General Hospital blog - January, 2005

January 3rd, 2005

Once again, I donít care about Diego, Alcazar, Maria, Bridget, Sam, or the baby. Who still needs a name.

Alexis should be drunk more often. Even though Sonnyís being a jerk about it. First of all, Sonny, you probably shouldnít tell your lawyer that youíre going to blackmail someone. Second of all, you were already allowed to take Kristina out of the country; you donít need leverege. So shut up already.

Carly - DO NOT GIVE IN TO MICHAEL. He is a bratty moppet and should be treated as such.

We want Helena! We want Helena!

January 4th, 2005

Sonny wants Michael to stop heís going to take him to the island? I...donít get it.

Speaking of the island, I bet Alexis will make Ric go there for their honeymoon so she can keep an eye on Kristina. That would rock - Alexis, Ric, Kristina, Sonny, Jordan, Michael, and Morgan together in Puerto Rico. Um, except for the Sonny, Jordan, and Michael parts.

Dear Courtney, worry about your own life.

Iím going to demand Helena until we see her.

January 5th, 2005

Sonny sure has a strange way of parenting, doesnít he?

Who enrolls a two-year-old in preschool?

Way to be creative with the babyís name, Jason. I like the name, but...ďthe babyís like a miracle; letís call her Hope.Ē Itís been done.

Okay, Jordan, I think weíve put up with you just about long enough.

I still want Helena.

January 6th, 2005

Wow, nothing happened today. Kristinaís not going to Puerto Rico, Sonnyís buying the house Ric and Alexis wanted, and...wait, thatís it. Iím so glad I spent 45 minutes of my life on that.

January 7th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Alexis catches Ric in a lie. (Thatís not good.)
Tuesday: Jason and Sam take their relationship to the next level. (Thatís really not good.)
Wednesday: Durant is determined to get what he wants. (Go away, Durant.)
Thursday: Luke and Skye set a trap for Helena. (Best of luck!)
Friday: Carly returns to her old tricks. (When did she leave her old tricks.)

Ask and you shall receive. Rock on, Helena. Now, be a doll and kill Emily, would you?

Those ten minutes of a guy making a copy of Sonnyís key were just riveting. I wish every episode could include stuff like that.

They probably shouldnít end with a scene of Bridget telling Sam sheís taking the baby back when we just saw an ad in which Sam still has the baby. Iím not stupid, promo people.

Why are Carly and Alcazar getting stuck in an elevator together? Am I supposed to care?

January 10th, 2005

Dear writers, thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back Helena. Itís the best (belated) Christmas present ever.

Iíd completely forgotten that Alexis still didnít know that Ric knew Kristina was Sonnyís daughter before she told him. Whatís up with that lab tech? He needs to get a life.

Okay, Iím serious this time. Enough with showing Emily and Nikolas every time they have sex. We get it - theyíre married, therefore they have sex. We donít need to see it!

I still donít understand why the writers had Carly and Alcazar get stuck in an elevator together. Was it just so she could stick her nose in someone elseís business and complain about Alexis again? Because been there, done that.

Jax and Courtney are starting to rival Sonny and Carly for the worst relationship ever.

January 11th, 2005

I love Lukeís reaction to Connor saying that Helena threatened to kill Emily - basically, ďwhatever.Ē I also love Lukeís reaction to Connor in general - ďshut it, pretty boy.Ē

Why is everyone hanging out in Sonnyís new house all of a sudden? Who the heck is that completely random guy who kind of looks like Lucky? And am I completely crazy for thinking that Ric and Jordan are going to hook up?

Shut up, Carly. You need a hobby so youíll stop butting into other peopleís business. Youíve never even met Bridget, so be quiet.

Iím still so bored by Sam and Jason. I donít even care that they had sex. Iím so apathetic towards them.

January 12th, 2005

Emily is the worst best friend in the world, and Elizabeth deserves so much better than her. Who lies to her best friend about being pregnant? Thatís insane. Why didnít they just tell Elizabeth the truth in the first place? She needs to find some new friends.

I think that Courtney thinks she and Jason are Ross and Rachel. Seriously, enough with the whole ďwe broke up but Iím still jealous of Sam because sheís with him.Ē Youíre sleeping with Jax, Blondie! You donít get a say! Either get back together or avoid each other at all costs, because the whole situation is ridiculous now.

Why would Durant tell Carly that Stevenís going to tell the police that Alcazar killed Mary? Durantís the one whoís holding the information against Alcazar anyway. The writers screwed up that one bigtime.

I donít hate Bridget or anything, but why is she still here?

Hi, Lucas! Um...Ďbye, Lucas!

January 13th, 2005

Hey, Coleman, if you kill Emily, I promise Iíll never say anything mean about your hair again.

Yay for the Lucky/Elizabeth kiss! Iím so happy!

Poor Steven. Too bad heís actually guilty and isnít being arrested unfairly. Have fun getting out of that one.

I donít get the whole plan Luke had going (at least before Skye changed it). Why was Emily dressed as a cop? And why was she wearing a cloak later? And why didnít she actually leave the casino? I donít get it.

Jordanís the smartest woman to ever cross paths with Sonny. Run, run, run before you get pregnant!

January 14th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sam accuses Courtney of trying to break up her and Jason. (In that case, go, Courtney!)
Tuesday: Connorís behavior unnerves Emily. (Can we please get Nikolas out of prison and get rid of Connor already?)
Wednesday: Carly soothes Samís fears about Courtney. (Once again, sheís getting into someone elseís business.)
Thursday: Nothing; inauguration
Friday: Emilyís nightmare is just beginning to unfold; Carly grows even more suspicious of Durant. (I would say something snarky about Emily, but...well, I know whatís going to happen, and Iím not that mean.)

When did Coleman become such a wimp?

I donít care if that creepy guy who I originally thought looked like Lucky but who actually looks more like Ross isnít real. If he hurts Kristina, Iíll make him pay!

Stop it, Jason. Donít marry that annoying woman. You can do so much better.

Once again, Carly has committed a crime. And Stevenís an accomplice! Oh, Steven, I thought you were better than that.

Quote of the day: ďIs this your house? Oh, right. I almost forgot.Ē (Alan to Monica)

January 15th, 2005

I really must stop reading GH rumors. (I donít read them a lot! I donít usually like to have things ruined for me!) Anyway, if you donít want to be spoiled, stop reading here. Among the more interesting rumors...

Connor is going to rape Emily. This has pretty much been confirmed, and I think it happens this week. On top of this, she may get pregnant for real, then have to figure out whoís the father, Nikolas or Connor. And as if that werenít enough, Emily kills Connor. Helena sees her do so and thinks that Nikolas is dead. Um...thatís three faked deaths for Nikolas in 12 months. Is that a new record?

Lucky will wind up in a coma when he tries to save Emily from Helena. Lucky finally gets a storyine AND HEíS UNCONSCIOUS?? The writers really do hate Greg Vaughan!

Faith will kidnap Kristina. This has also been confirmed. First of all, yay for Faith! Second of all, if she hurts Kristina, I can no longer like her. Third of all, Iíve also heard that she kidnaps Kristina, Michael, and Morgan. (If she were smart, she wouldíve left Michael behind.) Fourth of all, Iíve also heard that Sonny kills her. BOO!

Stevenís ex-girlfriend Rachel shows up. Donít know whoís playing her.

Bridget is working for A.J., whoís also Hopeís father (making her the second of A.J.ís children Jason has adopted) and will be returning in February, being played again by Billy Warlock. This has pretty much been confirmed as well. Not that I care, but whereís Lydia?

Courtney and Jax get engaged, get un-engaged, have a Lost-type adventure on an island, or possibly all of the above. This will make three times Jax has been stranded on an island, I believe.

Jason and Sam get married. Oh, great, more boring stuff.

Durant will be killed. I can get behind that.

Skye may be a Cassadine. I know of some people who have been wanting this, actually. In the mid-1990s, Miranda (anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Well, I liked her) was supposed to turn out to be Helenaís long-lost daughter, so maybe itíll wind up being Skye instead.

Lucky and Elizabeth get married. I can get behind that, too.

Sonny is leaving the mob. To do what? Grow soybeans?

January 17th, 2005

Do you think theyíre trying to foreshadow something bad happening with Connor and Emily? It would take someone very naive not to pick up on it.

Iím starting to need caffeine to stay awake during Jason and Samís scenes.

Kristina is so adorable, EVERYONE wants to spend time with her!

I could get behind Lois and Ned getting back together. I used to love them together. Itís not like he has anything else to do anyway.

Speaking of getting back together, yay, Elizabeth and Lucky!

January 18th, 2005

Enough foreshadowing! We know somethingís going to happen with Connor and Emily! We know itís going to be bad! We know Connorís evil! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Dear Skye - go with your first instinct and get Emily out of there. Seriously, who trusts Emily with Connor?

I used to actually like Courtney, but now she just bugs me. She keeps getting involved in Sam and Jasonís business and accusing them of stuff theyíre not doing. And why is she telling Carly about their issues? Get a life, Courtney! Go make out with your hot boyfriend and have a baby so youíll stop whining about it.

How sad that Georgie and Dillonís little plot, which was obviously tacked on because there was nothing else to put in, was the most interesting thing in the episode?

January 19th, 2005

The foreshadowing ends Friday, right?


Enough about Courtneyís miscarriage! People talk about it more than anyone talks about Samís baby being stillborn or the fact that Skye canít have children, either. Everyone needs to just shut up about it.

When did they move Puerto Rico to New York?

I really hope Bridget is working with A.J. That would be an awesome revelation.

January 21st, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sam unleashes her hurt and anger on Jason. (Why does all the bad stuff happen to Jason?)
Tuesday: Courtney reveals to Jason how she really feels about him. (To get my opinion on this, read anything Iíve ever written about Courtney and Jason.)
Wednesday: Helena is determined to get rid of Emily for good. (Is this supposed to be news?)
Thursday: Sonny is oblivious to the threat against his children. (Way to go, Mr. Security.)
Friday: Emilyís brave face begins to falter. (Iím reeeeeeeally hoping Natalia Livinston can pull this all off.)

I hereby promise to be nice to Emily week ought to do it, donít you think?

Does anyone honestly care what happens with Bridget, Hope, Sam, Jason, etc.? I just canít bring myself to care.

Darn Skye! Whyíd you have to go and interrupt Elizabeth and Lucky?

Why is Brook over at Sonnyís house? Thatís so random. Why is she involved in this plot? Also, they should probably stop giving Sarah and Emma Smith so many cookies when theyíre onscreen. Theyíre going to turn them into sugar monsters.

January 24th, 2005

This may be the first day I didnít dislike Natalia Livingston. Probably because she only had about two lines.

How was Connor still standing after taking a pair of scissors to the chest?

Yeah, a giant seashell is a practical gift for a two-year-old.

Dear Carly, please stay out of Alexis and Sonnyís business. Kristina isnít your child, so you have nothing to do with their conversations about her.

Shut up, Sam, you big baby. Itís not Jasonís fault.

Max, go back and be a good guard! I donít want to have to blame you for Kristinaís kidnapping!

January 25th, 2005

Seriously, did Natalia Livingston take acting classes or something? I donít hate her right now! Iím amazed!

I do, however, hate Sam. SHUT UP, SAM. GO AWAY. FOREVER. Also, are they trying to make us think that sheís going to kidnap Kristina? Because sheís not.

I kind of want Jason and Courtney to get back together just so everyone will shut up about it.

Nooooooooooooo! Steven cut off his curls!!! Not cool. He could have at least taken Lucky along when he got his hair cut.

I love Max. He should have his own show. They could call it The Bodyguard and every week he could guard a different person. Then, when that got old, he could become a Secret Service agent and hang out with the President, maybe as played by Martin Sheen after he has to leave The West Wing. I would watch a show like that.

I also love Elizabethís reaction to Luckyís suggestion that they cover up Connorís death: ďWeíve done this before, and it doesnít usually work out, and even when it does, we have no idea why.Ē

January 26th, 2005

And just like that, Iím back to hating Emily. I canít believe she lied straight to Elizabethís face when she basically said that she wouldnít. KILL HER, HELENA! KILL HER GOOD!

Iím convinced that Sam doesnít care about Hope - she just wants her own baby. She doesnít care whether itís Hope or Kristina or any other little girl. She should just go get pregnant and have her own baby and shut up about it. Maybe thatís who she was calling - a fertility clinic.

Faith, go ahead and kidnap Michael. I promise not to hate you for that.

Oh, Bridget. What would A.J. say?

Poor Max. I still love you!

From the The GH Writers Hate Me Department, rumor has it that theyíre bringing back Sarah Webber. Iím up in the attic, digging through my Sarah Webber Hate Archive as we speak.

January 27th, 2005

Iíd be all excited about the outcome of the Lucky/Helena face-off, but I already know whatís going to happen. Nice try, though, writers.

Emily stole that cell phone-stealing thing from Lucky, by the way. (He did it to Faison back in 1999.)

Goodbye, Sam! I wish youíd go away and never come back, but I rarely get what I want where this show is concerned, so Iím not holding my breath.

Did anyone else find Elizabeth and Skyeís reaction to Lucky taking the copís gun unintentionally hilarious? They looked like they were in a bad comedy, trying to figure out which way to run.

Nedís smackdown of Diego was brilliant. Ned needs to have more to do.

January 28th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Jax makes a proposal. (Yeah, thatís cryptic.)
Tuesday: Sonny fears that Sam kidnapped Kristina. (The writers want to make us think that. Donít let them convince you!)
Wednesday: Luckyís serious condition takes a turn for the worst. (Iíve read a spoiler about Lucky and Elizabeth through the spring, so Iím not worried.)
Thursday: Jason is determined to prove that Sam is innocent. (Also, welcome back, A.J.!)
Friday: Luke makes a heartbreaking decision. (Iím guessing heís pulling the plug on Lucky. Again, Iím not worried.)

I just read that Natalia Livinston and Tyler Christopher are dating in real life. Which, based on the Friends rule of chemistry (if youíre not dating, you have a lot of it, and vice versa), explains why they have none.

The shows seem to be a day behind, thanks to the inauguration. That would be why there wasnít really a cliffhanger today. I guess you can call the ďIs Steven trying to say that Luckyís dead?Ē thing a cliffhanger, but...itís not, and heís not, and heís not going to be, so donít worry about it.

Wait, wait...Emily was kidnapped and Elizabeth went to work? Huh?

Look, we know the woman with the security monitors is Faith. Stop pretending we donít know. Just show her already.

Skye rocks. Too bad the police are dumb.

January 31st, 2005

We can technically blame Diego for Kristinaís kidnapping! Thatís awesome! I guess we can technically blame Brook as well, but Iím willing to overlook that and blame Diego. Oh, and Sonny, because if he was that worried about Michael and Kristina, he shouldnít have sent them upstairs with a teenager. He shouldíve kept them in the living room and made sure he, Jason, or a guard was there at all times. So, really, itís Sonnyís fault. Iím willing to go with that, too.

So...are we supposed to think that because Alexis wasnít at her apartment when Ric got there, she may have kidnapped Kristina? Why would she kidnap her own daughter? Thatís ridiculous. (Um, overlook the fact that she did it before. It doesnít make sense now.)

Like I said before - poor Lucky finally gets a plot, and heís unconscious. At least Elizabeth gets to do some stuff.

That was so not Cynthia Preston on the phone. Is she really doing something so important that she couldnít come back and do one voiceover line?

Carly - DROP ALCAZAR LIKE A BAD HABIT. Youíll thank me later.

Georgie wanted to have sex in a hospital supply closet? Are she and Dillon Chandler and Monica now?

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