn't just let this go. Alexis and Finn go to Charlie's, where Alexis pretends not to be jealous of Julian and Kim's...whatever. Finn tells her where things stand between him and Anna, and Alexis says that if Anna's fighting things this much, she's not ready for a relationship. Oscar sustained a black eye while defending his and Josslyn's transgender friend, so I guess his lessons with Drew didn't stick. Things Kim doesn't understand: what transgender means, why Josslyn doesn't like Julian, Sonny and Julian's rivalry, sarcasm.

Maxie is, like, 99% right (I wouldn't go so far as to call Lulu a murderer), and at the very least, Lulu should admit her part in what happened. Also, let's be honest: Nathan was the only thing standing between Maxie and a return to her old, wicked ways, so Lulu should watch her back.

I'm starting to think Valentin knows everything about the Drew/Jason situation. I think he's been involved since the beginning, and has always known where Peter was. He should start coming up with excuses now for when it inevitably comes out that he was indirectly involved in Nathan's death. Nina's going to be livid.

Drew, you should be thrilled that Franco's trying to avoid you.

Kim, please read up on everyone in town before you really embarrass yourself. Please also never say "a boy who identifies as a girl" ever again.

February 13th, 2018

Mike's still cranky and having trouble with names, and Robin notices that something's off with him, so I think my diagnosis is right. Michael asks Jason if Carly used him to get closer to Jason, like he thinks Nelle is using the baby to get closer to him. Jason tells him to just be there for his child; that alone will overshadow whatever Nelle brings to the table. Michael tells Nelle he's selling her apartment building so he can set a boundary, but she still thinks she'll achieve her goals. She tells Ava that she'll give Michael space for now, but eventually he'll turn to her when he needs a friend. Kim yells at Drew for teaching Oscar to fight, seemingly not caring that he was trying to stand up for a friend. Drew praises Oscar for being a good guy and supports his decision to throw the alternative dance, even if it leads to more trouble. Kim tells Drew that the situation reminds her of a time a guy harassed her at a bar and Drew came to her rescue. Elizabeth, Franco, and Jake run into Jason at Kelly's, and Jake starts to soften toward Jason. When he asks if Jason's coming to Franco and Elizabeth's wedding, Jason tries to stay diplomatic. When they're alone, Franco taunts that Sam should be more afraid of Jason than she is of Franco, since at least the reason for his violence has been removed. Jason reminds him that he never paid for what he did to Sam and Michael, but he will in the future. Elizabeth questions why Jason can't suck it up and come to the wedding; she thinks Sam and Michael have moved on, so Jason needs to do the same. Robin thinks Sam loves Jason more than Drew, blah blah blah, can everyone cut this out?

Can't wait till Mike asks where Morgan is or calls Michael by his name. That'll be fun.

Kim, the jury's still out on you where I'm concerned, so watch yourself.

Franco, do you want to get punched in the middle of Kelly's? Because Jason will punch you in the middle of Kelly's.

Elizabeth: "You can' me marry Franco?" Me: "Do you have Alzheimer's, too?" P.S. Shut up about Sam and Michael having "moved on."

"That's what Sam thinks she should want." Oh, Robin. Not you, too.

February 14th, 2018

Danny accidentally (?) interrupts Sam and Drew's night out by calling from Jason's place when he doesn't feel well. Jason, Sam, and Danny end up spending Valentine's night together, and Drew thinks Jason orchestrated the whole thing. Inspired by Griffin's lesson about St. Valentine and love's eternality, Nelle feels hopeful that Michael will come back to her. She continues with whatever her plan is, calling Carly from the payphone again and playing a recording of what's probably Morgan's voice, because she's that evil. Molly and T.J. plan to hang out with Kiki, but they ditch her when they learn that Alexis is out and they can use her house activities. Kiki quickly spirals, doing shots, drunk-dialing Dillon, and flirting with Spinelli. Ava plans to tell Griffin she loves him, but he'll have to actually make it to her place first. Sonny seems to think he's Mike's father now, but Mike's already acting like a moody teen, so it kind of fits. Curtis tries to distract Jordan from her grief over Nathan.

Is Danny playing matchmaker? I'll let it slide. Everyone over the age of five needs to stay out of it, though. (For the record, I hope Sam and Jason end up back together, but everyone needs to leave them alone about it.)

Drew? Shhh.

I'm pretty sure I saw a travel book on Jason's coffee table, so thank you, prop person who put that there.

Molly's right: She and T.J. are the only uncomplicated couple in town.

February 15th, 2018

Unable to find Mike, Sonny goes by the hospital, just in case he's ended up there. Mike is actually at Kelly's, under the belief that he still works there. When the police get called, Nelle contacts Michael, allowing him and Sonny to come defuse the situation (and setting herself up to look like a hero). Sonny finally realizes that something must be wrong with his father. Spinelli takes Kiki home, which he quickly regrets because she can't keep her hands off of him. He calls Amy, thinking Kiki has alcohol poisoning, and Amy sends Griffin over to tend to her. She then accidentally tells Ava what's going on, so Ava goes over to see if her fears are coming true. She throws a hissyfit about how kind and caring her boyfriend is, and complains that he never puts her first. Amazingly, Griffin stands up for himself for once. They sort of make up, but they still spend Valentine's Day apart. Anna visits Andre and tells him about her and Faison's child. She admits that she wants to confide in "someone" but can't bring herself to do it. Alexis is nervous about the election (taking place tomorrow) and the subsequent viewing party at Charlie's, so Finn offers to attend with her. Anna sees them together and thinks they're going on a date. Alexis urges Finn to tell her what's really going on, but Finn still thinks Anna doesn't want to be with him, so he doesn't see the point. Diane tells Anna that Faison has left her something in his will. Carly's very curious about Nelle's phone call, but every time she tries to call the number back, she gets interrupted. She asks Diane if Nelle can keep the baby from her and Sonny; Diane says she would have to have evidence that the baby wouldn't be safe around them.

"I think someone has alcohol poisoning – should I call her mother?" No, Amy, sweetie, you should call an ambulance. Remember how you're a nurse?

Woo, Griffin finally found a backbone!

I have to say, an Anna/Finn/Alexis sort-of love triangle definitely would have occurred to me.

I'm sorry, why does Alexis HAVE to have her viewing party at Charlie's?

Now we're dealing with Faison's will? We technically never finished up with Helena's!

My best guess at Nelle's plan is that she wants to make Carly think Morgan's alive so she appears crazy, which will give Nelle a reason to keep the baby from her. BECAUSE SHE'S AN AWFUL PERSON.

February 16th, 2018

Yeah, Mike totally has Alzheimer's or dementia or something similar; let's just get there already. Anna, Sam, Drew, and Jason gather for the reading of Faison's will, which is awkward enough before the reading even begins. Faison leaves Britt sandbags, since she's always been a weight around his neck (aww, and heh). He leaves Drew a copy of Andre's research, which will allow him to restore his memories, and leaves Jason everything he needs to find Peter. The catch: All the information stays locked in a safe until one of the brothers dies. Nelle gains Monica as an ally by pretending to be upset that Carly keeps gunning for her. Monica goes straight to Carly to confront her, but Carly won't listen. Monica points out that Michael won't have patience for anyone who doesn't try to keep the peace. Ava tries to avoid Griffin, because that'll make everything better. She confides in Nelle that she's not sure Griffin will want to stay with her now that she doesn't need saving. She's also worried that her dream about Griffin and Avery seeing the real her and being horrified will come true. Nelle promises that she's taking care of things, and once she sidelines Carly, they'll both get what they want. David's pleased that Kiki's hard work is paying off.

If I ever have to take a neurological exam, I just pray I'm not asked to count backward by 7s.

What's worse – your father leaving you sandbags, or your step-grandmother leaving you a penny to split with your sisters?

Monica: "I can't imagine that Carly would be that petty." Looks like someone else needs to be checked for cognitive impairments.

"His priority will always be taking care of other people." That selfish jerk!

February 19th, 2018

Peter feels guilty for Nathan's death, but Maxie sees him as a hero – if he hadn't been at Crimson, Faison would have kidnapped her. After a long talk with her, Peter tells Sam and Drew he's not leaving town after all, so he'll stay on at Aurora. Faison's will leaves his estate to his son, but it doesn't specify which one. It was last updated the same day Lulu's article came out revealing Nathan as Faison's son, and the executor is now dead, so there's no way to know if Peter or Nathan gets everything. Maxie could have a claim to the estate, but when Anna tells her, she refuses to accept anything from her husband's killer. Alexis is the only person in her camp who isn't confident that she'll win the campaign. Ned and Olivia are equally confident that he'll win, and Jim appears to be taking extra measures to ensure his victory. Just as the polls are about to close, the Invader releases a story about how Alexis visited Nora just before the press conference she gave clearing Julian of all of Liv's crimes. Instead of, you know, killing each other, Jason and Drew both want to take different routes to getting what they want. Sam convinces Drew that they need to find the flash drive, while Jason thinks he can nab Heinrich when he surfaces to collect Faison's estate. Okay, seriously, Mike has Alzheimer's. We all get it. Jordan, Curtis, and Julian are inching closer to figuring out that Stella was targeted by a mugger in connection to Alexis' campaign.

So if Peter sticks around, how long until he and Maxie get together? Six months or so? Before or after she finds out who he really is?

Judging from his lack of a reaction when Anna showed up, I don't think Peter knows that she's his mother.

Plan A for dealing with Faison's will: Fake one of the guys' deaths. Plan B: Sam cracks the safe with the info in it. Easy peasy.

I don't think Anna was paying much attention when Diane talked about Freya. Shouldn't she wonder why Faison gave her a statue of a fertility goddess?

How are the police commissioner and a PI/former cop taking so long to figure out a simple A-to-B connection?

February 20th, 2018

Julian blames himself for the last minute-attack on Alexis. (Sam and Molly, silently: "What a coincidence – we blame you, too.") He suspects that Ned was behind it and confronts him, but Michael and Kim break things up. Julian fears that he'll never be able to escape his past, but Kim really doesn't seem to care what kind of person he used to be. Ultimately, the Invader article does Alexis in, and Ned wins the election. During a session with Kevin, Franco remembers a childhood game of hide and seek where he locked Drew inside the trunk he was hiding in. Kevin encourages Franco to open up about his past so he can be released from it, but like the trunk, Franco wants to keep it closed. Drew and Curtis compare notes on Jim, agreeing that it's strange that he's at Alexis' viewing party instead of Ned's. Curtis volunteers to try to find Betsy so Drew can attempt to get more answers. Later, Curtis hints to Jim that he's on to him. Michael's politely annoyed that Monica invited Nelle to the Quartermaines' viewing party. I can't decide if Finn just wants to be friends with Alexis, or something more.

But her emails visit to Nora Buchanan!

I can't believe they got through the whole campaign without any attack ads about Alexis' ties to Sonny.

If evil is in Franco's DNA, Serena should be worried.

Hey, Kim, when you say your son got a black eye by walking into something, you sound like you're covering up child abuse. Just a tip.

February 21st, 2018

Alexis and Finn wake up together in his bed, so to quote him, "...That happened." Anna shows up moments later, of course, and rushes Finn to a meeting with a WSB representative about Cassandra's organization. Both of them think they'll be reprimanded for Finn's part in their operation, but the WSB actually wants to give them awards for their great work. Anna can't bring herself to be happy about that, since Finn seems to have moved on with Alexis. Maxie's ready to rid her apartment of all traces of Nathan, even after Sam tells her she'll regret it in the future. Maxie doesn't find Sam's empathy applicable since her dead husband eventually came back. Sam secretly holds on to a box of Nathan's things, knowing Maxie will want them later. Oscar and Josslyn ask Julian if they can have their alternative dance at Charlie's, and of course Julian says yes, because he's, like, a good person now, or whatever. He claims he was beaten up in prison for trying to defend people who were being bullied. Josslyn still knows better than to trust him, but Oscar's at least a little impressed. He does warn Kim to be careful, though Kim's bigger concern right now is how obvious it is that Julian's still in love with Alexis. Peter thinks it's too soon for Nina to go back to work, and he's totally right. Valentin finds her trying to scrub Nathan's blood out of the carpet at Crimson, breaking down over her loss again. Dante's furious when a new detective named Harrison Chase takes over Nathan's desk. Jordan wants Dante to take bereavement leave; he refuses, but she tells him he'll have to go to therapy instead. Dante makes an effort at being friendly with Chase, but obviously their work relationship won't be the same as Dante's partnership with Nathan. Even worse: He's a Red Sox fan. Valentin warns Peter that he's not safe in town, since Jason's on the hunt for him. Peter's willing to take the risk if it means staying close to Maxie. Lulu hands in her resignation, but Peter tries to talk her out of giving up a job she loves.

Oh, the things Roxie must have seen...

Julian's totally going to try to use this dance to try to make himself look good to Lucas. "I'm helping LGBT teens! I'm a good person again!"

Freaking A, Sam and Drew, you couldn't send someone to clean up at Crimson?

Place your bets now on whose long-lost son/brother/third cousin twice removed Chase turns out to be.

February 22nd, 2018

Jason suggests that Sam and Peter run an article in the paper about Faison's will in an attempt to lure Heinrich out. Sam objects on Drew's behalf, thinking it'll backfire and Heinrich will run in the opposite direction. Jason gives in and the two share a light moment when Sam tries to use a pregnancy/adoption metaphor to rationalize why they shouldn't push things too hard. She confides in Peter that Jason and Drew are approaching things differently; Jason's okay letting things go, but Drew's having a hard time leaving the past in the past. She personally will be okay if they never find the flash drive, which Peter now knows they're looking for. Maxie goes back to work, looking for a way to distract herself from her grief. Nina volunteers to go to childbirth class with her, but things get strained when Nelle and Michael arrive, and Maxie and Nelle start taking jabs at each other. Mike finally gets his diagnosis, but he's in denial. He leaves the hospital on his own and wanders into Ava's gallery, which happens to be where Luke's club used to be. Ava tries to help him, but when Mike accidentally breaks a statue, she calls the police on him. Nelle's Carly plan is apparently automated now, or she has a minion or something, because it's going on even without Nelle doing anything. Carly gets another call from the unknown number; this time, instead of a distorted voice, she hears an explosion. Brad and Lucas hope to adopt a baby from a woman who wants to know all about them without providing any information on herself. Carly thinks it's a bad deal, but the guys tell Alexis to move forward. However, this means the mother will get to dig into their past, which means she'll find out about Julian.

It took five months, but we finally got an angst-free Jason/Sam scene. There's hope!

Haven't we learned anything about publishing articles about Faison?

Nina's been almost enjoyable this week. It's weird.

I wonder if Mike would accept his diagnosis if he heard it from Robin.

So we're really doing this adoption storyline without having Lucas and Brad in any scenes together?

February 23rd, 2018

Griffin recognizes Mike on surveillance footage at the gallery and calls Sonny. Mike ends up in police custody, charged with trespassing and vandalism, and Sonny can't get Chase to release him. Mike starts to grasp his diagnosis, and it's exactly as sad as I was expecting. Thanks to Anna, the WSB wants to revive its memory-mapping program, and they're commuting Andre's sentence in exchange for his research. In other words, the writers wanted him out of prison and found a dumb way to do it. Andre encourages Anna to open up to Finn, but she's still resistant. Jason accompanies Carly to the police station so she can tell Dante about the phone calls. They visit the payphone where the calls were placed, and though someone appears to be watching them nearby, they don't see anything out of the ordinary. As Carly takes a look around, Dante quietly tells Jason that they're just a few feet away from where Morgan died. Kevin tells Anna that, according to the autopsy, Faison had Huntington's, and could have passed it along to his children. Franco tells Kevin about the trunk incident, ignoring Kevin when he says it doesn't mean he was an evil child. Since Kevin can't tell him for sure that he's fixed, and the wedding is the next day, Franco's done with therapy. Epiphany tries to be a good friend to Elizabeth, respecting her judgment and belief that Franco will never hurt her. Griffin confronts Ava for keeping him at a distance, and she admits that she's afraid he won't want her anymore when he realizes who she really is. She also admits that she's in love with him. Alexis and Finn decide they can put their night of sex behind them and just stay friends. David and Kiki...are present.

Please, no one suggest Mike as a test subject for Andre.

I guess Faison's Huntington's didn't show up in the medical records Obrecht gave Nathan.

Come on, Alexis, you were never anonymous in AA.

I don't get where the David/Kiki stuff is going. It seems like a mentor/mentee or father/daughter-type relationship, but...why keep showing them together? Nothing's happening.

February 26th, 2018

Chase won't budge on protocol, insisting that Mike be booked and spend the night in lockup. He's especially adamant when he learns who Sonny is, as he's not about to give in to the demands of a mobster. Dante finally returns and volunteers to stay with Mike while he's in lockup. Chase criticizes him for being lenient with a family member, then defends his actions by saying he can't give in to a criminal his first week on the job. Dante tells him to go to Hell and learn how to be compassionate. Jason finds a witness near the payphone, but the witness says the mystery caller is a (male) addict who uses the phone to call his dealer. This is because Nelle is bribing the witness with booze to cover up her actions. Carly worries that Jason thinks she's making everything up, but he assures her that he doesn't. Griffin can't return Ava's declaration of affection because he's never been in love before and isn't completely sure how he feels. He admits to being worried that Ava will want to move on now that she's back to her normal self. She tells him there's no way she wants to give him up, and she'll wait until he's figured out how he feels. Nelle tries to solidify Josslyn as an ally with shoes and an invitation to her baby shower. She also brings up her desire to name the baby Morgan, then pouts when Josslyn sides with Carly that it's a bad idea. Josslyn maturely says that she may not always agree with Carly, but she can still see her side of things. Nelle takes another shot, saying that she and Michael might wind up back together, which makes Josslyn happy. Brad tells Julian, on Lucas' behalf, that they're adopting a baby and aren't going to let Julian be a part of the child's life. Julian doesn't have much choice except to agree to remain estranged.

So I guess it never crossed Sonny's mind to call Griffin? And Chase didn't think to call Jordan? How dumb.

Chase has been in town 48 hours and already knows more about the people there than Kim does after living there for months.

I'm waiting for Ava to tell Sonny she'll drop the charges against Mike if he gives her custody of Avery.

Maybe Josslyn needs to have an adult around as long as Nelle is on the show.

February 27th, 2018

Franco gets a card from Betsy congratulating him on his wedding, which means someone in town let her know he's getting married. Elizabeth suspects Jim and asks him to help her get in touch with her future mother-in-law to invite her to the wedding. Jim claims not to have any way of contacting Betsy, but later he calls her (or someone who sent the card for her) to blast her for making a big mistake. Anna tells Felicia, who in turn tells Maxie that Faison had Huntington's and the baby could have inherited it. Maxie doesn't see the urgency in getting the baby tested, partly because of denial and partly because she can't handle yet another crisis. She tells Peter the news, unaware of how much it could affect him. Drew distracts Jim with the possibility of a business deal so Curtis can snoop around his office for information on Betsy. Curtis comes up empty-handed in that area, but he does find a couple maps that pique his interest. Anna tells Andre that she wants to find her "daughter" to let "her" know about Faison's illness, and of course, Andre invites himself along on her trip to Belgium. Maxie tries to get Peter to open up, but he's still vague about his past. Scott's annoyed that Franco ignored his advice not to work with Kevin, but he's pleased that Franco hasn't told Elizabeth anything about his childhood antics. Lulu tells Dante she's not quitting her job after all, thanks to Peter. Dante wonders what Peter's real intentions are where Lulu's concerned. She gets mad about that, saying she makes her own decisions, as if he didn't just influence her decisions to get what he wants.

Hi, yes, I would like to preemptively opt out of all wedding scenes this week. Thank you in advance.

Are we going back to an Anna/Andre match? What about Finn? Is he going to get together with Alexis after all? Does that mean Julian/Kim is on? Ugh, so many questions.

If Lulu stops being a journalist, Faison wins? Huh?

Dante, when everything comes out and you confirm that Peter manipulated Lulu, feel free to say, "I told you so."

February 28th, 2018

Sonny offers to pay for the statue Mike broke so Ava doesn't have to file charges to get her insurance company to handle it. Ava casually mentions that, if he wants to make things up to her, he could throw in an overnight visit with Avery. She's pleased with herself, but Kiki tells her how horrible she is for taking advantage of an old man's failing health to see her daughter. Sonny called Rita but didn't tell her what was going on with Mike, so when Rita shows up in town, Carly has to be the one to tell her about Mike's Alzheimer's. She quickly decides this is more than she can handle and leaves. Mike makes exactly the slip I expected, asking Michael when Morgan will be coming to visit. Franco tells Kevin that he keeps having a dream about pushing Drew down the stairs. He demands that Kevin tell him not to be honest with Elizabeth so he can get married with a clear conscience. He figures his choices are tell her everything now and get dumped, or wait until later and get to have at least a little more time with her. Kevin, of course, can't make the decision for Franco, but he thinks Franco and Drew should work together to look into their pasts. Franco knows that's a bad idea and opts to marry Elizabeth without being completely honest with her. As he's leaving, he runs into a stairwell. Curtis takes the maps to Jordan and tells her he thinks Jim is planning something sketchy. He guesses that the maps show the changes Jim wants to make, but it looks like Charlie's will remain unaffected. A worker who saw Curtis in Jim's office just before he stole the maps mentions him to Jim, who says he doesn't exist. He spots Curtis at the PCPD when he goes to file a report and demands action from Jordan. Oscar asks Drew (who also enlists Sam) to chaperone the alternative dance, but sewage is backing up into Charlie's, so they'll have to find another place to hold it. Julian finds it suspicious that this is happening so soon after Jim began his construction project. Scout's first birthday party is 95 percent good, 5 percent tense, the 5 percent occurring when a present from Julian arrives. Kim still thinks Julian can be a good person, ugh, whatever.

Ava gets a reluctant slow clap for handling Sonny with a light touch for once in her life. I mean, yeah, she's still awful and everything Kiki said about her is right, where it's due, you know?

Franco, please don't call Kevin "dude." He didn't go to medical school to be called "dude."

Congratulations, Scout – you made it to one without a horrible illness or kidnapping!

Oscar: "I spent hours picking out the perfect toy." Scout: "Thanks. I'ma play with this cup."

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