General Hospital blog - February, 2019

February 1st, 2019

Ava harasses Lulu about her failure to remember who attacked her, and Laura makes it very clear that she's not welcome back if she can't be more gentle. Over Laura's objections, Lulu decides she's okay with trying anything that will help her remember, including hypnosis. Ava also harasses Olivia about her psychic abilities, begging her to use them to figure out who the killer is. Olivia's powers don't work that way, and haven't surfaced in years anyway, so Olivia's no help. Franco's worried that the PCPD's suspicions about him will lead him to make bad, dark-side decisions. Elizabeth suggests that Franco ask Kevin to take him back as a patient so he doesn't have to start over with another therapist. Ryan is happy to accept him back, since Jordan has just talked to him about the possibility that Franco's the killer, so now Ryan has someone to frame. The confrontation with Ava upsets Olivia, who tells Sonny that things would be a lot easier if Dante were around. He asks Brick to try to track Dante down, but Brick can't even pinpoint Raj, who's been off the radar for three years. Carly's pleased that Kim and Drew are spending so much time together, and she encourages Drew to give a reunion a try. Drew thinks she's trying to give him a way to distract himself since Sam and Jason are back together. Carly just says she's happy for the Morgans and would be equally happy for Drew if he found someone he loves. The timing is awful, though, since Julian and Kim have just fought some more, then decided they want to get back together. Drew finds this out when he goes to Kim's to most likely tell her he wants to rekindle things. Laura hears Jordan telling Curtis that the police may have a new suspect. Jordan won't give any details, but Laura learns from Elizabeth that they're focusing on Franco now. Ryan bugs Alexis about getting Laura to sign the divorce papers so he can get her prenup. Alexis approaches Laura, who kind of has more important things to worry about right now, and doesn't even get to mention the prenup, which I'm still pretty sure doesn't actually exist. The session with Kristina and Shiloh has made Alexis want to go back to therapy to continue working through her Julian-related feelings, but Ryan won't treat her, since she's Laura's lawyer.

Can't wait to see Ryan try to fake hypnotherapy.

Does this mean they're finally going to recast Dante?

When reminding Ava why she hates her, Olivia mentions how Ava accidentally shot her, but Ava killed her cousin. Okay.

Ryan, Laura hasn't signed the divorce papers because you PUT HER DAUGHTER IN THE HOSPITAL. Moron.

February 4th, 2019

Laura protests Lulu's decision to try hypnosis, but Lulu doesn't see any other options and changes her mind. Then Laura objects again when Jordan brings in Ryan to do the hypnotizing. Ryan's so good at reassuring her that Lulu's in good hands that Laura thinks he's back to his old self. Ava has moved on to harassing Chase about the progress the PCPD isn't making. Jordan and Chase are becoming more and more convinced that Franco is the killer, even coming up with a motive for killing Kiki: He was upset that Ava didn't let them have a relationship. Franco tells Ryan about how he felt when he was killing people, giving Ryan exactly what he needs to paint Franco as the murderer. Franco then goes to Kiki's grave and expresses his regret over taking people's lives, now that he knows what it's like to lose someone he loves. He runs into Ava and tells her he's actually glad she never let him get to know Kiki when she was younger, since he wasn't in the position to have a child in his life. Sam opens up to Shiloh about some of the pain in her past, such as the original Danny's situation and her attempts to provide for him. He thinks she has PTSD, in a way, and tells her DOD could help her work through it. Meanwhile, Jason tells Kristina that Sam has been through more than Kristina knows, which is why she's had trouble trusting Shiloh. Kristina just sees this as a great opportunity for Sam to let DOD work its magic. Sam confides in Jason that she had trouble keeping up her defenses around Shiloh, since he's so good at being charming and sympathetic, and as there's no way Kristina has defenses that strong, she's in trouble. Sonny asks Anna to help him get in touch with Dante, but the nature of his assignment prevents him from being contacted. Robert eats scones while Finn makes progress on the Cabot front, tying him to a Swedish publisher. Sonny meets Shiloh and lets him know that anyone who hurts Kristina has to answer to her father.

Ava: "Forget about Franco." Oh, if only we could.

Sam and Jason don't want people to know they're together, so in public. At the hospital. Huh?

DOD should definitely be throwing a Valentine's Day party while a serial killer is planting his victims' bodies at special events. Great idea. On the other hand, living in that house means Kristina's safer from Ryan than anyone else in town. She's never alone.

Sonny, Dante barely acknowledged Kristina's existence when he was in town. There's no way he's contacting her while he's undercover.

February 5th, 2019

Ryan has to work hard to keep Laura and Jordan out of his hypnosis session with Lulu, but he convinces them that he needs to be alone with her. He actually does hypnotize her, then plants false memories, first telling her the list of victims only had seven names on it, then making her "remember" that Franco attacked her. Valentin arranges for Sasha to visit, which makes him look like he's okay with her and Nina being close, but he tells Sasha not to let Nina introduce her to Obrecht. Sasha promises again that she's going to keep the charade going, but Valentin is no longer in charge of how her relationship with Nina progresses. Maxie talks Peter into giving Obrecht a trial run with a medical column in the Invader. Obrecht quickly realizes that Peter is the guy Maxie wants to move on from Nathan with, and she's not happy about it. Maxie makes no apologies, since she trusts Peter and thinks he's made up for his past sins. The two of them almost kiss, but a phone call from Nina interrupts, and suddenly the subject changes to Valentin. Elizabeth, Brad, and Lucas run a "gay sting" (TM Franco) on Aiden so he can see there's nothing wrong with being gay. Aiden doesn't catch on to that angle and is much more interested in "Wiley" and any future children Elizabeth and Franco might want to have. Franco at least enjoys himself, since it takes his mind off his possible police troubles. Jason tells Carly about his and Sam's fake breakup, and then the two of them recap the Shiloh plot. Carly is cool toward Obrecht, so Obrecht brings up Jonah, mentioning that she briefly met Nelle. Jason's interest is piqued, so she's probably going to regret that. (Well, Brad will regret it. Obrecht won't care.)

So did Ryan Google how to hypnotize someone, or...?

Oh, Sasha. You should have stayed away. Now you're the most expendable person in town.

Who wants to read a medical-advice column by someone who lost her license?

I cracked up when Aiden said he wants a younger sibling, Elizabeth started to turn toward Franco, and he stopped her like he was going to say, "Don't even think about it."

Good, Jason let Carly in on the lie. I didn't want her to yell at Sam.

February 6th, 2019

Lulu repeats what she "remembered" to Jordan, sure that Franco attacked her even though she can't remember the actual attack or its aftermath. Ryan blames the trauma and says she may never recover those memories. Jordan quickly arrests Franco as Ryan tries not to celebrate. Elizabeth firmly believes that Franco is innocent and tells Lulu straight out that she's accused the wrong person. Ryan does something with Mary Pat, Kiki, Mills', and Lulu's licenses, but he still has the other victims'. Obrecht gloats to Anna, Robert, and Finn that Peter gave her a job. Anna basically threatens to kill her if she hurts Peter, then blasts him for hiring his kidnapper. Maxie takes full responsibility for talking him into that and keeping Obrecht out of prison, but Peter says he made his own decision to let Obrecht keep in touch with her family. Peter tells Maxie that Valentin is probably keeping something from Nina, so she announces that they'll work together to uncover it. Also, she tells him that she likes him and they almost kiss again. Valentin thinks Willow only accused Charlotte of cheating because she looks down on Charlotte in the wake of her bullying. Willow advises Valentin to let Charlotte learn things all kids need to learn, like how to get along with people she doesn't like. Nina notices that Sasha isn't as enthusiastic about a Nina/Valentin reunion as she was the last time she was in town. Sasha wonders why Nina is hesitating to get reengaged, since she's letting on like things are awesome. When Nina hears Willow saying that she can only discuss Charlotte with her actual parents, Nina says she'll soon be in that club, since she and Valentin are getting remarried. Finn thinks Cabot is in Sweden, and he and Robert make plans to pay him a visit.

I'm tired of the back-and-forth with Peter. A few weeks ago, he was reaching out to Anna, and now he's being a jerk to her again.

I hope Robert didn't actually drink that champagne, because he should know better than to drink something given to him by the woman who once put him in a coma.

Nina, you can't be both the editor of a fashion magazine and a woman who wears red and orange together.

If Cabot does research on twins raised separately, I'm even more convinced that Drew and Jason are next to go blind. And if anyone else in town does, we'll know that person has a long-lost twin.

February 7th, 2019

Ava hears that an arrest was made in Lulu's attack, but Ryan delays telling her that Franco is the suspect until Chase comes to get Franco's patient file. Ava's mad that Ryan didn't tell her that Franco was going dark and could be a threat to her daughter. She's skeptical that he would have killed Kiki, even as Ryan insists that his hypnosis session brought back Lulu's memories. As they're arguing, Ava starts to storm out, but Ryan grabs her arm and orders her to stay. Suddenly his nice-guy façade has slipped, and Ava isn't so happy with him. Griffin comforts her, and Ryan sees them hugging, which means Griffin needs to start running NOW. Elizabeth is panicked over Franco's arrest, but Scott is calm, sure that the police don't have enough evidence to keep the case going. Jordan and Margaux prove him wrong by reciting from Ryan's patient notes saying that Franco has all the characteristics of a serial killer. Plus, Ryan stashed the licenses in Franco's art-therapy room, so the police think they've found their killer. Oscar gets some semi-good news: The tumor hasn't grown since he ended the drug trial, which means he may have more time left than he thought. Kim has a hard time seeing the positive in the situation, since he's still dying, but Terry tells her and Drew that they should enjoy the brief reprieve while they can. Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina and how, no matter how sketchy Shiloh is, she's happier since she's gotten to know him. Alexis even sees some helpful things in his book, which she loans to Sonny. (He's not as appreciative of it as she is.) She mentions that she went to a session about relationships, which leads to Sonny teasing her about Julian. Julian tells Josslyn that he and Kim are back together, so her scheme didn't work. Oscar overhears, and Josslyn has to come clean about asking Julian to let go of Kim. Oscar seems amused by this but tells her that they need to let his parents do what they want. Margaux is...still here, and she's reading Shiloh's book.

I have to give Ava credit for not believing Franco's the killer, when she would have been justified in immediately turning on him.

"You don't think I can protect you?" Where have you been, Ryan? Ava doesn't need (or deserve) protection.

Yeah, I still think Griffin's in a fight club. It would certainly help him out if Ryan comes after him.

I bet Elizabeth just kept calling Scott instead of going looking for him.

"Does it really matter who's influencing her if it's positive?" Yes, since that person is A CULT LEADER. Come on, Alexis.

We need more Sonny/Alexis scenes. They're fun.

February 8th, 2019

Griffin tells Ryan that he and Ava definitely aren't back together, and if Ryan's having issues with trusting his girlfriend, it's not Griffin's problem. Ryan goes from jealousy to anger at Griffin's rejection of Ava and decides to get rid of him. With Franco in custody, he can't let Griffin's murder get connected to the others, so Ryan finds a reason to get him on the hospital roof so he can drug him and make it look like he fell accidentally. Scott gets an injunction stating that Franco has to get an MRI to make sure his tumor hasn't returned before Jordan and Margaux can charge him with anything. It's mostly a stall tactic, but it makes Franco worry that he's been committing crimes again and doesn't even know it. Ava runs into him and expresses uncertainty that he's innocent, but when Franco tells her how much he loved Kiki and how hard he would have tried to prevent her from getting hurt, she believes he's been framed. Elizabeth feels the same way, noting to Jordan and Margaux that the killer also tried to frame Carly and Griffin. Margaux's unconcerned with whether they have enough evidence against Franco, but Jordan has studied up on Franco's past murders and thinks there are too many consistencies between them and the recent killings. Spinelli tells Jason and Sonny that Shiloh's stories about his past all check out. Spinelli has also dug up information on Shiloh's "closest ally," a woman named Harmony who has a DOD chapter in Beechers Corners, so Jason plans to go talk to her. Sam meets with Shiloh again, and he lets her know that Kristina's told him a bunch of stuff about her past heartaches and traumas. He thinks they're to blame for her attraction to "dangerous men" and her failure to ever settle down. Sam agrees to attend DOD's Valentine's Day gathering, which surprises Kristina. Alexis makes an appointment with a psychiatrist named Byrne, then bickers with Julian. She hits it off with a guy at Charlie's who asks her out; she turns him down since she has too much baggage and doesn't think she's ready to date again. Anyone with half a brain can see from a mile away the guy is going to turn out to be Byrne, and when Alexis confirms this, she's not even surprised. Like Alexis, Sonny is pleased that Kristina's happy, though he's less happy about the circumstances.

The promo monkeys are at it again. In the previews for Monday, Griffin's talking to Sasha, so obviously Ryan isn't going to do anything to him.

I just love hearing a serial killer talk about blood.

What in the WORLD is up with Scott's hair?

Spinelli: "Her name is Harmony." Me: "Of course it is."

Alexis, why would you stay at Charlie's after having a fight with Julian? WHY DO PEOPLE WHO HATE HIM KEEP HANGING OUT THERE?

February 11th, 2019

Ava interrupts before Ryan can claim another victim, so Griffin lives to brood another day. Ava's back to thinking Ryan's awesome, since he's arranging to get a memorial brick for Kiki. He admits that he panicked because he thought she was going back to Griffin, then uses the L word. Jason goes to Beechers Corners and tries to get dirt on Shiloh from Harmony. The conversation isn't very helpful, and not just because a cop interrupts after looking up Jason's plates and seeing that he was once arrested for murder in Beechers Corners. Afterward, Harmony calls Shiloh to tell him about Jason's visit, which she doesn't think will have a follow-up, since she arranged for the cop to make him feel uncomfortable in town. Drew visits Shiloh, planning to talk about their time together in Afghanistan, but they end up discussing his memory situation instead. Shiloh says he made a lot of confessions to Drew, and he tells Harmony that a threat he thought he had to worry about is no longer a problem, so who knows what kind of secrets Shiloh's keeping? Alexis first decides that Byrne (AKA Neil) shouldn't be her therapist, since he showed interest in her, but apparently she'd rather have psychiatric guidance than a boyfriend, so she gets over it. She tells Neil about her history with men who want power, thanks to the precedent her father set, and mentions the trauma Helena caused her over the years. So I guess we're finally going back to the stuff about Kristen? Carly's sad on Sam and Jason's behalf that they can't officially get back together, but she supports their plans to help Kristina and take down DOD. They'll have to find a place to meet up, though, since one of Carly's employees is into DOD, so they can't risk meeting at the hotel and having him tattle to Shiloh. Sasha goes to see Griffin, but nothing really happens.

"You must bear scars, being arrested for a murder you didn't commit." Oh, he committed it, Harmony. The victim just didn't stay dead.

This whole "yes, I'll treat you even though I was interested in you romantically five minutes ago" thing is shady, but if Neil tells Alexis to stay away from Julian, I might allow it.

I know I've said it before, but Sam and Carly being friends is still foreign to me.

I assume Sasha and Griffin will be making out sooner rather than later?

Also, she has amazing will-power for not staring at his chest while he was shirtless.

February 12th, 2019

Laura visits Franco to let him know how much she hopes he's punished for the murders and his attack on Lulu. He's unable to convince her that he's innocent, and she doesn't consider Elizabeth a reliable source for reasons he might be. Plus, "Kevin"'s file on Franco says he's twisted, and Kevin's a great psychiatrist, so Franco must be twisted! Drew, on the other hand, goes to bat for Franco, telling Jordan that since he was unable to bring himself to kill Jim, he couldn't have killed anyone else. Jordan doesn't buy that logic, but she and Curtis agree that there are some holes in the case. Curtis points out that Franco would have had no way of knowing Ryan kept his victims' licenses, so it's unlikely he would have done the same. It's also unlikely that he would have kept them in his art room, where anyone could find them. Though Jordan still has doubts, she plans to throw the book at Franco. Cameron got in a fight with a kid who taunted him for the Franco situation and was dumb enough to bring Elizabeth into it. This leads to an argument between Elizabeth and Cameron about whether or not Franco's really reformed, and the danger Elizabeth may have put her kids in by moving him into their house. They discuss the situation with Aiden and Jake, who are mostly confused since Laura and Lulu are saying one thing while Elizabeth is saying another. Drew joins the conversation, siding with Elizabeth, and tries to make peace between her and Cameron. Nina tells Maxie, Peter, and Sasha that she and Valentin are getting remarried. Obrecht invites herself to join their celebration, which allows her to take shots at Valentin and talk about how much Sasha is like the rest of her "family." While Valentin tries to keep it together, Maxie and Peter spy on the gathering and worry that Nina will wind up hurt. Peter admits that part of the reason he changed his story about Obrecht abducting him was that Valentin put pressure on him. They realize that Obrecht must have something on Valentin, probably involving Sasha. Spencer comes to town to surprise Laura for Valentine's Day but first stops by to see Sonny. Sonny urges him to tell Laura he was behind the election tampering, partly because cover-ups are bad and partly because then Valentin's knowledge of the crime won't have any more power.

Curtis is better at Margaux's job than Margaux is.

Yeah, Franco's remade himself enough to be "worthy" of Elizabeth, who's known for having high standards when it comes to men.

I loooooove Cameron calling Elizabeth on her crap.

God bless Kirsten Storms for her fake smile. And I'm making her fake laugh my new ringtone.

Maxie, exactly which part of Nina and Valentin's reunion is a surprise? It's the least surprising thing to ever happen to either of them.

Yeah, Spencer is just who Laura needs around right now.

February 13th, 2019

Anna crashes Robert and Finn's op in Sweden, unable to do nothing while they meet with Cabot. They're worried that he'll blow them off when he sees her, since she looks like Alex, but it turns out Cabot's blind, so he doesn't even know she's in the room. Cabot thought he'd cured the disease that's caused his, Anna, Ryan, and Kevin's blindness, but it was just dormant for decades before affecting him a few months ago. Finn assures him that he can cure it, but he and Robert want information first. Just as Cabot's about to hear the deal, Anna speaks up and he recognizes her voice. Shiloh goes to Jason's to talk to him about his visit to Beechers Corners, but Jason and Sam pretend they're not there. Jason later goes to the DOD house for a face-to-face conversation, continuing the ruse that he and Sam are at odds because she's interested in DOD and he isn't. Shiloh won't explain why he left Beechers Corners for Port Charles, instead inviting Jason to leave the path he's always been on and turn towards the light, or whatever. He brings up Sam, because, as Jason notes, all roads keep leading back to her. Kristina urges Alexis to spend more time with DOD, but Alexis would rather stick to her more traditional method of self-improvement. Sam tells Alexis and Kristina that she and Jason aren't together, mostly because he doesn't support her interest in bettering herself. Kristina completely buys this, but Alexis knows Sam's lying, if not why. Sam just tells her it's for Kristina. Willow runs into Brad and tells him she knows he knows who she is. She admits to wanting a relationship with "Wiley," but for now she thinks it's better if no one else knows she's his "mother." Chase is late for a date with Willow, making her worry that he's changed his mind about her after learning she gave up her child. He reassures her that he supports her decision and still thinks she's awesome. Nelle sends Michael a valentine, mentioning Jonah, which he knows is her attempt to get under his skin. Instead, as he tells Chase, he's happy to be free of her and moving on with his life. His only regret seems to be that Willow's with Chase instead of him.

Sounds like Emma has taught Robert some young people's slang.

Sam and Jason don't really need some secret meet-up spot. No one would find it strange that he's going to the penthouse. They'd just think he was going to see Danny.

Heh, I love that Alexis didn't buy Sam's lies for even a second.

Parry Shen said that the twins playing Jonah kept holding out their suspenders like little accountants. I was thinking more like small-town mayors.

February 14th, 2019

Sam attends DOD's Valentine's gathering, admitting to Shiloh that she read his book. She wonders why he didn't write more about himself and his personal life. He blah blahs some stuff about inner peace and how he hopes she's able to find some herself. Then there's some face-touching and stuff about living in the moment. The gist is that Kristina's totally jealous of what she sees as Sam and Shiloh's growing closeness, while Sam only spends about five minutes at the gathering before going off to have sex with Jason (who has finally learned the true meaning of Valentine's Day, or something). Anna pretends to be Alex, but her misinterpretation of Alex's past dealings with Cabot clue him in that she's "the other one." Realizing that he's dealing with the WSB, Cabot refuses to give them any information until he has eyesight back. He mentions that Anna and Alex were always like oil and water, which doesn't sit right with Anna. With help from Drew, Elizabeth has arranged to marry Franco. In his jail cell. While he's under suspicion of murdering three people and trying to kill a fourth. Drew marries them while I roll my eyes. Carly acts weird, holding on to some sort of surprise for Sonny and saying she's not sure they can go on a trip together in a few weeks. She tells him that the difficult year they've had has reminded her that they can get through anything that comes their way, and they're about to face something else big: She's pregnant. Valerie and Kristina make up, but Kristina's obsession with DOD is probably going to be a big wedge in their friendship. Spinelli thinks Shiloh may have killed his father, who was about to make a ton of money from a patent. Ned and Olivia are basically filler, but they're cute filler.

Marrying a man who's in lockup because he's suspected of being a serial killer – it's every little girl's dream! Also, if I were Jordan, I would think Elizabeth knows something incriminating and married Franco so she can't be forced to testify against him.

Drew marrying Franco and Elizabeth while still having Jason's memories gross.

Me for the whole episode: "Why is Carly acting so strange? Is she pregnant or something?" Carly at minute 59: "I'm pregnant." Me: "...Well, okay then."

If Shiloh killed his father to get his money, why would he go after Sam for taking all his father's money? And why would he start a money-making scheme?

"A story about a patent! Yay!" said no one ever.

I was just thinking about Olivia's animal-shelter drunk-dialing the other day. That was awesome.

February 15th, 2019

Ryan thinks everything's about to come together for him and Ava, so when Laura comes by to discuss finalizing their divorce, he's pleased. He brings up the prenup, and she keeps a poker face and just says they'll have to work everything out with their lawyers. Then she immediately calls Alexis to discuss it. Ava tells Ryan that she's surprised they had a prenup, since she can't imagine Laura insisting on one, but he doesn't seem to be concerned. He heads off to see Kevin, and Laura follows him. Sonny can't think about whether or not he wants another child because he's too worried that Carly's clotting disorder from her pregnancy with Josslyn will be an issue again. He also thinks that having another baby will just remind them of Morgan. Carly can see the drawbacks to bringing another child into their lives, with all the risks that entails, but if she's able to have a healthy pregnancy, she wants to do it. Jordan's so skeptical about Franco being the killer that she wants to make the real killer feel over-confident. First she takes Kiki's police file to Franco, who gets upset when he sees pictures showing how graphic her murder was. This convinces Jordan that he's not the killer she's looking for. However, she's not going to just let him out of jail. Maxie and Peter put everything together about Sasha and Valentin's lies, then plot to get a DNA sample to prove that Sasha isn't Nina's daughter. Franco wants to keep his and Elizabeth's marriage quiet so she doesn't have to face the backlash of being connected to him. Elizabeth couldn't care less about that and is more interested in fighting for her husband's freedom. Nina doesn't want to rush into marriage, since she thinks she can win over the critics who don't think she and Valentin should be together. Spencer is...Spencer-y with Laura, Lulu, and Curtis. Obrecht continues digging at Sasha, this time in front of Griffin, who I really don't think cares.

This week's Soap Opera Digest cover says that Kevin and Laura are going to reunite, so maybe her plan to follow Ryan will actually pay off and we can start wrapping this up.

Which is more likely, Sonny – that two pregnancy tests both gave false positives, or that you've conceived yet another baby?

I don't get the point of Carly being pregnant. You know who should get pregnant? Ava.

I like the development of the police commissioner thinking her main suspect is innocent.

Hey, Valentin, you just got outsmarted by Maxie. How does that feel?

February 18th, 2019

Laura follows Ryan to Ferncliff, where he confronts Kevin for lying about the prenup. Kevin sticks to his story, saying the prenup is in a safe in his office. This buys him some time, and when Ryan leaves, Laura sneaks over to see who he was talking to. To her credit, as soon as she sees Kevin, she realizes he's the real one and lets him know she's there. Unfortunately, Ryan also knows she's there and injects her with something that knocks her out. Nina and Charlotte throw Lulu a surprise welcome-home party, because that's just what a woman needs after surviving a gruesome attack, people surprising her in her own home. Charlotte mentions Nina and Valentin's reengagement, which Lulu and Curtis both object to. Nina thinks Lulu has no place to accuse Valentin of murder when she's accused an innocent man of attacking her. (Sure, that logic checks.) Lulu can't explain why Franco would kill Kiki, but she's sure that her memories are accurate and Franco is the one who tried to kill her. Curtis seems to have picked up the loose thread about her research into Ryan's murders, so maybe he'll figure out why that's significant. Jordan's plan is for Franco to plead guilty, which she hopes will make the real killer angry because he's not getting the attention he feels he should have. Franco refuses to cooperate if it means lying to Elizabeth. Jordan thinks Margaux has enough evidence to convict Franco if he goes to trial, so this is his only chance at freedom. Michael's turned to dating apps, and he arranges to meet a woman named Zoe at the Floating Rib. She's conducting her own speed-dating experiment and is on the third of four dates that night, but clearly not interested in developing anything with Michael. As if his night wasn't already rough enough, he has to see Willow and Chase being cute together. Alexis is also at the Floating Rib, and her night is as awkward as Michael's. First, Julian and Kim come in for a date. Then Neil shows up, which of course makes Julian jealous. Then Zoe recognizes Neil because she's also chatted with him on a dating app. The good news is that because Kim has to go to work, Julian ends up alone on Valentine's Day. Chase sees Willow keeping an eye on Brad and thinks she has some sort of problem with him. Meanwhile, Julian bugs Brad about showing up at the same place as Willow, as if it was planned, and reiterates how important it is for Lucas not to find out who she is. Charlotte taunts Spencer about his election tampering, warning that Laura will have to turn him in when he comes clean.

FREAKING FINALLY. I mean, at the rate this Ryan story is going, it'll still be two months or so before everything comes out, but at least now Laura's aware of what's going on.

For a second there, I thought Laura had collapsed with a headache that would lead to blindness, and I was like, "Laura has a long-lost twin??"

Ryan says he hopes his parents burn in Hell – does that mean Victor's dead? That's sad.

Also sad: Rocco didn't get invited to his mom's welcome-home party.

Jordan thinks that if Franco pleads guilty, the real killer will lash out. And wouldn't he lash out by...killing someone else? Sounds like she hasn't thought this through all the way.

Imagine being on a dating app and matching with a rich CEO.

I feel like the actress playing Zoe took some character cues from Alexis from Schitt's Creek, and I'm not mad about it.

February 19th, 2019

Lulu is very ready to face Franco in court and remind him that she's alive and well. She also wants to write an article about her attack for The Invader. Peter worries that that will bring on PTSD, but Maxie tells him Lulu's going to do what she wants, so he should just let her. Like his wife, Curtis is skeptical that Franco's the killer, since going dark again would cost him the life he's built. He's interested in how Lulu got away from her attacker, but Lulu tells him that Ryan stopped her hypnotherapy before she could remember because it was causing her too much stress. She'd like to revisit that in the future, though, and thinks that might help her recovery. Kim confirms that Carly's pregnant, and as of right now, there's only a low risk of her previous clotting disorder being a problem. Carly tells Sonny she wants the baby, and he doesn't seem all that excited right now, but it looks like they're going through with this. Maxie takes Sasha to a spa so she can nab her fingernail clippings after a manicure. Maxie and Curtis also make it clear that they want to protect Nina and wouldn't be pleased with anyone who hurts her. Shiloh wants to take Sam on a trip somewhere to give her more understanding of DOD, or something. Jason objects, of course, but Sam doesn't think Shiloh's a threat. Jason and Drew catch each other up on Shiloh stuff, agreeing that his interest in Drew's lost memories is notable. Margaux, who's officially a Shilohite, tells Shiloh that she's struggling to forgive herself for betraying Drew by using the flash drive to get something she wanted out of him. Shiloh seems to have put together what she's talking about. Kristina asks Michael to loan her money so she can take more DOD seminars. He notes that she could just ask Sonny for money, but she doesn't want to sponge off her parents. So instead, she's sponging off her brother. Carly's pregnancy makes Kim a little maudlin about the time Drew didn't get to spend with Oscar when he was little. We get it, Stella and Marcus are eventually going to end up back together.

Writer: "And then Maxie steals Sasha's fingernail clippings." Other writers: "...Yes, that's certainly one way to go."

Sam, don't go with a cult leader to a second location!

Calling Shiloh "Sam's ex-son-in-law" is so unintentionally funny.

Why does Margaux have to be part of the Shiloh plot? Why does she have to be part of any plot?

February 20th, 2019

Ryan takes Laura and Kevin to Ferncliff's basement, I guess just planning to keep them down there until they die. They point out that he can't risk letting their bodies be found, and try to convince him that his best bet is to just flee the country. Even in the middle of their abduction, the Collinses are happy to be back together, and Laura's especially happy to have an explanation for why her husband has been acting so weird. Franco follows Jordan's plan and pleads guilty, surprising everyone. Scott stalls by having him sent to Ferncliff for a mental evaluation. Lulu feels like something's off about the situation, and Ava tells her she's been skeptical, too. Cameron is furious to learn of Elizabeth and Franco's marriage, sure that his mother has just married a serial killer. She continues to defend her husband and her choices, but when he pleads guilty, she slaps him and throws her ring at him, so that didn't even last 24 hours. Sasha isn't happy that Valentin and Nina are getting remarried, and that Valentin thinks he can keep up the lie about her for the rest of his life. Nina asks Alexis to redo her will to include Valentin, Sasha, and Charlotte, hoping it'll be done before she gets remarried. Maxie doesn't get how Valentin could go to such lengths for someone he loves, when it could backfire so spectacularly. Peter understands, though. They can't get Sasha and Nina's DNA compared at GH for a couple of weeks, so they head off to another town to get it done faster. The teens are planning a road trip to Niagara Falls. Julian this episode, for some reason. He thinks Ava's too into Ryan, and she thinks he's still in love with Alexis.

Why do people on this show insist on taunting psychopaths?

Instead of the Kevin/Laura stuff, they should have had Franco stumble across Kevin while at Ferncliff, and try to convince everyone that Ryan is an imposter, and have everyone think he's making up a ridiculous defense.

Her plan is still dumb, but Jordan was awesome in this episode.

Cameron, "the Internet says Franco's guilty" is not a valid argument.

February 21st, 2019

Jordan's pleased with the way things have gone with her plan, ignoring Franco's concerns that the killer will be happy that he's gotten away with his crimes. (Cut to Ryan being happy that he's gotten away with his crimes.) He's also worried that he's going to lose Elizabeth's trust, or worse, that the killer will target her and her sons. He asks Jordan to give them protection, but she notes that she can't do that without explaining why. She still thinks the killer wants attention, and she believes that Franco can draw him out by giving a tell-all interview. Elizabeth has decided that Franco isn't actually guilty, but is taking the blame for the murders for some reason she hasn't figured out yet. Cameron thinks she's in denial and is crazy for sticking by her man. Drew tries to play peacemaker, apparently ready to support Elizabeth no matter how things turn out. Ava's feeling uncertain about Ryan's commitment to their relationship, so he tries to prove his affection by asking her to marry him. Ava has some objections, since he's still married, and Kiki died not long ago, but she decides they might as well give it a shot. Once Cabot's eyesight has been restored, he tells Anna that he used Alex in a study to see if identical twins could share each other's feelings. Anna thinks he's lying, since she would have had to participate as well. Cabot says she did and just doesn't remember it. Jason tells Sam some additional information Spinelli has uncovered about Shiloh: At the Beechers Corners chapter of DOD, he got in a fight with a member who tried to leave, and the deserter turned up dead of a supposed drug overdose days later. When Shiloh was suspected of being involved, a young female member took the blame, a la Daisy. Sam agrees to letting Jason tail her when she goes off with Shiloh, but she's not backing out of their plan. Harmony comes to town to warn Shiloh that, in the wake of a visit from Spinelli, she doesn't think Jason is backing off the way they'd hoped. Shiloh still wants to take Sam somewhere super-important, no matter what the other members might think, or how that might tick off Jason. Lulu has a flash of memory about the night of her attack, remembering that she was at ease when her attacker came to her office. Sonny and Curtis don't share her confusion over why she's blocking out certain parts of the attack, but not others. Josslyn asks Carly if she'd be okay with the teens going to Niagara for the day. Carly manages to not laugh in her face when she says it's not a good idea. Cameron comes over to vent about Franco and Elizabeth, and Josslyn decides they should cheer themselves up by taking the trip without permission. Robert tells Lulu and Sonny that Dante was last seen in Ankara, and they're working on getting in touch with him. After Lulu leaves, Robert admits to Sonny that Dante's gone rogue and is, in spy parlance, being left out in the cold. Sonny and Carly are keeping her pregnancy a secret for now, and she's...really bad at it.

Jordan: "On days like today, I wonder whose beloved pet I ran over in a former life to endure the karmic slap that is this job." What a great line.

Ava isn't sure about getting married because Ryan's still "married" to Laura and because Kiki just died, but not because they've only been together for, like, three months?

If anyone ever proposes to me, I'm going to respond with, "What the hell – let's do it."

Lulu's reaction to her attacker's arrival in her office should be enough to tip her off that it wasn't Franco. Why would she tell him she was happy he stopped by to see her?

"An impish-looking fellow." Aww, Spinelli.

Josslyn and Oscar can't take care of themselves on a field trip in town – why would they think their parents would let them go on a road trip?

February 22nd, 2019

Shiloh takes Sam to a tower where he had his great awakening, waking up with the dawn and deciding he needed to spread love and light and whatever. Jason listens in via phone as Shiloh asks Sam to spend the night with him and hopefully have her own awakening in the morning. Cabot tells Anna, Finn, and Robert that Anna and Alex were the first subjects of a memory-transferral project. Cabot upsets Anna by asking if she's missing any time, but she's pretty sure she doesn't have any of Alex's memories. However, she does know that the project was later perfected by Andre, so there are two other participants who could be affected (you know, like I've been saying for weeks). At the same time, Jason collapses on his way up to interrupt Sam and Shiloh, and Drew passes out in his car, driving it into Jordan. Ryan and Ava announce their engagement to Carly, who asks how Ryan's wife feels about it. He heads straight to Ferncliff with the divorce papers, which Laura signs even though she's hesitant to free Ryan to be with Ava and possibly hurt her. Interestingly, Kevin hasn't yet told her how long he knew Ryan was alive before the switch. Jordan gives Franco a phone so he can contact her, and he immediately tries to use it to call Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Jordan has rigged it so he can only contact her. She tells him to get in touch with Scott and arrange an interview with someone at the Invader so he can get the attention of the real killer. Franco notes that the killer could come after him, but he does it anyway. Drew tells Curtis that he thinks things are off with the Franco situation. Curtis hasn't heard anything definitive from Jordan, but he feels the same way. Terry missed her calling as a psychiatrist, as she helps Elizabeth deal with her feelings over Franco's actions. Sonny wants to go to Turkey and find Dante himself.

The actor playing Cabot is driving me crazy with his overenunciating. It feels like it takes him 20 minutes to get out every sentence.

Aw, man, just when I was starting to really like Jordan again. Eh, she's probably fine.

I'm disappointed in Laura. She could have used that pen as a weapon.

Dear Kevin and Laura: The divorce isn't legal. Ryan forged Kevin's signature. We did this whole thing with Sam, Drew, and Jason. It's a non-issue.

I want to know what Franco texted Jordan. My guess: "i h8 u [frowny-face emoji]."

I'm not sure Peter's going to be eager to publish an interview with the guy who admitted to trying to kill one of his reporters.

Who else is looking forward to nine months of Sonny telling Carly to calm down and avoid stress.

February 25th, 2019

Stella stays with Curtis while he waits for a critically injured Jordan to wake up. He says a lot of sweet things about how much he loves his wife, and Stella even apologizes to her for their past struggles. Unfortunately, Jordan ends up needing emergency surgery. Jason and Drew have both recovered already, and Anna's explanation for their conditions barely phases either of them. (Drew's like, "A virus a doctor gave me during a time frame I can't remember made me crash my car into my best friend's wife? Just another day in Port Charles.") Carly tells Jason he can't have anything bad happen to him for the next seven months because she needs his support during her pregnancy. She picks on Sam for the Shiloh plan, and Sam fights back, so Jason makes peace by telling Sam not to stress out Carly while she's pregnant. Suddenly they're friends again and the Shiloh plan is back on track, since Sam was able to convince him that she didn't know Jason had followed them to the tower, and she's not interested in getting back together with him. She'll need to repeat that even more firmly, since Shiloh later catches the two of them kissing. Valentin advises Sasha to leave town again, but minutes later, Nina begs her to stick around until the wedding, which will probably be in May. Valentin asks Peter to be his best man, which is really weird, and Peter accepts, which is even weirder. He explains to Maxie that that will give him an excuse to stick close to Valentin, though he thinks Valentin expects him to try to spy. Anna's really worried that Cabot's research was more successful than he's let on, and she has some of Alex's memories. Cabot should be more helpful than he has been, since he knows of someone else who needs Finn's cure. Sasha and Nina's DNA test is a wash, since Maxie got the wrong fingernail clippings. In other news, Nina's not related to Stella.

Donnell Turner broke my heart today.

Jason, please make sure to tease Carly about being jealous of Anna every chance you get.

2019 has been amazing for the doctor who's restoring everyone's eyesight. He can probably buy a boat now.

I loved Sam and Carly going from bickering to hugging in ten seconds.

That awkward moment when you have no friends, so the only person you can think of to be your best man is the guy whose life you ruined 40 years ago.

They only did that Carly/Maxie/Peter scene to Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey could work together, yeah?

February 26th, 2019

Lulu does a live interview with Franco, who plays his part perfectly, even convincing Ava that he's guilty, and that Kiki meant nothing to him. He claims he wasn't trying to be a Ryan copycat because Ryan was a joke (though he doesn't explain the licenses). Since also tells Lulu that he thought she would bleed to death in the elevator and make some great art, but failing to kill her has been his only mistake. I guess I owe Jordan an apology, because Ryan reacts exactly the way she'd hoped, growing furious with Franco for taking credit for crimes he didn't commit. After the interview, while Franco waits for the killer to contact him, Lulu admits to Peter that something about the interview feels off. Jason spots Shiloh in his doorway and manages to wordlessly communicate his presence to Sam. She slaps Jason and accuses him of crossing a line to win her back. She tells both Shiloh and Kristina that they're completely over, then talks to Kristina about how controlling Jason is, and how she's done letting him make all the decisions about their lives. Kristina regrets always finding the two of them cute together, and thinks this is Sam's chance to become the person she should be. Shiloh feels the same and tells Jason that Sam is now under his protection, so Jason needs to give up on her and move on. Julian learns of Ava and Ryan's engagement and tells his sister she's moving way too fast. Ava thinks that since she's been wrong about every other guy in the past, she has nothing to lose by risking another bad decision. She also feels like Ryan is the only thing in her life worth living for. Molly offers support to the Ashford men while they worry about Jordan, who's now minus one kidney. Neil wonders if there's a connection between Alexis' past traumas and something in her personality – if she grew up surrounded by danger, does that mean she's dangerous herself? She tells him she killed two people but doesn't exactly take responsibility, leading Neil to remark that it seems like nothing is ever her fault. Then Alexis goes to Charlie's and banters with Julian, which...two steps forward, one step back, yeah? Chase spends the whole episode trying to find Laura and wondering what new assignment Jordan was going to give him (that would be the Franco situation). Alexis is confused about how Ryan can say he and Laura are divorced when she, Laura's lawyer, hasn't seen any paperwork.

Lulu becoming skeptical about Franco is a great direction for this to go.

I've never actively wanted Elizabeth to have screentime, but...she should have been on today. We should have seen her reactions to Franco's interview.

I totally missed (but thankfully, someone else caught) that when Sam was leaving with Shiloh and Kristina, she signed "I love you" to Jason, which is a reference to her temporary deafness back in 2011. Excellent continuity.

Julian: "You just started dating the guy." Me: "Right? Thank you. ...Ew, I feel dirty."

It legitimately took me a few seconds to recognize Molly with her hair that dark.

February 28th, 2019

Ryan visits Franco and accuses him of lying about being the killer. He gets Franco to admit that he's following a plan Jordan thought up in hopes of drawing out the real killer. Ryan tells him about Jordan's condition, then pulls a knife and tells Franco the plan worked – the killer has come after him. He stabs Franco, who takes a minute to realize he's Ryan, not Kevin. Before Ryan can finish him off, a nurse interrupts, and Ryan says he had to stab Franco in self-defense because Franco pulled the knife on him. After the nurse leaves to get help, Franco manages to lock Ryan in his room and run off. As the nurse frees Ryan and puts Ferncliff in lockdown, Franco leaves Jordan a message telling her who the killer is, then escapes. Lulu goes to her office for the first time since her attack, with support from Maxie. She wants to go back to investigating the murders, while Maxie thinks she should just be proud of herself for putting the killer away before he could kill as many people as Ryan did. This sparks something in Lulu's memory, and she recalls discussing Ryan's victims the night of her attack. She remembers the name of a woman who was never tied to Ryan and discovers that she's a cold case from Texas during the same time Ryan was there. Lulu also remembers discussing Ryan's victims with Laura, as well as the name of the ninth victim never credited to Ryan. Elizabeth and Drew go over the transcript from Franco's interview, both thinking that something about it was off. They get caught on the part where Franco said he started killing as a child when he pushed Drew down the stairs, since they both know that's not really true. They're a little more convinced now that Franco is innocent but is working some sort of scheme. Scott's adamant that Franco isn't the killer, especially since Kiki was one of the victims, but Ava isn't so sure anymore. Scott thinks Ava's in for more heartbreak because Ryan will eventually dump her like he dumped Laura. Ava tells him she's engaged and happy, so she won't be listening to criticism right now. Cameron thinks Franco used Elizabeth and her sons as a cover so he would seem like he was reformed when he never was. He's happy Franco gave his interview, because now the world knows he's a killer. The teens start planning their trip to Niagara, which Josslyn offers to finance with an adventure fund Jax set up for her. They head off to be dumb again, and honestly, if all four of them return home in one piece, I'll be surprised.

Ryan: (stabs Franco). Me: (shrugging) "Okay."

Also, Ryan, that's...still not the heart, buddy.

Killing Franco is pointless. Ryan should kill Jordan, which would leave Franco on his own with his guilty plea, and flee the country.

Once again, Maxie helps crack a case. She's having a great month.

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