General Hospital blog - February, 2021

February 1st, 2021

Jax confesses to Nina that he and Carly have known about Nelle and the necklace for months but didn't want to tell her that her daughter was a psychopath. Nina gets deeper into Nelle-was-actually-a-damaged-person-and-deserves-sympathy territory and lashes out at Jax for keeping the truth from her. She looks through Nelle's things, which were given to her after Nelle's burial, and finds a picture of her wearing the half-heart necklace as a child. Valentin wonders how Jax is any better than him, since Jax has now proven to be a liar, too. He taunts that Carly must be happy that Jax and Nina are probably over, since he's always been her fallback, and now that she's a "widow," she's free to welcome him back into her bed. Carly gives him a well-deserved slap. Britt tells Obrecht that Peter used her to move against Franco, so she no longer trusts him. Obrecht tells her she needs to stay out of the situation from now on since Peter is dangerous. She learns that Kevin requested her files from the Swiss clinic, though she's smart enough to know that Anna was the real requester. Also, Obrecht has been staying at Scott's, and I'm surprised we haven't seen more of their buddy-comedy shenanigans. Anna can't do much about the Dante situation right now, so she shifts her focus to Obrecht's connection to Kirk. She and Finn wonder if Obrecht killed Kirk, and whether she has any connections left to the outside world. Anna guesses that Britt might know something, so she sends Finn on a reconnaissance mission that basically just involves him mentioning Obrecht to see how Britt responds. She says Obrecht was framed for her supposed crimes, but Britt came to that conclusion on her own, since she definitely hasn't been in touch with her mother, ha ha, why would Finn even make such a crazy suggestion? Anna and Finn learn that Obrecht's current location has been classified by the WSB, and they think she was actually released. Ava and Nikolas talk over their relationship with Franco and Laura, respectively, only to come to the same conclusion they've come to before: They love each other and want to have a legitimate relationship. This leads to Nikolas proposing AGAIN, and Ava accepting. Franco tells Scott and Cameron that Alexis tried to kill him, but he's shockingly calm about it and doesn't think anyone else will come after him, even though Peter's article has riled people up. Cameron has some sort of plan to keep his family safe, and I really hope Trina can find out what it is and convince him not to do anything dumb.

Okay, for real, it's time to write Nina out. Preferably before we have to deal with any more of her grieving for Nelle.

What makes Nina so sure that picture is even of Nelle? Yeah, yeah, it's the girl from the flashback scenes. I don't care. Get a DNA sample from Wiley and see if he matches with Nina.

When did Britt get so bad at lying?

Do whatever you want, Nikolas and Ava, just don't make me sit through Bacchanalia IV: For the Love of God, Stay Off the Parapet.

Whatever Cameron's planning, I'm sure it'll go perfectly. The teens' plans always do.

February 2nd, 2021

Dante isn't sure why he saved Franco, but Obrecht is glad he did. She's adamant that Maxie and Peter not make it to the end of the aisle. Elizabeth yells at Anna for Peter's article, because I guess she's responsible for everything he does. Obrecht tells Franco he should do some sessions with Kevin to try to bring out his Drew memories so they'll be useful. Anna overhears Franco and Elizabeth talking to Kevin about how Franco hears Peter's voice in his head, and she's able to put more of the mystery together. Franco lies that he hasn't been in touch with Obrecht, but Elizabeth sees through it and tells him to stop dealing with her and focus on his health. Alexis is out of jail on bail after pleading not guilty to attempted murder, but she's considering changing her plea and accepting punishment for her actions. Martin is already annoyed with her after just a few hours of representing her and tells her to get herself together. Jordan kind of says the same thing, just in a nicer way. Sam and Dante are, like, friends now, so...yeah. She feels bad about what Alexis did to him, but Dante is forgiving, since he knows that good people sometimes do dumb things. He urges Alexis to fix things with Sam, but Alexis doesn't think there's anything she can say that will do that. Sam tries to take her to an AA meeting, and when Alexis resists, Sam incredulously asks if she doesn't think she's hit rock bottom. Cyrus gives Laura a picture of the Grey family back when they were young and happy, in hopes of guilting her into fighting harder to get Florence returned. Instead, it makes Laura think about her own family, which just makes her mad at Cyrus again for the bombing. But she doesn't want Martin and Cyrus to be punished unfairly, so she promises Martin she'll do what she can to help. Maxie is uneasy about Peter's article and the chaos it caused and could continue to cause in the future. Peter is unapologetic since he thinks the public deserved to know about a potential threat. Cyrus offers Jordan a hostage exchange of sorts: If Jason releases Florence, Cyrus will make sure Taggert goes free.

We have to be nearing the end of the Peter stuff, right? I'm hesitant to say that, though, after all the times I've said that about other plots.

I'm surprised that Obrecht hasn't suggested that Franco try to get in touch with Andre. (Who is...where, by the way?)

"If Maxie walks down the aisle with Peter and his child, she will be bound to him in ways that can never be undone." Obrecht has heard of divorce, right?

Writers, I see what you're trying to do with Sam and Dante. Cut it out. (I will admit that they might be cute together. I just can't support it.)

"It is our obligation, Maxie, to tell the truth." HA HA HA HA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh, Peter.

Imagine believing that Peter is in any way, shape, or form a suitable follow-up to Nathan.

February 3rd, 2021

Laura tries a different angle to get Carly to talk to Jason about Florence, bringing up how Martin, an innocent, has been hurt by her abduction. Carly thinks that's a good point, but Jason isn't sure what bringing Martin into the situation will do, and he'd rather keep using Cyrus' fear against him. Carly apologizes for creating the whole mess, but Jason can't be too mad at her, since it's working to his advantage. He just wants her to stop doing dumb things. Carly promises that the Nina situation won't turn into another mess he has to clean up. Cyrus points out to Jordan that if he won't help the feds with their case against Taggert, they'll have to release him. Jordan says she would help him get Florence back if he had proof Jason took her, but without that, she can't do anything. Laura and Jordan meet up to compare notes and realize that Cyrus must be using the hospital to feed his power. They think they might be able to get either Britt or Brando to turn on him and help bring him down. Curtis convinces Alexis to attend an AA meeting with him and Monica, Curtis' first 12-step meeting in years. He wants to remind himself that he's fought hard to become the person he is, and he doesn't want to let that go. Alexis tells the group that she's not sure that she has anything left to get sober for, but she wants help. Curtis and Monica appear to be ready to support her. Peter eavesdrops as Maxie asks Dante if he's come around on accepting Peter. Dante thinks Maxie might be with him because of his connection to Nathan. Maxie denies this, but when she visits Nathan's grave, she admits she's not sure. Peter hopes that Dante will come to the double wedding since he's close to Maxie, but it's too "complicated" for him to keep working for Peter, so he's fired. Martin tries to make Jackie believe that Florence is back, so she doesn't need to keep working on her story about the abduction. Jackie calls his bluff and doesn't listen when Valentin tries to convince her to drop the investigation. Valentin comes up with a new plan: The three of them will work together to find and rescue Florence, which will give Jackie a new focus for her story. Trina confides to Portia that even though she's mad at Taggert, she's worried about him being alone in jail and wants to visit him. Portia assures her that it's okay to be angry at her father for his actions while still wanting a relationship with him. Cyrus stirs things up by telling them that he offered to refuse to cooperate with the feds in order to get Taggert released, but Jordan refused. Then he orders Brando to get back on the Corinthos contingent's good side and find out where Florence is. Jackie tries to question Jason about the Floating Rib bombing, Julian, Cyrus, etc., but he says literally four words to her ("excuse me" and "no comment").

Okay, Carly, I'm going to count down from 5, and when I get to 1, I want Florence to be back where she's supposed to be.

Another well-written Alexis monologue today.

"If you have to apologize, then maybe, I don't know, don't do it." I <3 Portia.

I think Jason was able to just sit there and ignore Jackie because he's used to letting Spinelli talk for long periods of time without responding.

Yeah, Valentin, I'm sure Nathan is thrilled that you're "watching over" Nina.

February 4th, 2021

Anna tells Valentin what she's learned about Kirk, Obrecht, Dante, and Franco. She thinks the latter three are all connected by Peter, and she tells Valentin that Franco is hearing Peter's voice because of Drew's memories. Valentin might actually deserve a trophy or something for being the first person to realize that if Drew's pre-Port Charles memories involve Peter, that means they met in Afghanistan, even though Peter claims they didn't. Maxie, Nina, and Britt run into each other at Nathan's grave, where Nina reveals to her cousin and ex-sister-in-law that Nelle was her daughter. They go from wondering how Nathan would feel about the craziness in the family to discussing whether Maxie should care that no one likes Peter. The three end up agreeing to have each other's backs no matter what. They also want to welcome a new member of the family, since Nina being Nelle's mother means she's also Wiley's grandmother. Finn is hesitant to get a DNA sample from Chase, since learning their real relationship might upend everyone's lives. Chase bugs Gregory about fixing things with Jackie, not wanting his father to miss out on something great the way Chase might have with Willow. Finn talks him down and the three discuss various characteristics of the men in the family and who got what from whom. Finn makes up his mind and steals Chase's water bottle for a DNA sample. Jackie catches up with Scott and at first makes him think she's digging for information on Jason and Franco's rivalry. She gets more out of the conversation when they discuss getting everyone from the '80s back together to reminisce. Scott says Bobbie's out of town, doing private health care, and Jackie figures out that she might be tending to Florence. Dante wants to leave the hospital, so Sam reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on him, because they're friends, you guys. Really, they're good friends. Didn't you know how close they are? They run into Jason, because of course, and he and Sam get a little curious about why Dante mentioned wanting to get back to work when he no longer has a job, since Peter fired him for no reason. Carly and Jax can't agree on whether Nina might ask to have Nelle's death reopened, which will possibly mean the revelation that Jax was hiding another secret from her. Jax thinks Nina is more of an ally to Carly than Carly thinks. Franco's about to start treatment for his tumor, so if anyone wants to extract any Drew memories, they should move fast. Scott is rude to Carly about Sonny's "death," and Jason asks, "Why do you talk so much?" which might be the best thing to happen all week.

Of all the people on this show, Valentin is the first one to start putting stuff together in the Peter plot? He's not even involved in it!

"If that's true, why hasn't Peter ever said anything?" BECAUSE HE'S A F*$(#%$ LIAR, ANNA!

Freaking A, Valentin, if you don't know if you can trust Dante around Charlotte, just don't leave her alone with him. Now shut up about it.

Who was the doctor who signed off on Dante leaving the hospital when his heart stopped 24 hours ago and he almost fell over before he could even leave the room? Sounds like Britt needs to fire two people.

Jackie's impressive. She went from "Bobbie's working out of town" to "Carly has her mom watching a hostage" in five seconds.

February 5th, 2021

Jax tries to make up with Nina, but the way she sees it, he chose to side with Carly over telling Nina the truth. Plus, if he'd never told her that Nelle was her daughter, Nina would have never known that Wiley's her grandson, which wouldn't have been fair. As of right now, Nina doesn't want to deal with her boyfriend. Once she's alone, she puts on both heart necklaces, then calls Phyllis at the Tan-O...but Sonny's the one who answers the phone. Britt asks Peter if he plans to be as good a person as Nathan, as if that's possible. Peter is sick of being compared to his late brother and vows to take his place, at least where Maxie and James are concerned. Valentin tells him that Obrecht is MIA, which makes Peter worry that she's going to come for him. Valentin asks if there's a reason she would and invites him to explain why he was so worried recently about Jason coming after him. Anna is starting to accept that Peter might not be the great guy she's always insisted he is. Valentin remembers that when Peter thought Helena was alive, he was afraid that Helena would rat him out for kidnapping Drew. Anna wants answers from Obrecht, so she asks Britt where her mother is. Jackie catches Finn providing samples for a paternity test and begs him not to seek the truth because it could turn Chase's life upside-down. Somehow she thinks she can use Violet to guilt Finn into not going through with the paternity test, but that doesn't work. Finn's brush with death after his shooting has made him think about his legacy, and he wants to know if Chase is part of it. He tells her he might not do anything with the test results, but Jackie doubts he'll be able to keep them a secret. Jason and Carly send Martin a phone so he can stay in touch with Florence. He accepts this as the pacifier it's meant to be and says he'll stop bugging them to release Florence while they're dealing with Sonny's "death," but they need to remember that this isn't going to keep the peace in Port Charles for long. The Corinthoses are preparing themselves for Sonny's funeral, where Jordan plans to have a large police presence in case anyone wants to try anything. Michael and Carly feel like they're moving too quickly, but they know they need to move on and keep up appearances that the organization is as strong as ever. Michael thinks Sonny's enemies might come after him under the false impression that he'll be taking over the organization, so he asks Willow to move into the Quartermaines' gatehouse so she can stay close by. Lenny still isn't sure that it's a great idea to keep Sonny around, but he also doesn't want to turn him away. Sonny agrees to stay on to help out around the bar, though he wonders if anyone's looking for him. Jackie gets a step closer to tracking down Florence by finding out that Bobbie's in Vermont.

My prediction was that Nina would go visit Phyllis, encounter Sonny, and not tell Carly, as revenge for Carly keeping the secret about Nelle. But this works, too.

Peter was already evil enough. Did they need to turn him into a cartoon villain? Valentin, do me a favor and just kill him. I need both Peter and Wes Ramsey off my TV. I don't care whose boyfriend he is.

After all this, there's no way Finn isn't Chase's father.

Does Lenny ever have any customers? How much help could he possibly need?

Morgan mention – drink!

February 8th, 2021

Valentin badgers Peter into confessing that he killed Drew, arranged to kill Franco and Andre, and framed Obrecht. Valentin doesn't want to be an accessory to Peter's crimes, but Peter argues once again that he's a changed man and deserves a second chance and all that. Unless Valentin wants Anna and Maxie to be hurt, he needs to keep quiet. Nina (who doesn't appear to recognize Sonny's voice) asks Phyllis to come see her so they can figure out if Nelle really was Nina's daughter. Phyllis doesn't want to leave Sonny while his mental state is still unstable, but Sonny convinces her to take some time off of taking care of him to take care of someone else. Ava doesn't think Phyllis' confirmation of the parents she gave the baby to will be enough for Nina to convince the Corinthoses to let her have a relationship with Wiley. Nina thinks it'll be enough to get a DNA test proving their relationship, but Ava foresees a long battle. She also urges Nina not to feel so guilty about failing Nelle, since her absence in Nelle's life wasn't by choice, and Nelle was pretty well beyond help. Franco figures out that Peter must have gotten to his medical records via Britt, so Elizabeth confronts her about it. Britt admits that there was a security breach and takes responsibility as chief of staff, but that's it. The radiation tech who was supposed to help with Franco's treatments refuses to, since Franco hurt someone connected to him back in the day. Terry's surprised when Britt promises to fire the tech for thinking he can take personal matters into account with his job. Anna asks Britt why she's suddenly semi-sure that Obrecht is innocent of the crimes she's been accused of. Britt won't admit to being in touch with her mother, and she definitely won't tell Anna where Obrecht is now. She taunts Anna for not being able to get information from the WSB. Anna thinks they might not trust her because she's protecting Peter, which begs the question, what do they think Peter did? Anna decides she needs to go search for Obrecht, even though the double wedding is coming up. Finn invites himself along for what I'm sure will be an entertaining, not-at-all pointless adventure, considering they're leaving town to look for someone who's, like, a mile away. Carly and Josslyn visit Mike and Morgan's graves and talk about various dead people. Someone sends Peter a flash drive and a copy of Alex's will.

Is there a reason Nina can't go see Phyllis instead of the other way around?

I guess Ava's only seen Michael's bad side if she thinks Nina will have to fight to see Wiley. As soon as Nina can show proof that she's Wiley's grandmother, Michael will welcome her to Wiley's family.

Sheesh, that's three people for Britt to fire. That place is falling apart.

Heh, the episode after I ask if the Tan-O ever has customers, it does.

I hear you, Josslyn. I, too, would like to never hear Nelle's name again.

Morgan mention – drink! I believe that's #17.

Another flash drive? Come on, guys, let's switch things up.

February 15th, 2021

Phyllis confirms that Frank Benson was the father she gave Nina's baby to, so in case anyone hasn't been convinced yet, Nelle really was Nina's daughter. Nina's still upset that Jax kept the truth from her and didn't bother to consider that Nina might want a relationship with Wiley. Phyllis helps her realize that he didn't intentionally want to hurt her, and he may have told her the truth in the future when he remembered Wiley was a factor. Nina goes looking for Jax so they can make up, and she overhears him talking to Carly about how much she wants to put the night of Nelle's death behind her. Josslyn admits to being scared of the world now that so many bad things have happened. Jax and Jason both give her pep talks about living life to the fullest and trying not to focus on worst-case scenarios. Finchley, the state trooper who's taken an interest in Sonny, thinks he may be responsible for a string of armed robberies. Lenny defends him, and Sonny laughs off the idea that he secretly runs a big criminal enterprise and has a bunch of goons who do his bidding. (It's a joke, you see. Isn't it funny?) Finchley nabs a coffee mug Sonny touched so he can run his fingerprints. Sam, Kristina, and Molly discuss Alexis' legal situation and her chances of avoiding jail time. Molly says that if she can convince a judge that she's sober, and not just for show, she could get a suspended sentence. But that means Alexis is responsible for whatever happens to her, and she hasn't proven to be reliable recently. Alexis was already dreading going to Sonny's funeral, and when she overhears this, she needs a pick-me-up to get through the day. Molly catches her sneaking a drink the Davis women didn't realize she had. Carly is having trouble going through all the steps of burying her husband (well, as much as you can bury someone whose body was never found), but Jason thinks she'll be able to summon her normal drive and keep moving forward. Olivia regrets not telling Dante and Sonny about each other earlier so they could have had more time together. Dante doesn't resent her for keeping secrets. Willow's going to move into the gatehouse, and unless I'm crazy, I don't think she and Michael are really done with each other.

The writers have stated that Nelle was always intended to be Nina's daughter, so I guess I have to give up hope that there will be a twist revealing it's actually Willow.

Why is it that every time someone dies, people give Josslyn a Big Talk about death, as if she's never experienced it before?

I love how they framed Finchley taking the mug as ominous, when in reality, we should want him to find out who Sonny is. Like, yes, please, save us a long, drawn-out plotline where Sonny doesn't interact with anyone who knows him.

Dom Zamprogna is really committing to that beard, huh?

Morgan mention #18 – drink!

February 16th, 2021

As his loved ones gather for his funeral, Sonny has a dream about Carly. Though he doesn't see her face and doesn't know who she is, it makes him happy and he wants to stay with her. Nina keeps eavesdropping long enough to learn what really happened the night of Nelle's death. She doesn't care that Carly tried to help Nelle – she just cares that Nelle died and Carly got away with it. She visits Nelle's grave to whine about not getting to have a relationship with her and to vow revenge (she says justice, but we all know what she really means). Unfortunately, she wants to start by confronting Carly and Jax at Sonny's grave. Laura thinks Cyrus is keeping Brando from going to the funeral, though Cyrus claims that isn't the case. In fact, he'll go with Brando and they'll pay their respects to Sonny's family together. Laura objects, so Cyrus says he'll stay away if she provides a substitute activity. Laura agrees to have another conversation with him about how he's not a bad guy and they have things in common and blah, blah, blah. He points out that they both killed people when they were young (allegedly accidentally), but Laura's mother protected her while Cyrus' kicked him out. If Laura hadn't had Lesley on her side, she might have ended up like Cyrus, so she should admit that they they're kind of the same. Laura disagrees, since she sees her past sins as mistakes while Cyrus sees his as accomplishments to be proud of. Alexis feels guilty about sneaking a drink and confesses to her daughters, giving them the rest of her hidden stash. Molly skips the funeral to stay with her so she doesn't have to fight her urge to drink on her own. Alexis feels like she should pay some price for almost killing Dante, but Molly thinks she should fight the charges against her.

If Nina's going to make excuses for Nelle's actions because she wasn't shown love as a child, she'll have to make the same excuses for Cyrus. I guess they're not responsible for their own actions or horrible decisions?

Also, am I supposed to feel bad for Nina? She's making it difficult.

Doesn't Alexis have a sponsor? She should be having these conversations with a sponsor or Diane or Finn, not one of her daughters.

The problem with Alexis pleading not guilty is that she'll have to explain why she wanted to hurt Franco, which is going to lead to Sam having that scab ripped off, and that won't be fun for anyone.

Morgan mention #19 – drink!

February 17th, 2021

Even though Jason and Diane tell her to keep quiet, Carly clarifies for Nina that she did try to save Nelle, but there wasn't anything she could do. Nina thinks she's lying and rants that Carly always has people backing up her bad decisions and covering for her. She's also pretty mad that Jax chose Carly over her and turned out to be a liar just like everyone else in town. Carly points out that Nina's done some bad things herself (for example, drugging Ava and kidnapping Avery), so she's more like Nelle than she believes. Diane tells Carly that because Nelle's case is already closed, she probably won't have anything to worry about. Meanwhile, Nina tells Jordan she has new information about Nelle's murder. Cyrus calls a GH board meeting to try to get support for his new drug. Britt is blindsided and has to pretend to be on his side, but Portia raises her concerns. Lesley crashes the meeting and cautions the board members not to listen to Cyrus. He's not deterred and plans to have the board vote on backing the drug and sending it to the FDA for approval. Stuck without any allies, Lesley reluctantly turns to Monica for help. Britt warns Jason that Cyrus is rushing the new drug forward, so they'll need to move fast to ensure no one gets hurt. Phyllis thinks that as Sonny adjusts to his medication, his thoughts will clear and he'll recover more memories. Things seem to be going great for the group, so of course there's a setback – the Tan-O is robbed while they're all out, but Sonny will probably be suspect no. 1. Curtis doesn't want to move back home, and he doesn't want to go to couple's counseling, and he still doesn't trust Jordan, so I'm not sure how he thinks they'll work things out. He requests a separation so he can figure out who he is as an individual before focusing on fixing his marriage. Sam is a step ahead of Curtis, already starting to learn who she is apart from Jason, and if I didn't want them to get back together, I would probably say she and Dante should just kiss already. Olivia wants to move out of the Quartermaines' while she and Ned figure things out, but Monica encourages her to stay, since she's become a Quartermaine over the years.

I mean...Nina's right, but this isn't a good look for her. I wish they'd done the plot I suggested, where she found out Sonny was alive but didn't tell anyone.

You have to admire Steve Burton for always giving the perfect "freaking A, I have to deal with this, too?" face.

Looks like Kristina got lost on her way from the church to the cemetery.

How long are they going to drag out Jordan and Curtis' issues?

If Curtis really wants a new job, he should run Charlie's. He'd be perfect at dealing with customers and listening to people at the bar.

February 18th, 2021

Carly and Jax tell Josslyn the truth about Nelle's death and how they covered things up/lied to the police and Feds about what happened. Josslyn thinks they did the right thing, though she's worried that Carly will go to jail. Nina demands that Jordan arrest Carly, but since Carly's testimony doesn't match Nina's claims, and there's no proof that Carly committed a crime, she can't do much. She questions Carly and Jax, who come clean but insist that Nelle's death was accidentally. Jordan doesn't plan to reopen the case, but she warns that the Feds might have other ideas. Cyrus is unhappy with Brando's lack of progress in finding Florence and threatens to terminate him if he doesn't come through soon (it's anyone's guess exactly what "terminate" means). Brando goes straight to Jason for help figuring out what to do. Instead of offering a solution, Jason implies that Brando's on his own, then appears to shoot him as he's leaving. Finchley accuses Sonny of robbing the Tan-O and the other businesses that have recently been hit – after all, the crimes started around the same time he showed up in town. Also, he couldn't get Sonny's fingerprints off his mug, so he hasn't gotten anywhere in finding out who Sonny is. Phyllis and Lenny are angry that he ran Sonny's prints without his permission and defend him, sure he didn't do anything wrong. Britt tells Jason that Cyrus has most likely altered data to make his drug look less harmful than it is. She did her own research that shows the truth, but it's mysteriously disappeared. Jason tells her not to do anything right now, since Cyrus is probably keeping an eye on her. Britt has other things to occupy her time anyway, as she's developed a tremor in her hand and seems to think it's a significant issue. Jackie tells Martin and Valentin that she thinks she's figured out where Florence is. They bicker about who gets to go on the rescue mission, though Jackie doesn't plan to let anyone accompany her. Cyrus overhears them talking about Vermont, but Jackie and Martin don't let him in on what they're discussing. Martin's worried that Cyrus will find Florence first and move her somewhere Martin will never find her. Portia asks Curtis to talk to Jordan about Cyrus' claim that she turned down his offer to get Taggert released. Curtis tells her he can't really talk to Jordan about anything right now since they're separated. After some recapping, he tells her he wants a change and might leave the PI business after he wraps up the case he's working on. Then he asks for her help with the case. Nina tells Valentin he was right about Jax always prioritizing Carly, and now she's been betrayed. She asks him to help her make sure Carly pays.

Maybe Diane should move into Connie's old house so she's always just a short walk away when a Corinthos needs her.

I'd ask if Jason had an evil twin who was impersonating him with Brando, but I think that would make Jason one of a set of identical triplets, and let's not go there.

How does Cyrus expect Brando to find Florence if Brando's always with him?

Why is a state trooper investigating a robbery? Also, I assume he stole Sonny's toothbrush or something while he was in his room.

I can't believe Jason didn't consider that Spinelli might be able to recover Britt's research.

I can't remember if Britt ever said she tested negative for Huntington's after she found out Faison had it. Maybe that's what's going on with her.

Curtis should talk things over with Finn, partly because Finn gives good advice and partly because maybe Finn will mention the Jackie/Chase situation and inspire Curtis to investigate Trina's paternity. (Yes, I still think he's her biological father.)

$5 says Nina and Valentin end up in bed together within the next month.

Looks like they resurrected the Port Charles Grill to replace the Floating Rib.

February 19th, 2021

Molly and T.J. have decided to do their commitment thing on Valentine's Day, with only Kristina present. T.J.'s running late, thanks to work and car trouble, and the woman who's supposed to perform the ceremony doesn't want to waste her evening waiting for him. As Kristina offers her money to stick around, T.J. extends an olive branch to Jordan by asking her for a ride. Jordan questions Brando about his shooting (he just has a minor leg injury), but since Jason's in the room, Brando lies that he doesn't know who shot him or why. Jason suggests that it was a gift, since it'll sideline him from having to do Cyrus' bidding for a while. Brando reluctantly agrees but wishes Jason had found a less painful way to pull that off. Portia accompanies Curtis on a stake-out at a club, where he's trying to get photo evidence of a cheating spouse. Once the work is done, Portia wants to keep having fun. Franco and Elizabeth's Valentine's Day/anniversary goes poorly: People are scared of him, radiation is making him sick, and his hair is starting to fall out. Josslyn and Trina are proud of Cameron for getting into Stanford, but he admits to being scared of aiming for something great and failing. Trina points out that it's better to try and fail than stay where they are and miss out on great opportunities. The three promise to stay close even if they go in separate directions. Michael and Sasha delay their Valentine's dinner to visit Brando, and if Michael can't see that there's some attraction between Brando and Sasha, he's an idiot. Willow and Chase successfully make it to their own dinner, and though she talks too much about Michael, she acknowledges it and Chase doesn't get annoyed. He tells her that Finn and Gregory are fixing their relationship, which gives him hope that he and Willow will be able to do the same. Britt lied to Pentonville's warden about a procedure Brad needs so she can check him into the hospital and spend some time with him. He notices her tremor but she pretends everything's okay. Felix invites Lucas to get a drink after work, and Lucas is hesitant, since he thinks Felix wants a date. Once they confirm that they're just friends right now, Lucas accepts, and Brad overhears. Ava's first real Valentine's Day with Nikolas goes sour when someone sends her a dead roach. Guys, I'm not doing Britt/Jason. I'm not.

Everyone was so sparkly today. It was nice, especially since we didn't see many fancy clothes at the Nurses' Ball.

Yo, where did Kristina get a wad of $50s?

Jason and Brando's conversation, in a nutshell:

Brando: "Why did you shoot me??"
Jason: "You're welcome, by the way."
Brando: "Why didn't you at least warn me?"
Jason: "You would have flinched."
Brando: "Do you know how much it hurts to get shot?"
Jason: "Britch, please."

I can't believe Franco and Elizabeth have only been married for two years. It feels like a lot longer.

Is Felix/Lucas finally going to happen? Do I dare to dream??

If the writers don't stop the Britt/Jason train, I'm going to hijack it and derail it on my own.

"You've changed a lot since your first go-around here." Yeah, she hasn't kidnapped any babies yet!

February 22nd, 2021

Chase and Willow acknowledge that they can't just go back to the way things were, but they can learn from what happened and use it to move forward. Michael and Sasha skip dinner to check on Wiley, who's having a bad night, but since Sasha chooses dealing with a cranky toddler over hanging out with Brando, Michael should be happy. Sasha also notes that they can't just erase what happened, but instead have to start over. Just as they're about to kiss, Willow and Chase come home and everything gets awkward. Michael and Willow end Valentine's Day with each other instead of their old/new beaus, watching Love Actually, which Willow refers to as a movie where everyone's in love with the wrong person. Cameron is shaken about Franco's impending hair loss, and he wants to show his brothers that there's nothing to be scared of, so he decides to shave his head. Josslyn and Trina aren't completely on board, but they want to show their support, so Josslyn does the shaving. Molly and T.J. do a quick commitment ceremony and are officially domestic partners. They're pleased with the pared-down festivities, and T.J.'s especially happy that Jordan was there. Portia and Curtis continue enjoying their time together, but nothing gets inappropriate. He remembers that the club they're in is up for sale and considers making it part of his new direction in life. Nikolas and Ava think Ryan must have been behind the roach and its accompanying note about how secrets and roaches can survive anything. They run out of ideas after Jordan tells them that Ryan's condition hasn't changed, so he couldn't have arranged for the present to be sent. Franco and Elizabeth try to be optimistic about having a future together. Guys, I already said I'm not doing Britt/Jason.

Romantic scenes are a lot less romantic when the actors aren't allowed to kiss.

So...Sasha basically preempted a Michael/Sasha/Brando love triangle before it could even start, huh?

Trina, maybe don't burst into the room yelling, "Please don't be alarmed!"

The only person I can think of who would send Ava a roach and that note is Ryan. Unless Spencer is still mad at her.

I need a Britt break.

February 23rd, 2021

Valentin tells Anna all of Peter's confessions, and she finally admits that he's as bad as everyone has been insisting for years. Valentin says they'll have to decide when protecting him is no longer what's best for their loved ones. While Carly prepares for more questioning by the Feds, Diane wonders if Jax will stick to the story that she wasn't present when Nelle died. Carly thinks he will, since the cover-up was his idea to begin with, but Jax confides to Alexis that he's thinking of telling the truth, which will at least convince Nina that he's on her side. Ultimately, Carly doubles down on her lie, saying she doesn't know why Nina claims she and Jax said Carly was there when Nelle died. We don't know what Jax tells the federal agent who questions him, but the agent determines that there's no evidence that Nina's claims have any merit, so the case will stay closed. Nina thinks she was justified in turning Carly and Jax over to the authorities, but Maxie gets her to realize that sending them to prison would take them away from their children, just like Nelle was taken from Nina. Maxie urges her to focus on getting to know Wiley. Michael doesn't want to rush anything, but Willow wants to facilitate Nina and Wiley's relationship to help Nina move past her grief over Nelle, so they take Wiley to see his grandmother. Britt notes that Obrecht's lost momentum in her quest to bring down Peter, and she wonders if Peter is a good enough villain to get away with his crimes. Obrecht realizes she needs to step it up, since the wedding is right around the corner, so she breaks into Maxie and Peter's apartment. The flash drive and Alex's will are there, but Peter hasn't noticed the envelope yet. Finn gives Alexis a pep talk, telling her that if someone were treating her the way she's treating herself, he'd confront that person. She needs to do whatever it takes to stay sober and stabilize her life.

Anna and Finn haven't left yet? I mean, it doesn't matter, since it's pointless for them to search for Obrecht anywhere but in town, but I thought they were going to leave immediately.

Raise your hand if you're surprised about Carly playing the widow card. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Maxie gave excellent advice today. I bet she could fix Jordan and Curtis' marriage.

Hey, Nina, you know who else was raised without love? Drew. I don't remember him slitting anyone's throat or lying about any babies' deaths. Stop acting like a bad childhood is the only thing that made Nelle a psychopath.

If Nina's going to keep wearing both heart halves at the same time, she needs to put them on the same chain or wear chains of different lengths like Maxie did today. Wearing two of the same length at once looks ridiculous.

February 24th, 2021

Anna tells Peter she still has the evidence tying him to Black (the assassin he hired to kill Franco and Andre), which he thought she'd destroyed. She invites him to share anything he might be hiding that could also be incriminating. Of course, Peter's not going to do that, and he instead insists that they get rid of the evidence so Obrecht can't get her hands on it. Anna doesn't stop him from burning the evidence, and after he's left, she calls Valentin to tell him they need to figure out how to stop Peter. Obrecht doesn't find anything that incriminates Peter in his and Maxie's apartment, but she does find the will and flash drive. On it is a message from Alex informing Peter that she's his mother, as well as something that Obrecht is sure will take him down. Britt helps her out by delaying Maxie from going home, though that involves picking a fight over Peter. She wonders why Maxie is so defensive about what a great guy he is if she supposedly doesn't care what other people think about their relationship. Carly tells Jason that Nina shouldn't be allowed to see Wiley until the Corinthoses are sure she's emotionally stable enough to handle it. Jason thinks she's nuts. Carly is unhappy to learn that Michael and Willow are already fostering that relationship, and she warns Nina to be on her best behavior or lose access to her grandson. Olivia asks where Robert stands with regards to Peter, Maxie, and the double wedding. Robert doesn't want to give his blessing, but he also doesn't want to alienate himself from Maxie. He checks in with Jason, concerned that taking over the Corinthos organization is keeping him from pursuing Peter. Jason really has nothing to go on right now, but he at least gets that Peter must not want Franco to reveal something. Alexis tries to make amends with Olivia, ignoring Robert when he cautions her to keep her distance. Olivia is far from forgiving Alexis and doesn't completely believe that she's trying to straighten out her life, but she's open to having her mind changed. We get it, Michael and Willow still have feelings for each other.

I hope the Peter storyline comes to a head with Robert and Obrecht working together.

The speed with which Britt left Maxie and Peter's apartment after Peter came home is the same speed I would have used in that situation, so we at least have that in common.

Another great Steve Burton face: the "what in the world are you talking about?" face.

Carly, don't antagonize the woman who just tried to send you to prison.

Alexis, do you really think Olivia wants to be friends with the woman who slept with her husband?

February 25th, 2021

Jackie has found Florence, and her plan to get her back is for her and Martin to just walk into the house where she's being kept and hope they don't get caught/shot. Jason sees them coming and lets Martin see Florence, though he's not sure what will happen next and isn't ready to dismiss Bobbie from her caregiver role yet. Florence is having a good, lucid day, and Jackie figures she might as well take advantage of it to get Florence's opinion on Cyrus. Ava confronts Ryan about the roach, guessing he has more of an ability to communicate than everything believes. She squashes the roach and tells him she holds the power in their dynamic, not him. Ryan still has secrets, though, as it looks like he sent Spencer a letter (which has been returned to sender). Elizabeth asks Finn's opinion on Franco's latest brain scans and is frustrated when they don't show that radiation has shrunk the tumor. She admits that she's angry at Franco for going to Switzerland instead of starting treatment right away, which could have allowed the tumor to grow. Finn tells her that Franco will fight to live, and she's giving him great support, but she needs her own support system, too. Franco has a dream about his Drew memories, and when Cameron wakes him up, Franco almost gets violent. Cameron is shaken but doesn't think Franco is dangerous, and definitely not as dangerous as the people who hate him. He vows again to protect his family, but Franco points out that he could get himself in trouble, which could take him away from his brothers. Cameron announces that he's not going to college in California and in fact might not go at all. Portia begs Jordan to accept Cyrus' offer to get Taggert out of trouble with the Feds. Jordan tells her the other side of the offer, which would disrupt the temporary peace in town and probably put people in danger. Portia eventually decides that Taggert is better off staying in jail for now, but she doesn't want Trina to have contact with him. Jordan invites Portia to make her the bad guy and take Trina's anger off of her parents. Sam and Curtis talk about relationships that seem solid but fall apart, and his desire to get away from a job that requires digging into people's secrets and giving them bad news. He's really thought through the idea of buying a club, and he asks Sam to buy him out of their PI business so he can use the money for the club. Sam is fully supportive of his plan and agrees to the deal. Laura encourages Nikolas to keep working on his relationship with Spencer.

A major shout-out to whoever dug up a copy of Love in Maine for Bobbie to read to Florence.

Another shout-out to Jon Lindstrom for not flinching when Maura West shoved a roach in his face.

I don't think Heather would be a fan of Ryan's, considering he stabbed Franco.

Didn't Sam and Curtis sever business ties months ago?

The club needs a name so I can stop calling it "the club." Also, I'm 95% sure that set was Courtney and Jason's old love nest, which was later Robin, Kelly, and Lainie's apartment.

Why did everyone keep using Jason's full name today? It was really distracting.

February 26th, 2021

It's the day of the double wedding, and Anna's distracted by thoughts of what she and Valentin need to do about Peter. She wants to tell Maxie everything and keep her from marrying Peter, but Valentin warns that Maxie will share the news with Spinelli, who will pass it along to Jason, who will kill Peter. He thinks they should sit on the information and give the WSB time to investigate. Anna isn't about to let Maxie be collateral damage, so she'll need to think of something fast to keep the wedding from going forward. Maxie confides to Nina that she's not 100% sure she's doing the right thing in marrying Peter. She asked Nathan for his blessing and doesn't feel like she got one. Instead of getting ready for her wedding, she goes back to the cemetery to talk to Nathan some more. (Not seen: Nathan, somewhere heavenly, screaming at her not to marry Peter.) Peter wants Spinelli at the wedding even less than Spinelli wants to be there, so he makes Spinelli pretend to be sick. Britt keeps Peter from seeing Maxie, claiming it's for traditional purposes, and Peter remains oblivious that things probably won't go as planned. Franco thinks he should move out of the house in case he gets violent again and really hurts someone. Elizabeth takes it a step further and suggests that he check himself into Shadybrook. He reminds her that Jason was going to kill him if he showed signs of being dangerous, but Elizabeth doesn't want to talk about that. Jason finally gets around to asking questions about what was going on before Alexis tried to attack Franco. Sam mentions that he was acting weird and talking to himself, so Jason asks Franco for details. Franco FINALLY tells him he's been hearing Peter's voice in his head. Cyrus isn't happy that Jackie has published an article about how much his own mother detests him. He tries to get her to tell him where Florence is, but Jackie guesses that she's already been moved to another location. Lesley and Monica use the article to their advantage, convincing the GH board to hold their vote about Cyrus' drug ahead of schedule. Lesley and Laura happily inform him that they won't support sending the drug to the FDA and using the profits for the hospital. Finn's paternity-test results are in, but Jackie manages to talk him out of getting them on the day of his wedding by pointing out how much the truth could ruin Chase's life. Curtis tells Jordan his new life plans, and though she's supportive, she's sad that it's all happening without her. Gregory and Chase talk about Gregory and Jackie's wedding – specifically, the night before it (you know, when Jackie slept with Finn). And then they talk about something else, but my recording froze and I don't know or really care what it was.

There's no way this wedding is going to happen, and I don't want to have to be there when someone breaks the news to Violet.

I'm glad they're obviously moving toward Peter's downfall, but the bad news is that that means we have to see a lot of Peter.

Anna needs to have a talk with Nina about how adults are responsible for their own actions, no matter how bad their childhoods were.

Felicia isn't coming? Come on. And since no one's mentioned Robin or Emma, I assume they're not coming, either.

What was the point of Franco starting to recover Drew's memories if no one's doing anything to use them against Peter? They should have developed that part of the plot more so it was further along at this point.

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