General Hospital blog - February, 2022

February 1st, 2022

Ned and Olivia renew their vows in a nice little ceremony that makes everyone in attendance happy. Of course, since this is a soap, the happiness can't last, and it ends when Tracy gets arrested for fraud and trafficking counterfeit goods, specifically the Ice Princess. Austin has questions about his kiss with Maxie, though Britt thinks the act itself is pretty self-explanatory. She urges Austin to go to the vow renewal, since Maxie will be there, and talk to her himself. Kristina tells Alexis that she's fine with her being friends with Harmony, or is at least working on being fine with it. They acknowledge that Harmony was one of Shiloh's victims, so she deserves a chance to get out from under her past just like Kristina does. Willow asks Harmony about her birth certificate, a subject Harmony clearly hopes would never come up. She says she has a copy, then runs to Alexis to no doubt confess something devious. Brook and Chase are optimistic that their time parenting Louise is almost over, but also not really looking forward to it because they'll lose their connection to each other. (Also, at some point they told Tracy everything off-screen, and she's going along with it because Peter deserves it.) Carly finds out that Sonny's planning something big for her and makes a big fuss about it. Britt and Brad wonder if Selina's going to take another shot (so to speak) at killing Peter. Britt's fine if he dies, but she'd prefer if it didn't happen in her hospital. Dante thinks he and Sam have plateaued because Drew's back.

Leo was right, Olivia's dress was awesome.

You can't tell me there's anyone out there who thinks Maxie and Austin have better chemistry than Britt and Austin.

I'm sorry, Harmony being one of Shiloh's "victims" doesn't excuse what she did. She's complicit. Allison Mack didn't get acquitted because she was one of Keith Raniere's minions. Harmony may have been paroled, but that doesn't mean she's not still guilty of her crimes.

If Kristina doesn't want Sam speaking for her then she doesn't get to speak for Sam and insist that she's torn between Dante and Drew when Sam hasn't said anything implying that. Clearly they're aiming for a Drew/Sam/Dante love triangle, but she hasn't given any indication that she still has feelings for Drew, so it's like everyone's willing it into existence.

What's that, Carly? You don't want your drama to distract from Ned and Olivia? Then SHUT UP.

"He seems nice." "He's straight." "Boo." Ha!

February 2nd, 2022

The WSB agent who wants to arrest Tracy is a guy who's been lurking around her and Luke for a while, trying to catch them doing something illegal. He says the piece of the Ice Princess Tracy sold to pay for something was appraised and found to be fake. Tracy claims not to know anything about that, which means someone must have stolen the real Ice Princess from Luke. Drew and Michael team up to stall the agent by threatening to publish memories Drew has supposedly recovered from his time in Greece. Anna intervenes and arranges for Tracy to be allowed to return to Amsterdam while the situation is investigated. Kevin's not pleased that Victor has made arrangements with a Spring Ridge guard to make sure Spencer's protected. Esme's even less pleased that Spencer is still worrying about Trina instead of expressing concern over how Esme's going to be all alone while he's gone. Everyone should be really displeased that Victor's buddying up to Esme, because talk about an unholy alliance. Trina tells Ava about the events at the cabin and promises that she told the truth when she said she's fine with Josslyn and Cameron being together. Spencer keeps texting and calling her, which Ava thinks is significant – he has plenty of people to support him as he prepares to go to Spring Ridge, but he only wants to talk to Trina. The significance is ratcheted up when Spencer ditches Esme without letting her know and goes to the gallery to see Trina. Maxie tells Austin she cares about him and wants to pursue something with him, but not until she has Louise back. She tells him he doesn't have to wait for her to be ready, but it looks like he's willing to be patient. Anna's been trying to reach Valentin, who left her a voicemail about having a lead on Louise, and she tells Maxie that he may have discovered something. Austin manages to put all the pieces together and figure out that Louise is "Bailey." Harmony claims that Willow's birth certificate was a forgery because she was born on a commune and no one wanted to file any government paperwork in case they got investigated. Alexis offers to help sort things out so Willow can get her passport without finding out what her mother did. Sonny seems seriously incapable of understanding that when Carly says she wants time and space, what she means is that she doesn't want to be around him or talk to him. She's tempted to give in to his request to spend that evening together, since he wants to romance her by recreating one of their many weddings, but she's not sure she's ready to recommit to their relationship. She's also not sure she believes Sonny when he says that if he could, he would change the past or erase his memories of his time in Nixon Falls. Michael tells Drew that if he ever does want to publish an exposé on Victor, Michael's game. Drew says Victor's definitely going to get what's coming to him.

Has Esme forgotten that she's an intern at the place Spencer's spending the next month? She's acting like they're not going to see each other for the next 30 days. She's such a drama queen.

Maxie, feel free to put off starting something with Austin for a long time. A looooooong time. Indefinitely, even.

Yeah, no way is a forged birth certificate the end of that story.

I need Phyllis to have a come-to-Jesus talk with Sonny, because I can't take this anymore. CARLY WANTS SPACE. LEAVE HER ALONE.

"It pains me that you despise me so." Well, you once held her daughter hostage, so...

February 3rd, 2022

Dante is pleased to be one of the officers escorting Peter to Pentonville, though he, Anna, and Felicia are really jinxing the chances that he'll get there and stay there. As Victor keeps tabs on the transport van, Mac and Dante come across a car that slid off an icy road and guess it's a trap so someone can break Peter out of custody. Their van ends up crashing as well, and they discover that they have four flat tires, which means sabotage. Austin tells Maxie that he knows what happened the night Louise was born, and he knows that "Bailey" is Louise. He's upset that she didn't tell him, but she makes no apologies for keeping the truth confined to a small group and lying to everyone else. He gets over it pretty quickly and they kiss, so...whatever. Trina tells Spencer that everyone wants him to start living up to his potential because he could be someone great. He wanted to say goodbye to her because she matters to him, and he couldn't go to Spring Ridge without seeing her again. They come suuuuuuper-close to kissing, but Esme sees them and ruins it, which means Trina's probably going to find a horse's head in her bed or something. Sam finally gives her input on what Drew's return could mean for her and Dante, after everyone else has weighed in: She really likes Dante, but she can't help thinking about all the plans she made with Drew once upon a time. Spinelli seems to be Team Drew, or at least Team You Should Give Things a Shot With Drew Before Making Any Final Decisions. Britt and Drew are friends now, I guess, so it seems eventually Drew will slip into all the relationships Jason used to have. He thinks she should make a move if he wants to be with Sam. Laura is really uneasy about Victor's involvement in Spencer's life, but at least Spencer and Nikolas are going to try to work on things after Spring Ridge, so that's one win for her. Sonny tells Phyllis how things have been going for him and how he's trying to turn them around. He also apologizes to Drew, who easily forgives him.

I told y'all you were jinxing things for Peter.

I wish that instead of seeing Dante and Peter butt heads again, we'd seen Mac tell Peter how glad he is to be taking him to prison.

Esme's eventual meltdown and subsequent tantrum is going to be amazing. I expect a scorched-earth lash-out involving fire, drugs, or both.

Ha, Ava's face when she told Esme that Spencer was with Trina. She's loving this.

"Maybe you should cut Sonny some slack. He's had a rough year or so." Yeah, and Drew had a rough two years or so. What else you got?

"If Drew can put what happened behind us, I'm hoping Carly can, starting tonight." Because those circumstances are exactly the same.

February 4th, 2022

As someone joins the group at the prison van, the driver knocks Dante out. When he regains consciousness, Peter and the driver are gone, and Mac has been shot. Anna and Felicia come to the scene and determine that the driver purposely drove through road spikes so they couldn't continue the journey to Pentonville. The driver is found dead, but Peter's still MIA. Brook finally confronts Chase for what he said to Dante about why getting together with her would be a bad idea. He says he laid it on thick so Dante wouldn't catch on that they were covering something up. In truth, Chase thinks Brook is awesome, but he doesn't think they should move beyond friendship while they're taking care of Louise. He almost gives in to temptation, though, and they're about to kiss when Dante calls to tell them that Peter escaped. They race to check on Louise, but she's already with her father. Carly can't decide if she should go meet Sonny, which she feels would be like giving in to an ultimatum, or staying away, which could make him think they're done. Drew advises her to think of it like throwing him a lifeline instead of giving in. Kristina helps Sonny set up for his special night with Carly on the Haunted Star, then calls Carly to tell her he's waiting for her. Carly resists the pressure to give Sonny what he wants, and she tells Kristina she's not going. Kristina relays that to Sonny, who almost throws the new wedding bands he's bought into the water. Nina's understandably mad at Obrecht for blowing up the Sonny/Nina/Carly situation, but Obrecht says she did her a favor. She thinks Sonny still loves Nina, and Nina's ridiculous for saying she doesn't want Sonny and Carly's marriage to end. Obrecht overhears Kristina on the phone, talking about what's up with Sonny, and she tells Nina he's struggling and she should go to him. Austin can't be sure that Maxie's being honest with him after she's lied to him the whole time they've known each other. Maxie promises that she feels something for him and became friends with him because she wanted to, not for any reasons related to Louise. He gets called in to the hospital, and Maxie goes home and tells Sam and Spinelli that things went great with Austin, then fell apart.

The best way to wrap this up, if they're not going to do a murder mystery, is a) Peter tells Victor how to activate Drew, b) Victor activates Drew and sics him on Peter, and c) Peter dies a horrible, painful death. Really, I think Maxie should get the honor, but I don't want her to have to explain to Louise one day that she killed her father. If Drew does it, he gets to use mind control as a defense and no one goes to prison.

How did someone get into the house and grab Louise without Brook or Chase noticing?

I hope they don't use this as an excuse not to pursue a relationship. Yes, you were almost kissing while a baby was being kidnapped. That's not reason not to get together!

I'm impressed – Carly let Drew talk about Oscar for a full 45 seconds before making things about herself.

Obrecht, I beg you to stop helping.

February 7th, 2022

Brook is horrified that Maxie's worst nightmare has come true and procrastinates calling her to let her know. Meanwhile, Chase calls Dante, who checks himself out of the hospital and teams with Anna to look for "Bailey." Dante sends Ned to be with Brook, but he kind of makes things worse by blaming Chase for the baby's kidnapping. Brook finally calls Maxie, whose first instinct is to help with that situation, though that would mean leaving Felicia and Robert while they're waiting for news on Mac. Austin convinces her to tell them the truth about Louise. When she does, Felicia agrees that Louise is her priority. Austin fills in the details of the situation, and while Felicia's happy that Louise was never missing, Robert's impressed by Maxie's plan to protect her. Maxie clears things up for a confused Dante and Anna, telling them that Peter took "Bailey" because he figured out that she's really Louise. I guess Victor's plan was to have his minion Johan kidnap Peter, but Peter turned the tables on him and stole his car. Now he wants Victor to secure a safe route out of town for him and Louise before Peter will tell him how to activate Drew. Victor still has something in mind to stop him, though. Nina seems genuinely apologetic that she's messed things up for Sonny and Carly so severely, and she even wishes she could go back in time and tell Sonny who he really was, though that would mean she and "Mike" would never develop feelings for each other. Sonny believes his marriage is over, and since this is Sonny, he decides the best way to comfort himself is with sex. Somewhere between checking on Dante, comforting Maxie, yelling at Anna for not listening to Jason about Peter, and talking to Sam about her belief that she and Sonny can have a fresh start, Carly decides to go to the Haunted Star after all. Of course, she arrives just in time to catch Sonny and Nina in bed together.

Three little things I loved today: a) Dante calling Olivia not just to let her know he was okay but to have her send Ned to be with Brook, b) Felicia immediately telling Maxie to go deal with Louise's disappearance instead of just sitting around and waiting for news on Mac, and c) Robert acknowledging that Maxie's plan was brilliant, even though it means admitting she fooled him.

I couldn't care less about the Carly/Sonny/Nina stuff if I tried. I'm all about the Louise plot this week.

Carly going to the hospital to check on Dante is ridiculous. Carly hugging Maxie is even more ridiculous.

Drew should probably have someone with him 24/7 until Peter's dealt with. In fact, he should stay in public places to make it harder for Peter to find him and activate him. And Britt should buy a bunch of tarot cards and tell everyone in town how to deactivate him.

February 8th, 2022

Though Victor promises to help Peter flee town, he actually plans to prevent him from leaving, then kill him. Laura and Kevin join the wait for news about about Mac, who comes through surgery fine and seems okay. But this leaves Charlotte at their place alone, which means Peter's free to get to her. When he meets up with Victor, Victor has a sniper take aim at him until he reveals how to activate Drew. Then when Victor prepares to have Peter taken out, Peter announces that if he dies, Charlotte will, too. Carly completely ignores Nina, who wisely stays out of things. Sonny gets off to a horrible start in trying to defend himself by throwing Jason in Carly's face. He also seems to think that since Kristina said Carly wasn't coming, he was free to sleep with Nina. He says he didn't want to have feelings for Nina, which doesn't really excuse why he acted on them. He also asks for time to sort through things, which is HILARIOUS considering how he responded when Carly asked for time. She tells him they're over and it's all on him. She goes to the gatehouse looking for Michael but finds Drew there instead. Ned takes a while to grasp that Bailey never existed and Louise isn't really his granddaughter. He's upset that Brook lied to everyone, and he's disappointed to lose someone he loved, but he's also really proud of his daughter for what she did for Maxie. Drew wants to talk to Sam about where they stand right this second, even though they're just hanging around the hospital for basically no reason. He seems like he's about to tell her he wants to try a relationship again, but they get interrupted by Nina, who asks about Dante and Mac. When Sam says Dante's fine and Nina says she must be relieved, Sam lets it slip that she loves him. Whatever Drew was going to say, he scraps it and just says he hopes Sam is still his family. Dante sees them talking and just can't keep himself from getting involved. Maxie can't figure out where Peter might want to take Louise, so the police don't know where to look for him. Anna suspects that Victor had something to do with his escape.

This might be the first time Peter has actually thought things through.

They shouldn't have shown Peter at Laura and Kevin's place. It would have made the ending a bigger shock. We're smart enough to figure out that he got to Charlotte there.

Who's letting Charlotte spend time with Esme??

All Victor has to do is release Valentin from wherever he stashed him. Valentin will kill Peter and end this whole thing.

Sonny, you suck. #TeamCarly

Me the second Carly and Drew saw each other: "They're going to sleep together."

Still finding little things I really like about the Louise plot: a) Maxie not being mad at Brook, b) Ned realizing that Brook is as worried for Louise as Maxie is, and telling her how awesome she was for taking part in the scheme, and c) Everyone calling Mac Maxie's father instead of her stepfather.

"If anything happens to her, I will kill Peter with my bare hands." I volunteer to hold him down.

Really, Drew, you couldn't wait five minutes to have that conversation somewhere private?

Dante, a child has been kidnapped! Possibly two now! Your relationship issues can wait!

February 9th, 2022

Peter's gambit pays off and Victor is forced to let him live and get him a getaway ship. Peter sends him after Charlotte, then calls Maxie and tells her where he is. He gives her the option of saying goodbye to Louise right now and letting him go or coming with them. Sonny is surprised that Nina knew "Bailey" was Louise for months, and he guesses that's why she let Peter blackmail her about him. Nina is still apologetic about the damage she's done to Sonny and Carly's marriage, which he now thinks might not be fixable. He admits that he still has feelings for Nina. Carly and Drew talk about their romantic woes for a while and commiserate over how the relationships they'd hoped to restart appear to be over for good. They almost kiss, but amazingly, Carly slams on the brakes, knowing they'd be doing it for the wrong reasons and that going any further might ruin their friendship. Maxie fills Britt and Obrecht in on Louise, and they wonder how Peter found out where she was. They guess Victor was involved, which leads Austin to realize that he accidentally filled in the blanks for him. Maxie and Obrecht are both mad that his grudge against Brook led to this. Esme alerts Kevin and Laura to Charlotte's disappearance, but Victor finds her not long after, so they don't have to panic too much. Valentin turns up in an alley behind a restaurant but doesn't remember what happened to him, though he does know that "Bailey"'s in danger. Anna determines that whoever kidnapped him wanted people to think he went on a bender. Sam tells Dante that she sees a future with him and loves him. He loves her, too, so at least one couple on this show is happy.

ONCE A-FREAKING-GAIN a fugitive is trying to flee town via the docks, and the PCPD is nowhere to be seen.

My guess is that they'll have Sonny and Nina try a relationship, but she won't be able to handle being with a mobster. She'll also realize pretty quickly that he's Sonny, not Mike. And she'll learn that Carly will always be on the periphery of the relationship and she'll decide it isn't worth it.

Why is there a bed in the boathouse? Are the Qs just leaning into the fact that people keep having sex there?

"For the first time in my life, I got played." LOL, Carly, you've been played plenty of times.

Drew and Carly together would be a complete disaster, and not the kind I would want to watch.

It shows how messed up Carly's brain is that she thought Drew wanted to kiss her to hurt Sam. Carly, hon, not everyone acts out to hurt someone else. And it's adorable that you think that would hurt Sam anyway.

Maybe Kevin and Laura should have gone home to check on Charlotte instead of just calling her over and over.

February 10th, 2022

Maxie does an excellent job convincing Peter that she wants to be with him again and get a fresh start. She talks him into leaving Louise behind, since they'll have to spend their lives on the run, and they won't be able to give their daughter the stability she deserves. He takes her to an anonymous child drop-off at a firehouse, and though Maxie can't bring herself to do it, he gets her to leave Louise. Laura gets a notification from the firehouse and shows it to Anna without Victor seeing. Anna calls Chase for a "freelance assignment," and he confirms Louise's identity. Anna realizes that Maxie must have met up with Peter and traded herself for Louise. Austin confides in Laura about the mess he caused for Maxie, and he should really stop complaining that she's not returning his calls when she has so much going on right now. Laura connects him with Spinelli, who finds Maxie's car for Austin. Austin arrives at the docks in time to see Peter's ship leaving, but he and Maxie aren't on it, since he's realized they'll be sitting ducks. Charlotte is Victor's newest fan, and his rescue of her endears him to Valentin a little, but Valentin's also suspicious about how quickly Victor was able to find her. Anna and Laura are also suspicious, and Laura even tells Victor that if she finds out he was working with Peter, she'll make sure he gets punished, too. Finn and Elizabeth check on Brook and Chase, who tell them the whole story about Louise. They both think the two of them are awesome for what they did. Chase is upset with himself for not protecting Louise, since he's a cop. Brook goes to see Valentin and learns that he knows the truth about Louise. He begrudgingly admits that he admires Brook for stepping up for Maxie, even though it was at his expense. Finn wants to follow Chase to make sure he's okay, but Elizabeth uses Violet to remind him that he has reasons to protect his own safety instead. She invites him to spend the night at her house, though he'll be sleeping on the couch.

I assume that Maxie will bide her time for a while, then murder Peter in his sleep.

"She just doesn't want to have anything to do with me." It's been 20 minutes and she's juggling multiple crises, Austin. Please chill.

Who threw darts at a board of names and landed on Laura and Austin to have scenes together today?

Laura has Spinelli's number?

Laura threatening Victor was 100% perfect. Love her.

Amanda Setton and Josh Swickard were really good today. (Kirsten Storms, too, but she's always good.)

February 11th, 2022

Sonny tells Phyllis that his marriage may be over, though he doesn't tell her why he thinks Carly's reached her breaking point. Phyllis urges him to keep trying to fix things, even when he learns that Carly has set up a meeting with a divorce lawyer. He needs to be completely honest with Carly, which means telling her he went off his meds and Nina helped him. Ava's thrilled that Nina slept with Sonny and thinks she should keep inserting herself in his life while he deals with the fallout with Carly. She knows Sonny and Carly will most likely work things out in time, so Nina shouldn't give them that time. Nina decides not to do anything and just let things happen however they're supposed to. Then she runs into Sonny. Carly tells Sam that she caught Sonny and Nina together and is done with her marriage. Sam cautions her not to jump straight to a divorce when her emotions are still running high. The dating app Portia signed Terry up for has resulted in her making a love connection, and she's ready to meet the guy for the first time. They don't know what the other looks like, so she's keeping an eye out for a guy in a teal shirt. Chet (whom Amy has been encouraging to start dating again, though he's not interested) turns up in a teal-ish shirt, and Terry's pleased. Elizabeth discovers that the dress she wore when she married Franco, which she was going to donate to a clothing drive, has been slashed. She admits to Terry that it feels like an omen, especially since it's their anniversary. She tries to cheer herself up by arranging a family hangout with Finn and the kids. Portia asks Taggert to team up with her to talk to Trina, who's been quiet since she got back from the group trip. Trina thinks her parents expect her to mope over Spencer since she's not with him and it's a romantic holiday. She tells them that Esme pulled a stunt on the trip, but everything's fine.

Of course Sonny leaves certain details out of his story so Phyllis won't see him as the bad guy.

Carly needs to get a male attorney this time so Sonny won't sleep with this one.

Poor Sam has to spend her first Valentine's Day with Dante alone AND listening to Carly complain.

Sam, you can't keep saying there's no going back if Sonny and Carly get divorced when they've divorced and remarried multiple times.

Hey, it's Chet! Hi, Chet!

I like how Terry emphasized that her date knows everything about her, meaning he already know she's trans.

Taggert was funnier today than he's ever been in the past 20+ years.

February 14th, 2022

The writers remember that Carly and Felix were once friends, so he takes her out to the Savoy so she won't spend Valentine’s Day moping by herself. They run into Brad and Britt, and Carly and Britt call a truce and get drunk together. Sonny tells Nina that if Carly decides to pursue divorce, he's done. Nina...okay, honestly, I'm so tired of this whole thing that I blocked out most of what she said. Laura asks Trina to come over so she can give her a Valentine's Day present from Spencer. It's a book about an artist Trina loves, and she's touched that he thought of it. Spencer's present to Esme was flowers, and though she gives him a care package, she also gives him trouble when she complains that he's her priority but she doesn't seem to be his. Things get worse for her when Kevin tells her he's barred her from seeing Ryan. Terry is embarrassed to realize that Chet isn't the guy she was supposed to be meeting. But her real date is a pretentious moron, and when Chet hears their conversation, he can't stand letting Terry stay stuck on a bad date (though she's been holding her own really well). He pretends to be her boyfriend who doesn't want them to see other people anymore. Terry plays along and ends the evening with a potential new love connection. Nikolas and Ava spend most of the episode talking about Carly, Sonny, and Nina, then practice some light bondage. Molly and T.J. get a total of three minutes of screentime, during which they talk about Jordan possibly coming back to town, then have sex in the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court. Felix tells Brad that Lucas wants him to have a good life, which Brad hopes he can get to once he's out from under Selina's thumb. Taylor is in town, in case that ends up being important.

Tune in next week, when Carly talks to Finn for the first time in years.

I can't say I like drunk Britt, but I do like the way Kelly Thiebaud played her.

"How did we get to this?" You couldn't keep your pants on. Next question.

Terry just shot way up my list of favorite characters.

Chet's facial expressions during Terry and Tanner's conversation were exactly the same as everyone watching the show.

Oh, Ava, Let's not talk about karmic justice.

Aw, Molly and T.J. finally got to have sex at the hotel. And it only took eight years.

Taylor? That's a deep cut.

February 15th, 2022

Austin confronts Victor with a syringe and demands to know where Peter took Maxie. Obrecht intervenes, then tries to charm Victor into giving her information. As tempted as he may be to make her happy, he's not dumb enough to help her without getting something in return. It's not clear if the opportunity to tick of Peter is enough for him. But it turns out Obrecht was just getting close enough to Victor to plant a listening device on him so she and Austin can get information without Victor knowing. Carly tries to rein in her potential divorce lawyer, Rebecca, who wants to help her take Sonny to the cleaners. Carly is more interested in an amicable divorce, but she does want to ruin Nina and make her pay for everything she took from Carly. Harmony blows off Willow's attempts to get an update on the search for her birth certificate, then gets her own update from Alexis, who says there's no legal way to substitute a fake form for the real one. Alexis has guessed that there's more to the story, since Harmony's so resistant to telling Willow the truth. Meanwhile, a contact Michael has at the State Department (because why not?) informs him that there's no record anywhere of Willow's birth, which means as far as the government is concerned, she doesn't exist. Mac is eager to leave the hospital and find Maxie, and though Felicia can't talk him down, Epiphany intimidates him into staying put. At least he gets the good news that Louise has been in town the whole time and was never in danger. Ned and Olivia spend some time with Louise and make Chase an honorary Quartermaine before she goes back to her real family. Ned even apologizes to Chase and says he's just as awesome as Brook. Nina and, who cares?

This is the most interesting Austin's ever been. And it only took nine months!

"I am not a shenaniganist." Hee!

Morgan mention – drink!

Why did Felicia wait so long to tell Mac about Louise? I would think she would tell him ASAP so he could have some motivation to get better.

"When Peter's behind bars" is the new "when the pandemic is over."

Brook and Chase aren't giving Louise to Mac and Felicia right now, are they? Because...they can't really take care of her at the moment.

February 16th, 2022

Michael is furious with Sonny for cheating on Carly, and he doesn't blame her for wanting a divorce. Josslyn's also furious, and though she knows Sonny and Carly have broken up in the past, she thinks this time, things are different. Sonny really wants to try to talk things through with Carly, but she won't budge from seeking a divorce. Willow and Michael think Harmony's evasiveness about Willow's birth certificate indicates that she's hiding something. That something is that Willow's parents aren't her biological parents. A woman named Joan gave birth to her at the commune where Harmony and Douglas were living, and when she left a few days later, the leader said they should adopt the baby. It never happened legally, and Douglas had the birth certificate forged, which is why there's no record of Willow's birth. Harmony isn't sure that Willow will ever forgive her if she comes clean. Alexis notes that her options are continuing to lie or tell the truth, with that second one being the better one. Brook finds it harder to give Louise to Mac and Felicia than she expected, since she wasn't actually Louise's mother. Chase comforts her, telling her she was the baby's mother in every way that counted. Mac and Felicia are thrilled to have Louise, but after, like, two minutes of grandparenting, they realize they're not the right people to take care of her, and she should go back to Brook and Chase until Maxie can take her. Too bad Felicia chooses the second Brook and Chase are about to kiss to bring the baby back. Nina asks Willow if the chaos in her situation with Carly and Sonny will prevent her from being in Wiley's life. I still don't know why Nina thinks that Willow has full say in what happens there. Anyway, the two of them bond a little over having mothers who never seemed interested in being around them, and being unable to trust the people who were always supposed to be there for them. Curtis and Portia decide to move in together.

Michael, you slept with Willow while she was married to someone else. You don't get to yell at anyone for breaking marriage vows.

Josslyn's anger at Nina makes me really excited for how har she'll go off on Esme when she finds out about her recording.

"If you need to talk to anyone, call me." Nina, tell me three things you know about Brook. That's right, you can't, because you've never even spoken to her before. Now go deal with your own problems.

It is WAY too soon for Curtis and Portia to live together. What's up with the speed-run there?

February 17th, 2022

Peter won't give Maxie any details on where he's taking her, other than that it's a farm where he spent summers as a kid. She convinces him to stop at a rest stop, where she leaves an earring on the sink and writes a message in lipstick for someone to call Anna. A woman finds the message, calls Anna, and sends her a picture of the earring, which matches the one Maxie left with Louise. Anna immediately makes plans to fly to Switzerland, and Drew invites himself along, but Anna and Mac won't let Felicia join them for the trip. Sam and Drew encounter Victor, who tries to activate Drew but is disappointed to learn that he has the wrong tarot card. Drew sends Sam away, then roughs Victor up a little and warns him to stay away from anyone Drew cares about. During their confrontation, Drew accidentally dislodges the listening device Obrecht planted on Victor, and it gets destroyed. Austin and Obrecht have been listening in, but they're not able to learn anything (like the fact that Britt knows how to activate Drew). They tell Laura what's going on, and she wonders if Victor came back to town because he wants something from Drew. That something, according to Victor himself, is the location of a long-buried Cassadine secret that he's desperate to get. Finn wishes he'd finished off Peter when he had the chance. He accidentally says this to Anna in front of Elizabeth, then has to backtrack and pretend Elizabeth doesn't know anything about how he almost killed Peter. Anna's like, "I'm a spy and you're a horrible liar, but don't worry about it." She admits that she misses having him and Violet around, and she blames herself for the havoc Peter's caused because she couldn't accept that he couldn't be redeemed. Brando tracks down Sasha, who's been avoiding him, and basically says they need to decide whether they're staying together or not. Though she's still resistant to talking about Liam or dealing with her grief in any way other than trying to move forward, she does still want to be with Brando. Finn thinks Elizabeth is putting in more hours so she can try to avoid her feelings. Elizabeth panics a little when she gets a card from someone identified only as "B" (possibly Betsy) who says they're both thinking about "him."

I can't wait for Peter to be brought down by the one person he thinks he can trust.

If I'm Anna and I find out that Peter's in Switzerland, and I remember that he's Faison's son, and I remember that Faison was involved with Obrecht, I'm probably going to suck it up and ask Obrecht if she knows where Peter might be taking Maxie.

Drew and Dante are both going on this rescue mission, but not Sam? What a missed opportunity. Also, are we 100% sure that Dante has been 100% deprogrammed? Because it would be a huge twist if Dante wound up getting activated instead of Drew.

I love how they made Victor's attempt to activate Drew so dramatic, and then all of a sudden, it was over. That was perfect.

Why does Victor think he knows the right cue to activate Drew, if he doesn't have the right card?

Elizabeth's reaction to getting the card was pretty intense if she really does think it's from Betsy.

February 18th, 2022

Peter and Maxie arrive at their new home, where they'll only ever have to interact with a caretaker (until they one day send for the kids). Maxie casually tries to get information from him about their location, but he'll only say that they're in Switzerland. He notices that her earrings are missing but she comes up with a believable story about losing one and ditching the other. She gives him a big speech about how he's driven by love and she knows she can trust him. Anna, Dante, and Drew work with a couple of WSB agents in Zurich to figure out where Peter might have taken Maxie. Anna and Obrecht both remember a detail from The Severed Branch that points them toward a farm near some salt mines. Meanwhile, Felicia, who's on her way to Zurich after all, remembers a conversation with Peter from a year ago where he actually mentioned the name of the town where she's guessed he's taken Maxie. Victor is monitoring the Peter situation so he can find him and kill him, and he's using one of the Swiss WSB agents to do it. He makes it clear that Anna and Dante are expendable, but Drew isn't. Laura visits Spencer, who pretty much only talks about how much he appreciates Victor and how much he hates Ava. She then finds Victor talking to Ava and Nikolas about the possibility of Spencer and Nikolas patching things up. Laura guesses that he wants to pull that off so he can look like the good guy. She urges Nikolas to makes amends himself so Victor won't get the credit. Victor visits Spencer next and tells him the Cassadines need to strengthen their ties because big things are coming and Spencer will be the heir who reaps all the benefits. Laura knows Victor's eventually going to want something from Spencer, and she's determined to find out what that is. Austin and Obrecht tell Sam and Britt about their bug on Victor and their failure to learn much. Obrecht wants to join the others in Zurich, but Britt threatens to have her committed and/or harpoon her again if she tries. Sam has some sympathy for Austin, who just wants to help, but she tells him that he might just be getting in the way instead.

Every time Peter mentions how secluded his and Maxie's location is, I think, "Good, then they'll never find your body."

LOL, Peter's going to be responsible for his own downfall. He even brought a gun that could be his own murder weapon!

Felicia can remember a full conversation from a year ago and I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.

I'm not sure what the point was of having Felicia go to Switzerland after everyone else.

Kiki mention – drink!

February 21st, 2022

Maxie tells Peter she's done playing around and wants him to know she doesn't love him and will try to escape the second she gets the chance. She asks if his devious plans go all the way back to Nathan's death. Peter says he never intended for Nathan to die, but he certainly isn't sorry that it happened. Maxie's able to get away from him by using some self-defense moves on him, and a map and knowledge of the night sky (thanks, Spinelli!) get her to a road. Meanwhile, Anna, Drew, and Dante lose some time figuring out where Maxie and Peter is, but when they finally get their location, they head right over. Spencer will only accept Nikolas' return to his life if Nikolas does a bunch of stuff for him, like ending his requirement to pay Ava restitution and stopping the arrangement where Ava controls his trust. Nikolas notes that part of parenting is making sure your kids are held accountable for their actions, Spencer accuses him of putting Ava before his own child. He calls her a word that gets used way too much on this show, and when Nikolas objects, Spencer blasts him for trying to have Hayden killed. Needless to say, that relationship isn't any better, and might actually be worse now. Trina tells Josslyn about Spencer's gift, which makes Josslyn uneasy because he shouldn't be getting close to her while he's with Esme. She wants Trina to be as happy as Josslyn is with Cameron, and she doesn't think Spencer is the guy to bring her that happiness. Laura has a come-to-Jesus talk with Esme about her lack of respect for other people and her sense of entitlement. She urges Esme to find her own support system so she's not so lonely without Spencer. Esme goes to Josslyn and Trina with her tail between her legs and says she wants to be friends. Josslyn is having none of it and brings up Spencer's present to Trina. The writers remembered that Ava is Leo's aunt and have her learn about his diagnosis and catch up with Olivia. It's basically an excuse for mentions of Julian and the ridiculous implication that Olivia would rather let Ava be in Leo's life than freeze her out for killing Connie. There's a throwaway moment where Ned tells Laura that the Ice Princess was stolen way before Tracy tried to sell part of it, and Laura wonders if someone wanted to cause chaos.

"Why am I always in the woods?" Heh.

Anna letting Drew run the op was so dumb.

Nice of Dante to tag along to Switzerland and do nothing.

Nicholas Chavez swore like a guy who was never allowed to as a kid and was thrilled to get paid to do it.

Nikolas: "You have no right to refer to any woman that way!" Spencer: "But it's okay to arrange to have a woman shot?" Student audience if this were a sitcom: "Ooooooooh."

Why are we pretending Ava and Olivia are friendly?

Is there a point to the heat wave?

February 22nd, 2022

Felicia finds Maxie and the two are on their way to safety when Peter catches up to them and makes them crash their car. Maxie leads him away from Felicia and they end up...somewhere? I think it's part of a bridge? Anyway, Maxie announces that she'd rather die than go anywhere with Peter, so he's free to kill her, but if he does, he'll have to admit that he has no humanity left. He yells that she was supposed to save him, but since that didn't happen, he's done with her. Before he can shoot her Felicia hits him with a tire iron and he falls down an embankment. Sonny and Carly work out the details of their divorce agreement, though he stupidly suggests that they call it off and keep living together for Donna and Avery's sake. Carly's not about to do that, so the divorce is moving forward and Sonny's getting the short end of the stick. Esme pretends she knew about Spencer's present to Trina, but Josslyn knows she's lying. Esme keeps insisting she wants to work things out and be friends, and while Trina's willing to try it, Josslyn isn't. Eventually Trina tells Josslyn that she's focusing too much on Spencer and Esme's relationship and is making things difficult for Trina. Esme acts hurt, but she's secretly pleased because it's almost time to debut Josslyn and Cameron's sex tape. Sam spies on Victor and Johan, who are waiting for news from Switzerland but have lost contact with the WSB agent. They almost catch Sam, but she's able to get away without being spotted. She goes to Robert and Laura with questions about Victor and Johan, the latter of whom Robert IDs and learns was recently in Austria. When Laura hears that he was in the same place Luke died, she guesses that he and Victor had something to do with Luke's death, and it wasn't an accident. Meanwhile, Laura's vice mayor or assistant or whoever, Eileen, tells Victor that Laura, Robert, and Sam are getting into things they shouldn't be. Anna, Dante, and Drew get in a gun battle with Victor's minions, including the WSB agent, but that just fills time before they can find out that Peter and Maxie aren't there.

Good job, Felicia! Now make sure he's really dead!

Really, Sonny? You think it's smart and/or realistic to live in the same house as a woman who is so mad at you that she's filing for divorce, like, three days after finding you with another woman? REALLY?

I'm still Team Carly in the divorce but I think Sonny should have kept the house.

Yessssss to everything Trina said to Josslyn. Esme and Spencer's relationship is none of their business, Josslyn made things worse for Trina, and Josslyn cared more about sticking it to Esme than supporting Trina. Trina is always right.

Oh, Sam. You're better at your job than that.

I find it hard to believe that Anna, Dante, and Drew would fire into a house where there might be a hostage.

February 23rd, 2022

Peter's fall leaves him so injured that he'll die without medical attention. Anna and Drew find him, Maxie, and Felicia, and Maxie and Drew give Peter some final angry words before Anna sends them all away. She's supposedly called an ambulance, but she didn't, and she intends to just let Peter die. Once he does (allegedly – I mean, come on), she admits to Felicia that she didn't do anything to save him. Felicia's fine with it, and I think Drew suspects what she did but isn't going to say anything. Back in Port Charles, Mac, Robert, Brook, Chase, Britt, Obrecht, and Austin are relieved to hear that Maxie's safe and Peter's dead. This means Brook and Chase have to stop playing house, but they suddenly have a new connection, because they finally kiss. Brando finds Sonny moping and drinking at Charlie's and gives him the shoulder to lean on that he's not currently getting from anyone else in his family. Sonny encourages him to spend more time with Sasha, since Sonny's so convinced that that's the cure-all for relationship problems, and Brando takes him up on the offer to spend some time at a place Sonny has in Niagara. Sonny drunk-dials Nina, who shows up just as he's about to drive home drunk. Lucy tells Nina she's worried that Sasha is throwing herself into her work too much to avoid her grief. She should also be worried that Sasha has reconnected with someone from her addiction days and has asked for something to help her get through her trip with Brando.

I give it four episodes before Anna gets a call saying Peter's body is missing. There's no way anyone watching believes he's really dead. Two medical professionals thought he was dead when he wasn't. I don't trust Anna's judgment.

I 100% expected Anna to kill Peter, just to make sure he died.

"I do hope, wherever you wind up..." Hell, Anna. He's definitely going to Hell.

Dante really didn't contribute anything to the Maxie/Peter plot, did he?

Sonny didn't say his name, but he said he lost a child, so I'm counting it as a Morgan mention – drink!

Why was Nina at a meeting about Deception's IPO?

February 24th, 2022

Ned and Chase offer Brook support as Maxie comes to get Louise. She's extremely grateful to Brook and Chase for what they did for her, and she admits to Ned that she's worried that Louise will be upset to be taken away from the only mother she's ever known. The hand-off goes well, though, and Maxie announces that she's changing Louise's name to Bailey Louise and will let Brook be Mama Brook Lynn. Nina's concerned about Sonny's drinking while he's taking mood-stabilizing medication. She also thinks his meds are partly responsibly for his decision to sleep with her. Sonny won't acknowledge that there's a problem, and it sounds to me like he's going to use the impending divorce as an excuse to get away with a lot of stuff. Also, they kiss again. Carly meets with Ava in hopes of securing time with Avery in exchange for a promise to make sure Sonny doesn't cut into Ava's time with her. Ava notes that Carly has hated her for years, and since Ava's friends with Nina, she can just get her help. Carly dismisses Nina as a "flavor of the week" and reminds Ava that she's unstable. Despite the tension between Ava and Carly, Ava promises to let her remain a part of Avery's life. Anna confides in Robert that she let Peter die and feels like she failed him and everyone he's ever hurt. Robert's not really the one to give her sympathy, though, since all he can think about is how nice it is that Peter's gone. Marshall makes a comment about having dealt with shady people like Sonny, so Drew offers to put his plan to find out more about him in action. Curtis agrees. Meanwhile, Stella advises Portia to keep an eye out in case Marshall's follows him to Port Charles and affects Curtis. Felicia has no regrets about contributing to Peter's death, and Mac has no problem with that.

Brook: "You named her for Lulu, to honor your friend." Maxie: "You are my friend, too." Me: (x)

Does Nina really not get that Sonny isn't the person she fell in love with? Or is this an "I can change him" situation?

I'd love to see Sonny talk to Alexis about drinking, but I don't see it happening.

That's our Ava, thinking about alliances and how they benefit her instead of what's best for Avery.

"I have outlasted every one of Sonny's affairs." And that's exactly why this divorce won't stick.

February 25th, 2022

Nina finally makes a good decision, telling Sonny they shouldn't get together right now because he's not stable and he's emotional about his marriage ending. Dante comes by to tell Sonny about Peter, and Sonny tries to get rid of him so he doesn't find out Nina's there. Nina notices this and says it's just another reason for them not to start anything. I'm sure she'll have fun explaining that to Carly, who later shows up with Drew. Instead of telling Willow the truth about her parentage, Harmony claims that she found the birth certificate. Willow's pleased that her relationship with her mother can keep progressing. Harmony then talks to a forger about making up a new one, and Shawn catches her paying him. Shawn has the opportunity to move to San Francisco to expand the Invader, but first he wants to know if there's a chance he and Alexis will get back together. She tells him she wants him in her life and cares about him, but she still hasn't bounced back from Neil's death. Plus, as she points out to Sam, he's her boss now, and that could get messy. Still, Sam wishes Alexis would turn to Shawn as a confidant instead of Harmony. Elizabeth tells Finn about all the weird Franco-related stuff that's happened and how it all seems to be deliberate. He hopes she can find a way to move on from the trauma of Franco's death without letting go of her happy memories. Elizabeth tries to start making sense of everything by asking Betsy to come visit. Carly updates Drew on her family drama, and both of them express relief that they didn't kiss the other day. This week on I Never in a Million Years Expected This, Sam and Elizabeth vow to always have each other's backs.

"It was a team effort." Dante, are you trying to take credit for something you had nothing to do with?

$5 says Willow finds her birth certificate and figures out something's up when it doesn't match the forgery.

Heh, someone commented that Drew is "out of one prison and into another" with Carly.

Wow, Finn finally mentioned Reiko. Amazing.

February 28th, 2022

Carly and Drew tell Sonny that Peter's dead (which he already learned from Dante) and then Carly sends Drew away so she and Sonny can talk about the crap they always talk about. He's actually listened to Nina and doesn't want to have overnight visitations with Donna until his mental health is more stable. He even tells Carly that he went off his meds for a few days. She guesses that's what Nina wanted to tell her at yoga, when Carly thought Nina was just messing with her. She's upset that Sonny didn't want her to know, and she sees it as more evidence of how far they've grown apart. They end the episode signing their divorce papers. Drew and Nina both wind up at Charlie's, and she accuses him of seeking her out to slam her on Carly's behalf. Drew doesn't want to get involved, but he makes it clear that he's loyal to Carly and he hates what Nina did to her family. Even though Nina denies that there's anything going on with her and Sonny, at least right now, Drew isn't so sure. Scott tells Elizabeth that Jake has confided in him about not being thrilled that she's dating Finn. Elizabeth wonders if he might be responsible for the strange goings-on, but Scott suspects Betsy, who's in town without warning and doesn't like that Elizabeth has moved on from Franco already. Elizabeth goes home to find a big painting in her living room. Alexis has talked to Diane about Harmony's situation, and though she's left out names and kept it all hypothetical, Diane knows exactly who's involved. She hopes Alexis isn't being manipulated into believing Harmony is a better person than she actually is. Alexis might be worried about the same thing, since Harmony tells her that she lied to Willow and is getting another forged birth certificate. Alexis advises her again to come clean to Willow about not being her birth mother. Shawn is familiar with the forger Harmony met with, and he warns her not to drag Alexis into anything shady. He tells T.J. he's moving away and asks him to keep an eye on Alexis, especially where Harmony's concerned. Finn gets Chase to admit that he has feelings for Brook, but Chase doesn't want to press her on her own feelings or the possibility of a relationship while she's dealing with giving up Bailey.

I'm going on the record with my prediction that by this date next year, Sonny and Carly will be back together. At the very least, they'll have slept together again.

Drew, extricate yourself from this mess ASAP. Not just the conversation with Nina – refuse to discuss anything related to Carly and Sonny.

I feel like Jake would say something to Elizabeth if he really had a problem with her dating Finn. He definitely wouldn't set Franco's studio on fire.

"Ms. Miller." "Ms. Miller." Heh. I was waiting for the acknolwedgment that Diane and Harmony have the same last name.

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